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So /tg/ what would you say if in the new Tyranid Codex one of the new models was a malefactor (aka Nid transport creature)?

Would this help the nids? Would the addition of these and other creatures like the Haruspex or Exocrine creatures be too cheesy, not fun and the like?

Reading up on them I think it would be quite fun to see what GW would do with how they look and act on the battlefield.

Give em a read if you don't know what they are here http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Species_of_Tyranid under the warmachine sized creatures.

Just don't make it look like that. Don't even know what I'm looking at.

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Also, where do these Tyranids even come from? Like books or something? I've only ever seen em on that website.

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Would it help them? Maybe, if the transport creatures could carry more than 10 tyranids, and also counted as a synapse creature.
Would I like it? No.

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OP's pic is an old Armorcast Nid, made back when GW didn't have their own resin-casting subsidiary and contracted out to a 3rd party. That's a 2nd ed. model.

as far as bugs getting transports? Eh, they need something a lot worse than that, like big bugs being useful in general.

Besides, I think the next edition is going to follow the trend in fantasy and swing the momentum back towards infantry. mechanized lists are cool and I personally like where that took the game, but I can see a case for stepping down vehicles a little and trying to get people to bring back more little dudes, so in the case of tyranids it would be too little to late.

That's just my asinine theory crafting though, your mileage may vary.

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It would be an interesting addition. I'm not sure it would help in the current metagame, though. Tervigons sort of already fill the same role. They just get to a place then start creating broods, rather than getting to a place and disembarking them.

Is it one I'd be in favour of? I wouldn't be angry if they included it in the codex, but there's the chance that Tyranids would wind up as another transport-spam army. I'd rather Tyranids got lots of reliable infiltrators, outflankers, and deep strikers - things like the Trygon Tunnel, only with rules which are actually useful. Rules which allow a Tyranid player to get broods onto any particular part of the table, but won't give those units any extra protection. I like the idea that someone playing against a Tyranid army should feel not only outnumbered, but surrounded, encircled and hunted, with Tyranids creeping on into the deployment zone and leaping out of bits of terrain to attack from unexpected directions.

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Care to give a little more feedback as to why you wouldn't like it?

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Someone playing *against* a Tyranid army, rather.

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When I think of Tyranids, sure I think of hordes and hordes of little guys, but I also think of the many many big guys they have.

I wouldn't be against them adding more in at all. Tyranids should be the kings of Monstrous Creatures, both in number and rules in all honesty. Same with Daemons. They should get more MCs as well I think.

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daemons should get more options period.

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I have one of those models. I use it as a tervigon which is essentially a nid transport anyway.

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Melefactor -
ws3 bs3 S6 T6 W8 A2 Ld10 2+

Carrying Capacity - 30 troops, anything on a terminator base counts as 2 slots. 2 MC's?

It'd have some basic fire power like Cluster Spines or something.

Dunno bout points or special abilities.

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Wtf are you guys talking about Tervigons being nid transports?

Unless they somehow can shit out Bonesword Lashwhip warriors and what not that I didn't know about, they're nothing like transports...


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I know how I'll get more people in this thread.

Hey, you guys heard that space marine thing that happened with that one space marine and that other evil space marine that one space marine time?

Yeah, it was really space marine.

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except they are like transports, admittedly a transport that only carries gaunts but still a lot like a transport anyway. And IMO as close to a real transport nids should get (other than the mycetic spores)

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Perhaps some different versions? Perhaps a shrunk down Harridan to poot out some Gargoyles or a Horvigon that poots out Hormagaunts? I would die for a Brood Mother who could poot out Gene Stealers.

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They fill the same basic role of allowing you to get a unit across the table to a specific point without it being shot apart at range in the doing so. I didn't say they were *great* at it.

At 8 wounds, you're getting into Bio-titan territory. I'd pull it down to 6.

WS3 BS3 S6 T6 W6 I1 A2 Ld10 Sv3+
-Crushing Claws, Cluster Spines.
Special rules:
-Transport. Malefactors can transport a single brood of Tyranid creatures. The total number of wounds in the brood, including attached characters, cannot exceed
20 and may not include Monstrous Creatures. The Malefactor counts as an open-topped vehicle for the purposes of disembarking.

Spineshock: Malefactors are adept at using their Spinebanks to suppress enemy units just long enough for their lesser kin to close on them. If the Malefactor shoots at an enemy unit with its Spinebanks and inflicts at least one hit, any Tyranid brood which assaults that unit this turn counts as having Assault Grenades.

-Bounding Leap. Malefactors are surprisingly swift for creatures of their size and bulk. They roll 3D6 picking the highest for their Run move.

Synapse Creature, The Shadow in the Warp, Fearless, Fleet.

Probably 160-odd points base, though there'd be an array of upgrades for it. Heavy Support choice, I'd guess. Allowing them to be taken as transport options doesn't sit well with me.

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yeah that should happen.
Not sure about the stealer spawner though, it would ahve to be quite expensive to avoid being brokenly udnercosted The reason the tervigon isn't op is because gaunts aren't among the best CC troops in the game.
Also Genestealers can already infiltrate/outflank to get close so they don't need a "transport"

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Oh the jokes my local game shop would make...

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perhaps bump it up[ to T7-8
It has an abundance of thick carapace plates and very little exposed softer bits.

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I don't think it should be T8. Again - bio-titan territory. The Wraithlord's an exception to that rule, and pays for it by only having 3 wounds. T7 would be possible though, but I think it should be an upgrade. Along with Armoured Shell and Regeneration.

Keep in mind that his is a reasonably swift creature which can cross the board and catapult a formidable brood straight into close combat - along with buffing them with Frag Grenades. It needs to be tough enough to stand a good chance of getting there, but make it too tough and it's going to wind up in Land Raider cost territory to justify how hard it is to stop.

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You seem to be good at these. Any ideas for some of the other big guys on that lexicanum page?

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I've never understood how Wraithlords have toughness 8. They look so damn fragile.

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I don't see tyranids as having any unit, besides maybe warriors, that really deserve a 160 point transport.

If you were to field a couple of these the points would really add up. I'd make it so it can at least carry two broods for that amount of points.

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>They look so damn fragile.

They've got almost no weak points. As far as I'm aware, Eldar wraith constructs don't have a lot of actual machinery and mechanics. It's pretty much just a huge armoured shell protecting the Soulstone and a psychic network that allows it to animate the body. You can't shoot out eyes, get a lucky stab between ribs that hits an organ, and so on that rolling a 6 to wound normally represents. You can only really stop a Wraithlord by using the heaviest weapons you have to blow enough chunks out of it that there isn't enough of the body left to fight, or the psychic network is disrupted.

Hence, high toughness but low (by Monstrous Creature standards) wounds. It's hard to damage the thing, but the stuff that's powerful enough to do so generally blows big lumps of the thing. And it's spindly enough that a few big lumps gone will do enough damage to bring it down.

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But their armor is supposed to be strong as hell even when appearing brittle.

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From what I understood about Nids is that they didn't really need transports seeing how fast they could move and that they generally were in close combat, something you didn't need a transport to get units into.

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I see, I see.

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>besides maybe warriors

20 Genestealers will wipe a Tactical Squad on the charge. 20 Hormagaunts with Toxin Sacs will kill about half of one, and it'll get almost the whole squad with Adrenal Glands as well. Bonesword warriors, you've already mentioned, are terrifying in close combat. The problem with a lot of Tyranid assault units isn't that they can't deal damage - it's that they're very fragile and don't have assault grenades. So they'll get the piss shot out of them on the way in, then lose even more models when they finally do charge. The Malefactor overcomes both of those problems, and even presents the possibility of joining the combat itself with an average of 5 WS3 S6 MC attacks - another two or so kills.

160 points also isn't a hell of a lot. I could drop two of those into a 2000 point list and not even bat an eyelash.

That's a nice ideal, but in practice, it doesn't work. You wind up chasing faster, tougher transports around the table hoping the Hive Guard manage to knock them out before your numbers become too low to finish off the contents.

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Aren't grenades the reason the carnifex is still in the army?

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Malefactor pop a Rhino like it's nothing then the next turn pop out what it's carrying to assault what was inside the rhino. Or maybe unload first then assault the rhino. Whichever way it works

Just looks cool in my head.

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No one uses Carnifex anymore though.

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Carnifexes - and Monstrous Creatures in general - are tough enough to not care much about striking last. The problem is when T3, 6+ save Gaunts/Hormies/Gargoyles or T4, 5+ save Genestealers try to launch an assault (the thing Tyranids are supposed to be good at) and run into a face full of chainsword before they get to swing. The fact that a Carnifex can strike at its mighty I3 (4 if you upgrade it!) on the charge through cover doesn't really matter much. Especially as Carnifexes are too expensive to bother with in general.

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Oh - the lack of Assault Grenades really cripples Warriors and Shrikes as well. Being only T4, their only defense against a Powerfist is killing it before it can swing. Which they can't really do when forced to strike at the same time as it.

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with all the poison and insta kill weapons going around, I honestly don't see any codex change helping the nids. I will be royally surprised when they make working rules for monstrous creatures that isn't eternal warrior for all.

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You'd think they'd give Tyranid assault creatures some kind of spit or something that counts as grenades.

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Too true.

Maybe give MC's an armor value since they have plates as tough as the material used in tanks and what not.

I wouldn't see a problem with that. It would be an unimaginative fix but it would be a fix.

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In the previous codex, you could! Genestealers, Warriors, and Monstrous Creatures could all take Flesh Hooks, which just counted as Frag Grenades (and let them treat Vertically Impassible terrain as Difficult, which was fun in Cities of Death games. Hive Tyrants rapelling up the side of a building was always great).

But hey, apparently Cruddace didn't think we deserved stuff like that. We got to give our Monstrous Creatures posioned attacks, though! We can pay 10 points to wound on a 4+ with a re-roll rather than 2+!

>an armor value

No no no no no. No sir, I don't want my Trygon dying because someone waved a Meltagun at it. Instant Death really isn't a big problem for Tyranid Monstrous Creatures at the moment. The problem is how cheap and easily available Missile Launchers are. When playing against Tyranids, there is virtually no reason to take any Heavy Weapon other than a Missile Launcher - Frag Missiles are decent at thinning little critters, while Kraks will insti-kill Warriors and reliably wound Monstrous Creatures. Making 2+ saves, or Feel No Pain, cheaper and more common would be a good start.

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I had kinda hoped they kept that toughness 9 armor save 2+ guy, but last time I looked at the tyranid codex, the highest toughness I saw was 6 and the best save was 3+. I don't personally play tyranids but I liked the few gimmicks it had. Though I'm also one of the people who enjoyed the neron ignore invuln save gimmick.

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I thought carnifex had an upgrade that made them and anything within 6" count as having frag grenades. Still, it is a pretty shitty deal, especially since they gave Grey Knights I6 force weapons and 3 flavors of grenades

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While I agree that Tyranids need a better delivery system to combat, I disagree that they should have a "transport" option like other armies.
The thing is, I feel it would standardize Tyranids to much when they really should play different than other armies. I think, really, what Tyranids need is for their current rules to just be better overall. By this I mean, things like they should be able to get assault grenades or should have some type of ability that gives squads assault grenades.
Trygons should allow you to assault the turn you come out of their little hole, maybe just limiting the amount of units that can come through the hole that turn.
MC's need to be cheaper.

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Their existing units need to be upgraded in a way to give them actual use.
>Lictors should be more powerful and be able to assault when they arrive. They need to be real fear weapons.
>Pyrovores SHOULD be powerful assault units and maybe let them be able to attach themselves to other squads like Wolf Guard. If not that, then they should have more per squad and be cheaper as well.
>Carnifexes need to be Cheaper and should have an Upgrade (albeit an expensive one) that let's them become "Beasts". This would mitigate their movement problems.
>Maye the Tyranofex a true "tank" bug. Let it's weapons be a lot better than they are. Make them pure Shooty and lack CC ability.
>Biovore artillery needs something. I am thinking, standardize the Hiveguard/Biovore/Pyrovore stats and let them all be the same unit choice. They can attach to different squads like Wolf Guard and act kind of like mini-monstrous creatures. Pyrovores are the CC hitters, Hive Guard are the Anti-Tank, Biovores have assault weapons that are anti-infantry.
>The entire Fast Attack section needs an overhaul.
>Ripper Swarms need to follow the example of Scarab Swarms. Give them Beast Movement and maybe Rending attacks.
I just think the last Tyranid book was bad but had a lot of good ideas that were poorly executed. Either things were overcosted, redundant or superfluous and all of the rules seemed a bit watered down. Things that should have been good had some flaw that made them bad, like Lictors arriving suddenly, only to not be able to do anything. Pyrovores having Power Weapon attacks, but only ONE attack. Carnifexes in broods but expensive as hell. Tyranofex, tough, pretty good weapons, all of them considerably short ranged.

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Wait, what? Who you talking bout?
Why not just give them an invulnerable save?

I was thinking Regen. No one really uses it as it currently is. It hardly ever works or helps for the amount you pay for it.

Change it to instead be a 4+ invulnerable save, Rapid Regen could be a 3+. The amount of points they cost wouldn't make it too powerful and would solve a lot of problems.

I was thinking 5+ but it really wouldn't be worth it at that point. It would even make Old One Eye less retarded.

And if you thin about it, it kinda does make sense? Getting hit by something your armor can't handle, but then bam! You regenerated the wound.

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The toughest a Tyranid could be in the last Codex was T7, 5 wounds, and a 2+ save if you gave a Carnifex all three defensive upgrades. In the current codex, you can't get higher than T6, but the Tyrannofex comes with a 2+ save and the Hive Tyrant can be upgraded to have one. For +40 points.

They can upgrade themselves to have Frag Grenades, yea - but only themselves. If it affected nearby broods, then they might actually be kinda useful.

>I disagree that they should have a "transport" option like other armies.

If you read my first reply to the thread, you'll see I actually agree with you. If I was writing the Tyranid codex, the only Transport Option would be the Mycetic Spore, but there'd be lots of other ways to get Tyranid broods to specific points on the table alive instead.

>Why not just give them an invulnerable save?

I don't think it would help much. Cover saves are already easy enough to get. Regeneration should grant Feel No Pain, though - a 4+ save on top of Cover against most wounds would really go a long way towards keeping them alive. I quite like the idea that Tyranids by and large don't have invulnerable saves, excepting Warp Field. They survive by sheer mass - high toughness, lots of wounds, good saves. Upgradable with Feel No Pain.

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>Lictors should be more powerful and be able to assault when they arrive. They need to be real fear weapons.
Also increase the unit size to at least 6 and not have them cost 45 bucks each!
>Pyrovores SHOULD be powerful assault units and maybe let them be able to attach themselves to other squads like Wolf Guard. If not that, then they should have more per squad and be cheaper as well.
See I think this would work quite well in all honesty. They're too fragile to be out and about by themselves. Adding them to a unit would make them pretty useful I say.
>Carnifexes need to be Cheaper and should have an Upgrade (albeit an expensive one) that let's them become "Beasts". This would mitigate their movement problems.
>Maye the Tyranofex a true "tank" bug. Let it's weapons be a lot better than they are. Make them pure Shooty and lack CC ability.
I think it's pretty good, maybe increase it's BS and lower it's cost. Let it shoot different squads as well. Or have an upgrade to do so.
>Biovore artillery needs something. I am thinking, standardize the Hiveguard/Biovore/Pyrovore stats and let them all be the same unit choice. They can attach to different squads like Wolf Guard and act kind of like mini-monstrous creatures. Pyrovores are the CC hitters, Hive Guard are the Anti-Tank, Biovores have assault weapons that are anti-infantry.
Biovores would be good if they let you take the old spore mines, like the bio-acid or frag variety.
>The entire Fast Attack section needs an overhaul.
>Ripper Swarms need to follow the example of Scarab Swarms. Give them Beast Movement and maybe Rending attacks.
Haven't really played with them much.

Also, GW needs to make a kit for all the units. It's ridiculous that we still don't have half the units/weapons that are in the book.

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I agree that Tyranid MC's generally shouldnt have Invuln Saves (except maybe the Tyrant, who should be able to get a Psychic Shield like Zoanthropes) but I think maybe there could be a Psychic ability that could give a unit an Invuln save.

That or Venomthropes should be in something other than the Elite section.

The one major problem with lack of Transport is that Tyranids lack a "Dedicated Transport" option in their army. Therefore, unlike marines who can get as many Razorbacks they want, or hell, Blood Angels who can get as many Land Raider as they want without using up Force Org slots, Tyranids become very limited in what they can and can't take because of Force Org slots.

I am thinking, maybe there needs to be some units that don't take up Force Org slots the same way. That or maybe, some units just become squad upgrades.

Venomthropes for example could simply a "upgrade" that you can give to any squad. They act very much like a Dedicated Transport, letting your squads stay safe while within it's sphere of influence.

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Make them tougher, first of all. T5. Give them Deathleaper's Ultimate Predator rule, so they're rending on a 5+. A bit of a combat buff without being too extreme. Then add the following rule:

"Assassin-beast." Before rolling to hit, a Lictor may choose to direct all of its attacks against a single enemy model in base contact."

So you can give up the chance to kill multiple models, to snipe a squad leader or a heavy/special weapon trooper. A roving brood of Lictors can then do what they're supposed to do - skulk around the enemy's lines, harassing and disrupting the enemy so they're weakened for the rest of the swarm. I like the idea that Lictors should struggle to kill whole squads on their own, but can be a real pain in the ass despite that.

I don't like the idea of being able to attach things like Hive Guard to other broods though. It feels too much like giving Tyranids squad leaders or Heavy Weapon guys.

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Feel no pain isn't what the Nids need.

It's invulnerable saves that's keeping them back. With all the low ap and power weapons around, not to mention ID shenanigans that's going around it's not easy keeping them alive.

Getting a cover save for your big guys also isn't that easy. I honestly don't understand WHY a tyranid MC should be hiding itself on the battlefield. It should be out there killing like a maniac causing fear and destruction while the other army does everything in their power to bring it down. This is more fluff, but should represent some tabletop as well.

Instead all we get is everyone laughing and shooting them down in the turn they get brought out. Or killing them in CC without breaking a sweat.

Feel no pain is pretty useless for a MC because if it's taking a wound it's usually from AP1-2 or power weapon hits, at least from the people I play against, so no FnP is allowed anyway.

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>Ultimate Predator

Er, Killing Strike, rather.

>I think maybe there could be a Psychic ability that could give a unit an Invuln save.

Eh. Catalyst pretty much fills that same role, by granting Feel No Pain. Invulnerable saves aren't as essential as they used to be now that you can rely on getting cover.

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>usually from AP1-2

Not in my area. I don't remember the last time I saw an Imperial or Chaos army with more than a handful of Lascannons. And those were usually on Obliterators. Missile Launchers and Autocannons generally get taken in huge numbers because they're cheap (or free) and have anti-infantry applications. Meltas aren't so much of a worry, as if they're shooting you, you're assaulting them next turn.

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The thing is, though it is a bit like adding a leaderbug to a unit, I think the dynamic of it is different enough that it's not exactly the same thing.

I would see it more like Kroot with Krootox except better.

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>I don't like the idea of being able to attach things like Hive Guard to other broods though. It feels too much like giving Tyranids squad leaders or Heavy Weapon guys.

Perhaps make them like dedicated transports or empire detachments in fantasy then an "attached" but still separate unit.
Make it work pretty much exactly like taking a dedicated transport except they're call "support broods" or something.

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IMO on most of the tyranid changes the fixes I want is:

1: Warriors should either get eternal warrior or become T5 to help them support the fact that they are squishy as hell 3 wound creatures that have way to many ID's against them.

2: Tyranid MC's need eternal warrior as well or something that makes it harder to push force weapons thats more reliable than shadows of the warp since god forbid anything with ID weapons isn't LD 10. That or have an upgrade for a specific like carnifex that allows them protection from poison weapons.

3: They need to give nids offensive grenades. It's retarded that the only one that can take it is a carnifex which is I1 base and I3 on the charge. Lets take the entirely melee army and not give it grenades, yet give sisters of battle the almost never melee army grenades.

4. Lictors, dear god where to start. Lets take this creature with awesome deep striking rules. Lets give it a very subpar shooting attack because it is a pretty high rape machine in melee. Now lets make it so if it does deepstrike it can't assault the turn it comes in 1" away from a unit. Yeah supposedly it would be broken if you had a guarenteed assault unit, but they should just make em scatter 1d6 and assault like vanguard vets or something make them somewhat useful.

5. There is one useful carnifex and that is a dakka fex. it's crappier than last edition by a lot, but assault12 S6 twin linked shots and still S9 in melee is a force to be reckoned with.

6. Transports aren't really a thing tyranids should gain. They can mass buy most small melee troops and genestealers are pretty reliable on getting into melee. They just need to buff up the not MC not cheap units to make them tougher.

>> No.17098940

oh i just thought, make them like Necron royal courts. But instead of 0-1 per Overlord its 0-1 support brood per unit of synapse creatures

>> No.17099008

There's already three tyranid transports are there not?

>> No.17099029

Huh? No. Just Mycetic Spores.

>> No.17099039

yeah sorta, theres the forge world Harradin whic can carry gargoyles, the Mycetic spore and the tervigon.

Nothing really like say a rhino or a chimera though

>> No.17099122

Someone do up the stats for Haruspex.

They seem fun as hell

I would do it, but I'm not very good at it.

>> No.17099164

I've got an exocrine that I would use for a tyrranofex if I didn't play 2e where proper rules exist for it. The new big monstrous creatures are basically updated versions of the old Epic beasts, use it as a tervigon.

They were all statted once in 3rd, too, with the Monstrous Creature Design Rules, but in that they were no stronger than a Carnifex.

>> No.17099309

The following is a paid post by Let's Make Monstrous Creatures Better:

Monstrous Creatures don't need more toughness, Eternal Warrior, more wounds, etc. What they need is a unique way of taking woulds. What are Monstrous Creatures, in all honesty? Living tanks. So they need a separate To Wound chart, just like Tanks get. Nothing too complicated:

When a Monstrous Creature is wounded, roll a D3 and apply the following:

D1: The weapon fails to penetrate the creature's thick hide or rapid regenerative capabilities. The wound is ignored.

D2: The weapon doesn't do serious damage, but the creature has become hindered in some way. A leg has been crippled or an eye has been put out or a massive claw has been ripped apart. The wound is ignored, but the Monstrous Creature has its WS, Strength, or Attacks (chosen by the opposing player) reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.

D3. Critical damage! The Monstrous Creature sustains 1 wound.

Certain weapons are so powerful that they can blast past almost any defense. If a Monstrous Creature is wounded by a Melta weapon, any weapon with AP 1, or a Rending attack, it takes an automatic Wound.

>> No.17099325

Cant the digging one bring other troops with it along through the whole as well?

>> No.17099350

So, you just want all MCs to have a 3+ invul? Notice that even on the vehicle dmg chart a 1 will prevent the tank from shooting.

>> No.17099363

>Cortex Leech


It's like they take everything fun from the Tyranids....

>> No.17099364


>3+ Invuln
>Melta, AP1, Rending are auto-wounds


>> No.17099367


Yeah, what the game needs is DEFINITELY players being forced to remember changing statlines for specific models.

>> No.17099379


If you don't like math, why did you start playing 40K? :V

>> No.17099525

I agree that they need to do something with MC's but I don't think that's in the right direction.

>> No.17099545

Sorry. I meant a 3+ FNP, still pretty gross. Not to mention it still works on plasma, power weapons Krak missiles. You know, all that stuff you'd be trying to use on Nid MCs.

>> No.17099613

Notice that Jaws of the World Wolf would still kill them pretty easily, also, you'd have to take the wound from AP 2 and power weapons just like everyone else.

>> No.17099703

just my own musings, but I think the Malefactor and Exocrine are already in the book, if not in name; in spirit. The tervigon and tyrannofex fulfill almost the same roles, while being (supposedly) larger than a traditional carnifex

And to be honest I'd have really liked a tervigon variant that acted as an assault transport instead of gaunt birther. Or a tyrannofex variant that could ignore LOS like the exocrine (the exocrine was the artillery slug, right?)

Cruddace missed the ball, unfortunately

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rolled 94 = 94

The artillery big bug was the Dactylis. Exocrine was more like a nid tank.

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rolled 76 = 76

As for what I'd like to see - I really liked the flexibility and variety you could get with the 4th edition Nids lists. I liked the living ammo, and without number abilities. Termigaunts still had anemic range, but they could kill if they got in range and had numbers. The warriors we're free kill points on a platter like they are now either.

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