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This thread is for discussing the Warcraft setting AS USED FOR THE ROLEPLAYING GAME BASED ON IT.

So yeah, this isn't a vidya thread, this is a thread about adapting stuff for P&P RPG's.

Now, the roleplaying splatbooks all died even before Burning Crusade content. And we can probably all agree that the Warcraft setting has taken a plunge towards the terrible even further since.

What do you guys think is still salvageable from the new expansions, books, comics and whatnot? First one to say Me'dan gets smacked.

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You can't smack me since I am on the internet and you have no clue where I am in the real world.

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I have built in a knife into your computers. Enjoy your facestabbing, fuckers.

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Warcraft Goblins are my favorite type of goblin.

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Keep on lying there anonfag. I'm not even posting from a computer.

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An almost... fetishistic love of things that go boom?

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Among other things

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Oh... OH, I got you, OP.


Yeah... here, check out my "TABLETOP RPG CHARACTER," as based loosely off my WoW Goblin BM Hunter in her new transmog set, which I'm gearing up for Season 11.


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Warcraft is a shame really. It has a few glimmers of real depth and interest but most of it gets buried by the demands of the lazy playerbase and lazier devs.

Warcraft does dwarves and goblins right though, shame they're the two easiest trope races to do right.

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So how about that ending to Cataclysm, huh?

Thrall now having Ysera and Alexstrasza as his mortal bitches?

Thrall now being the central pillar for the entire planet to still exist?


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Hated the ending, I know it gives a legitimate reason for the dragon aspects to never do anything so the world can inevitably be in "grave danger" again but man does it reek of LOTR with the whole age of mortals crap.

Thrall was cool when he was trying to drag the horde out of its barbarism for its own good. I don't like him as Azerothian Superman.

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Mortals? Thrall's bitches?

They did kill that Knaak dragon who was Alexstrasza's last consort, making her single (as Ysera is afaik), so guess it is plausible...

But how mortal?

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It was already the fucking "age of mortals".

Mortals have been doing EVERYTHING for the last THREE fucking expansions.

That ending was total hogwash. What happened to the whole "the aspects are needed for the world to exist" thing, huh?

I guess it just kind of got Metzen-retconned just like so much other interesting lore.

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At the end of the Cataclysm end video the aspect all lose their power and immortality and become just people.

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I really like the warcraft setting, even if I'm considering breaking up with it until mists because of the cataclysm epilogue is the most terrible thing ever.
I wouldnt mind trying the tabletop RPG, i have the splatbooks on my comp.
Basically i think most of the lore is fine, but i would stop it either right before or right after arthas dies but before Thrall defects from the horde like a bitch.
If i could change one thing in the current lore it would be to have Jaina take arthas's place instead of bolvar.

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>Arthas dies

Oh god no. The ending of Lich King was ass-retarded as well.

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On topic; man I am way past giving a shit. I can't fight the fights I really was interested in, I don't give a fuck about Horde v. Alliance as the two get increasingly generic and similar, and the fucking drop rate on the Archeology Jin'Rokh is too damn low.
My account expired, my motivation's at an all-time low, I just don't care any more.
Feels good, actually.
I have regrets, but they're just small things.

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Bolvar should've just been another boss in the citadel or even better just died ignobly from the plague like he originally did. Bolvar becoming the lich king was fucking retarded and exists only to be a giant potential plothook that I hope they leave the fuck alone.

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I have regrets on how a once-cool setting has descended into a lowest common denominator shitfest set to appeal only to the most juvenile of fantasy newbies. Or worse, millions of koreans who don't give a shit about storylines and just want to see bigger numbers on the screen.

Fuck Blizzard for becoming so popular.

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I think rather then Jaina, they should just go with the Caverns of Time solution and have parties go back to "make sure" the LK dies and stays dead. I was seriously disappointed that the War of Northrend was genuinely unwinnable. What a waste of a terrific continent, and of whatever Blizz called open world instancing.

That said, I liked the ending. "I see only darkness." That's right fucker, prepare your anus for FOREVER.

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The problem was that the TWEEEEEEEST ending that Arthas was constantly holding back the Scourge and fighting against evil pretty much invalidated everything you ever did in the expansion. Sure, you killed some undead, but they weren't even TRYING, you see!

Let alone that it contradicted even other stuff in the expansion itself about how Arthas was now just genuinely twisted and evil.

But NOPE, we gotta have those tortured antiheroes.

Also they're bringing back Illidan in a future expansion/patch, in the present day. I dread to see where that goes...

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I generally agree, though I don't reflexively equate popularity with mediocrity. I believe it possible to have it both ways if you have editors and plotmasters of sufficient skill.
That said, Mists doesn't give me much hope. Pandaren? Gods no.

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>only know of Warcraft up to WC3:TFT
>never played WoW
>never heard of Bolvar
>friend tells me he's the new Lich King

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Sylvanas found out she was condemned to the same hell around the time of WotLK, and the Forsaken's purpose was changed from "help me kill Arthas" to "kill anyone who wants to kill me".

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Funny how they gave her a complete turnaround. Arthas becomes sympathetic, Sylvanas becomes a complete bitch-queen

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I'd forgot about the TWEEEST.
Yeah. That was actual shit. Like I broke down my motherboard and spent days cleaning it with alcoholic solvents and a toothbrush-grade-shit.
Now I genuinely feel bad. Grats Anon, you've dented my spirit.
Agreed on the latter point as well. I think Blizz has, and has long had, a problem with loving it's characters more then it respects it's playerbase. Kind of like Disney, in a weird way. Or Ford, insofar as the peril of financially disastrous groupthink happens. Granted that Blizz isn't that far out of touch with it's customer, but it is losing subscriptions.

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>Also they're bringing back Illidan in a future expansion/patch, in the present day. I dread to see where that goes...
Was I the only one that, from everything I knew about WC3, thought that Illidan was the one Ner'zhul was going to attempt to posses to free himself from the Frozen Throne?

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They're readying players to have to kill her, which is gay as fuck.

Illidan and Kael anyone?

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…Before I played WC3's expansion came out, of course.

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Not to troll, but I generally saw that as being the Forsaken's attitude anyway. There was a higher purpose of establishing a new undead kingdom and winning the respect of the rest of the Horde, but under that was the ever-popular WMD-lulz plotlines.

Word. I was hoping for a redemption campaign for her angled around her former ties to the High/Blood Elves and specifically her sister Alleria.

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Yea I agree Arthas dying was unfortunate, but I really cant see him getting out of that expansion alive.
However, I am p happy that Kel'Thuzad has yet to be raped. Hes amazing and can do no wrong in my eyes.

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KT lives? Really?
IIRC he was the loot-pinata of the Naxx arcs, and most definitely died with that capital D.

>> No.17149913

He had his throat raped at one point. But if a newer bad voice is his only problem then he's still doing alright.

>> No.17149951

Well you never break his phylactery so technically hes still around.
I kinda don't hate the new voice.

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Arthas could not be redeemed from hell, it's likely Sylvanas can't be either.

So she'll probably keep getting crazier until her Val'kyr harem is killed (they voluntarily take her place in hell to resurrect her, Annhylde the Caller being the first to do so) and then the players kill her. Making Koltira the new leader of the Forsaken or something.

>> No.17149993


Blizz confirmed she basically doesn't have any Val'kyrs left after cataclysm (you kill a lot of them during quests) and is now in big danger of dying.

Most likely Koltira or Thassarian will become the new Forsaken leaders.

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>Arthas becomes sympathetic, Sylvanas becomes a complete bitch-queen

Not especially. They had that ass-pull at the end, but the majority of the Northrend quests centered around showing you that he had (literally) removed any last dregs of morality and humanity left in his cold body.

As for Sylvanas, play WC3. She was always a bitch. Now she just has undeath to push it further along. Also, Lawful-Evil leader.

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those fanfics made cannon stories are FUCKING BLULLSHIT. Also I really dont understand why Slyvannis who hated the lich king and arthas to a point were she went on an ahab like quest to kill them, is now lich king 2.0 horde addition. with no explanation.

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>Most likely Koltira or Thassarian will become the new Forsaken leaders.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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> What do you guys think is still salvageable from the new expansions, books, comics and whatnot?

All characters that had any decent motivation at all have been killed or changed so much that they have lost purpose.

Thrall, Lothar, Grom and Uther were the only believable three chars Blizzard has ever written into the lore. All of them are dead except Thrall, who was Blizz's poster-boy from his invention up until recently when he gave up Warchief to become the Earth Warden. Even so, the piece of the storyline with him and Aggra was decent, but as for where it goes from here is unknown. The idea of him having a Son is a pretty good start, but if the kid turns out anything like Med'an...

Everyone else is either so unhuman or old / powerful that it's impossible to relate to them in any way at all. Example (http://www.wowwiki.com/Meryl_Felstorm) has been alive 3000 years - his scope on events would be literally impossible for someone to comprehend. Yeah, he can relate to other people in the story, but those chars are so unrelatable themselves that it's a moot point (See Dragon Aspects / races who live to be ancient / all the demigods).

Also Varian doesn't count because of his split-personality-internal-struggle bullshit. "BRO AM I KING OR AM I LO'GOSH? I DUNNO BRO, BUT I GOT THESE SWORDS AND I HATE SOME ORCS." Sad part is Thrall could have ended up like that with the aspects and shit, but luckily he didn't.

Only saving grace left besides Thrall's kid is going to be Garrosh. Saurfang might have made it in there but they kind of already did his shit. I expect him to have a glorious death eventually much like Brox.

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>I know the purpose of the Dragon aspects had nothing to do with Deathwing, but it's fulfilled for some reason.
>Also we're mortals. Fuck all of that stuff we were responsible for. You guys like being invaded by Old Gods right?
>Also Thrall some bitch it pregnant.

I don't know what the fuck is going on.

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Well there is, she found out hell has a place for her and she knows the Alliance is out to get her for various reasons (being held accountable for Wrathgate by Varian, and then there's the Lordaeron refugee issue) so she figured that threats to her "life" need to go, and being damned there is no reason to shy away from atrocities and rising her enemies as enslaved undead.

>> No.17150077

I can see this, but it'd be losing something.
That the Forsaken had the hot-psycho leader was really part of the charm. Either of those 2 DK's will probably be a step backwards towards mediocrity.

>> No.17150131

>Most likely Koltira or Thassarian will become the new Forsaken leaders.

I think it would probably Nathanos Blightcaller

>> No.17150138

That's a good, solid fit.
Nice, Anon. Very nice.

>> No.17150144


That was my reaction as well.

Why do Blizzard write such horrible endings to their storylines? Lich King, Starcraft II and now this

>> No.17150158

You know, WoW is a multi-million dollar enterprise. It would be nice if it was treated like one.

I would like to be able to look at an Expansion and say that they'd actually spent more than a few minutes coming up with the lore.

>> No.17150172


All of the original Developers were relocated to Titan a few years back

>> No.17150182

....like shot into space?
Because that makes lots of sense to me.

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>mfw Thrall's not hooking up with Jaina because Metzen was afraid it would offend soccer moms by promoting something that "would seem almost akin to bestiality"

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You don't need to be an original developer to put some time into you work. Yes, it's harder for later developers to fully recapture the feeling of the originals, but they could at least try.

>> No.17150204

Tell me there's a source for that because WOW that's like /tg/ on it's worst /Stormfront/ day but with meaning.

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Hee hee, thanks.

>> No.17150239

B-) I thank you good sir.

Lame papers I actually want to write: "The History of Social Injustice in the Alliance" and "Sexual Dimorphism in Warcraft- How the 'Rule of Cool' can lead to unfortunate anthropological implications"

>> No.17150241

It's true. For all Metzen's Thrall-fellating, he's remarkably inconsistent with character continuity and squeamish when it comes to things like even implied homosexuality/miscegenation.

Why do think Bioware and other developers are jumping on the gay options bandwagon while Blizz is still stuck on stable hetero-monogamy?

>> No.17150249

Or maybe it had something to do with Thrall x Jaina being a figment of basement dweller's imagination.

>> No.17150275


He's also terrified of the implied Thrall-Jaina relation because it represented a clear allegory of cross-ethnic dating in the real world.

No way Thrall can marry a white girl, he needs a proper black jungle woman to have black jungle babies with! HE EVEN USED THE PHRASING "DO YOU THINK JAINA HAS GREEN FEVER?" TO THAT QUESTION AT BLIZZCON JESUS CHRIST

>> No.17150279

You're right, she is pretty beastly.

>> No.17150281

Except even Blizz acknowledged the romantic potential with their "Thrall and Jaina Sitting in a Tree" poem.

>> No.17150292

Exploration of creative boundaries, appealing to a broader market, a genuine respect for the power of a media to deflate stereotypes and because Jakob's not any lamer just because he's playing tonsil-hockey with Manshep, perhaps.

But Jack had to be resolutely straight. DAMMIT, BIOWARE!

Honestly? I'd save and read them. Pop-culture analysis specifically pertaining to videogames is favorite topic of mine.

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Epic. That's a straight-up "MAIWAIFU WOULD NEVER" reply.
Question answered. Thanks.

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I really liked the Lich king, he was Warcraft's more succesful Archaon. I know it wasn´t the best story ever, but I enjoyed his campaign and ending in the frozen throne.

Then in WotLK they made Arthas absorb Ner'zul instead of becoming one with him, and made him retarded enough to let the Alliane and the Horde invade the continent at full force just to reanimate some adventurers.

I also liked his music theme.

>> No.17150353


he basically straight-up said that orcs are the black people of Azeroth

So yeah.

Think about the unfortunate implications of this line of thinking given the orcs vs white people angle, the orcs enslaved constantly angle, the orcs become docile in slavery angle...

>> No.17150357

Thassarian is hard-line Alliance, and the last time we saw Koltira he was being dragged off to be mind-raped in Sylvie's private dungeons.

Not gonna lie, I feel bad for him, he was just trying to be a decent bloke.

>> No.17150371


Here, I even dug up the exact quote for you.

>"3:54 pm Question on Thrall. "Are Thrall and Jaina ever going to get together?" More cheering and clapping.

>Metzen: "Think Jaina has some green fever going on?" He doesn't want to spoil anything but he really thinks Golden's "The Shattering" really covers this -- he decides to spoil it, Thrall's going to meet "a nice orc in Nagrand" and have some kids."

>> No.17150386

>Implying black people didn't war with Europe for a long period
>Implying black people didn't then have their culture destroyed
>Implying they weren't enslaved
>Implying they weren't pacified

It's not racist if it's true.

>> No.17150389

Oh, you're good.
Very good.

>> No.17150444


Hey, interspecies in Warcraft is OK if it's Human Male on Elf Female. See Turalyon & Alleria, Rhonin & Vereesa.

>> No.17150456


But orcs as the negroes of Warcraft is just an unpleasant trope.

>> No.17150458

Because Half-orcs have no right to exist.

>> No.17150492

Change that to gnomes and you've got a deal.
Oh wait, Garona Half-Orken, and that 1/2-Orc/Draenei Warmaster in Nagrand.
Dammit. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm running outof useful things to say, so I gotta RL.
It's been solid, /tg/ stay right with the world.

>> No.17150506


Not vice versa though, as them elf-men are fucking fags.

>> No.17150515

Unpleasant doesn't mean untrue.

>> No.17150568

That was sarcasm by the way.

>> No.17150595

I've always found it interesting that there's no visual evidence of their draenei parentage. Or even non-visible evidence of it.

>> No.17150694

They even retconned Garona from being half-orc/half-human to being half-orc/half draenei.

That's how much Metzen does NOT want any implied human/orc action.

>> No.17150732

To get back to OP's question, I rather like the dragons as guardians of important aspects of the world, in lieu of any actual deities. Ysera, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu and Malygos are all cool, and if I ever ran a game set in Azeroth I'd probably use them as way-way-behind-the-scenes NPC's. I'd not run the "Malygos is evil" version of it though.

>> No.17150737

In the comics, Garona is given glowing blue draenei eyes.

Or "draeneyes" if you will.

>> No.17150752

I...did not know.
Zounds. That's pretty....wow.
It's all implied, but I can accept those implications pretty much on face value.

Oh yeah? I couldn't tell. Seriously, I fail at sarcasm.
...this exchange reminds me of Archer.

>> No.17150836

>discussing the Warcraft setting AS USED FOR THE ROLEPLAYING GAME BASED ON IT.
>80+ posts and no mention of D&D 4e

>> No.17150877


I never understood their obsession with dressing their main female characters up as sluts, honestly

>> No.17150904

Because business.



>> No.17150911

Because it had an official 3rd-ed D&D release. And it was perfect at capturing the feel of WoW.

>> No.17150921


Why does business have to equal "masturbation aide"?

>> No.17150927


Ysera and Alexstrasza are dragons and really have no reason to care about modesty taboos of humans...and the humanoid culture they've associated with the longest are Night Elves who don't really have such taboos either.

If anything, it's weird the male aspects don't walk around shirtless like Illidan.

>> No.17150943

Business is what Metzen shouts when he climaxes.

>> No.17150962

Sex Sells
Deal with it.
This guy, he's dealt with it.
He even justifies the fap-bait in in-universe terms.

>> No.17150967

damnit Metzen, you used to be cool!

>> No.17150969


It's a pity they've "tamed" the night elves to be wusses that wear clothes like any other alliance race.

>> No.17151017


They tried to give Malfurion a shirt in vanilla WoW but he ripped it off some time before Cataclysm.

>> No.17151021

Have some badass Lady Vashj

>> No.17151027


They just gave Tyrande more clothes, though.

And shoes.

Fuck them.

>> No.17151030

Nozdormu walks around shirtless, and Kalecgos is alot fucking younger than the others IIRC.

>> No.17151031

Wow. I just got the "Paci-FIST" decal on his left hand. Man, I was dumb 12 years ago.

>> No.17151033

I thought they were doing badly with how they handled Furion.
>first "mortal" druid
>best druid EVER
>also banging this hot priestess who multiclassed to archer just to help him
>defeated unnamed evil (in a sidebook of course) that noone ever mentions again

But then... Thrall.

>> No.17151043

I still love that Malfurion's solution to all of his problems is to blow the world up.

>> No.17151047



Furion is Metzen's favorite Alliance character

Thrall is Metzen's favorite Horde character (and favorite overall)

>> No.17151059

What I really don't get about the defeat of Deathwing being so huge is that we've already killed one Dragon Aspect.

>> No.17151060

Anyone else hate that they retconned Doomhammer from being a sneaky backstabbing asshole to being the pinnacle of honor and nobility?

>> No.17151066

The more time goes on the more I hate Thrall.


Also another half-race is Me'dan. After all he is the son of Garona Halforcen and Medivh.

>> No.17151076

It all makes sense now.

Yeah but they had a replacement lined up for Malygos.
I didn't play enough of Cata to know if they asspulled a replacement black dragon to fill in for Neltharion, but... from this thread it sounds like they just did a "LOL WE DIDNT REALLY -NEED- DRAGON ASPECTS AFTER ALL"

>> No.17151082

Maiev is probably going to turn full-on evil and be killed like Sylvanas.

A recent novel revealed that she returned to Darnassus but started plotting to take it over and was forced to flee by Jarod and Furion.

Maybe she, too, realized she was damned after her arch-enemy (Illidan instead of Arthas) was killed and started to plot atrocities to keep herself from dying?

>> No.17151086

Seems like Azshara to me.

Come to think of it, why aren't we going down to the Abyssal maw to kick Azshara in the cunt and tell an Old God to go fuck itself? Blizz said that the Abyssal Maw is over, but I know that queenbitch and the Old dude are down there somewhere.
It wouldn't surprise me if we go there, have to kill Neptulon, and then suddenly Therazane the Sand-cunt (Literally. Her cunt is made out of gravel) says "Hey, all the other Elemental Lords are dead. Taking over the world kbye", whereupon we kick her so hard in the cunt that the entire world shakes.

>> No.17151092

Oh godamnit. I like Maeiv, what _IS_ this shit?!
And here I was kidding myself that I could walk away.

>> No.17151102

Thank fuck they haven't used Medan (where the fuck does that apostrophe go?) in any of the in-game shit.
I mean really, human-orc-draenei that is the child of two important lore characters on opposing 'teams' who can suddenly use every style of magic and is also fucking awesome in melee combat and is the chosen one?
That's Mary Sue enough that even Knaak won't touch it.

>> No.17151107


Morally grey characters in MY WoW?! NOT IF I CAN HELP IT.

>> No.17151115

Andrew Ryan!?

>> No.17151134


And then you start the campaign from there.
Ignore anything that happened in WoW.

>> No.17151151


This man has the right idea.

>> No.17151152


Yep, Knaak wrote Maiev into being lolevil in the same book where the worgen realized Varian Wrynn is the personification of being a worgen, being better at everything than they are.


They scrapped the naga storyline because people really really hated the 3D aspect of Vashj'ir.

>> No.17151154

Fuck I hate this habit they've got of doing all this backstory/worldbuilding in the spinoff novels that don't even get full releases.
Like how they resolved that "Emerald Nightmare" shit in spinoff novels - which involved EVERY ARMY ON THE PLANET TAKING PART IN A BATTLE IN THEIR DREAMS AT THE SAME TIME, but somehow NOONE EVER MENTIONS IT AGAIN

>> No.17151166



>not posting superior WC2 start-off point

Really, WC3 started the process of turning Warcraft into poop. Everything in WoW just builds on that. The first two games were aces. The third was Blizzard getting into STORYLINES U GUISE.

>> No.17151168

Go track down a copy of the Warcraft 1 manual.
it describes human priests/paladins as being Christian.

>> No.17151183

At the end of TFT there was still plenty to work with that was still salvageable. But I wouldn't say no to playing a character in the years between the Dark Portal opening and the beginning of the First War.

>> No.17151190

Nah, between 1 and 2 or between 2 and 3 would be the shit.


>> No.17151198


Yep, and talks about demons coming from Hell a lot. Good times.

>> No.17151207

Or night elves just before the shit hits the fan 10,000 years before WC3.

>> No.17151228






>> No.17151236

>throwing glaive things the Sentinel units had in WC3 that bounce between targets

Stat them.

>> No.17151237

fuck you this trailer was the biggest hype-machine ever


and then they turned orcs into "noble savages oppressed by humans"

>> No.17151239

First two games were fun, but totally generic. Sure, the third was far from totally original, but it's when Warcraft actually gained a bit of flavor of its own.

>> No.17151242

It'd pretty much be like playing a campaign in Atlantis right before the place blows up and sinks.

>> No.17151260


You could play it as a Edgar Rice Burroughs ripoff. Barsoom-style.

>> No.17151304


Fund it

>> No.17151335


>golden axe, but everything is purple and/or elves.jpg
yeah, that's pretty cool

>> No.17151345

I definately think that the wacky elements of the games should be in there.
Like Pit Lords and Fire Elementals hanging out in random pubs waiting for armies to hire them.

>> No.17151369

I always liked Karazhan. Personally I was disappointed that the evil was just some member of the legion no one ever heard about. Least he had decent voice acting though. And the music was pretty damn good. Though I really wish that blizz did a better job tying Karazhan, Deadwind Pass, and Duskwood together.
Anyhow, just look at that thing. There's something about that image that has always creeped me out.

>> No.17151382


>>Sex and sorcery style Hyboria
>>With 8 foot Night elf hunks and babes

>> No.17151390

Fuck yeah

>> No.17151391

Yes! I fucking LOVED Karazhan! My first DM experience was turning that place into a castle for my players to run...... I was new and stupid.

Pic related, best fucking part of it, IMO

>> No.17151395

It's okay to kill of Aspects as long as you have a successor.

Which is apparently something you can just vote on and the world is cool with it.

What, did you think the Aspects were some kind of sacred, immortal guardians bestowed upon the world and uniquely blessed by the most powerful beings in the known galaxy or something?


Through WoW, we've discovered the truth. That they weren't created by the Titans so much as evolved from the proto-drakes of Northrend, and that each can be downed easily by a 25-man raid for their pantsu.

>> No.17151434

To be fair to that wackiness - it kinda makes sense.

If you're a power sentient being separated from your people, and skilled at killing things, hiring yourself out to armies in wars is a good decision.

It means you're less likely to be hunted down and killed by various "extreme good" factions since you are interacting with society and nations, gives you a means of legitimately involving yourself in it and also passing your time.

Pit Lords are too powerful for mortal armies to really do much to, and elementals are returned to their home when they die.

>> No.17151437

This: http://index.rpg.net/pictures/show-water.phtml?picid=1826


>> No.17151444



Though hints of the limits on their power came much earlier when Alex was enslaved by orcs and reduced into a breeding slave.

Ultraxion was designed - get this - to take three aspects plus Thrall with earth warder powers out at once. And it didn't take a titan to create him, just another aspect.

>> No.17151445

I think one Blizzard developer once joked that if they ever decided to make Warcraft IV, pretty much everything that happened in WoW would have to be rendered non-canon.


>> No.17151459

I have that book...It's fucking horrible. It's just the 3.5 player's handbook renamed over... The fucking druids have animal companions at level 1.

>> No.17151468

Just hope you don't meet Azshara, she was famous for wearing skimpy clothing in a society that didn't wear much to begin with.

>> No.17151473

I've been contemplating a return to the setting. I loved the tabletop game; playing in it as a player it was my first exposure to the setting, although I did play WoW later on, from core on and off through WotLK.

I do think BC is in general where things went off the rails, and they started consuming rather than crafting lore.

All that said, what I'd like to do is one of two campaigns. One, a friend had mentioned to me how much she missed Winterspring, but didn't think it would lend itself well to a tabletop campaign. So I fleshed out an idea to counter that, sort of a Yukon Gold Rush kind of game, a resource rush combined with settlements by Theramore refugees, goblin companies sniping at each other and the whole furbolg war. It helps that I've spent the last two years living away in Calgary (I'm from MN in the US), right up next to Banff and the Canadian Rockies, which are about as close an RL analogue to Winterspring as you're gonna get.

The other is a Defias splinter cell campaign in Duskwood, after Van Cleef's death. Basically, whereas the Defias have totally alienated the population of Westfall, they really haven't in Duskwood, and the population there is mad that Stormwind hasn't had their back against various threats. So a group of ideologues could use it to try and put the headless revolution back on track, or a more power hungry group might simply try to build up a power base there for their own purposes. The historical analogue here I'd be drawing on for some inspiration would be the Mexican Revolution (the Pancho Villa/Emiliano Zapata era), but with the Duskwood gothic horror vibe on top.

>> No.17151476

>Though hints of the limits on their power came much earlier when Alex was enslaved by orcs and reduced into a breeding slave.
that's back when magic was a big deal, and extremely rare to boot

modern warcraft is magic, magic everywhere!

>> No.17151478

A Nozdormu raid is released and whenever the first raid kills him, as a final act of defiance, he reverts time back to the end of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. All the WoW servers are shut down and Warcraft 4 is released the day after.

>> No.17151492

Well, that was with help from the Burning Legion, who had challenged the dragons before. And I don't remember the dragons being super special guardians of the world in 2, just kinda really powerful monsters. Did they even have various dragon aspects in 2?
Still, the juxtaposition of inhuman demon kings and being of pure fire drinking and trading stories with a bunch of shmuck mercs and drunken boxing pandamen is rather amusing.

>> No.17151511

Anyone explain the Cata ending to me? The aspects were forced to become mortal or chose to? Either way why the fuck? First makes no sense second is just retarded thign to do.

>> No.17151512

>modern warcraft is magic, magic everywhere!
Wasn't the over-use of magic supposed to be slowly destroying the world or some such?

Which was resolved by killing the dragon meant to be in charge of magic, and forgetting about the whole thing.

>> No.17151516

You good peoples, Anon.

>> No.17151520

They're still dragons, they just used up all of their power by channeling it into the Demon Soul so Thrall could use it to punch a gigantic hole in Deathwing's chest.

>> No.17151522


Apparently they fed all their aspect powers to Dragon Soul so that it could fire a beam powerful enough to destroy Deathwing (after players have fought his tentacles and head).

>> No.17151525

Dragon Soul, rather

>> No.17151538

It's bullshit. It tries to make itself appear more than it is. For example, Alexstrasza says something about it -now- being the age of mortals. Like it wasn't before.

>> No.17151540

To... go with OP's post, I'd suggest everything up until BC, maybe including BC, is as far as you can go with the salvageable expansion content. I, personally, fucking loved BC, but that's also when I started playing, and I can't really judge that fairly because of it. Being a fan before, though, I don't think there's a whole lot in BC that's terribly objectionable, unlike Cata. The only stuff I really enjoyed from Wrath... well, a lot of it really, but especially all the Titan stuff.

Nothing from Cataclysm, or any of the books set around the current time, is salvageable.

>> No.17151559

I would love to roleplay as a Sunfury blood elf, loyalist to Kael and see the world engulfed in flames by the burning legion, justice for our people, kick Arthas in the face for destroying Quel'Thalas and then all the hummies.

>> No.17151570

Agree, since TBC everything has been going worse lorewise.

mfw aspects lose all their powers when deathwing dies for no reason, after killing him with a beam of power and love that makes him blow into shiny bits of dust

>> No.17151595


You make it sound so lame.


>> No.17151602

As terrible as Warcraft lore is, Warcraft Goblins are probably my favorite iteration of Goblin out of any fantasy setting.

>> No.17151614

The only thing WoW did right was making blue goat chicks into the sexiest thing since Elves in fantasy.

>> No.17151616

At least they've (sorta) been that way for a while. Compare that to, say, Worgen...

>> No.17151636

I still don't get why Kael would join then burning legion rather than stick with Illidan, or hell, even return to Quel'Thalas.

oh yeah, purple pantsu

>> No.17151645

Alternatively, the Titans return and decide to start again after seeing the mess the planet is in.

Not that they did a very good job first time around: everything they tried to do seems to have failed. The prisons for the Old Gods clearly haven't worked, while the dragons meant to be stewarding the world screwed that up royally and now are powerless.

>> No.17151653

I never really got the villain vibe from any of those characters. Kael and Illidan might be more akin to anti-heroes than anything. But BC needed a Big Bad, or multiple Big Bads, so...

>> No.17151661


Ah I see that makes more sense. So the end of the raid is we kill all the shit Aspects pump up the Dragon Soul a bit more, then Thrall nukes Deathwing?

>> No.17151673

Sorry if this is off topic, but I must interject and proclaim my love for Blizzard's storyline- especially with the ending of the Cataclysm expansion. See my buddy has been on my case about my favorite setting's history for a while now- it gets retconned and tonal shifts galore and very little of it makes sense.
Blizzard listened to those complaints, piled them all together and filled in every plot hole they could find, and answered them. Now my friend doesn't question any of my setting.

Thanks Blizzard, my 40k is now A-OK in comparison!

>> No.17151682

>mfw i gave up Black Ice to an ungrateful ret pally, only to have transmog become a feature as if to rub salt into the wounds

>> No.17151695

They could have just introduced new demon lords or something, the Burning Legion has conquered and corrupted countless worlds at that point.
Kael did know that the Burning Legion was the entire reason why the Lich King appeared, which destroyed his homeland, and all that, right? Or did they pull the "driven mad in more ways then one" card?

>> No.17151703

Kael pretty much turned into a power hungry jackass.

>> No.17151711

Agreed, Kael and to a lesser extent Illidian were never evil - but simply feeling that the ends justified the means. And their means weren't even that objectionable.

Their fall into kids cartoon villain territory should've been the warning mark for everyone that shit was getting shit.

>> No.17151714


>Black Ice

...Are you playing a hacker? is that a class now?

>> No.17151721

Yeah that basically. The dude had a demonic crystal stuck in his chest by the end. Not exactly the best treatment for the man who once competed with Arthas for Jaina's affection...

I'm just now realizing that both Illidan and Kael were betas who lost out on the girl.

>> No.17151730

More of a power hungry jackass than Illidan who had a good few millennia of madness and experience, and prior form on him.

Which I personally found a little jarring.

>> No.17151737

Blizz also needed Kael to go evil because
A) The elves wouldn't follow anyone else but Kael'Thas unless he was a power hungry jackass willing to screw over his own people
B) I don't think Kael would trust the Horde, he was alive during the Second War IIRC.

>> No.17151738

Come to think of it, BC didn't make much sense in that regard.

I mean, it was titled the Burning Crusade, which was meant to be the Burning Legion's campaign to invade Azeroth through the Dark Portal. Yet instead the expansion seemed to focus on Illidan, who was expressly against the legion.

But I gather that's why they threw in the Sunwell at the last minute to string it together.

>> No.17151747


>>17151473 here

That's EXACTLY why I mentioned BC as where I think things started to go haywire

>> No.17151748

Yeah, it's a pity the Titans seeing all organic life an Azeroth as an aberration that needs to be destroyed will never come up again.

>> No.17151757

Illidan's reasons for being a power hungry jackass were two fold
He didn't want Demons controlling the world, and he wanted to get into Tyrande's pants.

The only reason he's a raid boss in BC was he went nuts after he lost that fight with Arthas and sees everyone as an enemy which is fucking retarded.

>> No.17151759

I don't know, you'd think that when Algalon never comes back after sending an OK signal, they might get suspicious.

>> No.17151768

It's funny how the Sunwell waifu mangashit that I thought ruined the otherwise great plot there hardly seems egregious at all now compared to Cata.

>> No.17151770

What about Lady Vashj?

As best as I can figure, her crime was being thirsty.

>> No.17151792


She also had part of the Hyjal key.

And think of the eco-damage the Naga were doing in Zangarmarsh.

>> No.17151806

She's a servant of Queen Azshara on loan to Illidan, she's going to be a cunt regardless of what Illidan does.

Honestly I have no fucking clue and that's the only reason I could think of that remotely makes sense.

>> No.17151832

Why aren't the Dwarves a major power in their own right? They've got an advanced industrial civilization with technology second to only the Gnomes (who, in any case, seem to be low-population and heavily reliant on Ironforge), a practically impregnable stronghold as their capital, and haven't been seriously affected by any of the wars against the Orcs, the Burning Legion, or the Cataclysm. Meanwhile, the humans have in recent years had their second-biggest kingdom consumed by the Scourge, they've been losing land all over the place, and people are fleeing from Stormwind in droves. Yeah, the Council of Three Hammers has the Dwarves tied up for the moment, but you'd think they'd be a *little* more independent minded.

>> No.17151841

It would've made much more sense for Nethergaurd to have teamed up with Illidan and the Illdari to be the first line of defense against the Burning Legion.

On that note, I don't get why the Horde think raping Nethergaurd is a good idea since they're the experts on the dark portal and keeping the burning legion out. Well, until the Argent Dawn showed up out of nowhere to hang out there and become experts on demons.

>> No.17151842

This has reminded me, is Blizzard ever going to make some more Epic-classes (or whatever Death Knights are classed as)? Cause I'd love to play a demon hunter, that guy was awesome in WC3.

>> No.17151863

IIRC the word of god is Hell No.
Balancing and gearing the DK took too long, cost too much, and was too much of a pain in the ass to implement.
Multiplying that by all the playable races terrifies Blizz.

>> No.17151864

>you'd think they'd be a *little* more independent minded.

Like Worgen they have accepted Varian Wrynn as their spiritual liege.

>> No.17151875


Because in WoW, Humans and Orcs are the only races that are allowed to do anything of any real (positive) consequence.

>> No.17151893

Too bad about Magni
Still, Muradin fucking Bronzebeard is back. He should kick that fucking traitorous bitch of a neice out of Ironforge, jump in a Steam Tank, crash it right into Hellscream hold and leave it parked over Garrosh's mangled corpse.

>> No.17151896

Aren't Panda's getting a Monk hero class for "Winds of back when the lore was good we said this place was never appearing"?

>> No.17151898

There was a single quest in Cataclysm that seemingly existed only to go HEY I BET YOU GUYS WISH YOU COULD PLAY DEMON HUNTERS but I guess they decided to go with kung fu pandas instead.

>> No.17151899

the night elves saved azeroth from the burning legion twice

>> No.17151908

I always saw it that that was due to the Dwarves not being one for expansion.

They're happy in their homes, only leaving when fights or archeology call.

>> No.17151909


That wasn't in WoW.

>> No.17151911

Not to mention dwarves have a fucking AIRFIELD.


>> No.17151920

I remember that. I was actually there on my last day, killing the huge crowds of Demon Hunter Initiates for the bloody lulz.
Shadowmoon Valley, S. outside wing of the Black Temple IIRC.

>> No.17151923


Like the goblins in Stonetalon, the Naga have descended into Captain Planet stryle eco-villainy.

>> No.17151926


That makes sense. They fight and explore because they love fighting and exploring, not because they want to expand. That's an incredibly dwarven attitude.

>> No.17151936

Dang. May I ask what the actual quest was?
I thought that was going to be a regular class?

>> No.17151948

Illidan was trying to expand the ranks of the Demon Hunters, and was being supplied an army of Blood Elves for that purpose.
Various quests amounted to sabotaging the training and eventually assassinating the 3 trainers -1 Blood Elf, and 2 Night Elves...I think.
They did the whole bit -transformations, fire shields, dual glaives, etc etc. The last one of the 3 is still invincible at 50% without the plot item.

>> No.17151950


>> No.17151955

Also: When the fuck is Stromgarde getting rebuilt.

>> No.17151956

I thought correctly.
Everyone will be able to do it, and it's just a normal class.

>> No.17151959

WoW stopped being great after vanilla.

BC focused too much on Illidan and him basically hiding from Burnong Legion. Sure there was the Sun Well, but I see that as more a shoe in.

WOTLK had good storyline up till the end, where despite seeing Arthas throwing away his human heart. However they did a total 180 by having Arthas wanting to die.

Cata was one step forward (A-H aggression) 2 steps backwards (focusing on Death Wing).

Mists looks ok, but I'm interested in playing a monk, even if they really don't have lore for them.

>> No.17151960

Or just regular villainy, since wasn't the plot for Zangarmarsh being that Vashj was making a new Well of Eternity on Outland.

Though why she had to drain the water and make a new, underground lake for it than just use the natural one doesn't really make sense when Hyjal's lake was natural iirc.

>> No.17151962


I've long thought this. I'd bet on Ironforge as the next great power, for sure. They're really the only one on an upward trajectory.

>> No.17151998

That…seems counter-productive, what with the army of demon legions trying to bust in at every opportunity.

>> No.17152006

You know what would be a way to make Pandaren interesting?

So, this expansion is primarily focused on Alliance vs Horde stuff. Something happens that makes Pandaria, until now neglected by the rest of the world and largely left to their own isolation, the a strategically important place for both the Alliance and the Horde. The two sides use a mixture of diplomacy and war to gain their own occupied regions or spheres of influence on Pandaria. The PCs, who work with either the Alliance or the Horde, are hated by most NPC Pandaren, who see them as traitors and collaborationists.

>> No.17152013


From her speech it was pretty clear that controlling Outland's water resources was part of the plan.

>> No.17152017

I concur, but it was rationalized as "the enemy of my enemy is still a villainous motherfucker" and that the Demon Hunter's talents work just as well on any more mundane foe.

>> No.17152040

On the subject of lore, how many years have passed since the ending of WC3? I've read somewhere that when WoW starts, it's has been 5 years. And now with the ending of the Cataclysm?

>> No.17152049


10, I think.

>> No.17152097

Am I allowed to like the music? Because I thought the Operation: Gnomeragon music was pretty great.

>> No.17152119




Yes, I'd say it's acceptable.

>> No.17152184

Oh God, yes. I'd even use WoW music as background music for 40K games. It's objectively good music.

=plpp_video - Exodite/Craftworld Eldar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMVIROEGjps - the lost glory of Mankind

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sbdqr08Rf8 - good old-fashioned tavern music for goddamn anywhere

>> No.17152276


Further, Illidan's training on Blood Elves did not create stable daemonhunters reliably, given how Leotheras and Varedis were the only ones who survived it, the other instructors were Night Elves and Illidan's old buddies. It could be that his program would be a hazard like a legion portal.

>> No.17152289

Fair play then - I guess I was mistaken.

Though that would be pretty hard, seeing as huge parts of Outland don't seem to run on water (Hellfire, the place with the Ethereal cities), and Nagrand, the only place with water worth controlling has it pouring out of portals to the plane of water and caused by elementals.

Seems a pretty dumb, and impossible plan if you ask me.

>> No.17152463

>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMVIROEGjps - the lost glory of Mankind

>> No.17152592

so whos worse metzen or ward? personally im going to say metzen because i actually care about wow lore and i like what ward did with the necrons. Also metzen introduced random orc for thrall, made him the earth aspect? ( i thought he was the guardian of trisfal?) and took the dragon aspects powers away for no reason.

>> No.17152625

Pic related, it's Metzen and Ward.

>> No.17152636

>dammit 4chan

>> No.17152652


That just drives up the price. Think about the logistical battles over jurisdictional control of the Colorado River. And then add demons.

>> No.17152690

As soon as we clear out all the humans, trolls, and ogres.

>> No.17152725


Ah, Stromgarde, the Detroit of Lordaeron

>> No.17152739

>211 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>Not a single mention of how awesome Warcraft Trolls are

/tg/ I thought you knew shit about shit. But no, you're just going to gripe about how the lore is shit and ignore the raddest, craziest motherfuckers in Warcraft. Nah, it's not going down like this at all. Trolls in Warcraft are everything that /tg/ loves to see in a race, they have exemplars of good (Vol'jin) and evil (Jin'do, Zanzil), their deity pantheon is rich, diverse, and according to the Trolls themselves rich in 11 essential vitamins and minerals. In case that was too subtle for you, Trolls occasionally eat their fucking deities when they get too rowdy or need a little pick-me-up in the fucking morning.

They're a fallen, ancient empire that once spanned the entire continent, they're the skeleton in the Night Elves' closet (They trolls too, friends) they fought qiraji back before we even knew what to call the motherfuckers, they fought each other, they fought their gods, they did awesome shit.

>> No.17152746

Those Red Frenchies were damn amazing.

I want them back. *sniff*

Danath could probably solo Hammerfall if he wanted to.

>> No.17152833

>Angry Wizards
/tg/ - the SM chapter
>Poison Padres
>Beta Knights
>Horned Hippos
>Solitary Masochists of Infinity
The place is a goldmine

>> No.17152896


Yeah, as a historical linguistics guy who's drawn to ancient cultures, I kind of wish the archeological angle with them had been played up more in the games. But I suppose there's Faerun for that shit.

>> No.17152929

fucking seriously?
I haven't played WoW for like a year now, but goddamn that's dumb.

>> No.17152938

Warcraft Goblins are my favorite goblins.

Greedy little explosive loving Jews.

Sexiest girls, too.

>> No.17153034

I hate Warcraft gnomes.

I hate them.

With their badly-done voice acting, retarded non-fantasy technology, being even shorter than DWARVES. Why do they even exist I don't know, when I played WoW I would purposely avoid going to any gnome-centric towns to quest because the quests would be retarded and make me want to kill whoever at Blizzard thought this shit up.

Did you know there's actually a gnome quest in Northrend where you have to get oil-covered wolves to take shits and then collect them?

Seriously if you removed them the lore and world would be 100% better. Also remove the Venture Company, there's enough environment ruining capitalist pigs in reality, we don't need them tearing down beautiful looking zones in WoW too.

Best things in Warcraft universe:
Blood Elves

And what did Blizzard do? They replaced all the abominations in Undercity with orcs, Sylvanas is going to die, Blood Elves got their Sunwell reignited and thus the whole "addicted to magic" plot-line is dead.

Also the Plaguelands is slowly being ruined as it's being retaken by the Argent Crusade, undead zones are the best zones, not boring human one's we could see in any game.

I mean, objectively pre-cata was the best, but why did they even need to kill off Illidan and Arthas in the lore? Why couldn't they just say "the wars in Outland and Northrend are ongoing".

>> No.17153096

Yeah, they seriously fucked up just about everything they had that was good with WotLK and Cata. I mean, there were a few things that I liked in that expansion, namely Vash'jir (or however you spell it), and flying everywhere. But the lore was horrible shit. It's been getting worse and worse since the WoW, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Blizzard, why? Why did you take an awesome setting and make it suck so hard? WHYYYYY?!

So yeah, I'm never going back to WoW. I'll probably buy Warcraft IV if it ever comes out, and I know I'm getting Heart of the Swarm when it does, but Blizzard has proven that they cannot do an MMO without raping their own fluff.

>> No.17153133


>Warcraft IV if it ever comes out

It's not even one of their projects right now. The next release is D3, and the next one after that -should- be Titan.

>> No.17153137

>, but why did they even need to kill off Illidan and Arthas in the lore? Why couldn't they just say "the wars in Outland and Northrend are ongoing".
Because the PLAYERS demand EPIC DROPS since only so EPIC DROPS can DROP in PVP so that they need those other EPIC DROPS to dominate PVP, and Blizzard is going to whore to those PLAYERS like no tomorrow.
Mind you, this would be like Dark Millenium eventually letting you attack Ultramar and kill Calgar.

>> No.17153153

> Mind you, this would be like Dark Millenium eventually letting you attack Ultramar and kill Calgar.

I don't see a problem with that.

>> No.17153165

A Warcraft 4 that retconns absolutely everything in WoW, an RTS game with the campaign taking place exactly after Wc3 (Arthas becoming the Lich King), would be great.

But what annoys me the most about WoW lore is how moralfag it's become, I mean Warcraft 3 the story was twisting, alliances were made all over the place, no set good and evil.

What hurts most is that there is so much good material in WoW, there's a wealth of cool stuff, the zones are so diverse, so many races, tribes, etc. But it's impossible to ignore just the shitty parts, Cata is like a giant stain. Deathwing literally did "ruin" Azeroth when he awakened.

>> No.17153201

>I mean Warcraft 3 the story was twisting, alliances were made all over the place, no set good and evil.
Excuse me?
What the fuck do you call the Burning Legion or even the Scourge, then? Or any pre-WC3 lore?

>> No.17153228

This is pretty much how I feel.
What's Titan?

>> No.17153242


>A Warcraft 4 that retconns absolutely everything in WoW, an RTS game with the campaign taking place exactly after Wc3 (Arthas becoming the Lich King), would be great.

No it wouldn't.

I keep seeing this claimed on various forums, and I can prove you wrong with one simple sentence.

Starcraft II happened.

Blizzard have changed since they made WC3 and Starcraft. Their storytelling has changed. Their attitude has changed. The stories and ideas you liked are gone, gone with departing developers and others grown cynical with money. Blizzard have transitioned from a small company run by nerds devoted to putting out the best content they can, to a mega-corporation owned by Activision devoted to pumping out highly stylized junk.

So stop claiming that an RTS would be some sort of magical remedy for the lore decay. They'd just shit it up WORSE.

>> No.17153280

Honestly, given what I've seen of the Heart of the Swarm trailer, the biggest gripe about Starcraft 2 (zomg, Kerrigan redeemed?!) turns out to be wrong. So there's some hope.

>> No.17153302

A casual MMO, and that is all we know.
I'm sadly inclined to agree with you. Seriously, fuck that "prophecy", the only good part was the final stand of the Protoss, which wouldn't have even needed massive retcons such as the Xel'Naga working on a species menstration cycle, or Kerrigan becoming completely excused of all her crimes and evil because she's the messiah of the galaxy and the Overmind turned into a fucking tragic hero.

>> No.17153328

Hmmm, well I guess I agree then.

But it's a bit tough to even understand why people like this "good guys win, all the time" plot in WoW, it's so utterly saccharine and boring.

I personally liked in wc3 when you got to play as the Undead and slaughter and kill those elves. There's like no complexity left.

>> No.17153330


I hated what happened with WoW, but I actually really liked SCII.

>> No.17153335

The way I see it, the Overmind is still a big bag of dicks. It might have been trying to do what was best, but in a totally evil way.
But... yeah, you guys are probably right. I want to believe Blizzard is still capable of producing good stories, though.

Blizzard can't make good stories, although their mechanics are actually pretty good. Bethesda can't make good games, although their stories are pretty cool. What if we combined the two?

>> No.17153355

Games with terrible mechanics, terrible story, and bugs everywhere.

You don't always get the best of both worlds when you put things together.

>> No.17153370

But we could hope, right?

>> No.17153392


Fuck you. Gnomes are one of the best Races in Warcraft.

They are intelligent, but rather than simply being said "they're intelligent peoplez lol" it shows.

Why ride a horse when you can have a steam powdered strider? Why transport on boats when you have a tram system? They are cool because they actually were smart enough to establish their techology, instead of sitting around in mud huts.

>> No.17153408

If what I'm reading on wowpedia is right, this happens in the latest book. She rebuilds the Watchers, and tries to kill Malfurion and take over. I guess she escaped before she was offed, though.

>> No.17153409

I actually had made Draenei as a playable race for DnD 3.5, approved by several other long time players. It's got an LA, but whatever you guys want to adjust for it for your own use, go ahead.

Converted to D&D 3.5

Type: Native Outsider

Stat Adjustments- +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity

Movement Speed: 30ft

Size: Medium

Automatic Languages: Common, Draenic
Bonus Languages: Celestial, Orcish, Abyssal, Elven, Gnomish, and Dwarven

Skill Adjustment: -2 to Move Silently, -2 to Hide, +2 to Appraise and Craft checks made when dealing with precious stones,
and +2 to Knowledge (Religion) checks made when dealing with the Naaru.

- Low-light vision 30ft
- Heroic Presence- All party members within 30ft of the Draenei gain +1 to attack rolls. Does not stack with abilites such
as a Bard's Inspire Courage.
- Gift of the Naaru- 1/day, a Draenei may gain Fast Healing 2 for 2d4 rounds.
- Level Adjustment +1

>> No.17153410

And they're hot.
I love me some short curvy women - dwarves and gnomes are like super-stimuli for me.

>> No.17153418

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, comrade. No, no, it is best to just "turn off your brain and enjoy it," since that is what we are told to do for every piece of flashy shit we are given to buy these days.
Besides, playing games for the stories? What is this, LucasArts circa 1990?

>> No.17153419

I'm really digging the ERB/REH styled sword and sorcery pre-cataclysm night elf campaign idea from earlier, /tg/. That was seriously a pretty fucking neat combination of concepts.

>> No.17153429

>This thread is for discussing the Warcraft setting AS USED FOR THE ROLEPLAYING GAME BASED ON IT.
>implying every bit of fluff hasn't been raped since after WCII
Thread hidden.

>> No.17153442

I'm the only one who has a gigantic boner for the scourge??
Dem liches, dem nerubians, dem abominations.

>> No.17153443

Hey, there have been good games with good stories since then.
Baldur's Gate was epic.
Fallout 1 and 2 were as well.
Jedi Knight. Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun. (The later C&C games were just not as good storywise.) Those are just a few of the ones I've played and loved. There are more, and even more that I haven't played.

>> No.17153449


>> No.17153485

Pre-WC3 it was an extremely generic fantasy setting.
Not that it's not during and after WC3, but it at least has SOME differentiation from a generic D&D setting.

>> No.17153497

Just out of curiosity, but what happens to the Burning Legion in Outland in WoW? Do they remain independent or get subsumed into Illidan's army, seeing as he's technically working for Kil'Jaedan?

>> No.17153511

Relax, I was making a joke (that was the era of adventure games, which basically are just interactive books).
Still though, how many of those listed came out in the past 5 years? 10? Dare I even say 15?
Stories don't sell. Case and point, Halo 2 and 3. You can beat their "story" modes in a day. Almost nothing about that gaps between games is talked about. Nothing in the general background of the setting is revealed. But hey, you've got multiplayer (I'll admit though, Grifball, atv racing and SWAT were fun, though perhaps because they weren't straight deathmatches)!

>> No.17153531

not enough scourge porn

>> No.17153534

You forgot Neverwinter Nights

>> No.17153550

And then they irreparably irradiated their own underground citystate. Not so superior now, bitch.

>> No.17153551

None of which are particularly modern games. Fallout 2 being the newest at 2000, right?

>> No.17153555



Yeah, the xbawkx live and battle.net demographic have helped dumb games down a lot, sadly.

>> No.17153558

I have this weird fantasy where I'm me, a normal human, and I befriend an undead girl, she's all emo and like "Look at me I'm rotting, I'm disgusting, I hate myself!" but I'm nice to her and we fall in love.

But obviously she has no physically sensations when I'm banging her

I cannot be the only one to have thought this

>> No.17153566

I did say just a few. But yeah, NWN and NWN2 were also pretty good. Both are still alive and well.

>> No.17153569

And got driven out by Trollogs, possibly the most dumb species in all of Warcraft (exempting animals and beasts).

>> No.17153580

A fuck toy that talks? and you can change it's pieces?
Sign me in.

>> No.17153584

Illidan stopped working for Kil'Jaedan as he had morals.

He was fighting the burning Legion on Outland in a three-way war.

Burning Legion forces remained independent to his, though some demons joined his side after he defeated Magtheridon. Others may have joined his side for various reasons as the conflict went on, but the official Burning Legion stance was that he was an enemy.

>> No.17153600

Sheer weight of numbers, brute strength and a betrayal within the high ranks of Gnome government are an intelligence all of their own.

>> No.17153612

i think we've all been there
only whoever i end up banging has a shmexy voice mmmm hot voice /drool

>> No.17153621


I don't think I'm right in the head, but I have fantasies about doing TERRIBLE things to Sylvanas Windrunner sometimes.

>> No.17153654

>Wait till 60 y/o being virgin
>Marry an animal
>Kill it while you rape it.
Now you are a necromancer druid archmage warlock.
that it's not being right on the mind.
>Fuck the mind i'm going the be the best multiclasser ever.

>> No.17153659

Arthas probably had her a few times in the Crypt before he left for Northrend, it's why she's so angry

>> No.17153667


He probably had her BODY while her disembodied banshee self got to watch.

>> No.17153680

>What do you guys think is still salvageable from the new expansions, books, comics and whatnot? First one to say Me'dan gets smacked.

>> No.17153706


Oh god. That gives me the worst idea.

I am imagining Arthas with Sylvanas' spirit, forcing her to gradually inhabit the bodies of women of various races, forcing himself on her and then restarting the cycle. She'd be a human, a night elf, an orc... A long cycle of bebauchery and humiliation for her proud ex-high-elf self.

>> No.17153756


Great. And here I was thinking I couldn't hate Arthas more than I already hated him.

>> No.17153788

Does it end in mind break when she finally gives up resisting?

>> No.17153822


What, Sylvanas is your waifu?


Yeah, probably. Her once-proud will shatters as she realizes she's nothing but a shredded soul at the mercy of a malevolent, creative master. As she stares up at him through the eyes of a busty human woman and he makes her orgasm again and again, her resistance shrinks into a tiny smoldering ember.

>> No.17153839

Actually the main problem is that an MMORPG is an incredibly bad format to tell a story in. They are made to be static and unchanging

>> No.17153860

Remember how it was a super-big plot that we needed to make Kalecgos the aspect of the Blue flight to preserve the balance only ONE FUCKING PATCH AGO?

Well, forget that, it's not needed. We have the age of mortals now! Next time the soldiers at the Wrathgate need help, I'm sure they won't mind Alexstrasza not being around to save the survivors.


>> No.17154003

>> No.17154015

I want to run a Warcraft-based DND campaign. Just...done right. Can any anon point me in the right direction?

>> No.17154030

This is my fetish.

>> No.17154062


Use wowpedia. It's honestly a pretty good specialized wiki devoted to the entire series. Start reading up on lore from the first two strategy games, then read Warcraft 3 (unless you're intimately familiar with these already).

After these, pick and choose elements you like from the World of Warcraft stuff. The tie-in novels and comics are mostly wretched, so you can ignore those entirely.

>> No.17154084

What's the difference between a High Elf and a Blood Elf?

>> No.17154099


This reminds of just how dirty-minded I am. So in this Cata quest, Sylvanas disguises herself as pic related, a female human Forsaken warrior called Lindsay Ravensun (clever anagram hurf). She goes to check on Koltira deathweaver's loyalty. Now I would think that someone as distinctive as Sylvanas could never disguise herself normally or with a simple illusion trick to fool other powerful people. So I imagine she actually separated her spirit and body (which she can do canonically), left her sexy high elf body secure in the Undercity and went into the Lindsay body...

Now I couldn't help but imagine what if Koltira knew all along, and would just lull Sylvanas into a false sense of security before capturing her in her weak Lindsay form, putting some kind of ward to prevent her from escaping it, and then fucking her. Who would ever believe she was the banshee queen anyway? Her pleas for help would fall on deaf ears.

And then, maybe, a suitably loyal spirit could be found to inhabit Sylvanas' original body and make the Banshee Queen have a sudden change of heart...

Yes. I am dirty-minded.

>> No.17154101

Political differences mainly.

>> No.17154393


Yeah, it's mostly a political difference as the other anon said. It used to be that blood elves were addicted to magical fel energy, and high elves weren't, but Blizzard have officially stated that blood elves are now free of addiction with the Sunwell restored and the lingering green eyes are just because they are too lazy to develop blue-eyed models.

>> No.17154396

how horrifying.

>> No.17154399

Fel magic also clings like a motherfucker. Look at the Orcs.. still green.

>> No.17154436

I wonder if there's people who have Sylvanas as a waifu. I mean, who honestly think she's pure and good deep down and put her on a pedestal with long excuses for her actions.

>> No.17154461

there's nothing salvageable from Warcraft anymore. Not that you would want to salvage anything because it's your standard fare cookie cutter fantasy.

I mean I enjoyed Warcraft 2 when I was 12 as much as the next guy. But I was 12. I got better. Come on!

>> No.17154484



>> No.17154543


As stupid as some (most) of the recent lore retcons in Warcraft have been, this is actually one of the few thta makes sense. Ever since they revised the setting timeline somewhere around WC3, it's been impossible for Garona to be half human.

See, in the original timeline, there was a long period between the opening of the Dark Portal and the first war against the orcs, during which time the orcs just raided some towns and other small-time shit, long enough time for a human/orc child to be conceived and grow up. However, they later changed the timeline so that the war happened right after the Dark Portal was opened, so for Garona to be grown up at the start of the war, she'd must've been born on Draenor, and there are no humans on Draenor. So she must've been eighter half ogre (but she doesn't looks anything like the other half ogre character, Rexxar), half draenei, or half weird bird-thing.

>> No.17154549


>half-ogre Garona


>> No.17154755


>> No.17154792


Continue how?

>> No.17154809

In some fashion. I liked it.

>> No.17154819


Continue with more ideas, different ideas? What'd you like about it?

>> No.17154867

...mmm... what do you think? The strong women being broken down? Do I really have to go into detail here?

>> No.17155281

I believe the canon explanation is that she's half-draenei and Gul'dan magically altered her to make her look more human.

>> No.17155309

>> No.17156186

>thread about WoW RPG and associated fluff
>extended conversations about the filthy things /tg/ would do to Sylvanas Windrunner

>> No.17156579


I love and hate /tg/ for it.

>> No.17156677


What if that wasn't the real ending? What if the Old Gods implanted that shit in our heads to make us think we won? Then we get some quest where we're helping Kalecgos adjust to mortal life doing some retarded fetch quests and we get ambushed and Kalecgos just shits on everyone and everything with his Aspect powers?

>> No.17157055

kalegcos got his powers taken away also.
my favorite alternate theory is that alexstraza is evil and is behind the corruption of malygos (rip) and neltharion, and is slowly using her powers to pick off the other aspects

>> No.17157360


Nah, that doesn't jive too well w/ me.

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