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We all know the Blood Ravens' Chapter Master and Chief Librarian/Scriptor Magister Azariah Kyras and how awesome he is as a villain. Sadly, the Dawn of War II soundtrack is completely soulless and generic, which is why I am asking you, my fellow fa/tg/uys to come up with suggestions for a fitting character theme for Kyras!

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If he's so smart, how come he's dead?

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Is he truly dead? He fused with Maledictus and they became one.

It's hard to tell if Kyras/Maledictus was killed or was simply banished to the warp.

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This (unused) exchange between Abababaddon and Eliphas seems to suggest that he could still return.

"The warp trembles with rage... even in death, this Daemon's power should not be ignored."
"I will worry the day I meet him again... and then, only if his power has increased a thousand-fold!"

No doubt his death on Cyrene will be but the first of many glorious defeats.

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...I liked the music in Dawn of war 2, but to each his own-if Kyras needs a new theme song, you can't beat the classics
or maybe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0bcRCCg01I

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There was an unused speech of Abaddon where he demanded (lustfully I might add) that Gabriel be brought to him so he can corrupt him personally.

Sheeesh...everyone wants to get into Angelos's power pants.

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"Very good... I believe Gabriel has fallen on Cyrene, bring him to me! He is the purest of all Blood Ravens. I must break him! I must... offer him to the gods!"

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This has to be the saddest scene in all the Dow series.

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er what is it?

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Yeah and then he becomes the chapter master of the iron hands so it's all good

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depends on what ending is considered canon, dunno what /tg/s consensus was since i've been in and out of iraq, but iirc he gets an orbital bombardment to the face and he never finishes the ascension (i assume since he's just chilling in a lava thing)

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You mean that guy in the end wasn't Calgar?

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>release daemon which goes on to nearly destroy an entire sub-sector
>get beaten to a pulp while fighting said daemon (or rather, being tied up fighting a bloodletter for goddamn ages)
>be promoted to Chapter Master

I guess just trying is good enough.

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Aramus should have been the Chapter Master!

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