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Sup /tg/
there doesn't appear to be one on the front page, so army list thread.

ill start

1250pt Craftworld Eldar list
Autarch w/power weapon,banshee mask
Dire avengers, 5 & Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Dire Avengers, 5 & Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance

War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2
War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2
War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2


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100 baneblades

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5 Five serpents? Seriously?

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should i take a prism or night spinner instead of the warwalkers?

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5 serpents, 3 walkers at 1250. Seems like enough AV to make them worth it, though I don't know much about panzee, since no-one in my area seems to play them. How do serpants stack up against other transports?

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av12/12/10 fast tank with transport 12, TL shurican catapults or a single shurican cannon and a twinlinked weapon(EML, Brightlance, Scatterlaser, Shuriccanons)

has an energy field on front and sides that treats s9/10 as s8 for armor penetration and ignores meltas

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Autarch would do better replaced with a Farseer somehow.

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guys do you think this is a better list?

Autarch w/power weapon
Dire avengers, 5
Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Dire Avengers, 5
Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Fire Dragons, 5
Waveserpent, stones, Shuricannon
Fire Dragons, 5
Waveserpent, stones, Shuricannon
Fire Dragons, 5
Waveserpent, stones, Shuricannon
>Heavy Support
Fire Prism
Fire Prism

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I've been playing with the 4th edition Tyranids codex, because the 5th edition one is shit as fuck.

Hive Tyrant - 75p
Toxin Sacs - 87p
2 Venom Cannon - 167p
Enhanced Senses - 177p
Toxic Miasma - 183p

Brood Lord - 70
Toxin - 80
Carapace - 90
Feeder Tendrils - 93
Flesh Hooks - 96

3 Warriors - 42p
3 Enhanced - 48p
3 Toxin sacs - 57p
3 Scything Talons - 69p
Venom Cannon - 89p
2 Devourers - 105p
x3 = 315p

11 Genestealers - 176
11 Scuttlers - 209p
11 Flesh Hooks - 220p
11 Toxin Sacs - 253p

12 Genestealers - 192
Scything - 240
Scuttlers - 276
Flesh Hooks - 288
x2 = 576

11 Gaunt - 44p
Spinefist - 55p
Without number - 88

Carnifex - 85
2 Venom Cannon - 155
Enhanced - 163
x3 = 489

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>I've been playing with the 4th edition Tyranids codex, because the 5th edition one is shit as fuck.

Lol? Against everything not grey knights 5 th edition nids will do fine. That list you posted will have no chance what so ever against a chaos dual lash list. And chaos is pretty low on the food chain.

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A list I am still working on, it is using the renegade and heretic army list, (the rules are free on the FW website)

Company command squad
-Chaos Banner
-grenade launcher
-vox caster
Dedicated transport
-heavy flamer

-power fist
-Laspistol and close combat weapon
Subtotal: 171pts(goes in the command squad)
Three Renegade Ogryn Beserkers
-power weapon

Disciples of Xaphan X2
-Three melta guns
Dedicated transport
-heavy flamer

Subtotal: 475pts

Militia Command squad
-close combat weapons and laspistols
-melta gun

Militia squad X3 (with one veteran)
-melta gun
-close combat weapons and laspistols
(These guys have been combined, which includes the command squad itself and the enforcer with the power fist will hide in here)

Command squad
-grenade launcher

Militia squad X3
-grenade launcher
Subtotal: 481
Hydra X2
Subtotal: 310

Total 1487pts

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>He thinks 5th edition tyranids is good

No assault grenades. No armor saves. No zilla. No Invuln. No ranged antitank. No turn 1 assault. Swarms can't handle AV11+, stronger units can't handle AV13+, everything else is FAR too slow, doesn't have a model, or gets shot off the map/dies because initiative 1 during assault through terrain.

2k 4e list pops out 6 S8 shots at BS4, 6 S7 shots at bs4, and 12 S10 shots at bs3 from 36 inches every turn, has T1 assault with nades and 3+ armor saves, reroll to hit, 44+broodlord attacks on the charge, and a constant S5 without needing to re-charge, meaning they'll be able to stay toe to toe with those pesky walkers.

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Anything that has issues with Gray Knights will struggle against IG, SW and BA at the least. Probably DE and Crons too, but haven't seen the newcrons on the table yet, so all I have there is theoryhammer.

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I said grey knights because of cleansing flame, S5 forceweapons. But you need to L2P seriously.

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>force weapons
>instant death at low initiative vs 1w models or eternal warrior

>> No.17071582

>force weapons
>psychic tests
>on 3d6

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Not that anon but


Using the 5th edition codex I don't think a single tyranid has the eternal warrior rule.


Grey knights can auto pass their psychic tests for force weapon with a banner

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I am pretty sure the monstrous creatures in the nid codex are not eternal warriors and that Nemesis Halbards strike at I6. Also if Grey Knights charge Nid psykers strike at I1. Those things are fucking anoying.

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I like this list a hell of a lot more. The war walkers weren't bad, but aren't worth it if you're putting shuricannon's. Then again, I hate shuriccannon's.

Problem I see with new list is lack of anything melee. However, given that flaw, I still think the list will do nicely.

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These Eldar have fat thighs.

And OP, where does your Autarch go?

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someones wave serpent, normally a dire avenger one. hes there as a mandatory HQ nothing more.

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wowowow 4e nids everyone is EW. Go back check again.

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That was the point. 4th nids > 5th nids.

I'm pretty sure the gunfexes are supposed to stay out of h2h, but w/e. I don't think the claim was that 4e nids can take GK, etc. on even terms, just that they're better equipped then 5th nids.

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Since I have a game this Saturday, I might as well double check this list.

Total Roster Cost: 1849
HQ: Elysian Company Command Squad (9#, 415 pts)
1 Lord Commissar, 110 pts = (base cost 80 + Carapace Armour 10 + Homing Beacon 10 + Power Weapon 10)
4 Elysian Company Command Squad, 109 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Carapace Armour 20 + Medi-pack 30 + Vox Caster 5 + Plasma gun x2 30
1 Valkyrie, 110 pts = (base cost 100) + Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2 10
1 Company Commander, 56 pts = (base cost 31 + Plasma Pistol 10 + Power Fist 15)
1 Bodyguard, 15 pts
1 Bodyguard, 15 pts

(2x)Troops: Elysian Veteran Squad (11#, 295 pts)
7 Elysian Veteran Squad, 129 pts = 7 * 7 (base cost 7) + Vox Caster 5 + Plasma gun x3 45 + Grenadiers 30
1 Valkyrie, 110 pts = (base cost 100) + Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2 10
1 Veteran Heavy Weapon Team, 29 pts = (base cost 14 + Missile Launcher 15)
1 Veteran Sergeant, 27 pts = (base cost 17 + Power Weapon 10)

(2x)Troops: Elysian Veteran Squad (10#, 197 pts)
9 Elysian Veteran Squad, 170 pts = 9 * 7 (base cost 7) + Vox Caster 5 + Lasgun + auxiliary grenade launcher x4 12 + Meltagun x3 30 + Demolitions 30 + Grenadiers 30
1 Veteran Sergeant, 27 pts = (base cost 17 + Power Weapon 10)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (2#, 260 pts)
1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron, 0 pts
1 Vendetta, 130 pts
1 Vendetta, 130 pts

Fast Attack: Tauros Venator Squadron (IA) (2#, 190 pts)
2 Tauros Venator Squadron (IA), 190 pts = 2 * 60 (base cost 50 + Camo Netting 10) + Twin-Linked Lascannon x2 30 + Hunter-killer Missile x4 40

Anyone see any glaring flaws with the list?

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Looks ok to me. How well does the elysian list go as a whole in your experiance? Have play with/against one.

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>That was the point. 4th nids > 5th nids.
Get out, now. 5th edition is, by no means one of the higher books with regard to a competitive army, but it is a damn sight better than 3rd and 4th edition.

Do you know what 4th edition tyranids were? A hive tyrant, two units of genestealers and 6 carnifexes, and you just walked and shot towards the enemy army. And even then you didn't do tremendously good at it, and the only wins you got were clubbed seals.

BUT OMG OPTIONS; yeah, have these upgrades that make your units cost more than they're worth with the same stats as before. OMG STRENGTH X+2 WEAPONS; okay, I'd rather not have to cross reference everything and have to clarify my army to my opponent every shooting phase, just for a shooting phase that's hardly worth it.

5th edition requires work, but it's a shade or two better than 4th, coming from a tyranid player from 3rd onwards. Nostlagia does not make for a good codex.

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Sorry, I can't hear you over genestealers encountering a tree, and getting caught off guard and cut down by a couple dozen guardsmen with power weapons.

And it's not just one genestealers. It's every genestealers who has to walk by that tree.

Because mr. shittance decided that an assaulty army was not going to ever have assault grenades nor a means of assaulting on first turn NOR a means of surviving a walk across the board, NOR A MEANS OF MOVING FAST AT ALL.

>> No.17071764

I usually apologize to my opponents before hand. not because Im sure to win, but because its a dick army. I can either flat out scout move everything in pre game. Or deep strike everything, including sentinels with multi-melta's.

My usual problem however, is that after turn 3, I loose all momentum, no matter how well I was doing, my entire assault seems to grind to a halt. By turn 5 its usually just them mopping me up. So summarized, if I dont table you by end of turn 3, I stand a pretty good chance of loosing. I have a Vulture gunship, but unless Im facing orks or nids, it never kills more than 3 infantry. I usually run 3 drop sentinals with MM, but I couldnt find a place for them in this list.

If youre looking for a fast, light list. Then I heavily suggest Elysians. Its like being in a fight with an ogre and your on speed, crack, and meth all at once, and your weapon is a stiletto.

>> No.17071768

It wasn't my point, just clearing it up, since anon seemed to have failed at reading comprehension. That said, I was more scared of the previous nid dex then this one, competitively speaking. That said, it might just be the players in my area who haven't figured the new one out.

Compeditively all you get with this one is tervis, with tyrant/hive guard. HS will depend on how much cash they had after that. Again, at least around here, and the netlists tend to agree.

>> No.17071772

The fire prisms stack with the serpents much better. Your serpents already give you plenty of S6, and the fire prism is the only AP2 blast in the entire book, which really helps against termies. Fragons are nice, but they just aren't enough against termies by themselves, no matter how many you field. Having S10 AP1 is also a very useful option against any storm ravens with their anti-melta rules, since they'll be a problem otherwise.

In my opinion I'd still take a farseer over an Autarch, even if it is just for warding and spamming doom out of the tank. Then again its choosing between that or reserve options. If you take the war walkers, get the autarch for outflanking, if you take the prisms, get a farseer instead to reroll wounds with the large blast on the prisms.

>> No.17071779


no that was not the point, read what you are replying to .

One anon says that 5th edition tyranids are ok but get slaughtered when fighting Grey knights this is then questioned and he says it is due to force weapons and cleansing flame, this anon >>17071574 then replies saying that force weapons do nothing against tyranids when he is talking about 5th edition tyranids.

>> No.17071792

One said GK would slaughter 4e Nids, not 5e, because of flame and force. Read again.

>> No.17071796

Follow it back further. He replies to me and the other guy saying that he used 4th e nids, because 5th e ones are crap.

>> No.17071809

No he says "Against everything not grey knights 5 th edition nids will do fine" No one mentions grey knights beating 4th edition tyranids

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Well I posted this in the OTHER armylist thread, but nobody bit, so here goes. Playing around with the DE book, trying to get a list I like the looks of to jump into the army with. What think, /tg/?

Archon w/ Shadowfield, Blaster, Agonizer, Combat Drugs, Soul Trap: 145

5 Trueborn w/ 4 Blasters, Venom w/2xSC: 185
4 Trueborn w/ 4 Blasters, Venom w/2xSC: 173

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ trophies & 2xSC: 130
5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ trophies & 2xSC: 130
5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ trophies & 2xSC: 130
5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ trophies & 2xSC: 130

6 Reavers w/ 2x Heat Lance: 156
6 Reavers w/ 2x Heat Lance: 156
5 Scourges w/ 2x Heat Lance: 134

Ravager w/ FF, trophies: 120
Ravager w/ FF, trophies: 120
Ravager w/ FF, trophies: 120

Currently sitting at 1829/1850. For 2k, I'm planning on adding a seventh Venom loaded with Incubi.

>> No.17071846


Nine dark lances aren't enough at 1850. I don't play them, but the guy who's really into DE at my store holds this opinion quite firmly.

>> No.17071879

Check what that post is replying to. He is saying that 5th e nids can handle everything that isn't GK and that 4th e nids are much worse off. But this is getting off topic.

>> No.17071900

So blasters just aren't worth it? I figured the additional lance weapons at 18" would be good, especially combined with the heat lances I've got all over my fast attack. What about swapping heat lances for dark lances on the Scourges, would that be a good idea?

>> No.17071902


> Heat lances, Heat lance errywhere...

I think he has the AT covered there mate.

>> No.17071906




>> No.17071907


Doubtful. I run two squads of them, one with DL, and one Deep Striking with HL. I have to say the HL ones always do better.

>> No.17071912


> Reavers

> DL

You're a character aren't you mate?!

>> No.17071915

9 Reavers + 3 Heat Lances = Dead Swarms, Dead Tanks. It's a really efficient way to fill up 200 points of Fast Attack. Just turbo-boost that shit until you need it for something.

>> No.17071922


Oh yeah, swap the GT's on you're Ravagers for Night Shields unless you have some kind of mental tactic for moral boosting with you're long range support!

>> No.17071925


Yes I know, then a guy replies saying that if they struggle to fight Grey Knight they will also struggle to fight all the other 5th edition codices which is replied with Grey knights are exceptionable good at fighting tyranids due to their force weapons and cleansing flames then another anon replies saying force weapons can't hurt Tyranids.When he seems to be explaining why 5th edition Tyranids loose against Grey Knights and not 4th edition ones which were immune to force weapons.

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Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.17071945

So why exactly do Nid players have so many problems against GK? Most GK are LD 9, so that gives you really good odds with Shadow in the Warp. Mathematically it should work out to something like 60% of their powers won't go off if you can get Shadow in the Warp on them. The big threat to most Nid lists will be the psyfleman dreads at the back, because they can kill your Hive Guard really fast. Focus on getting those tied up in combat ASAP and then be smart about your other assaults when they happen.

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sup /tg/

I've just gotten into 40k, bouth mah orks, but I haven't had a chance to play a game yet.

I'm getting the creeping feeling that the army list I'm thinking of would be barely functional, as I have no real grasp of strategy yet.

Could one of you nice fa/tg/uys be arsed to make a functional 1000 point list out of my stuff, and perhaps give some suggestions as to what to buy next, I probably need some Heavy Support.

This is what I have:

1 Warboss with Klaw
15 Nobz
10 Lootas
8 Burnas
90 Boyz
4 Deffkoptas
One box of Lootas/Burnas that aren't built yet.

>> No.17071984


Because stormbolters, force weapons, and rhinos.

>> No.17071985

>Most GK are LD 9, so that gives you really good odds with Shadow in the Warp.

Shadow of the warp does nothing against a unit which auto passes its psychic test, look at the rules for the brotherhood banner .

>> No.17071995


That looks fine for a first army mate - you really can't go wrong with horde Orks, win or lose Green Tide is alway a fun matchup!

>> No.17072034

>Brotherhood Banner
You mean that upgrade that only Terminators and Paladins can get, and that only works for force weapon tests? Why are you even putting your big critters into those big packs of termies to begin with? Those are the units you should be drowning in Gaunts.

All of which are manageable threats for a nid army.

>> No.17072035


Its only available on Terminators and Paladins. Units with Cleansing Flame cannot get the banners. And they only pass psychic tests to activate their force weapon effect. Psychic powers still have a chance to fail.

>> No.17072051


1k is for pussies. Play 1750 or so instead, so you can field your dudes. Here, this should work, but you have shitty mobility, since there are no transports available.

Warboss: klaw,. cybork - 95

5 nobz: 2 klawz, painboy, bosspole - 185
7 lootas - 90
8 lootas - 105

10 nobz: 4 klawz, painboy, bosspole, waagh banner - 300
18 boyz: nob, klaw, bosspole - 148
18 boyz: nob, klaw, bosspole - 148
18 boyz: nob, klaw, bosspole - 148
18 boyz: nob, klaw, bosspole - 148
18 boyz: nob, klaw, bosspole - 148

1 kopta: rokkits - 45
1 kopta: rokkitz - 45
2 koptas: rokkitz - 90

Use the spare 50~ points to bling the nobz for wound allocation. Not a whole else you can do, really.

>> No.17072056


Yes, very manageable.

>> No.17072075


>> No.17072084


>10 nobz: 4 klawz, painboy, bosspole, waagh banner - 300

I fucked up. These should have 2 klaws in total, or you can add 50 points, and go for 4 klaws.

>> No.17072092



>> No.17072093


Thank you kindly the both of you.

>> No.17072145

If you can't deal with rhino hulls then you shouldn't be playing 5th ed 40k. Storm Bolters and force weapons are perfectly manageable with cover and Shadow in the Warp respectively.

>> No.17072148


See, I can tell you're theoryhammering right now, because if you'd have some experience playing tyranids versus grey knights, you'd not say these things.

They're almost custom made to destroy you.

>> No.17072176

They're almost custom made to destroy Daemons too, and yet I've never lost to GK with my Daemons.

Try being more aggressive with ALL your MCs and see how that goes. The problem I see with 90% of nid players vs GK is that they want to camp everything in their backfield, which you just can't do against knights.

>> No.17072214

but nids cannot assault either.

>> No.17072236


Demons are better against grey knights than tyranids, because invulnerable saves, better initiative, power weapons, eternal warrior...

>> No.17072247


besides the fact that the carnifex was EVERYONE'S go-to model in 4th ed and was about 30-40 pts overpriced in 5th ed. and lost 18 fucking biomorphs. not to mention having to remodel or replace some fexes because some builds weren't legal anymore.

what did 5th ed do for us? trygons, 3 competent elites choices.

whereas fearless saves, units without models, even more obselete units, tyrants becoming missle magnet point sinks and the before mentioned carnifex problem have screwed it up greatly.

>> No.17072272

its a shitty book.
but its at least written for 5th.
the Eldar book is arguably worse off this edition.

>> No.17072277

Lol you're joking right? Grey Knights have loads of stuff that makes them reroll any successful invuln (which are shitty on most units anyway), make them strike at I1, let alone all the guys they have striking at I 6. Plus, EW is negated because most of their force weapons remove daemons from play, and lots of their stuff is poison 2+ against daemons. Oh and their whole army is preferred enemy against daemons.

>> No.17072291


They have one thing that forces re-rolls for demons, and it's only in the henchmen units.

The grenades make psykers strike at I1, too. Guess what army has a bunch of really important psykers with no invulnerables?

Demonbane is shit, and works on psykers, as well. You need to take a LD test. If you fail, the wounded model is removed from play. This opposed to the force weapons, which make the Gk take psychic tests, then the wounded models are instant-deathed.

Nothing in the book removes eternal warrior. It's just that demonbane has a tiny, tiny chance to bypass it.

Yes, Draigo's flamer is 2+ to wound demons. Uhh, that's about it. The other poisoned X work on psykers, too.

>> No.17072328

because every Daemon is I7 with a 3++ and power weapon.

>> No.17072354


They're not walking around with power armor at best, either.

Tyranids are fucked against grey knights. Demons, not so much.

>> No.17072380

Mordrak stomps all over Tyranids shit, he can't be solo'd out on combat . Give him 5 ghost knights (4 halberds , 1 banner) and he's pretty much unstoppable . Ghost knights get 4 attacks each on the charge at I6 and he gets 6 S10 attacks with his demonhammer . They also auto-pass psychic tests for their forceweapons.

I've had this unit slap 2 trygons , a carnifex and a hive tyrant in a single game. Also helps that a lot of tyranids MC's count as psykers for psyk-out grenades

>> No.17072419

Ironically, grey knights are one of the armies that daemons can handle better then others, thanks to being low on numbers, etc.

>> No.17072439

>a lot of Tyranid MC's count as psykers for psyk-out grenades

Which ones? Tervigons and Tyrants are the only ones I see.

>> No.17072454

Aren't trygons or mawlocs? I can't remember perhaps I'm wrong then

>> No.17072465


Tervigons, tyrants, swarmlord. Imagine if this was 4th edition, where everything with shadow in the warp was a psyker.

>inb4 3 monsters aren't a lot

>> No.17072481

I was counting Swarmlord as a Tyrant (since he's basically the best Tyrant). You're not going to have both Swarmlord AND another Tyrant in the list, since they both need a lot of support and cost shittons. Tervigons aren't built for combat anyway, so getting slapped by psyk-out grenades with them when they're going to die anyway isn't really that much of a gamebreaker.

So yeah, it sucks on those units, but Tyrants should be charging anyway so it's not as big of a deal.

>> No.17072487

Except that tervigons are arguably the best unit in the codex.

And i dont think you realise how much better in assault comparably points of GK are

>> No.17072536

I'm not saying "don't take Tervigons," I'm saying "don't cry when your Tervigon gets killed in assault because Tervigons are shitty at combat."

Genestealers are actually pretty good at fighting most knights. Maybe not Paladins, but that's when you just shit out termagants and drown them in shooting.

>> No.17072549


Genestealers are also very good at not surviving through through terrain.

You do know grey knights can force terrain checks on you in your assault phase, right? Sanctuary is good for that. Oh, and it also makes shit dangerous terrain, so your stealers die before they get to die on my knights I6 spears.

>> No.17072588

You're welcome to try getting off psychic powers with Shadow in the Warp. Enjoy striking at I6 with your lower weapon skill, strength, and number of attacks.

Honestly I'd be more worried about Death Cult Assassins than I would be about knights.

>> No.17072596


>implying your hive tyrant won't automatically die to mindstrike missile forced perils.
>implying warriors survive the barrage of S8 autocannon dreads.
>implying I won't get my psychic powers off against your range 12 piece of shit aura.
>implying I won't kill your tervigons with massed psycannons.
>implying shadow in the warp works on me when i cast from a chimera or a land raider.

No, Cruddace just fucked your nid butt.

>> No.17072610


>implying I can't be I10 with psychic powers.
>implying I don't have grenades that make your unit I1 if I charge, due to broodlord being psyker.
>implying I won't be in proper terrain, shooting your shitty army with massed stormbolters.

>> No.17072622

I see we've descended into buttdevastated GK players making all kinds of ludicrous claims. Fantastic.

>> No.17072636

>I read that in Robert Axelrod's glorious voice
Thanks man.
Sage for not related.

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