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Season's Greetings everyone-
Oh boy, I was almost afraid I might not make it this year.
Still, even with all the setbacks and delays, I'm here now so for a fourth year running, let's do this thing.

Last year when I made the Gingerperor (more on him coming up) we wondered how I might upscale from the biggest 40k model out there. Well I went with trying a 1:1 scale piece instead. It didn't quite come out as well as I had hoped, but it was rather rushed due to time constraints (more on those later as well).
So, this year, a slightly derpy 1:1 Chainsword.

-Xmas Mini 2011
-Live baking
-Possibly live modeling
-Excuses galore
-Jolly xmas chatting

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I must admit I kinda botched my delivery on the xmas mini. This year the winning candidate was a fusion of several others, culminating in a diorama featuring Trazyn, Blood Ravens, Doomrider, the Sleighnids and some Guardsmen.
Sadly, I only had time to make half of it in time for this thread.
I picked the half that had the most votes (by a margin of 38 or so) - Trazyn steals the Blood Ravens' stolen gifts.

Do not worry - the Doomrider and Sleighnids half will be made either during this thread (if you so wish) or for New Year.

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Dude its the 23rd. Don't you think this is a bit early?

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Your name. So long.
>1:1 Chainsword
It's going to break like Gingerperor isn't it.
Oh god my side. Does stealing what is stolen consider stealing or recovering?

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So... could you eat that chainsword?

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The reason I was so short on time is all because of our old friend the Gingerperor. He did not really like sitting around for a year and collapsed rather badly, forcing me to spend a good amount of time fixing him back up. However I am pleased to report that he is now back in full working order and will be stored more appropriately in the future.

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I always have this thread on the 23rd. I'm too busy on the 24th and christmas is kinda over for me by the 25th.
Yes, yes it is, I'm afraid.
As for Trazyn, I'm sure he just sees it as collecting.
I guess I could but I don't really want to. It feels a bit wasteful.

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So yeah, the main event of this thread will be either me making the other xmas mini, or me baking something. Possibly that Leman Russ that was suggested last year.
I leave it up to you lads to decide, you seemed to have fun doing so last night.
Shall we call it at the first to get ten votes, or?

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Thank ye kindly
Ah, yes, the name. I just thought I'd put on every single one at once for a bit of extra holiday formality. I'll shorten it back now.

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I'd kinda like to see Doomrider and the Sleighnids.

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rolled 12 = 12

Rolling to see if I should stay in this thread or go to a themed battle between my friend's Christspess Marines and the Necrons.

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I vote for the sleighnids.

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I'm sure you're not the only one.
...and the results?

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rolled 14 = 14

Well I'd guess it's 1-10 for Staying and 11-20 for going, I'll post some pictures in this thread when I get back, his littlest helper Chaplain is hilarious.

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For size comparison, here's a shot of me grabbing it before I fixed it up some more.

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Awesome! I was just telling my friend about your Gingerbread creations.

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Ooh! Ooh! Do the Russ!

Also: Stay class, Scripty. You're awesome and everyone knows it.

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You've filled me with Christmas spirit OP. I think I'll go help some orphans paint their minis or something.

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Scriptarius, you are the man. Every year I look forward to this. Some year, I'm going to get you to do WAAAAAAAAGHNUKKAH. Featuring Menorah burnaz.

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Can you post some more pictures of your creations?
Especially the xmas minis. I've recently told a fellow DH player about your creations and he seemed to doubt your abilities (since I only have that one picture of you with the Gingerperor).
pic obviously related

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I particularly love the one with the "WHAT THE FUCK" expression, hands held out in disbelief.

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Dear lord, someone sticky this. I have missed the last couple of xmas threads but this time I'm home to see it!

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That's cool to hear. Hope you had all the pics you needed on hand
So that's one for the Russ and one for the mini.
I see the start of a race in this.
Go, brother, and be most brosome to those who deserve it this fine night.
I hope you also noticed they are wearing gear stolen from Grey Knights, Black Templars, Space Wolves and Dark Angels.
Sure thing
I'll dump a few, and here are my galleries.
Glad you could make it

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I did indeed. I have some of my half assembled Grey Knights in front of me and noticed the Terminator legs right away. Nice touch!

Do you ever upload these to the GW Flickr pool? I can pretty much assure you that you'd be making front page with this, and the world does need to see this, particularly the Gingerbread Titan.

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merry christmas script, and the rest of /tg/

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That should be quite enough for now.
I'll dump more if asked.

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Merry Christmas you PC faggot

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He sent the titan to the White Dwarf editors last year as I recall.

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Now I have a little something to ask from you.
Yesterday someone said the Gingerperor did make it into White Dwarf somewhere in the world. I have never seen said issue nor could anyone provide sauce on the claims.
All I have is this reply GW sent me a year ago.

Can someone confirm if the Gingerperor was indeed featured in some US/AUS/other issue of WD?

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Awesome. I wasn't aware that you had a website or a deviant art page.
Can we get some more pictures of your latest creations? The 3 that are in this thread are all kinda from the same angle. I wanna know how it looks like from the Necrons point of view.

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GW has a Flickr pool? Huh, never knew that.
Right back at ya mate
Xmas is just that much easier to type.
Acceptably amusing nondescript winter celebration to you, person of unpredefined gender.
Well I sent it to GW customer service who forwarded it to the WD team and the website content team.
I took a few shots here and there but that's the angle it works from. If I look at it from behind Trazyn we start seeing some flaws.

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Yeah -- they've got a facebook upload app also. You should definitely have a look if you do that sort of thing.

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Funny (if wildly topic unrelated) story that, the only reason I made a facebook account was because my boss told me to go play some Farmville when I asked him for more work to do.

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"I want more to do, sir"
"Go play some Farmville, broski"

Best boss ever?

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Well to put it in context I was working as a game designer at the time and the company was making social type games, so it went more like
>Sir the next mission bundle is translated and tested, I passed it on, anything else I could get done?
>Do you have a Facebook acc?
>Make one, play some Farmville, try to get extra ideas and report back
He was a damn chill boss though. Second best I've ever had.
Here's hoping my next boss will be fun too, if I ace that job interview I got coming up.

We really should pick what you want me to do for you tonight. The shops won't stay open for too long y'know.

Gingerbread Leman Russ: 1/10
Doomrider & Sleighnids: 1/10

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Doom & Nids

>> No.17310807

Doomrider and the sleighnids for me.

As for the job interview, just place the Gingerperor outside your future boss' house with a note saying "THIS IS HOW I ROLL, MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

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Also, I'm vaguely disappointed there's no autocannon in there.

>> No.17310816

In my defence, it looked really stupid sticking out from there.

Seems like Doomrider is taking an early lead, as befitting one such as himself.
Gingerbread Leman Russ: 1/10
Doomrider & Sleighnids: 4/10

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>> No.17310818

Or Flak Cannon. Whoever requested that was an asshole, but a funny one.

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>> No.17310823

Should I read this to the tune of Goldfinger? Because I did.

>> No.17310829

I'll go with Doomrider and the Sleighnids also. Make sure you have LOTS of "magical Christmas snow" piled up.

Doomrider just loves his Christmas snow!

>> No.17310839

Dat idea. Holy shit was it ever funny though.
Gingerbread Leman Russ: 1/10
Doomrider & Sleighnids: 7/10
Doooom RIDER
He's the marine with the cocaine touch~

>> No.17310842

Sleighnids! I want Rudolph the red mawed lictor

>> No.17310847

He's the man, the man with the cocaine touch~
A daemons 's touch~
Such... a COLD FIN-GER
Beckons you... to enter his web of sin
But don't go in!

>> No.17310849

Well I think I can at least make Rudolf the Abnormaly Red Headcrested Termagant.
Gingerbread Leman Russ: 1/10
Doomrider & Sleighnids: 8/10

>> No.17310852

Can you post a close up pic of the gingerbreadnought please? I want to save him for posterity alongside Gingeremperor.

>> No.17310859

Slieghnids all the way!

>> No.17310864

Since he was made ages ago he keeps falling apart. I'll try to find some good old pics.

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And if you ever saw it, you would even say OH EMPEROR! IT HAS ME! GET IT OFF!! EMPEROR PROTECT ME! NOOOOO!!!! NO! AASGGHGHHGHAHLHgurglegurgle

Look! Santa left you ripper earrings!

>> No.17310873

Gingerbread Leman Russ: 1/10
Doomrider & Sleighnids: 9/10
Here we go, the original one

>> No.17310874


Rudolph the red mawed lictor
was a very murderous thing
(like a meat grinder)
and if you ever saw him (pfff)
you would call him horrifying!

Over nine-thousand hours spent remembering the original lyrics.

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>> No.17310880

That guy here. My thought process was something along the lines of: "Lascannon? No, Devestators get those. Autocan-damn. Maybe a twin-linked plas...no. Ah-ha!"

If I weren't rushing it, it would've been a deathstrike missile.

>> No.17310881


Beat me to it!
I love you /tg/

>> No.17310883

Thread is now about 40k songs and Trazyn the Grinch.

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>> No.17310893

So on a semi-related note do you think the the citizens of the Imperium have their own Santa stories that have been passed down?

>> No.17310906

You're assuming the citizens of the imperium are at all a single coherent thing. They're not. Some do, some do not.

>> No.17310907

Like a derp, I did not save what I had written before, and I have written no more to it. :(

>> No.17310909

I always figured Krampus would fit right in on most Imperial worlds
>James Incenatus Arctan! Behave yourself this instant, or the foul scion of Tzeetch Krampus will manifest in the night before Emperor's Day and drag you off into the Eye of Terror!

>> No.17310913

It would be seen as god-worship by the dear Inquisition, so probably not.

Though I can imagine a secret Santa cult (pun intended) gaining followers after an ancient book of rituals and chants has been found.

>> No.17310920

Better - a Santa Death Cult, based around some fragmented databanks filled with edgy and gory christmas parodies taken from old TV shows.
Gimp ninja santas. Yes. This is a very 40k mental image.

>> No.17310924

Do you think any will ever write about How Trazyn Stole Christmas?

>> No.17310926

"So remember children, if you've been a loyal servant of the emperor all planetary cycle you might find handbook on dismembering xenos in your regulation stocking, but if you've been heretical report directly to the nearest imperial authority for summary excecution"

>> No.17310932

Someone did, a few threads back. I think it was >>17310907

>> No.17310933


It could just be a Saint cult. Those are allowed.

Some Living Saint Nicholaus maybe. Or just a martyr who arrived with supplies to a besieged stronghold at the cost of being mortally wounded.

So now people believe he arrives with presents and supplies to those worthy.

>> No.17310940


I hope so, i might do it after new year's but i'm not much of a writer.

Still hanging around scripty? Any progress on our precious little sleighnids and Doomrider's sack of cocaine?

>> No.17310941

I seriously doubt it. Life in the Imperium is seriously nofunallowed.jpg

More along the lines of Holy Roman Empire era Germany where Christmas was only acknowledged as a holy day of obligation for mass.

>> No.17310946

Yeah, it was me. I wrote some of it, but I didn't save it, like an idiot. :(

>> No.17310949


To be perfectly fair a day of prayer sounds like an absolute joyous occasion to ordinary imperials.

So anyone here running or playing any Christmas themed games?

>> No.17310952

>ancient christmas toy shopping catalog is found
>picture of Tahu from Bionicle
>regarded as ancient book of prophecies

>> No.17310963


>not xenos archeotech

>> No.17310965

Also voting for Doomrider and the sleighnids.

>> No.17310993

>Nicolaus, the engines are busted, we can't keep this bird in the air!
>Emperor's teeth, man, the rocket pods are spent, the bolter is almost clicking empty and there are like ten million orks between us and the fort. THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE IT!
>But Nick you lost your left hand to that fuel line explosion
>I can't do it man, I'm bailing out. Emperor preserve me I'll do it.
The fortress Vox Prima had been under siege by the greenskins for over eight weeks. Supplies were low, and ammunition was running out. No drops had made it past the ork guns.
On the third day of the nineth week, Supply Convoy Secundus Delta arrived. Only the lead Valkyrie made it to base. The pilot, Nicolaus Vanrist, died on impact. He had flown his craft over fifty miles of Ork infester terrain. The Valkyrie was missing all communications and navigation equipment, as well as the cockpit canopy. Copilot Archivan Piet was never recovered. The supplies were intact, and contained enough ammo and fuel to mount a small but critical counter attack against the Ork hordes to reclaim a communications array.
At the start of the elevent week, the Salamanders made planetfall. Within ten days, the Orks were no more.
Saint Nicolaus is now followed on many neighboring worlds, and it is commonly believed he watches over those in dire need, as well as those risking their lives to help others.

>> No.17310996

Bumping with doomrider

>> No.17311005

I'll kick off the build in just a moment.
But first let's agree on what we want from it.
-Pulled by Nids
-One of the Nids is Rudolf
-Doomrider has a santa beard?
-Doomrider on the sled / standing next to it giving gifts?
-Guardsmen/Cultists/Chaos Marines accepting said gifts?

>> No.17311032

How about Doomrider charging away, while guardsmen/cultists are holding presents and waving?

>> No.17311033

Santa beard made of fire, preferably.

A gift that is blatantly an explosive device would also be nice.

>> No.17311046


>> No.17311050

Santa beard of FIRE.

>> No.17311051

Beard should be super loose dirty fake beard partially burnt

Gifts should be cocaine and heresy.

Doomrider never stops so he's just flinging the gifts around.

>> No.17311057

Should the sled be going along the ground or doing a wheelie/flying off?

>> No.17311059

The four barrels of a Hydra Flak Cannon sticking blatantly out of the bag.

>> No.17311066

Combine these. Make the cannon barrels into thrusters.

>> No.17311078

You know, I had no idea of who Doomrider was until a few minutes ago. Now I want to build a Slaaneshi Biker cult centered around him.

>> No.17311080


>> No.17311092

Twas the night before Emperor-Mass, and all through the base,
Not even a Commissar was shooting a face.
The lasguns were stocked in the armory with care.
With fears that the Xenos soon would be there.

When out on the planet there arose such a noise,
The Guardsmen leapt to the battlements with true soldier's poise!
But what to their terrified eyes should they view,
But a sweet ass motorcycle and the Doomrider, too!

>> No.17311133

I like this image. Doomrider airguitaring while his sled zooms into the night, guardsmen and heretics on the ground, waving after him, slightly burned presents in their hands.

>> No.17311134

Ok, I have some ideas now.
Gonna try them out to see if any of them work.
Keep the thread toasty. Why let a good thing die so young?

>> No.17311138


-blazing beard of fire
-a santa hat with CHAOZ brand spikiness
-sleigh doing a wheelie
-doomriders gift of questionable thoughtfulness, i.e. cocaine, explosive device, dildo

anything to add?

>> No.17311143


Work swiftly scripty, it's 3am christmas eve morning down here in Australia and i can't keep up the vigil forever.

>> No.17311150

Should he have an elf, in the form of a Daemonette or Dark Eldar? Or has this diorama reached CRITICAL MASS?

>> No.17311152

-Fire beard
-Fire hair
-Wheelie sled with Gargoyles pulling it
-Doomrider throwing the horns
-Guardsmen picking guns, dildos, etc out of the snow and waving to him
-Possibly a commissar aiming at one of them from behind

>> No.17311168


i like the image of the commissar and previous anon's idea of a daemonette elf but I think the diorama is getting busy. I'll leave it to you from here anyway.

>> No.17311179

A daemonette on the back of the bike, clinging to Doomrider while looking back down at the guardsmen.

Same color scheme as the dildos.

>> No.17311180

A small touch, what about reindeer antlers crudely tied to the lead gargoyle?

>> No.17311194

Well I can try.
Antler as well.
>Bedroom lamp blew
>no replacements
This should be fun.

>> No.17311198

As a little scenery touch, I would also like to see the Guardsman have a shitty little tree, a la the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and Doomrider has come here to turn their Emperor Mass into a SWEET MOTHERFUCKIN' COCAINE HOLIDAY, C-C-C-C-YEEAAH!!! SQUIBBILY FLABBILY DOOOO!

>> No.17311219

Trees are heresy.

>> No.17311225

Why won't you let me sleep scripty ;_;

>> No.17311265

Silly, you can't sleep when you are COKED UP TO THE BALLS

Early test stage

>> No.17311296

He appears to be riding that sleigh in a very practical and safe manner.
I feel that this is a gross affront to DOOMRIDER, and does not accurately represent his personality or the deeply set ideals that he believes in.
He should probably be standing up on the seat, or on the gas tank, or something like that.

*Disclaimer* I have great respect for you and your contributions. I just feel like that pose is a little "tame" and cautious for DOOMRIDER

>> No.17311317

Hot damn, you're right.
Or something like that. Let's see where it goes.

Also it seems lord Tzeentch disapproves of me working for such Slaaneshii goals - when I removed the head from the previous Doomrider model I had, it launched halfway across the room and I had to crawl all over to find it.

>> No.17311349

Maybe this is too much, but the guardsmen picking up the gifts, could also start mutate randomly, you know how accepting gifts from chaos goes...

>> No.17311374

Damn it Scriptarius, I gotta go to sleep. If this thread isn't here when I get up, do your best to get it archived. I would really hate to miss out on this.

>> No.17311383

Not bad. I could stick a tentacle on one of them or something. If I add the commissar that is the guy he is shooting.
Well I can still ride this for a good 10 hours if I need to


>> No.17311620

Damn, setting those Gargoyles up is hard.
Waiting for them to dry and then seeing if my idea worked. If not, I will need a minor rethink.

>> No.17311836

Screw these Gargoyles, man. They are fucking impossible to work with.

>> No.17311842

Nid player here. WELCOME TO OUR PAIN.

>> No.17311861

Plan D: sever the tail spikes, add chain.
I'll report back on how well that goes as soon as the glue dries.
I also need to find one of those transparent rods to mount the sleigh on.

>> No.17311863

What about regular rippers, levitating trough the power of Christmas?(and chaos)

>> No.17311890 [DELETED] 

FYI, there is an auto-archiver here: http://archive.foolz.us/

As far as I know it's a temporary thing so if you miss a thread you can see what happened in it, like an action replay, not like the permarchive at suptg. It doesn't cache the images either, but you'll have the thumbnails at least.

Also he mentioned his deviantart page somewhere up the thread.

>> No.17311895

If only I had some. My tyranids seems to have been lost when I moved... four years ago.
All I have is some Termagants and Gargoyles.

>> No.17311897

FYI, there is an auto-archiver here: http://archive.foolz.us/

As far as I know it's a temporary thing so if you miss a thread you can see what happened in it, like an action replay, not like the permarchive at suptg. It doesn't cache the images either, but you'll have the thumbnails at least.

Also he mentioned his deviantart page somewhere up the thread.

>> No.17312090

Friendly bump

>> No.17312183

Tzeentch has blessed this thread.

>> No.17312245

Getting there.
Two guardsmen done, and as soon as I can confirm the flight rod holds, I can set up the basic diorama and start adding details.

And thanks to everyone who bumps this.

>> No.17312412

Posting actual progress?
It's more likely than you think.

Not sure where to go from here. Gargoyles need heads and Doomrider needs his other parts at least, but beyond that drawing a bit of a blank. Might try the Daemonette and Commissar.

>> No.17312415

oh god that is awesome

>> No.17312432

Holee shit, that is great

>> No.17312446

Then one foggy Tarrasquemas eve.
The Emprah came to say;
"Doomrider with your head so bright,
won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

>> No.17312450

> Where to go from here
Guardsman holding a Marine-caliber boltgun. He looks like he's recoiling, like it just got thrown at him and he had trouble catching it and staying up.

>> No.17312460


>> No.17312491

Ha that guard reaching for the symbol of slannesh is ripe for Commissar blamming. As for the rest of the model dont forget a giant ass bag to hold all the goodies. And if the deamonette doesnt work out try a DE and dwarf combo for some weird 'santa elf'

>> No.17312611

> Commissar
Add him in. Have a guardsman behind him having just gained a very high caliber weapon.

>> No.17312650

I've never been in a thread where you've been modelling, but That's pretty fucking awesome

>> No.17312680


Ace job already bro, looking forward to the rest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, elegan/tg/entlemen!

>> No.17312683

Bumpan with 40K-related holiday cheer.

>> No.17312698

Daemonette needs to be going down on Doomrider.

Also; OGOD, Scripty! AND Heretical Love! In one day! It almost makes me forget that my car got totaled yesterday. God rest ye soul Sgt. Karin Murphy, you were the best honda

>> No.17312894


>> No.17312948

Maybe add the Inquisition-Approved, shitty little christmas tree another Anon suggested.

>> No.17312963

doomrider and sleighnids

>> No.17313005


>> No.17313013


>> No.17313016


>> No.17313017


>> No.17313023


>> No.17313029


>> No.17313032

Ya blew it

>> No.17313053

Should model that pistol into a Dirty Harry Special. Do you feel lucky punk. Well? Do ya?

>> No.17313057

Omnissiah forgive me for I have sinned.

>> No.17313063

Doomrider couldn't have done a better job himself

>> No.17313067

Only when I was taking the pics did I realize I gave all of them damn fitting expressions

>> No.17313169

Gonna ask again: >>17310698
Can anyone confirm/deny that the Gingerperor was printed in a WD somewhere in the world?

>> No.17313246

Here you are in GW's Facebook

>> No.17313262

I meah, uh, cool, thanks!

>> No.17313379

After actually reading those comments, I just gotta say thanks again. I would've missed that without you, and seeing so much extra positive feedback (even if it wasn't from /tg/) feels good.

When five years ago I was told to pick between you guys and my girlfriend, I still regret nothing.
You lot are the best.

>> No.17313402

We're warmer, fuzzier, and enjoy Meatbread and mead more heartily then her anyways. Now, cuddle up fucker, it's Christmas time, and you're stuck with us and your right hand for a long time to come.

>> No.17313405

You left your girlfriend for me/everyone else?

That's the first time someone's ever said that to me in reference to a group of people!

>> No.17313418 [DELETED] 

Thumbs up to that, mates. Wouldn't trade ya for the world.

Live stream of my Primarchs getting painted.

>> No.17313419

/tg/ - better than a stable, healthy relationship

>> No.17313426

You choo-choo-choose me?

>> No.17313446

You're damn straight. We've got gingertitans, Heretical Love quest, and Waiifu's a plenty. Them delicious anvils.

>/tg/-Where domestic disputes are Blacksmith jokes

>> No.17313477

>broad gives you an ultimatum between her and something you enjoy
You made the right choice.

You know, you've inspired me. I'm going to get off my ass and work on one of my (sadly-not-christmas-themed) conversion projects.

Merry Christmas, fabricator-general.

>> No.17313521

In retrospect, yes. Both have cost me about as much, and caused me as much stress, but at least I never needed to sorry about your physical or mental health.
Godspeed, Anon. Give 'em hell.

>> No.17313544


Never stop being awesome.

>> No.17313557

i'm an blacksmith apprentice (a REAL one studying under a real, proper master and everything) and if I made blacksmith jokes 70% of you lot would not get it

>> No.17313563


You are so deep and underground.

So , Brotarius, what is next on the ginger list?

>> No.17313576

I'm sorry but that post is almost BEGGING to be turned into a katana-pasta variant.
Also, blacksmithing is totally cool.
Signed: a guy who wanted to be a jeweler.

>> No.17313581


1:1 Bolter?
1000pts IG Army?

>> No.17313586


I've been suggesting a wearable helmet, but... Bolter sounds good.

Army seems too hard to manage imo, but you'd know best.

>> No.17313587

1:1 Bolt would be cool, fair amount of effort but not a monumental task like the 1000pt army.

>> No.17313590

You're not the only one bro.

>> No.17313593

So adding the two votes I got in the stream, that puts the 1:1 Ginerbread Pattern Bolter at 4 votes.

>> No.17313597


>> No.17313603

'crons are kinda fiddly, but a gingerbread Chrisis Suit might be doable.

Also, fifth for Bolter in stream.

>> No.17313625

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Basic Dwarven Skill" bullshit that's going on in /tg/ right now. Blacksmiths deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.
I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine blacksmith in America for $20,000 (that's about $20,000) and have been practicing with him for almost 2 years now. I can even make complex smithing jokes with my blacksmith.
Smith masters spend years working on a single apprentance and teach it up to a million times to produce the finest smiths known to mankind.
Blacksmiths are thrice as funny as fa/tg/uys and thrice as smart for that matter too. Anything a fa/tg/uy can make a joke at, a blacksmith can make a joke about it better. I'm pretty sure a Blacksmith could easily make full plate with a simple hammer strike.
Ever wonder why medieval /tg/ never bothered conquering smiths? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined smiths and their anvils of destruction. Even in World War II, American soldiers targeted the men with the anvils first because their smithing power was feared and respected.
So what am I saying? Blacksmiths are simply the best smiths that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better jokes on /tg/. Here are the jokes I propose for smiths:

Two metals walk into a bar, they make an alloy!

Now that seems a lot more representative of the joking power of blacksmiths in real life, don't you think?
tl;dr = Smiths need to have better jokes on /tg/, see my new joke book.

>> No.17313632

>their smithing power was feared and respected.

I fucking love you.

>> No.17313642

>dat chainsword
Scriptarius threads are what brighten my Christmas every year. Thank you for these threads, charitable sage.

>> No.17313644

bolter. 1000 pts of guard (maybe because I'm imagining troopheavy) seems like a no-fun task.

>> No.17313652

I love you too anon.

>> No.17313659

Fuck you Scriptarius. I just came all over my keyboard thanks to your stupid breadsword.


>> No.17313672

Someone archive this on suptg, I'm feeling lazy.

>> No.17313681

I'd like to see a drop pod filled with Blood Ravens with stolen presents.

>> No.17313693

>chilling at work
>Scriptarius thread? Yay Trollzyn
>Thread turns sentimental, /tg/ steps up and shares the love with Scripty
>I have relearned the meaning of Christmas
>suddenly, blacksmith jokes

I love you guys. Merry Christmas, you wonderful neckbeards.

>> No.17313704

Roger, command, we have confirmed win in the sector.
It's a mutual feeling, friend. I find great joy in making all of you happy.
Oh snap, wipe it off quick before it gets sticky.
Done in gingerbread? Holy shit man.

I'd suggest the WEARABLE GINGERBREAD POWER ARMOUR, but if I land a job in a few weeks I'll need to hit up night classes at uni, which means zero free time.

>> No.17313771

I think what we need is some sort of gingerbattle diorama

>> No.17313776


We could settle for just the helmet.

>> No.17313780

Hope ya have a good day at work

>> No.17313801

I'd need new bakings for those, these guys don't really mesh together that well.
That seems more reasonable.

>> No.17313885

>That feel when I wanted to show you guys a pic of painted Emprah, but Dranon is offline and has refused to send me WIP pics for months
Oh well. Maybe I should just build a new one.

>> No.17313916


He ran off with it. It was too glorious. Once you are dead, he will sell it for millions.

>> No.17313932

I love everyone in this thread.

>> No.17313937


We love you too, whomsoever you may be :) Anon, Merry Christmas.

>> No.17314116

That is a possibility
Likewise, friend Anon. Likewise.

>> No.17314131

Merry Christmas, Anon. And good stuff as usual, Scriptarius

>> No.17314205

Always glad to entertain.

>> No.17314255

My first Scripty Christmas Thread.

Being a newfag never felt so good!

>> No.17314306

You might want to check out last year's as well.

>> No.17314318

And for good measure, here's the others

>> No.17314319

It's rare you see this
much love on 4chan

>> No.17314339


>Implying I wasn't already aware of previous years threads hence excitement at being here for this years...

>> No.17314352

These threads are kinda like that
Good man. Glad to see people interested in the topic at hand.
Have a pic that I don't think was ever archived.

>> No.17314635 [DELETED] 

Christmas bump

>> No.17314785

One more bump

>> No.17314861

Scrpty is offline bump?
Scripty is offline bump

Just keeping the thread from 404

>> No.17314908

Ain't offline, just watching the stream.
I have autorefresh so I'll be here within moments if anyone needs me.

>> No.17315404

While not as long as some of the earlier threads, we still had great fun, didn't we?
But alas, I need to get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow after all.
I'll check the thread in the morning and reply to anything that might get posted while I'm away.

Thanks for a great thread everyone, and merry christmas!

>> No.17315419

just popping in to wish you a merry Christmas bro, you make the best Christmas traditions. at least we're not swapping cum bottles like /b/

>> No.17315551

WOO Christmas modelling.

>> No.17315688

Because I said I would, have a shot of the current in-progress of the Primarch I was livestreaming.

Thanks again for everyone that stopped by and asked questions, I had a blast just chatting about painting and trying to give some advice!

>> No.17316730


>> No.17318995

Mornin' everyone!
I won't really be able to stay and chat since I need to attend my own meatspace christmas parties, but I wanted to drop in and say thanks once again for a great thread.
Also, merry christmas.
Oh, /b/ you do crazy.
It was a blast mate. Looking forward to the next one.

>> No.17319450

Bumping epic thread.

>> No.17319472

A personal thanks to you Paintguy for the tips and tricks you shared afterward, looking forward to your next stream.

>> No.17319505

Scriptarius did you ever take that photo of Draigo perched over the corpses of all the primarchs?

>> No.17320310

I found it pretty interesting, Paint Guy, that you basically kept adding and adding different colors to your base coat for highlights and shading (I'm thinking particularly of the Daemonette). I've always been one to just use basic, unmixed, citadel paints. Seeing models painted using other brands or blended colors look good to me just because it's something different from the same few colors I see all the time (chaos black, boltgun metal, snakebite leather, skull white, etc.). I'm a good painter, but I think I'm going to get myself a palette and work outside of my comfort level after seeing that.

>> No.17320334

I hate you for freehanding an iron hands symbol better than I can paint it on a banner, just FYI.

>> No.17321674

Never change, /tg/. Never change.

>> No.17322006

Just got back from the family party, so THREAD OPEN once again. Won't build anything though, got a bitch of a migrane.

>> No.17322014

> migraine
Get the living fuck off of the computer. Turn down the lights, get a wet cloth for your forehead (it helps, trust me), and lay in bed. I don't care if you're not sleepy. GO.

>> No.17322029

But...but...you must make something for >>17319966 ! It's amazing!

>> No.17322038

I've had them for years, I can deal. Just wanted to see what everyone was up to.
Also, got a new chair, everything feels fucked up since it's way higher than my last one

>> No.17322067

If you can deal, it's not really a migraine. I've had two migraines in my entire life. the first one was when I was about 10, 11 years old; I remember laying there as I described with the only light in my room a flashlight with a towel over it. The other time I was seventeen, and wound up in a bed in the nurse's office with the door shut. Both times, as a child and as a mostly-grown man, I wound up curled up and whimpering at the pain.

If you can "Deal with it", it isn't a fucking migraine, it's just a headache.

>> No.17322081

I've grown to deal with them over the past twelve or so years. It's a bitch but no longer a world stopping bitch.
But yeah that sleep idea isn't sounding too bad either.

>> No.17322170


Probably a bit late but, I suggest a gingerbread game table.

The Orkz have come to the Gingerbread planet to loot all the gumdrop houses.
The Imperial Guard must fight them off!

Re-enact some 40k kids christmas stories

>> No.17323357

This thread is so amazing something inside my computer literally shorted. It reset fine but I can still smell the smoke and can't figure out which component went...

It was probably worth it.

>> No.17323670

bumping the Christmas love!


>> No.17324131

Keepan the vigil all through the night.

>> No.17325285


>> No.17326757

Ok, back in action.

Tell me, /tg/, what did YOU get for christmas?

>> No.17326764

Ravenor: The Omnibus.
What did you get? Also do you have to create anything for other holiday? Like Halloween or New Year?

>> No.17326786

Morning Scripty, and merry christmas.

>> No.17326799

-A new chair (still getting used to it, trying to figure out how ot remove the wheels)
-Cash for a PC upgrade
-bunch of clothes
-gingerbread ork from the littlest warboss

Christmas has sort fo been my thing so far. Mostly since Finland doesn't really have halloween which makes it so easy to forget, and new year is usually hella busy for me due to all the parties.

>> No.17326818

I can't believe I almost missed this thread, good work and merry christmas scipty

>> No.17326845

nothing /tg/ related, but some nice clothing and the 9 disc star wars blu-ray. Will be squirreling away some of my christmas cash for my newcron army fund though.

>> No.17326850

A Deimos-Pattern Rhino showed up today. Already assembled it, but I'm too tired to paint.

It's pretty sexy though. I mean, I'd consider my non-Chaos marines using exclusively Deimos Rhinos, except at that price I could pick up a Predator or a Vindicator. And instead of doing that I'd just go up to a Land Raider.

>> No.17326851

Looks like it was good thing everyone worked to keep it alive then. Happy to have you here mate.
Got any special plans for those 'crons?

>> No.17326859

Enjoy it. And nice gifts but
>gingerbread ork from the littlest warboss
Oh god the invasion is starting.
And ok. I'll look forward to next Christmas aswell.

>> No.17326877

It'll be my first TES game, so it's a bit of a gamble. I should like it though. RPGs are usually my thing.

>> No.17326885

Ah after Skyrim try Morrowind for some shroom alien world. Use the mod to improve graphic if you need to.

>> No.17326913

>Feel the love bro
>Blacksmith jokes
>Scroll down to see Skyrim discussion
>Skyrim discussion with positive mention of Morrowind

I love you guys. Seriously. This is the only board I visit on 4chan anymore and this thread is why. All of you have a Merry Christmas and keep being awesome.

>> No.17326928


If you don't own Morrowind link your steamID and you will soon. Might be hard to go back after Skrim, but it's worth it.

>> No.17326929

Might look into it, heard a lot of good things about it. Regarding the GRAFIX I'll need to see what they look like and go from there. I don't mind dated graphics but there is that slight phantom zone where they are so bad they start to interfere with the gameplay, but not yet bad enough to be truly nostalgic.
We'll do our best, you can trust us on that.

On a related note, I also got one of those sleeved blankets and slankets or snuggies or whatever.

>> No.17326935

Steam ID: spoongaard

Everyone else should feel free to add me as well if they want. Friends are always welcome.

>> No.17326944


It's been months and months since I visited here. I went online to get some tips since I'm wrapping all my family gifts... well... now. I opened up Firefox with a /tg/ tab, refreshed, saw this thread, and my evening just got awesome.

Thanks for all you do man. And thanks to all the Anons on /tg/ who help keep this kind of thing alive and thriving. Bro love from me to all you guys.

>> No.17326952

>that feel when I kind of want to order up a Relic Contemptor with a missile launcher, a Land Raider Achilles, and I still have a bunch of Chaos conversions to do, but I've already drawn the line and decided that I spend no more money until the new year, especially not on Warhammers.

But how am I going to do my Slaanesh Berzerkers? Yes, you read that right. The only reason they - all one of them so far - exist is so I can tell who belongs to what squad if multiple units are involved in a single combat. I already have a squad of 8 "right out of the box" berzerkers, and a squad that are kitbashed from all over the place but with 'zerker shoulder pads who I'm rather proud of. I figure some Slaaneshi dudes who are thrilled by running at the enemy and chopping them up is enough justification for purple and silver ones.

The Plague Marines do not have this problem since their job is to sit on objectives and not wander into a clusterfuck of CC.

>> No.17326963


Oh god. The thought of a red snuggie, possibly with some black and white coggy looking stuff. DO WANT.

>> No.17326979


A snuggy must be the best "painting clothes"

>> No.17326980

Somehow my first mental image of slaaneshii berserkers was dudes with lots of combat drug injectors and really elegant curved sword. Something almost Dark Eldary.
Well mine is just off-white, but still oh so warm.

>> No.17327025


If it's Skyrim on PC (and it would be if they loved you) you pretty much NEED this mod:


And this is coming from someone who plays Vanilla on the first run-through

>> No.17327036

Morrowind Graphic are like Deus Ex graphic. If you have no problem wiht that then you should be fine.
That's not the killable childrens mod.

>> No.17327050

Christ, Wasteland Warrior was on earlier, then I saw DLFG, Papa-N, and now fucking Scriptarius?

Is every remotely cool name/tripfag popping in tonight?

Also, that Doomrider thing might be the most silly/awesome thing I've seen on /tg/ this whole week, and this was a week with a picture of Duke Nukem surfing a flying Bane-Blade into Godzilla.

>> No.17327089


>Somehow my first mental image of slaaneshii berserkers was dudes with lots of combat drug injectors and really elegant curved sword. Something almost Dark Eldary.

I do tend to use the blades from Dark Elf Corsairs as power swords for Chaos, so their Champion will absolutely get one. Capes and tabards - especially of the Dark Eldar style flayed skin variety - are probably going to be a regular feature. And if they were easier to get tons of, I'd use Apothecary torsos to indicate a steady supply of combat drugs/stims. (Even though my Plague Marines also have dibs on any Apothecary stuff, and I've got two Plague Champions wearing Fabulous Bile's backpack)

>> No.17327276

Yeah it's PC. Thanks, I'll be sure to get that.
>Desu X
Ergh, might need that graphics mod then. That is the exact ghost area I mentioned. Mostly since I did not play a single game with that kind of graphics. It was a bit of a dead zone of gaming for me.
Guess 'tis the time to be jolly for all of us, eh?
I'm sure you could get some from bitz stores, or just copy them with Oyumaru and Greenstuff

>> No.17327405

Oh shit peeps, Dranon is back online and he kinda implies I might possibly get pics of Emprah.

>> No.17327427

If you mod it right. It could look like this.

>> No.17327474

>If you mod it right, you can legitimately say "I need to upgrade my computer to play Morrowind" in 2011


>> No.17327484

That too. Here's a link thanks the glorious /v/eterans.

>> No.17327506

And this is the updated version:

Or, if you don't want to muck about customizing every little thing, you can get the Morrowind Overhaul:

>> No.17329928

Might get some pics of Emprah tomorrow. Sorry for the low post count, got some guests over.

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