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> Doom of Mymeara
> Mymeara is a Craftworld
This doesn't look good for the Eldar, folks.


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Noodle People robots vs COWARDS IN METAL BOXES!

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The best part? That shiny new aspect and phoenix lord? Only found on this one craftworld.

If the Space Wolves are the invaders, then hell yeah. Just another notch in their belt.

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>The Imperial ice world of Betalis III is under attack from the combined might of three massive Eldar war hosts. Their motivation for attacking this seemingly insignificant planet is unknown, but General Myndoras Odon of the Cadian 6th Armoured Regiment is intent on bringing about the total destruction of these Eldar invaders. Wielding the might of three Imperial Guard regiments and joined by the savage strength of Bran Redmaw’s Great Company and the colossal power of Titans from the Legio Gryphonicus, the Eldar of Craftworld Mymeara, Craftworld Alaitoc and their Corsair allies may soon regret attacking one of the Emperor’s worlds.

>If the Space Wolves are the invaders, then hell yeah. Just another notch in their belt.
Pic related

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speaking of elfdars, I ordered some Eldar bitz for my Chaos guys to wear as trophies. obviously the helmets go on sticks for my Khorne guys, but I'm planning on having a crucified guardian to stick on a Slaaneshi vehicle or something.

what craftworld(s) would be the most delicious to have these trophies come from? my shortlist so far is just Alatoic.

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I'm ready for a desperate last stand against overwhelming odds met with tenacity and psykers.

>and joined by the savage strength of Bran Redmaw’s Great Company
Bran Redmaw? FUCK YEAH!

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Have some tortured Wraithguard. :3

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So, after the Doom of the Eldars, the Doom of Malan'tai, now the Doom of Mymeara?

The eldars sure get a lot of doom up the ass.

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three casualties, two decorated veterans, and one who apparently went into the Deathwatch.

Space Wolves: either they kick ass, or they die kicking ass.

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> Bran Redmaw
Winter is coming, bitches...

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Eldar will probably win. I mean most IAs end with the defeat of the imps.

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>what craftworld(s) would be the most delicious to have these trophies come from?

Ulthwe the ''damned''. They're pesky meddlers and a constant thorn in chaos's side.

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>Book called the Doom of Mymeara
>Eldar will probably win

Nope. A phyrrhic victory is the best they can hope for.

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>dude on the lower left
>Confirmed kills: 47 Eldar Guardians
Aw, that's adorable! I bet he got a gold star next to his name for the day for fight such ferocious enemies!

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What allegedly happens is the elfdar and the guard fuck around for a bit, then they discover the Shadow Spectres. Now its a free for all between Elfdar, Wolves, and Guard as the Spectres evacuate. Once they evacuate, they all disappear into the webway, leaving the wolves with blue balls and no fight.

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>dead eldar

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But then the Blood Ravens might help themselves to "gifts" from my figure ca- FUCK! WHERE DID MY FIGURE CASE GO?

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>mfw FW will never put anything out for Catachans.

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But still, you have to admire my throat muscles...

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Because Cadians. We can never have enough of the Cadians!

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>Imperial Guard Forces
>General Myndoras Odon
>Malcador "Infernus"
>Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher
>Crassus Armoured Assault Transport
>Elysian Drop Troops Infantry Squad

>Elysian Drop Troops Infantry Squad

>Elysian Drop Troops

Welp, confirmed Eldar Victory

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Are we ever going to get a book where a Major SM chapter gets totally fucking killed?

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Hey, that's just the pack leader, another wolf took out 75 in that campaign before being so horribly mangled as to require euthenization, the Vet Sergeant was seconded to the Deathwatch or Inquisitorial service, another was slain, a fourth lost to the Wulfen defect

that pack was reduced to half-strength or less in that campaign by one misfortune or another and the PL was by far the least decorated survivor

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Aren't these assholes all dead yet? How many fucking suicide/failure is imminent missions to they have to be sent on?!

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Yep, being reasonable in 40k makes you lost. Hard.
I like the story about the general or something that escaped from the tau, survived weeks in the desert, and when he arrived to the HQ, he got servitor'ed for having been captured.

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God I hopes so...

FW supplement books are the only fluff I actually like, currently. Mainly because it's not "Marines R Da BESTEST" all the fucking time.

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Why are Elysians so despised?

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>Hey, that's just the pack leader, another wolf took out 75 in that campaign before being so horribly mangled as to require euthenization
"We sent him to go live with a nice family on a farm, he's happy there"

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I like to think they got it out of their system with the Badab stuff.

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>Collecting Catachans

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It's not like they're despised, they're pretty cool and tacticool.
but they lost every single conflict they fought
>Sermons of trentha ndsnat
wtf captcha

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You want marines to get killed and be defeated?

What's wrong with you people!

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They're not, actually. Elysians are a pretty freaking cool army with some awesome backstory.

Imperial-fags just get butt-hurt because FW doesn't subscribe to the same train of thought as GW... In other words, Imperium =/= Auto-Win in the fluff they write.

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And yet still no fucking Ultramarine defeats from forge world. Still a non-Codex chapter getting the drubbing. No, Raptors don't count. I want an Ultramarine chapter killed messily and in a humiliating fashion. Why u no do, Forge World?

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>Wants Spess Mehreens to win all the time, every time.


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They're just so tacticool and reasonable. And that's the reason they've lost every conflict they've been in. It's part of 40k's overall joke: Reason and logic are for chumps. Chainsword, hooooooo!

Funny that I was the one that requested that drawing from greenmuhreen not too long ago. But yes, I prefer t-shirts to "Cover the ribs and that's it" Cadian armor.

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Because it goes against what GW's design team, and their shareholders, want.

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But now the Elysians war in the shadow of the Great Wolf against the sad remnant of the dying Eldar.

Consider their upcoming victory an exception to the rule.

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Some day my Elysians will get a victory streamer on their guidon.

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Blood Angels were nearly annihilated once. Imperial Fists too.

But the best thing about being a famous chapter is that you get donations and resources when you're almost out of the game.

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>I want an Ultramarine chapter killed messily and in a humiliating fashion. Why u no do, Forge World?


Happy now?

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I'm sure you get letters every month saying how he likes to chase the chickens and geese, right?

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>Imperial Armour
>Imperials normally lose
>but they're against Eldar this time, who also always lose
>but the Imperium have the Elysians with them
>yeah but it's called Doom OF Mymeara
An unstoppable force versus an immovable object in the slapfight of the century

Maybe the title means the eldar are re-rolling a lot of wounds or something

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The last time the SW warred against a Craftworld they destroyed it so utterly that there was nothing left for the Imperium to salvage from the ruin.

Mymaera is drifting into the gloom of the Wolftime, and there will be no return.

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>Ultramarines successor going rogue
They'll be laughed out of the Eye of Terror.

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Imperials don't loose in non-FW fluff, but have the (likely) chance of loosing in FW fluff.

Eldar only loose (consistently) in GW fluff. This is the first time an IA book will revolve around their grand-dickery.

My bet's on Eldar winning, but probably some bullshit shenanigans like 'At great cost to the Craftworld's population', or some bullshit.

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moar like the stoppable force vesus the movable object amrite guiz

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More likely Abaddon and the traitor Primarchs will weep with joy and bend knee before the True Sons of Guilliman.

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To vex you, ya xeno loving heretic scum.

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>IG up against two Eldar Worfworlds.
Planet blows up, calling it.

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speaking statistics here; the Ultramarines probably have the MOST renegade chapters from their geneseed

considering they were the largest legion by a longshot pre-heresy, and were the least damaged by the heresy..

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>Elysian Drop Troops
>Doom of Mymeara
About fucking time Elysians won something.

Is the pdf out yet?

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I think you meant "to be fucking retarded".

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Personally, the best way they could do this book, is if the Space Woofs get "WTF PWNED", and the company sent to fight the Eldar completely obliterated. And then the Elysians fucking pull out some mega-heroic shit, and grind down the Eldar in a drop-troop war of attrition.

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Hey! They're, um, very loyal to the idea of being traitors. Their revelry in the corruption of the ruinous powers is strictly regulated by the Codex Astartes.

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Wonder if we'll have an Avatars actually helping in a battle this time, or if the appearance of them is just a valorous-but-ultimately-futile last stand as usual.

>> No.17214725

the book hasn't even shipped, as far as I know?

>war of attrition
that's not how drop-troops work.

Not saying I don't want the flyboys to get their shot at being heroes.. but..

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>Space Woofs get "WTF PWNED
>Marines losing

You stop that nonsense right this instant!

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>drop troops
>war of attrition

Speaking purely from the perspective of logistics, this is usually a terrible scenario for drop troops. Generally lighter armed and carrying less ammunition, the Eleysians would most likely be on the receiving end.

Hell, when they were working with the Raven Guard, one of the mother fucking greatest hit and run forces of the Imperium, we watched them kick ass for a time, until they started fighting a stand up battle. Then they took massive losses because they weren't armed or trained for that kind of fight.

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Now that there's Elysians, the Avatar can at least be zapped by Vendetta lascannons, which is true to the way it often dies in tabletop.

>> No.17214739

That's a good point. The ultramarines do tend to found successors like quiverfull families have babies.

I'd actually like to see a black crusade against the ultramarines undertaken by all of the ultra-descended chapters that have gone over to chaos. The loyalists could be all "RAGH PURITY AND EGOTISM!" and the traitors could be all "DADDY DIDN'T LOVE BE BECAUSE HIS STANDARDS WERE TOO HIGH!"

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You now realize that Marneus Calgar is Craster.

>> No.17214749


Leandros vs Titus?

>> No.17214782

Which is why it'd be better. It's not something either the Drop Troops, or the Eldar, should (in theory) be good at. It'd make it into the drawn-out campaign that neither side wanted, and ultimately would result in a victory of questionable worth.

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But...But...Titus is bro

>> No.17214790


It was just announced in the newsletter. How would there be a pdf?

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>canon-sue fag from /v/-game

yeah... ok dude.

>> No.17214804

Titus was a heretic.

Leandros was right.

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Oh boy, new Eldar stuff.
My wallet is ready, Forge World.

As far as the fluff is concerned, I'd really like to see the Eldar kick excessive amounts of ass, but as usual, it's going to be an Elfdar rapin' book.

It'd be much more fun if the conflict ended in NOT a total annihilation of either side. A welcome change from the "make up a Craftworld and kill it" lazy writing.

>> No.17214823

he's basically Captain Idaeus

>hating marines
whatever, buddy

speaking frankly here; Leandros is totally going to fall to chaos if there's a sequel.

>> No.17214837

>A welcome change from the "make up a Craftworld and kill it" lazy writing.

No we can't have that.

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Figures, GW makes traditional games.

>> No.17214880

>Follows the Codex Astrates strictly
>Falls to chaos

Nope, It ain't gonna happen.

>> No.17214890

>Macha getting spanked
>implying she didn't ask for it
>implying everything is not going just as planned

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You know, I actually used to like marines prior to this "never looses, bestest at everything, every other release is more marines" bullshit. I actually contemplated an Iron Hands or Salamanders army a few years ago. 5e's trend has killed that, and turned them into fucking canon-sues.

>> No.17214917

> Iron Hands or Salamanders
> Canon sues
Clearly, you've never read any IH or Sallies stuff.

Neither has anybody else.

Because there FUCKING IS NONE.

IH and Sallies are almost entirely wide open, because they get almost no fluff love. Hands especially.

>> No.17214918

Well poop, I was rather hoping for SOB. There are marines/guard in every one so far but the Repressor hasn't even been updated for the new codex yet.

Such is life I guess.

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>implying she's gonna get it even from a fa/tg/uy

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Yes, I know.
But one can always hope.
Hope that one day Eldar will be allowed to be awesome.

Imagine. Maugan Ra, Fuegan, Asurmen and Karandras could be incredible fluff heroes and Eldar could actually become a cool faction.

Baharroth still doiesn't do anything, just flies around with a rose between his teeth. Fucking useless bastard.

>> No.17214934


Maugan Ra already soloed a hivefleet.

That said, in fluff the Phoenix Lords are just slightly weaker than the motherfucking primarchs.

>> No.17214936


And Jain Zar sits in the corner being the token chick.

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Why are Khaine's mortal followers more powerful than his Avatars?

>> No.17214947

Wasn't the fluff for this one that the Space Wolves start out fine, but end up having a HUGE wulfen-attrition rate? Including Redmaw himself?

One of those "They beat the Eldar, sure, but now what the hell do we do with all the werewolves?" situations.

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>Being an Eldar player...

Either the Eldar lose another Craftworld and another two or three Avatars. In which case I just won't give a fuck, because this has been happening all the time lately, and there's not a fucking thing I can do about it. And being an Eldar, and not a Chaos or SoB player, I'll just deal with it.

Or the Space Wolves get run into the ground and fucked sideways. In which case this is a huge win.

Either way I get a new Aspect. So: Bring it.

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>blablabla i started playing Tau after I started play DoW and i don't even know who the omnisiah is yeah i'm totally not trolling you all by saying i used to like space marines

>> No.17214967

Because GW and a lot of people that buy GW stuff have a hard on for mortals "sticking it" to gods. Which, given Khaine's backstory, is kind of stupid.

>> No.17214972


They probably do the same thing as other Space Wolves who turn into wolves, let them run wild in Fenris and merge with the wolf population.

>> No.17214979

>Implying Wulfen are any problem now for the SW
>Implying there's any difference between Wulfen and the regular Hurrs and Durrs that form the SW now

The only way to identify a Wulfen now is his monobrow, and not even that is fool proof.

>> No.17214983

OK, the Elfdar lose.

Let's talk about marines! I heard IA12 will be about Minotaurs. Any idea what else will be in it?

>> No.17214987

>already soloed a hivefleet

Not quite. He soloed a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Given that tendrils are fully capable of over-running whole worlds and systems, it's still a monumental achievement, though.

>> No.17214990

The Minotaurs' primogenitors, the Emperor's Bullfuckers

>> No.17214992

>Baharroth still doiesn't do anything, just flies around with a rose between his teeth. Fucking useless bastard.
>Implying being FABULOUS isn't a huge asset
>Implying being FABULOUS isn't one of the main points of playing Eldar
Seriously, you people...

>> No.17214996


Khaine's backstory included a prophecy that he would be destroyed by Eldar.

And that happened.

GW and the fanbase are more HFY, if it isn't humans (including spess mreens) sticking it to the gods they won't really care one way or other.

>> No.17215009

I'm mostly curious whether Guards will get anything other than a model of a tank that costs 80 fucking quid or something very very specific to some overpriced Forge World-only regiment.
Either that, or we get nothing because we've got Cadians, aka, the blandest force in 40k.

>> No.17215024

I like this part of fluff and you know why?

Because I can pull it out everytime an Eldar player claims that the Space Marines are mary-sues. It usually shuts them up.

>> No.17215026

>>Maugan Ra soloed a Hive fleet
And about no-one knows.

Anyway I want more of that stuff. Asurmen and Dire Avengers defending a Maiden world against Imperial attackers and not getting killed in the process, Fuegan smashing apart a Chaos Marine Armoured division. And wrestling a Defiler. Karandras out-sneaking dethmarks. Jain-Zar slicing apart a whole first company of some chapter.

Baharroth gets a new rose.

>> No.17215035

Well...there was the Cadian extreme weather gear upgrade kits. I think they tie into IA11, since it takes place on an ice world. If you fancy paying £18 to give ten of your guys alternate heads and torsos.

>> No.17215051

I have 10 Shadow specters. I put 5 together, used them and instantly wondered why I didnt just use a fire prism and some dragons in a serpent. Maybe I just have bad luck with them. But I cant bring myself to spend 13 hours putting 5 more together for all of what they actually do on the table.

>> No.17215052

>And about marine-fags don't know


And yeah... the soloing a hive-fleet is just as much BS as what we see nowadays.

>> No.17215064

I'm not going to lie, I'm an Eldar player and even I think that it is totally silly. Most of the one-line throw-away fluff is.

>> No.17215070

Yes, I know.
Baharroth is fabulous and charming.

But he never, ever does anything.

>> No.17215075

Rapier Laser Cunt Destroyer

I'd like to see the Elysian Stormtrooper concept art get realized, though it's a ways off yet..

>> No.17215083


I wouldn't really mind if they removed Phoenix Lords as playable units and kept them solely in the background like the Primarchs.

Then they wouldn't show up to be killed by random marine sergeant #649715's powerfist and they wouldn't take away all the space that could be used for special characters in the codex. As long as there are six phoenix lords in the book, the only character we will certainly get in addition is Eldrad. Then there might be someone like Yriel to represent a Craftworld that is not Ulthwe, but Alatoic and Biel-tan will never get a SC.

>> No.17215086


Shadow Spectres are pretty garbage. An Exarch only makes them passable. You're better off with Hornets and the Zentradi battlepods.

>> No.17215091


Mind you, what he did was using a small and stealthy 1-person ship, and sneaked his way through the hiveship itself until he could put a couple of bullets in it's brain.
And boarding hiveships have been done by marines too.

>> No.17215095

So, experiment with their rules and change them, try to find a balanced niche for them.

>> No.17215102

>Baharroth still doiesn't do anything, just flies around with a rose between his teeth. Fucking useless bastard.

He impersonates an incarnation of vengeance and retribution, a hawk that hovers over a murderer's head, driving him insane with its shrieks. That's relatively non-gay.

>> No.17215107

The difference though, is that Eldar players ADMIT and acknowledge how fucked up and 'sue-ish' that fluff is.

Marine players on the other hand, get defensive and claim it's all just "Marine-Hate-Bandwagoning."

Fuck, I play Orks. And Wazzdakka is the biggest piece of shit IC in the game. And per his retarded fluff, he killed a titan? He can't even kill a fucking dreadnought, let alone a tactical squad on his own. Yeah, his fluff is over the top... but guess what? I hate him more than you do, and I'm forced to actually field his incompetent ass.

>> No.17215109

>but Alatoic and Biel-tan will never get a SC.

There was a kind of a special Eldar Ranger dude in the Necron Codex, can't remember his name. Also a cocky Farseer named Starbane.

I bet they will be a big part of the next Eldar Codex.

>> No.17215129

Nah, it's going to be more 13th-company model Wulfen than "WE HAVE FACIAL TATTOOS" wulfen. From what the Games Day announcement for the show said, they'd have two models for Redmaw: pre-Wulfen and Post (with him breaking out of his armour and all that).

>> No.17215133

>Asurmen and Dire Avengers defending a Maiden world against Imperial attackers and not getting killed in the process, Fuegan smashing apart a Chaos Marine Armoured division. And wrestling a Defiler. Karandras out-sneaking dethmarks. Jain-Zar slicing apart a whole first company of some chapter.

I don't know it any of that is going to happen as Eldar are a dying race, but maybe we get a Chaos character who will wrestle a phoenix lord and throw it from its feet.

>> No.17215141

Maybe Marine players get defensive because you spend all your time whining about how we get cool stuff and not looking through all the cool stuff you get. I don't bitch and moan when Necrons get doomsday cannons and time stop devices. Because 1) it's fucking cool and 2) it doesn't hurt my fluff in the least. In fact, it gives me MORE cool fluff to work with in my own writing.

tl;dr stop whining and enjoy yourself.

>> No.17215147

God I hope the fucking spess yiffs get rofl-stomped.

>> No.17215189

Never said Baharroth was gay.

Probably bangs more chicks than all Eldar corsairs on any kind, dark Eldar included.

He never just does anything.
No. Phoenix lords are still around and kicking, they aren't some mostly dead manchildren with daddy issues or irrelevant fanwank. They've been playable since forever and they used to be awesome.

What they need is a boost in offensive capability and a 4+ invul, 3+ for Asurmen. And make their aspect scoring. Done.

>> No.17215203

Mmm. It'd be nice to see, certainly. I'm not holding out much hope though.

>> No.17215207

>I like this part of fluff and you know why?

>Because I can pull it out everytime an Eldar player claims that the Space Marines are mary-sues. It usually shuts them up.
I don't like you, and you know why?

Because you have no reading comprehension. That bit of fluff mentions Maugan triumphing against a swarm. You know, like a Ripper Swarm for example. Moreover, he's an empty suit of armour. The fact that he prevailed means as much as Tyranids avoiding dead worlds.

>> No.17215209

>What they need is a boost in offensive capability and a 4+ invul, 3+ for Asurmen. And make their aspect scoring. Done.

Wild pricetag appeared!

It's over 250!

>> No.17215222

>Implying the greatest whiners of the fandom don't play power armor of some kind and the Xenos (except 'Nids) have just learned to deal with it, because Marines are what make the money and we know it

>> No.17215235

>>I don't know it any of that is going to happen as Eldar are a dying race
Hurr durr.
>>a Chaos character who will wrestle a phoenix lord and throw it from its feet.
Riiight. Chaos-Clagar-bullshit.

>> No.17215240

>and the Xenos (except 'Nids) have just learned to stop supporting 40k and move on to better game systems.


>> No.17215246

They avoided Solemnance (Trazyn's tombworld) specifically.

Even if they can be "made better" the issue of them taking space and being "killable" remains. I for one want to see some new special characters from time to time.

>> No.17215259

Some like the models. Warmahordes and so on have good rules, but if you are in it for the toys, then you're stuck with it.

>> No.17215279

>>T4 W4 2+ 3++ Eternal Warrior
>>200 pts

Phoenix lords are about 60-100 pts too expensive right now.

>> No.17215281

Judging by this board... actually that's not just what I'm implying. It's what I'm stating outright.

Number of threads I see from non-3+ players, bitching about Marines? Pretty much one on the front page at all times.

Number of threads by Marine players bitching about other codexes? Not very many. Not very many at all.

>> No.17215301

They're not too expensive for people meant to be living gods. The problem is that they're nowhere near good enough for their cost.

>> No.17215315

no, no you're not. ex ork player, here. and i agree with him. i went to flame of war.

>> No.17215320

I was thinking of pretty much stuff for anyone else than Cadian or Kriegers. Even goddamn rebreathers are fine. Pretty much anything else than:
- overpriced (fucking 80 quid), faction-specific tanks, which no-one buys
- overpriced artillery rendered useless due to existence of manticores
- overpriced noncombat vehicles, which no-one buys
- diorama elements, which no-one buys, outside of GW staff to decorate their shops
I'd love to see some variation among existing regiments, even if its rebreathers. Regiment specific elements for tanks are also fine, like the resin Ryza pattern vanquisher cannon, which I own and absolutely love. I would shit myself if they were to release plastic, or at least resin Valhallans. I own metal ones and the paint chips off like horror even with varnish. Considering they're fighting Eldar, I'd also love to see something that would make me start using psykers.

Speaking of stormtroopers, they should add something that would explain their cost. For a full squad of stormies with little configuration options I can field a decent tank or 2 well equipped squads of veterans.

>> No.17215325

> You know, like a Ripper Swarm for example.

Ripper Swarms don't conquer star systems.

The Eldar killed off an entire Tyranid Hive Fleet Tendril. Alone. Everything. The Biotitans, the Hive Tyranids, the Hive Ships. Everything.

>> No.17215328

Only because GW is a fucking failure of a marketing company.

Let's say you have 2 widgets, red and blue. You don't know which will be more popular, no one does, you just made them. But you put them both out on display and try to sell them. Now, people start buying, some buy red, some buy blue, do you look at the numbers? Fuck no, you toss out the red widget, you put extra shine on the blue widget, you tell everyone the blue widget is the best ever and nothing even comes close, it doesn't matter that some people prefered the red widget, it doesn't matter that for some the red widget does what they want and the blue doesn't, it doesn't matter that some still want to use the red widget and don't want to have to learn how to use a new widget. So the red widget people keep buying red widgets, but EVERYONE ELSE BUYS THE BLUE WIDGET, why? Because you only fucking advertised the blue widget, because you told everyone the blue widget was the best, because you put the red one in a fucking bin and when people asked for a red widget you said "I might be out of stock, are you sure you don't want a blue widget?"

And years later you look at the numbers, many people are buying your blue widgets, only a few are buying red. Because you are a moron you decide that this means the blue widgets are objectively better, but that's fucking wrong you dumbass, it's because your entire marketing campaing was designed around the blue widget and to the detriment of the red one. Now, one may well be objectively better than the other, there may be some fact of this matter, but at this juncture it is illogical to come to that conclusion because of your stupid fucking business model of constantly putting out new upgrades for the blue widget and not even remembering you have a red widget for a decade.

That is what GW did.

>> No.17215329

>Are we ever going to get a book where a Major SM chapter gets totally fucking killed?
>Are we ever the very first 40k scenario ever written?

>> No.17215346

>and the tourneyfag cancer have just learned to stop supporting 40k and move on to rulelawyer game systems.


Warmahordes was the best thing that ever happened to my LGS/40k group.

>> No.17215356

Nope. My Catachans are stuck using Cadian Respirator heads if I want them to have gasmasks.
At least they look a bit more like classic Cadians that way.

>> No.17215364

Which makes one wonder....does his gun fire mini-avatars or something?

That's just ridiculous. An Avatar was beaten when 12 Carnifexes dog-pilled on him, yet this guy obliterates an entire tendril on his own.

>> No.17215371

Prep time. Prep time.

>> No.17215379


Lysander has no fleet, cannot sweeping advance (and neither can any squad he joins) and has -1WS, -2BS, -2I (and always strikes last anyway) -1A compared to a Phoenix Lord.

A more valid comparison would be Calgar (250 points) or Ragnar if he had Eternal Warrior (which adds 35 points to his cost, making him 275 points)

>> No.17215381

You can't do incredibly simple greenstuff?

And Catachans with cadian helmets and respirators look anything like classic Cadians?

Also, book is written by an entirely new member of the Forgeworld team, so don't be so sure it will fit the usual Imperium loses, Elysians die pattern.

>> No.17215398

We're still discussing that adventure of Maugan Ra's? Because it doesn't say that anywhere.

>> No.17215403

how correct you are, saddens the fuck out of me.

>> No.17215408

So he's Batman?

They look more like Colonial Marines if anything. No, I looked up the tutorials for greenstuff gas masks and none were very helpful. Although, I do have a shortage of tools.

>> No.17215419

Newfags don't know about Rynn's World, even though it's mentioned in the goddamn 5e dex. And it's still a playable campaign downloadable by .pdf from GW's website...

>> No.17215434


However, I'd be up for trading Phoenix Lords' Fleet and ability to sweeping advance for a 4++ save (this is worth 25 points on a multiwound HQ as evidenced by Belt of Russ and Rosarius costs) without changing the price.

>> No.17215435

Flames of War, Malifaux, and Infinity was the best thing to happen to my gaming group. We e-bayed our 40k crap. Some of us kept it and shelved it, but none of us play it anymore.

>> No.17215451

He is the bastard son of both Khaine and the Nightbringer.

>> No.17215485

Rynn's World is horse-shit retconning at it's finest. What used to be a 'glorious last fucking stand' of the only marine chapter worth liking, has turned into "Lol the Crimson Fists each punched out a million bad-guys each, while only suffering the loss of 1 tactical squad, before a looted plot-strike missile destroyed the monastary so the writer could keep them as his favorite 'broken, but vengeful and recovering' chapter of marines.

Rynn's World is terrible, and you should feel terrible.

>> No.17215493

So yeah. Batman.

>> No.17215512


>> No.17215524

Ra vs Haunter would've been... interesting.

Are there any high level named harlequins? We need a joker.

>> No.17215527


Phoenix Lord costs adjusted for 4++ save
Asurmen needs no change, stays at 230 points
Fuegan up to 230 points
Maugan Ra up to 220 points
Jain Zar up to 215 points
Karandras up to 240 points
Baharroth up to 225 points

Drazhar up to 255 points

>> No.17215535

The missile incident has always been there, moron, and they always were doing pretty well before it happened. Is it a looted missile now? It used to be a malfunction in the chapter's defense silos.

>> No.17215553

Interesting as in that bastard betting torn to bits?

>> No.17215554

It's always been a looted missile idiot, and doing 'pretty well' =/= cannon-sue fight where millions are killed at the loss of a tac squad.

Seriously, Rynn's World USED to be a cool piece of fluff. Then they changed it, and now it sucks.

>> No.17215555

>It used to be a malfunction in the chapter's defense silos.

And it still is the case - the novel Rynn's World didn't change that.

>> No.17215567

...Which of them?

Anyhow, in fluff depictions they are about equal. Maugan Ra is a bit weaker, but makes up for it with extreme focus on ranged combat and being a legacy-character.

>> No.17215588

Great... now there's 2 different stories?

One's a looted deathstrike, the other's a "lol our missile just spontaneously exploded on it's own".

>> No.17215591

From what I can tell, and this is from sources readily available to anyone who knows where to look, the premise is this:

Eldar of Mymera are hunting down the armor of the lost Pheonix Lord, Irryith (who is a very hateful individual, if his rules are to be believed) who was lost eradicating another alien species.

Odds are, the craftworlds all realized that his armor was lost on THIS world, and have launched a campaign to recover it.

Considering it's both a Pheonix lord, and another entire aspect, it is no surprise that they are going above and beyond the call of "Fuck the Imperium" to get it.

Odds are a LOT of eldar will die, and possibly Mymeara will suffer an Ulthwe moment. The armor will be recovered, and the Shadow Spectre temple will be reborn at terrible cost.

Strictly speaking, it is a victory for the Imperium (huge losses for the enemy, and near-obliteration of a craftworld).

However, the Eldar will gain access to a lost aspect once again

>> No.17215596

By which it's still "lol Istvaanian" or "lol Alpha Legion"

>> No.17215608

>Anyhow, in fluff depictions they are about equal.
>Ra takes on a Tyranid swarm alone
>Haunter gibbed by a Callidus assassin
>about equal
Trolling aside, I really don't have a problem with primarchs being better then phoenix lords, just with how good primarchs are depicted.
I really can't see the point in taking them at that point level. Eldrad is only 210, and he does so much more for the army as a whole. These dudes punch guyz, but they don't even do that particularly well.

>> No.17215625

>It's always been a looted missile idiot
Wow, really, because I was under the impression the whole "orks use looted Imperial technology" thing wasn't introduced until the Ork sourcebooks a few years after Rogue Trader 40,000.

Find an older 40k publication than Rogue Trader 40,000 (pic related), and I'll believe you.

>> No.17215628

You're so fucking wrong.

Back in the days, Space Marines were the only thing unique in 40k.

Everything else was just a pewter orc, or elf, with a gun.

It wasn't a mistake, it was merely an unexpected sideeffect of the setting of early 40k.

>> No.17215641

>now there's 2 different stories?

I have never once heard any suggestion that the destruction of the Fist's fortress-monastery was caused by a looted Deathstrike. It was one of the Fist's own missiles which malfunctioned mid-flight and crashed back into the monastery, detonating within the stores of munitions and ammo.

If that's the case, I think I'll pass on this one.

>> No.17215642

As earlier mentioned, It was just a splinter, and Ra isn't exactly alive either.

And Haunter didn't fight back against the Assassin.

>> No.17215655

I'm under the impression the Deathstrike story was a very short-lived explanation that coincidentally popped up around the time the plastic Deathstrike came out and was never mentioned before or since.
Put it down to in-universe misinformation?
Put it down to in-universe misinformation.

>> No.17215672

>16 survivors
Huh. Doesn't the latest Rynn's world book put it at 200-400?
Yes, I know, thus "Trolling aside."

>> No.17215676


Beware of that word. People have varying standards of what is "unique", so know that as soon as you say somehting is unique somebody will argue that X did it before, and it was a total ripoff.

tl;dr: Don't say "unique", people get fussy over this sort of thing

>> No.17215688

> Last Stand
Even in RT, the Fists didn't lose. The "malfunctioning planetary defense missile" thing was in the original Battle At The Farm scenario. Have you even READ the new pdf? They leave it THE FUCKING SAME. They just expand on the battles surrounding BatF. Crimsom Fists were still devastated, almost beyond the point of saving.

Stop being retarded, is what I guess I'm trying to say here.

>> No.17215693

>Doesn't the latest Rynn's world book put it at 200-400?

IIRC, 200 Marines were garrisoned in the capital city, so they got off fine. Kantor, Cortez, and about sixteen other Marines survived the destruction of their Fortress-monastery.

>> No.17215700

I think they're getting Rynn's World confused with a different piece of fluff, in which the Orks looted a Deathstrike and used it to take out a Baneblade and a few armored companies.

>> No.17215702

>Huh. Doesn't the latest Rynn's world book put it at 200-400?

This is the information the player is meant to know in the scenario. The player represented by Pedro Cantor. So he only knows of fifteen other survivors, but maybe, just maybe, if he reaches Rynn City...

>> No.17215704

>>Baharroth up to 225 points
>>A guy with a power weapon and a S5 AP5 assault 3 gun.
>>Doesn't do anything for the army
>>Lysander/calgar cost

>> No.17215708


They actually do.

Maugan Ra is a range-focused phoenix lord, and hits way harder than a combaty marine captain.

The marine has three S6 power weapon attacks base with a relic blade, with WS6 and I5.
Maugan Ra has four S6 power weapon attacks base with WS7 I7.
Fighty Wolf Lord would have five S5 power weapon attacks with WS6 I5.

Fuegan hits at S5 and has four attacks, but gets 2d6 penetration and so on.

They won't be taken because of the crappiness of most aspects and the necessity of taking a Farseer to keep Eldar in the game. Fuegan's aspect is good, but not close combat oriented, so taking him is a waste. Phoenix Lords are generalists and pay points for it, but their CC potential is wasted on ranged aspects and vice versa.

Eldar need a "generic" CC troop unit that can be joined by phoenix lords and their units need cost adjustments (bright lance cost reduced by 10 points for BS3 units, TL brightlances and BS4 bright lances reduced by 15 points just to start).

>> No.17215710

Just a little tidbit. It's great to be an oldfag, but about 75% of the rogue trader fluff is dead and gone.

Which means, ironically, oldfags are worse at trying to maintain the status quo then the eldar.

>> No.17215723

>People actually want the Space Marines to lose

Shame on you! Shame on you all!

>> No.17215731

Just a little tidbit.
Just because there are more players who came into the game via Dawn of War and never really looked at anything else, and more people still who post here and have never played/read the actual game/fluff, does not mean that they have a clue. 40k "canon," to the extent that it exists, does not work with any sort of age-based priority.

>> No.17215739

Yeah... shame on us for wanting to curb the marine-wank in GW's bad fluff, if only by a little.

>> No.17215760

Personally, I gauge the desire for defeat depending on the nature of the conflict.

if it is a Roman style "Go beat up X faction for glory and such!" They can suffer a crushing defeat, as pointless battles do nothing but make a bad situation worse.

If they are trying to stop a Chaos incursion, or destroy an ork Waagh, or take out a nid tendril, then I root for the 'good' guys.

From what I can see, the Space Wolves are here for the sake of fighting something other then themselves... which does not help them in my eyes.

>> No.17215771


Baharroth would have the price of Dante with this adjustment.

Baharroth would have WS7 BS7 S4 T4 W3 I7 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ and eternal warrior, has a power weapon assorted squad-boosting abilities
Dante is WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W4 I6 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ with no eternal warrior and a master-crafted power weapon, has some assorted abilities but besides allowing nipplewing boosts only his own squad

>> No.17215796

I'd be fine with seeing the Marines take a good loss, to a worthy opponent like Chaos, Orks, Necrons or Tyranids.

But the Eldar are a fucking joke. The entire schtick of the Eldar is "OMG WE'RE A DYING RACE OMG OMG!", to which I must respond:
>Well if they're going to die, then they had better hurry up and do it, and increase the surplus grimdark.

>> No.17215806

Why are Space Wolfs such boring Mary Sues?

>> No.17215815


Bonus points for working in one of my favorite Christmas Carol quotes.

>> No.17215816


Jervis plays Space Wolves.

>> No.17215829

Because Jervis.

>> No.17215832

Because they're Jervis' favorite army.

>> No.17215834

Why are /tg/ commenters such bland, unoriginal faggots?

>> No.17215836

I totally agree, brother!

>> No.17215858

But the Space Marines are a fucking joke. The entire schtick of the Space Marines is "OMG WE'RE A GROUP OF DE-BALLED SUPER SOLDIERS TRYING TO OVERCOME OUR INNATE HOMOSEXUALITY", to which I must respond:
>Well if they're going to be gay, then they had better hurry up and do it, and increase the surplus grimdark.

>> No.17215859

This is why I like the Saim-Han. Fucking fuedal-clan style Eldar with fur-cloaks, warpaint, and sick love for jetbikes.

To hell with all the other ones. Saim-Hann are the best Eldar. They'll cut you down, mount your head on a bike, and use your as warpaint on their face. Their Farseers are more like shamans, than anything else.

>> No.17215902


To summarize, Jervis plays with himself while playing Space Wolves?

>> No.17215909

Fuck yeah! Wild riders up in this bitch!

>> No.17215912


>> No.17215920


It's a real shame.

>> No.17215922

Hell yeah, mother fucker!

And that's when they aren't knife fighting each other or starting wars with other eldar!

>> No.17215943

Oh, Dark Eldar in denial.

>> No.17215951

Goddamnit imperium.

It's an iceball planet with pratically no population.

Just let the eldar have it. You know that they would only invade because they have a reason to, like there's a necron Tomb located on the planet or something.

>> No.17215953

And getting a reputation for being barbarians because of those wars!

Saim-Hann Eldar are fucking boss.

>> No.17215961

Gabriel Angelos died for your sins, /tg/, How dare you disrespect his sacrifice and the sacrifice of all marines everywhere.

Why do you want defeat and death to these noble defenders of man?

>> No.17215973


Except he's not dead, he just has some cybernetics now. After being crushed by a Daemon Prince of Khorne.

>> No.17215976

See, the thing is, the Imperium will fuck over other races purely out of spite. That's not a bad thing. The problem is that they do this fuckery out of spite, and then we are all asked to shout "Hoo-ray!" when they win.

>> No.17215983

The Saim-Hann also have a code of honor.

They're actually really fucking cool. And like a lot of sub-factions, were watered down and glazed over with recent trends. Other notable awesome sub-factions include the Harakoni Warhawks, Blood Axes, and the Kroot Mercenaries.

>> No.17215987

How much cybernetics?

I have to admit, if the chapter master of the Blood Ravens became a Dreadnaught, that would have to be one extra-badass Dreadnaught

>> No.17215995


>> No.17215996

I know, but the best case scenario in this situation is that they'll end up having to fight a rearguard action against a swarm of Tyrannids or an awakening demon prince before calling in an exterminatus on the entire planet.

This always happens.

>> No.17216001

>How much cybernetics?

Three out of four limbs, half his head, and a fair chunk of his torso, IIRC.

>> No.17216010

Such a shame really. All those have incredible potential.

Still doesn't stop me from running Saim-Hann as mongol samurai space elves with a flair of WHFB High Elves in my RT campaign and tabletop.

>> No.17216013

itt: mehreen-fags don't know shit about how awesome Saim-Hann is, and ASSume all Eldar are emo fail-elves.

>> No.17216020

> Doom of Mymeara
> Mymeara is a Craftworld
> A Craftworld Specifically created for this book
>This doesn't look good for the Eldar
Ummmm, no. It looks like a plot element that FW created for the book will end up destroyed in the same book.
Net Result - Zero Impact.

>> No.17216028

An exception doesn't change the main rule, friend.

>> No.17216033


Recent dickery of everything non-marine doesn't stop me from making WW2 Soviet Blood-Axes, either... IA8 does a great job of representing an IS-2 or ISU-122 with the Soopa-Kannon Battlewagon.

>> No.17216075

>Red Army Blood Axes
That sounds pretty damn cool

>> No.17216081

News-flash for you: They're all fucking exceptions. Every last goddamn Craftworld. Biel-Tan are a craftworld of warmongering warrior-monks, with a serious hate-vendetta on everything. Alaitoc are the turbo-stealth sniper army of master "BOOM HEADSHOT" snipers. Ulthwe is a craftworld where Guardians are on par with Aspect Warriors in terms of specialized training, and are a standing military as opposed to 'militia', all of which is led by master dicks of 'just as planned' dickery.

Iyanden is... ok you got me there. Iyanden really is 'super sad emo' Eldar of failure.

>> No.17216095

Yeah, I've been mulling over the idea for over a year now... I'd love to do it, and could certainly use a 6th Ork army. But 5e's not exactly fun to play right now.

>> No.17216126

You do realize that Baharroth's abilities only affect the squad he is attached to and that his squad boosting ability is the same as the exarch's.
Each Phoenix lord's abilities they grant their squad can be purchased for far cheaper by the squad's exarch/sergeant.
Phoenix lords are just damned expensive sergeants without invulnerable saves so they can be easily picked off.

>> No.17216134

For a second I thought he was Calgar and that the Blood Ravens accepted him as their spiritual league.

>> No.17216146

If the craftworlds are so different why dont they have different codices for each? Or at the very least variable army lists like most codices have nowadays.

>> No.17216157

Because GW doesn't focus on the xenos as much as they should.

>> No.17216160

>Iyanden really is 'super sad emo' Eldar of failure.
To be fair to Iyanden, it is because a shit-load of Tyranids showed up and ate nearly every person and soul stone.

HOWEVER, from Iyanden you get Yriel, an Eldar so bad ass he just flipped everyone the finger, went off and formed the most notorious raiders in the galaxy in a decade, then came back and saved everyone.

>> No.17216171

This. If it was, like, Doom of Ulthwe or Doom of Biel-Tan or something, we'd have cause to complain.

And I wouldn't even complain because at least it would be a bit of plot advancement.

>> No.17216175

Thanks for his Relic Spear he is gonna die soon.

>> No.17216182

Yeah, I'm kind of in the same place with my Saim-Hann warhost idea.
I have these ideas of mixing the Dragonprince kit with Jetbikes for the Wild Rider Chieftain and his Kinsmen and I think it'd look superboss.

>> No.17216184

>why dont they have different codices for each?
They used to. Codex: Craftworld Eldar was discontinued when the 4th edition book was released.

>Or at the very least variable army lists like most codices have nowadays.
Because the 4th edition Eldar codex was done at a time when all the books written were rather stripped back and simple. Hence why there aren't special rules for Klanz in the Ork Codex, or specific Legions in the Chaos Marines Codex.

>> No.17216194

Because like the various IG Regiments (each of which is unique), the Ork clans (each wildly different from the others), or Chaos Legions...

They're not loyalist space marines.
That really is the extent of it, and the entire reason such variant armies were removed in favor of the 'One book to represent them all' strip-down that the Devs aimed for. Many of the "minor sub-factions" of the regiments, clans, or craftworlds are unique enough to make space wolves appear 'standard codex organization'. Harakoni Warhawks for instance (all heavy-carapace drop-troop guard).

>> No.17216213

They did.
I used to play with a craftworld Ultwe and a Craftworld Biel-tan army back in 3rd edition.

>> No.17216214


Guess what, Dante does not buff anyone outside his own squad either.

Phoenix Lords are durable enough for their points. If normal troops are going to "pick them off" they have to get through 2+ save, and if a klaw or a powerfist is going to strike at them...it takes 7,2 attacks from those to kill a PL without an invulnerable save while it takes 4,8 to kill a Chapter Master who does have a 4++.

>> No.17216225

I think some of the new DE plastics could look awesome mixed in, as well. The wych bodies and heads, for instance. Some of the Dark Elf stuff from fantasy would also look good (like the corsair cloaks). I'd almost try to go for as many helmet-less heads as possible, to give them warpaint and such.

But yeah... I know that feeling bro. I know that feeling. :-\

>> No.17216281

> because 4e was the era of oversimplification
When the next Eldar book comes out, it will have special characters for different army worlds. 4e was a dark time for everyone.

>> No.17216323

Look, we can argue the fluff all we want, but that doesn't change how GW writes the stuff. This book is called the Doom of Mymeara. We already know how it ends.

>> No.17216331

It *might*. It also might not. 5th ed IG had the potential to represent a vast majority of IG regiments. Instead it became 'Melta-Vet Cadiatachans', with the Valhallan and Tallarn characters shoe-horned in for shits and grins.

The Ork codex was late 4th (lol 5th in mind), and cut out all the klans in favor of watering down their fluff and using them as 'color-scheme-examples' (Deathskulls use lots of blue and have more Lootas than other clans). Anti-variant activists argue the Ork codex represents the clans "just fine", but they never had their heavily over-geared 'Ard Boy BadMoons reduced to 0-1, or watched their entire Goff army become 'pants-on-head-retarded cannon-fodder footsloggers'. Seriously, I had a Goff army. I cried when I saw the current codex for the first time. Then I donated my army to my LGS.

>> No.17216348

JESUS CHRIST ANON! GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM! We were discussing how awesome the Saim-Hann are, and why it's a crying shame GW killed all the sub-factions.

Fucking hell... bunch of savages on this forum...

>> No.17216357

Will the Phoenix Lords get a finecast release? And will Drazhar get a model update?

>> No.17216383


If you just don't take into consideration GW fluff then this is probably going to be a rare win for the Imperials considering this is a FW product. Even the Siege of Vraks wasn't technically a win, at best they prevented a already terrible loss from becoming a catastrophic disaster.

Just sucks for Eldar players since the one time they get a spot in the limelight for a FW product it sounds like they are going up against the only competent IG commander for light years and with a entire Great company of wolves to boot.

>> No.17216401

>Oh woe is me, this terrible curse will give me terminal cancer in... 10480284 years. Oh woe is me.

Fuck off, emo faggot Eldar. Come back when you actually catch some deadly curse.

>> No.17216428

As if a silly mon-keigh could comprehend tragedy. The closest your lot ever came to that was in the form for your Romantic-era writers. By your standards Yriel would've been a Byronic hero.

>> No.17216431

Am I the only one that gets the impression that because of Saim-Hanns warrior culture they're not as strict with the Path system as other Craftworlds?

>> No.17216441


The C'tan had raised melodrama to an art form before they got dramatically sharded.

>> No.17216446

I still think it would be awesome if the Eldar out-dick the Space Wolves, and send them packing. But get caught in an attrition war with the Elysians (much to the dismay of both sides), and end up slowly loosing. Meanwhile the Elysians limp away as the badly mauled victor. Add in the death of numerous named commanders, heroes from all sides, and a scorched fucking planet. And I think it'd be awesome.

>> No.17216447

I think because of their culture, the other craftworlds view the Saim-Hann as dangerously wild. And Alaitoc produces so many rangers because of how strict it is on the Craftworld.

>> No.17216450

>that pic
>take perfectly good colored artwork
>add garish light effects that negate all the previous lighting/coloring job and hurt the eyes

Fuck sometimes I hate majesticnugget.

>> No.17216451

Arrrgggh...my soul I could feel it withering away....I..I..can not die yet....NO...I must endure...I must protect the ones I love....urrrgh....I MUST PROTECT MY CRAFTWORLD!

>> No.17216455

Nope, that's petty much the way they've always come across to me.

>> No.17216461

I concur with this anon. As an Iron Hands player, my army wasn't even shoehorned into the codex - the Astral Knights, who are DEAD TO THE LAST MAN, got as much fluff as my own favorite chapter. Not only did they fail to fluff my favorite army with anything resembling good stuff (hurr burr smurfy durr, your "victory" involves you killing thousands of daemons, oh, and BILLIONS OF LOYAL IMPERIAL CITIZENS, did I mention this is a fucking reprint of an old story?), but they removed the Traits system that let me change up my army in an interesting way. Not all 5e armies got a diversity boost in 5e.

>> No.17216503

Yriel gives exactly zero fucks about the Curse.
I don't know if I would go that far. They aren't going to boot you out for disagreeing with your mentor like on Alaitoc, but, for example, during your time as a aspect warrior, your loyalty to your clan is set aside, as the shrine (and therefore, the craftworld) takes priority.

>> No.17216522

That much I know, but they've always struck me as more like the exodites in mindset and if I remember right, they're the craftworld with the best ties to exodite worlds.

>> No.17216536

Dark Eldar already got all the love they needed.
Besides, all of the Phoenix lord minis are from 2nd edition.

>> No.17216541


Iron Hands are canonical dicks though, they would kill liberated civilians for being weak enough to allow treachery take root.

Plus the 4e Iron Hands are perfectly doable with 5e codex.

Their canon traits were Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients (take heavy support dreads, no 0-1 restriction on venerables) and Scions of Mars (techmarine gets additional wound for 15 points).

Both of these can be accurately replicated with a Master of the Forge.

Their drawback? Eye to Eye, maximum of one bike, attack bike or speeder squad per army. Again easily doable.

>> No.17216553

Yeah, I know. That's why I made fun of that poster.

Not fun of Yriel. Geeeez.

Just because I play Space Marines, doesn't mean I'm a retard.

>> No.17216576

>Just because I play Space Marines, doesn't mean I'm a retard.

>> No.17216587

Oh, apologies then, my mistake.
Gonna be real curious if his Eye isn't nerfed next time round.
Drazhar isn't much younger, and he's basically a PL. Might as well make some new molds for everyone (and then only release them as a $55 box set, regardless of which army you play or which one you want to use!).

>> No.17216676

Can't get terminator sergeants, which is a big Iron Hands thing. If I want termies, I'm stuck taking them in squads. I'm not just talking about "can I make an Iron Hands force?" I'm talking about "in a book where every other Codex 1st founding chapter, plus Crimson Fists, got a sidebar of fluff and a special character to represent them, Iron hands don't. The character with the crazy bionics is a FUCKING ULTRAMARINE CHAPLAIN. Chaplain, an office which the Iron Hands don't even fucking have, they have Iron Priests, whose job is totally different, so it's not like I can say "well, he's an Iron Hands guy but not really, lol!"

>> No.17216771


If you want terminator sergeants, counts-as Space Wolves is an accurate option. They even get a dreadnought HQ.

Space Wolves have iron priests by the way.
IH had Iron Fathers, that were not in the 4e codex. The 3e Index Astartes Iron Father was basically a master of the forge/techmarine with less abilities.

Cassius' T6, Feel No Pain and 4++ are indeed intriguing. Funny how Typhus only has T4(5) and 5++, Cassius can eat manticore shots while Typhus gets ID'd by a krak missile.

>> No.17216829

>Space Woofs get "WTF PWNED"
All of my money.
Space Wolves are like Ultramarines but for edgy teens.

>> No.17216833

I've started using C:SW as my Iron Hands army, but it bugs me that I have to go FROM the Codex in which my fluff (such as it is) can be found, to a codex that is quite clearly Not My Book in order to play my army. It's nowhere near as bad as the shaft Chaos players, for example, were given in 4e, but the point remains: 5e codexes are not necessarily better than 4e dexes at giving people versatile options.

>> No.17216891


But generally they are. 4e BA was just a WD, and 3e was an add-on booklet. Crudded Tyranids and Iron Hands with codex SM are a sole exception really, and that's for one reason, the terminator sergeants.

>> No.17216906

Note how only the cool chapters lose.

>> No.17216933

Except he's alive like 30 seconds later, did you now watch the cutscenes?

>> No.17216950


The only Phoenix lords worth their cost are maugan ra and drazhar. Not that the internet knows shit about drazhar - he will beat most special char's around his cost in a fight.

Doesn't mean all the phoenix lords need an inv save.

>> No.17216959

Why the FUCK do Muhreens have six different codices when they can have one?

>> No.17216969

I did. All I saw was a bright light then suddenly I saw Calgar with confused look on his face surronded by Blood Ravens.

>> No.17216995

I know Dark Eldar received an enjoyable amount of attention from GW, and I'm very grateful. I'm just hoping for one final wave that consists of special characters and the Void Raven. Though if we can only get one special character, I'm hoping it's Drazhar. His current model just doesn't mesh well with 5 edition incubi in my opinion.

>> No.17217029

No, I know what you mean. Shit, it would be nice just to have the Klavix (That's their sgt. name right?) weapon. He'll probably pop up in the second half of the month when a fantasy book, or a month between book releases.

>> No.17217033

>Our Chapter Master became a Heretic so we got ourself a new one!

>> No.17217039

>Space Wolves are like Ultramarines but for edgy teens.

>> No.17217111


Yes, a new model for him would rock but its nothing you can't convert from 2 incubi.

Now WHERE'S MA DECAPITATOR MODEL GW!? He is a pain in the arse as the mandrakes aren't great base models for converting in such a manner.

>> No.17217131

I know that feel bro. My attempt only resulted in the ruination of a perfectly good mandrake.

>> No.17217135

So do Corsairs actually have stats now?
Am I allowed to field Fairies in Boots yet?

>> No.17217148

> Dark Eldar need more precious models to fill in their 1-2 clearly unconvertable gaps
> laughingtyranids.gif

> Dark Eldar are good
> cryingtyranids.gif

>> No.17217155


You will when the book comes out.

And the Solitaire allegedly blows sixty dicks.

>> No.17217157

The pin vise is your friend, bro.

>> No.17217164

Here's hoping for a patch in the next craftworld 'dex.

>> No.17217189

What's the Solitaire?

>> No.17217239

rolled 18 = 18

A Harlequin.

I don't believe they have seen use since 2nd edition and the 3rd edition harlequin dex (GW approved so it counts).

>> No.17217241

Harlequin HQ. They're supposed to be loners without souls--extra-killy. They play Slaanesh in the great dances, and unlike other Harlies are doomed to be eaten by him when they die.

>> No.17217269

They are the most powerful Eldar in existance.

>> No.17217287

Harlequins are getting their own list? Fucking A, man.

>> No.17217291

Unless Cegorach manages to save them. It's a rare thing, but it happens. I *think* that old enough Solitares become the dread guardians of the Black Library, who are arguable the greatest warriors in the galaxy.
Vindicare assassin will probably be pile-driving his ass to death when he's stat'd though.

>> No.17217312


> loners without souls

Wait. Does that mean Solitaires are Eldar Blanks?

>> No.17217354

Not exactly. In their old stats, because their soul is promised to Slaanesh, they are effectively "souless," thus are totally fearless, will automatically pass Ld tests, and against psychic powers that require their Ld (such as Mind War), the power automatically fails. Basically, Slaanesh shouts "MINE!" and shoos it away.

>> No.17217372

I think that it's got something to do with offering up their souls to take on their role. I could be pulling that out of my ass though, as I haven't read the Eldar 'dex in a bit.

>feared and respected protectors of the Black Library
>so badass even Inquisitors know not to fuck with them
>able to fend off daemonic incursions and be completely uncorruptable
>stats of an Eldar Guardian with a 5+ invul save and 2 attacks instead of 1
I'm calling it

>> No.17217400

>stats of an Eldar Guardian with a 5+ invul save and 2 attacks instead of 1

And WS5, BS4, I6, Ld9, and several special rules. That's not to say Harlequins couldn't use a bit of a boost, but really, it's a bit unfair to compare them to a Guardian when the only thing they share is the same S, T, and W.

>> No.17217572

Bacially, to become a harlequin the Eldar needs to battle Slaaneshi daemons for their souls, with some help from the laughing god. If they succeed they're freed from Slaanesh's possession forever and don't need to worry about their souls. If they lose they either die or become a Solitaire. So they're sort of like Blanks, but they're not born with no soul, they have their soul ripped out.

>> No.17217762

For all those Iron hands fans feeling left out in the lore department there is a novel coming out eventually.

I'm just guessing but I'm thinking there is going to be a whole lot of dead civilians. A demonic incursion on your planet? YOUR WEAKNESS IS A INSULT TO THE EMPEROR!

>> No.17221158

>they're the craftworld with the best ties to exodite worlds.
nope, that'd be Biel-Tan.

Mind you, Biel-Tan and Saim-Hann are best buddies as far as craftworlds go

>> No.17221235

>Imperial Armour 12
>about Tzeench CSM
>not Rubric Marines

>> No.17221619


>> No.17223712

I read up on the codex earlier while Saim-Hann doesn't seem to be the Exodite bro that Biel-tan is, it mentions they have a culture most similar to the Exodites.

Which implies, atleast to me, that the they're not as strict with the Path system.

>> No.17226553

He floats there and screams at his enemies? Sounds gay to me.

>> No.17226628


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