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Spellblade/Magic Knight Thread

Post some pics

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That was all I had. Sorry guys.

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I'll see what I have in the theme.

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Same character as previous two pics, slightly different themes.

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Would a Witcher count as a Spellblade?

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I would say any class whose magic is used to boost their own melee combat ability is applicable.
What I would like to see once in a while is a character of this theme who uses something other than a bladed weapon, like a heavy mace.

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Eh, but then they can be mistaken for clerics.

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Light armor + blasting powers ?

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That looks suspiciously like a Fate/Whatever spinoff

Flanged Mace, the generalist weapon for the generalist warrior.

A Halberd would make sense too, maybe incorporate a wand/staff into the haft and make the dip a discharge point for bolts ect?

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Because it is. Fate/Unlimited Codes.

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So the chick is.. Shiro and Arthuria's kid?
Magically inheriting the scabbard and bypassing the "be a legendary hero and die miserably" clause?

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...no, it's just a bonus costume for Saber. How the hell did you come up with something like that from that picture ?

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Face and hair is very different from "normal" Saber, and I have learned to expect the worst of everything I like, so i just did a quick "what's the lamest reason someone else might have Sabers gear".

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>AND sword

Mary Sue bullshit.

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Do try to tone down the autism

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Damn, you Drow players are a touchy bunch.

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Limiting oneself to a single path, how quaint.
Do you scorn modern cars for having roll-cages, airbags and seatbelts?
Surely you would prefer if the manufacturer spent all their time perfecting only one of them.

A true warrior exploits every opening and opportunity, having the option to channel a lightning bolt though the enemy's shield buckle rather than going around it only makes you that much deadlier.

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