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/tg/, what happened.

A few years ago when I started coming here, it was filled with wild postulations and flights of fancy, great feats of creativity and shit getting done.But now all I see are the remnants, the dregs. The same 40k and D&D threads over and over again with different faces.

Every now and again, a bright spark shines through and a truly magnificent thread shows up, but from where I'm sitting, the quality looks diminished.

So I ask again /tg/ what happened. I'm not trying to start a fight here, just a reasonable discussion.

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you started using nostalgia googles

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Well yea, I understand that. I understand that I the horrible threads I can remember from the past are only a fraction of what really existed.

But even if I just look in the past month, thread quality has decreased.

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If you can't make better ones, well, that's your issue.

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>it was filled with wild postulations and flights of fancy, great feats of creativity and shit getting done
Mr Rage has it right, but let me also point out that there seems to have been an influx of people who want to see all the things you listed, but do not actually contribute to any of them. Some of those good things are still to be found here and there (I note an Outsider: The Calling thread is currently up) but /tg/ has become heavily unbalanced on the noise:signal ratio.

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This isn't about me, but I can see that this won't go anywhere else.

Thanks for the involvement.

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Good points all around.

Thanks Mr. Rage.

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Oooh, look a somewhat creatively hidden bitchfest.

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>But even if I just look in the past month, thread quality has decreased.

So you got numbers or other proof to back this up? Because your whining means shit otherwise.

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>This isn't about me
Are you, or are you not, a poster in /tg/?

Because here's what you're saying:
>why don't YOU GUYS make better threads
>YOU GUYS used to make good threads
>but now YOU GUYS don't make good threads

You are a poster here. You can also make threads if the threads that exist aren't to your liking.

It's like people who make threads complaining about how many Warhammer threads there are (and believe me, I'm sure your nostalgia goggles blocked those RIGHT the fuck out).

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But then he'd violate the Prime Directive: "Complain but don't do a thing to change things."

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>nostalgia goggles

If this doesn't hit the nail on the head...

Every month or so, there's always a thread about how /tg/ has gone down the shitter, or they aren't creative, or whatever. There's been a thread since, I'm sure, the second month /tg/ has been around.

It's exactly as shitty/awesome as it's always been.

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Mods happened.

And then we never had things like this again.

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What I meant is, this isn't *only* about me.
What I was trying to do is work something out as part of the collective or just figure out if there was a root cause to this I didn't know about.

But I see your point. I'm not trying to bitch, just understand.

If there is no 'root cause' and this is just business as usual (blocked by nostalgia glasses) then fine.

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>What I meant is, this isn't *only* about me.

No, I think it is. You come onto /tg/ and make a thread complaining about how things aren't the way you want them to be and why haven't we fixed that yet for you?

>What I was trying to do is work something out as part of the collective or just figure out if there was a root cause to this I didn't know about.

Work out what? A way to stroke your hurt little bottom and whisper in your ear that everything's going to be all right, we're gonna fix /tg/ so it can be like you think it used to be?

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Who the fuck is the tripfaggot using caps? Reported, stop samefagging yourself you douche, this isn't /v/

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you're not serious, right?

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What you are doing is truly a art.

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You're right. I miss sergalfag. He was a scholar and a gentleman. Every thread he graced with his presence was a haven for reasonable, intelligent wit and discussion. Everything he said was a valued contribution to the board's wellspring of knowledge.

/tg/ truly has been dead since his furred visage is seen no more.

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You must be new here

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From what I see, there's been a definite drop in threads based on memes that /tg/ has created. I'm not counting troll threads. There's fewer times when we take an idea and run with it like we used to.
This could be good or bad depending on your opinion of some of the memes we've generated.

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Come on Mr Rage. You have to agree /tg/ has mostly gone silent in terms of new OC since November.

Possibly this has something to do with Skyrim, but over the past six months even the number of quest threads has decreased. Some may see that decrease as progress but it still indicates a measurable axis of people less willing to create OC.

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I'm pretty sure its a good thing there's less memes being created around here and more discussion going on.

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>Skyrim came out
That's it! How could I forget about Skyrim!

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everyone got over dwarf fortress and quests are shit?

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Because it was a piece of shit? The only notable thing to come out of Skyrim is that annoying, overused "arrow to the knee hurrrrrdrrrrrr" meme.

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OP, I'm sorry to have to say this, but...

Recent /tg/ is actually the best its ever been. There are more "flights of fancy, great feats of creativity and shit getting done" on /tg/ just this last month than there has ever been in its first year of existence. Old /tg/ NEVER got shit done. As a matter of fact "/tg/ gets shit done" is actually a JOKE making fun of the fact nothing ever gets done.

Old /tg/ was nothing but statme threads, "40k vs X," and "3aboos vs 4rries." Your nostalgia goggles are so thick not only are they filtering your memory of the past to an INSANE degree, they're also completely blinding you to the current good.

Not fuck off with your meta thread bullshit and actually fucking contribute to the board instead of whining about perceived faults.

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Yeah, it's probably Skyrim that is to blame here. And who cannot blame Skyrim?

I mean, all I remember of the last few weeks were Skyrim/TES lore threads, weed, a lot of tea and Skyrim.

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Also the autists found out about /jp/ and the monstergirlfags learned that /d/ exists.

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/tg/ took a steep dive when the mod went nuts and deleted everything .... what 18 months or so back.

Sure there was a lot of bad stuff too, but the sheer creativity that went on have been severely curtailed.

There are more rehashes, more regurgitated pap.

For that matter just look at how much time passes before new material is scanned, the last year to nine months scans have slowed down a lot.

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It was just mediocre, in retrospect. I didn't feel as though it was an absolute piece of shit. It felt rushed. It felt like they cut out a lot of stuff or were forced to compromise a lot of earlier goals in the name of getting it out by an arbitrary release date. I think it could have done with another couple of months of development time, honestly, though there were still some mistakes more reflective of flawed design philosophy rather than simple rushing.

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1) People used to bitch about "homebrew shit" all the time, it became a common troll attempt/meme to respond to any attempt at creativity with "homebrew shit."

2) Scans slowed down because a bunch of scanners got sued.

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So OP what are you going to do to fix /tg/ and make it all better again? Maybe you can start spamming Touhou all over the place, or asking us what we'd do with an elf slave? Beg us to stat whatever pretty picture you find on your harddrive? Post porn and pretend its relevant to traditional games because your boner said so?

Or will you do as countless other fa/tg/uys have done and wait for somebody else to do the work so you can claim you got something done when they finish?

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MR. RAGE! OMG! I haven't seen you on for a while; maybe I've been lurking through the wrong threads, but I'm glad that you're still around.

When I say this, I say it in the most polite and gentle way: please STFU!

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Apathy is death.

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There have been no Lichboat, or undead rap battles for a good while, the drawfags are virtually nonexistent. 40K spam and bickering is worse than ever.

/tg/ is not some horrible hellhole just now but it is less creative and duller.

And while i cant really produce some definitive proof for this, /tg/ just seems slower, threads are hanging listless and people responds less often.

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The weather was so much nicer.
And games were cheap!

Ah, the good old days.

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YOU! You had it easy! When we wanted to play roleplaying games, we had to trek to the RPG tavern. Three weeks through deep snow, barefoot, while carrying the supplies! Uphill both ways.

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Take off the fucking nostalgia goggles already

>There have been no Lichboat, or undead rap battles for a good while,
Because the jokes got drilled into the ground.

>the drawfags are virtually nonexistent.
Because they got driven away back then, /tg/ used to slam on drawfags so bad, only today do they have any degree of acceptance, and its too late to get any of the good ones back.

>40K spam and bickering is worse than ever.
Bullshit. Utter bullshit. There is exactly as much, if not LESS than there used to be. A year after /tg/ was opened it used to be a joke that the board was /40k/.

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fuck you shitcunt, I make my own fate

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Brand-new F-Zero homebrew game right here:


OP is a _________________

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While I disagree with some of the moderation happening lately, it does have a positive side. That's not really a new thing, though.

Also, /tg/ has gotten so much shit done lately, what are you going on about. Lurk some more.

A reasonable discussion? More like a shit thread! Make better threads and be part of the solution, not the problem!

not even mad, sage for shit meta thread.

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I hate to say it, but the guy's more or less right. The jokes and general threads have gone downhill, most the projects have died off, and the threads that appear are either 40k or increasingly superficial.

That said, who here would be interesting in reviving old projects like the 40k army fluff or working on the Zelda RPG?

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>The jokes and general threads have gone downhill, most the projects have died off, and the threads that appear are either 40k or increasingly superficial.

This is the way /tg/ has always been. Its also had some extreme low points, too. Like the drawfag hate and the "homebrew shit, leave game design to the pros" era.

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Are you an idiot?

Really? Are you?

The jokes may or may not have been driven into the ground, but that does not mean you stop making jokes, it means that you make new ones. This did not happen. But it is good to see that you agree that this output have been reduced.

Oh, and you do agree that there are less drawfags too. I guess that is another point for me.

And sure there have always been a ton of 40k material, but what we get now is bickering and spam, with very little creativity or freshness. It is the good old Abaddon is armless or who would win between the imperium of man and star wars or someone arguing the same old worn out piece of fluff that was discussed three years ago, in short we are regurgitating what threads we had in the past for the hundredth time while adding little new.

But it is good to see that you already have admitted that two of the three point i made is correct, now if you only were able to comprehend that admission.

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Sir, either you are mad, are trolling, or are a moron. I will leave it up to you to decide which. You are making this argument confrontational and reducing it to a dualistic 'either I'm right or I'm wrong' issue. It is not. Both sides have some correct points and some incorrect ones. However, while the discussion is deserving of contemplation, such meaningless vitriol and pointless assholery as you are espousing has no place in a metered and friendly discussion.
Get out.

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>a few years ago...
>4e vs 3.4 troll wars
>how does it feel to hold [] in your arms
>40k overepresented, there were barely any threads about other games (besides stupid troll threads)
>porn threads (tbh I was ok with this)


threads about plenty of games like mtg, wod, boardgames, etc.
quest threads (not my cup of tea but is pretty cool original content from the board)
/tg/ collaboration threads (let's make a setting, fluff this monsters, etc)

Im not saying /tg/ is better but it doesn't seem worse to me

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You'll notice you have more things in the "missing from /tg/ today" list than in the "on /tg/ today" list. I think this proves the point that old /tg/ was much better than new /tg/.

Also because you don't know how to type like an adult, I think we can safely ignore any asinine "points" you try to make.

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>who would win between the imperium of man and star wars
Oh my God, please help me.

>> No.17293727

Also, today, Elf Slave What Do threads. Just thought I'd get that in there.

>> No.17293735

Sir, you are an artist. I salute you. 10/10 I mad.

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>And sure there have always been a ton of 40k material, but what we get now is bickering and spam, with very little creativity or freshness.
>what we get now is bickering and spam, with very little creativity or freshness.
>bickering and spam
>little creativity or freshness

Hey, here's something to think about.

Guess which qualities this thread (and your responses) belong to?

>> No.17293742

I wish to point everyone in the direction of one of our newest NPC concepts: Santapire.

Also, I will direct you towards the Outsider: the Calling thread, here: [http://boards.4chan.org/tg/res/17247619]

Also, there is a new idea here which bears some potential for investigation, as well

There is plenty of stuff going on. Perhaps creating new threads or browsing existing ones for good measure might work?

polite sage

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>today, Elf Slave What Do threads
Those are old and there's less than there were.

>> No.17293746

Again, you're admitting that /tg/ today is filled with bickering and a lack of creative and new ideas.

Seriously, I don't even have to argue here. You're winning it for me.

>> No.17293760

Thanks, but I'm busy getting trolled like a bawss, bro. Trolling IS a traditional game, after all. Traditional on this board, at least.

>> No.17293776

>you're admitting that /tg/ today is filled with bickering and a lack of creative and new ideas.

Yes I am, and you are right.

You miss my point. You're the person that's causing it.

You are the problem. You (and other shit posters like yourself: like what I am doing now!) are the reason /tg/'s quality has diminished

>> No.17293780

>you're admitting that /tg/ today is filled with bickering and a lack of creative and new ideas
My god, it's genius.

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Your Mission if any of you fa/tg/uys decide to accept, is to write a short story in this thread. it can be about anything /tg/ related. Lets get the creative juices flowing and show this anon that /tg/ still has what it takes to do it. (inb450badlywrittenfap/fanfictions).
Are you all bad enough dudes to get shit done?

>> No.17293790

Why bother getting mad? I have enough in the real world trying to do that already.

I'm going to spend my efforts on enjoying things which I like rather than getting asspained over things I do not.

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>> I'm not trying to start a fight here


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>Yes I am, and you are right.
Ding! That's "You: 0" compared to "Me: who's counting anymore." Seriously, step your game up some here, this isn't a debate its a mockery.

>/tg/'s quality has diminished
Yes, we all know that. You keep saying it. The question is, what are you going to do to stop it?

>> No.17293806

Good on you. Me, I'm here to get my daily dose of RAAAAAAAAAAGE, and man, this thread is doin' it for me, let me tell you.

>> No.17293807

But that's exactly the creativity that /tg/ used to have: awful, self-indulgent crap written by people who are awful.

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Prepping for Quest I've been running for over a year.

>> No.17293861 [DELETED] 

Fuck no. Too busy writing up a Touhou RPG that doesn't suck balls. Shame I'll never be able to post it here though.

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>Fuck, this is modestly funny. Why not?

OP look out wistfully at the once-beloved board of yore.

From where OP stood, in the tower of Backward-Looking-Glance, /tg/-that wonderfully weird bastion of creativity-had fallen into disrepair. Quest threads devoured the remaining writefags, swarming them like starving sharks on an obese whale. A slubfight between a trio of 40kfags & a lone WarMaHorde-fag raged, and OP wailed at the potential lost.

"Truly, you have fallen!" OP cried, a voice full of remorse! "The glories of your youth have given way to mediocrity!"

"NO." A voice boomed, forceful but not unkind. OP turned to behold the speaker, and marveled at this newcomer's virile body rippling with years of experience and clad in only a tripcode.


But OP was afraid, for what MR. RAGE said threatened his own preconceptions of an idealized past.

"No! No! it is not so!" Cried OP, and the voices of dozens of Anons, both troll and sincere, echoed.

"Listen! Listen!" Answered back a dozen more, their chorus rising.


OP hesitated, unsure of wat do.

>I think I'm slightly gay for MR.RAGE now. Sorry, bro, but you're kind of awesome!

>> No.17294102

Nah, fuck that. Too busy writing a Touhou-inspired RPG that I'll never be able to post on /tg/.

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I was considering replying to the story post with "this is what you want, OP" but it seemed rude.

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I'm reading that in a mix of BRIAN BLESSED and Christopher Lee.

It is glorious.

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>implying the tripfag circlejerks were good/of major contribution/there is a single fucking soul sad that they're gone

>> No.17294152

That's how I've always read MR. RAGE's voice.

>> No.17294156

I love how you bitch about warhammer 40k when this board was made from warhammer wednesday on /b/

>> No.17294174

Stop you? I think I'll join you. MR. RAGE, why are you so awesome?

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Someone talking about shit getting done?

>> No.17294184

Now I'm interested. Is there a complex history to /tg/ that I'm unaware of?

Bring me the Chroniclers. I desire a story.

>> No.17294201

I miss the days when there was NO moderation on /tg

People actually scanned shit, TG actually got shit done. Oh also the marriage to /d was awesome. /tg was the only place you could go, for quality dungeons and dragons porn. Now you have to wade through /d(and you wont find any).

>> No.17294208

>Now I'm interested. Is there a complex history to /tg/ that I'm unaware of?

Not really. The tl;dr from what I know is that /b/ used to have Warhammer Wednesdays (three guesses what those were about), it got out of hand and /b/tards were bitching about space marine threads pushing their CP off the front page.

So /tg/ was created.

>> No.17294216

Yes, you will. They are happening right now.
Can't lik, been vanned too many times.

>> No.17294239

>Oh also the marriage to /d was awesome

You think the board -tans was anything other than retarded weeaboo fappery? Congrats, everything else you say can be safely ignored.

Though I do wonder if I don't say "Touhou" or use the terminology how long a thread of it would last...

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good game

>> No.17294261


board-tans are still around you fuck.

>> No.17294274


Plus everytime I see Mr. Rage I get a smile on my face.

>> No.17294278

And the only people who care are the retarded weeaboos. Your point being?

>> No.17294306

>you think the board tans were anything more than weaboo fappery?
While that IS true, I really wanna see a /v/x/a/ image of:
>I-its not like I l-like you or anything! Bakka!
>S-shut up, you stupid w-weaboo!

>> No.17294311

Mr. Rage being cast as an angelic figure?

Whoops. Looks like he has a theme song now.


>> No.17294314

Also OP I'm two weeks away from releasing my homebrew to /tg/ and asking for their thoughts. Shit gets done, there is creativity, we just work hard on it and try to have something to show for it before we throw it on /tg/

>> No.17294317

I though /tg/ was married to /x/ in the board-chan shit.

As do I. MR. RAGE always has something insightful, witty, or creative to say, and I'm glad he's a part of our community.

>> No.17294332

>I though /tg/ was married to /x/ in the board-chan shit.

Who gives a fuck board-tans were the gayest shit to be created on 4chan

>> No.17294345

I originally started posting on /tg/ because I saw the awesome stuff that was being put up on 1d4chan and the archives and wanted to get involved.

When I first came here it was great to see that we could have discussions and threads about so many different things because inspiration for a game can literally come from anywhere. We did /co/ better than /co/, /v/ better than /v/, /a/ better than /a/ and /sci/ better than sci, because at the heart of this board, we all just love a good story, and so we use good stories from all those different places to craft our own tales around the table.

Now that the mods have really been cracking down on what's considered board-relevant and what isn't, the source of those stories dries up, and the creativity that comes with the melding of many different influences and ideas goes with it.

>> No.17294353

wait, if someone were to do this, which would be which gender? I cant even see how you could say what gender one would be. Maybe /v/ would just be a trap, they love them.

>> No.17294369

To forestall more board-tan retardation, whats your homebrew?

>> No.17294390

Don't forget to capitalize his name, now. MR. RAGE is in allcaps for a reason.

Most of the Original Content stuff we see here is as this guy says - slow coming, but refined. Case in point: the recent Dungeon the Dragoning release (or the Outlaw Star reskinning of the same game), or Outsider: the Calling take their sweet time. However, they also are damned well worth the wait.

Whining about 'this shit sucks, it's not what it used to be' is fruitless. Saying 'this shit sucks, it's not what it used to be; fuck that, I'm gonna try creating something new!' is how you get things to move forward.

Shit or get off the pot, folks!

>> No.17294422

>Most of the Original Content stuff we see here is as this guy says - slow coming, but refined.

Probably because people realized what a joke "/tg/ gets shit done" is. Don't get me wrong- /tg/ is a good place to bounce ideas off of and test reactions, but when it comes to moving past the "Wouldn't it be cool if..." stage, you have to take it off the board and do it yourself.

The Zelda RPG's probably the exception but even that kind of faded away.

>> No.17294455

I blame the moderation. There comes a point where their general stifling of creativity and occasional pettiness makes them more or less useless, and we've certainly crossed it.

>> No.17294471

Many a year ago, /b/ used to have theme days. Partly because they were fun and partly because there were fuck all boards on 4chan (if you notice the board division on top of the screen, they're still set up in "original" and "new" boards, at least according to when moot thought 4chan was 'complete' back in the day). Lord knows I can't remember most of the days but there were Warhammer Wednesday, Furry Friday and Caturday, among others. Then one day, mootykins was bored/fed up with whining and decided to add some boards, /tg/ being one of them.

And that's what my memory allows me to remember at the moment. There have been a few other boards back in the day that has been deleted, or at least "forgotten" like /z/, /5/, /l/, /f/ (Furry /f/, which was a joke board where everyone was banned, not Flash) and probably a bunch I haven't paid attention to back then.

I'm sure someone with a better memory can tell you more.

>> No.17294490

ITT: MR. RAGE, PHD. exposes cognitive neurology

>> No.17294495

Can we do theme days here, great elder?

>> No.17294585

Sure. If you have an idea, go for it.

For a while there was an attempt at "Shit gets done Saturdays" after some fa/tg/uy started a thread talking about old homebrews. There was some great discussion and nostalgia-ing going on, a lot of interesting old ideas got brought back to the surface. The idea was that /tg/ would take one of those old projects and finish it finally.

I don't know what happened next, come Saturday. Pretty sure that Friday had a bunch of threads trying to vote and decide on what idea to work on. I'm guessing come Saturday nobody had come to a consensus.

>> No.17294654

/z/ was never a real board. It was always a "special /b/ ban." http://shii.org/knows/4chan#Question_not_actually_answered_in_the_4chan_FAQ

/5/ was removed fairly early on. I'm talking like before 2006.

/l/ was also not long-lived. Gee, I wonder why? (It was actually moved to not4chan where it then died)

/f/ was always Flash.. since 2004. http://www.4chan.org/news?all#41You're talking about /fur/ and April Furs Day.

/tg/ was added to 4chan (along with /x/) on 02/15/07. 7chan had both /tg/ and /x/ boards since its founding in 2005. They were both very popular boards, and their popularity on 7chan were part of the reason they were added on 4chan.

>> No.17294734

You realise 1d4chan is almost three and a half years old now, right? I know I didn't set it up at the dawn of /tg/ or anything, but I'd at least hope it's not "new" anymore. I mean, I've been running the site for longer than I've known my wife!

>> No.17294750

Blatant lies.
You've known your hand as long as you've been alive.

>> No.17294776

It already exists.
They are both boys, but /a/ is a trap.
Google 4chan house for the archive of this stuff.

>> No.17294793

>However, they also are damned well worth the wait.
>worth the wait.
Sorry, but /v/ and reality have both ruined your entire post for me.

>> No.17294812

There has always been the same 40k and D&D threads over and over. Always.

>> No.17294821

Does anyone force you to read them?

>> No.17294826

It's a trend, and the guy is probably a statistics major. Of course it's gonna bother him.

>> No.17294827

>implying that was what I meant

>> No.17294890

No, but he's probably so autistic that he can't stand people liking things he doesn't like.

>> No.17294906
File: 76 KB, 500x500, 1316736509050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw they still completely misunderstood what I meant

>> No.17294920


I think he's referring to the major overhaul that 1d4Chan underwent fairly recently.

>> No.17294928

Not our fault your Aspergian mind doesn't understand how to communicate. Maybe you can stop hiding behind your disability and try to learn how people interact with each other.

>> No.17294955

Requesting the OP delete this thread.

>> No.17294979

I was saying that D&D and 40k threads has been the same since forever and not somehow recently changed like OP implies. I wasn't saying these threads are shit (and even if I were that you were totally flipping your shit about that is hilarious) but that OP is obviously new and stupid when nothing has changed.

But yeah, that fact that I said this pretty damn clearly but that several fags had to get all blustered and butthurt because they thought I was criticizing threads of their favourite subject is totally my fault and in now way worthy of ridicule.

This post is not sarcastic at all.

>> No.17295007

OP's long gone, his trolling mission accomplished.

>> No.17295024

Wait so you're buttfrustrated because surprise surprise, people are talking about the same games they talked about when /tg/ was created?

What are you, some kind of hipster who hates anything older than a month?

>> No.17295093
File: 20 KB, 306x400, 2007110122034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw you really are that stupid.

No, no that's not what I'm saying. How the fuck could you not understand what I'm saying? What's wrong with you?


Capitalized to accommodate your retarded mind.

>> No.17295180

You're still not making sense here.

Now, I'm not hating on the disabled here. I have nothing against autistics, high functioning or other wise. But seriously it doesn't matter if your parents/teachers/the Internet told you that you Were Special. That doesn't matter one bit.

What you need to do is accept that yes, you're different. There's nothing wrong with that. But you have to learn to play nice with the rest of the world. And that means learning how to communicate like everyone else.

>> No.17295222

He's saying that /tg/ has gotten worse, only OP's perception of it has.

/tg/, to a greater or lesser degree, has always been like it is now. It hasn't gotten worse. People aren't whining more, they're just whining about other things.

You dense fucker.

>> No.17295223
File: 398 KB, 1006x1732, theCrazyEight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All of this has been posted before, and all of it will be posted again.

>> No.17295241

>has not
Christ, it's always when you're trying to make a point, isn't it.

>> No.17295268
File: 119 KB, 600x481, 499a4a12069533991acc35cb565b0c743ec9bcad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if it's WORSE per say, but /tg/ right now is far less idiosyncratic and far more like the rest of 4chan than it was a year or two ago. Fewer memes, fewer inside jokes. For better or worse, you'd NEVER have the Cultist-chan or Love Can Bloom craze happen now - there might be a thread about it, but that'd be the limit - it wouldn't become a meme.

It's also obviously far more SFW than it used to be - back in 2010, at least one thread on page 0 would be a monstergirl thread, elf thread, EF thread or a good old-fashioned porn dump.

>> No.17295295

>Fewer memes, fewer inside jokes.

In the first 2 years of /tg/ we had freakin' dozens of memes and inside jokes.

How many have we made in the last year?

>> No.17295396

>I don't know if it's WORSE per say, but /tg/ right now is far less idiosyncratic and far more like the rest of 4chan than it was a year or two ago. Fewer memes, fewer inside jokes. For better or worse, you'd NEVER have the Cultist-chan or Love Can Bloom craze happen now - there might be a thread about it, but that'd be the limit - it wouldn't become a meme.
I feel this is true, but I'm not sure why.

>It's also obviously far more SFW than it used to be - back in 2010, at least one thread on page 0 would be a monstergirl thread, elf thread, EF thread or a good old-fashioned porn dump.
I do NOT miss this. I didn't mind the mod-less wonderland that was ye old /tg/ of '08 or so where NSFW pics would pop up in random threads if the occasion called for it, but the density of porn dumps we experienced as we grew closer to the Moderation Event Horizon were just so obnoxious. If you want porn, go to a fucking porn board.

>> No.17295428

Have fun, bro. I'm prepping for a quest I've been PLANNING for a year

>> No.17295445

>I feel this is true, but I'm not sure why.

A lot of posters left when the heavy-handed moderation started - from memory, the board's post rate actually halved for a while. Losing a lot of your population tends to kill inside jokes and memes.

Anyway, that's not to say those memes were all great; a lot of old /tg/s memes were obnoxious and we're lucky to be rid of them.

>> No.17295464

>like rest of 4chan
Nnnnnnope. Have you ever been out there? Apart from a small selection of other boards, the majority of 4chan is drowning in blatant shitposting, trolling and memes.

>> No.17295475
File: 193 KB, 625x790, tim fuckley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a lot of old /tg/s memes were obnoxious and we're lucky to be rid of them.
Point in case.

>> No.17295502


>> No.17295559

People obviously weren't around before the heavy-handed moderation.

Used to be you couldn't very often find a 40k or D&D thread on the first page. Oh, but not because it was less of that content or because there was so many good threads. Oh no. It was because it was filled to the brim with shitposting (porn threads, monstergirls threads, ELF RAPE threads), stale old fucking memes and horrible trolling. Half of the population of /tg/ left? Good fucking riddance, I can bet my ass most of them didn't actually contribute shit. Or rather they did contribute shit, but only shit and nothing good.

Oh and the most obvious thing is shitty tripfags and avatarfags trolling the board with their drama and "tripfriend" threads are gone. That alone justified any fucking means to get us there. Anyone saying anything else was not there and didn't know what it was like.

>> No.17295568

I've always been of the opinion that we could do without anyone who left just because they couldn't have monster girl porn dumps and elf slave wat do spam.

I will miss the touhou guys though. RIP Touhoufag.

>> No.17295591

You do realize there was a time before that, right? When /tg/ was good AND more or less unmoderated?

Not that we can go back to those days, though.

>> No.17295601

>For better or worse, you'd NEVER have the Cultist-chan or Love Can Bloom craze happen now
Those were both based on Dawn of War. Unless you want to force some anime memes onto Space Marine or something - and believe me, /v/'s tried - that's not /tg/'s fault.

Well, I should say "fault" because both of those things are shit.

>> No.17295615


Don't be absurd, that sort of thing happened, but in a tiny minority of threads. The idea that the majority of old /tg/ was trolling or shiposts is just you experiencing some sort of weird reverse-nostalgia, where you're only remembering the crappy stuff, and not the creativity and humor.

>> No.17295631

Not him, but this was true for a brief period right before we got the mod. That fucking summer.

That's hardly 'old' /tg/ though.

>> No.17295633 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I miss touhoufag too. /tg/ was really improved by an autistic weeaboo who couldn't stop stirring up shit every time he posted.

I especially like the part where he kept spamming the same thread over and over because he was FUCKING RETARDED

>> No.17295670

So in an effort to convince you doomsday cultists that /tg/ is not dead, should I post the halfassed notes for Touhougaem?

>> No.17295674

I don't think /tg/ is dead, but I would love to see them anyways.

>> No.17295675

Touhoufag deserved what he got for being an autistic fuck, but he did make some great builds. Like that anal spelunker one.

>> No.17295680

Yes, I was around then too. But the reason it was "good" was precisely what was turning it to shit too.

The general consensus some time around there was that you didn't need any other board than /tg/ because you could find anything you wanted on /tg/. /d/ content and /co/ content and fuck it, anything.

The problem is right fucking there. We can't have that, and it's no actually good because of what it inevitably leads to: a dilution of actual /tg/ content. And not only that, but an even bigger issue, a dilution of /tg/ posters. When you have that kind of attitude and a generally very good atmosphere, /tg/ starts looking better for /d/ content than /d/ does to some of its denizens. Their people start coming here for /d/ content instead of /d/ without actually being interested in /tg/ content at all. You might argue that we could convert them and if that were the case we wouldn't have a problem. But that's an utopia, and it didn't and will not happen. No, instead we have more and more posters from other boards on /tg/ no longer interested in /tg/ content, making threads specifically about non-/tg/ content and if you don't see how this is bad by now then I don't know what else to say.

We have different boards for a reason. Otherwise we could just all post in /b/. Because that was exactly what /tg/ was turning into and the above was the exact cause for that.

>> No.17295691


>> No.17295762

>tiny minority
You obviously weren't there. Yes, there was good content too. But if you weren't actually interested in 40k, Mt:G or D&D but still wanted actual /tg/ content, you'd as good as ALWAYS have to look past the front page and more often than not page 2 or 3.

Today, there's always something interesting AND related on the first page. And there's no fewer D&D, 40k or Mt:G threads. If anything there's more of these.

How is new /tg/ a problem again?

>> No.17295770


It's why we needed the mod in. Though we've had as many issues with overzealous mods as we had with being modless (does anyone have that pic of the guy who got banned because "Dwarf fort is not /tg/"?).

Let's not forget that the board was started for 40k, since it was too popular for /b/.

>> No.17295772

Oh, I agree, a thousand times. That's what I mean when I said we can't go back to that - we just have too much traffic to sustain that unmoderated yet topic-relevant discussion. The 'hurr you don't need the other boards' attitude, once verbalized and embraced, led us down a dark path.

Some of his builds were practically a piece of board culture. He may have been a bit off, but he did not at all deserve what he got, especially considering he was practically always on topic.

>> No.17295802

Okay, its not much. Mostly because I tend to work on it when I've been drinking.

The basic idea is this: I like the idea behind Touhou (superpowered/magical assholes fucking shit up to solve problems) but I don't really like Touhou. So this isn't a straight-up Touhou RPG but something loosely inspired by it.

A lot of my inspiration comes from "3:16." From that I'm drawing the idea of simplified stats and abstract combat. This is a game about flying around shooting magic all over the place and vaporizing mooks with the occasional interlude of talking.

First off, Characters. I don't know how in-depth the stats will be yet but so far there's Magic, Body and Mind for attributes. Magic's for your special powers, Body for physical exhertion and not dying and Mind for thinking and noticing. No skills.

Characters are defined by their describing name which has three parts, being "Personality"/Type/Domain. So far it's an Adjective/Noun/Noun situation. I don't know how in-depth I'm going with the first and third yet. Type is sorted into vague categories right now:
-Faithful (nuns, priests, etc)
-Arcane (magicians, witches)
-Undead (ghosts and vampires)
-Human (dude with a magic sword, no innate power)

Those give a rough power set and strengths/weaknesses. The Domain and Personality give more bonuses/drawbacks. Not sure how that'll go yet.

>> No.17295865

He spammed the board, and couldn't wait a few days but decided to ban evade because he tried to win a meaningless internet argument. That's a clear case for a permaban. Just because the janitor was a douche with a dislike for all things touhou, it doesn't make touhoufag's actions tolerable.

>> No.17295876

Anything that might make a few more D&D players play characters instead of builds is worth doing. If that means banning an obnoxious faggot then that's just topping.

>> No.17295883

Combat is going to be a bit abstracted. everyone's going to be making one roll, maybe two per round. Range will be important (but simplified to something like Point-Blank/Close/Far Away) and if a characcter is pointing "forward" or "backward."

"Spellcards" (I'm going to find a different term sooner or later) are the bread and butter of combat. Like characters, they're built with keywords.

One of the keywords is the attack type, be it a Beam (one direction, no range limit. Not much damage), Spread (one direction, spread over a couple Ranges, decent damage) or Burst (one range area, pretty good damage). Other modifiers would change how strong it is, if it has staying power (e.g. does it repeat automatically next turn? Cause a lingering effect?) and any special things (like a Holy keyword being kickass against ghosts).

Then there'll be defensive abilities too. They're passive and defend okay against most stuff, great against one or two other things. No one-hit-kill with this; PCs can take a couple hits before biting it.

>> No.17295913

>You obviously weren't there

Been on /tg/ since 2008, bro. Yeah, the summer of 2010 sucked, and the weeks leading up to the Modpocalypse were particularly bad, but the board itself had a great culture before that, and we would have had again after that ran its course, as it always did.

You seriously think we keep having threads filled with oldfriends waxing nostalgic about how /tg/ used to be because they miss trolling and porn dumps?

>Today, there's always something interesting AND related on the first page.

OK, either this is some sort of weird troll, or Notstalgia is a real thing and you have a terminal case.

>> No.17295915

Guys, guys.

Minecraft isn't new /tg/.

Fuck new /tg/.

>> No.17295921

There's two kinds of enemies: Mooks and Bosses (will find new term later).

Mooks are cannon fodder; one hit, one kill. Doesn't mean they're not dangerous; there are a lot of them and all it takes is a few lucky shots to bring a PC down. If you're familiar wit 3:16, they're pretty much like Threat Tokens.

Bosses are like PCs. That's...about it.

One thing the GM has to do is "Scripting." With Mooks, that just means figuring how many tokens appear at each range and possibly when. With Bosses, its figuring what they do with attacks and movement. Then again I might not deal with this since it seems kinda spergy.

>> No.17295929

Minecraft on /tg/ was never terribly interesting.

Deal with it.

>> No.17295950

>He spammed the board

Jesus, he re-posted the same thread three times because it kept getting deleted despite not breaking any rules, being /tg/ related and being OC.

Now, should he have re-posted it after it was deleted? Probably not. But a) it was incredibly childish of the janitor to delete his posts for NO REASON other than personal dislike in the first place, and b) perma-banning him was a gigantic over-reaction by the mod.

>> No.17295964

Been on since late 2006. You're wrong. Read my other post: >>17295680

/tg/ was filling to the brim with shitposting and unrelated content to a point never before witnessed, and far beyond. We wouldn't have recovered. We would have become like /v/. Do you really think moot would have enforced moderation because he thinks it was a hilarious thing to do to us? For that matter, who do you think alerted him of these issues? There was an outcry from fa/tg/uys who just couldn't take the shit that was going on any more.

And it went on for much longer than just a summer.

>> No.17295973

Go back to forums, newfag.

>> No.17295976

>three times
try at least ten times. And he began bitching more and more at the mod, like a little whore.

Honestly, nothing of value was lost.

>> No.17295986

Sounds interesting, if a bit basic. Would like to see it when you finish it.

I see you are new here. Touhoufag did not make 'optimal' builds, such as they are. If you wanted that, after all, there's plenty of resources available in the form of the WotC CharOp boards (in fact, he's only average in that regard). What made him awesome was the silly shit he found and shared with us. No matter how silly or unoptimal your goal, he was usually willing and patient enough to walk you through how to achieve it.

The most famous example being http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/921167/

There's always stuff on-topic. I can find way better MTG threads as well. I'd say there's less interesting homebrew, though. But that happened way before the mods came. Remember 'sage for homebrew'?

>> No.17296014

>Sounds interesting, if a bit basic.
That's the idea. I'm not kidding when I say this is inspired by 3:16 which is a damn light game itself. Because you don't need rules for drinking tea and making threats/comebacks and too much combat rules you might as well go full wargame. Its a fun thought exercise too.

>Would like to see it when you finish it.
We'll see, given how Touhou gets received around here. There's also the whole "only work on when wasted" part. Which I'm doing right now too.

>> No.17296020

>three times
Over forty, actually. He counted the threads.


>> No.17296028
File: 192 KB, 500x333, dongivafuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about no?

I somewhat enjoy minecraft. It has never stuck out as a /tg/ thread even at its prime and there's plenty of other communities that's far better suited for discussion on it than /tg/. And it's technically not allowed as per the rules. Stop acting all butthurt and indignant when the rules don't follow your exact tastes, it's unbecoming. We can have a few vidya because the mods aren't total dicks and that's it.

Stop being a cunt.

>> No.17296040

>We wouldn't have recovered. We would have become like /v/.

2010 must have been your first summer, no way were you on /tg/ since 2006: THAT ALWAYS HAPPENED. We'd have a few weeks of trolling and porn dumps, then it'd be back to business as usual.

>> No.17296051

Optimal or not, they're still builds and not character concepts.

>> No.17296055

>no way were you on /tg/ since 2006
Indeed, since /tg/ was created in early 2007.

>> No.17296062

>Over forty, actually

Other people started spamming it after Touhoufag got banned. How do you not remember this?

>> No.17296082

>We can have a few vidya because the mods aren't total dicks and that's it.
Ugh, I don't even really care about this topic, but hearing this (given the way /tg/ used to be) makes me a bit sick. Do you think we had DF 'because the mods aren't total dicks'?

Whatever, if people run off decent homebrew then they're cancer. Share it anyways.

Good for him then. That janitor was a shithead.

>> No.17296084

You must've not read the last part of my post. The problems of 2010 started long before summer. It was not just summerfags.

Well now that is true and now I'm a little embarrassed for getting my shit wrong. I got to 4chan for the first time at the end of 2006, not /tg/.

>> No.17296091

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

>> No.17296114

>The problems of 2010 started long before summer. It was not just summerfags.

Just stop it.

Nobody's falling for it, Mr "I was on /tg/ in 2006!!!".

>> No.17296118

Most of the spam posts are his, and he counted every thread he made.
Not that some threads weren't archived because they were deleted too fast.

>> No.17296146

>Most of the spam posts are his, and he counted every thread he made.

Even if that's true (which I doubt):

>Now, should he have re-posted it after it was deleted? Probably not. But a) it was incredibly childish of the janitor to delete his posts for NO REASON other than personal dislike in the first place, and b) perma-banning him was a gigantic over-reaction by the mod.

>> No.17296152

The rules are the rules. We don't get to pick and choose to follow the ones we fancy. The mods do that.

DF might be allowed on /tg/ and be an integral part of its culture, but it's technically a video game, no? DF is allowed in /tg/ not because of some sort of god given right, but simply because the mods are not total dicks and does not always enforce the rules as heavily as you might think.

You people and your sense of entitlement is pathetic.

>> No.17296170

I'm not defending the dickhead janitor. But ban evasion has always resulted in a permaban.

>> No.17296195

>you made a brainfart and remembered something incorrectly and even admitted as much in earnest, this means your argument is invalid
Nigger, what? Try to actually counter-argue what I say instead of just trying to end the argument cheaply and your arguments would have some sort of validity.

because I'm the first person on 4chan to have had a brainfart, yeah?

>> No.17296219

Less bitching about touhoufag, more telling me what you'd want to see in a Touhou-inspired RPG. Especially awesome would be Keywords.

Also if I go through with this, totally going to make some tables for random plot generation.

>A <PERSON/GROUP> has done <SOMETHING> to <SOMETHING/SOMEONE> If you don't stop it, <SOMETHING> will/won't happen!

>> No.17296238

Please, do tell me what I think I'm entitled to, since you seem to know so much more about me than I myself.

While you're right that it happens somewhat where, you do have to give him that the summer in question was the worst we'd seen.

>> No.17296249

>Try to actually counter-argue what I say

You're not making arguments though, just flat assertions; "/tg/ used to be shit!" isn't really something that can really be argued against. What am I going to say, "No it wasn't!"? Yeah, that sounds like a great discussion to have. The only really argument I can make is to tell you to check sup/tg/, and look at how the archived threads get better, more interesting and more OC-filled once you go before 2011, and that's always going to be subjective.

OTOH, what I can do is laugh at you for trying to one-up some oldfag by claiming to have been on /tg/ before it existed, you fucking loser.

>> No.17296250

>right that it happens some every summer,
The fuck, auto correct?

>> No.17296271

>While you're right that it happens somewhat where, you do have to give him that the summer in question was the worst we'd seen.

You were not here for the dark days of summer 2008, my friend. The days of Jim Profit, when /tg/ was at its lowest.

>> No.17296336

Yes I was. Guess what happened? We got moderated. It just so happens that at that time, the enemy was one faggot, not the board at large.

Also I still don't understand why people couldn't just ignore him (or any other triptroll of choice). He was a faggot of the highest caliber, but people just helped him out by instantly derailing any thread he posted in. Not that it matters since mootykins (or rather some other admin) eventually swung the banhammer from on high.

>> No.17296382

>Also I still don't understand why people couldn't just ignore him

I still don't understand why people couldn't ignore the trolling, shitposts and porn dumps that took up at most 10% of /tg/ even during the worst of summer.

>> No.17296401

Its like you don't understand what fa/tg/uys are like!

>> No.17296410

So, the entire front page?

Maybe they took up 10% of total threads, but it was way more than 10% of active threads.

>> No.17296508

>So, the entire front page?

Man, I can remember a thread from late last year entirely devoted to bitching about the porn dumps - the OP was steaming mad because there were a whole TWO active porn threads on page 0 at the same time.

Now, I'm not saying that isn't something to be pissed off about - I don't mind the occasional porn dump, but 2 at once on a supposedly SFW board is pretty stupid. But these days people act as though you'd go on /tg/ in 2010 and the entire board would be nothing but trolls and porn, which is just absurd. It was a problem, but it was still a tiny percentage of the board's content; you could spend the day on /tg/ and only see a handful of troll threads and porn.

>> No.17296633

The majority of the problem posts were not porn, they were repetitive shitposts (which may or may not have become trolling after a certain point) like the elf slave wat do threads and other stupid shitposts. I mean, yeah, 2 porn threads once in a blue moon wasn't the end of the world, even if they didn't really belong here. It's when you took it all together, the 2 porn threads (not infrequent), the two elf slave threads (also not uncommon, and there was ALWAYS at least one), a shitty edition wars troll still limping along, the GET IN HERE thread, and usually a couple other off topic threads... that's when it really became obnoxious. And all the off-topic /b/ shit had a much higher post rate than the on topic shit, because there was no need for thoughtful replies, so the impression one got from the front page was rather overwhelming at times.

It was worse at sometimes than others, but the fact that it ever sunk into that /v/ or /b/ like state was just very unpleasant.

>> No.17296642
File: 219 KB, 450x538, 129142019786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good lord, this thread is still here?
And on the front page even.

Wow, I just wanted to ask a question, not start this. :I

>> No.17296696

rolled 7 = 7

Aww, that's cute. A few years ago, this same thread happened. It has happened multiple times. If I remember correctly. I myself started off with posting a meta thread "In defense of what /tg/ should be." Pledging nationalism to the board and such. Either you've been gone a long time, or something is fishy with either of your two posts.

>> No.17296755

Such is the fate of all meta threads. If you've never seen this before, you can't have been here very long. This shit has been happening since '09 at least (with the threads bitching about quest faggotry). It probably happened before that as well, even if I can't recall any specific threads.

>> No.17296848

I mean, I've seen it happen before, and I have also seen them die in a few posts after the topic was dealt with.

I kind of expected mine to fall in the latter category, but it seems a troll decided to ply his craft. :I

Really I was pretty much done after MR.RAGE said his thing.

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