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Sup /tg/ I just got an A-10 Warthog model as a gift, and since I love orks I instantly decided to convert this badass motherfucker into something Orky. Problem is I have no idea where to start.
Any one have images of converted ork aircraft to help get me get my brain juices flowing?
Also ork conversion thread.

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Go read deff skwadron.


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The A-10 is the orkiest plane to have ever been constructed. All you really need to do is paint that bitch red, add a giant green ork WAAAAAGH mouth to the front, and put kill marks and maybe some 'patchwork' onto the wings representing where it's maybe lost one of the things only to successfully return, have to welded back on, and sent out to krump more humies.

Past that, Ork Clan markings and colours could also work

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Also, model some orks hunging under the wings

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build the model then drop it 7 times then glue what came off back on in other places.
Prime it black
Drink some boltgun metal and some devlan mud then vomit over model
Drink some Blood Red and Vomit on the model some more
Glue a Ork to it base and all
Done now you have the usual effort involved in most Ork models.

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Paint faces on the missles, and add some spikey bits on the back of the wings. That's where I'd start.

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Orks holding the bombs.

Grot gripping engine for dear life.

Grinning ork that has already dropped bomb firing shoota wildly.

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You could probably fit an ork from a box of bikers in the cock pit.

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Honestly, that sounds like a whole lot of effort.

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Dis git knows wats orky!

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it does and I could give better tips if we were ever going to see any photo evidence of the mini in question.

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Actually, since you guys are being so helpful I'll post some motherfucking fucking Deff Squadron. Since I love you so much.

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Also, make the tail Fins and wing-flaps chequered patterned to help off-set the red/clan colours

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Anyone here?

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I am.

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Come on people post some more ork conversions!

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Fine, posting the few things I've got.

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Not actually an Ork conversion, but it still could give you inspiration.

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dat many gunz?

not orkey?


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Huh, I could swear I've seen that exact conversion at my Local GW
Texas Ork player

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It's possible, I found it on the GW's site.

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Bitz for the Bitz box!

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bracing for what I know is coming next. Still fuckin awesome.

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Seriously, Deff Squadron is just too awesome.

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I am in love...

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Bunch of "babby's first Ork Conversion" fag here.

Seriously, go to The-Waaagh.com's forums. Where do you think these creations come from? /tg/ specifically? Whine-seer? Fail-Dakka?

In any case, yes. Deff Skwadrun is the only goddamn piece of work by Black Library, worth reading for Orks.

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I love Killboy

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Good 'ol Killboy.

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Zog me. It's Bootiful.

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More Orky than three whole Orks.

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So, you're basically going for this then?

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my desktop background

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Fukken Saved

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Fuck yea killboy

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I swear, the Dreadknight model is better for Orks than it is for GK.

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...huh. My warboss' name is killboy.

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Why be da stompiest when you can have da biggest dakka?

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Well guys I hope you enjoyed the dump.

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And that's it for me.

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