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I've seen quite a few DeS/DaS references on /tg/ as of late and got to thinking - I love those games. Maybe I should make some minis based on them.
Mainly I'd love to model Seath. His fucked up form would look great on the tabletop.
Sadly the same doesn't quite work with most other characters. Or, at least I can't really think of any. Maybe False King Allant. Maybe.

Dark/Demon's Souls (conversion) general?

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>Mainly I'd love to model Seath

Dear Master Logan, please come back to Firelink Shrine. I miss you... ;_;
~Griggs, Your faithful apprentice

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Goodamn Griggs, why you such a toadie.

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Fuck you Griggs you were only good for doubling my Soul Spears.
At least Rickett let me upgrade my stuff.

On a related note, now I kinda want to model Logan. Pre-hollow, that is. Hollow Logan might make for a hilarious Vampire Count though.

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Well at least he tried to do Sen's.
Granted that he lost his shit before even reaching the boulder launcher, but still. Props to him for trying.
Laurentius, as cool as he was, died in Blighttown's swamp.

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As a fan of DSouls, I'd love to see your take on those minis.
Seath aside, you could take a shot at Dragon God, Garl, 4king and Ornstein.

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To be honest I've forgotten if Dragon God even has a lower body. World 2 was always such a speedrun for me I never stopped to pay attention to anything there.
Garl and Ornstein share a problem - both are very intricate and human-sized, so making them as minis would be quite delicate work. Smough would be much more doable, if sculpt-heavy.
4King on the other hand would be very doable. I think I'd base him off the LotR Necromancer, possibly with Orion's head.
Still no posts...
Forgive me, I was so absorbed in thought I just... drifted away.

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>Be Iron Tarkus
>Manly as fuck
>Steamroll everything in my path
>Fall from the rafters in Anor Londo because armor is too heavy



How about Gravelord Nito? He shouldn't be too difficult, you just need a lot of skeletons.

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Fuck yes Tarkus you are the second best NPC summon in the game (Beatrice VS Butterfly is #1)

Nito would mostly be about making a proper cloak and the Gravelord Sword arm. The arm is doable but the cloak worries me...

>Also, for those who also visit /v/, I go by Drawfag of Boletaria there, and this is my (first) character.

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I was thinking about Quelaag.

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true Beatrice VS Butterfly is just pure gold also she helps you out alot in 4Kings i would love to see those battles animated or at least in a comic

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>Viking build

Fuck yes

You are talking about creating the cloak from greenstuff? Yeah, that might be complicated...

Speaking of our glorious gravelord, I love how the rumours pre launch ended with him being the Nurgle of Dark Souls.

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Quelaag's Sister can never be fully healed.

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He just wanted to learn how to cast such great pyromancies. I never should have told him how this all happened. ;_;

Seriously though, I find it sad how everyone around you gets horrible, horrible endings. Tarkus gets stuck in the Painted World and dies, Havel gets eaten alive by a goddamn mimic, Laurentius hollows while trying to find the Daughter of Chaos, The Crestfallen Warrior hollows trying to get rid of a smelly smell that smells smelly, Lautrec turns out to be a giant dick, Griggs hollows out in Sen's Funhouse, Logan probably tried to continue Seath's research and went insane, Solaire gets taken over by zombie goasts, Siegmeyer either ends up dying to injuries sustained in battle or kills himself after being shown to be inferior to you, and then there's the Elite Knight.

The Elite Knight, one of the few people to actually care about you, kills himself to prevent hollowing out and harming you at the very start of your journey. All for nothing, as he hollows out anyway and attacks you after losing his mind. He was the one to save you from your damnation, and probably saved you by killing himself before he could hollow out and kill you to the point of hollowing.

Terrible shit happens and all your friends get cursed: the game.

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LotR Shelob + some Daemonette trickery might work. Not sure what to make the sword out of though.
Never really foudn her that good in 4king myself. She tanks a few shots, but since I like high VIT builds anyway I was never in such critical danger. She dies before the first king as well, so the added boss HP is not really worth it.
Well he kinds is. Notice how you need to be hollow and have no Humanity to join him. He takes care of the dregs of Dark Souls.
Too bad his covenant is kinda shit though. Every other covenant gives an infinite invasion item, while you need to farm Basilisk for more eyes if you run dry.
True, but she does say it hurts less after 30 Humanity. Not much of an improvement, but still.
Then again if you prefer to side with Quelana, you'll just mercy kill her anyway.
Speaking of which, The Fair Lady complains about her eggs, implying they are dead. However, all of the eggbearers spawn maggots if killed.
Does this mean all the servants have Quelaag's eggs, or what?

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Rather, A Havel gets eaten alive by a mimic.

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Tarkus was indeed a good summon, basically makes the iron golem cakewalk by knocking out his kneecaps...but Solaire is THE BEST. Might be the sunbro in me picking favorites, but definately most useful for gargoyles, ornstein/smough and that caterpillar demon.

Don't forget Rhea...dumped in the tomb of giants left to die, only to be rescued and mudered, or then captured and experimented on by Seath.

Is patches the only one to live out of everyone? Goddamnit.

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There are some images with box art and "shit gets cursed, all your firends die" or "Shit gets cursed, all doors are locked"


>Tarkus gets stuck in the Painted World and dies

He falls from the rafters in Anor Londo or is killed by the painting guardians

> Havel gets eaten alive by a goddamn mimic

He is a hollow in undead Burg (I don´t know how to explain his armor in Anor Londo though)


The covenant sometimes works for me, to pass the time I kill forest invaders or kill darkwraiths if I am elsewhere.

>Gravelord servant main theme


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Havel went hollow in the Undead Burg, the set you find refers to it belonging to his Knights. No idea how his mace got there though.
Also, the Elite Knight was called Oscar. He was supposed to become your rival before some content was cut. Essentially he would side with the Serpent you did not (He'd be a Darkwraith if you picked Frampt, and himself trying to succeed Gwyn if you picked Kaathe). Or so I've heard from interviews and datamines.
Also, Izalith was going to be linked to Ash Lake and Tomb of Giants, explaining how Siegmayer got there so fast and why you can see Izalith and Ash Lake from Tomb of Giants (but not the other way around since the Tomb is so dark).
Also, supposedly, Shiva wouls lose his shit if you had the Chaos Blade and attack you. Possibly acting as a reference to Satsuki and Makoto.

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Solaire has the uncanny ability to FLIP THE FUCK OUT and absilutely RAPE the boss. He displays this most often in Centipede Demon and occasionaly in Gaping Dragon. I think I've seen him do it only one in Gwyn and Ornstein&Smough.
Essentially he goes into BERSERK MODE and just deal out oerfect damage without taking any hits. Not sure if this just pure random chance or an intended feature. Probably just chance.
And speaking of Rhea, I think she went voluntarely. After all she was already dead, and it seems Astora likes to send it's undead on suicide missions. After you bailed out in the Tomb and she could no longer be of any help to you, she gave herself up to Seath to see if she could do anything to prevent further Maiden sactifices. She could not.
The armour in Anor Londo belongs to his knights (he was a Bishop who lead an order of stone armoured knights). The question is how his hammer got there.
The answer to that is GAME MECHANICS.

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I think they ran out of dragons to cut off body parts from, so they said screw it put it with the armor.

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So, going back to the original topic - Hellpit Abomination as a base model - good idea?
Obviously it would need a more dragony head (and torso) as well as those tentacle tail limbs, but the core body is nice and lumpy.

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What about doing a black knight/silver knight conversion? Or the Anor Londo giant guards?

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I like it You should also need to cover the entire thing with crystals somehow

I think the closest thing to Seath's torso in terms of size and looks is the Necrosphinx torso, but it's still covered in Tomb king iconography.

The best thing would be a Saurus torso, but they are too small.

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The Knights are (assuming the player is about as big as a Empire Free Company soldier) about the size of Chaos Warriors, so I think Siegvald would be great as a base, since he is nice and slim like they are. If nothing else, hi slegs are good options. Alternatively, some Dark Elf models mite make good bases, as both share the same style of sharp, segmented armour. Executioner torsos, Black Guard, etc.
The helmets would need to be based off Chaos Warriors with some High Elf bits.
Iconography can always be shaved off. The Hellpit torso might also work, if one sculpted in some extra ribs and shit.
For crystals I would use sharpened leftover sprue.

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I'm pretty sure the description on the dragon tooth says that EVERY Havel knight got one.

Havel fucking provides. You want dragon teeth? Bitch I invented Great Magic Barrier!

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It did? I remember it said the Dragon Tooth was some important as fuck heirloom.
Then again in retrospect that makes no sense since wasn't Havel RIGHT THERE with Gwyn ripping those teeth out alongside Ornstein, Gough, and the rest of the crew?

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>Looting time!

I fucking love Havel, It's a shame that I instantly cringe when fighting a havel armor user that starts flipping everywhere as if he weren´t using armor at all, even worse with Wrath of the gods and lightning weapons

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Flipring and Lightning weapons are so bog standard I get caught off guard when I DON'T see them these days. WoG is still kinds annoying. Not as bad since the nerf to TwoP, but still. At least now you can roll them.
As a counter-troll build I've noticed two things outshine the rest: Shotel and bleed. Bleed is pretty common as almsot all DEX builds have it, but shotels can catch people off guard. Myself included. I prefer a Greatsword/Greatshield combo in PVP and try to force enemies to hit me, then punish with a normal hit, dark hand or backstab.
My biggest problem is dealing with Shotels and heavy magic. And lagstabs, but there is no counter to those.

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While this seems like it would be a cool Sunbro costume, I dunno if it would be very practical, seeing as other players couldn't see the light from the maggot.

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Oh man, I've had this darkwraith invading me while I gravelord in New Londo, he uses giant set with a katana and he is UNSTOPPABLE, my character uses heavy armor and gravelord sword, but even after 5 hits he doesn´t stagger, and he can attack like 10 times nonstop with the katana an destroy me, all of my rage

Also, what do you have in mind about Seath's wings, I don´t remember any model with something similar to those.

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It still helps you see around the place, and they can see your phantom and follow it.
You might also want to try the Giant leggings. They fit Ornstein's chest really well.
He probably had poise out the ass. Then again I found Gravelord to become a bit underhwlming around Anor Londo myself. It's a bit like a heavier Drake Sword. Kickass early on, bad later.

For Seath's wings... fuck if I know. There are VERY similar Lego wings, but I might as well just scratch build at that point.

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I've heard giant set is the new Havel, so everyone is changin from havel with lighting Zweihander to Giant with Black knight great axe.

I keep using the gravelord sword because with the miracle is the only thing they give you as a gravelord servant. Also it does pretty good damage when upgraded to +5 (except with the giant set darkwraith) and it also gives toxic.

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I'm kinda lost with the post-patch Metagame myself, but I liked to mix Giants and Ornstein for that lovely golden look. Toss in the Moonlight Greatsword and it's swagtastic as well as PVP functional.
I also used to use the BKGA pre-patch, but I've grown fat oo used to Greatswords to go back now. As such, I switch between the Greatsword of Artorias and Moonlight Greatsword.

My other characters are more aimed at PVE, with one being a SL15 Demon Spear / BK Shield user, another a SL55 Ornstein build and a third a SL45 Smough build.

Then I have a pair of unfinished PVP builds - a glass cannon mage and a Demon Greataxe barbarian.

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Doesn't sunbro get a happy ending if you go through all the extra steps for him?

Also, I think a major theme of the story is that being undead pretty much means bad end all the time.

Also, The masks are my favorite items in the game, mask of child especially. That's shit I want to get real life versions made of, because those things are so fucking amazing.

I'm a bit sad about the Chaos sister though, because she can never really get better. They imply she is, but you never see the results. And you killed the one person she could ever talk to.

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Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be running a +5 Dragon Bone Fist and a Dark Hand for my PvP, because it may not be effective, but being able to uppercut motherfuckers will be awesome.

I just don't know what to use for armor, especially since I'm going to have a fuckton of weight to work with.

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but now you are the one person she can talk to, and you do everything you can to make her feel good. who's to say that she wouldn't be willing to make you feel good to, dear sister?

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You're not immortal, she is, and she doesn't even know who you are.

Also, I don't even really get why you had to kill her sister. You would think you could reason with her.

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Man, making a campaign based in lordran would be great. Facing those challenges as a party would be quite cool, and the whole covenant deals could make for some interesting going ons.

Sadly, my group died out so ;___;

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Giant Set maxed out has ALWAYS been better than Havel.

Maxed out Giant Set has the highest stats for everything in the game. It's only second to Havel's in poise. For everything else it's the armor of an unstoppable murder machine.

However, it did become the new Havel after the patch since it required Twinkling Titanite to upgrade, and the patch made twinkly tits buyable.

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It seemed pretty obvious to me that Quelaag was actually quite heartless. She ignored the plight of the blighted whereas her sister wanted to consume their corruption and Quelaag told her not to.

The only thing Quelaag cared about is her sister, and if she liked other things the least of them would be some rough and tumble adventuring undead getting too close to her sister's room. Also I thought it was obvious that Quelaag actively hunts undead who aren't already her servants in order to take their humanity and feed it to her sister.

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The patch also nerfed the stats. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Also lol at anybody who thinks they need so much poise that they have to wear full heavy armor, Havel's, Giant's, or otherwise.

Check out the discussions on poise breakpoints and what you need for PvP versus particular weapons to tank X number of hits from them before flinching.

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odds are you aren't the first adventurer to come to quelaag's domain carrying arms. after so many people show up to kill you you just kill them all when they show up, especially if you have a crippled immobile sister to look after (and considering that smile she had at the start of the fight, odds are she enjoys it)

also, she doesn't have to know who you really are, she trusts you, and if you give that ring to a successor, she will always have her dear sister

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I want to do it in Riddle of Steel.

Just feels like the perfect system for it.

I'm not saying she'd be nice, just that one would figure you could reason with her. I mean, she's already got people worshiping her sister, and that didn't seem to bother her.

I think the eldest sister is a total bitch though, just hanging out in the swamp, doing nothing for her sisters.

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Ah, there it is! Thanks anon.

>Dark souls in a nutshell

>> No.17161476

She's already dead. She can't help her sisters. Didn't you realize that you meet a lot of people "out of time"?

Quelana is dead. Dead dead dead. Everybody you meet has probably already died in their home dimension and simply keeps respawning in different ones. Once you fix the time distortions in Lordran, they are all going to die for good, and your soul will eat them, no matter whether you relight the fire or become the dark lord.

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Solaire has a really bad moment right after you save him in Izalith, and it's open to interpretation if he gets over it and joins you against Gwyn, or just goes to the Kiln to sulk and die of depression.
And we must not feel bad for the Fair Lady. She died so that Blighttown could live.
Hevel's for uninterruptable uppercuts or Thorns for rolling stuns on low poise builds would be my suggestion.
Quelaag wanted your Humanity so she could help her sister. You, being a heartless dick, killed her just to ring a bell. Then felt bad when you met her sister yourself.
Then you do it all over again with Sif.
There will be new groups.
On the internet the flow of time is distorted, with players from different timezones phasing in and out.
Wasn't the entire point of Havel's that it had over 100 Poise? Smough's has better defence but only round 90 Poise. With Full Havel you could take a Zweihander and not flinch.
Yeah, pretty much this.
Quelaag never was quite as altruistic as her sister, as pointed out by Enguyi.
On a sidenote, the intro shows 7 daughters and the Witch. We only know five:
1) Quelaag
2) Quelana
3) The Fair Lady
4) The one before Bed of Chaos
5) The dead one by Ceaseless Discharge
That leaves two blanks. Ceaseless was a man, I think, so he is not #6 and neither is Salaman.

>> No.17161514

>> No.17161532

Although the intro never explicitly states "by the way everybody in this scene is a daughter of the witch". I don't see why it couldn't have been the witch, her daughters, and her son who became Ceaseless.

>> No.17161543

>Smough's pants with dingy shawl

Oh fuck that's hot I'd love to suck out her humanity with sloppy dark-hand make-outs.

>> No.17161570

Quelaag indeed seems to be protecting her sister and eggs. You killed the shit out of everything on your way there, so she has no reason to assume you are going to be friendly.
The same then happens in Ariamis' world, but at least Priscilla gives you a choise.
Quelana can't do anything, she is a ghost. Note how she calls you a "mere undead" and a "walker of flesh". She is some kind of spirit/ghost who lingers on until her mother dies. She just tells you how to hold fire a bit better then you already can.
That's slightly open to interpretation, as without the first flame to burn away Humanity on death, all Undead might become truly immortal like the player.
or the Player might just eat all the humanity ever because he is the Dark Lord. Nobody knows.

On a sidenote: The Primordial serpents - separate beings, or just different heads of a single primordial hydra?

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>Guess what? /v/ is over there: >>>/v/

>Before you open a dozen whiny metathreads: Yes, discussion of modern video games and the surrounding politics belongs to /v/. Full stop.

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But we are talking about the settinnnnnng.

>> No.17161597 [DELETED] 

And how to make it into a pen ander paperrrrrrr.

>> No.17161598

>See DeS/DaS thread
>Campaign I just finished (DM) was very Demon's Souls influence
>Thread is all spoilers
Leaving before I learn that Dark Souls is all about strong creatures ruining my low-fantasy medieval anus.

>> No.17161661

Well it could, yeah. Maybe Ceaseless wore Gold-hemmed robes too. Come to think of it he probably did.
The thread is about Warhammer conversions but it has derailed into lore and setting discussion, save for around 2.2 posts about game mechanics. Still well within /tg/ territory.
I'd spoiler my spoilers but /tg/ has no s.

Since I love going off on pointless tangents, I'm working on a Demons/Dark Souls inspired game myself. Hoping to have a demo out early next year.

>> No.17161672

Oh Seath, why couldn't you have your own covenant?

Stealing bitches, making crystals, researching spells, creatings horrible abominations, dancing around with a trident, all of it for MAGIC!

>> No.17161675

No worries. Honestly, Demon's Souls is the kind of game I play to enjoy the atmosphere and gameplay, not the story. Took inspiration from a couple of the boss battles and let me tell you, 4e did not work particularly well for trying it. Are you looking to make just a homebrew system along with it or just a setting?

>> No.17161689

The way I interpreted it, the Dark Soul is the source of all undead and it creates them in order to link them to its host with the Dark Sign and the only reason it does all this is so that the host will survive. That every time the host dies, some unfortunate undead has their brand activated and are drained of just enough to keep the host sane.

And that if you reactivate the first fire, you're burning away your soul power and humanity to feed it, just like Gwyn was, which means your Dark Soul is going to go ballistic and create/drain a ton more undead (Gwynvere is lying through her illusory teeth) and sacrifice them to keep the gods strong. If you walk away from the fire and become the Dark Lord, you will continue to spread undeath during your reign and even if you make a kingdom out of the undead you have met in your travels and those who continue to be created, one day they will eventually break down to sustain you. And presumably if you ever have children one of them will inherit your Dark Soul and then one day you'll also wither into a lifeless hollowed husk and your bones will burn for the bonfires while your descendent reigns. Presumably the true gods/planet have something else planned after the dark age, so it's only a matter of time before the Dark Soul is eliminated to make way for something new.

>> No.17161733

We all saw what happened to Logan. Seath's Crystal Dildos are not meant for men to behold.
No, no, VIDEO game. PC at that. Sadly, just oldschool Zelda top-down 2d rather than full 3d. We're just a small team with no money after all.

>> No.17161746

Logan didn't even go hollow. He was just longing for Seathe's dragoncock. He stripped naked to be "scaleless" like Seathe and was fapping to crystals in Seathe's old room when you barge in on him and he spunks all over you by casting White Dragon Breath.

>> No.17161767

>2D Zelda-inspired
That still sounds pretty legit. Please be sure to tell /tg/ when that happens. I know I would be quite excited to play it.

>> No.17161771


Still, you will never steal bitches while dancing around with your Channeler bros, chilling in the archives....

And Logan running around naked all over the place.

>> No.17161807

I somehow figured that the Darksign was the Dark Soul's power finally pushing through the blinding fury of the First Flame.
Humankind is the decendants of the Furtive Pygmy, and those who show the Darksign are stonger than others. Kaathe mentions he had others help him before you, but they all failed. This shows you are not alone in your right to become the Dark Lord.
The First Flame feeds off Humanity. This causes Undead to go Hollow and those too weak to become undead to die outright. As the flame fades, more Humans survive death, and become Undead. In a way, they reach immortality.
if you snuff out the First Flame, ALL humans can survive infinite death like the player, and thus Humanking advances to a whole new level. This is obviously an apocalypse scenario to Gwyndolyn, as he will suddenly be on equal grounds with all humans. As such, he wants you to kindle the First Flame so he can retain his sole rights to immortality.
/insane rambling guesstimation

>TL;DR: If the first flame dies, all humans become immortal undead, and can hever go hollow. Gwyndolyn does not want this to happen.

>> No.17161877

Cannot unthink. God damn.
Well that was my call. We were either doing sidescrolling Medroidvania or top down Zeldalike, and I felt top down would fit the Dark Souls combat system far better.
I'll be sure to post updates as we get them.
And probably do some begging at some point, since even indie devs need to eat...
You can emulate that by invading in there, dressed as a channeler.
For added dickness, try dancing near Izalith Dragon Asses. Trust me. The rage will leave no survivors.

>> No.17161891


How about black phantom asses with triple health and double aggro range?

>> No.17161893

Just goes to show how open ended the plot of Dark Souls is.

Some people say that's the same as not having a plot, but fuck that because there's plenty of plot, it just hands you a bunch of strings instead of pulling you on a fucking rope.

It feels like one of the most immersive worlds I've ever played in, and apparently a lot of people agree seeing as how this topic is still going. Just because I'll never know the truth about the First Flame and the Gods and the Dark Soul and the Primordial Serpents doesn't mean that all these things are not rich with lore and vital to the amazing backdrop they are placed in.

By wanting to know more, I basically keep coming up with my own explanations based on what it deigns to tell me, and in many ways that's way more fun and interesting than just reading a book that lays down the law of lore and tells you exactly what everything is and does and why.

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