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Alright, /tg/, let's have some fun. I would like to play a game. Here we will build a setting from the ground up. I will pretty much be the DM introducing new monsters, disasters, and events to you all. Also ruling on any argument. Your job as the player is to take the pictures of the creatures in the next 3 posts (including this one) and have them evolve due to their environment.

The way you go about this is by opening MS paint and altering one of the pictures (please save and a .png). This is completely free form, but try not to get too crazy with it. Try to only add one feature at a time. You must then decide whether the new creature's predecessor is extinct or if the new creature is simply a branch in evolution.

For example, The pic related is an Allos. If I added eyes I could claim that the old allos is extinct and the one with eyes lives on. Or I could claim that both exist.

Pic related is one of your creatures, an allos. It is a mollusk and has a single flagellum to move itself around and 2 tendrils for manipulating. It is slow and small. It also emits bio-luminescence. The next post will include another creature and the local habitat.

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Next we have the billu. A small mammal with no eye-sight. It does have large ears and a powerful nose. It is not very fast or slow, but can burrow.

The environment in question is a large cave, one that the creatures here have never seen the end or beginning. There is a vast pool of clean water which seems bottomless. There are also many small puddles.

The air is humid and there are rarely any breezes. There is no sunlight and thus no plants. Lichens and a variety of fungi make up the other life-forms. As well as motionless creatures like anemones lining the sides of the vast pool.

The soil provided is not very fertile but not barren.

One more post and we can play.

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The Cryd are up next. Arthropods who feel more at home in the water. They can move across land but have no need to. They are fast in the water and slow on land. They have antennae so they can feel their surroundings. They also have cumbersome claws.

I think that's all the information you all need. Feel free to shoot me some questions if you are unsure on anything. The diet and actions of the creatures is up to you all. I will be back in a bit to issue an event.

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Maybe the Billu divide into aquatic and land-dwelling versions?

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They've lost their weighty claws for weighty spoon/spade things, allowing them to pry motionless creatures like anemones from the sides of the pool so they can be eaten.
>implying I can do art that does yours any justice

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forget to mention, the previous version is still alive

>> No.17123878


absolutely. Go for it.


well done. So I'm assuming the spade crabs eat the anemones?

>implying I do good art.

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Forward going whiskers so they feel what's infront of them

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>The Cave quakes and trembles. Fissures begin to form in the cave walls and floor. These fissures also branch out in the vast pool making small lakes and tributaries and connect what were small puddles. Stalactites which seemed immortal and ageless crack and fall into the pool causing huge waves which rush onto the dryer parts of the cave.

>Some of the columns sunk into the abyss but a few remained on shore. Within them is a strange spongy material. Deep red in color and to the adventurous very nutritious. Compared to the creatures of the cave these fallen stalactites are titanic, so the food within them is plentiful.

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This is a recently developed type of Billu with enlarged paws. It has a distinct advantage over the old billus when it comes to burrowing and discovering new sources of food.

The old Billu is not extinct as of yet, but spreading their Billu sperm becomes fewer each passing year.

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bump. The Allos remain untouched.

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Not whiskers ... tentacles

>> No.17124008

The billos can now channel electricity through his tentacle-things.

The old species is now extinct.

>> No.17124014

Allos* sorry

Great idea also, has real potential.

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I'll allow it. But it can only happen if they ingest the red spongy material.

Also, roll a D100. If the roll is below 50 only a select few can do it. If above 50 all can do it, but they almost always hurt themselves.

Also, everyone feel free to dictate the actions of any creature. Is anyone guarding the fallen columns? Are any creatures trying to swim deeper?

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rolled 87 = 87

Yeah yeah, eat red spongy materials.

>> No.17124069

As the stalactites fell into the Abyss several of the Allos clung to it with its tendrils. As the sink further down the newer generations of Allos have developed hook-like things at the end of their tendrils to cling better.

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I expressed that poorly. Some of the Allos clung to stalactites that fell into the Abyss. They're now falling quickly down through the water so they've evolved hooks at the ends of their tendrils to hold on easier. The previous Allos are still alive.

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The Allos has developed a stronger tail with fins on the end. It is now much faster and maneuverable.

>> No.17124116

The previous hook-allos ALL DIE.

>> No.17124125

ITT: fa/tg/uys creating spore

>> No.17124139

Allos now has to fang-like things (although still no mouth) that further its clinginess. All previous Hook-Allos die.
Also, the Cryd can easily use their spades to dig up red spongey stuff so they've began to hoard/protect their own collections of it, the male with the biggest lump of red spongey stuff attracts the most females (they also try and hi-jack/steal piles).

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> All previous X die

What, no separate species? No genetic deviation? This doesn't seem like a very good setting.

>> No.17124153


Very cool. As they fall the pool narrows. The stalactite gets stuck and stops falling. The hook-allos cannot swim downward any more as there is an upwards current. They can remain on the fallen column if they please. They also feel the presence of other creatures below, but they cannot see them.

>> No.17124163


what, it's up to the players (you) re-read the OP;

>You must then decide whether the new creature's predecessor is extinct or if the new creature is simply a branch in evolution.

It's up to the person who creates the new picture. You want the improved version only? Okay, you want the old one too, cool. Either is acceptable.

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I get the feeling the Allos should streamline its body so it can get through the current easier. Thin out the fin, maybe? Bring the hook-tendrils a little closer?

>> No.17124184


Make it happen. You don't need my permission.

>> No.17124187

Maybe make the central body more streamlined as well?

>> No.17124200

Good point. More triangular. I'm writing up an adventure I'm GMing so I probably won't be making many additions, you go ahead and do what you like.

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>one of the fissures in the cave ceiling crumbles open. A slight breeze begins to travel the cave daily. Huge roots enter the cave, massive compared to the size of its inhabitants. The roots are thick and have spread to the pool, where they have begun to drink. It does not drain a lot of the water, but with time it might.

>In the mean-time small green leaves have sprouted from the root. If left un-touched they grow longer and leave behind more wood. They seem to grow in any direction looking for sunlight, but there is none.

They could be edible. And there could be something of use inside the root.

>> No.17124242

A small group of Allos adapts to explore the deeper seas by streamlining their bodies to move downwards through the strong current.

The other Allos on the stalactites remain unchanged.

>> No.17124291

A new form of Cryd emerges, using bioluminescence to help the leaves grow for later consumption.

>> No.17124295


As they plunge deeper they find a small jelly-like creature. It seems neutral to the allos. This is the "symet" it is a detrivore (feeds off fallen waste). They have grown since the introduction of the columns. They are larger than the other 3 creatures. They are now a player species.

The allos have also found small crystals. They can mine them, but there seems to be no practical use for them, they aren't edible. They are very hard, however.

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Is this something like EVOquest? Fuck I miss that awesome thread.

>> No.17124314


The leaves give the new cryd a well-fed advantage. They grow in size, but begin to swim slower. As they harvest the new leaves they notice a sticky sap lying within the root. The unlucky can get stuck to the root and die of starvation.

>> No.17124347

The Cryd grows another set of legs, further detrimenting its swimming but making it more capable of navigating the surface and getting out of sap.
Previous non-spade Cryds die off.

>> No.17124358

Go Cryd, go! Take over the land!

>> No.17124387

The Symet find out that dead Allos' are very nutritious, and the healthy babies are born with an enlarged core, giving it more brainpower and more control over its tentacles.

>> No.17124392

Wonder what the billu are up to. You know that ANYONE can alter a creature.

Also, all the player species seem very civil towards each-other.

>> No.17124428

The Sygmet learns to flare one of its tentacles, this allows it travel up the current (albeit for relatively short bursts) at will. Picture is what it looks like when flaring. Previous Sygmet keeps on truckin'.

>> No.17124429

The Billu all drown and die.
They are now extinct.

>> No.17124433

Someone destroyed the billu when I gave them whiskers and someone posted a pic of moles having rape tentacles...

>> No.17124444


Is this what you all want? I don't really care either way.

If you want them to die, roll a d100. 60+ and they're gone.

>> No.17124465

Not necessarily want, I just can't imagine them any other way now..

>> No.17124471

Billu now uses echo-location (catches vibrations in its ears and whiskers) to easier navigate the surface. Previous big-pawed Billu die off.

>> No.17124477

Dear god, it's flexing.

"Hey ladies."

>> No.17124482

Oops, forgot to add that they make a high-pitched squeal to do so.

>> No.17124486


>> No.17124499


big pawed billu develop a large sharp horn to compete with whiskers billu and Cryd for resources.
previous strain of big paved die off, possibly from impaling.

>> No.17124526

Wouldn't they kind of, you know, eat all the cryd? The cryd are slow and blind, they can only sense their surroundings, while with the echo-location and their ears/scent it'd be easy for them to find some cryd.

>> No.17124537

Cryd have claws and spades.
They can cut a soft Billu in half or flip it over.

>> No.17124553

The root, not growing at a rapid pace thanks to the new cryd begins drinking a lot more water. The main pool begins to dry-up, leaving behind only the abyss. Along the shore anemones die from lack-of water, but few elongated their tentacles to dip deep down into the abyss.

For now the main root flourishes with so many branches and leaves it creates a small jungle of tangled roots.

The cave, which was once abundantly humid, feels a bit dryer, oxygen levels have increased thanks to the leaves, and soil in fertile thanks to the introduction of so many food sources.

>> No.17124557

This better be alive when I wake up.

>> No.17124568


roll a D100. 50+ and the cryd are below the billu on the food chain. Below that and they have a mongoose and snake relationship.

>> No.17124572

Sygmet centralizes its nervous system, making its other two tentacles more prehensile.

>> No.17124641

rolled 97 = 97


>> No.17124651


Nice roll. Look out kryd, there's a new predator in town.

>> No.17124657

And then the spade-kryd learned to burrow themselves and laughed at the silly glowing kryd.

>> No.17124702

The Cryd develop special padding on their legs that are water-repellant allowing them to walk ontop of water.

>> No.17124849


>> No.17124932

Sygmet is now photosynthetic.

Fuck you guys, this is so ugly you have to start posting again.

>> No.17125042

A part of the Cryd population develops the spades into spikes. They use them to puncture the bark of the roots and sip the juices as they ooze out.

They are still capable of interbreeding with the remainder of the Cryd population but the offspring of their interbreeding is not as fit for either lifestyles as 'purebreeds'

>> No.17125067

From deep in the abyss a gargantuan creature emerges, it hardly seems possible for such a creature to exist. It crawls up the anemone's tentacles for the main cave. It looks like a huge salamander, but its head is plastered in eyes (13 in all). Each of a different color. It has 2 main limbs each appear to be 2 arms fused together. The rest of its body is a huge muscular tail which whips furiously. It seems lost in this cave, but hungry. I starts chomping at the root, but when it finds creatures within it's mini-forest (the cryd) it's attention sways towards the animals in the cave.

You must kill it! It will destroy your home! Roll a D100 for each species. (one roll per poster) Allos get a +10 for their electricity, billu get a +5 for their horns. I'm looking for a roll of 80+ and you only get one roll per species.

If you defeat it, you get to eat it's eyes, which will change your species for good or worst.

>> No.17125135

rolled 79 = 79

You gon' get Sygmetted.

>> No.17125136

rolled 46 = 46

One for the pointy Cryd (do separate branches of the species get separate rolls?)

>> No.17125157

Well, the RNG officially hates Sygmet.

>> No.17125189


yes, separate branches count.

Also, for all the failed rolls, your population dwindles.

>> No.17125202


Oh god that sucks. Still waiting on rolls from the other species.

>> No.17125226

rolled 30 = 30

Rollan for my babies allos.

>> No.17125231

rolled 37 = 37

Rollan for billu

>> No.17125242


>> No.17125244


shit rolls.

>> No.17125280

As a last resort, 2 species can combine rolls. Those 2 must split their earnings, (6 eyes on each side, one lost forever) and they must combine their cultures and become symbiotic, or atleast as a subrace.

So if you decide, choose a species to work with and roll again. (only one person needs to roll, they can roll 2D100). But the body count is stacking up.

>> No.17125289

rolled 25, 32 = 57

An aquatic union of sygmet and allos is the only thing that can best this monster

>> No.17125293

Allos and symet combine.

>> No.17125302


already failed, looks like they have the lowest population.

>> No.17125304

rolled 58, 63 = 121

still 80+ to defeat the salamander?

>> No.17125340

rolled 9 = 9

That regular Cryd, pointy Cryd or both?

>rtntAge 15:15:03

>> No.17125367


You got it! Still 80+, and you won without bonuses. With such an unlikely combo too.

The creature falls to the ground, over time its flesh peels off the bones and rots away. It fills the cave with a putrid miasma, but it doesn't do anymore harm than the creature did alive. It's eyes all seem to be protected from the effects of time, and hold their form. As you are the victors, you can split these prizes.

Present 6 of your species, and feed each one an eye. Their bodies will twist and those who breed with them will also receive their gifts. As is the nature of these things, not all mutants will want to be mated with, so you may only choose 4 of the granted gifts.

Roll 12D100. The first 6 will go to the symet, the last 6 go to the Cryd. Of each species, you can only select 4 of them. These can be subspecies or replace the species, it's up to you, get rollan. You can also place all the 'gifts' on one single species, if you wish.

>> No.17125414

rolled 72, 29, 18, 14, 15, 79, 29, 32, 19, 53, 32, 24 = 416

gogo symet

>> No.17125421

Elect these mutants to be the ruling class.

>> No.17125514

Symet Mutations;
-Grow a second Head
-grow additional mouth (anywhere on body)
-become stupider (or stay that way)
-grow in size, twice as large
-grow new arms (up to 4)
-grow longer tentacles

Dude, you just got the eldrich horror roll

Cryd Mutations;
-Become stupid
-Gain more Legs (faster)
-Gain poison
-Gain spikes (deter predators)
-become gender-neutral or gain a queen.
-Become tougher (stronger carapace)

Alright, remember, you only get to choose 4 per species.

And with all that said, I'm gonna be gone for the next couple hours. Feel free to draw up some stuff, keep the thread alive. Roll to end arguments, ect. See you guys in a bit.

>> No.17125535

>-Grow a second Head
>-grow in size, twice as large
>-grow new arms (up to 4)
>-grow longer tentacles

This is my vote for the Symet

>> No.17125597

Seconding this. Symethulhu shall live.

And for cryd...

>gain more legs
>gain poison
>gain a queen
>gain a carapace

>> No.17125612

rolled 66 = 66

Changed by the power of plotdevice most of the pointy Cryd females became infertile and those that could still reproduce grew. The Pointycryd now keep their remaining reproductors in the centre of a hive-like structure glued from pieces of dirt and root rasin.

>> No.17125614


And so it is written, so it shall be done!

Did you want to apply that to the entire race (getting rid of all past variations)? Or split it up between sub-species?

Also, looks like I'm not leaving for a while.

>> No.17125641

rolled 80 = 80


>> No.17125645

fourth, it's decided

>> No.17125720

Thus it is written.

>> No.17125823

rolled 81 = 81

I put to your vote a motion that the Cryd populations have actually merged. The offspring of their crossbreeding would be the strong-carpace, hive but with an extra set of 'arms' instead of legs.
One pair would be the spades for digging the hive and moving stuff around.
The second would be the spikes-turned-stingers for fighting off predators (billu?).

>> No.17125840



I like your version better. I'll just post mine because I was bored and combined them all in one.

But yours looks really awesome. So, how ill the new hive cryd and symet form a symbiotic relationship? You do remember the contract you entered to save the land, don't you?

And what of the losing species? Their numbers are down, but what are they up to? Can the billu communicate with each other? Will the Allos lose their part in the abyss because of the new gargantuan symets?

>> No.17125851


I'll allow it.

>> No.17125875

So are you actually gonna post yours?

>> No.17125900


Man, I hate captcha. Sorry

>> No.17125915

After their losses against the salamander, the allos delve into the Abyss to find new grounds outside of the rapidly changing cave.

>> No.17125927

All hail Lord Symethulhu!

>> No.17126060


Is it poison, or venom?

>> No.17126098

It says poison, why'd it be venom?

>> No.17126101

No creature knows where the Lost salamandrine eye came from, but it seems to be the root of the old beast's power. Though many have gained it's gifts, the lost eye still holds more.

The ground shifts and a spire rises made from the natural rock. It is an arena with a habitat for each of the caves creatures, giving all equal advantage. The eye beckons every creature without voice or touch to select a member of their tribe. It will be a fight to the death. The winner gains a power of the eye at the choice of the victor. You can either gain great knowledge, sentience, the ability to achieve greater communication potentially enslaving all other creatures. Or, you can summon another horrible creature. This creature will not attack the race that summons it, but it will be immortal (not indestructible). Very powerful and can be used by any member of the race, but it will demand sacrifice.

The choice is yours, mortals. Roll a D100 for each race (only the main 4, no subs this time). The one with the highest roll gains the eye's power. The goal is simply beat the other races. Because all are on equal footing, there will be not bonuses.

>> No.17126109

rolled 63 = 63

Symet will dominate and gain sentience.

>> No.17126120

As long whiskered Billu explore more of the caves and families are farther and farther apart. They begin developing large air sacs to make louder squeals. Useful and both communicating over longer distances and scaring off auditory hunters. Previous long whiskered still exist, but are spreading slower and have less resources.

>> No.17126165

>implying we can't manufacture our own demons

we should OBVIOUSLY take knowledge and then forge our own demons. what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.17126169


The blood lust suits you....horrors. You are eager to please that which has already granted you so much.

>> No.17126215


You could always try.........

Now, come on. Where are the other three contenders? You aren't afraid of these boneless cowards, are you?

>> No.17126283

So......No one else is competing? It's quite sad, perhaps I will gift the only ones who participated? What would you say to that? Enslaved by large tentacled creatures because you simply sat there and took it? Pathetic!

>> No.17126288

rolled 25 = 25

I rolled fucklow before, please symet dominance!
billu roll

>> No.17126295

rolled 2 = 2

Cryd roll

>> No.17126299

rolled 1 = 1

New and improved Cryd up in this!
And introducing the Cryd Queen - she looses the spatula limbs completely and has no poison sacs on her spikes.
She is born with three pair of legs but as she matures the last pair atrophies to make way for a large, pulsating, luminescent eggsack

>> No.17126304

aether im not participating but so you know at least you have a reader

>> No.17126307

rolled 25 = 25

And lastly allos

>> No.17126308


Allos are the only ones with a fighting change now.

>> No.17126313

rolled 57 = 57


Yesssss.... Symethulhu incoming.

>> No.17126315


>> No.17126333

rolled 31 = 31

This took way too long.

Also rolling for Allos

>> No.17126344


Pathetic. Well, the choice is yours now symets of the world. What was once a brainless creature has more knowledge than any of you. Use it well, it's a shame you didn't choose my pet, he is very hungry. Oh well. Go on with your lives creatures, and enjoy them while you can. I would hate to see tool-manipulation from something with 8 limbs.

Also, I've collected the blood of the losers. It will serve me well in the future.

>> No.17126352


>> No.17126368

Elect a high priest.
Form a cult that worships the demon eye.

>> No.17126389

High Priest is a symet with two heads. Heads combine into super-brain.

>> No.17126413

Cryd uses leaves from the root to create a nest

>> No.17126438


>> No.17126449


Dude, did you seriously make this? It's fucking awesome!

>> No.17126452

6 legged symets tail shrinks

>> No.17126474

Yes, but when it was done the thread had already moved on.

Have another one, this time, of the master race.

>> No.17126487

and grow lungs

>> No.17126510

They look fucking sweet.

>> No.17126538


Dude, I want to have your babies, these are fucking awesome. And here I am working on an MS paint version of the map......which is pretty gay in comparison.

>> No.17126901


>> No.17126930

You killed off every creature I drew something for. I'm currently not that invested.

>> No.17126954


What? They weren't killed off. Their numbers are low. The fights for sentience only sacrificed a single member of that species, not all of them.

Nothing has been killed off.

>> No.17127024

Alright, let's do a re-cap here. I want to know where all the creatures are right now.


Food: Unknown
Location:The abyss, clinging to a fallen column
Advantages: Can harness electricity, but is sometimes harmful to themselves
Population: Low


Food: Cryd sometimes, rest unknown
Location: unknown
Advantages: Sonar, great scent, horn
Population: Moderate


Location: unknown
Advantages: Hive structure, thick carapaces, venom
Population: moderate


Food:unknown, it is assumed they use glow-cryd to harness their photosynthetic abilities
Advantages:sentience, large, any tentacles
Population: moderate

I know I'm missing things here.

>> No.17127053

Still recapping

Current problems;

There is an eye of an old monster posing as a god

A giant root is draining the water supply of the entire cave

soil is rich, food is abundant, but populations are low

>> No.17127086

I have to leave now, but the bigger renders of >>17126474 and >>17126333 finished just in time.
I'm going to post these if anyone is interested.

>> No.17127103

And the unnecessarily large version of >>17126333

>> No.17127126

hmm don't really have any idea on how to proceed

>> No.17127251

Didn't symet feed on refuse and waste?

>> No.17127268


why yes, yes they do. I was just curious why someone wanted to give them a photosynthetic ability with no sunlight.

>> No.17127279

I like the idea of them using the cryd's glow to generate energy though.

They should start a breeding program.

>> No.17127328

I say the Cryd make their nest in the root. Plenty of nutrition, as well as good protection. With so many different castes in their small society, it should be no problem to take the place by force and begin building under the protection of their warrior species. The queen, of course, will begin sex functioning.

>> No.17127464

... hello?

>> No.17127652


is it me you're looking for?

I can see it in your eyes.

I can see it in your smile.

>> No.17127853


You're all I've ever wanted.

And my arms are open wide, 'cause you know just what to say.

And you know just what to do.

And I want to tell you so much...

>> No.17129209

Last bump before bed. I will continue in the morning.

>> No.17131062

This is a very cool thread, and I wish /tg/ had more creative stuff like it. If you were to play these in an rpg, would you use 3.5 or 4e D&D?

Just kidding. Seriously, don't answer that. For the love of god, please listen to me: just turn around and walk away.

>> No.17132758


>> No.17133402

bump again, to save from losing thread.

to be completely honest, I just like creating things like this. I also (like always) think FATE would be more appropriate.

>> No.17133542

Look at you mortals, granted one of the best gifts I have to offer, and for what? Eating filth in the abyss?

So many arms, and yet, no motivation to use the wood, rocks, or crystals around you. The root grows longer, and the abyss, though deep, is not endless.

If you cut it, you will regain your homeland. If you do nothing, the cave will dry. They cryd reside there, but they seem adaptable.

Cut the root! Or you all will die!

>> No.17133694

Tell us more about the root.
Is it hollow?

>> No.17133715

rolled 52 = 52

Evolve clawed legs and venture out of the water and up the root.
Rollin for exploration?

>capcha: couldn't Ptononfi
I guess capcha thinks Ptononfi interfeers with exploration....

>> No.17133717


The root is dense and strong. It would not be much fun if I simply told you everything. But time is ticking.........

>> No.17133719

rolled 21 = 21

forgot pic

>> No.17133730

As most of the Biddu push deeper into the cave Those that stayed evolved stronger legs in place of their ability to burrow allowing it to "jump" about, It still uses echo location but its more targeted, maybe in time it could focus it to harmful levels

>> No.17133738 [DELETED] 

DERP forgot Dice

>> No.17133749


yes, yes yes! That looks great. And frightening.


As you venture up the root, you find a massive plateau. A fitting home to a climber, with strong defenses.

>> No.17133751

rolled 17 = 17

Come on high number

>> No.17133775

rolled 100 = 100

The Bipedual still possibly retain the ability to Breed with the other billu.

Has shown the ability to eat "anything".

>> No.17133778

rolled 32 = 32

The Cryd swarm relocates most of its reasources and the queen to the plateau, leaving behind a small force to guard leaf farm.

Evolution pending....

>> No.17133804

I can't paint atm as I'm on a touchpad, but the 6 legged symet develops outer-body skeleton and the ability to walk on land.

High Priest symet is still a boss.

>> No.17133810

what a nice roll you got there

>> No.17133832

rolled 54 = 54

Cryd evolve a larger tougher Guard class due to predation by billu and the need to protect their leaf farms.

>> No.17133836

rolled 37 = 37

also my paint-fu blows...

>> No.17133837

rolled 100 = 100

The billu's arms get longer and it gains elbows as well as its paws growing into seperate fingers (3) and a central thumb on each "hand".
Maybe now it could start handling tools?
Previous Billu are alive s this has had relatively little effect on its survival (but opens the possibility for a lot)

>> No.17133855

Billu is blessed by the dice gods.

>> No.17133864

rolled 41 = 41


Yes. You little rats have done quite well for yourselves (and good rolls as well) I propose a gift! It has been a while since I handed down a mutation. Let me see what I can find around here......hmmmm.

>> No.17133882


>> No.17133894

There are a few things I can do for you. Pick one of the following;

>Wings. Your form will become more slender and small, but with such maneuverability.

>Extra set of Arms, perfect for your aim to manipulate tools.

>Elemental breath. You can spit acid, fire, or frost depending on what you ingest. The red sponge will grant you fire, the crystals frost, and the sap of the root, acid. You loose your sonic focus if you choose this one.

The choice is yours. Take some time to mull it over.

>> No.17133904

I know I almost want to use a txt based happy face.

God Damn why did I spend time trying to talk mr Stuper hero that he is going to get himself killed and Ignore this thread.

>> No.17133905

This is actually a hard decision to make. I think fire breath will be incredibly helpful for smithing, making tools out of the crystals and available metals will be a lot easier.
What do you guys think?

>> No.17133917

Arms are more meaningful, IMO. Tech can make better forges, freezers and chemical vats anyway.

The evolutionary equivalent of transcendance is to get the critical mass of intelligence needed for a cultural/technological explosion. This means we need to be good at manipulating things, and we need to be social.

We didn't need to spit acid to dominate this planet, and now we've got better weapons than anything on the planet has naturally.

>> No.17133920


>> No.17133932

I don't really know... All are somewhat horrifyingly great in their own ways

Unmatched manoeuvrability and well Flight could become all sorts of handy downside Small

>Extra Arms
We are almost Alpha predator now this could make it so much more potent.

>Elemental Breath
Burninate the countryside... Uh yeah
Freeze Shit... Possible Cavpocolypse
Well Acid I really cannot say much more.
Loss of Sonic and we have no real Idea how our eyesight is.

>> No.17133933

Truth. Alright, I vote for arms. Manipulation is key to success in all endeavors of life.
CAPTCHA: and hoodwit
Yes CAPTCHA, we must remember hoodwit. How much hoodwit does Billu have currently? Does he get krunk wid da hoes?

>> No.17133944

rolled 3 = 3

Some Cryd continue climbing up the root in search of more uncontested resources.
Rolling for explorin!

Capcha: hareyou believe?

>> No.17133967


Any other votes?

>> No.17133970

Alpha whatnow? Your primitive species haven't even grasped the true brilliance behind the cave we live in. Symet will rule all.

>> No.17133993

Jesus fuck no. You monster.
Anyway, Sygmet has now learnt to pick up the smaller crystals in the Abyss and uses them like shields, deflecting the blows of predators (Billu I assume) before scurrying away (and hiding behind a Cryd). The larger of the symmet (the one with the 2x size mutation) is the most proficient with its use for obvious reasons, the previous double-sized symet die and the other mutations are starting to lose prominence (maybe someone should give them an evolution?)

>> No.17134023

Alright I vote Arms with 6 limbs we may be able to climb too.

>> No.17134032

rolled 98 = 98

Also Rollan for Possible tool use for the new-found Dexterity.

>> No.17134051


You are truley blessed with these rolls. Very well, it's yours, as long as there are no objections.

>> No.17134063

Bipedal dexterous four-armed mammals with sonar.
Mother of god.Someone please buff Cryd to deal with this thread. Or Allos.

>> No.17134081

Awesome, so now we've got two sets of arms and enough dexterity for tool use.

Now what do we do with it?

>> No.17134094

Jack off for eternity.

>> No.17134104

rolled 19 = 19

Oh yeah... remember this?
The deal was symbiosis and share the loot in exchange for combined powers.
So Symets attached to Cryd for protection helping Cryd understand their environment better?
(trying to get some work done so someone else care to draw this? )

>> No.17134115

rolled 68 = 68

fuck you dice.
you hate me in RL and online.... i was the one rolling the 3, and now the 19...

>> No.17134125

So the Cryd, who have hard carapaces and the Sygmet who defend themselves with shield are aligned. It's the ultimate tank duo.

>> No.17134126

The Symet are already sentient!? At least they're aquatic.

Is this going to turn out like The Abyss?

>> No.17134127

rolled 51 = 51

Hmm .. Also what shall the non Biped Billu fates be?
Since the Biped evolve from the Group that Stayed behind

D100 1-33 dead 34-66 Enslaved by Bipeds 67+ Still around? Sound good?

Other than that I would Love us to Refine our Sonar to the Painful type...
So rollan for that

>> No.17134152


So You're saying the symets use the Cryd as mounts? Because they are the ones with sentience. Makes sense, symet knights!

>> No.17134173

Oh lord. Bipedal Billu have enslaved quadrupedal Billu and Sygmet now use Cryd.
I think when even our imaginary creatures start to enslave each other it says a lot about humanity.

>> No.17134238

It depends on intelligence, really. Do you considers cows "enslaved"? How about chickens?

Would they consider themselves "enslaved"? Do they even have the capacity? Are they unhappy in any way at all?

Or is this just a symbiotic relationship where the one with the brains calls the shots? Like ants and aphids.

>> No.17134276

rolled 22 = 22

I like the like aphids and ants approach.

Rollan to Build agricultural tools

>> No.17134415

Wait, which subspecies are still alive?

>> No.17134438


Since then, the main change is that the Billu have an extra set of arms and can make and manipulate tools now (supposedly).

>> No.17134492

Sorry, I should have been more clear. By different subspecies, I mean like Biped Billu and Quadruped Billu.
Or are we not keeping track of track of subspecies?

>> No.17134519

rolled 65, 43 = 108

for the billu
Overlord Quad armed Bipod
Some of the Long tentacled quadruped Billu
Possible small remanants of the Horned Billu

As the agricultural tools fail the Overlord Strain of Billu Moves its attention to resources Using the smaller quadruped billu as scouts to go out in search of more water/stuff. = 1st d100

The Overlord Strain have noticed sparks from falling rocks when hitting the cave floor and seek to recreate this. = 2nd D100

>> No.17134521

The older quadruped billu are still around, and there are some posts talking about what the new billu should do with them. I don't really have a good handle on what else is around ATM.

>> No.17134673

The Biggest and Smartest Billu has been founded as the run of the Tribe.

>> No.17134958

rolled 17 = 17


>> No.17135674

As the abyss drains, all remaining aquatic symets and the allos lie in a shallow pool isolated from the rest. Even severing the root now wouldn't save you. No, now your goal is to keep the root alive, if it drinks the last bit of the pool you will not only be without water, but also missing vital materials and oxygen the root provides.

I gift you all the mauler. A huge insectoid creature and an expert at burrowing. When you find a new water source, he will connect it to the great pool, finally giving it life again.

Venture into the undisturbed chasm. Roll a d100 for each main species. You might find water, you might regret even leaving your home.

>> No.17135764

rolled 98 = 98

Rolling for the Billu.

So, the root needs more water sources so that it can keep supplying oxygen? This doesn't seem sustainable.

>> No.17135786


> This doesn't seem sustainable.

A good point. I'm open to any proposals you have for the billu. Also, nice roll. I'll give the other species a shot, but damn.

>> No.17135857

rolled 80 = 80

Dem Billu and their statistical above average rolls!

>Capcha: having einglob
I agree, we need einglob stat!

>> No.17135972

rolled 45, 100 = 145

rollin for allos and symets as well then...

>> No.17135989

rolled 84 = 84

Well, if we're mainly worried about oxygen, surely the roots aren't the only autotrophs around. But then again, we don't have light, so it's not like there's plankton or algae.

How do we have this much life without light? I guess the root does make sense...
Doesn't the water in this case have a source? It should be able to sustain some level of life indefinitely, even if the root is going to cause a minor population collapse in the short term.

I'm coming around to your previous position a little: Keep the root at a sustainable level or it will dry out the cave and kill us all. It would be better to go somewhere that the root won't naturally destroy the ecosystem.

This this supposed to be more PvP or PvE?


How do the symet even explore? They're stuck in their rapidly shrinking pool.

>> No.17136004

Symet confirmed for master race once again.

>> No.17136016


Hmmmm... This is a tough call. You did beat the billu's roll. But at the same time I was only expecting one roll per species. I am assuming the 100 was for the symets? Give me a second to think this over.

Either way, You find a great rushing stream filled with crystal clear water. The stream is massive, an ocean compared to your size. I will send the mauler over to create a channel. Even the great root couldn't drink up all this water.

I am considering your prize. It is also questionable how the symet even travel on land without the help of the cryd (who failed the roll)

>> No.17136027

They're like tiny aboleth. They don't explore the land, they get people to do it for them. Now let's find some slaves!

>> No.17136029


whoops, forgot my trip.

>> No.17136107

It may seem unfair, but in my mind, there is only one way to settle this. A duel! I unleash the Myrit! An intelligent Large bird who was trapped in the caverns. In recent generations it has began to lose its pygment due to the lack of sunlight. Its wings are vestigial and mostly walks everywhere, but would make for a find mount, perhaps even a beast of burden. There are many located near the newly found stream.

Their curiosity is sparked and they have investigated where these strange new, delicious looking creatures, have come from. As they enter the main cavern they immediately recognize the 2 different species that discovered them. And they attack.

Symet and Billu need only roll (D100). Who ever is higher has tamed the myrit and may do with it, what they wish. Who ever fails is now below it on the food chain.

Start rollin.

>> No.17136167

rolled 56 = 56


For symet masterrace.

>> No.17136235


Alright. Waiting on the billu. It all boils down to these 2 races. The one that was gifted higher thought, and the one that earned it!

>> No.17136427

I just want to let everyone know, that you can play as any species, any time you want. We just need a roll for the billu.

>> No.17136498

Billu Cannot fail

>> No.17136504

Bump. Come on guys, I know it's a slow-moving game, but are we all having fun?

I also plan on ending the game soon (in the next couple hours) and maybe starting again in a few days. I really like how our little cave is developing.

>> No.17136519

rolled 9 = 9


>> No.17136529

What the fuck... I'm gone for 18 hours and the thread derails into mammals vs pokemon?

>> No.17136534

rolled 39 = 39

But I can. That's what I get for lurking all the time. Billu Roll for real this time.

>> No.17136591


Either way, the symets gain yet another mount/pet. A damn shame, The billu better use those pointed sticks, because they're on the menu now!


How was it already not like pokemon?

Like I said earlier, I think it may be time to end this. I've saved all the pictures and we can continue at a later date. I'll let the thread run its course, but now would be a good time to offer any suggestions as to habits, culture, evolution, ect. Symet seem to be on top right now, closely followed by billu. Cryd in 3rd (as a pet to the Symet) and Allos is way behind, people kinda gave up on them.

>> No.17136626

The Cryd on the plateau are making artificial ponds where they start relocating their Symet masters.

With increased access to sunlight, the Symet have started producing an excess of nutrients from their photosynthesis, they exhume the extra nutrients as sugary goo. This help bolster the food supplies of the Cryd.


(also, for the assburger in me, are the Symet sapient or sentient?)

>> No.17136668


>(also, for the assburger in me, are the Symet sapient or sentient?)

Yes, this was granted to them about halfway through the thread. And I'm assuming the photosynthesis comes from the cryd's 'glow'.

Also, for those that have been keeping track, who here knows what subspecies are alive?

>> No.17136843


As far as subspecies go, this is what I have.

Allos-Just the one, I think.

Billu - 4-armed bipeds, small little air-sac ones.

Cryd - polymorphic but all one species. Queen, workers, 'guard' class.

Symet- 4 different mutants, one Large, one 2-headed, one with extra tentacles, one with longer tentacles. And they live in symbiosis with the cryd.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.17136887

>Did I miss anything?
Don't think so
Though I suck at paying attention. . .

>> No.17136940

Alright. Let's put a time on it. An hour from now, I'll just let the thread dissolve and stop posting in it. Once again any contributions made now will play into the next thread.

I've left my email in the field is you want to send me suggestions for the next thread after its already started to die. Or you can just send me one and I will give your a heads up when I create another thread like this.

>> No.17137179


>> No.17137310


>> No.17137319


>> No.17137389



>> No.17137612


You have to type "archive this" in all caps.

>> No.17138029


boom. Archived. Vote it up

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