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>Be the influentialy weakest race in the game
>Have the best standard soldiers, armour and weapons in the entire setting

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>base fluff on rules.
>base rules on fluff.
>post on 4chan.
>make yourself look like an idiot.

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It actually makes sense to me. Smaller empire = easier to manage. Larger empire = harder to distribute superior technology.

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Fire Warrior is actually worse than a Dire Avenger, Sister of Battle or a Necron Warrior, and can't compare to Immortals, Tervigons or any variant of spess.

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gw developers wanted a race with high-tech and low physical capability. They are the tau.

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>Smaller empire = easier to manage. Larger empire = harder to distribute superior technology.
>Larger empire = more production/resources = enough equipment to keep soldiers supplied

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Except their tech is extremely shitty compare to the magical science all other factions get.

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Seeing as they also have many hundreds of thousands of times the manufacturing and transportation facilities that logic falls flat.

Tau have better standard weaponry and armor because they haven't been stagnant for over a thousand years.

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Since logistics is the Imperiums single greatest weakness because of slow/hazardous space travel and typical AdMech stupidity

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>>Have the best standard soldiers, armour and weapons in the entire setting
>Best standard soldiers
With worse eyesight than the average human, making them worse shots than a human with a few years of experience.

Power Armor kicks the shit out of their armor, and their carapace is identical to imperial carapace rules-wise.

What the pulse rifles gains in being strong it makes up for by the Tau being retarded and thinking it can replace specialist weapons. I would take 9 lasguns and a single plasma gun over 10 pulse rifles anyway.
Make the lasguns bolters and the plasma gun a melta gun or a heavy weapon instead and the choice becomes easier.

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But their tech is still shitty. Mankind has infantry with infinite ammo laser rifles. Eldar have 'mastered even light itself to do their bidding.' Necrons have finished science. Tyranids can evolve to RESIST NEUTRON BEAMS at will. Tau have...carapace equivalent and long barreled rifles?

They can't even teleport, or make themselves ageless with drugs.

Tabletop doesn't reflect fluff, at all.

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>All Codices go out of their way to talk about how cool their faction is, and how THEY are the best.

>Tau Codex is filled with blurbs about how terrible they are, and how their society doesn't work.

Man, fuck GW.

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Tau have the potential for growth as the sole faction outside of 'nids.

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give the tau time, they've only been civilized for 2000 years.

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How are they gonna past all the trillions of dudes mankind has available? They couldn't even convincingly fight one war with maximum plot armor engaged.

There are probably more space marines in the setting than there are tau.

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I don't even understand why GW made the Tau a playable army. Their position in the fluff and their game stats means they're in no shape to trying running with the big dogs.

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>There are probably more space marines in the setting than there are tau

There are billions of space marines in the setting?

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>There are probably more space marines in the setting than there are tau.
Please be hyperbole.

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As small as the tau "empire" is (smaller than Ultramar by volume IIRC) I still doubt that there's less than a million of them.

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there are estimated to be around 1 million space marines in the galaxy. The dozen worlds the tau own no doubt have more beings on them than a mere million.
also the space marines are currently preoccupied, now is the perfect time for tau to expand.

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Oh GW regrets the decision I'm sure.

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There are roughly 1 million Marines.

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>create meaningless threads on /tg/

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If you actually have the infrastructure. The imperium is a piece of shit where everybody does whatever he wants.

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>The Adeptus Astartes is comprised of autonomous Chapters, each of which is a complete army in itself, possessing its own transport, Warp-capable spacecraft, non-combatant personnel, and fortress-monastery based on a planet or fleet. There are roughly a thousand Chapters, each led by a Space Marine with the rank of Chapter Master. A Chapter's fighting force numbers a nominal 1,000 Marines, divided into ten companies, each of which is commanded by a Captain. Companies are further divided into squads of ten battle-brothers.

There are approximately 1 million Space Marines total.

Now, the Imperial Guard on the other hand.....

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They Tau recent expansions were thrown back in the Zeist Campaign by the Ultramarines.

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To provide an example of one of the very numerous lesser powers running around in the setting, with only limited regional power instead of galaxy spanning presence? And to provide a "young race" for a change?f

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any way to estimate how many crisis suits there are in the tau empire?

never actually thought of this before. I know the tau love themselves their mechas.

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Some intense qualityposting here.

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>Imperial Guard

That's funny thanks for the laugh. If the space marines are having a hard time with the Tau you think these useless maggots can do better?

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The rulebook says there are many young xeno empires that are on the rise as old races crumble and more spring up with passing decades.

The ones mentioned are "the Draxian Hegemony, the Tau Empire, the Ulumeathic League, the Worldweave of the Noisome Reek and the Church of Dracolith". Tau are the sample picked from this crowd.

It could well be that in one million years forward from the 41st millennia, races like Eldar and Imperium are gone and their shades scream in psychic hells of their own making, while the young and dynamic races with no potential to fuck with space magic have inherited the galaxy.

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right after that incident the chapter was called off to other parts of the galaxy.
the imperium knows the tau exist, they just can't do anything about it right now as they believe the hundred other races are more important.
I'd bet they'll find out too late how big a threat the tau actually were.

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Ok, fair enough. But if you're going to do that, why have only one example? I'm sure they could do better than the Tau.
Oh, you poor, naive little thing....even if the Space Marines don't get them, everything else will.

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Irrespective of the relative quality of their fighting forces, the significant reason that the Tau have so little influence is because their Empire is EXTREMELY young by the standards of everything else in the galaxy and they cannot into fast warp travel. It takes the Tau significantly longer to travel interstellar distances that most other species, which complicates their logistics and prevents them from expanding as rapidly as others might.

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Space Marines are not. They just try to kill as little as possible to prolong the fun.
It's hard to play "punt the blue weakling" when only charred corpses are left.

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> If the space marines are having a hard time with the Tau you think these useless maggots can do better?
When did this happen?
>I'd bet they'll find out too late how big a threat the tau actually were.
Man, have you even looked at what the Tau are up against?

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The Tau have a Necron presence near their borders, an Ork Waaaagh charging to their direction, bloody Tyranids fleets out of nowhere, and Dark Eldar pulling shenanigans and styling on them.

The Tau are busy as well it seems.

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What's civilain life like for the average Tau?

Is their life like ours or are they crammed into "camps" and bases like active duty military personel

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It's a communist/caste system, taken straight out of india.

How do you think it looks like?

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Won't happen. Tau have been "frozen" in the setting by their latest codex. Whatever happened in their history happened current. Supposedly it's supposed to be really obvious and suspicious but there's no explanation as to why Tau are now using 800+ year old weaponry, vehicles and spacecraft which previously had been replaced every couple years with better models.

Namely as to why as all news relating to the Tau, or forces fighting the Tau, has not changed in nearly a thousand years.

Officially, Farsight rebelled [INSERT CURRENT YEAR -2] years ago and the Tau empire will react any day now. The high lords of Terra are expected to hear of the results of the Damocles Crusade as soon as the ships involved are debriefed. Nobody in the setting considers this to be odd in any way and nobody has returned from Tau space in centuries. Anyone who does question disappears.

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I bet their life style is similar to Israel.

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believe it or not Shadowsun has made a fleet capable of fending off the tyrranids and orks, I'd assume the range and power of Tau ship weapons probably help. Those two armies are now pretty much shielding the tau empire from other races trying to invade.

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The only time I can remember the Tau fighting marines ended fairly badly for them, but the Marines signed a truce because they had more important things to go kill.

IG and the Titan Legions usually rip the Tau a new one whenever they don't run off, but no real effort has been put into killing them off yet, but I'd say give them a few thousand more years and their AI's will do that job for us.

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The greatest good for the greatest number is the moral reasoning of the weak minded. Horrible crimes, murders, and genocides throughout history have been justified by "the greater good." What Tau fans often ignore during their rants about how good the Tau are, is that what is the "greater good" for your people is rarely ever good for everyone else.

I'm sorry, but the fucking 13th Black Crusade is infinitely more of a threat than a Tau expansion wave.

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Taros campaign happened in 998.M41 (just after Zeist campaign was called off) and had Tau schooling Space Marines in a cityfight.

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Yeah. They're also blocking Tau expansion. And no one was going to bother invading the Tau anyways.

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>Have the best standard soldiers, armour and weapons in the entire setting
>Have the best standard soldiers, armour
>best standard soldiers, armour
> best armour
>mfw I play chaos and rape yo ass

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I wouldn't call that 'schooling.'
God, tau didn't even get to convincingly win in their own source material.

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Fuck yeah, Chaos.

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op's just mad cause he picked tau and the space marine players picked on him.

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Tau are the only race with magical polar bears.

Therefore they win.

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and Tau aren't invited

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what in god-emperors name is that?

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I thought the nisscar were liir from sword of the stars.

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>Avenging Sons, one of the Marine chapters that took part in Taros campaign
>Successor chapter of the Ultramarine
>They turned traitor shorty after the campaign

What kind of bullshit is this?

Ultramarines and their successors aren't suppose to fall to chaos or turn renegade.

Fuck this, man, now I'm mad...

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Greater Good marines... ...Actually Exist?!

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Your posturing that "The greater good" often leads to evil deeds is meaningless.
The Tau, and the players, know this.
But a goal of a peaceful universe, with everyone content, is not in itself an evil goal, and many of the unfortunate moral implications of the Tau mindset simply... don't apply.
The Tau do not have dissent to quell, they do not have undesirables to crush, they did not even have opposing viewpoints until fairly recently.
The thing that SHOULD make the Tau scary, but wasn't the thing used because Warhammer is written for 10 year olds sometimes, is well...
it works.
They have no individuality, they don't even have a NAME outside of their profession.
They don't have dissent because every single one of them is a fanatical follower of a pseudo-religious doctrine.
Living with the Tau is being nothing more than a cog in a machine, it's being a tool for the realization of an idealistic pipe dream, that, even if it comes to fruition, will still leave you as nothing more than what you do.
But, the Tau are contend, their power is growing, and they're actually moving forward.

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I suppose your mad cos Space Yiffs turned to chaos too?

Oh and I laugh at chaos you win less than Tau in fluff.

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Even in treachery they still have dignity. No they fell to chaos.

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Please bash your head in with a rock. Preferably obsidian.

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You know what I mean.

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> fell to chaos


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yeah, I just read. That was close. I almost had a heartattack.

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Please return once you've gotten your aggression out.

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A specific Chaos god, or just Chaos general?

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Latest wave of Tau expansion started in 998.M41 so clearly neither Zeist campaign or the Tyranids managed to deter them.

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I heard new Tau codex contains Grey Knight auxiliaries.

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Hold on a sec....you think those little smiley faces are acceptable....and you're telling ME to go to /b/?
>pic so very related

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Tau hate?
Tau hate

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Taufags in a nutshell.

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>I suppose your mad cos Space Yiffs turned to chaos too?

Nope, I don't care for a impure chapter of mutants and pagans.

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Yeah, and how's that been going for them? Must've been pretty easy, because clearly no one has put any effort into stopping them or they would've gone the way of the squats.


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They took too much loses and decided to murder their loyalist brothers and go try their luck in the Eye of Terror.

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Hey, Taufags?

Pic related. You have some 30-odd systems.

The Imperium can't even count how many it has.

Your form of space-travel sucks - if the Tau Empire were to grow too large, it would take far too long for them to cross it. They have no form of psychic power - and, ergo, no defense against it. They try and make peace with the -Necron-, and get slaughtered for it.

The only cool Tau are Farsight Tau, he knows what's up. Why even bother with Firewarriors when you have Crisis Suits?

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Fire warriors are likely to lose to their own points worth of conscripts.

That's not very good.

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>Extremely hostile towards emoticons
>Accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being new.

Please leave.
Come back once you can be nice.
This is /tg/, we aren't actually all dicks.

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Sounds like Chaos general.

....you gain power faster if you devote yourself to a specific deity instead of going general, right?

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This is an image board. What possible reason is there to use emoticons?

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Quantity > Quality for the most part in WH40k, except in cases where Quality is overwhelmingly better than Quantity (See: Grey Knights).

>> No.17115086

>took losses from Tau
is this GW bullshit? For once i was about to forgive them their SPESS MEHREENS FUCK YEAH attitude. But no, they made them nearly lose to fucking tau.

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Devotion to a single Chaos God grants power quickly because all you have to do is please one god.

However the path of Chaos Undivided grants true power. Its the hardest path to follow but the most rewarding in the end.

>> No.17115099

Guess what, faggot? I don't have to be nice. There's no rule saying that we all have to be nice to each other. So long as it's just douchebaggery and not actual trolling, there isn't anything I can be banned for except for invoking the wrath of the moderators.

We've all been dicks to each other countless times in countless different threads. We just choose to be dicks less often then we choose not to, so let's stop this conversation right here and get back to the topic at hand; namely, the astounding quantity of balls sucked by the Tau.

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kill yourself newfag. emoticons have NEVER been accepted on 4chan and never will be

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>gain power quicker if you devote yourself to one god

NOPE. The gods are idiots this way, they don't know if their gifts are actually beneficial or will turn you into mindless spawn.

Speaking of which, can you reject a chaos gift if you don't want to be turned into spawn

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Rejecting gifts is unheard of unless you are Abaddon.

Then again, no other has Mark of Chaos Ascendant either.

>> No.17115149

Devotion to a single god grants power quicker, but devotion to all of them allows you to gain potentially greater power than you could by following one god. OK
>NOPE. The gods are idiots this way, they don't know if their gifts are actually beneficial or will turn you into mindless spawn.
Do mean to imply that getting all your gifts from one god is more likely to turn you into spawn?

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Now this?

This is how a 12 year old girl trolls.

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Don't do that; maybe this is more acceptable.

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I'm saying that all the gods don't know if what they bestow onto their mortal followers are actually beneficial. Chaos is my favourite faction but I just would like to know if you can prevent mindless spawnhood without becoming a daemon prince

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>> No.17115197

To be more specific:
Nearly a company was sent down with little to no intelligence about Tau forces in order to kill the traitor Governor. Tau presense on the planet wasn't even known until they attacked the Governor's palace, which was secured by Space Marines. After a day or so of fighting unknown, maybe overwhelmiong odds, with little to no heavy support (except for 2 dreds), being caught in static positions and pounded on with railguns with impunity, their numbers and ammunition dwindling, they decided to beat the road.

Mind you, in the actual campain Space Marines performed quite well, unlike everything else.

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Thirteen times and counting, When will the Gods ever learn?

Abaddon simply doesn't want daemonhood and they can't force it upon him.

>> No.17115207

This is obviously not true. We know of far too many cultists who were rewarded in actually beneficial ways and far too few who were spawned.

>> No.17115208

Well I'm pretty sure there are Khornates who aren't all KILL MAIM BURN all day erry day, who uphold the concepts are honour and pride

>> No.17115216

That's only counting the Codex Chapters, not the Black Templar, Space Wolves, Forgotten Chapters, Grey Knights, and the Marines that have gone to the Deathwatch and Stayed.

It also doesn't take into account there could be more Chapters acting like Huron and have more than one thousand Marines.

Hell I'm sure some people would try to argue Dark Angels, their successors, and the Blood Angels, with their successors. Though I'd count them in the Codex chapter listing of 1,000 Chapters the Imperium knows about.

>> No.17115221

Those who get spawned aren't the ones who get stories written about themselves, nor do people generally care to remember their previous deeds or names.

>> No.17115226

MAN, sure is faggots in here.

leave and return once you realize imageboards don't use emoticons, and you look like a tool, a troll, and a newfag if you do.

>> No.17115230

Thats cool to know- can you give any example's?

And lets say I'm just a humble human cultist who wants to serve his patron god better- Can I get some sweet daemon armour or something along those lines?

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Kharn the Betrayer here has worked for Khorne since the Horus Heresy. He has probably picked up more gifts from Khorne than any other of his champions bar Angron. And yet, he is neither spawn nor a daemon prince. So there might be something more to it.

>> No.17115244

>humble human cultist looking to serve his god



I fucking love cultists.

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>Small steps corrupt

An honorable warriors starts Khornate worship. Years later he slowly loses grip on his sanity and ethics thanks to the influence of the blood god sipping into his very soul and mind. decades later there is nothing left of the noble honorable warrior all that remains is a savage beast who will slaughter anything for please his God and Master.

>> No.17115255

> daemon armour

Its a good idea laddie but I've never heard of it in the fluff

>> No.17115267

>be khornate
>don't do an ounce of violence
>instead run a massive, massive, MASSIVE blood donation program
>blood flows all across planets and the galaxy in my program to those who need it

you guys are fucking terrible at khorne worship, I am making EXPONENTIALLY MORE blood flow than you.

and don't even start me on my artificial-skull program.

>> No.17115272

it's the stuff that is fused into the demons after they ascend.

Usually whatever armor they were wearing gets all biological and fancy lookin.

>> No.17115277


>daemon armour crafted by the gods themselves to give to mortals

That was my idea behind daemon armour- Something to give to non sphess marheen servants of chaos

>> No.17115300

I had this idea a while back where I make a makeshift stream, gather a bunch of blood from hospitals and shit then make it flow in the river. Khorne doesn't care whence the blood flows only that it flows. He will have to grant me my guilt free ascension now

>> No.17115303

We see similar servants for the other Chaos Gods:
>Nurgle has Typhus of the Death Guard, Host of the Destroyer Hive
>Tzeentch has Ahzek Ahriman, the most powerful Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons
>Slaanesh has Lucius of the Emperors Children; if you kill him and take any enthusiasm, pleasure or satisfaction in it, he'll jump into your body and you'll just be another face in his armor.

>> No.17115310

well, the biggest and most powerful khorne worshippers are always the doctors.

It's just the fighty-ones get the most attention because they're not SAVING LIVES

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You know what I just realised? The problem of the Tau Empire is that it's a relatively reasonable, hardish scifi empire in a galaxy filled to the brim with bad puns that actually are to kill for (Dark Angels), SPESS VIKINGS, DEATH METAL SOLDIERS (Chaos) and SPESS egyptians. They're utterly out of fucking place. Yeah, I kinda realised this earlier. But what made me go "OHMYGODITSFULLOFFUCKINGSTARS" today was a simple piece of fluff in another game, Infinity. You see, in Infinity there's this weird-ass alien coalition that works under the EI(Evolved Intelligence) for the nebulous goal of "Ascendancy" for the Ur Rationalists, a race of extremely high-tech aliens that have recruited tons and tons of alien races into their empire in search of this. They're kind of out-of place in Infinity's universe, with their so-called Voodoo-tech (essentially lolmagic), their brutal, uncompromising ways, their unsubtility and their lack of diplomacy (well, they have a Diplomatic Corps... armed with heavy machine guns and clad in powered armour). This Combined Army is HUGE. Like, 40K size.

Gentlemen, my idea is simple: we replace the Tau Empire with the Combined Army, scale the Tau down somewhat (only give 'em 5 worlds or so, plus the "core" auxiliary races, and only give 'em Infinity's version of FTL) and place it in the Infinity-verse. It. Would. Make. THIS much more sense. Seriously. Read up on, it'd be AWESOME.

Oh, and here's a comparison between Infinity minis and Warhammer.

>> No.17115339

>Every act of violence gives Khorne power, whether committed by his followers or by enemies.
>Khorne's followers are warriors without exception, if only in mind than in occupation. His followers build no temples but rather worship him on the battlefield. To devote time to building temples rather than fighting for something would more likely incur Khorne's wrath than please him. Worship of Khorne is purely through bloodshed, either from one's enemies in victory or one's own through earnest struggle; it is said that any follower who allows a day to pass without contributing to this act of worship will incur Khorne's displeasure.

Khorne may not like Tzeentch, but he was smart enough to have the Architect of Destiny look over his contracts and write the small print for him.

>> No.17115346

Abaddon is marked by the four gods...does that mean he can beat all those guys at once?

In theory, he can crush Kharn in melee, outlast Typhus, blast Ahriman away with superior sorcery, and charm Lucius with his overwhelming CHARISMA.

>> No.17115353

I have built him a temple of carnage.

From destruction. With murder for mortar, and bloodshed for its nails. With the bones of the fallen as its boards. With the cries of the dying as His altar.
I kneel at the foot of this altar, and my prayer is Death.
- Some Chaos Guy

>> No.17115354

>>a galaxy filled to the brim with bad puns that actually are to kill for (Dark Angels), SPESS VIKINGS, DEATH METAL SOLDIERS (Chaos) and SPESS egyptians.

BUT WE PLAY FOR THE FLUFF. We know the rules are bad but it's the fluff, man! The fluff is soooo good, I can't get enough fluff. I'm like, fuuuuuck dude, what else is in space?! Fluff me some more. Fluff me again, you sick fuckrs! Just fluff me some more! What else is out there? Fucking Space Dolphins? What? There has to be another thing we can make into a space thing!

You know what fuck it just find another color to paint marines and fucking give it to me I'm sick man I just need a little. just a little, man, just a little fluff. I don't give a shit, brown marines that are actually velociraptors I mean fuck you have vampires who gives a shit just give me more fluff


>> No.17115365

From the Chaos 3.5 Codex
>Daemonic Gifts, Daemon Armour The Character's Chaos Space Marine Armour has been Blessed and Sealed by the Chaos Gods and is therefore considerably more powerful. A model in Daemon Armor has a 2+ Save.

>> No.17115374

Perhaps in THEORY.

However, we have all seen that he is lacking in the competence department and thus would be outsmarted by his opponents.

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God I hate the Infinity Miniatures so bad.

Also, nice biased picture. Here's a higher quality, better painted mini to compare to those models.

>> No.17115376

All that time spent building could have been spent killing.

>> No.17115377

The funny thing is, they could be pretty much the same race.
Tau are bad only because nothing is said about them.
Even the "commies in space" is not written.
I like the idea though, I like the idea that a "space communist with Indian cast system" faction is the most humanist faction in the game.
Also, I don't see why fascist-inquisitorial empire is OK and commies wouldn't.

>> No.17115378

I think Abbadon is more powerfull the most grater deamons.

>> No.17115383

daemon armour for ordinary human is what I am referring to

>> No.17115395

Well, no. Kharn is better than him in melee, Typhus is tougher, etc.

If Kharn has a 100 in melee, Abaddon has 90. However Abaddon also has 90 in everything else, so he's a 360 in total.

>> No.17115398


But Abaddon has no sorcerous talent, he had two master sorcerers in his retinue to perform those duties. Other of these led Chaos forces in Medusa V got killed by Autarch Elarique Swiftblade who herself succumbed to his minions, such is the tragedy of the Eldar, to emerge victorious only to lose their leader in the aftermath.

Chaos Sorcerers in both Fantasy and 40k do not seem to be as highly regarded or as capable in advancing to daemonhood as Chaos Lords (who lack sorcerous talent and are mighty warriors) are. They are reduced to the role of an evil librarian vizier, and this is reflected in 40k by the removal of Sorcerer Lords.

>> No.17115399
File: 141 KB, 401x599, KHORNE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dear faithful Khornate:

Please stop trying to be so artsy. That's Slaanesh shit. But otherwise, keep up the good work.


He didn't literally build a temple, he just compared the process of spilling all the blood he has shed for Khorne to building a temple.

>> No.17115404

All the time spent comparing could have been spent killing.

>> No.17115406

Because the cold war was a very real thing just a few years ago, while facism was in the 40's.

>> No.17115415


>Kharn better than Abaddon in melee

What the fuck are you smoking? Sure, he hits more reliably, but Abaddon hits MORE overall (most of the time) and he hits WAY harder.

>> No.17115419
File: 56 KB, 590x332, 1320848913738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are baaaaaack!

>> No.17115422


The only kind of Sorceror you can take in 40k is a Sorceror Lord.

>> No.17115432

Yes, that is the core of the problem. Thankfully, many Khornates have learned how to multitask. In fact, some very talented ones have learned how to sleep-kill.....

Wait, do chaos marines need to sleep?

>> No.17115439
File: 102 KB, 809x555, 1305988158863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, how's that pic biased? Neither of the models are painted, they're just primed. If that offends you... Well. Whatevs. Besides, what irks you so badly about them? Here's an example of a sales-pitch model for Infinity, btw. Just so we can compare 'em. And, no, I really want no trouble. The two games are utterly different, and should have different models to reflect that. 40K is over-the-top, insane and filled with FUN. Infinity is supposed to be a hardish scifi inspired by GitS, Metal Gear Solid and post-cyberpunk. Radically different, and not only in fluff.

Oh. Well, I consider the fluff something to be taken lightly, for only a 12-year old could take it seriously. And that's why we play warhammer, I think. It appeals to the child in all of us, looking with starry eyes at those epic models and those giant armies that clashes on a planet filled with only industry and magma... God, I remember WHY I still adore 40k so much. It's just EPIC and FUCKIN' radical in its fluff. Damn me, I actually mean it...

>> No.17115448

khorne I am almost entirely certain you said you don't care from whence the blood flows.

Why do I also hear that you want it to flow from VIOLENCE? that seems an awful lot like caring from whence the blood flows.

>> No.17115451


No, it's an evil librarian without a hood.

Like a Librarian and unlike a Sorcerer Lord, it cannot take daemon weapons or special weapons, and is restricted to force weaponing around doing psyker stuff. Its weapon skill is also less than the Lord's, as Librarian's is less than Chapter Master's.

>> No.17115454

And Kharn is meant to have been undefeated since the Heresy, but that's obviously not represented on tabletop.

>> No.17115467


And it comes with an Invulnerable save, better leadership, and better ballistic skill.

I agree they're underpowered in the current codex, but the entire current codex is underpowered, so what's new? There are still Sorceror Lords (nothing else could even lead the Thousand Sons, for one) whether or not you approve of the title, and what they lack in WS and Daemon Weapons, they make up for in being able to cast psychic powers. Once again, said powers are underpowered, but if you're only now complaining about the woeful state of the 4th edition codex, get in line.

>> No.17115471

All the time spent multitasking could be spent killing.

In fact, if you can do two things at once, why aren't you killing two things at once?

>> No.17115477

Speaking of Tau.
I'm looking to get into a new army, how do they play?
I've heard they're underpowered....how are they SUPPOSED to play?

>> No.17115482


When was the last time you read about Abaddon being personally bested in combat?

Besides, all Failbaddon jokes aside, we both know that Chaos would have won by now if it weren't for the fact that if they -did- win, then GW wouldn't have a game anymore.

>> No.17115484

that sounds awfully Tzeentch-cultist-ish.

>> No.17115485

An ordinary human who would have earned Daemon Armor for himself would probably have just been gifted with a Suit of the Daemon Power Armor, either scaled to him as it was taken from a fallen Inquisitor and blessed by the Gods who saw fit to bestow it upon him.

Or he had been elevated to being the equivalent of the Astartes, by Sorcerer, science similar to Fabius Bile a combination of the two, even the Gods as a reward, and then he is still gifted Daemonic Armor.

>> No.17115496
File: 4 KB, 165x103, letnogooddeed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, it's an evil librarian. Even its fluff page only talks about how some librarians become evil and turn into Chaos Sorcerers.

Sorcerer Lord did not have weapon restrictions of a librarian, and there was nothing like your proposed idea of penalizing CC capacity as a tradeoff for psychic powers (except not taking mark of khorne but that's actually fluffy). But now we have evil librarian.

>> No.17115497

>When was the last time you read about Abaddon being personally bested in combat?

Weeeeell...there was that one time with Eldrad and another one with a guy named Stern.

>> No.17115498

>Have the best standard soldiers, armour and weapons in the entire setting

Doesn't really matter since they are shit on the tabletop and no one ever atkesm ore than the absolute minimum.

>> No.17115509

That was a vast oversimplification made by Khorne's secretary, who has since paid the price for her fatal error.

He don't care whether the blood comes from your enemies, or whether it comes from you, as long as it's in battle.


>> No.17115528
File: 81 KB, 632x840, 1297483114990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you blind?

-Everything- in the codex got restricted in the options it could take because of the codex we had before it. Not just Sorceror Lords. Sitting here, going "hurrfdurrf evul lubruriunz" without acknowledging that, in the fluff, yes, we do have Sorceror Lords, because that is what they are CALLED, is Fucking Retarded. I'm nearly convinced you're just trolling, because otherwise, I'm worried for any spawn you may produce.

"No, Timmy, I dun' curr what it called, dey done took out some of dat cho-co-lut flav'run from the milk, it ain't cho'clut milk no more, dun curr what it called."

>> No.17115536


Kill it twice, duh.

>> No.17115550

Kill it twice.

>> No.17115555
File: 62 KB, 435x435, 1288548616914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeing as they can outdo the Tau in every area, yeah.

>> No.17115557
File: 132 KB, 508x820, KharnTheCommissar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But....but....you can't kill it twice unless it's a Necron, and those things have neither blood nor skulls!

Now I see why Kharn turned on his comrades...

>> No.17115566

ITT: awful khorne cultists

you need to kill things at a rate at which they will replenish. if there is only one thing left to kill, your killing practices are unsustainable, and thus, your end blood yield will be much lower than mine.

>> No.17115576
File: 832 KB, 1440x906, Kyras4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me here, Im busy being the bestest Khornate dude ever.

>> No.17115578

>base fluff on rules.
>base rules on fluff.
>play 2e.
>enjoy reading people argue on 4chan.

>> No.17115598

All that time spent allowing things to replenish could be spent killing.

>> No.17115608

actually, no it couldn't.

because you already killed the last thing, remember? there IS no more killing for you.

meanwhile, I'm killing away in MODERATION. and I will never run out.

>> No.17115610

I don't think Khorne would especially enjoy Necrons getting trashed. They don't have any blood in them. They also allegedly don't have souls.

It makes me think they can't really be "killed" in the same sense as normal, living things can be.
Breaking a necron is like beating on a Land Raider with a Machine Spirit, except the Necron possibly doesn't have a tortured soul/brain from a hunting animal in it.

>> No.17115619


Tau, in terms of fluff, are supposed to be high tech mobile infantry, with vtol transports, starship-troopers-esque mobile armour, and unusually strong firepower at the cost of little CQC ability. In essence, they are supposed to play like a modern day army, winning via mobility and superior firepower.

However, in game IG can outshoot them in terms of both quantity and quality, and very few units have a BS higher than 3. They have a lack of the imaginative buff/debuff wargear beloved of the current crop of codices, which leaves them rather open to various forms of fuckery. The one genuinely useful piece of equipment (the markerlight) is awkward to use, as to use them effectively will require pathfinders, who have to blow 80 points on a transport that they won't be able to use (as markerlights are classed as heavy weapons). Finally, the other items of wargear are generally less powerful than the equivalents in other codices, often incurring a penalty for usage that other armies would not need to consider.

To summarise, Tau do have something going for them as an army, but they really do need a new codex to fix most of the stupid shit in the current one.

>> No.17115622
File: 72 KB, 696x690, 1322224778000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Guardsmen can outdo the Tau in anything other than numbers.

>> No.17115629
File: 38 KB, 578x712, 1306531626921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we do have Sorceror Lords, because that is what they are CALLED

We do not have sorcerer lords. We have evil librarians whose entry talks about evil librarians and who have an evil librarian's wargear options. Nothing in the codex is called a sorcerer lord, we have just a sorcerer, which was another entry separeta from the Lord entirely in older codices as well if you remember. But you did not play Chaos before Gavshit did you?

>> No.17115636

Nahh, see, you kill everything you can reach, then you run to the next thing you can't reach and kill it. Run and kill. Kill and run. If you ever run out of things to kill you're not running fast enough.

>> No.17115637
File: 17 KB, 301x301, Lord_Crull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got 4 words for you, pathetic worm.





If you have to get stuck on a single miserable planet for years on end, make sure it's infested with Orks. They may not have the best blood to spill, but they never run out for more than a week, and you can always just slaughter your way to a more infested area. Do not doubt my words, insignificant gnat, for I speak with personal experience!

>> No.17115642

Can I get this image without the text?

>> No.17115655

They shoot just as well or better and fight much better.
No to mention superior squad level fire support, actually having artillery, better tanks...

>> No.17115667

And tanks. Never forget the tanks.

>> No.17115688

there are a finite amount of things to kill, you know.

at some point you'll run out of things to run and kill, unless you are running slow enough that they will replenish.

given by the fact that you've not run out of things to kill yet, I think you're ALREADY following my doctrine, and you don't know it.

>> No.17115705
File: 80 KB, 407x405, 1280265330034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Heavy armour/firepower


>Mechanized warfare

Steel legion

>Airborne warfare


>Trench warfare


ect ect ect. IG has entire planetary populations devoted to all aspects of war while Tau have poor mans power armour backed up by fragile hoovertanks and shit infantry.

>> No.17115717

Once you've killed everything on the planet, jump into space and kill everything on every other planet and once you've killed everything in the universe kill yourself.

Shit son, were you even at orientation?

>> No.17115729

man, if I kill myself after killing everyone else, then there's no more blood at ALL

this whole plan sounds unsustainable. we'll have to rework it from the bottom to ensure continuous blood supply.

>> No.17115731
File: 127 KB, 680x450, Rightbehindyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

THE COMMISSAR! We kill him and it is OVER!


>> No.17115745

IMPERIUM VS TAU is the tau equivalent of NECRONS VS IMPERIUM.

you heard it here first.

>> No.17115751

also, this is the exact reason khorne hates tzeench.

always pointing out the flaws in his nonplans!

>> No.17115778
File: 176 KB, 1280x1024, lord crull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.17115788

my god we are lucky to have orks

>> No.17115792
File: 7 KB, 201x251, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Charge a unit of 10 Tau undercover with 5 IG
>Tau inflicts zero casualties while losing 6 men in hand to hand
>Tau fails morale check and flees
>Tau gets shot in back while fleeing resulting in only one surviving Tau

>> No.17115855

>If space marines can't do it, no one can!
Excuse me, did you just imply Space Marines are the most destructive force in thee imperium? The answer is no, they act as special forces, and are simply not suited for attrition based conflict. They go in, kill important shit, and scurry off so the apocalyptic weaponry can be deployed.... by the Imperial Guard.

>lol igs just hold the line
They hold and push the lines, while space marines strike behind them. Trench warfare and combined arms are superior to ubermench in armour, or do we need to compare smurf doctrine to conventional ones again.

>> No.17115872

That's a long time in the future. Time spent thinking about the future is time you could spend killing.

>> No.17115928
File: 81 KB, 401x373, 1323045516711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One word.


My 'fragile hovertanks' and 'shit infantry' still seem to be very good at ventilating all your toilet paper pattern armor on the tabletop, contrary to your canonwank.

>> No.17115982

>Tau infantry
>Ventilating anything

Also I just deepstriked 2 squads of meltastormies in your deployment, looking forward to winning in two turns.

>> No.17115996



>Friendly game with housemate, my Tau versus his Eldar
>Infiltrates rangers into a fort, they now have a 2+ cover save
>Try firing at them, no luck, as expected
>Fuck this
>Charge Firewarriors into the fort
>They nearly wipe out the rangers, tie them up for most the game, and forced him to deploy his striking scorpions to deal with them

In addition:

>Game with other housemate's boyfriend, Tau versus IG
>Shas'O + bodyguards are JSJing his Leman Russ, not an ideal situation, but he'd gotten first turn and blown up the only broadside with LOS to it
>Having no luck, veterans are incoming, Firewarriors are all but dead, and a squad of stormtroopers just deepstruck
>Stormtroopers fire at Shas'O's squad, despite carrying a meltas, plasmas and hotshots, they fail to kill them
> Shas'O has had enough of this shit
> Squad fires all guns at the stormtroopers, wiping out most of them
>Charges in, Shas'O finishes the rest with his attacks alone, surprises the shit out of opponent
>He turns every gun he has on this unit, ordnance misses, heavy bolters and lasguns firing from all directions, succeeds in bringing the Shas'O and his one remaining bodyguard to one wound each
>They see the veterans staring at them
>Move, shoot, charge, wipe out the entire squad in one turn of combat

Lesson? Yeah, Tau aren't supposed to get into CQC. But no-one ever sees it coming, and their expressions when it works are priceless.

>> No.17116012

Tabletop games represent the very rare scenario of a "fair fight" occurring. Hence the points system.

>> No.17116056


You appear to be operating under the assumption that I bank exclusively on tanks to win games. Unlike you, I am not a Guardsman player, and have to utilize strategy, maneuvering and speed to win other than simply buying more and more 50$ turrets glued to bricks.

Tau can't win against any of the MEQs, but until the update I still have you and the Elfdar as my personal punching bags.

>> No.17116065

>firewarriors versus rangers

>> No.17116094
File: 65 KB, 407x405, 1280261314804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play infantry guard

Problem solved.

>> No.17116097


Yeah, the guy I was playing with did mention as much. Was still fun though.

Also, requesting drawfag to draw that, because that image is hilarious

>> No.17116109

slapfight TO THE DEATH

>> No.17116138
File: 8 KB, 158x152, Slap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17116259

well we should at least wait until the you tau codex come out then we will see what's up (soon I hope)

>> No.17116304


Current reasonable estimate is rumoured to be after the BT's.

>> No.17116336
File: 15 KB, 158x152, slapfight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17116357


yeah probably late spring/early summer

>> No.17116390


Fucking love it

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