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Imhotep's taking of Helbrecht's arm basically confirms that Ward is writing Black Templars. Prepare yourself for mechanic horses and knightbrarians with non-psychic sword powers.

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I'm looking forward to it, but I wonder if he'd do two knight codices.

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>mechanic horses

... I'm okay with this.

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there is no Green Knight
only Black Templars

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>mechanic horses

Power Lances? POWER LANCES.

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>emperor's champion even more ridiculous
fuck yeah, bro

I hope he gets some interesting challenge rules. I don't even play templars and I want to see it happen

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Holy fuckin' shit mechanical horses would be amazing.

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That's called a motorbike

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I can see it now. All those incredible holy powers the SoB have, imbued into the Black Templars.

The caveat being they're probably warp-related, but the BT don't care because they think it's the Emperor's will.

Ironic! Like Grey Knights bathing in SoB blood ironic! WHAT A TWEEST

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Damn if those aren't some of the sexiest Space Marine pics, makes me want to play Deathwatch.

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>mechanic horses
I'm making galaxy ranger marines if this is the case.

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Not so fast!

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I can live this Wards fluff if I get mech horses, holy orb of Antioch stays, the EC gets challenge rules like its meant to be a mother fucking Duel.

I'd like that vows stay the same like a general army power up.

Actually the actual codex is not that bad.

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FUCK YEAH. Its ward time! no daddy no! that means power lances, cyborg hoses, and making everything super extreme 2dmaxX0rz!!11 WE ARE TALKING BLACK TEMPLAR'S BEING LEGION SIZED BITCHES. use the same rules as tyranids for endless waves. KILL IT ALL WITH FIRE.

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>Black Templar riding Necron horse.

I might have to try this.

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I heard it was Phil Kelly the responsible for the BT Codex

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Wait are the troopers Black Templars or the Bugs? I'm not sure really...

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Bugs swarm and love Close combat. BT swarm and love CC.

Troopers like to scream and use oversize guns, BT like to scream and use oversize guns.

Maybe they are both!

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This answer pleases me, Neophyte.

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I thought that Black Templars only used littler guns.

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Haven't seen the lascannon spam?

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Either that, or they exclusively use their bolt pistols aiming down.

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If Black Templars are so great then why haven't they adopted the Codex Astartes so that they can be more like the greatest Space Marines of all time, the Ultramarines?

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Talking about Neophytes I wish there was a rule or something that encourage you to make them survive.

Because till now they are meatshield, hence why I use Guardsmen for that

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I'd like WS5 for elites and HQs--if they're the motherfucking BT, same guys who have never stopped their warpath since the emperor died--the guys who regular Templar look up to and hope to be like better pack a meaty punch.

If the GK are the only psykers they're willing to deal with, it'd be nice to have a few Nemesis Force Weapons on hand. That, and maybe a unit of paladins as an elites choice. Hell, why not?

If army-wide vows are absolved in the next codex, let them have similar choices for specific units/HQ slots. Hell, the 'crons get them on certain units so why shouldn't the BT.

The real question is "What is their gimmick?" What part of their fluff screams out for realization in the next codex?

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I don't think the Grey Knights would loan out their units.

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> What part of their fluff screams out for realization in the next codex?

Preferred Enemy: Xenos Armies on everything. There'd be a sidebar listing all the pre-existing codices that count as xenos, like they have with Ressurection Protocols/Pain Tokens/Psyker Levels. They'd accidentally miss one codex.

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They are a Crusader Chapter. Maybe beside having huge Initiates Neophytes squads, being lead by Chaplains like some kind of unite upgrade.

BT could have Imperial Guard unites maybe just Guardsmen or the likes as support after all Yarrick is with the BT it would not be surprising the some fanatical warriors beside the marines.

Or maybe a lot of brotherhood thing with zeal and all that jazz.

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Mechanical horses for rush, charge, and dismount rules, yay!

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But they really hate heretics as well.

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I'll be sorta sad if they lose the four-chaplain army setup, I'll admit. It's gimmicky as fuck, but I like it.

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Preferred enemy:

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Not anymore. Haven't you read the new fluff? Heretics are a problem for other chapters while they go fight the xenos and spread the word of humanity. They'll still fight chaos if they run into it, but they hardly go looking.

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Doesn't crusading involve liberating human worlds, too? And in the process find some that have turned to heresy.

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Wait what? Where since when?

BT have a vow in both codex about hating the witch.

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What? What book are you referencing? Inquiring minds want to know.

I still advocate something like an army-wide heroic intervention vow. Because FUCK YOU, I wanna pod in and assault in the same turn.

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The new codex that Ward is writing, the one that we're talking about, duh.

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all black Templar know is "ball...good...AND RAPE."

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You got me.

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Or at least gives us back the old fourth edition zeal. Back then you could get into close combat with it, now you can only stare very angry at your enemy.

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Tankred declares bullshit on that idea.

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I do try, thank you.

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Oh for the love of the Emperor Dreads with two Close combat weapons.

And Marines with Melta-Power-Fist because we only use Meltaguns and powerfist in our crusaders squads why not make it a single weapon.

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More like this, I envision the BT as a "hit you first, hit you hard" kinda army. At least in the next codex. Hopefully.

You're welcome.

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Oh oh how about Sword Brothers squad get some kind of bonus for kills.

Nothing big maybe an extra attack, just one for each squad they kill. Like they kill a unite and their next attack they'll have one extra dice to roll.

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You know what'd be good? Resistance to ranged fire for a couple turns at the beginning, to help BT units make it across the map.

That, and/or cheap mounts.

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Please please please make BT the best in CC like they were before...

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Fuck I can't into English.

Or perhaps lone knights... wait God fucking damn it Wolf have that.

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Roll Dark Angels and Black Templars into one codex. Codex Not-Grey Knights.

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And step on the toes of khornate chaos marines, khornate daemons, blood angels, tyranids, space wolves, dark eldar, and orks?

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They are still pretty good. The entire army getting re-rolls to hit for 140 points is cheap and good.

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How about being able to allocate wounds to initiates regardless, and any squad can take initiates so long as they have power armor.

Devestators could have Heavy Bolter Initiates for less points than a full neophyte, and command squads could buff out to 15 men with them. Make them a true Marine Mob army

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Codex Dark Knights?

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Mainly for Sword Brothers.

Crusader Squads should be big, stompy and with some kind of character leading them.

After all BT fight with people they like not in tactical squads.

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>Codex: Nightlords


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Humm Initiates are the Marines Neophytes the scouts.

I still think that BT should not have Devastators and if they do, they should be focus in close range fire power. Like Melta bombs, meltaguns, power fist and so on, while leaving the Crusader squads with swords and all kind of light weaponry.

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But Batman is a force for good, just like the Imperium.

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What kind of special characters would you like to see in the BT? Grimaldus, Helbrecht of course. Anything else?

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All weapons with the Heavy tag wielded by a squad led by Champion Juno count as having the Assault tag instead.

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Assault Lascannon? Assault Heavy Bolter? Assault Plasma Cannon? Assault Multi-Melta? That one kind of makes sense after all it is just a big meltagun.

The other weapons kind of overpower in my opinion.

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The Black Knight, a mysterious hero who arrives to save the Black Templars in their darkest hour. Some say that he is Sigismund himself.

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One Emperor's Champion who may or may not actually be under Khorne's influence.

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If any unite is completely destroy, any squad can re-roll their to hit rolls, once. (only one, but if more unites are destroy you can re-roll with another squad)

Like some kind of Zeal. BT Angry and Zealous always.

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> unite

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Thank you very much.

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Furious Charge kinda goes hand in hand--I'd like to see it as a purchasable skill for all infantry, 3 pts a pop.

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do want

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Faith powers.

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ANGRY Bretonnians in Space.

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Jolly good!

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See, op? Throw any random crap out of your ass and watch as half of /tg/ falls in love with it.

>I predict Mat Ward will become widely accepted by /tg/ by 2014

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You know what the Black Templars will inherit from the SoBs? And rightfully so?

The haircuts. Looks medieval as fuck on a man.

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Cool music. Great for masturbating.

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>mfw someone on 4chan finally recommended good music

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And strangely enough, no power metal band has tried adapting it.

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If Ward wrote it, they'd get nerfed even more and the fluff would have almost no victories.

Because they're not Ultramarines.

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The Black Templars?

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