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Still looking for the celestial god slaying machine.

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This one?

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Godslayer coming up.

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Sometimes the greatest power lies in the smallest things.

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Wait is that thing being guided or about to perform a sneak attack of some kind on the guy in front.

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Waaaaaaaay too late I found a counts-as-underwater pic.

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naw. same as the last thread, I need pics of a giant god slaying machine. It should look rather celestial and world-ending-y but obviously mechanical.

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Is this okay? Also I'd like some physical undead please. Prefarably liches or mummies.

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where's that dark tower picture from the OP of the electric boogaloo post? i forgot to save it :<

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Here's another freaky monster thingy.

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It would be cool, if you could say what the problem with the pics before was. I posted (among others) the picture with the cylinders and eyes, how did you like that?

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>Gods being killed by god killing machine.

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Kinda undead

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Don't blink

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I'd rather have something like this but they are nice pictures.

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got that one it's in the running.
got plenty of mummies and liches though... somewhere

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I think we're going to run out of pics eventually

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>That boney crown thing

This picture is a hyperrealistic version of Adventure Time Lich?!

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your folder is clearly too small then

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that one was to abstract, it needs to look like a large robot built by an artificer. Made out of Maruts to be exact.

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Any favourites so far?

>Hint: Say >>No.17229783

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any request?

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Giant robot you say? Well, link me up to what a Marut is, I'll look in the meantime. I think I had at least one.

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I want to see SPACE. My folder lacks so much space.
I knew I had this image for some reason.

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Oh no... Does this go in my Undead folder or my Pirate folder?

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why don't you have an undead pirate folder?

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Yep, that's the Lich. Too bad he didn't get more screentime.

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The one I think I thought about seems just to be a mecha. Have this guy instead, you can always say it's a robot.

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...uh, well >>17229783 for one and >>17229625 for another.

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Space dragon

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Got Wheatley?

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No. I have stalkers, though.

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>want undead mech
>haven't posted nightbringer

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it's the one on the right.

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Sorry not much in space category.

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I have all the muscles.

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I have this.

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Hey, it's Toguro!

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...Can you point it out for me? Also, Stalkers are those giant twig legged monsters in Half Life right?

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So huge.

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Stalkers as in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the video game series that got cancelled because GSC World is a giant basket of stupids.

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Marvel the hugeness!

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Different game. Stalkers are pretty much the byname for any denizen of the Chernobyl zone in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Except for the military. Fuck those guys.

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So you need a robot built of knights/robots?

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Tri bear anyone?

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Yes! like they say, "Fight fire with a giant robot made of smaller fires."

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Does this dude look god-killing enough?

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You mean like this?

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When suddenly, humour.

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more or less.
yes, but not big or roboty enough.

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What's this from?

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Oh, found another space pic.

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I liked this so much that I'm reposting from the first thread.
I had to mark up in that corner because of duplicate files, sorry.

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Tried to upload this: >>17227008 got a duplicate file entry

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Undead pirates for everyone!

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I hate when it happens

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Even more undead.

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evil according...

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>Destruction rains from the heavens.

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Dear Red/co/a/tg/uy, igf something strikes your attention as relevant to your request, please respond.

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Greetings, stalker.

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I want this Bed-Room

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So you can roll over in your sleep and drown?

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impact with the floor or the water would wake him up

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Wouldn't it smell of chlorine or alternativly get dirty? Also there is no space for anything.

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Dire polar bear (Frostburn) with the multiheaded template (Savage Species). That doesn't cover the fangs and horn, but that can just be fluffed. Quite a nasty monster. Wonder why the third head doesn't have something special.

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Here we go again

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Fucking wizards man.

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I present to you:


Yes! It is possible!

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Damnit, I went through all the threads and saved a ton. Damn you, rules of this game! Now I gotta spend time posting!

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Tell me this ain't /tg/ related, I DARE you.

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Gonna try to keep my dump modern, because I can.

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Its how I get away with automatic weapons incognito.

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Modern/horror. Because I don't feel like sorting.

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I want to run/play in this setting. Even if its just a oneshot, I imagine a vast floating world, with ridiculous amounts of bandits...

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I would also like to fuck captcha with a hammer. Actually, I think we ALL want that.

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There was some good stuff in Half-Life 2.

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Difficulty: This is actually a photograph.

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You know, I can't decide whether I love or hate the katana. On the one hand, legions of weeboos, and the hatred of /tg/ and /k/. On the other hand... Its a goddamn groovy looking sword.

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On that subject: I honestly cannot tell if this is heavily photoshopped, or 3d. The chick in front looks 3d, but the one in the hoodie looks more realistic...

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Katanas are cool when used in their native environment, i.e. by samurai, and awful when used anywhere else, i.e. by trenchcoat-clad anarchists.

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Goddamnit, now I can't stop laughing.

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I accept this explanation. On the other hand, those trenchcoat wearing anarchists need SOME kinda melee weapon besides a tiny knife. Any suggestions?

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Hot damn, these are amazing. My post-apocalypse has been sorely lacking

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A big floppy horse dildo.

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On this subject, and in the purposes of avoiding flood detection, why did the trenchcoat have to fall out of fashion? Seriously, I don't even want to wear it, I just want to see OTHER people wear it. It's been reduced to a self aware joke, like in Shoot Em Up (The movie)

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They'd be using anything they can get their hands on - baseball bats, crowbars, whatever. Having a dedicated sword just seems like a waste of effort.

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Machete. Simple, yet devastating weapon. Can be found in any sporting goods store/outdoor outfitters.

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The mental image terrifies me, but my fellow gamers and the players I GM for would throw me out for pulling that out...

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I like it, but I can't separate the idea of the Jungle Fighter from the machete. (This whole katana thinking started when I was playing VTM:B earlier today and thinking of the /k/ rage over the katana being so good. That, and my continual love affair with Cyberpunk)

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Traveller game. TL9-10 attacking TL-4?

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People used machetes in the jungle because it's a tool in addition to being a weapon. That's the dynamic you're going for. Modern melee weapons make no sense as something only for killing when you can get the job done with something that serves multiple purposes.

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Eh, fair enough.

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Hey, with SOPA and the NDAA passing, and the Occupy movement going on as well, maybe some shit will actually get started as we slide closer and closer into the cyberpunk future.
>Implying I wouldn't be a corporate drone, working for the MAN for precious internets.

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Where is the original thread?

>> No.17233497

Damn logic, interfering with my goddamn romantic notions!

>> No.17233509

Page 15, if it hasn't 404'd.

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Gone several days ago, I think.

Also: This guy seems to love doing post-apocalypse Japan. He's pretty good at it.

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Man, it just sucks that all of us except for maybe 1 guy are never gonna be as badass as these gentlemen.

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it's been a productive day

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I was on it this morning. It might still be here.

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Yup. I'm with this thread till image limit.

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Damn. This HAS been a most productive day.

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What about actual Japanese using them? Like pic related?

>> No.17233587

cyborg cowboy

just try and do better.

>> No.17233593

Can't, cause we hit image limit. I'm OUT!

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bumping for the euro-crowd.

Great job,/tg/

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nWoD has the best rules for katanas
>Lethal damage, +3 base damage for being a sword, -1 damage for being a cheap piece of shit

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Haha seriously?

>BdAdmen Note
I will take note of the bad men for you captcha. I will kill them on your command.

>> No.17234913

No. Looks like they've given them the same stats as a DnD katana; it's a well made version of the base "sword", which can also be well made.

I'd post a pic but, you know, image limit.

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