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This is how I barbarian

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This is how I scientist.

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who si this guy?

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He's the Ancient Aliens guy.

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Oh you. And his real name is...?

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His name is Tsoukalos.

Don't worry, it's like Cthulhu. You can try pronouncing it, but your puny human vocal cords cannot approximate even 1% of the unspeakable horror contained in the true pronunciation.

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His name is "Googleis Yourfriend".

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That man is a plague upon humanity; worse than AIDS, Ebola and the Black Death all rolled into one horrible monster plague. Seriously; I want to watch him die the most horrible and painful death possible.

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This is how I bard.

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So you never use half of your abilities? Because that is how I high charisma Artificer.

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americunts cannot into normal languages

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>>17145912 So you never use half of your abilities?

That is correct. I just get a cohort and some followers and have them do everything with a few spells here and there to help get us out of tight spots.

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no, not seriously

Because if you're serious you're plain dumb.

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The Ancient Asstonauts thank you.

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This is how I Bard.

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I've got buddies who can number crunch with the best of them, so I'll eventually give it over to them for that sort of stuff.

It's a d10 squad based system. Models have stats for Movement, Close Combat, Ranged Combat, Armor Value, Wounds and Leadership each ranging from 1-10. When attacking a model takes their combat stat(depending on if they're shooting or in melee) and applies any modifiers(range, charging, special rules) and rolls below that number on a d10. So if a model with RC of 4 is shooting at medium range(a modifier of 0) they need a 4 or less to hit. If they hit you take the power of the weapon and subtract the target's Armor Value and that's the number you need to cause a wound.

I've done some simple testing for the basic rules and it actually goes pretty smoothly. No tables, no needless contradictions; it all flows pretty well.

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This is how I druid.

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