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Night Lords thread?

Night Lords thread!

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>Bat ears on helms
>expects to be taken seriously

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Why would anyone want a thread about an emo legion crying over their pussy of a primarch? "boo hoo hoo, the world is so unruly. I'll just let my self die to prove I'm right!"

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>thinks the night lords are emo
>thinks Curze was a pussy
>can't sage correctly

back on topic, I've never really understood how the codex says they're horrible psychopaths, but if you read any of the night lords novels they seem almost rational and sane (example: Talos actually caring for Septimus and Octavia)

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Wow. As if people get that butthurt over a FICTIONAL organization.

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wait until the "lolgrimderp" asshole start up

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Well, Curze was a bitch and his entire legion are all bitches.

Somebody needs to drill this into their thick skulls ''Get with the program or get lost, scum''

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Shut up you armless failure

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lol the Nigh Lords loved their Primarch but realized even he was nuts.

Also, the Black Crusades don't really interest the vast majority of the Night Lords. They'd rather just do whatever and have the Imperium fall apart bit by bit instead of just shoving themselves down the Imprium's throat. They'd rather be a vicious cancer than a blade in the gut. Though the blade in the gut is always an option, they like it their way more often than not.

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That's Talos and that's his behavior toward loyal servants of his legion. He is a exception in that he still chooses to remember how his legion still had pride in it's brotherhood and it's brutal form of justice. Brutal and terrifyingly violent but still it was done in the name of justice.

On a related note who thinks that the next Night lords novel will give the Eldar, of Ulthwe no less, their first big victory in a while with the deaths of Talos and co?
Hell, the Avatar might even get those character kills.

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Of all the legions the NL's seem like their the most chill. Where the black legion wants to shitfuck everything, word bearers want to gain knowledge, and world eaters...well...you know, the night lords just want to float around and do whatevs

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So anyone got any info on the next Night Lords novel?
As for the NL themselves, they walk this weird line between accidental redemption (possibly regaining a small amount of empathy for humans) and willful, dickish Renegade-ism pretty much for it's own sake. I'll admit, they're decently interesting, and ABD's written some truly quote-worthy material like the conversation between Talos and Ruven in Ruven's prison about the truth of the Nightlords and the Long War.

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Hmm, according to multiple minor mentions in the books(I just reread all the Night Lords books(including short stories and audio novels) in the past two weeks), Talos' views are not entirely foreign to the Legion anymore. Many share views similar to his, but are not entirely vocal or as hard-set in them as he is. They legitimately care about their brethren, but an eternity of war and betrayal has kind of taken it out of them.

Also, FUCK YEAH ULTHWE. I'm excited to see the Eldar cause a metric fuckton of damage, but I get a nagging(yet positive) feeling that in Talos' death-throes he may win. Perhaps his visions were also wrong this time, too. He may yet live, despite what his visions have shown him. They've been wrong before, so it's still somewhat open ended. I'm also expecting an Avatar to show up as well. It'd be pretty brutal to say the least.

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ADB recently posted the Prologue for Void Stalker, so read up!


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>Talos and the rest of First Claw continue down their dark path, until it crosses that of the alien eldar – the Farseers of the Ulthwe craftworld divine a great threat posed by the Night Lords, and seek to bring the myriad skeins of fate back into alignment before their prophecy can be fulfilled. With the wrath of the ancients upon them, Talos reluctantly leads his warriors into battle once more...

Talos has been wrong with his prophecies before but if anyone can hunt down and kill Night Lords it would be Eldar.

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Hey guys partridges here
I heard the night lords could fly too
we're better at it

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Damn, chilling stuff. ADB keeps improving.
Thanks, Matt.

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Anytime, bro.

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>the night lords just want to float around and do whatevs
> They'd rather just do whatever and have the Imperium fall apart bit by bit instead of just shoving themselves down the Imprium's throat.

Lazy bums the whole lot of them. The Black Legion and the Iron Warriors do all the work while this pathetic excuse of a warband waste time and weep about the past.


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Says the Warmaster who's main bit of power comes from the claw he stole from his failure of a father's corpse; as well as a blade he was gifted by a "gold skinned stranger".

You either steal from the dead, or are gifted from xenos who pity you enough t ogive you wargear. Damn shame.

Oh, and the warband who helped you get your sword? They were Night Lords. They helped because they felt bad for you, and still do.

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partridges steal glory from chaos warbands
confirmed for heresy
Someone get me the inquisition

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Riveting Tale, Warmaster.

I know it's been a few years since Crythe, and I know Cadia is pretty much yours on land, but not space; I just wonder how it feels to have a Night Lord show you how foolish you are..again.

By the way, only thing you seem to be capable of crushing is Imperial lapdogs. Huron's got his empire held together better than you do, and he can barely walk straight with a half cybernetic body; go figure.

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let's stop all this fighting
can't we all just get along for the holidays?
after all, it's almost the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension!

remember, he died for your sins.

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I made the Emperor a set of Blood Condors out the Imperial Fists he sent me as my gift and ate their gene-seed as part of the feast. I think it's a good gift for anyone, don't you?

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Hey I bought some of the plastic Chaos Terminators recently, and I decided to use the extra winged heads from the NL conversion kits that I got, was this a good idea?

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Not a bad one, honestly.

The only thing that will look slightly off is that the heads in the Night Lord kit are designed for Power Armor and offer little in terms of the Terminator aesthetics. It'll look cool, regardless, though.

Maybe if you're feeling up to it, and like the winged motif; why not incorporate the wings from the Graveguard heads onto the models?


Gives you a little more diversity and coolness.

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Speaking of gifts, the Corona Nox would make a fine gift.

Just saying.

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Nah, I don't think that I will use the winged helmet idea on my power-armoured marines. I remembered that the winged helmets were supposed to be ceremonial and thought that it would make my terminators look a little more unique.

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Tell that to Zso Sahaal when you see him. He's got some explaining to do to the rest of the Legion...

I could see that looking cool. Go for it then.

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