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Oi! You lousy gitz! I gotz me a rules question:

Konsidder da deff-rolla. When I tank shock a skimmer, it gets a dodge save. Now, does he do that BEFORE or AFTER the roll for how many hits the deff-rolla inflicts?

So the question iz: if I ram and roll a d6 to score say, four hits on a skimmer, does he roll one dodge to miss the entire ramming move? Or does he roll four, one for each hit?

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One for each hit, I believe.


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>>17148320 well, considering it's a ramming move, you should technically be dodging just the one, the idea being you increase altitude to miss the incoming tank. if the skimmer fails, then it get's caught in the spiky roll of deff, and suffers the d6 hits.
Solution? use more than one BW

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Given that the skimmer dodging rule states that neither vehicle takes any damage, I'd say that the deff rolla does nothing if the skimmer makes it's 3+ save to avoid the ram.

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If I remember correctly, all a Deff Rolla does is when you tank shock something, you inflict an additional D6 S10 hits. Nowhere does it say the tank shock has to succeed, just that it inflicts the hits on a tank shock "made".

Nor does it specify if it's part of the Tank shock itself, just that incidentally if you do launch a tank shock, you just inflict D6 S10 hits on the victim.

Take it as you will, but I'd say the deff rolla can't be dodged. You tank shock the skimmer and it can avoid that tank shock, but because you launched a Tank shock against it, you inflict D6 S10 hits anyway.

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No hits are scored if the skimmer makes it's 3+ dodge.

Skimmers are notirously incapable of dodging all the flak generated by a 4 Big-Shoota Battlewagon with 15 Lootas and a SAG Mek inside.

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>Nowhere does it say the tank shock has to succeed

That's because aside from Skimmers, there is no way for a Tank Shock/Ram to fail, aside from running over dangerous terrain and becoming immobalised, in which case I seriously doubt you could argue that the Battlewagon that stopped 6 inches away from that units of Marines it was aiming to flatten still inflicts it's hits.

If the Skimmer dodges, the attack is negated, since the Ram is negated.

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