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Chaos thread general. Post your lists, tactics, wishes for a new codex, thoughts on using Imperial Armour units (because current Fast Attack is garbage) etc.

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Was trying to make a fluffy Thousand Sons list that goes something like this:
Daemon Prince with Wings, Bolt of Change and Warptime
9 Terminators (3 combimeltas, Reaper, 2 chainfists, 5 Lightning Claws, Mark of Tzeench)
3 squads of 8 Rubrics, Sorcerer with Wind of Chaos, personal icon and meltabombs) in Rhinos
2 Possessed Vindicators
Defiler with twin-linked lascannon.
Doesn't perform too bad, though Rubrics are expensive as hell for what they can do.

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I don't think raptors are that useless. I've used 5 man with 2 meltaguns. They advance behind my rhinos and since i shortened the models a bit ( removed those dust things from their claws), they can hind behind the rhinos. Against armies that the meltaguns is of no use I use them as a screen.

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Whenever I dust of my CSM I usually only play 1,250 games (usual game size played at my GW).

Daemon Prince: Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission - 155 pts

5 Chosen Chaos Space Marines: Rhino, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 Flamers, 3 Meltaguns - 175 pts

10 Chaos Space Marines: Rhino, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion w/ Power Fist - 255 pts
10 Chaos Space Marines: Rhino, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion w/ Power Fist - 255 pts
8 Khorne Berzerkers: Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Skull Champion w/ Power Fist - 258 pts

Heavy Support
Obliterator - 75 pts
Obliterator - 75 pts

Total - 1,248 pts

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I really want to try out Chaos Contemptors. Mark of Slaanesh and Mark of Nurgle Dreads sound pretty delicious. Can't wait for my order to arrive.

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You got around 130 points on uppgrades you don't need. I take it that you don't play competativly. Yet you use the lash who is the number one tool of the noob basher. Care to explain?

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Upgrades I don't need? You'll probably have to be the one explaining, lol. List has done well enough competitively...

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>130 points
What? The only useless thing I see is extra armour on Berzerker's Rhino, which is not worth it.

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Yea, I'll have to agree there I guess. I should take Extra Armor off and the Icon on the chosen for more meltas on the chosen. Flamers are ok in the mix though.

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Berzerkers are LR or bust.

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Not really. Zerks in Rhinos work quete well, in my experience at least.

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I'm a noob player playing with other noobs, and we're all building ~750 point lists. Since I have no intention to play with anyone besides my friends, I don't care how competative my list is, as long as it can sometimes do okay. I'm fairly confident about facing the SM player, because he just chooses units that he thinks are cool. The IG player actually researched tactics and made a mildly competetive list, which he then watered down. Basically, plasmavets and meltavets, with a Leman Russ.

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I normally play a semi-competitive World Eaters list, but I had a lot of fun the other night with a Kharne and Typhus bro-op. The staying power of Plauge marines was a lot of fun to play around with, I might move for a more Nurgle and Khorne themed list instead of flat out angry red marines.

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>magic number 9
I like your style

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What I have so far:

Sorc w/ wings, meltabomb, winds of chaos

marines with champion, icon of glory, rhino, 2 plasmas, and a meltabomb, mark of tzeench

Berzerkers with skull champion, rhino, meltabomb

1 obliterator

kinda want to take away mark of tzeench on the sorcerer, as it currently isn't doing anything, but I don't know what to replace it with. Maybe power weapons for the champions? Or a familiar, doombolt, and a power weapon for one of the champions?

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forgot to put: 10 each of marines and berzerkers

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Obliterators work best in units of two
He's prety boss, a bit overpriced though. I really like his powers that don't requiere psychic tests and poisoned force weapons. Too bad he is not T 5 base, so power fists won't double him out.

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duly noted. I'll ditch the mark, the icon, a couple of guys from each squad, and get another berzerker without losing too much points

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shit, I meant obliterator. Not berzerker

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How do marks work on Chaos Contemptors?

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Mark of Slaanesh- +1 I offensive and defensive grenades
Mark of Khorne- d3 extra attacks and RAGE
Mark of Tzeench- all bolt and flamer weapons Ap3 rerolls 1 to hit
Mark of Nurgle- -1 on Damage chart

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Sorc with wings, MoS, lash.
2x 10 CSM, 2 plasma guns, Champion with fist.
8 Zerkers, Champion with fist.
6 havocs, 4 plasma guns, Champion with fist.
5 raptors, 2 melta guns, Champion with sword.
2 rhinos, 2 extra armour, 1 havoc launcher.

One marine squad and the berzerkers get loaded into the rhinos, Sorc and raptors fly around trolling shit. Havocs and other squad of marines guard deployment zone.
That's the plan, anyway, haven't had a chance to play yet. Want to eventually have three defilers, the havocs will be expanded and made chosen, hell yes infiltrating plasma guns.

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This sounds pretty awesome

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Have anyone tried Blight Drones, Dreadclaws and Hell Blades?

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Pretty new to the game, but i whipped up this 1850 points list the other day. It's a fun list that i enjoy playing but i would like some criticism.


Deamon prince with wings, MoS, lash- 155


6 plague marines with flamer, melta - 153
1 champion with powerfist, meltabombs - 68
--------------------------------------- 221

6 plague marines with flamer, melta - 153
1 champion with powerfist, meltabombs - 68
--------------------------------------- 221

6 plague marines with flamer, melta - 153
1 champion with powerfist, meltabombs - 68
--------------------------------------- 221


4 terminators with MoS and pair of lightning claws- 165


Landraider with deamonic possesion- 240
Defiler with TL lascannon and extra arm- 170
vindicator - 125
3 Rhinos - 105

TOTAL 1848

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>>17142703 9 Terminators (3 combimeltas, Reaper, 2 chainfists, 5 Lightning Claws, Mark of Tzeench)

Sorry, Thousand Sons terminators all have twin-linked bolters and power weapons.

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I know, they should also have 60-pts Aspiring Sorcerors (which is overcosted as hell) The Sorcerer commands rule and AP 3 bolters. Thank you very much, I'll deviate from the fluff on this one.

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I use a Hell Blade in Apoc games. I use it to shoot down Vendettas and Valkyries and occasionally strafe Dreadnoughts from behind. Hydras ruin my day, though.

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Blight Drones are all kinds of win

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I love the idea of the Dark Mechanicus. If money were no object, I'd get a shitload of Blight Drones, Blood Slaughterers, Brass Scorpions, Defilers, Hell Blades/Talons, and some converted Techpriests for Apocalypse games.

>It's scrapcode time!
>No daddy no!

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I wish Night Lords had more official art.

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The rumours go that they are going to be in the new CSM codex.

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Your wish is my command.

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I like them too. For a long time, I wanted to see either a Dark Mechanicus ally codex like the old assassin one, or at least some models representing them, not just their creations

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We have come for you!

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>First Claw
>thinks fanart done for AD-B is "official"

>> No.17143203

>done for ADB
>close enough

Fine, have some official art. Spoilsport.

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ADB is right about the wing helmets being silly as fuck though.


Those are pretty badass for the ALL WARGEAR IS RED era.

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I already have all possible fanart though, even if it was done by Slaine69 for ADB. But thanks for the effort anyway.

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And here's one of my favourite minis.

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This one?

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Thank you, that's a much better image of it. I ripped mine out of some catalogue or codex.

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Black Legion actually has modern equipment? Zomg.

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I like the idea of chaos warbands made up of different legions, using said legions special rules, could be broken really easily but if they spent enough time working on it, it could be awesome.

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That's what Black Legion was meant to be in 4e.

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Raptors always struck me as having their potential wasted. So much interesting fluff, and yet the only books to really cover it to any extent were the ADB Night Lords and the old Iron Hands novel.

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Well, Lord of the Night expanded bit on them. But yeah, their tactics, fluff-wise, are fucking beautiful. Just hanging from the ceiling and dropping on their foes.. I

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"I will eat your eyes."

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Hey now, that was a compliment.

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Bumping for the dark gods.

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Whipped up my first ever list. Any criticisms? Not really all that competitve just something to play my first proper game with.

Daemon Prince w/ wings and wind of chaos - 160

Terminator Lord w/ Daemon weapon + Mark of khorne - 155

10 Chaos marines w/ aspiring champ, melta, heavy bolter + rhino with havoc launcher - 235 x 2

5 Raptors w/ Aspiring champion w/ lightning claws, two meltas, melta bombs + Mark of Khorne - 195

5 terminators w/ champion, reaper autocannon, chainfist + Mark of Slaneesh - 215

Vinndicator w/ havoc launcher - 140

Predator w/ lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons - 160

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Your HQ seems redundant. Terminator Lord or Daemon Prince. But both?

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The Predator looks a bit confused. You'll almost always be wasting a bit of firepower, whether that's the Twin-Las frying lone infantrymen, or the Heavy Bolters pinging off tanks they can't hurt. I'd swap the turret Twin-Lascannon for the Autocannon, and the Heavy Bolters for Lascannons. That'll give you a more focused unit, kitted for killing enemy vehicles, without becoming too expensive.

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Chaos has shitty HQ, unless you're playing against someone who can't block psyker powers, in which case Sorceror with Mark of Tzeentch and a Familiar.

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Chaos lord is there to join my terminators. With his daemon weapon he makes them a much more effective unit in CC which is mostly what I intend to use them for. Deep strike into my enemy's army and fuck their shit up.
Daemon Prince is there to kill tanks and mostly just kill things with his wind of chaos and CC skills. And as a distraction if I need it.
I know it can be a bit of a waste but I wanted a Predator that could kill tanks or troops. As such this loadout seemed more effective, as it can shoot 6 times per turn with bolters rather than twice with an autocannon.

>> No.17144699

The problem is that a pair of BS4 Heavy Bolters aren't terribly frightening. 4+ cover saves are easily found in 5th edition, so you'll be lucky to get more than one or two kills per turn with the HB's. You're better off using it as a dedicated tank hunter, and looking for anti-infantry power elsewhere. Swapping the Reaper Autocannon on the Terminators for a Heavy Flamer might not be a bad idea - it works well with their role as an anti-infantry assault unit.

>> No.17144717

You're better bet is to go for either a predator that kills infantry through buckets of dice, or tanks. Not both.

>> No.17144730


Or just buy two obliterators that can do both jobs at 150 points.

>> No.17144738

Autocannon, Heavy Bolters, Combi-Bolter Pintle and/or Havoc Launcher, makes for an effective dice-bucket to throw at infantry. And it's dirt-cheap, too.

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>Terminator Lord w/ Daemon Weapon

You could have two Oblits that can deep strike and fuck shit and won't kill themselves for the same price.

>> No.17144808

They still have to get close, which requires a deep-strike. And they tend to get swamped easily by infantry.

Obliterators were actually downgraded in the current Gav-Dex. They were a lot nastier before when they had more weapon options, were 70 pts per model, and T4(5). They even chewed up an elite slot during those days.

In any case, why could always just take Predator(s) and a unit of Obliterators.

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Few might recall my Malal army project, but I've not done much as far as armylist building. Here's a go at it, so far.

1 Daemon Prince (HQ) @ 130 Pts (Wings)
1 Summoned Greater Daemon (HQ) @ 100 Pts
1 Chaos Lord (HQ) @ 135 Pts (Personal Icon; Daemon Weapon)

10 Chosen Chaos Space Marines (Elites) @ 280 Pts (Mark of Chaos Glory; Lightning Claws (pair) (x1); Power Fist (x2); Meltagun (x2))

10 Chaos Space Marines (Troops) @ 200 Pts (Mark of Chaos Glory; Autocannon (x1), Aspiring Champion)
10 Chaos Space Marines (Troops) @ 200 Pts (Mark of Chaos Glory; Autocannon (x1), Aspiring Champion)
11 Summoned Lesser Demons (Troops) @ 143 Pts
11 Summoned Lesser Demons (Troops) @ 143 Pts

Models in Army: 57
Total Army Cost: 1331

Aiming for 1500, but I could use some suggestions on some things.

Is mark of Nurgle or Tzeentch better for a more survivable Prince?
The Chosen are to be the Lord's retinue, him fulfilling the 11th position.
Troops: More Lessers? More CSMs? Different loadout CSMs?
Heavy Support: Just load up on Oblits or should I get any toys?
Anything else is fine too.

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They have plasma cannons and can sit in cover firing them from just as far as a predator would.

>> No.17145095


>10+ attacks
>risk versus reward

Sometimes I wonder why people just
can't have fun with this game.


>Chaos has shitty HQ


I suppose you're going to tell me that Obliterators are overrated as well.

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Hmm. I guess you're right but my only gripe is, if I make this Predator-which it so happens I am building right now, so I need to decide-totally anti-infantry, will my army have enough anti-armour to stay alive?

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>> No.17145783


Risk vs Reward is fine when it compares against safer options, 3 attacks vs d6 attacks for example.

But when it's "3 attacks vs d6 attacks and if you roll 1 you will hit yourself instead of opponent" shit starts to suck. Blame lies mostly on bad games developers though, I expect that the next chaos codex, written by Ward, will make chaos good.

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But it's not 3 vs d6, it's 3 vs 3+2d6, if you roll a one you hit yourself once. Shit like that is fun, people who run it don't care about HURR IS THIS THE MOST EFFECIENT THING I CAN DO? NO? OKAY I'LL RUN TWO LASH PRINCES AND 9 OBLITERATORS INSTEAD

>> No.17145987

I'm comverting mah AOBR stuff into chaos now and building speakers onto my slaaneshi landraider. Pics hopefully for the next kay-os thread.

My army is a warband of random groups all with united belief that cultist-chan is malal.

>> No.17146020

No love for the Plague Hulk?

>> No.17146076


No, in fact it's "3 vs 3+2d6 and if either dice rolls 1 you will not make any attacks this round and take a wound with no armour save allowed".

>> No.17146084

Hi, I'd like to take fun for 200 please.

>> No.17146094


But is hitting yourself fun?

Why can a daemon prince have fun without hitting himself?

>> No.17146292

awesome, my orkz made it to screencap

>> No.17146385

A Daemon prince also doesn't have the potential for 16 attacks, and tends to get focused easily. You're making it seem like a daemon weapon trades his 3 base attacks for d6 attacks, and that it's no fun to roll 16 attacks and that everything has to be effecient. The codex is already shit, this is a way of a tleast making it fun.

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Think about the game itself what you want, but the Chaos Space Marine's voice acting from Fire Warrior was awesome! That game made me a Word Bearers fan, and Eliphas in Dark Crusade turned me into a Word Bearers fanatic!

Thus, I hope that the Word Bearers will replace the failtastic Black Legion as Chaos' default colour scheme.

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