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Say I have a squad of 2 Valkyries. "Why are they squadded? Vehicle squadron rules suck!" Who cares, not important. They both have vet squads embarked and are held in reserve. Rulebook says squads in a transport are rolled for together, but I don't think any other codex has vehicle squadrons with transport capacity, so best I can figure is I roll for the Valks as a unit and they come on together with their cargo as one, since the Valkyries can't be separated.

So what happens if I add a third Valkyrie to the squad, and this one has a PCS from an infantry platoon inside? Platoons are rolled for together for reserves, so they enter play as one FOC choice. So I can't split the platoon during deployment rolls, and I can't split the Valkyrie squad either; does that force the platoon and Valkyries (and other cargo) to enter on the same roll?

Going to ask the local refs anyway, but it could be neat.

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A embarked squad comes in with the reserve roll of the vehicle that is carrying them just as if it were a dedicated transport.

So that squad of 2 valks rolls one time if it comes in than both vehicles and their cargo come in together. However you can not bring in the valks and "walk" the troops on next to them as you can do with dedicated transports. If they are embarked they have to arrive in the vehicle in order to benafit from using the same reserves roll.

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additionally, if you embarked a platoon command squad in the third valk than the rest of the platoon would come in with it.

They would not benefit from the scouting outflank rolls though because they are not in said scouting vehicle and would have to deploy as normal reserves.

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That's fine, of course if the entire platoon were, theoretically, embarked in more valkyries from the other two FA slots, then they would all have the outflank option since everyone is in a scout transport.

So then a minimal platoon (PCS + 2 squads) spread over three Valk/Vend squads (assuming each FA slot has 2-3 in a squadron) will bring in everybody?

2 Vets
1 Platoon
2 Valks (PCS in one, CCS in two)
2 Vend (Inf Squad 1 in one, Vets in two)
2 Vend (inf Squad 2 in one, Vets in two)

All in reserve, would enter together on one roll?

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