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Hey /tg/

I'm looking to expand my Space Marine army and I really don't have any clue what to get next. Here's my army so far:

25 Tactical Marines
5 Scouts
1 Dreadnaught
1 Rhino
1 Predator
Command Squad
5 Terminators
10 Assault Marines
Chaplain with jump pack

I am leaning towards a Land Raider because I want my termies to have a transport or a drop pod for the dreadnaught.

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If you must have a chaplain with a jump pack, give him some assault marines to lead around. Besides that, another rhino would be a good investment. Your idea of a land raider is good. I'd say go for a crusader variant. I only use drop pods when there are 3 or more squads using them. That's just me though. I never use dreadnaughts.

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I do have 10 assault marines with my chaplain, I might go for another 10 man squad if I cant think of anything else. I am also thinking about getting some assault terminators instead of the ones I have (they have storm bolters and power fists) and the land raider would be good.

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Assault Terminators are never a bad choice. They're scary enough that your opponent can't really ignore them, and tough enough to soak up a disproportionate amount of damage (as long as a few of them have Storm Shields).

A nasty trick you may want to consider is taking Shrike as your HQ, since he gives them Fleet.

As for Land Raiders, that's a bit harder. The lascannons are nice on the regular one, but a capacity of 10 suuuuuuucks. Crusaders are probably the most versitile (if you give it a multi-melta). Just remember, if you get a Crusader, use magnets while building it so you can use it as a Crusader OR a Redeemer: options are always preferable to a 'single choice.'

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How bout a drop pod to drop the dread/ assault termies in?
Or an Ironclad dread?
Or a Razorback?
A Vindicator?
A Librarian?

All solid choices.

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Ok, I'm pretty sure about the assault terminators. I've been reading the codex and they look solid. Also Shrike looks good but should I just keep him independent or ditch the chaplain from the assault squad and replace him with shrike? A second rhino would be good for my other tactical squad.
So many choices!

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NEVER buy a rhino model. EVER.
Buy a Razorback and don't glue on the turret, that way you can use it as either, depending on what you need.

Just remember, if you take Shrike, you lose Combat Tactics. Being able to fall back vluntarily if you get shot (often out of charge range, too) is a HUGE advantage; you really have to weigh it against the advantages of Fleet. Essentially, if you're going for an assaulty, in-your-face army, go with Shrike. If you rely mostly on Tac squads and a strong line of fire, it's probably not worth it.

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OP, what chapter do you run, an established one or your own?

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You do raise a good point. I do love my assault marines and was thinking about having 20 of them and some assault termies mixed in, but the problem is that I like both play styles. I like the "jump in and rape your faces off" style of the assault marines and I like the stand behind cover and shoot a lot style of the tactical marines.
In the end I think I should get more assault marines, a squad of assault termies and shrike.
Also I'm not certain but you can attach shrike to one 10 man squad of assault marines and put a chaplain on another squad?

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I play the Blood Ravens chapter. I play a lot of the Dawn of War games and loved the fluff and paint scheme.

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Did you steal all your models from other players?

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Nah, bought 'em all. Everyone I know who plays 40k hates space marines.

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>Also I'm not certain but you can attach shrike to one 10 man squad of assault marines and put a chaplain on another squad?
In fact, you could attach both of them to the same squad, if were so inclined. I don't recommend it, of course, but it is possible.

Hell, you could have the chaplain and Shrike join together and form a 2 man unit.

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What fluff?

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>Blood Ravens
Ouch, that's a bitch of a chapter symbol to paint.

Forge World has Blood Raven transfers!

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Ok, that's great. Well I think I have made up my mind about what to get next. another 10 man squad of assault marines, 5 assault terminators, shrike and maybe a land raider crusader.
Thank's /tg/ for helping me make up my mind and for all the useful info.

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Librarian marines with a dark streak and a love of arcane artifacts and knowledge.

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I mean the story in the Dawn of war games when you play as the Blood Ravens. Just wish I could make a Gabriel Angelos model.

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Since the symbol is hard to paint on the shoulders and I do not own a printer, I just decided to not put the raven on them until I get a printer. I did manage to freehand a pretty good looking blood raven symbol on the company standard that my command squad has.

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There are symbols harder to paint than Blood Ravens. Especially if you can't even do an edge highlight that doesn't look like a snake in the desert, like me.

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True Bloody Magpie player should be also a master-thief. This bolter which was once used by a Custodes? We found it! And this warhound class titan? A present to a chapter.

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>Just wish I could make a Gabriel Angelos model.
Bam, done and done.
Though GW doesn't make this guy any more (it was the 2008 Gamesday model), you can still find them on ebay:



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Here's a better picture, though in a Ultramarines colours.
You might have to add some fancy-bits to his shoulder pads, but other than that he's almost a dead-ringer for good 'ole Gabe.

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I say, buy as many units that are unique to chapters that have their own codices as you can, paint them in their original colors and then badly paint them in blood ravens colors. Play with rules for whichever chapter you wish.

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How I paint BR icon. It's an Index Astartes variant. Quite easy to paint after some practice actually.

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Another option would be to buy Gabriel Seth and do a conversion: replace the eviscerator with a thunder hammer (fanciest one you can find), shave off the Flesh Tearer bits and add some shiny stuff to the shoulder pads.


And another of the Gamesday Captains, with only an hour left!


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Damn, beat me too it. I was going to suggest he use Lysander as his Assault Terminator Sergeatn after giving him a different shield (I believe the Ass. Term. box comes with 6) and shaving off most of the Fist icons.

OP, this would give you a 6 man squad, which I suggest running with 3 hammers (including Lysander) and 3 claws. That way you're tough enough to survive getting into close combat, and can actually attack at Initiative 4, hopefully wittleing down the enemy before the hammers strike.

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Lysander would be a pretty good test subject but i would have to make about half of his face look like cybernetics since he lost his right eye and legs after defeating Kyras.
Also I am no way going to pay about 40 bucks for that 2008 gamesday model, altho i just would need to paint the armor differently and do nothing to him but the model is out of my price range.

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Then go with Seth. He's only $17, and all you need to do is some filing and replace his weapon.
Nice pose, too.

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I think I would also use some green stuff on his head for the hair and the metal eye thing. I should probably get both seth and lysander so I could have gabe both in normal power armor and terminator armor.

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Use the Devastator Sergeant's head. It's nearly perfect, just mess it up a bit.

Only $1 on The War Store:

Or the current Tactical Squad Sergeant's head, as it already has bionics on the correct side of the face. No hair, though.

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I was able to find the bionic head that I had in my bitz box but looking at it, just doesn't feel right. The devastator sergeant head looks perfect, the bionics aren't that important.

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The talk of making Gaberial Angelos has made me wonder, Anyone made any Captain Titus and company conversions yet? Would I be the first to do so?

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The Master of the Fleet model might work for the body, as well. Not having to shave anything down is a bonus, if you can stand the cape.

Fortunately, the head on this mini is a seperate bit, so you could use the dev. serg. head no problem.

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Leave the armor blue, too. Bloody magpie probably stole it from the Smurfs.

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Why didnt i think of that? The model looks perfect. I dont fancy the cape but its just a minor complaint.

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I don't know about everyone else but in my opinion, blue armor looks fucking retarded. Just my opinion.

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>Azariah's Cincture is a relic used by Captain Davian Thule of the Blood Ravens. It is a master crafted belt handed down from early commander of the Blood Ravens.
>Azariah Vidya
>Azariah Kyras

I wonder if that Azariah thing is a title or a family name.

Hmm I think Gab will have to change his name to Azariah Angelos if its a title.

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By the way, I looked in the warstore for the devastator sqt head and its gonna cost me 20€ to ship here XD. I will never pay that much for one head. For 30€ I can buy the whole devastator squad box.

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Might as well, then. It has a lot of useful bits and pieces.
I'm rather partial to the servo skulls, myself.

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Presumably you're going with DoW2 Angelos. Otherwise, best get greenstuffan dem lips.

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But..but...guys...Angelos is dead!

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Or if you played the blood ravens in DoW: Retribution, you would probably know that Angelos has robot legs and a cyber face and is now the new chapter master of the Blood Ravens.


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And Bluhd Rayvunz always win.

Except in Kaurava.

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You mean the guy in the ending wasn't Calgar and the Blood Ravens weren't accepting him as their spiritual liege and pledging their undying loyalty to the Ultramarines?

Oh well...

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Nobody won in Kaurava. Everybody lost!

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lol. As you can see in the video Angelos has the cybernetics the right side of his face. Calgar has it on his left side.

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Just kidding, Gorgutz will never win.

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At least he is alive and in one piece. Most of the older Dow leaders are either dead or maimed.

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Kuarava was a mistake, Let us not speak of it again.

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I managed to find some dude who was selling 3 or so of this model dirt cheap and grabbed it.

In regards to making a gabe model:

death company pack has a similar t-hammer; shave off the blood iconography and have a field day.

in regards to op:

lrc or some razorbacks. if you want to use assault marines, play BA because vanilla assault marines are the dooks

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Well I can get the BA codex and play my assault marines as BA ones but does it matter if they are painted differently?

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Well, Blood Angels are listed in the vanilla Marine codex as being a codex chapter, so you might run into some people that will give you a bit of trouble, but it's not really that big of a deal.

>> No.17105349


Successor chapter.

BA assault marines are also the dook, however you can take them as troops, drop their packs, and grab las/plas razorbacks for them while they still have a pfist and meltagun. So they're sort-of nasty.

they also USUALLY have FNP+furious charge unless people make it a mission to kill your sang priests or you are bad at abusing the spriest buff bubble.

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I think ill just pick up the assault terminators. I dont really like the Blood angels and I haven't really tried using vanilla asssault marines so I cant really say if they're good or not.

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>>17105296 was selling 3 or so of this model

Not in blister? Recast.

>> No.17105618


2 were in blisters, one was put together and primed.

it was a nice haul; dude sold me 2 of the thunder hammer captains from space hulk pretty cheap-o too.

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> I never use dreadnoughts
You are the gayest human being ever to exist.

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@op Get more transports. Rhino's, Razorbacks and and mandatory Land raider for terminators

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Also, get some pods.
Get, as the already said, termies and LR, the nobrainer option - crusader.
Probably it would be a good idea to get some bikes/LSs.
Loot some cool named character, like Vulcan. **WAS GIFTED TO OUR CHAPTER LOL**
I would probably get some Devastetors, but someone would probably say that they suck.

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Op here. I am getting the termies and LRC for obvious reasons. I do like devastators but should i get 2 squads of them? 2 heavy bolters and plasma cannons in one squad and missile launchers and lascannons in other. Also a drop pod would be nice for my dreadnaught, but since the dreadnaught is the one that came with aobr (Multi melta and the claw thingy) should i get another one? Venerable for example.

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The sad part about all of this is that I was going to buy the Spehs mahreen megaforce from Games Workshop today and when I went to checkout, it said no more in stock :( It had so many things I already wanted and it doesnt hurt to have 20 more tac marines

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Convert Angelos from plastics. Devastator head as above, standard Captain cape with GS'd front, Chaos Mk III shoulderpad with GS'd or glued on eagle, and grey knight/BA hammer arms.

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