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Let's try this once more.

We all know how to run, or at least play in a roleplaying game, many of us have extensive knowledge on how to assemble, modify and paint miniatures and we even have some very good write- and drawfags here.

But let's hear about the less common skills you use for your games.
Do you make custom dicebags? Have you carved your own dice? Did you build a gaming table? Did you make a costume for a LARP game? Did you craft a wonderful map?

No matter what it is (as long as it's in any way related to your games), share your ideas, show pictures and discuss each other's work!

TL;DR - /tg/-related crafts thread

I will bump around with a few pics of relevant things

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Not the OP.

I have this fucker on my desk right now. It has 2 pockets inside it besides the main pocket!

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om nom nom

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it has siblings all over the world

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And people say that using a laptop with PDFs on it, instead of books is unclassy

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>It has 2 pockets inside it besides the main pocket
I guess that's the ass and vagina.

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As long as it's running some kind of steampunk operating system.

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I have no pictures, but I have completed projects.
I made a gaming table to fit many individuals and am proud of it. We call it our boardroom table and it consumes the entire living room when we get all our swivel chairs around it.
I once made my own set of d6 using the schools kiln. (did I spell that correctly?) Whatever, the point being we had clay and lots of it and I was making little cubes that turned into dice. Simple as that. I think they broke after I tried to use them seriously! lol.
Also made small maps in photoshop and printed them for battlemaps on said table. Those were fun. To bad it was a laser printer and not in color!

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Neat. Someone saved a picture of my dicebowl thing. I assume you were in that other /tg/crafts thread a couple weeks ago?

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I need plans on the dicebowl. Like yesterday.

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That's beyond awesome.
I am sad at the lack of pics, though.
There is a neat trick for old looking maps:
submerge normal printing paper in strong black tea for a few minutes and let them dry.
Gives them a vellum like look. They are even printable in most inkjet printers.

Yeah, that's me

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Cutebolds are best bolds!

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offers zero protection and you can't even see through the goggles

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Esh-Esh sent me these pics, bought this purse for my sister, the dice bag for myself.


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I tend to make props for games. Plus I've played in a yearly Firefly LARP for a few years now, and while I don't make all of my costume, my knife harness is a glorious piece of kit.

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do you have any pictures?

Also more cutebolds.

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I made a dicebag out of deerskin, one I killed myself. No decorations on it, barring my name stitched in. Does that count?

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didn't happen

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I'll see if I can get my camera back for the next one of these. It's with my sister currently who is on vacation.
So, sorry: I guess it didn't happen then :|

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I'm just messing with chu man. what did you kill the deer with?

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That certainly counts.

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Unfortunately, no. Camera died a few weeks ago thanks to the wonders of liquid immersion, and I don't use it enough to justify getting another one.

I can describe it, however; it's made out of that braided nylon cloth that's used for seatbelts, and has eight elastic loops attached to it. The knives slide into it, and lay flat inside my jacket. Knives are Cold Steel training knives; best goddamn LARP knife I've ever used when you're allowed rubber weapons and aren't full-contact tagging.

Thinking about making a few throwing knives; not sure how many would be appropriate. I mean, I like the 10 knives I've got on my person in this game, so I'm not sure if I should just modify my harness for throwers and switch some out, or modify one of my suit-coats to hold several.

Additionally, I am an accountant in this particular game, to explain why I have that many knives.

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Since MC is officially related...

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A gun. My now-ex forced me to go. No, I don't know what it exactly was.

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I love well made costumes.

More larpers should aquire this level of skill

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My brother and I are working on making a 40K table out of LEGO. The idea is take a bunch of the small green and blue baseplates (10x10" that's 32x32 studs) lay them 5x7, and 5 half baseplates (5x10" 16x32 studs). They would be 1 brick tall, and connected with technic bricks (the LEGO bricks that have the holes), then put green, or brown, or grey bricks on top for grass, roads, or mud or what not.

We were planning to also make more when we got the money for it. We've also been putting it off since we don't have very many people to play with, that and my brother's been painting his Orks and Tau, while we slowly gather up more Gethcorns! Here's a picture of most of the baseplate in order.

That Victoria's Secret box, is where I put most of the green I use to put on top of the baseplates, mind you!

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And here's a close up of the individual baseplates, and where they connect each other. I just put a couple of black pins in these holes, and BAM! instant connections!

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That's a pretty neat idea.
Especially since you can easily and quickly change the layout and environment.

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That was our main idea. And, since we're calculated that roughly 15 of the base plates can be covered with terrain features (since they won't take up the entire 32x32 studs) and have 1/4 of the board covered in terrain. We've been really meaning to get back into it, but he's been painting, and we've both been playing Ass Creed Rev, and Halo (I mostly watch while he plays with his girlfriend overlive) that we've just sort of put this project on hold, esp. since we need to sort through both our big bins of brick to get more bulk pieces for the internal structure.

I really wanna get this done, though, since his girlfriend said out old green fabric mat and terrain pieces are really ghetto, and I can see what she means, but we got those back in like 10th grade, DON'T JUDGE US!!!

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I'm gonna make one of these

I just need to find fluffy enough material

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You can get the fur at any good fabric store.
I'd recommend using a strong, thick felt for the teeth.

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rolled 13, 17 = 30

Are their any more specific guides to making these? This would be awesome to make!

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I don't know. If there are any, I never found any of them.
I can explain to you how I make mine, which are a bit different from
if you want me to.

That is, if I don't ghet banned for posting "/diy/-stuff" here

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That'd be truly awesome. pictures would be even cooler. I just set up a sewing machine, and I want something fun to start out with. these look easy too.

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They are pretty easy to make, once you know what you are doing.

I dont have any more WIP-pics, so I'll try to just explain it.

1)get an artificial fur you like, a soft red fabric for the inside (high quality fleece works good, but you can pretty much use anything but felt), a bit of thick white felt for the teeth, a bit of cord and a set of plushy-eyes

2)cut out the pieces you will need:
-two rectangles of fur in the size you want your dicebag to be in. Add an extra 5mm seam allowance on every side (you can also give it a rounded butt, like in this picture
-two rectangles of the red fabric. make them a good centimeter smaller on every side than the fur pieces, dont forget the seam allowance though
- two pieces of the white felt, you will use for the teeth. the width is as much as you want your teeth to be plus a good inch extra. The lenght is a bit shorter than the inside of the bag is wide
-A long piece of the felt in the shape of a tongue. make it an inch, or more longer than the inside of the bag, depending on how far the tongue should hang out.
-a piece of the red fabric, twice as big as the tongue piece plus seam allowance.

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3) Assemble everything.
-use a comb to get the hair of the fur pieces showing to the inside. That way they wont get stitched down by the machine. Put the two fur pieces together, fur side touching. Sew along the long edges
-mark where you want your teeth to be. cover the rest of the felt with a zick-zack stitch pattern. this will prevent it from wearing out. You can also sew along the edges of the teeth, but if you have a good felt that wont be necessary.
- sew the felt on the red fabric with two lines of stitches. one right at the edge of the teeth and one right at the other end to create a small tunnel where the cord will go through. Make sure to flip the edge of the red fabric to the inside, so that it gives a nice edge later.
-take the other piece of red fabric and sew it into a tongue. flip it inside out and put the long piece of felt in it. Stitch a few times along the middle of it to give it that tongue look.
-sew together the two peces of red fabric on their sides, felt outside.
-Put the tongue in it so that it hangs out a bit on both sides and sew up the butt
-pull two pieces of cord through the felt/fabric tunnel so that if you pull them, it closes the bag.
-Make two button holes into the fur-sleeve where the cords will go through
-Now it's hand stitching time!
Put the inside bag into the fur sleeve.
With a laddern-stitch, you sew them together at the edge of the teeth.
-now position the eyes where you want them and sew them on
-with a few quick stitches you attatch the end of the iside bag to the fur.
-and to finish it up, use a ladder stitch to close the bags butt.

Voila Your own dice-squig

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And if you aren't able to make one after you read this, you can still always buy one from me ;3

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Why not make a few, post them on Etsy and link on 4chan?

Or is that against the rules.

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What's Etsy?

So far I only made them per request and as presents.

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You know what? I'm talking to Esh, the one who made the dicesquigs/cutebold/creeper right now. If you are interested, I can call him over here.

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>If you are interested, I can call him over here.
I think it's a "her"
could be wrong though

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one sec, calling her over now

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I was here the whole time

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I wish I had a carpenter in my group who made us a table like this

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It is awesome

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strange power you have there anonymous

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The power to summon craftfags to a thread on /tg/...


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Glorious Table.
I know some individuals who have the talent to do this. Perhaps not the time, but definitely the talent.
I could draft it up, and perhaps he could... assemble and stain it.
Awesome table is beautifully awesome.

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You can buy one of you've got like, 15,000 USD.

Hopefully getting legs on it that don't look so tacky wouldn't add too much to the price.

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Those legs aren't terribly tacky.
It seems more like a conflicting style. I would like to see griffin talons gripping the ball style table leg however.

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I have a woodworking friend who has a very nice shop, and for the door of my room in the future community I am going to live in, I am going to apprentice to him. I will assist him in crafting the door to my quarters that I can then paint. It's a little fan-boyish but I want them to be the Doors of Moria.

All I have to do is come back from Peru and build my house and all will be ready.

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>build my house
Now I imagine a house built completely with /tg/ related hobbies in mind.
I wonder how it would look like...

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Just because this table is that awesome

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>>17078888 True. I'd prefer simpler downward tapered legs. Or decoratively rounded billiards table style ones.

My dream man cave, and not an unreasonable one in a new house.

A reasonably library, about the size of a large bedroom, with a couple of high backed leather uphulstered chairs towards the back.In the centre is a big convertible fuck of gaming table, like the Sultan. The room extends, perhaps with folding or sliding doors into an entertaining area, with the bar with taps for home brew and from there doors onto the verandah or decking.

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Is it weird to not understand why people like the Sultan so much?

To me it looks really ackward. The drop is to deep in, so you'd always be reaching into it for crap, and couldn't just chill back on your chair. It always looks to me like you'd constantly have to be standing to us it, ugh.

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Yeah the deep drop is the only thing I dislike about it.
I guess it's more intended for tabletop strategy games and less for good old RPGs.

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sure it looks awesome, but then you think about trying to play an actual game on it and it suddenly looks annoying as fuck

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I make a lot of things >.>
Dice worms are the main thing.
And a dice tower...
And a Mechanics robe...

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dear future larpers of the world: less is more. please acquire some taste. looking good does not mean spending as much money as you can on garish costume gear, it has to be, well, tasteful. and look good.

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Go on their webpage.
All of the tables are custom-made and you design them to suit your needs before they are assembled. Even stuff that isn't mentioned on the page can be added, in most cases.

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Yeah, without the drop it would be a lot more awesome. When I first heard of the part that is reserved for maps/etc., I thought the plastic cover would be on an even field with the rest of the desk, instead of being a literal hole.
Though I guess it's awesome if you need to stop your wargame and continue at a later time.
On the other hand, It's probably quite annoying to measure distances when you are restricted to the hole.

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never heard of bar stools, lol

>> No.17082697

...you wouldn't happen to have the source of that image, would you?

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Oh god, they are adorable!
I'd love you, if you explained a bit how you made them.

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Probably one of the Victim Girls doujins, you can find them all just by searching that name in /rs/.

Be prepared for some hardcore domination and female inferiority themes though. It's also written by a woman.

>> No.17082875

Suddenly not so sure if want.

Thanks for the info, though. Have a beelobster.

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I'm working on a Handwritten book thats more or less a guide for the Dreamlands.
Hand drawn maps as well as kalligraphy.

You may excuse the bad photo quality in combination with unbearable size.
It may be used for a future CoC game

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That is very good.
Your writing looks amazing and I like the illustrations.

Also: Hy fellow germanfag ;3

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hm~ let's revive this thread and see if there are some crafty folks online in the evening hours

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I thought everyone just used their parents' Crown Royal bags.

>> No.17086536

I don't know anyone who does that lol

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I've done the following to varyign levels of completion:
World-building/rulesbuilding for a custom game/setting

Embroidered a modified infinity symbol a foot wide, and plans to continue the sewing into a tabard for my bro.
Made 2 dicebags, plans for a Chaos inspired on for another bro.
Map making.
uhhh. hmm. Drawing characters.

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Just regular, plain bags, or did they have something special?

>> No.17086564

I have 4 Crown Royal Bags. Replaced it with my denim/leather dicepouch

>> No.17086576

first one was young cotton with.... wow. some drawstring.

Second was/is a denim bag with leather drawstring.

third one will be a black bag with red accents in cloth and embroidery, as well as a chaos symbol looking patched in roughly

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I love embroidery.
Too bad that that seems to be the only sewing related craft that I am completely useless at.

>> No.17086625

Dude, friggin' everybody uses Crown Royal bags. Hell, now that I'm of age I'm probably gonna go buy a bottle just for the bag.

Also the booze. Mostly the bag, though.

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Ok, to be fair, I come from a region where they dont sell that, so that might have something to do with it.

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I knit a dicebag once. It was kinda small but really quick, and I made a little drawstring out of some braided yarn.

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I grow my vegetables and grill them up in the summer and winter as part of dinner. Nothing fancy, we're talking zucchini with lime-salt and pepper, but boy is it nice when you're looking for more than "burgers and fries".

I built the table. Has drawers on each side for paper, pens, pencils, dice, cards and some other basic school supplies.

I don't trust myself to build ideal dice. :\

I construct physical props for gaming though. In D&D not too long ago we solved a murder mystery and every player had a little notepad I'd picked up for a couple bucks with a decent leather binding. I put an official wax seal on them after we succeeded as evidence they had been promoted.

>> No.17087005

do you have an embroidery circle? the right thread(floss)? What about tracing paper: do you use it as an outline to keep the embroidery straight?

>> No.17087203

Unfortunately I lack most of these things...
My mom has the stuff but she let's me use it only on very rare occasions. She is very protective of her crafting supplies <-<

But even with the right tools the result was... unsatisfying.
I guess I just need the proper tools and more exercise.
Just never bothered to buy it myself, since my first tries didnt work out good and I had more important things to spend money on.
Maybe once I get a few more commissions I can buy an embroidery circle and try it again

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you cook for your group and serve it on the gaming table you crafted yourself?

You, dear Sir, or Madam, are awesome!

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How does one make this dice contraption

>> No.17088373

Don't know unfortunately.
I just saved it from one of the earlier crafts-threads

>> No.17088457


So, they are just little hand-made dicebags, made to look like fuzzy monsters?

I must have one.

>> No.17088481

Pretty much, yeah.

Although they also come with little extra gimmicks like additional pockets on the inside, different methods of closing them, straps to put them on your belt, etc.
If you want one, I can make one for you.

I made the ones in this thread.

>> No.17088523


The offer is incredibly intriguing. I'll have to think about it.

Keep up the good work though. Its a very neat idea.

What, pray-tell, is the price of one, should I decide on a purchase?

>> No.17088581

My email is in my field. If you decide on buying one, just send me a mail.

The price... I am terribly bad at pricing these things.
The last one I was commissioned for sold for 20€.
That price is debatable, though. It can go up, or down, depending on what your wishes would be and how much you are actually willing to pay.

But that would best be discussed per email

>> No.17088598

oh and I can do all kinds of other stuff as well, if you are interested.
Like the purse, or the cutebold plush in this thread.

>> No.17088972

I've convinced my gf to make one of these delightful dice-monsters. thank you /tg/ for introducing me to these critters. also bump

>> No.17089006

you are welcome.
It's nice to share ideas

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>> No.17089789

Worms ye say, i would love a dice "Sandworm" from dune, that would be just peachy

>> No.17090630


I own one that I built. Much cheaper than their prices, motherfuckers.

>> No.17091458


Their price costs that much because they're using quality wood, well-finished, and custom building each one. If you build with cheap would and simple edges all around, you can cut down the price significantly. Of course, then you get the IKEA version of the table.

I've seen them firsthand at PAX, they really are well designed, and a lot of the tables are meant to serve as "stealth" dining tables. The Sultan and Vizier are basically like a pool table: you don't really mistake them for anything else.

>> No.17091746

I made my own game board... well, not so much made as "Sprayed a 2x4 green"

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[email protected]

hahaha, oh man. Ich dachte, nur die Amis bringen solche Ausgeburten zustande.

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