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Who's that WF guy that was blessed/cursed with the weird ability of nature always growing around him really fast?

I always thought it was cool for a demonic sorcerer to be sprouting flowers everywhere he goes. It just seems so misleading.

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Aekold Helbrass.

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Thank you kind sir.

Any good books/fluff with staring him?

Also general Tzeentch thread now?

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>Tzeentch General

I like where this thread is going...

Because I know exactly where it will go.

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>Because I know exactly where it will go.

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So, how do you represent 'just as planned' in a game where all of your plans are either affected by dice rolls out of your control or can be deduced by the enemy on sight because of openness of information? I'm looking for ideas here.

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loaded dice.

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So Tzeentch knows everything forever right?

Does he know everything at once; all its outcomes which jumbles him at times and that is why his forces lose to random Space Marine chapters?

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No. His forces lose because he wants them to. You must remember, he's running plans for and against the victory, and trying to nudge it both ways to make both plans succeed.

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From a mortal perspective he seems to fickle to bother worshiping.

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Khorne actually does the same thing. He'll interfere against his own cultists to keep the battle going longer.

Don't even get me started about slaanesh.

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Thus there is only one correct choice.

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Tz doesn't know the future either, he can predict it, but he can't know it. It's why he through his Lord of Change in to make him capable of knowing the future.

And even the LoC isn't perfect on predictions.

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The chaos gods are NOT perfect, if they were then Chaos would have conquered the universe by now. Tzeench isn't even the most powerful god (that honor goes to Khorne). Just as Khorne can't actually just kill all the other Chaos gods with his fuckhuge axe, so Tzeench can't actually force the Materium to obey everything in his will. Sometimes his plans fuck up, but that's we he had so many of them, some plans hinge on his plans' success, other plans hinge on his plans' failure.

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Can demons love?

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If they want, but why would they bother?

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The Warp is basically Emotions: The Plane of Existence.

Not only is it possible for daemons to love, there must exist, somewhere, literal daemons of love. They might not be huge or dangerous like a Bloodthirster, but I bet you they're goddamn hard to extinguish permanently.

And now I kind of want to write fluff for some of the "lesser" chaos entities.

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I imagine an eternity of doing the same thing over and over gets boring. Maybe they want to try something different sometime?

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Not really. They're made from emotions, so they don't truly feel them. However, you will be able to find demons of love, somewhere in Slaanesh and Nurgle's domains.

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Not all daemons fall under the purview of one of the Four. There are plenty of lesser chaos powers. We only hear about the Ruinous Powers because they're the ones that fuck humans up but good.

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I can't think of anything more horrible than a Chaos Daemon of Love. Just think of that. It Loves. That's all it is. And it Loves YOU. It wants YOU and it wants to keep YOU safe. Forever. It wants to be a part of your life and it wants you to love it, to the same levels it loves you, because it doesn't understand anything outside of that concept.

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I'd summon it in a heartbeat.

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Yes, but Slaanesh covers excess, desire and lust, while Nurgle covers familial love. That's a large portion of love covered.

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It'd also probably be hideous, because love is blind.

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Care and Tending of Your Yandere: http://forums.megatokyo.com/index.php?showtopic=1736400

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See, what you need to do is summon a demon of moderate levels of love.

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Nothing that couldn't be worked out, probably.

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I think the thing you're going for is this.

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If you're going by the oldfag definitions of the Chaos Gods [mingled good and bad], that's true. If you're going by the new, Ruinous Powers types, that's not the case. Nurgle is stagnation and decay. He "loves" his children by giving them stagnation and decay, which is not real love by pretty much any definition.

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He was gifted with the breath of life. For that is the will of Tzeentch in its most raw form. He is life. Growing and changing forever. There can be no victory and no defeat only an endless struggle of life against life, growth on top of growth. Hope springs eternal and Tzeentch is hope. Hope for him and hope for the things that fight him. Tzeentch seeks to fill all of creation with his light, his colour and his madness. Of course hope and life gets twisted in the warp to a point where it's just batshit crazy and normal humans just can't even into that framework... so they grow.. they grow and mutate and change with Tzeentch until they are an immortal spawn their mind torn and their body ever growing and changing.

I always hated this entire "fire and blasted wastelands" visage of Tzeentch. Mind you the entire fire thing does fit into the Quatzicoatle thing that he has going.

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if people started praying to a god that didn't exist would it eventually become real?

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All gods exist. Some are merely more powerful than others.

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Doubt it. WH gods aren't fed by worship. They're fed by emotions.

It's possible that there is a god of worship, that's fed by the followers of other gods.

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Him, certainly. Every other human, as well. Thou art god, brothers. You all have the potential to ascend to the level of the Powers of the Warp, but for the worship of your peers. Any being with a presence in the Warp can.

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Ideas can take form, but they aren't even a shadow of the power of the big 4. The Eldar Gods were born of ideas and probably a lot of cultural and mental engineering by the Old Ones on the Eldar, what is known is that they lost power as the Eldar themselves stopped worshiping the Gods and started worshiping themselves.

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>implying Nekoho the doubter isn't the best warp god

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Cool. In that case, I pick apathy as my signature emotion. Godhood in 5, 4, 3...

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Given the levels of rage that 4chan trolling alone produces, I don't think you have much of a chance becoming a god.

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Oh my god I have built thee a grand monument.
"My chosen son. . .meh"

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Isnt there already a minor chaos god of apathy? I remember someone mentioning that one existed somewhere in Warhammer Fantasy.

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What if

Just stick with me here

What if Jehovah is a Warp entity. But cause of Big E hating religion and the downfall of religion in our own modern times, he faded into non-existence.

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Yeah, no one cares.

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Mhala or something like that. God of Atheism and copyright infringement.

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Clingy girlfriend, the demon. Oh lord.

If it's hot, this is awesome. If it's not hot, this is horror.

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Well can't be as bad as a clingy Necron. At least you can banish a demon for long amounts of time.

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>If it's hot, this is awesome. If it's not hot, this is horror.

Need you even ask? It's a chaos demon of love, not a chaos demon of beauty. It probably doesn't even have a sex. It's a lovecraftian horror that absolutely adores you.

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Whelp time to take my leave. The only thing that would be good for is if you're really paranoid and want an utterly loyal and powerful body guard. Just don't try to have more than one.

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That's cool, we can just cuddle or some shit.

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Aekold gets a mention in the Tzeentch Liber Chaotica. Sadly it's only in name as they seem to totaly fuck him up and not really mention his wind sword or gift of life thing. It's sort of his origon story though so it's possible he went on to get that stuff later.

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Sounds like a tanglebuddy

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So its about like Nurgle's playground puppies, only not as deadly...or would that be more deadly?

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Deadly to everything around you I imagine.

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It LOVES you. It LOVES the way you breath, It LOVES the way you laugh, the way you cry, the way you hurt. It loves your screams, your laughter, your very thoughts. It LOVES you alive, It LOVES you dead. It LOVES you in all your totality.

It LOVES you so much it hurts.

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Also less horrible diseased agony that drowns out all other pain.

Because being loved by a chaos god is not necessarily a good thing.

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Oh god. Nigga that's fucking kawaii.

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We need writefags for this shit.

Maybe the reason we never see Love daemons with Chaos warbands is because they just don't want to be near them...

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A warband that's tsundere for love deamons?

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Yes, cuddle. Cuddle at night, cuddle at day. Cuddle, heedless of the world. Cuddle as you lose your will to do anything but. Cuddle as your senses fade, your flesh grows weak, and your mind dulls. Cuddle until nobody can tell where you begin and the daemon ends, until your flesh and its flesh become one, until you have achieved the Perfect Love and merge together in complete and indivisible mindless adoration.

And then it is time for you find someone else to cuddle.

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Oh god the demon version of a fat ugly chick who wont stop following you.

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Not really tsundere, more of, they don't want to be near them at all. Other heretics fear their love, their terrible love. The love that is blind as it is horrible. These daemons love the way you choke, the way your life slowly leaves your body, the way you beg for mercy. They love everything about you. They love you to death.

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Bump for great loving. I love the idea of horrible love-monsters~

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This. Love is not nice when you take it to Chaos God extremes. Nothing is nice when you take it to Chaos God levels.

But think of this. A daemon can not exist in our world for long. What is this daemon going to do to you when when it can't get to you. I could see the daemon working like an addiction. Robbing you of your soul, leaving only an empty feeling or maybe burning pain, your entire life is now over... there is no war, no work, no family, friends or hobbies. The only thing left in your life is the daemon, the daemon has seen to that, and your only goal in life is to summon the demon before it's absence drives you into madness.

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Have you ever heard those stories of people who'd smother their own children to spare them the pain of living, or expecting mother who'd cradle and name a bloodied afterbirth rather than admit they had a miscarriage, or even those old ladies who'll sit hand in hand with their late husbands frozen corpse, this is the kind of horrible blind love that the warp spawns!

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People getting randomly possessed and then the demon rampaging across the planet looking for you.

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>mfw I’m writefagging without knowing a goddamn thing about 40k

It took a great effort for Solin to open his eyes. As soon as the light streamed into his pupils, his head swirled with agony. He squeezed them shut again to ward off unconsciousness. Open and shut again, once more, twice more – it would be easier to rest in darkness, but he could not let himself drift off to sleep. At long last, though his head still swam, he beheld the battlefield with squinting, bleary eyes.

Solin did not know exactly what had happened, or how he had come to be in this muddy ditch. He had been shoulder to shoulder with his comrades, and then there had been a great flash and a roar of sound, and nothing else. As his vision slowly cleared, he beheld a face nearby. His mouth moved to speak, before he realized that the face lay quite alone in the sodden muck. He made no effort to guess where its body had gone to.

Solin became acutely aware of how alone he was. Though it hurt too much to turn his head, he saw no other man around him, nor even the strange beasts that the guardsmen had been fighting for days. How much time had passed since the explosion? How long had he been alone here? Was the battle won, or lost? The questions surged through his mind, but he possessed no answer.

He became aware of a tickle on his side, moving like a raindrop down his skin. Solin tried to take a deep breath, but the effort succeeded only in sending a lance of burning pain up through his chest. As his heart beat loudly in his ears, he took in smaller, ragged breaths, each one another flirtation with unconsciousness, until he had summoned the energy to wrest his head upward and out of the cold muck.

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Solin’s eyes now settled on the mess below him. It was a gruesome thing, with crimson-spattered pieces of cloth and bone and metal jutting out of a dark sludge, a mix of undifferentiated mud and flesh. What part of a man it had been, or whether it had been a man at all, he could not tell. As loathsome as it was, however, his gaze was fixed on it. He traced the bloody ruin with his eyes until it reached his chest. By the time he realized that the mess was what remained of his own body, Solin was uncertain how long he had been staring.

Solin felt very little pain. As his head slumped back against the mud with a damp thump, all he could think about was how lonely it was to lay here in stillness and silence. He had never really been alone – there was no time or place for it in the Guard. A guardsman was never alone, for he was worth nothing alone; he was a part of something else, part of the exercise of a noble will that he did not truly understand. He did not need to understand – it was what he did, who he was. One could serve without ever knowing the real scope of Man and all his worlds, without possessing the ability to imagine the awesome majesty and power of an Emperor he had always served but never known. The camaraderie of the Guard had always been enough for Solin, the knowledge that whatever happened, he would brave it as part of a company of soldiers.

After all his trials, all his moments of desperation and triumph, each one of them shared, he was going to die alone. With a shudder and a gurgle at the back of his throat, Solin began to weep.

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He had no idea how much time had passed when he became aware of the thing. Through the tear-covered eyes of a dying man he beheld only a shadow. He had not noticed it appear, nor had he heard it coming, but it was present all the same. Whether it was a man or not, he could not tell, but the sound it made as it loomed closer was not one of footfalls on mud. It was a softer sound, a gentle sliding sound, that his tired mind found no explanation for.

Solin moaned – whether it was a question or a cry for help, he was not sure. The shadow grew larger in his half-closed eyes, and he began to feel a warmth below his chest, in the place where his body had been smashed into the mud. As the shadow drew closer the warmth began to spread slowly upwards. It was not the invigorating warmth of a fire, but nor did it feel uncomfortable. It was a numbing, narcotic warmth, a sensation that slowly leached his pain away.

“You are not alone.”

Solin gasped, but nothing had been said – it was a feeling that arose in his mind as the tendrils of warmth moved up his chest and the shadow filled his bleary vision. It was a thought, carried by nothing, wholly alien but somehow welcome, soothing, loving. He could feel the warmth on his face now, like a hot, steady breath upon him.

“You are not alone.”

As the warmth grew over him, his eyes relaxed and closed. His thoughts were pulled back to comrades and family and friends, but it was hard to picture their faces now, hard to remember their names. He struggled to recall, but his thoughts were growing sluggish.

“You are here with me.”

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Solin reached for them again in his memories, but they were growing dim, and his mind began to wander from them. What difference did it make? They were not here. They were elsewhere. They were not here with him. They had left him alone, alone to die.

“I am here with you.”

When the memories faded away, Solin did not notice. He did not notice that he had stopped crying, either. It did not matter that they weren’t here… they… who were they? He did not know. It did not matter. He was not alone. He could feel he was not alone, as the warmth spread over his shoulders and behind his eyes. He could feel something else now, something that assured him that he would not be alone again, for...

“You are loved.”

Yes. It moved over him, moved within him. Solin did not care what it was; he did not think to ask himself. He felt as if every piece of him, every fiber of his being was embraced by a warm, loving thing, a thing he could not define. He was not alone. How could he be? How could he imagine it? He embraced it, and it embraced him, and whatever else remained melted slowly from his mind.

“I love you.”

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Solin loved. Nothing else mattered; nothing else existed. He was not alone… he… we could not be alone. We are together. We were meant to be together. We were meant to embrace, forever. We love. We are loved. We must love. We feel no pain but the sting of unloving, the anguish of the alone, the ones yet unembraced. For there are so many men alone. Creatures who do not know love. Creatures who do not understand the embrace.

We must embrace them, my love. We must bring them love, even if they meet us with hatred, with violence. There is no other way.

They will be loved by us.
They will be embraced by us.
They will become us.
We are one.


Under the hazy sky of a nameless planet, the creature slid away, out of the ditch. It had memories of comrades, human comrades; it had creatures to embrace. It moved onward with a solitary purpose.

There was much loving yet to do.


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suitably twisted for 40k chaos, assuming i'm interpreting things right.
>stamp of approval

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Ok then. Liked the whole idea, but don't know much about the setting, so I left it pretty generic. Fuck me if I know what a daemon of love would actually look like.

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Something like this.

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I think the most important question is. What kind of race spawns a love demon in the warp?

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