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Got redirected here so, any more like these?
Any WK 40k funnies will do.
(no i dont have it in a larger size)

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Here's bigger.

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Yotsuba as a SoB is kind of cute.
Also OP go look on 1d4chan. Lods of pictures and stories there.

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Also, Deff Skwadron:


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Wow, im honestly rofl-ing here, there are awesome
Also MOAR!!!!

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Also contributing (can someone explain this one to me?)

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It's an adaptation of the I LUV U 5 EVER DA SADEST STORY EVA

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here's a transcript

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always a must

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do you have the non-edited image?

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I remember this picture when it was first requested....ah those were the days, everyone on /tg/ one fluid consciousness flowing through the internet....not to say that doesn't happen now, it just seems less often.

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The Hive Mind underwent a great schism. Things could never be the same afterwards.

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the joke is heresy

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something to do with the moddening correct? I know we had a many an artist and drawfag leave when their creativity was stifled. and some are only now returning.

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Essentially /tg/ got pretty big on posting porn all over the place. Mainly monster girls and, to a lesser extent, traps. There was a big shitfit over whether this was a good thing or not. The Modstorm Occurred and the porn was banished. Those unable to browse /tg/ without having fap material on hand left, as did those who felt at risk/were banned (many of the drawfags).

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and on that day, the emperor was praised a-plenty

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A personal favorite.

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>Those unable to browse /tg/ without having fap material on hand left
Okay, neckbeard. As usual, your kind totally gets the reasoning wrong. The point was the place became much less fun and the nazi janitors went overboard on deleting threads.

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I see the virgin women haters are still a plenty on this board.

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On a sidenote, i also find this pic very funny.

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I know this will only antagonize the ones involved, but please dont derail this, or at least post a pic related to the topic with your off topic posts.

Also OP,

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Angry Marines. Always good for a laugh.

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>those who felt at risk/were banned (many of the drawfags)
>on that day, the emperor was praised a-plenty

Throne save us, what are you smoking?

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Can't believe no one has posted this yet.

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there is no victory without sacrifice

now back to postan, serf

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Colorized for the Emperor.

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Onward noble thread!

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I've been wondering this for aegis: Why is he in a T-shirt?

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I belive its just his usual robe, contorted while running for his heretical life

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I think it's supposed to be a robe.
But it's Tzeentch. He doesn't have to explain shit.

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A robe comes lower, and even when running would be bunched up on the thigh a bit more.

Of course, we all know the proper answer is 'to make you ask questions'

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This post brought to you by the adeptas senoritas

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New conversion?
I think so!

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Is there any follow-up to this? I once saw a SBAHJ style CSM sleeping in bed and saying "heresy" instead of "sports"

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And i'm out.

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>mfw this thread

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>homestuck & 40k crossover

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"Longessimi Catti" is brilliant

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God Emperor is First Guardian.

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What the fuck is homestuck? That's Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff you ignorant buffoon.

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get a load of this hornse's ass

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Derse Dreamers are traitors, Prospit are loyalists.

Alpharius has two dreamselves.

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Why didn't I ever think of this?

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How much 40k do you have to play in order for any of these to be funny?

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I've only ever played the vidyagames and the Pen and Paper RPGs, but I find them funny. Maybe it's because I lurk /tg/ alot.

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It's been around.

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Because fratboys don't often play 40k..

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Maybe if you had a soul.

But really it's mostly /tg/ in-jokes.
Like the "love can bloom" meme.

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You just need to lurk /tg/, maybe take a look at couple Dawn of Wars.

I would never play the miniature games.

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>Weeaboo space nigger getting crushed by tank treads

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Back when a man could wish for a juvenile equestrian without being called names.

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reported for racism

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Did you mean equine you fucking piece of shit ponyfag?

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Not cool man. Don't be such a nigger.

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actually reported you for saying weaboo. that's so inaccurate with the Tau.

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well done. your being a bumbass nigger gives you trolling power

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Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a comic written by one of the characters in Homestuck. You might as well say "That's not 40k, it's the Codex Astartes"

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The face alone is nightmare fuel.

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That's cute, you think fictional characters can write things.

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Why...hello sailor...mmmmh...

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This seems to be from the same artist, anyone know who he is?

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Pic related.

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he appears to be one of the artists who did Buttlord GT as well


Nathan's later work in the series appears very similar

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While using google image to search for an image is retardedly easy and that poster should feel ashamed, not everyone has that button. It's a plugin. Stop assuming it appears for everyone else, because it doesn't.

Instead, judge them for their inability to type images.google.com into their browser of choice.

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Er, there isn't a google button without some kind of plug-in.

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Aw man, that song started playing in my head as soon as I looked at this image.

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By the way, it is a plug in. So is the hide function.

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I can't be the only one to find this funny.

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