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I've started reading the Horus Heresy novels recently and well I have to ask this. Why is the Emperor such a fucking moron?

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Are you looking for an answer better than "because BL writers suck cock?"

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blinded by his own awesomeness

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The Emperor is a deep and thoughtful person, So I don't expect morons to get him.

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He's just a wee bit arrogant and expects people to never question him

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because he lost at the end of the HH and you need to make that happen somehow.

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as oppose to why are primarchs and space marines such whiny little bitches?

"whaaa daddy doesn't pay enough attention to me. I must destroy everything he build and take over"

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He needs to explain shit then if people are to be swayed by him

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>The Emperor's pretty deep. You wouldn't understand.

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Because, with pauldrons like those, no one is ever going to question you.

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Well for starters the Emperor didn't tell the primarchs shit about real important stuff like chaos and what harm would of been caused if he told them about the human webway project?

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He's not a moron. He's dreamer. He dreams of a future of mankind that disregards warp and its shenanigans. Compared to those dreams horus heresy is just a minor thing.

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>tells generals who just conquered half the galaxy over 1000 years he's got a better way to get places than firing a ship through hell

Because thats a plan with no drawbacks amiright?

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More like over 200 years

Also space ships will always be needed. To fight off a alien armada and for rogue traders

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Also I understand why he was angry was Magnus destroyed his project but why didn't he take into account Magnus' message?

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Actual answer: >>17136893, sadly.

Possible fluff answer: The Emperor may well have started off with "good" intentions comprehensible on the human scale, but he'd have then spent over 30,000 years watching humanity shoot itself in the foot repeatedly. After that much time, seeing friends die and those who he swore to guide killing each other in the fires of their own stupidity, it's quite possible that he just stopped caring about the opinions of mere mortals; all he wanted was for humanity to survive, and the only way he could comprehend it coming to pass was if humanity obeyed him without question.

Such a level of hubris makes his eventual fate rather fitting.

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The Emperor does strike me as incredibly naive, actually.

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Oh yeah. Let's see.

>Don't tell people who don't need to know about super secret project.

That's it! The betraying bastard! He didn't tell us stuff so we must sell our souls and rape the galaxy!

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And the harm of knowing about the secret webway project would be bad because...?

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>and the harm in telling the MEHRINES!!! about his daily bowl movement would be...?

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That's completely not the point.

Would you commit genocide because your leader decided not to tell you something? That's what pisses the hell outta me... the sear pettiness of it all.

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Well, like father, like son.

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Go watch Watchmen, when you reach omnipotence you are going to get described as a God by the people you are trying to liberate from deities. After 30,000 years of having to struggle with the folly of the emotional Human condition, I guess he just decided to stop caring and simply did things to assure the sole survival of Mankind throughout the future.

For all we know, he long forsaw the treachery of Horus and what would happen if it had turned out differently. Magnus had visions of the the current future and he was an incredibely powerful psyker, yet nowhere near as powerful as the God-Emperor.

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Well as a Primarch I would assume that if this project is being kept secret from even me then it must be pretty serious business and thus would probably be curious but not pressing on the matter.

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Two options to answer this:
1: The Horus Heresy series was a terrible idea that got worse with its mishandling, and ruined a story that worked well enough as a vague legend that every player could imagine for themself. Unfortunately, as it turns out, most 40k space marine players will eat anything that gets tossed into the pigpen.

2: The Emperor knows how it ends, and knows much further than that, and has decided that this is the best path to take.

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I'm gonna go with number one. They never should have touched the era.

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The Horus Heresy series was about as unnecessary as the Star Wars prequels and were handled almost as badly.

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I believe that this actually gets mentioned. The Emperor might have been incredibly powerful, but he was terrible at being a person. He had no idea how to interact with people. After tens of thousands of years of having godlike powers and getting whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, his skills at dealing with people had atrophied to the point of nonexistence. And that's assuming he ever had them in the first place.

Which is why, when he tells the primarchs that they're going to be subjects to a bunch of bureaucrats, and then disappears into his workshop and refuses to talk to anyone, he assumes that they'll just mindlessly go along with it because he told them to. Also, look at what happened with some of the primarchs when he first met them, like Kurze and Angron. He was actually surprised that they refused to go along with him, like he was totally unused to not getting whatever he wanted out of people.

The Emperor, for all of his claims about caring for humanity, had none of his own. He had zero experience when it came to being human, so ultimately human beings (and even things as far from human beings as the primarchs) were completely alien to him.

The Emperor seemed like a fucking moron because he had no idea how to deal with people.

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so the emperor had charisma as his dump stat?

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I think that might be it anon

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I haven't read the books, and I haven't don any SERIOUS research on it, but from what I gather, it' because the fact that he lost at the end of the Heresy was established before his immense power was.
By the time they elaborated on the Heresy, there was no way he could have lost without being blinded by his own arrogance/stupidity/love.

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I always liked the Emperor's failings being part of his status as a paragon of humanity.

He has our greatest strengths and our most tragic weaknesses amplified a hundredfold. His hubris, his naivete, his thirst for power... all very human things.

But yeah. He was also just a shitty person because he was a dozen neanderthal shamans mushed into one body and told to save the world. It's not like he has ever had a single "human" experience in his "life"

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So... The God-Emperor of Mankind was a fucking sperg?

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im on book 2 of the HH series. im really losing interest.

loken is a fucking putza and all these rememberancers? CHRIST, I dont want to read about this!?

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Basically. Humans by their very nature can't be be gods, because of our failings. Now you can either say the Emperor being the pinnacle meant, not only did have it's greatest strengths, but it's most dire weaknesses. The brighter the light, the greater the shadow.

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autismal as fuck

Got it.

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Does the series get better?

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I had a rather subdued childhood, but I still know how to deal with people. The Emperor had thousands of years to talk to people and learn from their experiences. Even if he's not human, he could at least try to pretend to be.

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It has it's ups and downs according to others. I've enjoyed all the ones I've gotten. But then again what the fuck do I know about taste. I liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and the star wars prequels. And hair metal is my favorite metal. So I know dick about that fickle thing called "good taste"

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