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Night Lords Thread?

How about some fluff? Anyone else like the Nostromo/Heart of Darkness allusions? I fucking do.

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I hope they make plastic or resin furies for the legions codex. I really like their fluff but I have yet to see a night lord army using them (chaos furies are the only daemons the night lords summon)

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Yeah, I am really getting my hopes up for Chaos in the 6th. Its been a long time, and after his work on DE I think Kelly would do a good job of it. Not sure if anyone knows who is scheduled though.

I have to say I plan to run a Warband with no Daemons/Marks or any suchlike. Might try and do an Alpha Legion/Night Lords force 'Dex permitting.

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Last bump to try and get this thread on the road.

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Dude stop it! im nearly done with the diy chapter, and ive ordered most of what i need for the Alpha legion chapter, stop fuling my plastic krak adiction!

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Like i said in the last thread, my top fav traitor chapters are Alpha legion, Night lords and wordbears. Guess i should be happy that i will be able to use the cultists from the Alpha legion army just as easily in the Wordbearers army

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Well done mate, that was a good Alpha's thread. It even tempted me to pick up my most hated of 'Dex's - there is so much in there that makes no fucking sense; but at least you have found a use for it. How much did it set you back for the initial bulk? You gone for 1500 or 1750?

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>really need to sleep

Fuck, atleast i have an excuse to use this picture now.

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Ahaha! Nice one. God since read in 'Battle for The Abyss' I really cant stand that Legion. It was a shit book I think.

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Fuck it, might aswell get a name aswell if we"re gonna keep bumping into eachother like this.Fitting name eh?

Set me back? derp, youre gonna have to elaborate, as usual im sleep deprived. Studying for my physics exam and finishing up my chapter takes it toll on me.

Going straight for the 1750, its the standard points for the matches at my FLGS. Ive got another huge problem though, ive assembeled/converted most of the army (except the mech carnosaur) but ive yet to finish painting half of them. I painted about 25 models, and now i realize i might want a different colour scheme... Ill post some pictures once i get home, let TG decide.

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Read The First Heretic. Word Bearers are awesome in that.

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I got your Night Lords fluff right here:

>921.M41 Marneus Calgar is ambushed by Night Lords whilst en route to the Darkhold battlezone. The Chapter Master's crippled vessel makes planetfall on the sparsely settled world of Barathred. Several hundred Chaos Space Marines make landing shortly thereafter, but Calgar rallies the planet's feudal population to defeat them.

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Ha, nice. How much did it cost mate? Good to have a rough price guide for when 6th comes out. I still need to finish painting my DE.

Oh you must be American? Most places in the UK play to 1500. Colour scheme dramas are the bane of my life, I'm still not 100% happy with mine.

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Meh, ive always had a think for religious fanatics. Insanity intrigues me. (which is why is still stuck between weather i should continue engineering, or if i should study pshycology instead)

Yeah ive gotta agree, its a shit book, but the short story in.. ehh, think its "Tales of Heresy" saved them again, for me atleast

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Yeah I have been meaning to read that, ADB probably does a much better job.

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Ultramarines Fourth Company. Assault Marines. That is all.

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Oh you fucker, that'll be those 'fast moving' Tactical Squads again.

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>ADB probably does a much better job.
>ADB better job
>ADB probably better job.


He brought us At Gaius point. And I will kill in his name if he writes MORE of that.

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Night Lords were jobbers long before Ward started writing 40k books

Every chapter/legion has those moments

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He also gave us Lorgar punching Guilliman square in the face.

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Chill out mate. I saw him in Notts once, he is a top bloke.

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Say what you will about Night Lords, they never lost half their Legion to a gaggle of pirates with delusions of grandeur and the Galaxy's second biggest joke.

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Nah im actually norwegian. And i know most places play for 1500, thats what i was used to playing while i lived in Canada. Luckily the owner of the FLGS realized that most new codice are tailored more towards 1750, and made it the general rule. Though ofc, if people want to they can play whatever the fuck they want.

Eh, hard to what it cost really. ive got a SHIT load of bits. which is what ill use to make the marines(that and a unhealthy amount of greenstuff).

So far Ive spent 50£ on FW renegades, 33£ for the chimera. 90£ on 3 new chimera tanks, and 20£ for the flagellants. hopefully my bit boxs will have eveything else that i need.

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And for these reasons and others is why we love his work.

It was a lil over the top but but after Swallows BA books I was quite tempted to go on a good old fashioned book burning. Then ADB gave me a short story and my rage was settled for now....

Seriously Swallow can go die in a fire if he is writing the HH BA book.

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Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I actually liked Nemesis though, that daemon skin thing was fucking creepy.

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FW stuff is so fucking good. I love the Chaos Dreds, I will be adding one of those to my army come 6th edition.

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“We have Titans on that world. Thousands of Astartes. Hundreds of tanks. We are the Black Legion, not some shattered, impoverished horde weeping over its misfortunes and the memory of a martyred primarch.”

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Speaking of FW, what do you think for the new dreads?

Btw, also thinking of getting these guys, and heavily converting the guy to the right as the Planetary gover. sound good?

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Weak blooded witch.

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>Implying that's not exactly what the Sons of Horus in the Black Legion are.
>Implying that the mongrel Legion is anything but a mob of howling, backstabbing lunatics.

Oh, Black Legionaires...

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Yeah, the more frilly and useless looking the better, like some deluded aristocrat swayed by the promises of Chaos.

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>implying Black Legion gives a shit about Horus
>implying Horus was not a weakling and a fool

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I'm still only in Saigon.

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Yes, yes, M'shen = Martin Sheen.

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LOL at the torture visited on you're kind in ADB's audio drama.

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>Implying the "Black Legion" is anything but Red Corsairs with delusions of grandeur
>I feel the implications overtaking me! It is a good pain!

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The horror...The horror.

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Seriously though. That reference alone makes me seriously consider making a Night Lords army.

I fucking love that movie.

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I've seen horrors... horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror... Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies! I remember when I was with Special Forces... seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn't see. We went back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. And I remember... I... I... I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out; I didn't know what I wanted to do! And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it... I never want to forget. And then I realized... like I was shot... like I was shot with a diamond... a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God... the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we, because they could stand that these were not monsters, these were men... trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love... but they had the strength... the strength... to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral... and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling... without passion... without judgment... without judgment! Because it's judgment that defeats us.

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"He's talking in dialectics man!"

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> Dat Conrad... or is it Konrad?!

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"One through nine, no maybes, no supposes, no fractions. You can't travel in space, you can't go out into space, you know, without, like, you know, uh, with fractions - what are you going to land on - one-quarter, three-eighths? What are you going to do when you go from here to Venus or something? That's dialectic physics."

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My sons, the galaxy is burning.
We all bear witness to a final truth - our way is not the way of the Imperium.
You have never stood in the Emperor's light.
Never worn the Imperial eagle.

And you never will.

You shall stand in midnight clad,
Your claws forever forever red with the lifeblood of my father's failed empire,
Warring through the centuries as the talons of a murdered god.

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Fucking brilliant... man.

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The sound is always the same. Bolters always roar. Chainblades always howl. Astartes always cry their fury. When the VIII Legion wages war, the sound is that of lions and wolves slaying each other while vultures shriek above.

He cries words that he will one day never shout again—words that will soon become ash on his tongue. Already he cries the words without thinking about them, without feeling them.

For the Emperor.

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This is pretty much perfect.

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He spoke of the darkness that haunts youth's fears. Of the horrors that only the imagination of a child may devise. He spoke of bogeymen and spider gods, of scissor-fingered hags and the writhing of snakes. He spoke of faces in the sky and wet-edged lips, like the folds of a great belly, pursing to suck the light from the world.
He spoke of adolescent terror. Of self-harm and reli­gious awakening. Of Imperial dogma crashing the soul, of familial rejection or parental perversion. Of young pain.
He spoke of the terrors of adulthood. Of knives in the dark and rape in the light. Of butchers and marauders, of aliens and mutants. He spoke of fires creeping nearer, of quicksand clogging the lungs, of nooses drawing tight. He spoke of death and torture and eyes in the night.
He spoke of the warp, and when his victim's larynx burst from the rawness of its screams he spoke of the Ruinous Ones, of the watchers in the void, of the Empyrean swarms. He spoke of prowling madness, of insanity unleashed upon a million worlds, of the Emperor's wounds and the Traitor's joy. He spoke of the Haunter's palace. Of the blood of angels. Of the tentacles in the warp. Of the steel teeth bared in the echoes of eternity.
Of horror and nightmare and terror and venom.

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Fear must be a means to an end, he said. It must be used as an instrument in pursuit of a goal, whether it be obedi­ence or peace or genocide. Just as the Night Haunter had been used as his father's ugly tool, so too must the Legion use fear.
But to sow terror without cause; to horrify without goal -that way lay corruption. The fear ceased to be a means to an
end and became an end in itself: seeking dominance over others; seeking to terrify them into submission for the sim­ple fact of their obeisance. Seeking carnage and fear with spite and pleasure.
That way lay megalomania.
That way lay the seduction of power, and it was the flaw in the blood of every Night Lord. It was the flaw he had spent his life struggling to defeat, bearing in its womb mad­ness and venom, begetting the fits that had plagued his waking hours; taunting him with visions of his own end.
That way lay Chaos.

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'We were never slaves to the Dark Powers. We fought beneath a banner of hate, not of corrup­tion.'
'Hate? What did you have to hate? You fell from grace by choice, traitor, you were not pushed!'
For the first time real, honest emotion ignited behind his eyes. This was not a part of some elaborate game of words, she understood suddenly. This sentiment boiled from his guts and infected the air before him like a cloud of locusts; as heavy with conviction as it was with con­tempt.
'Hate for the accursed Emperor. Hate for your withered god.'

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'Kill a thousand men,' the lesson had run, his master's solemn voice echoing through the warship Vastitas Victris, 'and let no man bear witness. What have you achieved? Who will ever know? Who will ever fear you? Who will ever respect or obey you?
'But kill a single man, and let the world see. Hang him high. Cut him deep. Bleed him dry. And then... Disappear.
'Now. Who will ever know? Everyone. Who will ever fear you? Why, everyone! Who will ever respect you, who will ever obey you ? Everyone!
'These humans, their imaginations are strong. Kill a thou­sand men and they will hate you. Kill a million men and they will queue to face you. But kill a single man and they will see monsters and devils in every shadow. Kill a dozen men and they will scream and wail in the night, and they shall feel not hatred, but fear.

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'You ask what I hate? I hate a creature that speaks of pride and honour, that fosters the love of his sons, that smiles and scrapes at every obedient act, and then turns like a diseased dog and stabs his own child in the spine!'
'Shut up! Shut up, damn you!'
'I hate a being so sick, so certain of his own brilliance, so twisted by the call of glory, that he repays the greatest sacri­fice of all with betrayal,’'

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"Because the Wolves kill cleanly, and we do not. They also kill quickly, and we have never done that, either. They fight, they win, and they stalk back to their ships with their tails held high. If they were ever ordered to destroy another Legion, they would do it by hurling warrior against warrior, seeking to grind their enemies down with the admirable delusions of the 'noble savage'. If we were ever ordered to assault another Legion, we would virus bomb their recruitment worlds; slaughter their serfs and slaves; poison their gene-seed repositories and spend the next dozen decades watching them die slow, humiliating deaths. Night after night, raid after raid, we'd overwhelm stragglers from their fleets and bleach their skulls to hang from our armour, until none remained. But that isn't the quick execution the Emperor needs, is it?

The Wolves go for the throat. We go for the eyes. Then the tongue. Then the hands. Then the feet. Then we skin the crippled remains, and offer it up as an example to any still bearing witness. The wolves were warriors before they became soldiers. We were murderers first, last, and always."

-- First Captain Sevatar, when asked why the Night Lords aren't the Emperor's sanction force against other Legions.

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You should make threads every other day man, for some reason your threads always turn out epic.

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>We were never slaves to the Dark Powers. We fought beneath a banner of hate, not of corrup­tion.

Yet most of the Nighlords are slaves to chaos now. Konrad always felt the touch of chaos it caused his madness.

These idiots who distance themselves from chaos are blind fouls almost as blind as the loyalists.

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I saw your Emperor. A handful of times, back in the age before he betrayed us all.

And he was no god. Perhaps not a man, but never a god.

Never a god. Know that truth, as you die.

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You've got all the best quotes mate. I love that one!


Cheers mate. Took a while to get going, but its turned out well, a lot of awesome NL quotes.

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No. Not really. The best bet we have on the matter is that he was a person with two personalities, one was Konrad Curze, a harsh but just Primarch who utilized fear to bring order and peace, while the other was Night Haunter which relished every time it brought fear to his enemies and would feast on a slave's heart if given the chance, for no other reason than he could do so.

And wrong again. Most Night Lords still detest Chaos, they see it, at best, as a crutch or, at worst, as a parasite and gruesome weakness which could be harmful to their goals. Sure, there's always a few characters which are mentioned, like Krieg Acerbus, the Exalted, Ruven, some Raptors which take to mutations more than others, but that's that.

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Am I gonna have to choke another bitch?

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Oh yeah, have you read 'The Outcast Dead'? There's some cool stuff about the Emps' fallibility and devious nature in that. I can't help but wishing that the Crusader Host had a NL or Alpha in it, they went for a bit of the old tried and tested mix though.

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No. In which book is that short story? I've not updated my library of 40k novels for at least four months. Currently eagerly anticipating "Void Stalker" next year.

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Krieg Acerbus has the largest Night Lord warband in the galaxy, and the armour of the Night Lords crackles with lightning. Chaos as fuck.

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Its the latest HH novel, and its by and large very good. Yeah I can't wait for that either. Is there any word on weather that will be the last one or not? I liked Blood Gorgons too, except for the infuriating part with the Incubi. There are more and more decent Chaos books out there now.

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>And wrong again. Most Night Lords still detest Chaos, they see it, at best, as a crutch or, at worst, as a parasite and gruesome weakness which could be harmful to their goals. Sure, there's always a few characters which are mentioned, like Krieg Acerbus, the Exalted, Ruven, some Raptors which take to mutations more than others, but that's that.

The leader of the largest Nigh Lord warband is a daemon prince and he is the one that revealed the truth behind Konard madness.

This makes your statement false. The Night Lords belong to chaos.

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>crackles with lightning

That's your proof of their Chaos alignment? They had that even before the Heresy was a thought in Lorgar's head. Or should I say Kor Phaeron's head.

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A statement said by someone who is daemonically possessed, by someone who was so weak he had to resort to Chaos enhancing his physical aspect, not to mention what possible brainwashing went on as his transformation occurred. Seems legit.

The Primarch of the Eight Legion might have had divided personalities, but that could have nothing do with Chaos at all. Or are you implying that the circumstances in which he was brought to Nostramo are not important at all? Not to mention that his, how to put this, uprising is severely different from all of the Primarchs.

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Cheeky fucker.

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'Terrorclaw?' More like, 'Terror? Naw.' Am I right?

>> No.17237209


Nice of you to swing by Dante.

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Know this, Blood Angel. Your final mission was a failure. Your brothers are dead. We will wear their armour in battle against your False Emperor. And know this also, champion of the IX Legion. Twice now, the sons of the Night Haunter have seen you slain. Greet the afterlife within the warp knowing you were too weak to triumph over us, even once.

Your bones will be made into trophies for our armour. We will feast upon your gene-seed. And whatever remains of this glorious walking tomb will be salvaged by our tech-priest to house a champion of our own Legion.

Die, with the taste of your Chapter’s eternal failure on your tongue.

>> No.17237242

That was a bitchy way to end the sputtering life of a champion who fought your captain in honorable combat, a champion who fought a battle which began ten thousand years ago again, Talos.

But I'm sure taking the credit for the accomplishments of your betters is something you know how to do well, Apothecary.

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>Abloobloobloo I can see the future and it's turrible abloobloobloo

Grow the fuck and deal with it Curze.

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Talos took no credit for it. He just tended to some unfinished business. Imagine the pretty Angel, just lying all alone in the dark, with no sunlight to nourish his boyish face, his hair withered away, his innards exposed to the crowds passing by.

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Told with the force of a 2nd ed Reaper Autocannon.

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I wutted hard at that, wasn't Bjorn supposed to be the only loyalist Heresy dreadnought?

>> No.17237270

Zso Sahaal was the better protagonist.

>> No.17237276


Ancient Rylanor was a loyalist, but he just sort of went missing and was never mentioned again.

>> No.17237277

I'd take it as less of a joke if the Night Lords weren't going RUN AWAY RUN AWAY at the arrival of the Blood Angels.

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Fluff gets revised all the time. They couldn't have thought of all the possibilities back when they wrote that.

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Their arrival just confirmed that more forces of the Throne were on the way. Why fight against overwhelming odds? For some foolish notion of honor? In that war-torn galaxy, honor means nothing to those cast out, to those who have been betrayed.


I still like him better, and Lord of the Night, than the new books ADB has written, though they do come pretty close.

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Fall in line, scum, or get out the way. We have no time to waste on weaklings.

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Do you fight, Warmaster, because you believe you can still win? After centuries of defeat, after failed Black Crusades, after infighting and war has bled your Legion dry and draped you in ignominy among the other Legions? Is it not true your men are slaved to daemons to make up for the great losses you have sustained since the death of your primarch? You leech strength from other sources, because your own Legion’s might is almost gone.

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Night Lords, eh? Perhaps I should send some peasants to deal with them.

>> No.17237352
File: 1.74 MB, 1500x2065, uzas_by_slaine69-d3eo1eq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Parts of the Codex fluff can get over the top? In 40k? You don't say, what travesty is this?

>In the year 843.M34, the planet came under attack by the Night Lords after an initial period of observation. Their primary targets in this first strike were the planet's communications centers, which briefly got out a distress signal before being silenced. Despite their inhabitants being slaughtered in an orgy of violence, these centers were left completely unharmed by the Night Lords for their own nefarious purposes. With the planet's communication network seized, the Night Lords began to broadcast looping images, sounds and vid-recordings of savage butchery, blasphemous obscenities and dying screams. They next destroyed the planet's electrical grid and detonated nuclear-scale explosives in uninhabited areas of the planets. The resulting clouds of radioactive fallout blanketed the world in permanent night, causing radiation poisoning and mass panic in the population.

>The psychological trauma caused by the Night Lord's methods was tremendous. 14% of the population was estimated to have died from sheer fright, lacking any wounds but having suffered total nervous failure. Another third are thought to have taken their own lives rather than face the Night Lords once they began their "sport" of hunting down the survivors. The slaughter lasted for weeks, until every last man, woman and child was dead and their corpses profaned with the Night Lords' sigils.

>By the time the Imperial frigate Hand of Mercy responded to the initial distress signal, the Night Lords had already left. Grendel's World was completely dead, with corpses littered in streets still dark from the clouds of radioactive dust and smoke, yet not a single building had been damaged. After the initial investigation, a Scout Squad from the Mortifactors was sent to investigate and bring back data to determine a way to prevent such an attack from occurring again.

>> No.17237366

Luckily for the Night Lords there were no peasants on Grendel's World

>> No.17237368


Speaking of the Talonmaster, are we ever going to get another book with him? Even if it's not with the same writer

>> No.17237370

That was pretty awesome

>> No.17237377
File: 87 KB, 400x400, Night_Lord_Art_by_Asmgee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh man, you and your witty jokes. I bet that fool on the golden stool gets slain with every one of them.

>> No.17237396
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Not likely. If you're expecting ADB to write something up on him, your hopes are in vain, since he doesn't like him much. He's somehow interpreted that Zso Sahaal has said he invented jump packs, in the part where he talks about the Raptors in "Lord of the Night". And that's not what he said at all or implied. He only said that other Legions took notice of how assault units can be extremely effective and started using them more.

>> No.17237400
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old game! :D

>> No.17237406
File: 258 KB, 900x1080, raptor_warhammer40k_by_fed0t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think you might have wandered in the wrong thread.

>> No.17237413
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Corona Nox?

It will make a fine gift. A fine gift, indeed.

>> No.17237427

Sooooo.... has anybody seen this yet?


>> No.17237437
File: 123 KB, 900x1273, trazyn_by_hermanpriest-d4dix9o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would be such a waste to leave an artefact like Corona Nox in the unworthy hands of delusional Night Lords.

>> No.17237438
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You have to find the Eldar first though, they have it. For now.

>> No.17237478


No, wait. My mistake. The Talonmaster has the Corona Nox. I misremembered the whole ordeal for a bit.

>> No.17237487
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It begins.

>> No.17237488
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This thread is now under the sway of the Black Legion.

Hail the Warmaster!

>> No.17237490

Bugger off, magpie.

>> No.17237502
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Whoops forgot my image.

>> No.17237503 [DELETED] 


You wouldn't happen to have that image, but with a Night Lord instead? I can't find mine at the moment.

>> No.17237507


Thats awesome.

>> No.17237509


Thanks for that, I was just looking for it.

>> No.17237515
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Such an ironic thing to say from such a fearful legion! A legion of egotistical pretenders who learned to use fear because they have never known anything else, who parade themselves with batwings on their heads, in order to incite terror and hide the fact that in the end, they are as terrified of the long dark entropy at the end of things as those they seek to frighten.

We are the sons of Sanguinius. Our Primarchs were similar, in a sense, Lord of the Night.

Both received visions of the darkness in the future. Both were fostered on worlds where mankind was pitted and broken, whether in mind or body.

Both went to their deaths willingly.

The Sons of Sanguinius know intimately what death and betrayal and the rage at the end of all things is like, Son of Curze. We tread the edges of that pit every day. That despair and rage which you cannot quite fathom is an old friend to us.

>> No.17237518
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The Imperium will end one day, mankind will fall one day, we know this, for those dark masters that you vehemently claim not to follow even as they warp your very soul, and the thousand other threats that exist outside even their vast purview, are relentless and infinite. Whether it is from the machinations of the xenos, or the hunger of the Enemy... it will all end, one day.

We know all this. We understand the futility of this Imperium... and yet, we find meaning in life and beauty, in art and culture, whether it is transient or not.

You call it effeminate, I believe, as you huddle in your looted, piecemeal armor, desperately trying to find meaning and accomplishment in the terror you inspire. The terror you inspire is empty, Lord of the Night.

So go, Lord of the Night. Slink away into the shadows, pick off the occasional unguarded world, glory in the fear your posthuman self can so easily inspire in those lesser than you. Languish in the dark as your Legion slowly unravels into decadence and forgetfulness, the little value you had fading, well... into the night.

>> No.17237524
File: 76 KB, 640x429, Abaddon despoiler of Cadia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This pleases the Warmaster.

>> No.17237709


You talk too much, pretty boy.

Now die.

>> No.17237857

Sweet-Emperor, no wonder the Night Lords like picking on (or at least, the Astartes' equivalent of 'picking on') the Blood Angels and their successors. Those guys are insufferable pricks. Almost as bad as Fulgrim, except he at least gave Curze a chance.

>> No.17237883

They just mad that the BA Jump-style all over them.

>> No.17237907

the truth hurts

they need fresh blood angel ice-gene-seed to eat as they cry in their power jammies at night over it

>> No.17237920
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And yet, funnily enough, the Raven Guard consider them "brutish and clumsy".

>> No.17237944

They also just mad.

>> No.17237982

Just like Corax's job on the Raven Guard gene-seed.

>> No.17238512



>> No.17238528



He managed to get fully grown marines in under a week.

>> No.17238533


That might be the first beaky helmet I ever liked.

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