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How do you get across 40k to players that insist on applying real world logic? This has become a point of annoyance a couple of times in my DH game.

Like when one of my players decided that he wanted to make a psycannon pistol. Now, just to get them places and keep their shit fixed they've had a longstanding admech NPC who went heretek after he died and they fused an AI with his brain. It's not like they're going to have issue actually getting it made. Still, the player keeps wanting to insist that "My gun is awesome, everyone should understand this."

I keep explaining that this is like taking a religion and making it better, then trying to explain this to the previous followers but he keeps not getting it. Anyone have any ideas how to accurately get across how religious belief and hyper strict dogma means, please don't take the holy relic, come up with something heretekal you want done to it, and then help the heretek magos you associate with do it.

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Have the Adeptus Mechanicus send assassins after your characters for gross tech-heresy.

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Worth a shot. I figure this'll come up more and more so anyway when they find out that the players continue to associate with the heretek NPC, though this is admittedly partially at the suggestion of their inquisitor.

The heretek is actually a staunch believer in the Omnissiah and humanity as guardians of tech so she's pretty cool with the inquisition. Well... that and she flew an archeotech starcruiser she stole from the mechanicus into the Tyrant Star to deliver the acolytes to a battle with a semi-immortal greater demon.

So basically, the issue is designating their own tech-atrocities from simple association with the NPC

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If characters could just make better technology as an option, they would have to be playing some kinda of tau DH. Wanting shit that is beyond the scope of the admech means knowingly delving into heresy.

I hope you're not serious that the players control an AI, and are playing the game from the perspective that it can just make them anything.

Beyond that, make it have consequences, more prone to fail than fire, or make them sacrifice endlessly to try to overcome the chance of failure, to a rapidly deteriorating mess they can't possibly use. When they eventually get butt-hurt kindly insist this was par for the course of using experimental, unsanctioned arms to a fanatical extreme.

The universe of 40k exists to fuck characters to death, double time for DH, there is no room in the grimderp of the future for speshul snowflake BS. A huge chaos dong skullfucks the most basic notions of real world logic.

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How is it that the Inquisition knows of both the existence and the location of a heretek, and the heretek is not yet dead?

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The pre-dead heretic is bait. Maybe they're waiting for him to go to a heretic-party before the bombings?

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Apply real world logic right back to him. Are your players in a position to be able to acquire psycannon bolts? Are the in a position to acquire the gun? Are they in a position to acquire them without people noticing that non-important parties somehow have access to them?

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Unsanctioned tech is unsanctioned for a reason. And unsanctioned psychoactive tech? And do they REALLY have the know-how and resources to make the gun and ammo? Just because you're a nuclear engineer it doesn't mean you have a full enrichment plant in the basement you know...

Anyway, assuming you chicken out and actually let them make the gun, make sure to tell the tech priest when he makes it that he knows that meddling with this kind of stuff can be dangerous. Don't specify overmuch how.

Then when it's used, make a hidden roll of 1d10, plus another d10 for each level for psy rating the user has (if any). If you get one or mroe nines, then roll on the psychic phenomena table, as if the user had used a psychic power. Try to fluff things to fit with it coming from the pistol when suitable, if it takes them a few times to figure out that its' the psychic fuckup table you're hitting them with, all the better.

And of course, puritan inquisitors, non-heretek mechanicus, and so on may have some rather strong opinions about the manufacture and use of such a device. And the inquisition in particular tends to have eyes and ears in the oddest of places.

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