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I think it's time for a Catachan thread.

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I don't think so. Because we're claimingthis thread in the name of Papa Nurgle!

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In the Name of Papa-N

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Nurgle is weak. CATACHAN IS MIGHTY!

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Glory and Bitches for the Lord of Death and Decay!

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Guardsman Marbo could kill Nurgle

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This x100000.

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Oi you panzys its time for a propa thread made fer da boyz!!!!

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Could you make a catachan only army...?

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valhalla was here, catachan fights like a frakking trakki.

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Extremely easily. Everything they sell in Cadian, they sell in Catachan. I've got about 500pts of Catachan soldiers on my table right now.

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filthy mon keigh, this is now a kawaii eldar thread.

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This thread is clearly contra-indicated.

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Here's a Catachan army I just wrote up. I tried to balance fluffiness and effectiveness:


Iron Hand Straken w/ Command Squad & 2 Bodyguards (7 man) - Flamer x2, Heavy Flamer x1, Meltagun x1, Carapace Armor (Squad A)
235 Points


Guardsman Marbo
65 Points


Gunnery Sargent Harker w/ Veteran Squad (10 man) - Meltagun x2, Grenade Launcher x1, Forward Sentries (Camo Cloaks and Snare Mines) (Squad B)
180 Points

Veteran Squad (10 man) - Meltagun x2, Grenade Launcher x1, Grenadiers (Carapace Armor) (Squad C)
125 Points


Chimera (Squad A) - Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Dozer Blades, Extra Armor, Heavy Stubber
90 Points

Chimera (Squad B) - Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Dozer Blades, Extra Armor
80 Points

Chimera (Squad C) - Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Dozer Blades, Extra Armor
80 Points

Fast Attack:

Scout Sentinel - Heavy Flamer x1, Smoke Launchers
45 Points

Scout Sentinel - Autocannon x1, Smoke Launchers
45 Points

Scout Sentinel - Lascannon x1, Smoke Launchers
55 Points

Total: 1000 points

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I don't even have a whole one.
Is a half Eldar ok, too?

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Stand aside and let the OPERATORS operate.

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non-flamer sentinels don't need smoke as they should be firing every turn

Harker already gives his sqaud stealth so 30pts for defensive grenades is useless. Try demolitions instead.

Good luck trying to hold objectives with so few troops choices

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- Named characters (other than Marbo) are insanely overpriced. If you really want to take Straken, he is much better used in a power blob.
- For the price of those dozer blades and extra armor on the Chimeras, you could have another Chimera.
- Don't mix special weapons within the same squad: It can, after all, shoot at only one thing at a time. If you're shooting a vehicle, or at MEQ/TEQ, the flamers / GLs will be useless. If you're shooting at GEQ the Meltas will kill the fuck out of just one enemy model each. Infantry Heavy Flamers are overpriced, use the ones you get for free on your Chimeras.
- If your squads are in Chimeras, the Camo Cloaks / Carapace Armor is a waste, as are the Bodyguards on the command squad.
- IG Lascannons are overpriced, and your Chimeras all have Heavy Flamers anyways. I'd give the Sentinels Autocannons.
- The fat in the list adds up to 330 points - One third of the army! To put that into perspective, a Veteran Squad with 3x Melta Guns and a Chimera is 155 points. A basic Leman Russ is 150. A Vendetta is 130. A Hydra is 75. Personally, I'd grab another two MeltaVet squads and their Chimeras, and upgrade the Command Squad to 4x Plasma Guns.

There is no reason - None at all - That an effective list can't still be painted and fluffed as Catachans.

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Forgot about the Smoke Launchers, there's another 15 points..

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Eldar are xenos and xenos are heresy.

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So for 40 points you could have a single Autocannon on an AV10 open-topped hull? If you got a Hydra, you'd have two twin-linked Autocannons with extended range (and skimmers & bikes can't take their flat-out cover save), on a vehicle with AV12 front, adding a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter into the bargain, and pay LESS per gun.

And if you even think about getting Armored Sentinels, pic related.

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what's wrong with armored sentinels?

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They're basically pointless. You're paying over the odds for one more heavy weapon (something IG really don't need) that will either plink away, or get popped as a passing concern.

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Got milk, cousin?

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I see
What about Rough Riders? I made a new thread to ask about them but nobody said anything.

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They can work if you make a list exploiting how they work. Assaulting hard that first turn and cleaning up already weaked unit.

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hey guys what's goin' on?!... fuck.... FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!

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19-24 inch charge range, heavily weighted towards 23 with MOVE MOVE MOVE!. 2 str 5 init 5 powerweapons on the charge. 10 points a pop. You tell me.

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I don't know what any of that is, I haven't picked up my codex or rulebook yet.

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*I know what the inches of movement and point cost is, but not those abilities.

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Imperial guard Company Command Squads and Platoon Command Squads have abilities called orders. These give various effects to another unit, provided you can make a few LD checks. MOVE MOVE MOVE lets you make a run move and take the best of 3d6.

Cavalry moves 6, charges 12, and can assault after running. So with best of 3d6, they'll generally have a charge range of 23 inches give or take.

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>templar turns around and effortlessly bashes the fuck of that battlesuit before going about his business

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And by his business, he means his dick. An by going about, he means using it on the pilot.

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Never faced a skilled battlesuit commander before?

You are fortunate, Gue'la.

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hah! know thine enemy speez mareen. that battle suit wrecks the ever living shit out all that stands before the greater good! except titans and shit but that's understandable...

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>battlesuit in CC

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I find the lack of Straken in this thread disturbing

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It's time for purging

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as with most special characters of a given faction, Straken is seen in almost all Catachan lists

I hate that. You don't need straken, marbo and harker to play the 'chans.

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But Straken is fuckign awesome... Why wouldn't you take him.

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I've always wanted to make a small Ikari warrior themed Catachan squad.

How would you counts-as?

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Catachans...Cadians....Vostroyans...all the same.

All Guardsmen are traitors and weaklings.

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Cata-chan, you said?

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She is a lot smaller then those guys, and yet, her feet are as big as theirs.

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>implying Catachan women would look like fitness models and not lesbian gym teachers with bulky frames and manly jaws

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Should not want

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