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This board has just been donated do Blood Ravens.

All anonymous must leave within 15 minutes or they will be purged.

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Ah! A gift from the 4chan chapter. Most graceful.

>> No.17300729

the blood ravens have been gifted to this board, rejoice fa/tg/uys! we have our own speehs mureenz

>> No.17300731

We've been looking for you...

>> No.17300735

Surprise, the board is actually tainted with chaos.

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Please....no.....my family prays to the Emperor 3 times every day, it's what we do to keep track of the time....please, I'll gift you my firstborn son!

>> No.17300750

Sir we have just being gifted a firstborn son!

>> No.17300761

What are you talking about, we've been flying the banner of the Blood Ravens always. Every "elf slave wat do", every "my country tis better than yours", every off topic troll has been under our glorious banner.

>> No.17300769

Blood Ravens!

Move in and secure this board for the Chapter.

>> No.17300780

I can't let you do that, Blood Ravens (and Blood Angel)

>> No.17300797

but i'm already a blood raven.

>> No.17300802

The Blood Ravens may take our gear and weapons, but they will never know what it is like.....they will never what it is like to be the greatest of them all.....to be an Ultramarine.

>> No.17300820


Probably not.
Thank you for gifting us your spiritual liege by the way.

>> No.17300824

they don't have to they are too busy being awesome to worry about being the best.

also they found your helmet and decided to keep it.

>> No.17300829

I do not fear your Armored Windsock Guys.

>> No.17300865

''Knowledge is power, guard it well''

Nerdiest battle cry ever?

>> No.17301023

Codex Astartes does not support this action.

>> No.17301029


"NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE!" is either the battle cry of the nerd, or the amateur porn.

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>> No.17301077


Your image is bullshit.

>> No.17301096

Close, but account for the fact that his elbows are back.

>> No.17301097


Seen any good Imperium-approved shows lately?

>> No.17301101

Dude, one of his FINGERS is clearly longer than his whole head. Spess Mahreens are never in proper dimensions, this has been established for years.

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>> No.17301127


That's is a power fist. those are not his real fingers.


THE ORIGINAL PAINTING IS BULLSHIT. A hate it when they paint tiny heads.

>> No.17301137

Case in point.

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Are the Blood Ravens heretics or Loyalists I can't tell. They got destroyed at the end of Ret, right?

>> No.17301169


>They got destroyed at the end of Ret, right?

Depends on which version of canon is more true.

>> No.17301172

Did they lose? Yes? They're heretics.

No? They're loyalists.

>> No.17301173

Gabriel died for you sins, /tg/.

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>> No.17301179

where should I put this relic brother?

>> No.17301186


They're a loyal branch of a traitor legion. That doesn't know they're the loyal branch of a traitor legion. The Thousand Sons, to be precise.

>> No.17301198

If the Blood Ravens are loyalist traitors then the Alpha Legion are traitor loyalists.

Or was it the other way around.

>> No.17301205


Can't it be all three?

>> No.17301208

I gifted myself to the Blood Ravens, and then received the gift of an anonymous.

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I think it's only fair to point out that's a basketball player with his midget/almost a midget wife.

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>> No.17301270

Remember his sacrifice!

>> No.17301278


What sacrifice? He died fixing the mess he made (bar the whole chapter master issue).

>> No.17301290


An Astartes limbs and bone structure is altered during the initiation process. They are not humans, but super-op-humans in massive armour.

Hence why they are giants of men with small heads, who are all legs and arms.

They have an overdone "heroic" body-type; with all the anatomical disproportions.

>> No.17301295

The blame falls on Macha and Toth. Angelos is blameless and innocent.

>> No.17301344

pretty much.

though the art of them in armour is almost always hilariously mis-proportioned. The guys in charge of Space Marine did a pretty good job, I'll post the two of their concepts I have

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>> No.17301375

and done

>> No.17301383

Galactic Partridges reporting.

All glory to the Partridges!

>> No.17301396

Is that a bit of tissue stuck to the front of his face?

>> No.17301474

"Donated" like all the others artifacts the Blood Ravens managed to claim?

>> No.17304054


That picture is bollocks as well, the helmet of a space marine is about twice as thick as his head, stuffed with electronics, sensors, respirator, vox armour and shit, etc., etc..

>> No.17304096

How long will Cyrus remain a scout? I mean goddamn, He trained half of Blood Ravens as a scout sergeant.

Somebody should force him out being a scout.

>> No.17304474

Served in the Deathwatch as well.

>> No.17304501

Yeah, He impressed the hell out of them and got many gifts from them too.

>> No.17304503

Some marines go back to it to train said scouts in the first place.

Also, given he's fucking good at it, it would be a bit of a waste to have him run around in regular bolter/power-armor setups.

>> No.17304514

You can choose to remain a scout.

>> No.17304540

>> No.17304543

He's a Veteran Scout Sergeant, he is happy with his life training Blood ravens. Hell, I'd barely be surprised if he becomes/already was Captain of 10th company, what with all the shit he's done for the chapter while serving as a Scout Sergeant. If he already was 10th company captain, it makes sense for him not to be in command in any of the games, given that Vanilla Ice was probably captain of 5th or 6th Company and in Ret he was under Diomedes, both of whom outrank him regardless.

>> No.17304623

>This board has just been donated DO Blood Ravens.
Apparently with a bloody nose?

>> No.17304690

fly away you goddan pidgeon

>> No.17304699

holy SHIT
even just the bottom and the helmet, they look SO MUCH FUCKING MORE AWESOME when properly proportioned. at least mostly

>> No.17304743

>Company Captain

>> No.17304747

Captain of 10th company, AKA the company that is pretty much all scouts and scout trainers.

>> No.17304800

Ah..very well then.

Carry on.

>> No.17304896

Arguably, given the attention to detail, the Blood Ravens campaign is the most canon.

>> No.17304918

Fuck you, orkz iz kannon!

>> No.17304948

There's room for Orks, Eldar, and IG to all be canon as well.

Tyranids and Chaos, no fucking chance. But Eliphas is a sycophant and a whiner (like the rest of chaos underlings BUT STILL).

>> No.17304961

This gifted coffee is deeeeeeelightful.

>> No.17305007

>Somebody should force him out being a scout.

Cyrus probably 'earns' more 'gifts' than any other Blood Raven, along with training others in how to earn them. Why change that ?

>> No.17305065

If anyone was a whiner, It is Abaddon.

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