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What if a follower of Slaanesh is obsessed with worshiping Khorne perfectly?

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Are you familiar with Chaos Undivided?

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Then it isn't a follower of Slaanesh.

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Tzeentch bends you over and fucks you in the ass.

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Get's spawned.

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Does Tzeentch have more appendages than Slaanesh?

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More accurately, they get Fury'd.

If you fall from the worship of one god to another, they Fury you. Chaos Undivided avoids this my not following any god.

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I thought that was just someone who worshiped Chaos itself with no gods.

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Or more precisely, worshipping them all equally.

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Fury appears only when the flip-flopper does not do the swaying out of love but for the desire for personal power.

So basically it's Chaos' way to punish minmaxing.

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And Gav's "subtle" take that to Chaos players.

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Wait, this Fury fluff is pretty much completely new to me (I don't know much about Chaos fluff). How does Abbadon get around this? Isn't he just in it for the power (or probably more correctly, because he hates the Imperium so much)?

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I don't understand why everyone doesn't worship Slaanesh, Slaanesh is all about taking everything to excess, and about always needing more.

You want blood? Slaanesh has more. You want change? Slaanesh has more. You want death, decay, a rotting corpse?...kinky, but even then, Slaanesh has more.

Slaanesh: Because too much is never enough

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Perfectly acceptable. Chaos is all about contridiction, except when it isn't

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Abaddon is super special (read:jervis' self-insert/chaos needs a marine leader because marines are focus of chaos), so he gets to have marks of all gods.

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Not everyone likes sodomy.

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oh shit... is it normal for plasma guns to get that hot?
or is it just artistic or chaos specific occurrence?

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Horus also got all the marks. This could mean the rumours are true and Abaddon is really a successful clone of Horus.

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I don't think the marks work like that.

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Slaanesh isn't all about sodomy, Slaanesh is about pleasure, excess, and MOAR

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One out of 6 times they fire they can overheat and kill the guy firing them.

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No matter what you like right now, if you followed Slaanesh, you'd probably love sodomy until it got too boring.


Alright. I just wondered if there was anything to Abbadon beyond 'he's special, we say he can do it'. I haven't read any books or anything, but in some of the codex stories, he doesn't really seem to respect the Chaos Gods very much.

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No, what I mean is that Abaddon is super speschul in the same way Horus was super speschul, because he was pretty close to the Emp's most powerful son. That's why Horus got all the marks, that's why Abaddon is powerful enough to get them all. Of course, being a clone he's inferior to the original (hence why, despite his ability to absolutely RUIN anyone's shit TT, he will still lose to apoc units like Angron)

Not that he inheritted the marks from being a clone

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Slaanesh is about sensation. Followers of the other gods are not. Nurgle is about lack of sensation while the other two are goal oriented.

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what about "master-crafted" pieces? do they overheat too?
who the fuck uses these shits?
anyways that's an overheated plasma then it's not normal operation what i wanted to know.

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This sounds like a TV ad, do you think Chaos cults would try to advertise on Imperial TV? On some demon world belonging to Khorne or Nurgle, is there a "Radio Free Warp" type station broadcasting Slaaneshi propaganda"

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I need that picture of the converted space marine afraid of firing a plasma gun.

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Deep down I wish this were true, and I would like to think Khorne's ads would be like a going out of business commercial mixed with a monster truck expo ad but with murder.

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Slaanesh is all about upping the pleasure and giving ridiculous pleasure to your enemies, or to yourself through their pain.
To your typical armour clad murderer, a god who makes you more powerful by killing is simply more appealing. To crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and recieve dark blessings by the god of blood is enough for him, and he don't need no violin playing pansy ass sodomy god to give him pleasure for what he loves.

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Which Chaos God is the one that attacks other Chaos Gods?

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All of them.

You're probably thinking of Malal. He's the god of chaos' self destructive nature.

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I'd like to see some kind of 3 Dog clones, one for each god, hiding out on the enemy gods planet broadcasting the voice of freedom.

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It would have to sound like a Powerthirst or Brawndo commercial too.

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Now what if I, the all powerful Three Fiend, bow-wow-ROAR, were to tell you that somewhere right here in the Chaotic Warp, there's a place with lots of books?

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Hey nifty Warp, it's me, your Warmaster Abad-- Hahaa, gotcha! Three Fiend here, how's everyone doin'?

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No, not thos paultry old tomes written in blood, real books, with words and shit. It's called the Black Library, and it exists. Now, this may have been a few millenia ago, and I was definately smoking, but I'm telling you, it's out there.


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The Imperium, and that includes their homecoming king, The "Emperor" and his gorilla, Roboute Guilliman, are NOT here to help you

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Now it's time for our guest star. We were going to put you on with sensuous Jeannette, but someone teleported in and tore her head off, so instead we have some creepy metal guy!


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What has poor Macha done to receive such abuse?

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Greetings friends. You're listening to Abraxas. I'm here to help you shuck the chains of oppression that those on high have so carefully embedded in you from the moment you entered this mortal coil. If you're listening to me now, you're already more free than most. So stay tuned as I play nothing but the music the Imperium doesn't want you to hear.


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Sautekh radio: 60 million years of nothing but dubstep.

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>beatles is heresy
it was fine when they were slaughtering aliens and destroying planets, but now they've crossed the line

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You really think a band with lyrics like "I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob" aren't heretics?

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Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.
Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna.
Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye.
Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess,
Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.
Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.
If the sun don't come, you get a tan
From standing in the English rain.
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

And that concludes the story of my trip to the maze of Tzeentch.

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Huh. Do you think the mod would delete a chaos and music thread? As in, chaos discussion and youtube links.

On a related note, freaking /a/ has a radio stream. Why doesn't /tg/?

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I think it would be in good with the theme of this thread.



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What was this thread about again?

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What Chaos world would best fit the Capitol Wasteland?

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Iron Warrior's planet.

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3 Flesh hound

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+++I shall sing the song of my people+++
+++Link added+++

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You astonish me with your ability to type with no arms, but I thought you said that Horus was a fool. I suppose you've been hanging around Malice and Tzeentch too much, you silly goose.

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Plasma wounds MEQs on a 2+ with no save, causes instant death for T3 models, and can hurt vehicles. That's why people use it. Furthermore, while it overheats 1/6 times, that's lower if it's twin-linked or master-crafted, as those allow for re-rolling - it only gets hot if the final roll is a 1. Also, even when it gets hot, the wielder can still take an armor or invulnerable save, and may use the weapon again on the next turn - or on the same turn, if he's in rapid-fire range with a plasma gun.

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>Khorenate Slaanashi demon

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>BLOODFORTHEBLOODGODdere red daemonette

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Not as good as pure slaanesh

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>/d/ lurker

Does Slaanesh have human futa servants? If so do they offer safe futa on male action?

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Well Slaanesh seems to have a thing for hermaphroditism.
So it's feasible.

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But is the futa on male action safe? As a rouge psyker I'd love to join Slaanesh's cause so long as I can get on the receiving end of chaos themed /d/ futas in exchange.

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What do you mean "safe"?
Chaos doesn't really do anything "safely"
It's all really a question of whether it's more likely to kill you or those around you.

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>Chaos undivided as apologists.
I can now imagine a chaos undivided loremaster lecturing a slaaneshi artist, a khornate marshall, a nurgle doctor and a tzeentchian politican that they're all special and all their beliefs and convictions are equally valid.

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implying you wont love it

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I matured biomancy. Would this encrease my chances of surviving chaos futa?

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Chaos undivided in the only path to achieve true power in chaos.

And no Chaos undivided followers don't get punished and turned into Furies. Furies are followers who switched their loyalty from god to another god rather than forming a stable relationship with any of them. A chaos undivided follower honors all the gods equally and has a stable relationship with all of them.

It's known that the path of undivided in the hardest one, but it's the path that's most rewarding in the end.

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Does a Demon Prince of Chaos Undivided have more freedom than one devoted to one god? It seems like he would logically but at the same time I'm picturing one running back and forth doing errands for all the gods.

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An undivided follower would be the one running back and forth doing errands for all the gods.

Once he reaches daemonhood he is set. Total freedom, he can do whatever he wants.

One of the advantages of being an undivided daemon prince is not being dragged into the Great Game of Chaos.

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Really is the way to go. Why does Abaddon not want demonhood again?

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They're still suspectible to coercion and daemonic rivalries, it's no guarantee that they could avoid conflict.

Perturabo is an undivided daemon prince and what does he do with his time? Rages alone in his fortress while warsmiths engage in perpetual civil war in his world.

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He has a point to prove.

One man built the Imperium and one man gonna bring it down. Not a daemon and not a warpspawn but a MAN will crush the Imperium!

He wants to prove that humanity under chaos is mightier than humanity under the false emperor. He can't do that if he is a daemon prince, can he?

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Thematic reasons. The Chaos codices ever since 2e have been focused on Chaos Space Marines.

Therefore the overall leader of the Chaos faction is logically a Space Marine (the character of Abaddon was created for 2e Chaos codex) who sees being a Space Marine as a better thing than daemonhood.

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Probably, also probably more danger of getting ganked by daemons of the gods.

He wants to smash the Imperium, being a daemon would really limit his ability to do so.

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Khorne would hate them and Slaanesh would spawn their ass.

>> No.17248308

Speaking of good old Abaddon...

Can the Warmaster take on Draigo? Would be interesting to see the greatest mortal champions of both sides duking out.

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>“Twelve times has the Despoiler held the galaxy within his grasp, and each time he had but to claim what was his for the taking. I am now sure there exists some greater scheme, some unfathomable logic driving Abaddon in his endeavours. I ask myself, ‘Why has he not claimed the gifts the ruinous powers must certainly have proffered him? Why does he still walk amongst mortals when surely the path of elevation to Daemonhood has been set before him twelve times and more?’ The one conclusion I can draw is that the Despoiler’s motives lie not with the abstract, spiritual power of the Empyrean: more, they lie with the mundane, with physical, earthly power. Abaddon is driven by hatred and bitterness, to such an extent that he will not rest until he sees righted the wrong he perceives committed against him and his kind ten millennia past by our lord the Emperor. Perhaps after his thirteenth Black Crusade he will consider his mission complete, and only then will he assume the mantle of Daemonhood, over the very ashes of the Imperium.”
>The Heretic Archivist of the Gethsemane Reclusium (executed 963.M41)

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Stern beat Abadabadoo, Draigo is probably better than Stern.

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‘They were the best of us.’ It was clear from the prophet’s voice – Ruven knew he’d never even considered the question before.

‘No. There speaks the voice of worship, and brother, you cannot afford to be so naive. The primarchs were humanity magnified – all of mankind’s greatest attributes, balanced by its greatest flaws. For every triumph or flash of preternatural genius, there was a crushing defeat, or another step deeper on the descent into madness. And what are they now? Those that still exist are distant avatars, sworn to the gods they represent, ascended to devote their lives to the Great Game. Think of the Cyclops, staring into every possible eternity with his one poisoned eye, while a Legion of the walking dead does the bidding of his few surviving children. Think of Fulgrim, so enraptured by the glory of Chaos that he remains blind to his own Legion’s shattering millennia ago. Think of our own father, who ended his life as a conflicted madman – dedicated one moment to teaching the Emperor some grand, idealistic lesson, and devoted the next moment to doing nothing but eating the heart of any slave within reach, while he sat in the Screaming Gallery, laughing and listening to the wails of the damned.’

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‘You are not answering my question, Ruven.’

He swallowed again. ‘I am, Talos. I am. The Eighth Legion is a weak, unbalanced thing – a broken coalition devoted to its own sadistic pleasure. No greater goals beyond slaughter. No higher ambitions beyond surviving and slaughtering. That is no secret. I am no longer a Night Lord, but I am still Nostraman. Do you think I enjoyed kneeling before Abaddon? Do you think I relished that the Warmaster rose from another Legion, instead of my own? I loathed Abaddon, yet I respected him, for he will do what no other can. The gods have marked him, chosen him to remain in the material realm and do what the primarchs never could.’

Ruven took a shivering breath, visibly weakening as he finished. ‘You asked why I joined the Despoiler, and the answer is in the fate of the primarchs. They were never intended to be the inheritors of this empire. Their fates were sealed with their births, let alone their ascensions. They are echoes, almost gone from the galaxy, engaged in the Great Game of Chaos far from mortal eyes. The empire belongs to us, for we are still here. We are the warriors that remained behind.’

Talos took several seconds to answer. ‘You truly believe what you are saying. I can tell.’

Ruven gave a defeated laugh. ‘Everyone believes it, Talos, because it is the truth. I left the Legion because I rejected the aimless butchery, and the naive, worthless hope of simply surviving this war. Survival wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to win.’

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We know that the heretic in question was wrong, after 13th Black Crusade Abaddon rebuilt the Planet Killer, went after Creed personally, lost a battle, and got mired down in a sector-wide war in his thirst for revenge.

>> No.17248384

It was still during the 13th Crusade actually.

>Thesus Reach is an industrial planet unaware of its own impending destruction. It sits in the path of Abaddon the Despoiler’s Thirteenth Black Crusade, the greatest and most successful Chaos incursion the galaxy has ever known. The High Lords of Terra have anticipated Abaddon’s arrival upon this planet. They have ordered a lethal trap set for him, using none other than Ursarkar Creed as the bait. When Abaddon’s presence on the planet is confirmed, the Inquisition intends to unleash Exterminatus upon whatever is left of Thesus Reach.


>Though Abaddon managed to teleport back to his flagship, his plan to take the head of Creed failed due to the intervention of the Grey Knights. Following his humiliating defeat at the hands of Captain Stern, the wrath of the Despoiler is now greater than ever before, and his entire Black Crusade will go no further until he has had his revenge. What began as a vendetta is now set to consume the entire Thesus sector in bloody war…

>> No.17248407


Then it happened before Abaddon's planet killer got wrecked and he lost the Cadian Space.

So even less chance of him doing anything. Lesson: believe not the prophecies of insane heretics.

>> No.17248427

And along with it, Chaos' most likely chance of victory. By spreading the Imperium thin, they can grind out a victory, because attrition means nothing, as those who die are virtually always the mutants, cultists, and traitors, not the core of chaos's power on the mortal plane, the marines.

Allowing the Imperium to focus it's strength in a single sector lets the Imperium do what it always does to win, slowly drown you in men and material. And as soon as a chaos invasion stalls, the participants turn on themselves.

>> No.17248439

>Can the Warmaster take on Draigo? Would be interesting to see the greatest mortal champions of both sides duking out.

He can on TT, but in fluff he's been beaten up by Stern (lesser Draigo) and even Eldrad (an old crystallising spess elf).

>> No.17248448

Funny how it's the second time Abaddon has been defeated in combat through a battle-report-made-canon. He's going to have to kill so many Avatars in the next CSM codex to make up for this.

>implying killing an Avatar means anything anymore

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mathhammer shows abaddon will pummel both of them into the dirt. For his points cost, abbydabby is the number 1 special character in duels.

>> No.17248561


Swarmlord beats Abaddon though.

>> No.17248665

on average... swarmlord will hit 3 times(only having 4 attacks) wounding with 2 because wounding on a 3+, forcing the reroll on invulns is mean but abby has 25% chance to ignore after all rerolls are done.

if getting a 4 on his bonus attack average, abby is swinging 8 times, hitting 4 times, and then wounding on 2+ with reroll to wound. dealing on average 2 wounds to the swarmlord where I believe pending rerolls, abby is only getting wounded once per turn.

lets not get retinues added into this because tyrant guard are punk bitches compared to slaaneshi terminators or any of the others that may be added to the group because abby is an independant character.

i am curious as to how they will update him in the next codex.

>> No.17248698

What if a worshiper of Slaanesh is obsessed with excessive purity? What about reverence of the Emperor?

>> No.17248729

eversor assassin kills abaddon if the eversor charges....

>> No.17248738

There are worshipers of khorne who still follow the Emperor, so it would be possible.

>> No.17248745

I'm going to need a source and or explanation.

>> No.17248765

>enter slaanesh thread
>itunes puts on Nymphomaniac Fantasia

>captcha: gaidange bacteria>
Nurgle wants in too.

>> No.17248770

math hammer does not give the advantage one way or the other when doing straight up duels because charge is such a nice bonus in some cases (furious charge being one of them)

>> No.17248783


Lets not misunderstand math.

Swarmlord has Preferred Enemy: Warmaster.
8 out of 9 attacks hit
2 out of 3 of the above wound
3 out of 4 of the above get through Abaddon's save
Total wounds Swarmlord does to Abby per assault phase: 16/9 so roughly 1,78

Abaddon's average attacks
1 out of 2 attacks will hit
35 out of 36 of the above will wound
1 out of 2 of the above gets through save
Total wounds caused roughly 1,78
Abaddon has 1/6 chance per round to do no attacks at all and cause 1/2 wounds to himself, meaning he's doing 1/12 wounds to himself on average per round

Swarmlord has 5 wounds, Abaddon has 4
Swarmlord loses 1,78 wounds per round, Abaddon loses 1,86
Both have I6. Swarmlord does have advantage, even point for point (5 points more expensive than Abaddon).

>> No.17248784

Someone was looking for this?

>> No.17248789

Certain death cult assassins worship Khorne, this is stated in the witch hunters codex, daemon hunters codex and the Grey Knight codex( I could be wrong with the Grey knight one)

>> No.17248795


He could, but it's not likely.

More likely Abaddon will ID him when he hits back.

>> No.17248819

If he gets to hit back.

>> No.17248853

If you want a character who can take Abaddon...

>Despoiler, KILL YOURSELF.
Necron Overlord
Phase Shifter
Mindshackle Scarabs
160 points.

>> No.17248877


It's likely he does. He's got four wounds, T5 and 4++.
Eversor has 4+d6 attacks that hit on 3+ and wound on 5+ with reroll.

>> No.17248903

that's not what it says though

it says MOST death cults belong to Khorne, but some worship the Emperor instead. That is, they're mutually exclusive of one another despite their similar practices.

>> No.17248923

Might work if he's all on his lonesome.

>> No.17248931


This needs to be pitched to Bethesda as their next game.

>> No.17248948

Yes you are right that they do not worship the Emperor but radical inquisitors still recruit both types of death cult assassins.

>> No.17249013


>Implying the Emperor wasn't one of the Beetles during his however many millennia of just fucking about waiting for the level of technology to reach the level required for his dreams.

>Implying there isn't some planetary cult somewhere that treats their songs as holy writ.

>> No.17249204

I have a question about the Dark Eldar do they actually worship slaanesh or are they just trying to stop him eating their souls

>> No.17249235

They don't worship him they torture others to stave off Slaanesh's constant pulling on their souls.

>> No.17249252

>I have a question about the Dark Eldar do they actually worship slaanesh


>or are they just trying to stop him eating their souls

Kinda, he still driks them so they have to top up on soul juice.

>> No.17249348

Keep as is, Marines are only getting as much love as they are this edition because GW doesn't want any army to be stuck in 3rd when 6th kicks in.

>> No.17249506

they don't care if their souls are eaten.

>> No.17249542

>The Beatles
>Espouse freedom and love
>Brutally oppressive dictator
Nahh. The Beatles were chaos, if anything.

>> No.17249558

The Emperor went through different phases.

>> No.17250586

Is it heresy to wonder if he went through a gay college phase?

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