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Right /tg/, I'm up against the old necron codex with the new one at some point in the next few weeks. 3000 point game. The guy I'm up against will almost certainly field 3 monoliths. One hanging back, two deepstriking in to form a spread out triangle across the board for mobility (teleporting troops) and to give his troops an extra chance at WBB (I don't know how this works though, not read the old codex in full yet).

Unfortunately for me, this guy is a fantastic player, even with the old necron codex, he has never phased out once, and he's been playing as them for a long time. Shooting at the troops simply doesn't work, so I'm gonna try and just take out the monoliths.

What do you think I should do though? I will post my 'first draft' list in the next post.

Tl;dr, i'm using newcrons versus oldcrons and a brilliant opponent, wat do?

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Anrakyr the traveller + viel of darkness cryptek + 4 harbingers of the storm crypteks + rezorb lord - 390 pts

Imotekh + CCB - 305 pts

Triarch Stalker - 150 pts

+10 tesla immortals with rezorb lord - 235 pts
+10 tesla immortals with rezorb lord - 235 pts
+10 tesla immortals with rezorb lord - 235 pts
+10 tesla immortals with rezorb lord - 235 pts
+10 tesla immortals with rezorb lord - 235 pts

2 X 10 Scarabs - 300 pts

1 Tomb Spyder - 50 pts

monolith - 200 pts

C'tan with grand illusion & sentient singularity - 255 pts

Doom scythe - 175 pts

The basic plan it to trick the monolith into deepstriking in turn one with the grand illusion trick, and teleport either a squad of immortals or scarabs (depends on where it deepstrikes) across the board. Mainly as a distraction. I will also use the veil of darkness to teleport Anrakyr and his squad across the board to spam haywire, and tachyon arrow the first monolith. The next monolith will be taken out either by the doom scythe, or the squad in front of it (that he uses to prevent the 'lith being assaulted) will be, and then i'll charge my Scarabs (though we hourseruled living metal makes entropic strike only work on 6's because my opponent whined too much). The final monolith will probably try and deepstrike in the middle of my squads on my side of the board, where i'll keep my C'tan. However, I'm not sure how I'll deal with that one, but at that point I may just start killing infantry.

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How good are Lychguard with Hyper Phase Swords and Disperion Shields in general?

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OP here, this thread is now also Necron General.

And Lychguard with dispersion shields seem to work well, I tricked my monolith across the board and teleported them next to it, plopping them infront of a landraider. The oponnent's expensive terminator squad died in his shooting phase.

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I used a 9 man squad of Lychguard with my Vargard Obyron, the unit is massively durable, and even when assaulted by a full squad of Incubi, and two wych squads, they held on for 3 turns of combat, allowing the rest of my army to clear the remainder of the board.

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which combination of powers would you choose to represent the endless swarm?

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what do you mean?

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This is how I shard.

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the C'tan. The endless swarm. Iash'Uddra.

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>(though we hourseruled living metal makes entropic strike only work on 6's because my opponent whined too much)

How fucking dumb. I can't believe you went along with that.

I thought you said this guy is a brilliant player...

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Hmm...Swarm of Spirit Dust and Writhing Worldscape

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He is, he's also a whining asshat. Unfortunately, the guy who runs the club and generally has the final say on goings on, agrees with him so as much as I'd love to keep it as is, I'd rather actually have the game (he'd whine and refuse to battle me otherwise).

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You should take the whining instead, remember to belittle him and call him a scrub as well.

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I know we all have a hard-on for Writhing Worldscape, but how is it supposed to fit an "endless swarm"?

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And so he will remain a whining asshat who forces you to accept whatever retarded shit he pulls to make sure nothing will ever challenge his status as a "star" players. Because, hey, it works.

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So I'm guessing this player is undefeated because all he plays is people that'll cripple their own armies to stop his crying and 10 year olds.

Has he ever competed in a tournament that wasn't in his mother's basement?

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and you can also say "pyreshards" when he uses them as projectiles, or "entropic touch" because, like scarabs, they eat everything.

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Old Necrons have no defense against Power Weapons, Melta, or being sweeping advanced. They can also be phased out. Lychguard would be excellent here, Wraiths would be even better. Problem is keeping them down -- they have excellent saves and excellent WBB rolls. Sweeping Advancing them off the table is probably the best way to get rid of them.

You will probably not kill the monoliths, though you have a better than average chance with Doomsday Arks -- Doomsday Arks are not Melta. Tachyon Arrows are good too. Monoliths are just distractions for the most part.

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I don't take the whining usually, in this instance though he's got the GM backing him up and I can't be bothered arguing. 10 scarabs charging get 5 attacks each, 50 attacks. I'll get enough 6's to do enough damage either way, on 4's it's kinda just over kill.

He's never competed in a tournament. And it's not normally him crippling his opponents armies, it's him using his own 'custom chapter',, with custom units and rules etc. I mentioned him in a thread last night, along with another guuy who uses T5 FnP marines etc.

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Forget the Endless Swarm. The Burning One is where it is at!

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pyreshards+lord of fire?

what about the Flayer?

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Exactly what I'm going for, he's never really lost a monolith either, and it's almost impossible to keep his troops down when he's got them around, so I'm gonna try and wipe them all out ASAP, then turn on his units with Tesla, tesla everywhere. Also, lightning strikes and night fighting will be useful

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>never compete in a tournament
>make opponentes handicap themselves
>play a marine chapter with rules personally made up
>be called a fantastic player
>haters gonna hate

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You're on a holy mission OP. Just be careful. If he's half as asspie as he sounds he might freak the fuck out at losing.

Is he crazy enough to attack your models or you or even both?

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Ohhh...that's a hard one. Lets see...

Gaze of Death and Entropic Touch

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>though we hourseruled living metal makes entropic strike only work on 6's because my opponent whined too much

So basically he's cheating.

Anyway, I suggest ignoring his Monoliths actually unless you feel you NEED to deal with them. You can always take tons of Warriors and keep glancing them with 6's.

I would Drop the Triach Stalker because his Melta Weapon isn't going to be doing any good.

I would actually go for a Heavy Assault army. You know the Old Codexes weaknesses. Exploit them.

A Unit of Destroyers with a Destroyer Lord kitted out to wreck dudes. Have them act as a mobile firebase until you get within assault range.

Wraiths with Whip Things. Actually a 20 man unit of Flayed Ones outflanking would serve you well. It gives you a big ass unit of guys that just shows up out of the blue and dishes out a massive number of attacks.

Pretorians and/or Lychguard. Pretorians have been shit on but they do have big mobility and come with S5 Power Weapons and an AP 2 shooting attack, both of which negate the old "We'll Be Back" rule.

I Might actually say, scale back on some of the Immortals and get some Warriors. If this guy is running tons of Monoliths, that's a lot of AP3 Pie Plates that will end up killing Warriors and Immortals alike. It might be better to just have more Wounds on the table than to have that 3+ Armor. Plus, maybe use some Gauss weapons over tesla. Like i said before, 6's still glance the old Monolith automatically so you can at least immobalize and/or shred off all but it's main weapon if you have to.

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he's a fantastic player because I've never ever won a game against him, and I've rarely seen anybody else win either. This is when he's playing by the rules with legal armies as well.

he won't attack me or my models, but he get's mad easily, when he's pissed off he makes bad decisions, which he probably will after Doom Scythe + haywire shots + tachyon arrow + possibly taking control of his monolith and shooting him with it, AND the night fighting and the lightning shots.

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>come with S5 Power Weapons and an AP 2 shooting attack, both of which negate the old "We'll Be Back" rule
S5 shooting attack does not negate "We will be back". Are you confusing it with "Feel no Pain"?

My suggestion: capitalise on sweeping advances. The thing most capable of produsing them is C'tan, seeing as it is I4. Field 3 of them, field some Destroyers (to supress his destroyers and finish off little remaining units), field lots of scarabs to clog the exits of Monoliths and generally tie everything up.

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>drop the stalker

Actually, yeah. I originally threw it in to be a distraction and to help my haywire shots land. That'd free up 150 pts, maybe I could also drop a Scarab squad to make that 300?

>heavy assault army
I might write an entirely new list then compare them, thanks. Though my main goal is to crush his 'liths.

Wraiths I could have fun with, never used pretorians though, but they sound useful. Also, i don't believe AP affects WBB.

Also, the monoliths' attacks aren't what worries me, it's the way he makes use of the teleportation tricks. Also, I'm hoping to just take his mobility away.

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Excellent strategy, I think. Trazyn the Infinite might be an excellent unit here also. His weapon hits all other units in the combat with the same name, and Old Necrons can only have other units in the combat with the same name. Put him in a squad of Lychguard, get a Cryptek to lead them with Veil of Darkness, Derp Strike them in, get an assault, and watch him flip the table.

I would also like to point out that I have just re-read the rules for Deathmarks and Deep Striking, and I sincerely now believe them to be the most effective anti-Terminator units in the entire game. This is because in their movement phase, you Derp Strike them in following an enemy entering from reserves and mark a unit to be wounded on 2+. The rules then say that you can fire THAT SAME TURN in the shooting phase. I didn't even believe it myself until I re-read the Derp Strike rules. I was planning on using the heads of my Deathguard to make Crypteks with my Praetorian models. Now I'm not so sure. I'm now wanting to use both my Lychguard AND my Deathmarks, and the Immortals seem kind of crappy!

>> No.17105749

If I remember correctly, AP does affect it -- it's basically, anything that instant deaths them, including Double Toughness, Power Weapon, or AP, they cannot WBB.

>> No.17105771

Nope. Just CC weapons that don't allow an armor save, and anything with double their toughness.

>> No.17105817


Ah, yeah. AP 2 weapons negate FNP, I thought it worked for WBB as well. My mistake.

I agree though. Sweeping Advance will end up killing the majority of the enemy.

A new idea though. If you get a full squad of Wraiths with a Destroyer Lord. Give the Destroyer Lord a Warscythe and a Res orb. You can use that unit to hunt the enemy Lords.

You make sure that both a Wraith and the Destroyer Lord are in Base Contact when you assault. Reduce the Lord Iniative to 1, then the Lord gets all his attacks. You get 3, S7 attacks that wound on a 2+. Then, if you fail to kill him and he attacks back, he has to roll a 4 to hit you and a 5 to wound you. Yeah, if he has a Res Orb, he might be back but even if he is, you are likely to wipe out the rest of his squad anyway with your Wraiths.

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My opponent's marine chapter's commander, straight from the facebook group we have for our group.

6 5 4 4 4 7 4 10 2+ 4+ 250

The ravens cry (meltagun – pistol)
Frag & Krak grenades
Armour of Raven (2+Sv, 4+ISv)

Special rules:
Ber’asc’o: the first ever crafted warp blade that was created by Corian over 5 years, Ber’asc’o is Dalthios’ signature weapon and his skill with the blade makes a mockery of the highest respected commanders. Ber’asc’o counts as a warp blade that gives him +1S and allows him to re-roll failed to-wounds,
Master of deep striking: when Dalthios is in the army you may re-roll all deep strike rolls or scatter dice for deep striking
Raven swarm: at the end of the assault phase Dalthios can make an extra D6 attacks at S3 as the ravens which surround him attack

Jump pack + 20pts pts If has a jump pack loses special rule fleet but gains special rules Deep strike & heroic intervention
Bike +30 pts

Army organization changes:
Dalthios’ veterans count as troops

Dalthios may be accompanied by his veterans, warp marines, warp commandos, warp lancers (if he has a bike),

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what the flying fuck?

>> No.17105883


Destroyer Lord is probably the worst platform for an resurrection orb. The only things that can keep up with it are praetorians and wraiths, praetorians are bad and wraiths do not have protocols.

DL only needs the 2+ armour upgrade and a warscythe, perhaps mindshackle scarabs.

>> No.17105884

what the flying fuck?

>> No.17105904

I think 'warp blades' grant him +D6 extra attacks in the assault phase each turn.

>> No.17105917


I hope this thing costs at least 350 points.

>> No.17105927


>deepstriking dude who can charge from a deepstrike, an army of marines deepstriking marines that reroll scatters, can charge after deepstrike and are troops

>> No.17105928

250, actually

>> No.17105979


Good point. I was thinking the Res Orb simply because it allows him a 4+ Resurrection roll if he gets downed by a Warscythe considering the old school Warscythes don't allow Invuln Saves.


Yeah. A4, I7 with a S5 Power Weapon... Even at 250 points that is pretty much bullshit. Not to mention he has Heroic Intervention and never scatters.

Dante is -1S -1I, Doesn't have Heroic Intervention and only costs 25 points less than this guy...

No amount of Fluff could justify that stat line.

>> No.17106014


>never scatters.

Sorry, meant "Rarely Scatters"

>> No.17106020

OP, I normally can't rage at shit like this but seriously, I'm literally thinking about how I would take it if somebody looked me in my face and told me these are the conditions for our game.seriousface

I am nutmad.

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Yup guys, you see what I put up with almost every game with him? Either way, this is why I just want to tear his necron strategy apart one monolith at a time (or preferably all at once). The biggest problem is that there isn't anywhere I can find out what all his units does, there's no 'codex' i can buy or download to read.

>> No.17106233



Should be a download for the old dex.

>> No.17106244

Oo, wait, found something.

.Q. Dalthios Laniidae Corian Drethine Raven Captain Dalthin

Elites Dalthios’ veterans (troops if Dalthios leads army) E.X.O suit (elites and fast attack if Drethine leads army) Warp Talons

Troops Warp marines Warp initiates

Fast Attack Warp Commandos Warp Lancers
Heavy support Talon marines (troops if Corian leads army) Ravens’ Nest Ravens’ Cry Raven starfighter squadron Buzzard Starfighter squadron

Unique army features Special rules: Every model in the Warp Ravens army has the following special rules: Fleet (when on foot) Deep strike & Heroic intervention (when equipped with jump packs) Special weaponry: Warp blade: The warp blades are unique weapons only ever seen in the hands of Warp Ravens, it is believed that Corian makes each individual warp blade out of a type of Very strong yet light metal found only in the Warp Ravens’ system, they come in many forms depending on the person who owns it, but the most common designs are in the shapes of swords, spears or halberds When equipped to a special character, independent character or sergeant +D6 attacks and 4+ invulnerable save in close combat. When Equipped to any other model +D3 attacks and 5+ invulnerable save in close combat Cannot be used with other weapons in close combat but count as one handed Talon ammo- weapon counts as rending, snipers rend on 5 & 6 E.X.O rifle: Rng: 36 Str: 7 Ap: 3 heavy 2 Power lance:counts a chainfist, doesn’t strike last, can only be used once per game

>> No.17106256


Oh wait, NVM. Thought you were talking about the old Cron dex.

>> No.17106265

Ah, it's useful though still, thanks.

>> No.17106276

Anrakyr the Traveller, Catacomb Command Barge w/gauss cannon: 245 points
5 Crypteks, Harbinger of Storms: 125 points
-HQ: 370
10 Necron Immortals, Night Scythe transport: 270 points
-Troops: 1350
Triarch Stalker, Particle Shredder: 155 points
-Elites: 465 Points
5 Tomb Blades, T-L Guass Blasters, Nebuloscopes: 125 points
1 Necron Destroyer: 40 points
-Fast Attack: 290 points
Doom Scythe: 175 points
Doomsday Ark: 175 points
-Heavy Suppport: 525

Total: 3000 points.
The Doom Scythes, Doomsday Ark, and Triarch Stalkers leave you with enough templates and area-effects to shred his troop squads in their entirety, as well as enough s9-10 weapons to cripple even a Monolith.
The Tomb Blades are your rapid-response teams to cut down any Elite choices or infantry survivors of the initial bombardment.
The Night Scythes use the T-L Tesla destructors to rape troop squads, dropping their passengers as soon as they're in range.
The immortals, each accompanied by a Cryptek, should make short work of infantry squads, and if a monolith comes down too close, then the Cryptek's Volaic Staff should Hay-wire it into impotence until the Ark or a Doom Scythe can take aim.
If the Stalkers hit anything with their guns, and it doesn't die, follow it up with the immortals, since you can make their guns Twin-linked against anything the Stalker hit.
the destroyer is mostly just there to fill points, but an extra throw-in gauss cannon can't hurt if you're trying to polish off a squad.

But i strongly urge you to call your opponent out in front of everybody on his faggotry. Announce in front of everyone that he either allows you to run Entropic Strike as it is in the book, or he admits to everyone that he's the worst player there and only gets by because he whines like a pussy and makes up rules.

>> No.17106282

What the actual fuck?

>> No.17106325

Wait, why are you running a Destroyer alone? If he gets popped, he gets no Reanimation Protocols.

>> No.17106380


Wow... I feel like this man now owes me the half a minute of my life it took to read that and type this message back.

This guy is a faggot of the highest order if he thinks this is in any way
>A: Justifiable
>B: Balanced
and I hope he one day had a metal pipe forcibly inserted all the way through his body as he is impaled on a steel fortress built out of the sheer loathing I feel for him.

>> No.17106384

Because there was 40 points left over and nothing to do with them. It is literally just filler. Tomb Blades are superior in almost every way to them, for cheaper.

>> No.17106391

If he won't play by the rules, that's his problem, not yours. Nothing is worth throwing two hours of your life away to a cheater.

>> No.17106421

It's just that destroying a cheater in a fair game is so much enjoyable.

>> No.17106503

You could take a unit of 2 Tomb Blades with no upgrades.

Or a Wraith with Whip Coils.

>> No.17106571


Or even a Necron Lord with a Warscythe. Just to throw into a random squad.

>> No.17106682

If anybody fancies raging at the custom chapter guy, I found the full 'codex' thing, not got stats or points or anything, but has a lot of fluff.


>> No.17106694

>fair game
If he's playing with modified rules, it's not fair to begin with.

>> No.17106818

Well, if I end up using Scarabs I'll probably just go ahead and try it with 4+, see if he forgets about the houserule. IF he doesn't, then it's not really a big deal, with 50 attacks that hit automatically if he hasn't moved, I think i'll get enough 6's to seriously weaken a monolith.

>> No.17106861


Tomb blade + particle beamer + shadowloom is 40 points, and arguably better than a destroyer.

T5 3+ jump infantry with poor CC and a S5 AP3 Assault 2 gun vs a T5 4+ jetbike with a S6 AP5 blast and stealth.

>> No.17106940

If he gets to use custom units you can do the same. Get a copy of the VDR, look at some of the really awesome stuff Necrons have, show up with a battle platform firing STR 12 AP1 shots at unlimited range that doesn't require line of fire. Yes, there is a GW approved rule for that. If he bitches that it frags one monolith a turn just show him the design rules. Fair warning it might cost a bit in points but it'd wipe his smug, rule bending ass off the table.

>> No.17106946


I am assuming the guy who wrote this is like, 8 years old.

>> No.17106971

...17, actually. And until june, he was doing English Literature at 6th form.

>> No.17107008

1023912309123/10 how do people at your lgs allow this nigger shit?

>> No.17107075

Because half of the people who go do similar shit, like the 'black wolves' you hear mentioned in that from time to time, they're another guys custom chapter, which is all done up like this too. Also, the only other guy who's been coming longer is the guy who runs it, and he's the kinda guy who's crazy, retarded, hilarious, but he kinda likes to just 'adjust' rules where he deems fit.

>> No.17107114

I think I wasn't very clear.
Beating him while you play fairly and while he is cheating.

>> No.17107211

Vargard Obyron seems like he has some promise as a assaulty dude. How would it be best to field him?

>> No.17107265

He's also pulled stuff like "Raider's shouldn't have an invulnerable save against anything that's not shooting!" - on DE Raiders..
"I refuse to accept the new Necron codex, they're not Necrons, they're Necrontyr!"
He also went into a 10 minute rant/tantrum when I said the old codex focussed too much on the C'tan.


Anyways... Even if I win he'll complain that it's just because the new codex is OP, but I will still crush his ass, not just for me, but for the sake of all you guys who raged at him.

>> No.17107342


>> No.17107344

I would like to field Orikan (with a WW c'tan and a pair of alchemists, of course) but how can I best exploit him and protect him?

>> No.17107548

How do Tau/Dark Eldar/Eldar fare against newcrons by the way? I've not heard much about battles people have had, so get talking about your battles with the new necrons!

>> No.17107569

Tau and Eldar lose to everyone, always. Dark Eldar are somewhat of a challenge. A bit of a slapfight.

>> No.17107684

Hmm, has anybody got any stories about games between necrons and DE? I'd be interested to see how it'd pan out, since I play both, and nobody else in my LGS plays either.

>> No.17107780

Speaking of Necron general...
Are Newcrons any fun?
I've been a Dark Eldar player for the few games I've played the past few months, but they get kind of borning.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Newcrons seem to be similar to DEldar in that they have ass-kicking advanced weapondry...
The newcrons are a mid-ranged shooting army, right?
How fun are they to play?

>> No.17107795

They're very fun to play. Not a very strong army, but very fun in all the weird shit you can do. Also, the names.

The novelty of wiping out half a death star with a DEATH RAY still hasn't worn off.

>> No.17107851

Define "not very strong", though.
Not very strong in the sense that SW and IG tournament lists kick their tournament lists ass?

Or not very strong like Tau, SoB, or Necrons 2 months ago, who were at a natural disadvantage in a regular gaem?

>> No.17107870

The former. they have no Overpowering Build, simply because the things that would shore up their weaknesses themselves have weaknesses, and their weaknesses are pretty obvious. Initiative 2!
> fistshake

>> No.17107898

What in the holy fuck.
How much of a fegget do you have to be to blatantly cheat like this?

>> No.17107925

Hurrah :3

One last question: do you elegan/tg/entlemen have any idea where I can get some old Tomb Spiders/Wraiths?

Also when new models are coming out?

>> No.17107976

according to rumors, around february.

>> No.17107980


But there's no overpowering build in the game.

>> No.17108009

There are several. The seperation of codices means that they're not impossible to beat, only difficult.

Also, something for people to consider:
Howling Banshees. +2 init over a Tac Marine, wounds on a 5+, power weapons. Globally panned.

Marines. +2 init over a Lychguard, wounds on a 5+, potential for power weapons. TOTALLY BETTER GUYS.

>> No.17108024

So anyone ever used one of these? I'm looking over the rules and it looks like it could be fun. Found one cheap on ebay, but I'm having an argument with myself about whether it's worth 205 points or not. And yeah, the folks I play with are cool with FW stuff - one of the guys regularly runs a Malcador for shits and giggles, the one festooned with heavy bolters.

>> No.17108035


There are no overpowering builds in the game. That's warseer talk.

Actual tournament results speak of no such thing.

>> No.17108102

its a cool mini I say buy it if its cheap enough to consider. Unless there is something more useful to you that you can only buy should you not buy it.

But yeah its cool I say buy it NOW. Had one used in a game it it vanished to my lulzy Farsight Bombs plasma.

>> No.17108206

Well, its $20 cheaper than FW's site, and the thing is gorgeous. I'm sure I can find a spot in my list for a T7 A6 MC, somewhere.

>> No.17108293


Not true. I did a ~800 point game of Tau vs Newcrons. I was tau, and my brother's friend was Newcrons. Totally won, by like one kill point...

>> No.17108310

it's worth picking up for the model alone, and the rules ain't bad to boot

>> No.17108377


They kill the every loving fuck out of Vehicles and have really high mobility, I will say that.

I was in an Apoc game using one and it wrecked a baneblade variant in one charge.

Unfortunately it can't duel things that are more survivable than it really well. I.E. something like TH/SS terminators will probably be a big road block or another MC of some kind. Pretty much, try to pick fights you know you can just destroy the enemy in your charge or even in their turn afterwards, then go on to the next target.

>> No.17108378

Patently false. Tau have a mono-build, more or less, but can still win when played correctly. Eldar are seeing a bit of a resurgence of late what with how popular GK have become.

Dark Eldar is likely one of the worst matchups for newcrons because they can assault you from hideous distances, shoot you out of the sky with lances, and generally fly around you in rings.

>> No.17108391

> they can assault you from hideous distances, shoot you out of the sky with lances, and generally fly around you in rings.

When'd DE get Ring-themed vehicles? And has anyone made a Sonic-themed army?

>> No.17108831 [DELETED] 

More importantly, has anyone ever made a Sonichu themed army?

>> No.17110456

Hrm, all right, thanks a bunch for the info. I haven't had to deal with TH/SS termies around here (surprise, I know, shit's weird), but I get what you're saying: throw it at squishy things.

The german guy I bought it from already shipped it, too. Guy was quick.

>> No.17114121


>> No.17114252


TH/SS termies can be dealt with by lychguard or wraiths.

Terminators can't sweep, so Necrons' low initiative doesn't matter against TH/SS or Grey Knight termies/paladins/any unit with a librarian or grandmaster attached.

>> No.17117059

so, what do you guys use to represent stalkers?

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