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Hi, /tg/.

I've been working on an F-Zero rpg for about a month, and I've finally gotten to the playtesting stage. Here's the book:


It's 15 pages of fast-paced action designed to fit the tone of the games (especially the original SNES title). One of the biggest hurdles was designing a rule system for races that didn't get bogged down or feel too awkward and detached from the action. Hopefully I succeeded. I'll be around for a while blathering about it, so have a look.

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OK, first off: making a character. The F-Zero RPG uses the ABCDE rating system: A = d12, B = d10, etc.

Your character has four attributes: Aim, Nerve, Brain and Flair. Each of these is given a rating (A through E) and each has four key skills attached to it.

Your machine has three stats: Body, Boost and Grip (no big surprise there). The specific arrangement determines a host of other aspects of your machine, like max speed and how much it recharges passing through the repair strip.

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>mfw waiting for OP

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Your skills have a number of points (from 0 to 4) that are added to the die roll for the skill's related attribute. This game doesn't have hit points in the traditional sense: failing to counter a damaging attack means you either lose a piece of equipment or one rating level from either your Aim or Nerve. If either of those attributes falls below E you must retire ('cause you lost your nerve, geddit?).

The racing rules were the real pain in the ass.

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bump for interest

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Well, you've certainly put some effort into presentation, so props for that.

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Every racetrack is divided into sections called (wait for it) Sections. Each Section is comprised of a few features like a repair strip, a Jump Plate, or maybe a field of landmines. You only spend a short time in each section: when every player has acted once, the racers have passed through the current section and reached the next one.

Instead of a specific position on a map, the pilots are all ranked from 1st place to last. At the beginning of each section the players roll their Piloting skill in the order of their rank, starting with the pilot currently in 1st place. This is to see whether or not they successfully navigate the features of the section. Once we know who smashes into the guide rails and who clears the gap, we can get to the fun stuff.

Actual initiative order is from the *last* car forward. You get one action during your move, but you can have two actions if you take penalties on both of them. If you try to ram the car in front of you (or pass it, or something else) they have to attempt to counter you using their move or let you do it.

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My only concern is vehicle stat layouts, since they don't allow for as much flexibility-- I'd consider making weight a fourth stat, since it does directly affect stuff in the games (lighter means better gain from boosts, but easier to knock around, heavier is better maintained on course and has higher top speed). However, I have to say it's very solid as it is, and the GM being called the announcer just seals the deal.

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aw shit motherfucker

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>mfw my suggestion for racing segments is actually incorporated


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As you can see from that last image, if you roll a 1 trying to act during your move you fuck up somehow. This can be bad (usually) and allow the pilot(s) behind you free moves (probably to pass your dumb ass), but you might get lucky and bang into the guide rails just right and get flung forward.

This pic shows the skills you use while racing. Depending on your character's attributes you'll probably be better or worse at some actions. Of particular note is the Accolades skill, because it has an effect beyond the immediate.

Every lap you complete nets you points; higher-placing ranks are naturally awarded more points. Instead of performing other actions you instead can opt to grandstand, showboat, and otherwise crowd-please, gaining you additional fame and lucrative endorsement deals.

The points you receive from racing translate to Winnings, this game's version of money. Winnings take many forms, but are treated as a collective number for simplicity's sake. Winnings are used to pay for upgrades to your machine, personal equipment, and other stuff.

It's worth noting that the purse for the F-Zero Knight League championship is twenty *billion* Federation credits.

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Holy shit this book is nice. Quick, thorough, but detailed enough to not be flat and lifeless. Good show, OP.

I do kind of lament the lack of more stat layouts, but this isn't final either, so I can keep on hoping.

>mfw I can finally use a dedicated system for F-Zero instead of my race-incapable homebrew

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>detailed racing rules from f-zero
>no snaking, boost, or check rules

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>I'd consider making weight a fourth stat, since it does directly affect stuff in the games (lighter means better gain from boosts, but easier to knock around, heavier is better maintained on course and has higher top speed

Lighter weight doesn't determine repair performance, the machine's Body rating does. Heavier cars indeed have the advantage; they get a +1 to Ramming other cars. As you can see, there's also quite a bit of player choice for machine weight.

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>no snaking, boost, or check rules

I'm getting there, sheesh!

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How I read "repair performance" in your post is beyond me.

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The problem is it just seems being heavier outclasses being lighter, if only marginally.


>implying blocking isn't what checking is

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You could be right, but I will point out that a car with Body E and Boost A accelerates almost twice as fast as a car with Body A and Boost A.

These are the things that playtesting reveals~

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Anyway, here's how Winnings work. I'm going to go get some late-night breakfast cereal; please ask if you have questions.

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can I suck your dick

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This was the primary inspiration for the fluff.

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No please.

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Is it possible that more of the stat setups will be in the game? It works so far, but I'd lovee to see the E-B-B, E-A-C and D-A-D cars get some time in the sun too, y'know?

(Or perhaps C-A-D, hint hint)

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New Pico is stupid. Original Pico is best.

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>Is it possible that more of the stat setups will be in the game? It works so far, but I'd lovee to see the E-B-B, E-A-C and D-A-D cars get some time in the sun too, y'know?

Sorry bro, but some sacrifices had to be made translating it to this system. DAD is underpowered, as are some of the other ratings of canon machines. I tried working out a way to keep 100% correlation between vidya and RPG stats, but in the end I had to go this way.

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For some reason it didn't post this page. Oops.

Stuart's line always cracks me up.

>onongor $300,000
Yes Captcha, the purse for racing the Onongor track is 300 big ones.

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Damn, not even C-A-D?

I guess that's inevitable--in the games, the Golden Fox and Wonder Wasp had overly high individual top speeds and acceleration in spite of their weight class, but I suppose that's fine. I still think E-B-B, C-C-A, A-E-A and B-C-B could sneak in a spot, though. Barring that, just translate all of the statlines and acknowledge that some are better than others (after all, it's why Mr. EAD exists).

Or, perhaps have some sort of system set in for character-generation money that can access different availabilities of machine classes, allowing players to balance their in-race and out-of-race abilities to their preference (which reminds me, it mentions C is minimum for Aim, but offers no option for that)? Maybe a bit too complex, though.

Oh, and is there a balance reasoning in regards to the A-A-E ratings? I happened to notice that, in theory, it's better than the similar in-game car (A-B-E).

>my face when I just unloaded a whole bunch of peeves and sound like I hate the game even though I think it's kickass and want to run it

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>Oh, and is there a balance reasoning in regards to the A-A-E ratings? I happened to notice that, in theory, it's better than the similar in-game car (A-B-E)

I worked out a formula for compiling blocks of attribute ratings based on a few things, average die rolls being one of them. The same method was used to chart out the different attribute blocks that your character gets.

There are a lot of other things that the vidyas take into account that this game doesn't, but I am a ruleslightfag and this is about as crunchy as I want it. At least for now.

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And I assume you mean A-B-D, not A-B-E.

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My god, you came through.

I am the OP from a few days ago.

Bless you sir.

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Nope. This is the Crazy Bear, and it's rating is A-B-E, since its comically bad grip is balanced out through its high weight and good drifting--sort of like the Green Panther dialed up a notch. It just doesn't really work into the system due to how weight is applied.

I'll offer one last idea, and then I can shut up. Would E-A-A, A-E-A, B-C-B or C-C-A be possible in the system? I notice that the overall 'numbers' in the stats equal 7 every time. Just food for thought.

Alrighty, I can shut up now. System still looks solid, mate. Cheers.

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Anyway, that's the game. I'm going to bed. If this thread dies I'll probably end up making a new one sooner or later. I leave you with yet another canon F-Zero comic.

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Wat a tweest

>Would E-A-A, A-E-A, B-C-B or C-C-A be possible in the system?

Those are all allowed. See >>17254213

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Ah, sweetness. Missed that line somehow.

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Bravo. I have to give this a try.

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You should be able to tune your car between max speed and acceleration like you can in X and GX. Or you can leave that out, since people always put it to max speed. The only time people would put it to accelarion is for flying Twin Noritta shenanigans anyways.

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Viral does damn fine work, Anon. I may have never managed to actually take my copy of Engine Heart out of its plastic wrap, but I treasure it none the less.

And I hope Viral used my two dollars to good effect.

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Well, adding the 'slider' would probably overcomplicate it too much, since generally the divide between Body/Boost and your overall weight helps determine it for you--adding another layer is splitting hairs.


>Not part of the benevolent max-acceleration master race

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nitpick: your acceleration has the wrong unit.

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You mean the kilometres/hour? I'm pretty sure that's correct, but under the assumption of the SNES version's speeds, rather than X and beyond--1000+ IS pretty high, after all.

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Why not go with the GX way of making vehicles? (Each vehicle has three main parts, each one determining one stat, better stat parts are heavier, so you can have your AAA car but it weighs a metric fuckton) Then you'll give your players some crap parts to start with, and as they win they can buy better ones with their prize money.

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Viral was saying that he wanted to avoid too much crunch--as hilarious as a AAA brick would be, it might be too complex for something this breezy. The options to slowly improve your machine can generally lead to the same effect with enough time, at least.

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>nitpick: your acceleration has the wrong unit.
I know what you're talking about, but because of how initiative order works it has to be in km/h. Believe it or not I did consider this about a week ago.

>Why not go with the GX way of making vehicles?
Like I said, while it may be possible to exactly replicate the way the vidya's code handles gameplay, my intention was to make a rules-light game that fit the tone of the setting. 'Sides, there are afai can tell almost 20 different combinations of attributes that you can start your machine with based on those four groups >>17254213

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OK, I'm gonna head out for a while. If this thread is still alive in six hours I will try to stat out the core F-Zero cast and probably Samus Aran.

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/v/ - Video Games

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Please don't use Other M as a source. Before that point, Samus was female space Link, and her portrayal in that game applies a very formulaic submissive and willfully abused personality to her. This is actually not even slightly uncommon in games, but the fan outcry is largely due to Metroid's relative popularity in the west and the stark contrast of her previous silence with the ideal personality of a manga girl, which is can be considered misogynist from a western perspective when taken too far. I'm not going to bore you with an essay on the implications of that game, but you will avoid a shitstorm and probably have a better result if you avoid Other M entirely.

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This. Keep Samus tough and competent because she's tough and competent, not because SHE'S GOT WOOOOUNDS AND FEEEEEEEELINGS.

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Well, obviously. The only Metroid games I've ever played were on the NES, Game Boy and SNES.

You know, the good ones.

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Here we go.

>in during arguing over stats

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Eh, the prime series was pretty good at as a 3d translation and the zero series was not terrible.

unless you count game boy as "handheld nintendo platfrom" in which case you silly.

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Question. Do characters get non-vehicle related powers?


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>> No.17262270

>Question. Do characters get non-vehicle related powers?

Let me put it this way: Falcon has max ranks in punching.

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Here's the Samus sheet I promised.

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Viral F-Zero Thread?

i shall take a look!

>where is the space-hotness check?
>i kid, i kid.

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This song reflects how I feel while reading this thread OP


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Example track:

Red Canyon VI (3 sections)

Type: Straight
Feature: Starting line
Piloting roll: Automatic

Gap Jump
Type: Gap
Feature: Jump Plate (3)
Feature: Gap (3)
Piloting roll: 3
Failure: Disqualification

Hard Curves
Type: Curved
Feature: Pit area
Piloting roll: 6
Failure: Impact

This track has several dangerous areas, including a gap jump that allows for cheating. It also features a small pit area in the middle of hard curves instead of the normal straightaway. Pilots will have almost no time to take advantage of the pit area in this high-speed deathtrap!

Maps like this aren't necessary for the game since rank is used for determining position, but they're fun to make.

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What happens in Car Lesbians threads stays in Car Lesbians threads.

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My God. Samus in an F-Zero game.

My nipples have become diamond hard.

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>My God. Samus in an F-Zero game.

Well, the two settings are probably in the same universe. Samus is employed by the "Galactic Federation"; the F-Zero tournament is held within the borders of the "Galactic Space Federation"...

Probably room for Star Fox in there too, since they are obviously F-Zero fans.

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Samus and Star Fox crew in a F-Zero game...


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Isn't there some Fox McCloud looking dude in F Zero GX?

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>Isn't there some Fox McCloud looking dude in F Zero GX?

James McCloud (human): Converted his starfighter into an F-Zero machine. Races for the benefit of his son. Used to run with a mercenary fighter pilot squad called the Galaxy Dogs.

James McCloud (fox): His son converted his Arwing fighter into an racing machine (for the G-Zero races; 'G-Zero' is an alternate name for the revamped F-Zero races). Used to run with a mercenary fighter pilot squadron called Star Fox.

Also, Octoman appears in both settings.

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I fucking loved that guy.
And was that game actually Nintendo hard (especially the story mode) or do I just suck at video games?

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Please keep up the good work on this project Viral. I think that I will be able to playtest it with my group once you have a full rules release, some of them have expressed interest.

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It's Nintendo hard

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>was F-Zero GX really hard?

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Can you play as multiple people? I'm thinking stuff like the Twin Noritta or those Chinese midgets from AX.

>> No.17274562

>Can you play as multiple people?
I have added rules for minions - they have only a single die and are treated like equipment. For what you want I'd just say the multiple characters are either represented by a single statblock as a swarm, or else just make two/ three character sheets, depending on how the Announcer wants to deal with it.

Awesome. I might have a copy you can use uploaded before this thread dies.

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Having statted out a baby Metroid, I find myself at a loss over what other "wildlife" might be encountered either on the track or off it.

Any ideas?

Maybe one of those giant snails that live on Sand Ocean.

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Email me a copy or chat over live messenger

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Good to see the thread still kicking.

I'm intent on testing this with my group, but it'll have to be for a one-off, I'd suspect--only about half of my players are 'into' F-Zero. May have potential, though. I sort of wonder what races will do to the party dynamic, though.

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I'm crying manly tears right now, OP. Amazing job!

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Also Skrees

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If anyone is interested in helping playtest this over the holiday season (i.e. this weekend and next week) I will be around the suptg IRC server. Channel is #MuteCity.

I think I'm going to upload a slightly improved rulebook in a couple of hours.

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OK, here is a revised and updated copy of the rulebook. It includes rules for NPC minions, random monster encounters and some other stuff. Also some typos have been fixed.

Revised book:

Goodnight, /tg/!

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Thread is still alive?

It must have had [spoilersworkontg] an extra machine [/spoiler]

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If you do run a playtest game, when would you be starting?

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>If you do run a playtest game, when would you be starting?

Possibly Saturday night or Sunday night around 10 pm EST (that's 4chan board time for curious foreigners). If that's not doable, sometime during weeknights this coming week would be optimal.

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