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There have been lots of threads about realistic vs. unrealistic armor for women in video games, comic books, movies, and especially RPGs. But have there been any discussions about armor for men, that sacrifices practicality to show off a good physique?

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Conan is a slut.

Cowboys usually run around in buttless pants too.

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occasionally, but not nearly as often as with the women.

the "standard" bare-chested barbarian is a good counterpoint to the much maligned chain-mail bikini

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The one I usually go with, though I haven't seen a good picture for it:

a half-vest the only thing over the chest, a pair of tight pants, and a belt of Preferred Colour Here. That's it.

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> the "standard" bare-chested barbarian is a good counterpoint to the much maligned chain-mail bikini

Panel 1. the rest of the comic too, but mostly panel 1.

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Any final fantasy character past number 4.
Tidus and Zidane are both very good examples of fucking stupid battlegarb.

Barret. Pic related.

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Fucking stupid, certainly.

Hardly slutty.

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Male heroes have always wore even dumber outfits than female ones.

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Again: Stupid, yes. Sexy, no.

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That bothers me.
Mostly because I'm used to seeing men drawn like they're made to be sexy or fashion models (JJBA after Stardust Crusaders), but in that posted comic the art style is just... meh.

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So basically the argument is invalid because women like gay men?

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If gay men are the only ones that bother to look sexy, certainly.

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I'm sorry but if women don't find Conan the Barbarian sexy I think we have to kill all of them.

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You don't get much stupider then being a martial artist fighting crime in high heels.

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he needs more beard

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bodice Ripper covers tiem?

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Yes! Perfect!

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What exactly would qualify as slutty armor for a guy?

Are there any ca/tg/irls or decaden/tg/ays around to say what kind of armor on a guy would be a turn-on for them?

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I am sorry but he just looks dumb. The latest Oglaf made me doubt my sexuality (seriously, look that shit up at your own peril) but here he just looks like a faggot.

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If it's not sexual, then whatever, but doesn't the argument essentially still stand that it's some kind of fantasy? As one post argued, it can be viewed as a male power fantasy. Is it any better to make a fuckawful design for a power fantasy than it is for a sexual one? Even if you argue sexism it can be argued that the two are on par with one another, it's just a difference of the nature of the objectification and the gender it is targeted at.

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It doesn't exist, at least to anywhere near the degree it does for women. Our society has decreed that, as a whole, men cannot be sexualized, because the one being sexualized has less power and men can never have less power (patriarchy bla bla), so the most you can ever have is armor that makes men look sexy to some women, not sexualized armor for men.

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Tarzan in films, but admittedly he didn't really know any better since he grew up amongst monkeys. This is where I hate the loin cloth that Tarzan is traditionally shown to wear: If he feels the need to cover his junk, why wouldn't feel the need to cover the rest of the body? Not necessarily using metal armour, but still.

Either show him completely naked or cover his chest too.

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> Is it any better to make a fuckawful design for a power fantasy than it is for a sexual one?
It's worse. I could get off if it was a sexual one.

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You certainly have a point, but I think the divide between what qualifies as a power fantasy and what is an objectification is unclear and often subjective. I know a lot of women (mostly fat catgirls) who get turned on by the idea of being the slutty sorceress (as long as she is powerful and stays in control).

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Ca/tg/irl here. This, basically. Sadly, men are not allowed to look sexy on their own merits, but because of the implications of what they might DO. Male sexuality is in action, female is in looks.

Female sexuality has changed, at least online, due to the number of submissive guys. Male has not, because Lesbians Are Neto, But Men Are Icky.

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shirt off, problem solved

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First two panels nail it.

Enjoy your power fantasy, little boys.

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I'm going to argue that the female mindset on males has evolved? changed? where the standard fantasy tropes have not

Fabio et all. The way the sexes view each other changes all the time..

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Well, when you get down to it, people in general are fucking gross. Penises are pulsating often symetric lumps of flesh that generate smegma to keep themselves clean. Vaginas look like an open wound and produce enough disgusting liquids to rival a chemical factory.

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when a hung guy runs, his dong flops up and then falls down and strikes him right in the balls. A loin cloth stops that from happening. Also, it protects the wiener from sharp jungle thorns.

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There's a huge difference between armor that show's off a male's skin in order to underscore his strength, and armor that does so in order to sexually objectify him.

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Actually, I find penises fairly attractive on their own merits. It's just that they usually come paired with scrotums. There's no way to make a scrotum look nice.

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For those too lazy to go to the site...

Does this design not count as sexualized?

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you're speaking as if those two points are mutually exclusive

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> usually

Of all the times to be away from my reaction images. What the fuck.

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See, if this was done properly people would complain too. A woman in such armor should be nearly indistinguishable from a man. The plebs flip shit if you ever blur genders like that.

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Yeah, this argument would be a lot easier if women were universally attracted to very muscular men.

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I don't know, women have different shaped bodies then men, on average.

Smaller shoulders and wider hips, stuff like that

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Yes, things would be so much easier if women wanted the same thing in a man that a man wants in a man.

Do you even listen to yourself?

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Men are not universally attracted to blonde chicks with huge tits. The majority simply are, and the monoculture tries to pressure all men to express liking that aesthetic lest they be considered 'gay'.

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>Yeah, this argument would be a lot easier if people were universally attracted to one body type*
the whole debacle is ridiculous, but people should at least be objective about it

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I'd rather see both genders designed primarily with showing off capability and actually fitting their role than see men having the same cosmetic principles applied to them that are applied to women.

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Could one say that the argument is impossible simply due to the fact the female brain is more complex than the male brain? After all it is capable of having a far wider variety of what counts as 'sexy' in a man, as opposed to the male brain's limit to only checking for key features that match a preset image in the male's head.

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I find vaginas very pretty on their own merits. Maybe if you have a vagina, we can hook up sometime.

>Oh god, I'm hitting on what is either a woman, a bi guy or a homo.
>On 4chan, no less.
>WTF am I doing?

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I doubt you live anywhere near New Jersey, so no.

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It's really hard to find pictures of slutty armor for guys, but I do have some that aren't Monster Hunter, hold on.

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Smaller shoulders and more pronounced hips, yes. Definitely in chain. But most armor design for females is pretty much I AM A WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! that is designed for sex appeal or to clearly identify femininity, lest the warrior, gods forbid, be considered mannish.

In general I think warrior women should be the tall, small-breasted, wide-shouldered types since those are the women that have the most potential for combat, but that's more of a complaint about realism and I do not believe it is entirely motivated by the desire to keep your women small weak and fuckable.

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Um.....I'm pretty sure all guys like a particular range of bust to waist to hips ratios, and big tits are usually a part of that package.

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their brain is not more complex
they are just a bit different. not by much even.

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>Could one say that the argument is impossible simply due to the fact the human brain is more complex than nerds give it credit?
Keep it simple, hombre. The problem is with people's biased perception of both genders, rather than a lack of understanding one

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I dont like big boobs.
I like petite girls. and dark hair

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Nice trips, but you are simply wrong. What is encouraged by mainstream culture and the reality are too widely different things.

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The conversation goes like this.

"superheroes are sexist"
"OK then, what do women find sexy?"
"X Y and Z characters are not sexy"
"No, what do YOU want to see?"
"stop the sexism"

From the articles I've read, women nerds just want to be angry. It isn't good enough to just have what they want, they want men to NOT have what we want, which is sexy women they consider "slutty".

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I find that male sexuality can be represented in image but it must be in ways that imply aspects of their behaviors and traits.

Posture, grooming, fitness, expression, markings, dress, etc. All these things offer hints into the man's life, or at the very least what he's trying to portray.
A man who sits comfortably in his expensive polo shirt and beams a sunny smile as if he knows he looks high class gives an entirely different feeling than a man who appears uncomfortable in the same clothes and gives a wan smile or dour frown. A man standing tall with bulging pectorals and biceps clearly has a different lifestyle than the man with a slight hunch to his posture and lanky, wiry limbs.

A necroprentice with dark bags under his eyes and five o clock shadow partially concealed under the hood of a loose form obscuring cloak gives off a different air than a barbarian warrior with bronze skin covered in scars with a rugged but trimmed beard proudly wearing nothing but a loin cloth that reveals all his bulging sinew. Both could be considered sexy, depending what the person is looking for, but I'm definitely saying that men can be drawn as sexy in their image.

It's just like how some find women sexy as the buxom beauty and some find women sexy as the reserved professional.

I can't believe that comics like this: >>17126741
think that they have the right to speak with authority on the matter.

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I like small-breasted, wide-hipped, women. Especially if they are tall and athletic while remaining lean.

The myth of some sort of a monocultural attraction to certain features is just that. Nurture dictates a lot of what people consider attractive, rather than nature alone.

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This comic is such ludicrous bullshit. I only need one word (well, it's a compound word) to disprove it.

Nightwing. He is exactly like the description, and yet, he has plenty of male fans.
So fuck whoever wrote this comic.

Hell, SPIDERMAN is built for agility, is usually drawn in an attractive way, despite supposedly being a nerd, and is one of the most popular superheroes ever.

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Not all guys are attracted to leggy blonde chicks with huge tits either, but guess how little that means in the scheme of things.

Though that's not being entirely fair. Part of the problem with this shit is that, by nature, what women define as attractive is very subjective because everything gets filtered through emotional perception as well as visual. Much more so than it is for men.

Thus it's hard, if not impossible, to create something that is A) purely visual and B) as attractive for women as the equivalent would be for men.

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> I can't believe that comics like this: >>17126741
> think that they have the right to speak with authority on the matter.
Bonus: It's drawn by a dude.

Nightwing is also insanely hot, personally speaking.

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>After all it is capable of having a far wider variety of what counts as 'sexy' in a man, as opposed to the male brain's limit to only checking for key features that match a preset image in the male's hea

Are you... one of those legendary guys who has been fapping to the same piece of porn ever since your dick came up and you noticed that mastrubation was possible for the first time or what?

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The problem is that women on average aren't as focused on a man's body as the average man is on a woman's body. A character wearing armor/clothing that shows a lot of skin doesn't have as much of an effect on women as it does on men.

The closest male equivalent I can think of to the sexy-armor fantasy girl would be the foppish "bishonen" characters you see in some anime.

>> No.17127073

not to mention how wildly different the "popular ideal" is between time periods

what is considered attractive now would be grotesque to some cultures

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>implying there aren't plenty of lean, muscular, doe-eyed protagonists

>> No.17127087

>slutty armor for guys who are sexually exploited

LevelUP! General?

>> No.17127095

That'd do. The only problem is, he always draws disproportionate cocks, to the point that it's just not right. Cocks should not be longer than upper legs.

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But a loincloth doesn't prevent that from happening. A loincloth just covers his junk. You are thinking of underwear, and unless Tarzan kept wearing his baby-underwear (assuming he had any), that makes no sense.

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This guy makes a good FFXI comic and is a GOD tier porn artist. His beefcake is frighteningly good.


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The problem isn't in asking "what do women want"

It's in telling women what they want. They'll accept anything you say as truth if imprinted well enough. They don't even know themselves.

>> No.17127125

Ahh FFXI. I loved running my galka mule around in just his glaring white subligar and rdm pimp hat.

>> No.17127130

Men are the same way, they're just imprinted early and often.

>> No.17127132

This is true for both women and men, as is seen in this thread's naive beliefs about what men are ought to find universally attractive.

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>rdm hat

JESUS CHRIST NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOI-Oh you mean just his AF hat and not relic I suppose.

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I'm attracted to some of those foppish bishounen, though.

>> No.17127152

Us men are too busy happily fapping to our imprinted desires to worry about it, let alone write articles.

Women should stick with CLAMP if they're so unhappy with, say, how DC comics presents sexuality. I know women that are sexually aggressive, assertive, and confident, and ironically American comics DO represent them accurately.

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I am loling so hard right now. Good show, whoever made that stuff.

>> No.17127168

Like I said, it's a RANGE of ratios that USUALLY include large tits.

I myself am I white guy who's picked up a taste for Japanese chicks recently....not in a weeaboo sense. They got a skin tone that really isn't far from white (not that I don't like darker tones or nothing, I just like them in a 'I want to fap to something different tonight' sort of way), and they have a few beautiful facial structures you never see in white women. Problem being, of course, that the package usually comes with less tits and ass....

It might sound gay to take face over T&A, but let's face it, which are you going to end up seeing more of?

Of course, I'm second year and never had a girlfriend, not even in high school, so it might all be for moot.

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Fred Perry

Has a long running paper comic called Gold Digger for the past years or so. Has a very unique style of drawing that everyone is hyper athletic and lean with defined muscles.

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I'm just going to leave this here.

>> No.17127193

That's not true, there's at least 1 character I can think of off the top of my head that isn't hyper-athletic, but considering the vast majority of the cast are action-archaeologists, martial artists, combat wizards, or some form of superhuman, it kind of makes sense they would all be in good physical condition.

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I'm addicted to sex with Jewish women. They're just.... smarter. usually. But I hate Israelies, too much attitude.

An actress told me last year that I must have "matso fever". I guess so.

>> No.17127204


That's what mansluts look like.

>> No.17127206

>1 deviation
>every other single character is every comic but paper and web hosted is the pinnacle of human perfection of form
>still not his style

>> No.17127207

Otherwise, yes, his work is very amusing. People will call it "furry" because a handful of the recurring characters are lycanthropes.

>> No.17127210

>> No.17127218

I said off the top of my head, the cast for Gold Digger is fucking huge.

>> No.17127219

Go tell /pol/ about that...

>> No.17127222

Jewish women, eh?
What are those like from the neck down?

>> No.17127231

>I don't personally find muscular men attractive, even though legions of other women do. Your argument is invalid.

Fuck whoever made this comic.

>> No.17127250

Yeah, I meant AF1 hat. Back when I played you had to be really fucking dedicated to get an AF2 hat.

Which is why my sorceror's hat never fucking left my main character's adorable little tarutaru skull unless it was to switch jobs.

>> No.17127252

>It might sound gay to take face over T&A, but let's face it, which are you going to end up seeing more of?

And you don't see the imprinting?

>> No.17127265

Well, dedicated or you had to play a drg or bst. Those things dropped like fucking candy.

>> No.17127291

> 1) I like women. I don't like men. 2)I draw beefcake because it's a) fair for the gals. b) I'm an art- exhibitionist and I get a vicarious thrill from getting the gals to look at my guy-art the way I look at my cheesecake. (Which is why I ask for advice a lot, 'cause I'm not sure what looks "special") 3) I have no problems with drawing man-panty shots because I get zero registation on my "sense-o-meter". I might as well be drawing cars or mecha. So buck up, get a cup of coffee, click next(or prev) and let the gals have their beefcake. Here's some cheesecake to go with the coffee. Oh. And any more complaints or gripes? I'll put Erges butt up here instead.

I like this guy's style.

>> No.17127309

Best part? He is like a 220 big as a house black guy.

>> No.17127314

>2)I draw beefcake because it's a) fair for the gals. b) I'm an art- exhibitionist and I get a vicarious thrill from getting the gals to look at my guy-art the way I look at my cheesecake. (Which is why I ask for advice a lot, 'cause I'm not sure what looks "special")

Now that's some fucking good gender equality right there.

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>moe-moe shit, decent show, good game pretending to be shit animu for some reason
>why can't I hold all these artifacts.jpg, and decent cosplay

I feel somewhat lost.

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>> No.17127371

Basically, he's just posting what he finds sexy on women.

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>> No.17127385

Time to weigh in my pointless opinion in a conversation that's probably dead by now, whoo hoo.

But yeah personally, I find 9/10 blondes disgusting or generally unnattractive and offputting because they all remind me of porn stars or ladies from commercials who always annoyed me. Skinny chicks make me want to vomit but that's more to do with having this weird phobia about seeing bones through skin than it is societal influence.

The whole "slut" debacle is poorly defined seeing as the term itself applies to women more than it does to men. Our society being dominantly patriarchal, our men 'hunt' if you will, our women rather than the other way around.
An analogy I always thought outlined this well is "If a key opens a lot of locks, it's a master key. If a lock is opened by a lot of keys, it's a shitty lock."

>> No.17127389

Pft. Bob cuts.

They're fine, I guess, but you don't get anything with real sex appeal until it gets past the shoulders.
>go long haired chick master race!

>> No.17127402

>dat angle
That is just about the most unintentionally unsexy way I have ever seen that character drawn

>> No.17127423

Picky, picky, picky...

>> No.17127433

> Male sexy armour thread
> Becomes discussion of sexuality
> Turns into pictures of sexy women

Yep, I'm on earth-prime.

>> No.17127442

How is that woman realistic

>> No.17127453

To get things back on track, let's post pictures of sexy men!

>> No.17127455

Welcome back, how was Bizarro /tg/?

>> No.17127467

A little disconcerting. Shogun Saturdays were the weirdest damn things.

>> No.17127469

I did. Perfectly descriptive it ain't. I'm fine with admitting to a slight brainderp though.

Though I'm going to side with >>17127389 here even if that is about the worst Starfire image I've ever seen.

Long, straight (and preferably dark) hair is the best on most women.

>> No.17127474

And on men?

>> No.17127479

How do I get back?

>> No.17127499


>> No.17127502

Step through the other side of a good non-40k homebrew threads. Be careful, though! The slightest touch of 40k anchors it to this world.

>> No.17127506

It's me again from
Gotta agree with you on that, though redheads aren't too far behind.

Fuck if I know. If I even had a clue, I'd have had 3 girlfriends by now.

>> No.17127523

Whoops, forgot pic.

>> No.17127525

Not perfect, but pretty good.

>> No.17127535

>dat bald
>dem sunglasses

>> No.17127547

>Long, straight (and preferably dark) hair is the best on most women.
can't disagree more on this. Medium-length, wavy and red is best

Straight hair ain't bad depending on the person, but I've grown up with enough women in the house that I'm sick of long hair. Godamn it gets everywhere

>> No.17127550

>> No.17127561

As far as I can tell, pic related is the best male hairstyle.

>> No.17127564


>> No.17127565

just kidding.
how about this? <
Im not good at judging male attractiveness but imma take a guess and say that this guy is?

>> No.17127578

only pic i got of Mulder

>> No.17127591

I think we all know the answer to this question, deep in our hearts.

>> No.17127595

>> No.17127601

>> No.17127603

Same thing because traps?

>> No.17127605

>> No.17127616

Am I the only one who thinks long-ish wavy hair looks hot on a guy?

>> No.17127617

SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD there is a catgirl that wants to be the little boy

>> No.17127622

hell even I am slightly gay for tennant

>> No.17127624


>> No.17127630

>hating bobcuts

>> No.17127640

Traps are the only way men can be sexy?

>> No.17127641

>> No.17127643

see this, my 'straight' comrade.

>> No.17127645

You're in the distinct minority.

Most chicks dig short hair on dudes. Don't ask me why.

>> No.17127648


>> No.17127651

"I'm Mark Vanderloo, and this is my favorite thread on /tg/."

>> No.17127657

most dudes with long hair don't know how to take care of long hair

>> No.17127658

most heterosexual thread on tg!

>> No.17127665

Fucking this. Long hair takes A LOT of work. Eventually I was like 'man fuck this' and cut it short.

>> No.17127671

>> No.17127682

Tell me about it.

I grew my hair out long for a while, but I didn't realize the importance of conditioner and it ended up getting all dry and frayed.

Started to look like shit after a year or so, and I had to cut it short again.

>> No.17127700

Try a week, if you look at it from up close.

>> No.17127710

> hair chat
Maybe you guys can explain it. When I don't wash my hair for a while, it goes from a solid black to something mostly red. any clue why?

>> No.17127724

>ITT when its socially okay guys begin trading hair tips in 5 posts

>> No.17127731

aint nothin wrong with that, boyo

>> No.17127737

Oils building up on the hair traps dust and dead skin cells.

If your hair is naturally dark enough, the dirt will be visible as a change in color.

>> No.17127739

When I was growing my hair out in high school, I went for 3 years without a haircut and my sisters and my mom kept bitching about split ends, even though I used conditioner.
Had to have it cut this summer to work in an engineering firm, but I've been letting it grow back, and I've seen no split ends despite lack of use of conditioner.

>> No.17127744

To me? Yes, pretty much.

Though I'll admit that Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean both looked great in LotR, but that may be influenced by my shameless love for those movies.

>> No.17127748

Alright, so any clue why red?

>> No.17127749

>hair care

>> No.17127754

I usually just let my hair du whatever it wants. s'just as easy.
vut it down a bit every time it starts poking my eyes
far to lazy to do any styling, but I wouldnt mint having it like Fox Mulder's style....

>> No.17127757

>male version of Cultist-chan

That's like Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game

>> No.17127758

the oils in your hair refracting the light differently is my only guess..

cut a strand or two off and take a close look under light. You might have brown hair

>> No.17127760

What are some different hairstyles and the day to day details of maintaining them? I want to know for a character.

Preferably short, that won't get in the way, and imply a general lack of concern/attention paid to it beyond the possibility of it getting in the way.

>> No.17127762

Well, what else are we going to do, talk to women about it?

>> No.17127777


It's /tg/. That sorta shit happens regularily.

>> No.17127780

Split ends are inevitable when hair gets old. When you grow you hair that long, the tips are many years old and it begins to degrade regardless of how well you care for it.

To have truly sexy long hair, you have to lightly trim it every now and then. Say, for every three inches it grow out, cut one inch off.

>> No.17127783


Her physique is human. She doesn't have biceps (or tits) bigger than her head. It's unlikely, in that she's both very attractive and has fantastic arms, but it's very much a human body. Equally importantly, her clothing looks functional and even fairly comfortable. It's not about to burst or fall off, it's not spraypainted over her skin, it doesn't require glue to stay on.

In the middle you have physiques which are unnatural, but emphasize musculature and prowess. Amiri and Conan both show off skin, but they're showing off a bunch of scars. And each one is posed in a fuck-off rather than a fuck-me stance. Conan's clothes are falling off his body to emphasize his muscles and scars. He's not dressed that way to show off his tits, he's dressed that way because (presumably) he just got finished slaughtering something with his bare hands, and his tunic wasn't as manly as he is.

And of course, on the right you have outfits which have no purpose except to show off the wearer sexually, bodies which look like they've spent the last three days in a beauty salon, and shameless fuck-me posing. No man would actually stand like Fabio is, unless he was posing for a bunch of women (or outside of romance novels, gay men) to admire and fap to.

>> No.17127789

Go away Shepard.

>> No.17127796

Nono. I am just amused by how quickly people manage to break out of the usual brainwashing in the proper environment.

>> No.17127803

Lowered standards, basically.

>> No.17127807

>Puce skin


>> No.17127812

>To have truly sexy long hair, you have to lightly trim it every now and then. Say, for every three inches it grow out, cut one inch off.
Now, how fast did hair grow again...

>> No.17127817

The anonymity really helps.

>> No.17127819

If societal influence and genetic predisposition are brainwashing, absolutely nothing is not brainwashing.

>> No.17127820

>> No.17127823

Why did you not post a dude?

>> No.17127829

the street fighter movie was great though

>> No.17127834

>visible boob-stretch like that cuirass was a t-shirt
Lady, you might as well still be wearing the thong.

>> No.17127844

Something like six inches a year. It takes a long time to get good looking long hair going.

>> No.17127846

Didn't feel like it.

>> No.17127855

Don't tell me there is a genetic predisposition for men not to discuss looks and hair. Both are genetically advantageous (in fact it is rare to find animals that do not try to appear as attractive as possible to those of the other gender), and common in many cultures. Especially in warrior cultures that idolize the warrior as a thing of beauty, like the vikings, greeks, and their ilk.

Social codes are just that - they differ from society to society. As previously mentioned many societies held opposing values.

>> No.17127857

>> No.17127861

I suppose if you insist though...

>> No.17127863

>Entire thread
>No 300
The sweet spot between Heroically Idealized and Sexualized.

>> No.17127867

Mmmm... delicious catboy.

>> No.17127886

"Long hair is the only thing that can make a handsome man more good-looking, and an ugly one more terrifying. Besides, it's free!"

>> No.17127895

FFXI rule 63 for the main cast incoming.

>> No.17127898

>> No.17127904

>> No.17127906

> google

> "For any given male character, there is a female version of that character."


>> No.17127910

last one

>> No.17127913


Don't forget, there's a male version of every female.

>> No.17127917

mfw this is true.
Long hair makes me look like a serial killer.

>> No.17127921

> Cloud

um, no?

>> No.17127931

Nice quote, where'd you get it?

>> No.17127932

No there isn't. Trust me, I've looked.

I'd love to see a male version of, say, Rydia.

>> No.17127944

>> No.17127948

Sorry, had posted FFXI up until that point. Meant FFVII of course.

>> No.17127958

You know, with the form-obscuring clothes on, that chick on the right always looked like a good to me.

>> No.17127968

Seen it, wasn't realated to my interests, didn't save it.

>> No.17127986

>Jewish Women

There's an old Polish saying which roughly translates into "Jewish Women are Horizontal", meaning they have horizontal vaginas.

...well, do they?

>> No.17127990

I haven't, and I've looked. I'd like to.

>> No.17128001


Novel called "Gates of Fire," about the Battle of Thermopylae. It's a Spartan saying why he thinks all men should grow their hair long.

>> No.17128002

>that feel when LvlUP! beefcake hijack

>> No.17128007

>...well, do they?

If Religion could spontaneously alter genitalia, that would be a well-researched and documented phenomenon that would be easily found by a quick google search.

>> No.17128011

Guys, we've gotten way off topic, and we've missed a very important subject:

>how do women like their men's beards?!

>> No.17128022

They look nice, but they make kissing a chore. Scratchy!

Further information forthcoming with more beefcake.

>> No.17128027

It is where they store genetic fluids for procreation and a healthy beard indicates vitality.

>> No.17128030

bitches love moustaches

>> No.17128049

A quick image search found only a small handful of sexualized Brigandine armours. This isn't one of them.

>> No.17128064

this reminds me I have not shaved in two months... what do I look like now?
*checks mirror* oh shit and my shaving apparatus is broken. oh well.
on that subject, I have always wanted a villainous goatee

>> No.17128080

couldn't find any real good beefcake.

.... have some vampires.

>> No.17128086

...but...thats not a brigandine
at all

>> No.17128094

YOU are why "Supernatural Romance" is a thing.

>> No.17128104

you couldn't post vampire beefcake? what's wrong with you.

>> No.17128109

>implying you wouldn't become romantically involved with a vampire if the opportunity presented itself

>> No.17128113


.... my unsorted folder is far far too big.

.... and has a rather high boob density.

(not going to try posting hipster cultist again)

>> No.17128116


You know, I've always suspected that women secretly love muttonchops because they advertise manliness but interfere with the lip mashing.

>> No.17128134

Experienced women do. Inexperienced women who are looking like beards. Inexperienced women who are finding don't.

>> No.17128136

It could always be worse.

>> No.17128142

> To get things back on track, let's post pictures of sexy men!
> Oscar Wilde
And, so, today is the day I forever give up trying to understand why women are attracted to men, because to me Oscar Wilde looks like Lewis Carrol if Lewis Carrol was capable of being not ENTIRELY creepy for one second. Though, ironically enough, Oscar Wilde was infinitely more deviant and hedonistic than Lewis Carrol.

>> No.17128154

>no Rudy Reyes

Rudy Reyes is the sexiest Marine alive. it's alright if you're gay for Fruity Rudy. everyone is. he's just that damn beautiful.

>> No.17128175


>> No.17128204

Why are you posting something so ugly so close to someone so beautiful?

>> No.17128210

>more and more girls are getting into "nerdy" activities
>complain about unfair standards
If they don't like it, why are they getting into it?

>> No.17128217

You can like a thing in general while hating certain specifics.

>> No.17128220

>implying a fantasy game would use any armor terminology other than IT WAS IN D&D I GUESS

>> No.17128225

Yeah, I know that feel.

>> No.17128232

>implying sexism is an intrinsic part of nerdy shit
Man, way to make nerds even worse than they already are.

>> No.17128238

oh, you want more Rudy Reyes? alrighty then!

>> No.17128257

What the fuck is wrong with him? It looks like he has two giant tic-tacs instead of biceps, insane abs but what amounts to muscular man-boobs, nipples facing DOWNWARDS, a HUGE neck and no trapezius muscles.

>> No.17128260

Well, you know how it is. Any pastime dominated by men tends to breed misogyny and homophobia. Couple that with how nerdy shit was nigh-exclusively a white thing for a long time and you've got racism in there as well.

Not that it's any different for any other group of a homogeneous composition. You'll get Us and Not Us.

>> No.17128276

>What the fuck is wrong with him?
Yeah, what's wrong with this actual marine who was considered one of the strongest dudes in an already-elite unit?

PS, have you guys seen Fedor Emilianenko? What a fat piece of shit! I bet he's never won any fights.

>> No.17128283

>> No.17128284

mfw my sport is nothing but dick and gay jokes and being beaten up with girders
often by the female members of the team
theyre tiny, fast and they seem to have a grudge against kneecaps...

>> No.17128293

>> No.17128297

One day they will all realize that the hottest thing a person can wear is shame.

Wearing revealing clothing proudly is about as hot as a national geographic magazine.

>> No.17128300

>One day they will all realize that the hottest thing a person can wear is shame.
You're on the list.

>> No.17128301

I didn't know physical strength was a requirement for attractiveness. I'm not denying that the dude could probably bench his own weight, let alone my own, I'm just saying that he looks like a Frankenstein's monster-like amalgam of flesh.

>> No.17128302

Fuck kneecaps. They're bullshit. Damn traitors, always keepin' the big man up, never givin' the little girl a chance.
You are welcome to try to find male equvalents to that.

>> No.17128310


So, shame is both sexy and useful?

>> No.17128312

oh you'd like some Eric Kocher too? ok!

>> No.17128315

>I didn't know physical strength was a requirement for attractiveness
You said "what's wrong with him", as though he was broken. In actuality, he's more "functional" than the kind of people who work out specifically in a manner designed to augment their physical attractiveness. Bodybuilders and their ilk build muscle to look good, not to get a job done. So the answer to your question "what's wrong with him" is that he has actual muscles and not Hollywood ones.

>> No.17128319

real strongmen have a decent layer of fat

>> No.17128323

I've seen a crapload of equivalents to that, all involving Link, through casual browsing of /v/. I think they're designed for gay men, but I could never be sure.

>> No.17128335

he was also one of the best martial artists if not the best in his unit

>> No.17128338

>> No.17128344

>hottest thing a person can wear is shame.



If someone is subject to such a pitiful emotion, how could they be attractive?

>> No.17128348

I'm not the one who implied that. Feminists are.

>> No.17128350

By being subject to a pitiful emotion.

>> No.17128351

He would be, since the rest of the unit wasn't allowed to hit his face and ruin his career as poster-child.

>> No.17128356

I dunno man, shame has its use. Sure, there's a load of stuff you shouldn't be ashamed of, but it's useful for informing you about what might not go down well among your peers. Then there's the stuff which you should legitimately be ashamed about.

>> No.17128357

if you think he's Frankenstein like, you have yet to see body builders post Arnold era... like Greg Valentino!

>> No.17128373

Wait, hold on a minute here.

Rudy Reyes has functional muscle that's "unattractive".

Bodybuilders have less functional muscle that's "attractive".

Gentlemen, I believe we've solved the OP's dilemma. If a character is built like a bodybuilder, and not like an actual person with muscle development, they're there for objectification.

>> No.17128380

So, triangle torso bad, square torso good?

>> No.17128381

If shame is a sign of either weakness or deviancy, why would you wish to breed with an imperfect subject?

>> No.17128382

Oh no! My face! My precious modeling career!

>> No.17128398

Who ever said deviancy was a bad thing? It's just something that you don't share with everyone.

>> No.17128413

>> No.17128421

If deviancy is not a bad thing, there is no need to be ashamed.

I conclude that shame is a suboptimal trait. It will be excluded from the next model.

>> No.17128427

Your argument as to why this man should be considered attractive is still "he has really functional muscles".

This is built for strength as well, and while he might not be attractive either, at least he looks like he has a human being's muscular structure.

Pic Related: It's a woman with muscles that don't look like rocks shoved under her skin.

>> No.17128432

Unless the character has a believable reason to be a bodybuilder, yes. Of course, there's believable reasons for women to have huge tits and dress like strippers, too. For example: they might be a stripper with huge tits.

>> No.17128436

here you go OP.
now in dude.

>> No.17128447

>Pic Related: It's a woman with muscles that don't look like rocks shoved under her skin.

Ahahahaa... nah, nah, nah. I'm just pulling your chain. I'm sure she's really strong.

>> No.17128450

Shame is a defense mechanism. It protects you from being stupid. Not unlike fear, which is a vital part of any good person.

>> No.17128455

>at least he looks like he has a human being's muscular structure.
Oh my god are you seriously doing this? You're seriously arguing that someone who literally has functional muscles looks like he doesn't have "human muscle structure". By DEFINITION, he DOES, because that's WHAT HE HAS. You can post all the athletes you want, but they're nowhere near the same level as a fucking MARINE.

>> No.17128465

>If deviancy is not a bad thing, there is no need to be ashamed.
Good, that means I can stomp your faggot ass without any guilt or retribution. Right? Is this how this works?

>> No.17128466

>Your argument as to why this man should be considered attractive is still "he has really functional muscles".

actually I'm not the one arguing that. I don't give a shit about that. I'm talking about you calling him a Frankenstein amalgam of flesh when there are far more extreme examples of that. and he's a functional.

creating phantoms where there are none.

>> No.17128468

women have more fat under the skin so their muscles do not show as well
pluss, it makes them soft and hugable

>> No.17128471

>It's a woman with muscles

>> No.17128472

Defence mechanisms don't always trigger at the right time, though. Look at disgust. It's primarily there to keep us from eating poisonous shit or rolling around in filth but it'll also get people to do a whole bunch of other horrible stuff. Think about how many people use "it disgusts me" as the basis for a moral judgement.

>> No.17128477

so I guess... -2 STR?

>> No.17128482

>Think about how many people use "it disgusts me" as the basis for a moral judgement.
As opposed to all those logically based, objectively correct moral judgments.

>> No.17128485

dat reference

>> No.17128489



What if


What if attractiveness is

Guys listen

What if attractiveness is subjective?

>> No.17128490

like this guy. that other dude disgusts him, so he must stomp a mudhole in that ass and walk that sonuvabitch dry.

>> No.17128497

>What if attractiveness is subjective?
Good, then you won't mind my huge-dicked lolicon wolfman in your campaign.

>> No.17128505

Let's not get into moral relativity, but I think we can agree that moral judgements with reasoning to back them up are more valid than "it disgusts me, so it's okay to harm it."

>> No.17128509


>> No.17128511

Inappropriate for the setting. Try again.

Actually, don't. Please don't.

>> No.17128512

Just don't expect all the DMPCs to swoon over him.

>> No.17128538

I'm not sure that "That makes me feel ill" disgust and "I find that abominable" disgust are the same emotions.

>> No.17128551

so then...
would Isaiah Mustafa be pretty attractive?

>> No.17128561

> implying size is all that matters to muscles
Back to your musclegirl threads, gentlemen.

Yes, there are, like >>17128357. But, just because that man's muscles look like intestines and spleens, doesn't mean that other man's don't look like giant pills.

> >at least he looks like he has a human being's muscular structure.
> looks > looks > looks > looks > looks > looks > looks

What does being a marine have to do with looking attractive? Which is what this is about? I've seen good looking marines and I've seen marines that look like they were carved out of beef jerky and put in fatigues.

>> No.17128566

>Inappropriate for the setting.
Oh yeah, like you cared about that before I made Hyuga Wolfheart and minmaxed him to be a half-dragon paladin-assassin. Oh, sure, it was all "rule of cool" then, but now that you're uncomfortable with my pansexual anthro fandom...

>> No.17128572

You're confusing anger with disgust. Though I'm sure that "I hate fags" falls somewhere between the two.

>> No.17128582

>What does being a marine have to do with looking attractive?
Why the fuck do you keep mentioning "attractive"? Nobody's talking about it besides you. You're saying he looks like, quote, Frankenstein's Monster, unquote. I'm pretty sure if you were just saying he looks "unattractive" you wouldn't pick an image specifically meant to indicate that he's a broken set of components.

You think he looks unattractive because you're expecting Hollywood physiques. That's the end of that story. It was a thrilling dialogue, sure, but the gist of it all is that you're judging him by standards unrelated to actual muscle development and, surprise surprise, he doesn't look anything like the ~actual human muscles~ that you're used to.

>> No.17128587


>> No.17128596

>implying size is all that matters to muscles
You used a pic of a barely-toned woman (with no name or context) to convey that "people can be strong without having bulging muscles". You provided no evidence that the woman in question is legitimately strong, either in visual form (because she looks barely toned at most) or with outside information about who she is, how much she can bench, etc.

You posted a picture and then went IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT LOOKS. You did this because you're fucking dumb.

>> No.17128630

> crtl+f "attractive" > 30 results > thread topic about slutty armour for men
Frankenstein's monster was also absurdly physically powerful as well

He doesn't look like he has any of the ~actual human muscles~ in this either >>17128432

>> No.17128647

> You provided no evidence that the woman in question is legitimately strong, either in visual form (because she looks barely toned at most) or with outside information about who she is, how much she can bench, etc.
I did this because I never claimed that she was physically strong. She has toned muscles. Most women who work out do it for toning; not straight muscle size. I would have posted a better example, but all my other images tagged "toned" had nipples.

>> No.17128696

ca/tg/irl, back from cooking for christmas. Bleh on pre-christmas dinner dinner's desserts.
Yes. Yes he is.

>> No.17128702

Ok, well, we can take that tack too. Even though you're relying on the OP subject and not on the actual conversation you just had.

So what you're saying is that, despite being openly considered the most attractive man by his entire unit (to the point where they put aside their gay-bashing in order to appreciate his physique), there is absolutely no way that someone could find Rudy Reyes' freakish physique to be attractive. And keep something in mind here: "functional" is objective, "attractive" is not. You're saying that he's a freak because you, personally, don't find him attractive, and you don't find him attractive because his muscles are developed in a non-uniform fashion. In fact, let's go back to your original post:

>It looks like he has two giant tic-tacs instead of biceps, insane abs but what amounts to muscular man-boobs, nipples facing DOWNWARDS, a HUGE neck and no trapezius muscles.

Holy fuck! It's almost like instead of evenly developing his muscles, which is obviously the only way muscles can be attractive, he's shaping his muscles as necessary to do his fucking job. But of course nobody could find that sexy, even though an entire unit of openly homophobic marines was able to declare him as the exception to the rule. No, obviously despite being built exclusively for an actual purpose, this guy is a freak whose horrifying body should be thrown into some kind of acid vat.

>He doesn't look like he has any of the ~actual human muscles~ in this either
He does, in fact, have a pretty obvious rectangular build.

>> No.17128704

I recall seeing an Olympic athlete doing laps at my high school track.

1st reaction: That guy looks really gay with a pink hair clip.

2nd reaction: Oh, that's Nina Kemppel. Whoops.

>> No.17128724


>> No.17128741

Oh, so now he's the most attractive man? Because, before, it was just the >>17128276 strongest man.
I must have misread. It's almost as if a man whose muscles were built for practical use instead of attractiveness are less attractive than a man's who was.

>> No.17128742

>implying size is all that matters to muscles
who said only that? and we're talking about men. women do not have as much upper body strength as men biologically. they do have excellent lower body strength (and sexy legs). having musculature appropriately toned to the gender role is a basis for this. men will have more upper body muscle.

is hot because she's NOT ripped. there's a point to where women can work out and gain muscle mass and musculature before they start looking nasty. men also, but they have a greater range in which they can afford to put on muscle, because that is their biological range.

see these guys here? Oil wrestlers? they have strong grips needed because of their sport. look at the guy raising his fist. the forearm to tricep/bicep system is quite large and "rocky" as you put it, which are then linked to the pectoral muscles which are also large and will probably described as "canned" hams. but hey, guess what? they're functional because they allow him use those muscles as a system. a muscle system. to win at the match. but on top of that there is flexibility, explosive power, ground linking, red blood cell count, blah blah on and on. there are studies and sciences for that. if you're interested (although it doesn't sound like you are anyway) you should look them up.

>I've seen good looking marines
ok then, describe them. you're saying things but not going further. you know there's this thing called communication? I don't get what you're trying to communicate. good looking in your sense? then describe that.

>> No.17128772

Ever notice how people who have taken classes in music are more likely to enjoy symphonic composition than people who haven't, who are in turn more likely to enjoy commercial pop music?

Same phenomenon. Being cognizant of the relationship between form and function with regard to muscles can affect your aesthetic opinion of them, while people who don't understand the difference happily dismiss Brock as fat-looking and think bodybuilders have beautiful bodies.

>> No.17128785

>I did this because I never claimed that she was physically strong. She has toned muscles. Most women who work out do it for toning
What a hilariously circular argument.

>you can be strong without looking unattractive
>here's a picture of a woman who is strong without looking unattractive
>i never said she was strong, most women build muscle specifically to look attractive
So what you've managed to prove is that this one woman, who specifically got muscle to look attractive, looks attractive while still having muscles. And the muscles aren't visible.

>> No.17128787

Most marines I've seen have actually looked something like >>17128413. Stocky without being too bulky and large without seeming unnatural. I wasn't saying a thing about these guys. I would not mind one bit having muscles like these two guys. I was talking about >>17128154. These guys are actually pretty spot on for how I describe the Crab Clan in my Legends of the Five Rings game.

>>17128471 The "size matters" bit.

>> No.17128793

>they do have excellent lower body strength (and sexy legs)
Jesus Christ, I can't believe I was arguing seriously with you.

>> No.17128802

guys, we have an answer to the topic at hand. Isaiah Mustafa, the OId Spice Guy, is really attractive. he does not have a body builder's physique. he was a NFL practice squad wide receiver. his muscles were used to function in that role.

>> No.17128814

> Pic Related: It's a woman with muscles that don't look like rocks shoved under her skin.
> >here's a picture of a woman who is strong without looking unattractive

>> No.17128818

Did you quote the right post?

>> No.17128824

>Pic Related: It's a woman with muscles
Yeah, and the muscles aren't visible and we have no proof that she actually has them. So what you clearly meant to say was "Pic Related: It's a woman with tone". You know what? I have tone. Okay? I'm emphasizing that "I", because I barely ever work out, and I'm as toned as the woman in that pic. It proves nothing.

>> No.17128849

So, any visible muscle on a woman = unattractive?

>> No.17128850

>I have tone.
>pics nao.
>then I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.17128856

Yes, she has muscles. Everyone does, it's called anatomy.

We are discussing muscular definition with regards to attractiveness. You might as well have posted in a thread about whether or not glasses are attractive with a picture of a woman who isn't wearing glasses. Hell, if it weren't for the fact she's pictured in a gym there'd be no reason to believe at all that she'd ever been in one.

>> No.17128862

Oh yeah right, I'm gonna let you just sit there and objectify me. I'm a human being, dammit.

>> No.17128875

I don't think you quite understand the thrust of this thread. Maybe you should look it over again, understand the tone here.

>> No.17128877

Denied. Strip off, slutmuffin.

>> No.17128884

if you're quoting that post, well... your bad. Rudy Reyes was posted because he's exactly as his reputation tells. if you can't take something with a grain of salt, perhaps you need to spend some time at the beach. or a fighting game tournament. lots of salt there.

>> No.17128893

Fedor Emelianenko, the epitome of beauty.
Pic related.

Why is his body beautiful? Because he can disregard things like this:

>> No.17128894


>> No.17128901

what if I called you really pretty?

>> No.17128930

No, of course not. This woman has visible muscles and she's still attractive. She just doesn't have ones that look like tennis balls. Tennis balls are not attractive.

>> No.17128936

>Tennis balls are not attractive.
To you. Specifically.

>> No.17128956

>This woman has visible muscles and she's still attractive.
How strong is she, though? Oh, it's almost like you don't know or care about their actual strength and are just looking for an excuse to be shallow about what you find attractive. "No way, dude, I'm totally empowering these chicks - I don't mind a little bit of muscle as long as they have huge tits, brah".

>> No.17128965

God damnit. She's got tone, judging from the size of her tits she must have a nice fat reservoir, and yet I can still see her ribcage.

>> No.17128969

Madam, your headlights are on.

>> No.17128978

tennis balls? is everything you describe a food item or an inanimate object?

>> No.17128989

This is not a woman with muscles. This is, at best, a girl who's somewhat fit and who doesn't overeat. She might have a fuckton of stamina, but that's not the same thing.

That's not what we see. That's not what the discussion is about.

This woman has visible muscles, yes. But she is not muscular. She's somewhat toned, and those arms speak of at least some sinewy strength, but for pure pulling power I'd be surprised if she's much more than half as strong as any man who spends and equivalent time in the gym.

You want to know what a strong, attractive woman with functional muscles (that don't look like rocks shoved under her skin) looks like? Fine. Here you go.

Now, can we please get back to the beefcake?

>> No.17128994

protip: fake tits

>> No.17129003

> Now, can we please get back to the beefcake?

Certainly, now that you've all ruined any chance of just using DownThemAll on the thread. Go ahead.

>> No.17129004

they're fake bro

>> No.17129007

It's not a matter of strength or empowerment. It's true that I don't mind a little bit of muscle, or that I prefer nice breasts (of any size). But I also like abs, butts, and thighs. It's not my job to empower women. If they want to feel empowered, power to them. Who said anything about empowerment? If a woman looks good to me, I don't care how she looks good, because she looks good. She might be unable to open a jar of pickles, or able to bend a steel girder, but I don't see how that should factor in to "does she look attractive to me".

>> No.17129019

>> No.17129020

hey /tg/, /a/ here, what about reverse traps
i like reverse traps
psychosexually analyze me
does this make me gay

>> No.17129025

> If a woman wants to be empowered, that's her business
> I don't care how she looks good, just that she looks good

Pushin back feminism 60 years fuck yeah

>> No.17129026

>Lesbians Are Neto, But Men Are Icky
If TVTropes curled up and died tomorrow I would be so disappointed.

>> No.17129035

But they're NICE fakes, if they're fakes.

>> No.17129112

everything was cool till this
knucklehead arrived.

>> No.17129159

I don't get it, is that trope?

>> No.17129178

If you find them attractive to the absolute exclusion of women who dress "normally", you might need to reevaluate what gender you're attracted to. Note I said gender, not sex. But then, hey, if you like the cock then there's that, too.

>> No.17129200

You don't need to be hyperegalitarian all the time. We know what you mean.

>> No.17129254

Ok, so since people talked something about functional strength and someone even posted the man himself, Emelianenko, I'll put up a few inspirations. People who's physical prowess I'd like to match, in short.
And since this is on a tangent from beefcakes, I'll try to come up with shirtless pics.

>> No.17129255

Don't pretend that most people don't find it vague.

>> No.17129258

>> No.17129269

Do you like men who surprise you with female sex characteristics when they take off their pants, or women in suits? There is a big difference, but most people refer to women in suits with short hair as reverse traps anyway, even though you would never actually mistake that image for a man.

>> No.17129281

This thread made me try do do pushups. Not very successful...

>stupid blurry mfw

>> No.17129286

Ye, so to be sure. This is what a guy with functional strength pretty much looks like by his muscles.

Not Arnold, but not really Bruce Lee either.
Depends on your genetics and all that, though.
Fat percentage optional.

>> No.17129287

Honestly, if it weren't for the crease on her bosom and the fact I'm familiar with the character, I'd be second guessing myself.

>> No.17129294

Only because of the hair. Clip the dangly bits off and it could pass for the standard somewhat effeminate male anime character.

>> No.17129300

Person that make this image are probably dumb.
Or at least not speak English as native language.

>> No.17129312

And that's it... It seems.... Wasn't as many as I thought there were. Oh well, next is girls with functional strength.

>> No.17129316

Was your post intended for parody or hypocrisy?

>> No.17129328

>> No.17129337

So, tennis balls under the skin.
Sorry if this doesn't hit your fancy, people.

>> No.17129345

Probably former. Is make fun to speak like bad Rooshan stereotype. Much laughter.

>> No.17129348

>> No.17129379

Yep. So speaking from my experience, these levels of muscle are about the strongest I've personally seen on any girl.

Muscle girls, especially the ones who do things from the functional point of view, aren't really that wide when compared your average male.

>> No.17129383

This definitely isn't my preference, but I don't see tennis balls.

>> No.17129389

Thread are boring. Much am need comic relief from bad tumblr argument.

>> No.17129406

To be fair, these girls are cute. They'd probably be delightful when they're trying to look good, as opposed to working out or competing in an athletic event.

>> No.17129425

'Twas a joke.
And I'm out of tangentially relevant pictures. Should lurk fit more and save more images that I like.

Here's a strongman and his arms. Shirt on, but this is the best I can do to you, gentle folk.

>> No.17129525

This is true.
I'm sure that there are pictures of girls with functional strength and more impressive muscles who, for some reason or another, registered as ugly for me.(And because of that, I didn't save the damn pic.)

Now that I think about it, I don't know why I don't have any pictures with bigger girls. The reason might even be the muscles. Need to investigate!

>> No.17129600

This, pretty much. It's easy to look at a "musclegirl" picture and think it's disgusting, but anyone who is working out correctly is just not going to look good.

>> No.17129725

And investigation ended. "muscle girl" did bring up many attractive women, but I couldn't be sure of their actual functioning strength. Bulk and power are two different thing in the end.

And then I found this and a few other ones. Not the bulkiest ones I found by far, but all are considered to be in the functional strength bandwagon.

>> No.17129736

>> No.17129748

And now I really did run out of pictures to share of beefcakes and muscle girls.

>> No.17129801

And to be clear, I would take any of these ladies on a date.

And then I will start to look more like turkish oil wrestler by default.

>> No.17130811

>Slutty Armor for Men
>Nobody posts this

>> No.17131332

i don't think that quite counts

>> No.17132953

I still want to know what reverse traps mean

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