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So I'm thinking of building a slaaneshi chaos demons army for my first WHFB army. Any tips?
My first thought was to go with a tzeentch theme but pink horrors don't seem that great.

Failing that, fantasy general?

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Build and make the army that you think is the coolest and would be the most fun.

Once you learn the ins and outs of your fun army, you'll win a lot and have a grand old time doing it.

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awesome advice, thank you.

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I've been hunting the internet for a while now, and I've decided i really don't like the look of the Fiends. anyone have pics of cool conversions or 'counts as units? I need inspiration.

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some guy on dakkadakka is using cold ones

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Deamonettes surfing on screamers!

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I've seen some people suggest using Tyranid Raveners for Fiends.

Also, grab that plastic Sorcerer of Tzeentch, replace his head with a Daemonette head, and give him some slaaneshi iconography, bam. Herald

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>Also, grab that plastic Sorcerer of Tzeentch, replace his head with a Daemonette head, and give him some slaaneshi iconography, bam. Herald

I really like this Idea. Thanks!

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Can't honestly say I've though much about Daemons. They look like they'd be fun enough to paint if you're really good at doing flesh stuff; honestly, the thought of painting Bloodletters tends to put me off.

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I use Daemonettes with Gargoyle wings

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Okay, potentially terrible idea.
For a Plastic Keeper of Secrets, grab the Cygor/Ghorgon kit.
It's large, bovine, has 4 arms. All traits of the early Keepers of Secrets.
The Cygor's single eye could even make a good representation of the gift: "Enrapturing Gaze",

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[Not Op]
Ooh, those are nice, but Fiends don't get wings.
Would make good Slaaneshi Furies or Screamers though.

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You can still model wings on them, that doesn't mean they can actually fly. Just look at ostriches and moas and shit. Rule of cool = win.

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OP here
that is a really nice looking conversion.

I've also been considering going a bit towards the medusa route and sticking deamonette torsos on snake bodies

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Put glue on the bases and dust them with real cocaine. slaanesh would like that.

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gotta sprinkle crack rocks on there as well for the 3d terrain effects

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also if the venomthrope werent 23 dollars Id like to steal the tentacles

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Thanks! It's for 40k and they have a 12" Charge. So in my mind it made sense.
Yeah, that's what I was going for too. Pic related. My greenstuff-ing isn't all that great so the body is rough. The ravener bodies are just to big for the feminine form I was going for.

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the snake body is a count-as mount for the herald...I wanted to do it for the Fiends but I just got too lazy

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I like that color scheme

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anyone know of an appropriately sized octopus mini? could make for a good lower body

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Here's some converted fiends.
First some Daemonettes on Goblin-spider rider bodies.

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Next, some fiends converted from Spawn of Chaos.

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Lastly, these were made from a combination of daemonettes and bloodletters.

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>using new daemonettes instead of sexy old ones

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that's ab awesome idea

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I know very little about Chaos, anyone have comparisons between the new and old ones?

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the "old" ones were these (actually, they don't correspond to the oldest designs, and the oldest daemonettes miniatures were simply coarser versions of the current ones) and /tg/ prefers them because they look prettier and have more titties, despite being less fluff-accurate and uneasy to convert.

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>sexy means you get to see boobs

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That's some double-plus ungood English you're sporting there, sport. Try "difficult" or "arduous."

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>double-plus ungood

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>lust daemon
>pic related
pic one

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hot damn those look good

also dumping stuff from my recently re-org'd slaanesh folder!

this is a bloodletter conversion that I found and kinda want to try out for my second unit of fiends. (considering I already have 4 of the metal fucks)

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this was a custom job done by a person posting under the name "fifth miracle" on CMON, I bought one of the daemon princesses he made but I really want one of these, which he never made available for purchase.

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Male daemonettes? So, like incubi or something?

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this is one I saw posted on /tg/ recently, I thought the conversion was decently done and I rather like the idea of a daemonette having a syringe arm.

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Slaaneshi deamons are supposed to be hermaphroditic in nature, but nothing says they can't lean more toward male. anyway I think they look good and the conversions are not that hard to do provided you have all the pieces to do it.

moving on, this is one of the daemon princesses I was talking about earlier, they were for sale on ebay for a while, I'm not sure if fifth miracle is still making them though.

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how bout we get some tanks up in here, everyone likes tanks!

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I love this model and what can be done with it but I cannot stand that there is no replacement head for the twin assassins. oh well.

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Goblin Spider/Daemonette -Taur hybrid conversions perhaps? That's what I suggested a friend, but then he had alot of them spiders laying around.

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I honestly never liked the look of them, yeah they can look good if you do them well, but I have never really been a big fan of them.

on another note, how bout them banners?

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You might be one of the better namefags, but 40k is that way --->

There are so many good Fiend ideas here... and most of them would double as Seekers.

Personally, I like the 3rd Edition (the 2nd generation) Daemonettes. They have big claws.

The current plastics are pretty boring but when you have all three of those versions in one big mob, it looks pretty cool. >>17142542
The old, old daemonettes were pretty bad. I'm glad I have no desire to field some of them in my mob.

I reckon that's the one thing I love most about Daemons of Chaos: You can just throw anything and everything in there and it'll generally work on a visual level.

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I always wondered who bought those. The guy can't sculpt for shit. They have as much detail as a barbie doll.

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By the way, this is called the ... something face. It's a very simple optical illusion. Press a face into greenstuff creating an indentation. Bring the banner to level. Done.

Forgot to post what it was in another thread when people asked.


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>You might be one of the better namefags, but 40k is that way

well I'm glad at least one person feels that way, but alright I'll chill on the 40k stuff.

>Personally, I like the 3rd Edition (the 2nd generation) Daemonettes. They have big claws.

I have to agree I liked them a bit as well, and I will also agree that having a "mixed" unit of all three would be pretty cool.

as for the bog standard "new" deamonettes being boring I find that paintjobs also lend themselves to causing this, daemonettes are on of the few models I think NEED to have a bright and vibrant paint job to look good. Which makes me wonder why they painted most of the daemonettes in the codexes flesh with a few splashes of other color here and there.

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it actually looks better in person, though admittedly the hooves could have been better.

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gonna have to duck out here, got some papers that need doin' might find this thread later though, later guys.

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>dat crotch-level lense flare

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had to do a double-take there

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Oh god, I lost it so hard.

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Suddenly I find myself in /d/

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All Slaanesh WHFB daemons? Yeah, don't.

I have it, had it since the last Hordes of Chaos, and managed just fine (minor victories/defeats), especially with the Storm of Chaos list. Then came Daemons of Chaos and I can barely make a draw. I guess it's my fault for not having a Keeper of Secrets (just a prince, which are utter shit now), and without one, Slaaneshi daemons lack all punch. You got S3 all around with some S4 from Fiends. That's it. It's like playing IG with just lasguns and bolt pistols.

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