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Since Orkz breed from using spores or some shit, do they have any females or is their entire species just based around busting shit up? Humans, Eldar, Tau, etc., all have females for breeding purposes, but it doesn't seem like the Orkz would. Any references or canon sources weighing in on the matter?

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Also, what's with the Ork WAAAGGHH field? They can make anything they want happen if they believe hard enough, right? Then why don't the Orkz win every battle just by willing it/sheer determination to win? Are there limitations or something else?

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Because orkz aren't in it to win it, they're in it to be challenged by a good opponent. What fun is it to krump some army what can't even properly fight back?

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Waaagh has minor effects. Like painting a bike red makes it move slightly faster. Not loads faster, just a bit.

Orks have no sex/gender as far as I'm aware of. They are called Ork Boyz just because.

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From what I understand, its more like their armor/dakka/etc work because they believe it does. Not that they can make anything happen/etc.

Orks are a fungi, and as such have no female species, or any genders at all actually.

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They don't have women and the WAAAAAGH field isn't something they know about. Also for it to work they have to get a lot of Orks to believe it.

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1. Entire culture based on fucking shit up, no females.
2. It's more of suggestion, they don't really bend reality to their will as much as influence things to happen. IE: Running a car without any gas because the boss said so, instead of just turning it into a jet and flying to where they're going. Plus, Orks wouldn't abuse that power if they had it. Deyz just in it fo a rightful good foight.

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That too. They don't know about it.

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1. They're all asexual.

2. They don't appear to be conscious of the psychic effects they generate. An ork picks up a gun that shouldn't work, and it works because he believes it should. The effects are somewhat subtle like that.

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And what is the Ork stance on humans? I know that most don't like them and wanna fight, but I thought I read somewhere that the Imperium hired a certain faction of Orkz to do shit and fight for them or whatnot and were on "friendly" terms. Is this an actual alliance or more akin to the Eldar and humans working together for mutual benefit?

Then again, I didn't think Orkz made alliances at all. What's the deal with that?

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Orks don't have gender. No males or females. We only refer to them as male because assigning a gender is easier for the English language than it would be to use gender neutral terms, and male is the more fitting gender.

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"Ey boyz, dese humies givin us som rightful good dakka to go fight som otha gits! WAAAAGH!!!"

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Those Orks realized there was more loot in it to fight for the Imperium so they can get paid in guns AND loot the losers.

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It's more like "Let's arm these dangerous aliens and hope they hurt the enemy more then us."

Also, Orks very rarely hate anything.
They love the imperium. Makes for good fightin' it does.

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I don't think Orks have any dislike of humans, except they aren't that good at fighting (Except Yarrick).

There are Ork mercs. They are in it for the loot, teeth and, of course, the fighting.

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I thought they found the human idea of leadership lacking and thought they were weak.

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Some Orks can be hired as mercenaries. After all, you are giving them weapons and finding enemies for them to fight.
Just make sure you don't run out of enemies ...

>And what is the Ork stance on humans?
Just someone else to fight.

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>"Let's arm these dangerous aliens

Isn't that some high grade level heresy right there?

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Have the Orkz ever fought the Tyranids? I notice that Orkz like to fight close up and personal, but isn't that prime range for a 'Nid to fuck your shit up?

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>I thought they found the human idea of leadership lacking and thought they were weak.

Most things that aren't Orks are considered weak by Orks. Though Orks do understand that large numbers of weak things become less weak.

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Technically, worshiping the Emp as a god is heresy as it goes against what the Emp would of wanted.

The Imperium is full of Heresy. but some heresy is allowed

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>do they have any females

>is their entire species just based around busting shit up?

Orks fight, orks die, dead ork bodies seed the ground with spores, spores grow into orks underground, grown orks pop from the ground, repeat.

>They can make anything they want happen if they believe hard enough, right?

>Then why don't the Orkz win every battle just by willing it/sheer determination to win?
Too dumb.

What an ork believes will come true if enough of them believe it, but orks are too simple minded to realize they have that power.

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No less heretical than working with Eldar
But that still happens
Inquisitors basically have free reign over whatever the fuck they wanna do

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Yes. Biovores/spore mines are what the Tyranids did with Ork DNA.

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>They can make anything they want happen if they believe hard enough, right?

Fanwank says yes, canon does not.

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Squigs are also an off shoot of tyranids

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>Isn't that some high grade level heresy right there?
Rogue Traders, while they are outside the Imperium, have permission to do almost anything they feel like. Arming xenos is rather low on the list.

Arming Orks is low enough on the radical scale that most puritan Inquisitors wouldn't raise a fuss, unless hiring the Orks backfired.

For anyone else, arguing that getting xenos to kill each other still means you killing xenos faster than you could otherwise. It might work.

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Humans don't make sense to orks, who universally agree on what is orky, and that being orky is pretty much all there is to virtue. They're not inclined to philosophy, arguing whether dakka is better than choppy, or anything like that. "Wut? Dakka is dakka and dat's good. Choppy is choppy and dat's good too. Dakka isn't choppy, you'z mukkin' about."

Humans DON'T universally agree on what's good, and very few of them are inclined to agree with orks. So orks don't get humans, though they aren't generally trying that hard. They DO like a good fight, and humans can provide that. But they hate losing and humans provide that too...

But orks don't especially hate humans as compared to anything else that isn't an ork. They just divide up the universe into orks and non-orks, and that's the way it is.

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They definitely love at least one human. So much they employed the catch and release policy on him so they can keep fighting him.

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"Oomans are pink and soft, not tough and green like da Boyz. They'z all the same size too, so they'z always arguing about who's in charge, 'cos there's no way of telling 'cept for badges an' ooniforms and fings. When one of them wants to lord it over the uvvers, 'e says "I'm very speshul so'z you gotta worship me," or "I know summink wot you lot don't know, so yer better lissen good." Da funny fing is, arf of 'em believe it and da over arf don't, so 'e 'as to hit 'em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot of mukkin' about if yer asks me. An' while they'z all arguin' wiv each other who's da boss, da Orks can clobber da lot."
-An Ork Boy's view of humanity and its failings (Ork Codex pg 40)

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>is their entire species just based around busting shit up?
Pretty much this. If there's no other species shit around to bust up then they'll happily bust themselves up.

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>Yarrick himself was always on the front lines during the fighting. He received many battle wounds, the most grievous in single combat with Warboss Ugulhard, who severed Yarrick's right hand with a swipe from his Power Klaw. Such a wound would have killed a lesser man, but his iron will allowed him to not only survive, but to decapitate Ugulhard with his chainsword and then pull the Power Klaw from his corpse and hold it aloft for all to see. The sight caused the Orks to flee in terror, while simultaneously causing the human defenders to charge forward with renewed vigour. Only after the Orks had been routed did Yarrick allow himself the luxury of passing out.

> The sight caused the Orks to flee in terror


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>'Oh shit, dat git killed da Warboss!'
>'Dat means e's killier than da Warboss!'
>'Zog it let's get outta here so's we can get anuvva go!'

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Dat scrawny boy ate 'imself a whole squig?

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lucky gits

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Youze cant eata squid! Dat iz muckin' about!

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>But they hate losing

Orks don't lose, they come back for another go.

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Nah, DIS iz muckin about!

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Yah huh.Ya didnt beleeb dat stuff bout sporez didja?

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Zog dis ya git!

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I feel the warp overtaking me!

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Why are all of these women pregnant?

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Do you really have to ask?


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But there are way better representations of sexy 40k characters than being pregnant.

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That's not how fetishes work.

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thought I read something about how they only really tend to argue about which of their gods is which, since even the gods themselves have forgotten. should they stop fighting or one win, supposedly their belief from the ork race would make them the strongest thing in the universe, even beyond the other gods

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Oh, if the Orks are ever united then everyone is screwed. Even the Orks, because they like the status quo. Though they will settle for just fighting among themselves.

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So what would happen if the spores that orks use to reproduce were contaminated by a substance or chemical from outside this galaxy? In other words some unheard-of-ly rare thing.

My take on the idea is that a sub-section of the group of orks becomes a group form of intelligence. Here's the catch. Their all females.

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