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Sup /tg/.

Could you guys point out an example of the Avatar doing something awesome, or defeating a worthy adversary in the fluff?

I looked hard and couldn't find any.

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rolled 3 = 3


I really need to look into making that movie a gif.

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The Avatar suffers from Worf syndrome. he was super awesome and scary in 2ed, but now every new character/weapon needs to beat an Avatar to show how great they are.

Sage because you're a troll.

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>Worf syndrome

Then how to cure him?

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rolled 14 = 14

Can't. Even if you introduce another punchingbag, it'll just be Worf and the Borg gritting at eachother, until the next pro/antagonist comes along and needs to prove their penis power.

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Renegades, the 2nd editon Epic book for Eldar and Chaos forces.

Has an Eldar vs Slaanesh story in where the Eldar armies Avatar picks up the Keeper of Secrets leading the Slaanesh host and breaks it across his knee.

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Elfdar players are precious. I mean it. They think their pretty living statue shouldn't be defeated in any way by some of the strongest and greatest beings in the galaxy. The Emperor could kill an avatar and they'd still act like spoiled shits, instead of thanking GW for the honour. You can easily spot them in a 40k thread. They're the ones who think an unarmed Elfdar guardian can kill a platoon of Guardsmen or whining when they read about Spess Mahreens killing aspect warriors in a BL book, or some other bullshit. Stay classy, elf fags.

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>The Emperor could kill an avatar

And fluffwise Eldrad would make Emps loose his bowels with a click of his fingers.

Your point?

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We object to every codex including a passage about killing the Avatar.
No-one else suffers this, not demons, not marines, not guard.

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This is now an ELdar art thread.

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I recall a certain marine dude saying if the Avatar was not defeated in time, he would turn an entire world into an sundered ash filled wasteland.

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>And fluffwise Eldrad would make Emps loose his bowels with a click of his fingers.

Then why was he so powerless to stop Fulgrim?

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taking requests

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Are you seriously trying to imply that you have ever seen new fluff countering old (for better or worse)? Silly boy.

Do you need me to wipe your arse as well?

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Daemons get beaten up much more than Avatars, even the big named ones.

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Fine by me.

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I'll contribute a bit

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He was never more powerful than the Emperor though, he called him a weakling seer, but that could easily just be him bragging or at best meaning he could see the future better than the Emperor. Which I actually doubt, both were unable to clearly see their own deaths, so I'd put them at about the same level in that respect.

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Behold the fiery destroyer of worlds!

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It feels a bit sad that the Avatar does get his ass handed to him, he should at least be more on track with the Daemon Primarch's in terms of aloof badassery.

I mean he's pretty boss ingame, and in Apoc he's terrifying in the court.

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>Dat norse and indian imagery.

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>race known for keeping emotions in check for survivals sake

Concession accepted.

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He has only ever been Greater Daemon level, and tons of Greater Daemons get their asses kicked as well.

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the avatar did go all badass and kick firelord ozia's ass

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Still taking Requests.

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Avatar rapes the Hive Tyrant leading the Nid invasion of Iyanden.

Oh look fluff changes ahoy!


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>race known for arrogance

Concession accepted.

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>How to cure of worf syndrome

Have and Avatar do awesome shit, cut through an entire SM chapter, fuck up a hive fleet, kill some named characters, shit like that

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Ever since 3e, when Gav Thorpe took over the Eldar, they've been braggarts who call everything mon-keigh (Gav's clever pun).

If emotional control is required for their survival, it's no wonder they've been doing ever worse after 2nd edition.

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As a Dark Eldar player I feel so bad for the Eldar. I hope they wind up with a good army book and more useable unit rules.

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Daily Reminder.

Khaine is a C'tan. Khaine is the Burning One.

The C'tan did everything.

That's all.

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its just that most of our fast attack sections and heavy weapons are horribly overpriced

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And where has it ever been stated by that apart from when he faces something and dies because of plotlol?

Greater Daemons are just big mooks, they are millions of them, not so Avatar's who are living incarnations of a god fully within the physical universe.

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Most of your everything is horribly overpriced or way subpar. I wish your Swooping Hawks were useful as anything other than ablative armor for an Autarch with a Fusion Gun.

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I am still taking requests.
Error: Duplicate file entry detected. >>17288200

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Post Reapers!

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coming up.

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ANyone else?

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>And where has it ever been stated by that apart from when he faces something and dies because of plotlol?

That they always have GD tier stats, that when it comes to fighting a GD it's a close run thing.

>Greater Daemons are just big mooks, they are millions of them, not so Avatar's who are living incarnations of a god fully within the physical universe.

They're avatars of the Chaos Gods, the appearance of one can signal the doom of a world, and the Chaos Gods are much more powerful than Khaine, that's why there's more of them.

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My favorite Avatar death was when he tried challenging a particularly powerful Hive Tyrant to an honorable duel.

Tyrant just scoffed and sent about 11 Carnifex to wreck his shit.

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if n one request anything else il

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ill just post some awesoem terrain

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followed by seers

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>more useable unit rules

Give the Wave Serpent an Assault Ramp

90% of the problem solved.

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and banshees need grenades.

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Error: Duplicate file entry detected. >>17288358

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Thats the redone Iyanden invasion fluff.

The original was way better.

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>challenging a particularly powerful Hive Tyrant to an honorable duel
> an honorable duel
what the hell, I think it's worse than that Calgar ass whooping

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What's the original?

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I can probably see the Swarmlord accept the challenge.

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So what? The Tyrant was a coward.

This proves the Tyranids are dishonorable curs unworthy to be called warriors.

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The first poster is the original you numbnuts.

Avatar is only awakened at the very last moment, single handidly rapes his way through most of the swarm.

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>For not accepting a pointless duel in the middle of a raging war

You're confusing smart with cowardice.

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any request before i go to sleep?

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It's not like the Avatar told him to meet in the town square at noon the following day, he just pointed his sword at it, probably shouted something about burning Khaine and blood, the Tyrant decided fuck that guy and sent a bunch of Carnifax to deal with him.

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Rangers! Post some badass rangers!

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>> No.17288411



So if an entire hive fleet is able to be taken out by ONE Imperial ship detonating its warp drives...

Its ok! We've just got every Nid invasion covered now!
>implying the nids have more fleets than the Imperium has ships

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>> No.17288414


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Badass rangers huh?

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in dow the avatar was a scary dude that surprised me but in the end he killed like 3 marines before expiring and that was it.

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Error: Duplicate file entry detected. >>17288251

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>expecting good fluff from GW
>Any year past 2nd edition.


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Nah, that's a little too anime for my liking.

But hey, to each his own.

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You guys can always spam Warlocks for anti-tank.

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How does that make the Tyranids dumb?

It's not like they said "hey guys, we'll just stand here while you get that there ship over here and explode it".

Imperials got lucky, and most likely the Tyranids have adapted to it and that mistake most likely won't happen again.

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When one Warrior challenges another to glorious combat, both must engage in a ritualistic duel.

Obviously these Nids know nothing of the art of war.

>> No.17288454


Seriously though, why didn't the Hive Tyrant accept? Even if the Avatar managed to kill his ass, the Tyrant is fucking immortal.

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Nids just wanna eat man, they just wanna eat.

>> No.17288463

At 25 points a model, that have to get to close combat, and require 6's to hit a vehicle that's moved quickly - as most transports are want to do? You can add Singing Spears, which helps a lot, but that hikes the cost by another 3 points per model. And you'll need Jetbikes on top of that, really, unless you want to rely on a Wave Serpent which might be shot out from under them. It's generally not worth bothing with unless you build an army around a couple of big Jetlock squads.

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Your point? warlocks are expensive single wound models. everyone else can spam powerfists, meltaguns, lascannons, darklances, ect. Ours tend to be bs3, and expensive as fuck.

>> No.17288470


Or you just buy lots and lots of them.

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C'tan are part of the Eldar pantheon, Eldar Gods did everything.

>> No.17288472

Because Nids don't understand the concept of honor. They've never experienced it, they have no need for it.

>Eat some more

They wiped out many galaxies for a reason. Because that's what they do. They eat and move on. no bullshit inbetweens.

Might not be fluffy but hey, that's GW for ya. It's their creation.

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The fluff in the Tyranid codex mentions that the Wailing Doom was one of the few things that could actually kill it.

>> No.17288482

The Tyrant had some kind of Shield that made it invulnerable to pretty much everything but the Wailing Doom and Yriel's Spear, he decided not to put the invasion on the line by letting the Avatar chop him up and break the synapse web.

>> No.17288487

Sure would be nice to get some kinda shield like that for my Tyrant....

Yes, I mad.

>> No.17288492

>Or you just buy lots and lots of them.

...hence "build an army around a couple of big Jetlock squads."

>> No.17288493

Indeed. This particular Tyrant was a coward who choose to hide behind his minions rather then face the Avatar in battle.

He should have taken the example of the Swarmlord. The Swarmlord sought out Calgar and met him in glorious battle.

It's great that not all the nid leaders are cowards and that some possess courage.

>> No.17288495


And KICKED THE SHIT out of him, might I add. That makes Trazyn's cuntpunching of Helbrecht pale in comparison.

All Trazyn took was his hand; the Swarmlord took Calgar's Calgar.

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>> No.17288504


I mean six small squads so that there's no way they could shoot down all of them... not the best strategy.

Although that said, Shining Spears are most appealing to me in that they can hunt vehicles and initiate devastating assaults from all in the same unit. That's what I rely on for most of my army builds.

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Hey, at least you have a 5th edition book.

>> No.17288512

It was the Stormlord who fought Helbrecht.

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>> No.17288515


5th didn't fix Mandrakes as much as I wish it had. Maybe they'll fix you guys too though.

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On the subject of C'tan/Yngir and Eldar gods, repost from earlier necron thread:

The Eldar Pantheon is divided into Gods, and the Yngir, the daemonic gods who serve Khorne, who is both god and Yngir (Note: Yngir has linguistic similaries to the term "Eladrith Ynneas" (Meaning "Dark Eldar"), the Dark Eldar realm of Ynnealidh ("The Necropolis Below") and the Eldar death dod Ynnead. It's quite likely Yngir as a term has connotations of death and darkness)

Now, Khaine's war against Isha, Kurnous, Vaul and the eldar is obviously a parallel for the Old Ones war against the Necrons and the C'tan.
Khaine's servants are described in one myth as being the souls of the dead, crammed inside suits of armour, to keep fighting eternally.
Khaine is noted to have won the War in Heaven, as are the Necrons.

Then, with the Eldar gods/Old Ones nearly destroyed, the mysterious entity Cegoragh, the Lauging One, who has many similarities to the Yngir labled "The Jackal God", engineers civil war on the Victorious Necrons. Pitting C'tan against C'tan, and convincing the Silent King that the C'tan will then turn on him.
The Necrons then silence the C'tan, and the Yngir "Khaine"/The C'tan "The Burning One", hoping to escape the wrath of his servents, who have now turned on him, sides with the Old Ones/Eldar Gods, even shattering Kaelis Ra to prove his worth to the sundered Pantheon, and hiding in the Webway, the Realm of the Eldar Gods, and the place he once threw open the gates to.

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except you can only take 2 warlock units.
and that shining spears are overpriced and die quickly.

>> No.17288521

Yes, we have the worst 5th edition book.

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>> No.17288535

true-enough. still better than paying the skimmer tax, vehicle tax, effective against marines tax, antitank tax and 4th edition tax.

>> No.17288540

You know what would be really funny?

If the Soulstone wasn't carrying the soul of Taldeer, but the Essence of Maledictus and he is bringing it back to his Craftworld.

>> No.17288544


You can only take 2? I did not know that, I figured you'd just embed them with Jetbike Guardians as meat shields and take six of them. A squad like that costs 119 points with a minimum of 3 Guardians with them.

>> No.17288550


Out of curiosity what makes it worst? It could be that our local nids player is pretty good, but nids tend to do well here.

>> No.17288554

Helbrecht got his revenge on that vile Xeno.

>> No.17288555

well you can add 1 warlock to each guardian squad, or take a a squad of warlocks for each Farseer.

>> No.17288562


By surfing his flagship into a sun.

Poor Stormlord.

>> No.17288564

every other 5th ed codex (bar maybe sisters) is better than every 4th edition dex, Nids is better than teh 4th edition books, but only has 1 or 3 viable competitive builds, and often gets stomped by guard/greyknights.

>> No.17288565

Honestly? Lately, I've been having far more fun with my Eldar army than my Tyranid one.

You can only take two squads of Warlocks. You can take multiple Guardian Jetbike squads with Warlocks in them. The problem with that strategy is each little squad only gets one anti-tank shot (short ranged and easily thwarted by cover) and three attacks (which likely need a 6 to hit). And because they're your scoring units AND anti-tank wrapped up together, the opponent is going to be aiming to wipe them out so you can't count on them being ignored.

>> No.17288566


So you can take two medium sized squads of locks and six locks with guardian meatshields. Couple that with some Shining Spears.

>> No.17288575

or i could take 15 fire dragons, 15 direavengers 6 wavserpents, and a fuck ton of heavy support for the same price.

>> No.17288582


So the question is which does better in the meta you are building for.

>> No.17288585

Abysmal internal balance. Several units are virtually unusable, others are overcosted/underpowered to the point where other things in the codex do the same job, but better. The Force Organisation chart is laid out in such a way that a lot of the interesting stuff is crammed into Elites, but that's ALSO where the bulk of your anti-tank is - so, in such a mech-heavy meta, you'll never get a chance to use it due to the near essential Hive Guard broods. Many of the upgrades are completely useless, a few are actually downgrades.

The thing is, the Tyranid Codex can win games. It can create solid lists. But doing so requires ignoring about half of everything in the book.

>> No.17288592

Bikes do badly.
Better than footdar. but no-where-near the level of the serpent dragon spam.

>> No.17288605

Oh, and a near-universal lack of Assault Grenades, combined with how fragile a lot of Tyranid broods are, means that between being shot at on the way in and denied the chance to strike first you can't even guarantee winning in close combat.

>> No.17288606

>Years and Years later people are still bitching about the Nid Codex

Knock it off and deal with it, Xenos.

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>> No.17288614

I think that in the next Eldar codex they should rewrite the Avatar as being this cheery gung-ho killing machine with a ton of weapons he can kill people with or throw at them, as well as take weapons from dudes he kills. Also he can totally clamber on top of Eldar vehicles and catch a lift.

>> No.17288620

>> No.17288623

No. the Avatar should be written as a having variable levels, so some-days hes fuck huge towering mountain of death, and some-days hes barely better than a marine.

>> No.17288626


I see. I wonder ceaselessly what the designers were thinking when I look at some of the unit profiles across various codexes, but I suppose it's irrelevant now that they've already been released.


Ironically I think they'd end up doing pretty well in my meta, but things have gotten vastly more mech heavy and I hate it.

>> No.17288627

Maybe it's the quality of the Young Kings that affect the performance of the Avatars.

>> No.17288629

>> No.17288634

>I wonder ceaselessly what the designers were thinking

I'm not sure Robin Cruddace actually thinks at all.

>> No.17288639

>> No.17288641

Why don't the Eldar just piece together Khaine? Some glue and a bit of wraithbone should do the trick.

>> No.17288643

>> No.17288645

a shame, considering some of his ideas were pretty solid (Ymgarls stand out, for example)

>> No.17288648

>> No.17288651


A shame. I wish people took more pride in what they did.

>> No.17288655

Yea. I'll admit the codex is full of good ideas. Ymgarls, Meiotic Spores, the unique Hive Tyrant upgrades - even all of the new creatures, thematically, are pretty cool. They're just implemented in an abysmal fashion.

>> No.17288662

>> No.17288665

>> No.17288668

That'd be pretty cool. I've longed for the day when we'll get a titan-sized avatar. Or at least one capable of solo'ing them (in apoc only, obviously).

>> No.17288670

most of the new creatures were just re-imagined old ones

but yeah, I hope he gets his game together in terms of actual codex design. With a bit of polish he could do well

>> No.17288674

>> No.17288677

You know what I would like to see?

A model of a Corrupted Khaine (Aka Burning One). Would be really sweet.

>> No.17288678

>> No.17288681

>> No.17288688

Khaine deliberately broke himself up as he fell into the Materium, so that Slaanesh and Khorne wouldn't be able to find him.

>> No.17288690

>> No.17288698

>> No.17288702

So...Khaine fears them both

It's not a problem as long as he keeps himself in the materium they can't touch him.

>> No.17288707

>> No.17288710


Is that a warlock?

>> No.17288716

>> No.17288722

They could be Warlocks or Farseers. I'd be tempted to say Farseers, though. I love how menacing they look.

>> No.17288731

>> No.17288736

>> No.17288745

>> No.17288755

>> No.17288757

Ah, Eldar....haven't played the game since 3rd and when Craftworld Eldar was out...boy I wish that more armies than the Imperium would get alt lists.

>> No.17288760

>> No.17288763

>So...Khaine fears them both


>It's not a problem as long as he keeps himself in the materium they can't touch him.

He is still very powerful, it would probably be very difficult to remain in the Materium for long, and even then his mere presence may be enough to weaken to walls between realities enough that a Chaos God could reach through and grab him.

>> No.17288765

Forge World does a decent job for that. There's alt-lists for Orks (Mekboy armies), Eldar (Corsairs) and Chaos (L&tD-style Renegades).

>> No.17288773

>> No.17288781

>> No.17288785

>Chaos God could reach through and grab him.

Ha..now that's a funny mental image. What they gonna do with him anyways? Turn him into a Concubine like Isha?

>> No.17288787

>> No.17288788



>> No.17288795

>> No.17288797

Probably eat him.

>> No.17288800

>> No.17288801

Nah, Khorne and Slaanesh would have another tug of war with him, and just shatter him again, and everyone would be all butthurt and Tzeentch would laugh about Khorne and Slaanesh going to war, again.

>> No.17288802

>> No.17288814

>> No.17288819

>> No.17288828

>> No.17288840

>> No.17288841


I thought he was broken when Khorne and Slaanesh were fighting over him?

>> No.17288846

Poor Khaine. He knew the Eldar were going be his doom

I bet he wishes he destroyed the Eldar when he had chance and not spare them from his wrath.

>> No.17288847

>> No.17288859

>> No.17288868

>> No.17288870

>> No.17288874

>> No.17288876


Isn't Isha just a taste-tester? Concubine's a bit far- I'm sure Nurgle isn't the kind of god to take advantage of a young lass.

>> No.17288878

>> No.17288884

>> No.17288893

Well, she is that, and the waifu to Nurgle's basement-dwelling man-child.

>> No.17288898

>> No.17288903

>> No.17288904

He escaped their clutches momentarily as they focused on each other and he fell through the warp and shattered into the Materium, that's why he was probably able to come to the hearts of the Craftworlds, it was a controlled shattering.

>> No.17288910

More like a life partner of whom he shares his corruption with.

Nurgle genuinely loves Isha but the rot and diseases he infects her with is the only expression of affection he knows.

>> No.17288914

>> No.17288924

>> No.17288928

>> No.17288933

And there's the image limit.

>> No.17288941


That is true, only known cure for Worf syndrome is long term good showings.

No one buys it when a punching bag suddenly is AWESOME!!! And then nothing else changes.

>> No.17288945

Impressive. I was missing about half of the 70~ that you posted.

>> No.17288956

>That is true, only known cure for Worf syndrome is long term good showings.

This is the 40k fanbase, fluff failures are never forgotten.

>> No.17288957

The Khainates should be grateful, at least the Tau have no recorded Avatar kills.

>> No.17288966

>5thed Tau
>farsight kills avatar

>> No.17289009

>Farsight crosses swords with the Avatar
>Side steps a sword thrust from the Avatar
>Decapitates the Avatar with the Dawn Blade
>Stand above the crumpling Avatar corpse and orders on his troops to charge the fleeing El-Dar Invaders


>> No.17289062

He only stopped because Asuryan raised the veil separating the gods from mortals.

>> No.17289084

Asuryan was really useless despite being the Father of the Eldar Gods.

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