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Anyone got some good eldar art? any eldar faction

failing that 40k art general ?

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Eldar, huh?

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Here you are. The only one I have though.

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I guess that's what happens when an Outcast "goes native" aboard a Rogue Trader vessel.

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takign requests

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MOAR avatar.

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cool stuff guys

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There isn't enough art of Eldar structures about.

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No need for the WIP any more, comrade.


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Is that a cat in there?

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bigger version

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Educate yourself, my fine fellow.

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still takign requests

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Come to think of it, eldar assisting(more like using actually) throne agents is pretty good idea. Is there any homebrewed stuff for that?

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Probably. Check the Dark Reign website. If it exists then it'll almost certainly be there.

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got any Banshees or Wraithlords?

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Commoragh Represent!

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just because its awesoem

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coming up

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Would a nova cannon destroy a craftworld?

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No, but it would hurt it.

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>Banshee and Wraithlord in the same picture

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dat fucking wraithranger

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I am still taking requests.

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Any Exodite stuff?

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what a terrible waste of a perfectly good army.

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I know you kids get a lot of shit from the other children, but you know what?

You kids are alright. Have a bump from your neighbor xenos.

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Here, this is from Eldar 2e.

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More 2e Blanche eldar. His take is very different to the Goodwin/Gibbons imagery used in the minis.

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>Maugan Ra is so badass he doesn't even bother seeing stuff to kill it.

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I do wonder what that picture is about. Do Phoenix Lords take off their helmets, or is this an exarch becoming Maugan Ra for the first time?

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>the first time
Well, forever, I mean. The last suit you'll ever wear.

Very obscure fluff question: is Yrthillien Mournsong a Phoenix Lord?

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Lots of good stuff in this thread. Let me save a bunch and I'll dump some of my own.

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>is Yrthillien Mournsong a Phoenix Lord?

I've never even heard the name, and Google hasn't come up with anything. Can you elaborate?

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Citadel Journal character from 2e. Eldar bard, leaves craftworld, returns and finds massacre.
Puts on suit of armor, gets memories of his ancestors, flies around on a sonic jetbike with a cool sword.

We know that not all phoenix lords are the founders of aspect shrines. We know that all phoenix lords are warriors whose identities are in their armor rather than their bodies.

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Isn't the eldar rune for dire avengers the alchemic symbol of sulfur? Or is it gold?

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It certainly sounds that way at first. But Eldar who take on the mantle of a Pheonix Lord become that Phoenix Lord in entirety - name, persona, and all. Yrrthilien here seems to retain his name and the grief over his dead Craftworld flavours his persona in the suit, which doesn't fit what we know of Pheonix Lords.

I'd say it could be an early idea or proto-concept of what would eventually become the Pheonix Lords, but the Eldar's fluff was already pretty solid by 2nd edition, which you say this dates from. So I'm not really sure.

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Yea, Sulfer. But according to Wikipedia, at least, that symbol also stands for "omnipresent spirit of life".


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Being citadel journal it's on the fringe of acceptable fluff.
Is it possible that donning that armor created a new Phoenix Lord?
We see a similar thing to the Phoenix Lord armor in the Exarch spirit stones, maybe this sort of thing isn't that unusual at all.

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that's because it triggers the first stage of refinement, the spark of life or something.

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>Is it possible that donning that armor created a new Phoenix Lord?

Possibly. I mean the first Phoenix Lords had to come from somewhere, there had to be some act that was catalyst which fused their souls and personalities into their suits. Something that traumatic could well be it.

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The catalyst, rather. My mistake.

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This hairstyle looks like comissar's hat.

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Fucking manly Eldar, how does this even work?

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Yriel's just that awesome, I guess.

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where does this eldar men being pussies thing come from?

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no idea

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Not pussies, just slight of frame and inhumanly graceful.

I guess that Yriel just out machos all other Eldar, along with most of the Imperium.

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probably the love and sexy magic that allows them to turn into women to walk the banshee aspect path.

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beginning dump 2

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By "sexy magic" do you mean "shaped boobplate?"

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To be honest, it's just a sad, tired joke on the idea that Elves are all weak, useless things because they aren't ridiculously, garishly hyper-masculine. So of course, Elves/Eldar men are either non-existent, or feminised to the point where it's impossible to tell them apart.

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Just out of interest, how do the eldar feel about the Emperor? Pre and after heresy

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he's a dangerous douche-nozzle, but its better him than chaos.

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Error: Duplicate file entry detected. >>17123040

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Every Craftworld has its own culture and differing relations with Humanity. It's sort of hard to give a concrete answer. I doubt they had a very high opinion of him, either pre- or post-Heresy.

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Ok so how do they feel about human psykers?

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Varies. For the most part they (rightfully) believe that all he cares about is the Imperium and would gladly exterminate all other life in the galaxy if he thought it might serve his interests. As far as they're concerned, he's an enemy whose minions can occasionally be useful in that they can be pitted against the other enemies of the Eldar.

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Walking bombs waiting to be taken over by Chaos.

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Walking time bombs. Lots of power, no control, so for the vast majority of them it's only a matter of time before they blow themselves up or get possessed. Unless they die first, of course - so it's probably no bad thing how brutally the Imperium treats its own psykers. I'd say they're viewed rather contemptuously, though with a degree of caution.

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why is it so hard to resist chaos if your psyker?

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Your mind is a beacon in the warp, and all matter of things will be clawing at you. Some will have more willpower than you and you'll be fucked, others will just wait for the one moment you let your guard down

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Having a gateway to the warp in your head means you're more liable to be noticed by Daemons that dwell within, and also makes it easier for them to get into your head through said gateway whenever you open it to use your abilities.

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Because there's a little door in your head that leads directly into the warp. There's a big, neon sign on the other side of it saying DAEMONS PLEASE EAT ME. Every time you use your powers you need to open that door to some extent.

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That's why you open the door SO wide all the daemons try to get in at once. They get stuck, nothing can come through the door, and you are invincible!

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So how can a psyker resist chaos?

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I'm pretty sure that's the exact philosophy Chaos psykers use.

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to answer the question
>does a nova cannon hit destroy a craftworld?

fluff-wise: who knows, probably immune due to NO FUN ALLOWED

According to battle fleet gothic rules: A rough estimate of 10 direct hits is needed with the nova cannon to destroy a craftworld (no official model where released except for a journal with some horribly broken stats and ofc I'm using those). This is not taking into account holofields, which would quintuple the hits needed. Taking into account stupendous luck yuo'll still need a minimum of 4 nova cannon shots.

On the other hand, using a chaos fleet you could always fire a linked pair of blackstone fortresses or a planetkiller. Both of these instances yield a shot that "completly obliterates any ship they hit".

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By only opening the door as much as you need to and having SeƱor Willpower standing inside with a large bludgeon.

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Well yeah, if something can blow up a planet it can trash a craftworld.

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Do you have any more stuff from Citadel Journal? They're damn hard to find.

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Being well trained, and having strong willpower. The former is necessary to avoid drawing the attention of Daemons in the first place - not tapping into the Warp too deeply or for too long, both of which leave the metaphorical doorway to the warp open for long enough that you'll attract attention. They second is necessary should a Daemon attempt to attack and possess you - with enough strength of will, you can force it back through the door and slam it shut. Or at least retain enough of your mind to kill yourself before it manages to get all the way into your head and take over.

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So I can assume Khornate daemons are left out of the fray, so it boils down to the other 3 gods ( especially the Lord of Fate) to pssess your body

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A bolt pistol round to the back of your skull is sufficient resistance.

Eldar Psykers are naturally tuned to bend warpspace and realspace, fiddle around and do lolwarpmagic. Farseers also wear Ghosthelms, which hide their soul from the boogiemen in the warp. A decoy soul of a dead farseer safely inside a soulstone trolling daemonettes to run the other way while the living farseer takes a peek at possibilities where the enemy is going to shoot so that squishy Eldar know when and where to duck and cover.

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well...uh....good point

funny thing with the bfg rules: the planet killer shot didn't blow up planets, it just exterminated all life on them. Fluff mentioned it making a sun go nova tho. I imagine that's a bit hard to survive without flawless emergency warp out.

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Nope, not at all. Khornate daemons are still made of the warp and they'll grab whatever body they can. It's just that whatever poor bastard ends up being a host for one won't be using their powers again and they'll likely reform into some hulking juggernaut of slaughter.

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Finally got my copy of Promethean Sun, jsut started reading...

Got any Exodites or failing that any wallpapers, possibly with warpspiders?

For some reason the warp spiders were instantly my favourite aspect the moment I saw and read about them. Such an awesome design and concept.

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sadly all of my warpspiders have already been posted

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Nothing really in terms of Exodites. There's been a few Warp Spiders posted already, but I'll add whatever ones are left.

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Turns out that's the image limit. Nice thread, lots of good stuff here. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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huh 152 is image limit?

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Thanks, great thread!

Always nice to see some Eldar love.

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