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Fantasy of a more civilized time

So I have a mind to make a fantasy setting that is based in a time period similar to early 19th century Europe. So lots of fancy dress, lots of cold brutality, suffering poor, filth, adventure, and a sense of wonder.

for inspiration I'm looking at Les Miserables, Vanity Fair, the War of 1812, and Fable III. What else should I look at? What should I look into?

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Most Steampunk stuff is set in that period.

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When I think 19th Century I think Tesla (sure he was mostly late 19th early 20th but who cares it's fucking Tesla) and the French Dragoons.

I'd look into those if I were you. Tesla is always a good source of inspiration, especially if you throw fantastical elements into the mix.

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I can't remember the name of the book, but there's a story where society never advanced past feudalism and people still had leiglords, knights etc,

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Most steampunk stuff is set in the Victorian Era which is 1830s until 1901. Most Steampunk stuff is in the later parts of that period, usually after the civil war. And most of it is utter shit.

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Victoriana is what you're after.

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Look into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars as well. Pretty much a requisite.



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*Accidentally sent that prematurely.

,but technology was at a modern level. It had something about an amulet. People all wore fancy designer suits with sabres on their belts with "duelling culture" still prevalent.

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Fuck yeah, Sharpe.

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OP here

This is exactly what I'm talking about. I just think it'd be awesome to have a set of adventures set in a world like this. Plus most of my players are huge history people.

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jolly good show chap! doing this myself, in fact!
now lets see... the movie Master and commander, the series "Sharpe" aaaand that series about napoleon...forgot its name...
so what system are you gonna use?^ans have you thought about experimenting with alternate ammo?
silver bullets, iron bullets, thunderstone bullets, bolts, alchemical bullets etc etc

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dumpin' some pics

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Watch the The Three Musketeers movie released this year. It's a shit movie, but it's KINDA what you want except you'd probably want to up the fantasy aspect. Also, Brotherhood of the Wolf.

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>Ctrl + f 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell'
OP, you should read this book. Like, post haste.

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OP, read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I think it's pretty much exactly what you're looking for. It's about aristocratic, obsessively-academic magicians in early 19th-century England.

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Aaaand I was beaten to it. >>17124801

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swedish prison guard sword I believe....
hey, isnt it about this time the swedes experimented with moose cavalry?

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woop no more pics from me. i need coffee.

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OP, read the Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch.

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Defnintely Sharpe.

Check out some of the Indian stuff in the two latest releases. The main bad guy in Sharpe's Challenge has a really slick outfit combining Indian tunic vests and Napoleonic uniform.

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my players characters art isnt much to look at, but hey

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Dude. you get me. Tell me about your campaign!

I haven't figured out much in the way of system or what-have-you. We use pathfinder, so I will probably go with that. I'm kind of thinking of using the Pathfinder books straight up, but the time period has changed. So picture Napoleon Dwarves, halflings, elves etc.

Pic Related

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>Popped collars
>Popped collars everywhere

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As of now, I'm thinking of a few major things going on in the campaign...

A bloody war of expansion. A revolution of workers in the factories striking out against their aristocratic masters. Academies of Wizards, factories of magewrights who are suffering in poor work conditions. Religion.

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Introducing His Excellency the Duke of Bro-ley, Lacrosse Cool-Story!

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>I'm kind of thinking of using the Pathfinder books

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halfway out the door here but I'll type quickly:
>dragons woke up 5000 years early
>the gods are therefore not ready to face them so its up to the mortals
>mortals capture a fuckhueg dragon alive and turns it into a flying battleship
>players fly around the world shootan dragons and fighting crime!

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What is that pic from and why is James Purefoy so fucking gorgeous?

Fuck yes, Sharpe, and fuck yes Sharpe again! Best series ever. Read the books too!

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>>Mount cannons along the Dragon's back
>>Flying broadsides!

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you should look at d20 modern past
it has lots of matchlock stats

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What a wonderful twist it would be for one of the characters to be dragonborn, but not because of divine intervention, but because the king decided to have his way with the dragon they captured.

It's good to be the king.

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INSIDE dragon.
the dragon has been hollowed out.
there will be broadsides
and harpoons

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I fucking love James Purefoy. I want him to be my rogue. This is my cleric.

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may I suggest "the duellists" (a fantastic film) and perhaps "the charge of the light brigade" (also good, go for the 60s version).

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What class would Edmond Dantes be?

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>What is that pic from and why is James Purefoy so fucking gorgeous?

It's from a movie called Vanity Fair.

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We're getting onto dragons, so I feel compelled to point people towards the book Temeraire. It's an alternate reality during the Napoleonic wars where Dragons are ridden into combat laden with musketmen. They even carry boarding parties.

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Whose the dude in the middle? Doesn't look like purefoy but he's kinda cute.

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Obadiah Hakeswill is basically a Chaotic Evil PC.

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Read some Dumas. The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers are a good start. And yes, read. The movies are shit in comparison to the books.

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Meant to post pic

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> Raping a dragon

Is such a feat even possible?

Also, OP, you should check out Howl's Moving Castle and Stardust. Thematically they're quite bright, but they're both set in19th century fantasy settings.

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>>Men of Harlech stop your dreaming
>>Can't you see their spear points gleaming
>>See their warrior pennants streaming
>>To this battlefield


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Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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Good Luck, OP. I'm running a 17th century campaign myself. Hopefully your player understand that when you say 17th century you don't mean knights and castles but with pirate ships like mine did.

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Thank you. Can't wait to watch it.

And fuck it, they're all gorgeous in those uniforms.

Yes, yes, yes! Totally evil bugger! I liked reading about him, but he's scary sometimes.

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if you use traditional fantasy races, think about how they would be organized in the army.
half orc grenadiers?
dwarf sappers?
elven chaseurs?

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>Is such a feat even possible?

Not without extraplanar technology. This is irrefutable proof.

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I was trying for a Napoleonic inspired fantasy setting myself, but I just couldn't seem to make it work so I changed it to be more inspired by Renaissance Europe; Italy in particular.

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In mine Orcs are the second most common race. In Gorod they make their own armor and fight for the Tzarina in hope of getting independence as super heavy shock troops stomping around in plate armor wielding giant cleavers. Good for shock troops, not much else. The Northwatch uses them as archetypical grenadiers, and they do love their bagpipes.

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that there are the PC's superior officer. she's descended from the paladin PC from our last campaign which was in the viking age
aaah good times...
oh well, more pics, here we go

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>consider the following

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I wrote a intro to a campaign that never happened which was basically going to be - Fantasy: Napolionic Wars. Here it is:-

The battle of marstock mire would later go down in history as one of the more bloody and costly battles of the () war, but right now, to you this seemed like a fairly standard skirmish between the warring nations of Franco and Krussia. Your battalion, the 13th Dragoons, a militia unit formed from various conscripts from various countries conquered by the Franco Empire, has been ordered to the hold the farmhouse at the east of Marstock Mire, as it protects the flank of the entire Franco Army. Your position is under constant assault. The Krussians have sent wave after wave of cavalry at the farmhouse, hoping to break the line and flank your army. You've held out for 4 hours, and now number only in the hundreds. The bodies of your fallen comrades are stacked high among the now collapsing farm house. You're situation seems hopeless. Before the grim desperation of you're now seemingly inevitable defeat can sink in, the spotters shout down from the granary tower.
“Cavalry! From North! It looks like the rough riders!!”
The spotter of course refers to the feared Weremen Rough Riders, the most hardened crack unit of cavalry in the Prussian army, made up of fearsome were badger, were rat, werewolf and other dangerous polymorphs. The men let out a collective sigh, as you take firing positions on the north farmhouse wall. The figures of the rough riders grow closer and closer until people begin to notice something amiss. Those horses don't have riders....
Wait, those horses aren't horses at all...
Those are Bears...
As the realisation that you will not be facing a feared cavalry unit at all, but instead the feared Bear Men of Kiev, washes over the ranks, many turn and flee. You hold you're ground. The Bear Men are but a league away now, within firing distance.

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Kutuzov was here. Napoleon sucks

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are the bearmen of kiev Bear Centaurs?

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The hero of the age

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>Gunpowder Age fantasy


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> >Gunpowder Age fantasy

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Like you have to ask.

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>19th Century

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I was going to rec these. Love those books, though the latest was really disappointing.

>hurr let's wander around Australia for a whole fucking book and do fucking nothing.


A league is something like three miles, you know that right?

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Dwarves are obvious choice for artillerymen. Orcs and humans are your line infantry and grenadiers, Elves your skirmishers.

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That's the joke you see. It seems more civilized, but in reality the ruthlessness and struggle of the people are a stark contrast. How nuts would it be if the players are there in their vibrant waste coats after just saving the town. Then they look around at the grimy faces of the workers, the children missing limbs from arcane machinery accidents. How can they face their king and kneel before him and take his gold when so many suffer just to make their +3 long swords.

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Like this.


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No, no. The 19th century is all about the dominance of one region of the earth over the others. Industrially.

So elves? Out. Orcs? Out. Dwarves? They fit. Alt-Britain should have a big community of exiles from the destroyed mountainhomes. A community integral to the rise of the Empire, and wholeheartedly behind it.
The prime minister:
"Yes, I am a dwarf, a son of the stone. And when the ancestors of the right honourable gentlemen were brutal savages in an unknown land, mine were priests in the Temple of Moradin!"

Now, I see the other races fitting back in, after a fashion. Native Regiments. Auxiliaries. Colonials. Territorials. Sepoys. All in among the humans also absorbed by the expanding empires

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Should I stop?

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Dont stop...

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I'm spent for now.

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Space: 1889


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Are you implying the two most recent Fable games weren't?

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I only played fable 3 and i enjoyed it.

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OP, if you're still looking for a system, might I recommend the rpg, All for One: Regime Diabolique? It's about being a French Musketeer and kicking ass in the name of the king. And demons. No reason you couldn't refluff the country and timeline and the system used - Ubiquity - seems interesting enough. Roll a bunch of dice - any one - and all evens are considered successes. I haven't read through it in entirety but it appears fairly light on the rules with a slight bent towards over the top with the inclusion of what the system calls Style points.

It also has muskets.

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How big a role does the sea play in your setting?

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