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What if a human and an eldar working together in a Rogue Trader's retinue fell in love?

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Our RT'er has a harem of them, meh.

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>Wanting xeno booty

Dat boy ain't right I tell you whut...

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In the 41st Millennium, there is no canon.

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It could never last. Eldar live so much longer than humans and feel emotions so much more powerfully that it would, at best, be bittersweet.

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Ask C.S. Goto, he'll know.

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That's where Ultramarine librarians come from.

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The Rogue Trader would probably shoot both of them. Working together with the Eldar is one thing, and it can be profitable if done carefully. But affection for these treacherous xenos can only lead to disaster, as they can use that affection to control you. There is nothing you want less than to be a pawn in the Eldar's plans. And everybody knows that Eldar don't feel love, quit talking nonsense.

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Does...does that sword have a SCOPE mounted on it?

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>Does it have a scope on it

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There is a reason that inquisitors warn of their beauty and call people sick who see them as such.

Because it happens.

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Power core. Most eldar swords (power swords/witch-blades) have them

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by "beauty" do they mean "hooker makeup"?

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More intredasting if said human was a rogue Space Marine

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>generalizing about Rogue Traders
>implying they have to care about Imperial Dogma.

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I forget where or when, but I remember some years ago that one of the writers for the Eldar talked about how they were specifically not going for the "Elves.. in SPACE" spiel. Likewise, when you consider that fact that none of the other races in the 40Kverse are nearly as similar to another, why should physical similarity mean that the Eldar mind is any less alien than an Ork or Necron.

'Course, this was all old-school canon. The last five years or so, diversity has gone out the window.

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White Dwarf 302 says Eldar of both sexes are attractive to humans of both sexes.

So the Inquisition has got that one right. Wonder how many radicals Ordo Xenos has had to proclaim excommunicate because of the fact...

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Actually, generalizing about Rogue Traders works pretty well. For example: all of them wear long coats and dress like a Christmas tree. Also, all of them like big guns. Furthermore, they all look like ponces. And to top it all of, they're all trying to make money.

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Rogue space marines are generally soldiers of fortune.. I don't think their contempt for aliens would be lessened than when they were loyalists. At least, if Chaos Marines are any indication

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I don't think that has ever been the case, nor have I managed to find any quotes implying that. Eldar have always given an absolutely clear elves in space wibe.

The only thing that's gone are the few half-eldar characters who were born because human females could not resist Eldar manliness. There are still hybrids mentioned in 5th edition, by Jes Goodwin himself, but they are in Commoragh and could be products of super science. Human and Eldar could be too different to produce offspring the normal way now.

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Women don't like short men.

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>The only thing that's gone are the few half-eldar characters who were born because human females could not resist Eldar manliness.
most of the time it was basically "I was raped by an Eldar Corsair"

if not every time

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Eldar feel emotions in extremes.

Either the Eldar feels moderate affection towards the human, like the way an owner treats its cat, or the love would be so intense that the human would be unable to return it, if he could even comprehend it.

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Rape wasn't even implied in either the case of Nastase or that necromunda guy. Other was just glossed over and other was "single woman finds a ranger, nurses him back to health, things happen, he leaves but the woman is pregnant".

But it's /tg/ so of course rape is the default assumption.

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by "beauty" do they mean "hooker makeup"?

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>>But it's 40k so of course rape is the default assumption.

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most eldar children's descriptions from rogue trader go like; "your father was an eldar corsair, but I didn't know his name and you'll never see him"

they don't outright say it, but..

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Do Eldar find humans attractive, or was it just a convenient hole?

If so, are Orks endangered too?

"But I poop from dere!"

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What children? There was Nastase, where nothing like that was really said, and there was the Necromunda one whose case has already been mentioned.

There were no real rape suggestions there unless it's assumed to be the default form of intercourse in the grim darkness.

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Whatever happened to "it's not rape if it's an elf"?
Probably, in a amused kind of way, or something. They are aliens.
And no, orks aren't safe, RT Eldritch Raiders were known to hit and loot Ork vessels.

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Which book has the rules for Eldar PCs?
I know Kroot and Orks are in Into The Storm...

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>Which book has the rules for Eldar PCs?
None of them to my knowledge. FFG doesn't seem to like Eldar that much.

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>Which book has the rules for Eldar PCs?
None so far. Only Kroot and Orcs.

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Damn. So only NPC Eldar?

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RT main rulebook does say humans are more powerful psykers than Eldar...Kroot and Orks are stronger/tougher so there's kind of no niche for the space elves as PC's.

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>What if a human and an eldar working together in a Rogue Trader's retinue fell in love?

The human gets killed by its fellow man for heresy, and the eldar gets killed by its fellow eldar for bestiality.

Seriously, the hatred in 40k works both ways.

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>>RT main rulebook does say humans are more powerful psykers than Eldar


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The second he tried to have sex or even give her a hug she will have had half of the bones in her body broken.

But it would solve the whole life-span issue unless he was a Blood Angel since they are supposedly biologicly immortal.

I mean Dante's been the chapter master of the BA's for over 1,100 years (his true age is unknown) and he looks like he's in his 20's

Come to think of it he looks like that one elf guy from LOTR...

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But Spess Murheens can't into sexual relations?

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Nature Nurture bro.

Humans are huge hulking psychic cavemen.

Eldar are frail weak sickly superadvanced high cultured high tech psychics.

Humans ARE stronger psychers. They just... lack discipline, knowledge, tools, etc.

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Salamanders have kids with normal human women. Maybe a turkey baster is involved, I dunno.

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You keep using that word, but I don't think you know what it means...

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Really? I heard that Spess Wolfs like chicks but Salies hitting the target with their pants bolter? and the woman surviving?

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Don't worry, it is just a clever, multi-tier strategy by GW to squat Eldar. You eventually won't have to worry about human psykers being more powerful then Eldar ones, because there won't be any Eldar ones.

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>someone posts something
>hurrrr bu-bu-bu-but realism
>except your post isn't realistic, autistic shithead

A friend of mine is a huge two meter tall fitness beast. And he has a tiny-ass girlfriend.

If you think that people can't control their own strength... seriously man. Go to a gym and see for yourself lanky-ass punk.

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Spess Mreens can be delicate if they want to, those techmarines don't just whack stuff with hammers.

The most plausible human/eldar pairing that involves PC-level characters would be a Corsair leader and a Rogue Trader/Radical Inquisitor, but the best and funniest pairing would be a SoB Canoness and a Biel-tan Autarch.

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>Jes Goodwin

Yeah, you're better off just ignoring it....

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You have NO MOTHERFUCKING IDEA about the love between me and my cat.

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>RT main rulebook does say humans are more powerful psykers than Eldar.

I thought they only had the potential to be more powerful (i.e., the average Eldar is a better psyker than the average human, but humans have the potential to go totally bat-shit bonkers "oh god my insides are on my outside"), meaning that while the Eldar are more stable in their power, Humans have the potential to become incredible statistical anomalies.

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To see who has the best girl-abs?

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>Yeah, you're better off just ignoring it....

You trollan?

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Not the guy you were responding to, but Jes Goodwin doesn't have as much relevance in 40k these day as he used to.

The only worthwhile or noticable contribution he's made over the past years was the DE codex.

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The eldar will probably hate itself for lusting after such a ugly beast and the same with the human

Then glorious passionate hate sex.

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>Implying humans arn't superior to eldar in terms of beauty

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so its like having sex with a fatgirl?

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Why can't you keep it in your pants, /tg/?

Is talking about the sexual habits of different species in WH40k really all that interesting?

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Yes it is

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Talking about sex = fun
Talking about 40k = fun

Talking about 40k sex = double fun

Are you some kind of asexual or what? Lemme get the torches and pitchforks, because the asexual is the new homosexual.

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Blue is best

>Dem hooves

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You are now picturing her titsless, striated, rippling pecs.

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In the old inquisitor game one of the Inquisitors that messed around with dark eldar was 600 years old without aging when he was finally killed.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnd just like that Im gay....

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnd just like that Im gay....

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And when discussing the DE codex in this video the hybrids are mentioned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLz6bTitUQE&feature=related 8:10 onwards.

So the hybrids are there, as they have been in one form or another since RT, and the idea that there aren't any hybrids is fanfic.

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lesbian hatesex? mitebcool. Not sure I'd be able to keep a straight face at the circumstances that would lead to that slash-pairing though

most of his stuff is still around. Actually, for the most part 40k has not changed a whole lot since 2nd edition. The most radical changes were with the introduction of the Dark Eldar, Necrons and Witch/Daemonhunters... but since Grey Knights and Sisters have moved closer to their 2nd edition roots again and Jes basically co-wrote the Dark Eldar book..

remind me, is Nastase the Ultramarine Librarian? Read his fluff page again, that's the one I'm referencing

An eldar corsair, high on emotion and revelling in his crazy senses? Totally. Rape and pillage, and all that... could the attachment go deeper? Sure, but it's not exactly common considering eldar/human contact is pretty rare to begin with. Thing with corsairs is that they're unpredictable

Craftworlders might, but their rigidly controlled lifestyle/paths would probably stop them

For anyone who wants to read some classic Rick Priestly/Jes Goodwin fluff on the Eldar, I uploaded the 2nd edition book for /tg/ last week;

It's got fluff on the pirate captains and exodites too. Even unit entries for both!

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I don't see anything very rapist here.

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>his father was an unknown eldar mercenary
but.. that's not as bad as what I remembered

guess I'm getting old, my mind is playing tricks on me

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are Eldar and Humans even of the same Genus?

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How about occasional, guilt-ridden sport fucking? Does it have to be TRUE WUV?

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I could see a romance happening in the short term. Humans and Eldar are similar enough for attraction to take root. It would almost certainly end in a bittersweet manner, but I could see some small flicker of good in the Eldar's memories.

The term "Star Crossed Lovers" comes to mind though. Both their peoples are horrendously against such things. Relationships would be extremely rare, but by no means unheard of, I think.

How could such a relationship start? Meeting in battle while -temporarily- on the same side would make sense. A Guardsman and a Guardian separated from their respective armies and comrades, both wounded and having to rely on the other to survive. It'd be cliche as all hell, but easy enough.

Elar like to talk big, but there are only so many ways to fight an infantry action, after all. And Guardians seem like they'd be more down to earth than Aspect Warriors and Farseers.

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In the book Fear the Alien there is a story about a DE Archon who actually launches a planetary invasion and slaughters the population looking for some odd human word he needs to explain his feelings for another DE.

After he murders this womans entire family in front of her he sees her crying and is ecstatic, demanding to know why she is shedding tears. After she explains he thanks her for telling him what love is and leaves her unharmed.

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I think he did that because he got a stiffy from the pain she was having as well, or something.
Though he ended up going through a similar lose and went on a kill-frenzy, so it was all good.

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>And Guardians seem like they'd be more down to earth than Aspect Warriors and Farseers.
they really aren't

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The girl cries, her hands bloody with the blood of her parents. Tears flow on her cheeks as the Dark Eldar Archon moves closer to her, and asked, "What is love, child?"
The child stops her sobs, and stammers, "B-baby d-don't hurt me, *sniff* don't hurt me, no more..."
The Archon was pleased, and let the little girl live.

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Well shit, you got me.

Bravo, good sir

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I've heard even real life soldiers explain the exact same thing, though. Setting aside ones humanity while preparing for battle is almost a necessity for anyone in that line of work.way of life. An Imperial Guardsman thats been in the shit a few times almost certainly does the exact same thing.

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Eldar x Human lovin'?

Worked for LIVII and Taldeer.

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Dammit GW, what were you thinking?

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They're even canon now.

>> No.17022855

Keep in mind, this is from back when Genestealers had limos, Space Marines were mostly just mooks in powered armor, and there were jump-jetting warhounds climbing buildings.

1st edition was just plain silly like that.

>> No.17022918

i suddenly feel an urge to make a warhound model with a gaint jump pack on it.

>> No.17022924

Id like a story between a Guardsman and a Guardian both wounded and have to work together.

For a week they fight and bleed to find safety against lets say the orks. Finally the Eldar rescue arrives first, the Guardsman who considers himself maybe not friends but something above enemies smiles and says looks like your rides here.

The Eldar shoots him, and just feels this tremendous sadness.

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who is this?

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If this shit is canon, when do I get my damn SoBxSM pairing?

>> No.17022958


Looks like the character from the anime Bleach. Starts with an 'r'. One of these days I need to actually finish the Soul Society story arc.

>> No.17022974

There's a web comic on that already. Sister and Wolf I think it was

Yeah, Rukia

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There is nothing impossible about the scenario.

All it means is that the author is shit writer relying on lame plot hooks like interspecies sex to sell their shit to the sweatyneckbeards who will lap it up in order to indulge in their own xenophiliac fantasies

>> No.17023023

Can't argue with that logic.

>> No.17023040

it's not canon

people just think that a namedrop in a FFG book means that the entire story is printed GW material..

>> No.17023094

Read the first part. Sending them to the WHF universe, really? Points for originality, I suppose.

That's a relief to be honest. 40k is already a breeding ground for /tg/'s fetishes as it is, the last thing we need is GW to actually support.

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I had a situation like this in one of my RT games and I used it as a great plot hook.
Surprisingly it was a male Eldar and female Human. Both were PC's. Naturally they end up getting the eldar ends up knocking up the human. I give the psyker of the party a vision. The child will basically be born a horrible chaos mutant. As a result the psyker at every attempt would try to cause the human to have a abortion and make it look like a accident. It was a great piece of party conflict. In the end the psyker's plot was discovered and he came clean. The Enginseer then devised a way that they could edit the child's DNA while still in the womb, but it would require some dark age tech on the other side of the system. Unfortunately due to some shitty rolls on the part of the enginseer using the device he ended up killing the child and nearly killing the mother as well.

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>>require some dark age tech

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The short answer if Eldar and humans would fall in love is NO.

Eldar call humans mon-keigh which where a monkey like and cruel creature that the eldar exterminated.

So i hardly think Eldar would fall in love with a Human EVER.
An Dark Eldar tho would probebly have beastiality sex with a human but only to there excess going so they don't get eaten by slaanesh.

>> No.17025119

You would be surprised.

>> No.17025198

Isn't eldar spit highly corrosive? I remember reading that, somewhere. In context it was a guard office telling a guardsman not to look at the eldar witch's because if they spat at them it would burn their face and melt their eyes.

>> No.17025201

The only way this shit could work is if the Human is pulling some serious Captain Kirk shit because the Eldar find all humans ugly.

Dark Eldar would fuck a human but they don't count because they fuck everything with a hole in it.

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>They still believe the uplifting primer!

No, acid spit eldar or eldar space marines are not canon.

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Suddenly oral doesnt seem all that bad of an idea now.

>> No.17025355


>Wanting oral stimulation from a filthy Xeno whore


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That sounds like
>insanity points, insanity points everywhere

>> No.17025367

>Issuing the Emperor's Mercy over the desire to subjugate able-bodied xenos into slavery - a perfectly acceptable course of action.

>Misuse of one's Commissar rights.

Heresy. *BLAM*

>> No.17025388

Isn't 40K canon a twisty turny thing where it's impossible to determine the truth?

>> No.17025394

Wibly Wobly Timey Wimey, to be exact.

>> No.17025403


Shit nigga, why use a filthy xeno to do slave labor when we got plenty of humans to do that?

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Remember, if you come across fluff that conflicts with your view of 40k, you can always ignore it. That's what the creators of fluff (studio, BL, forgeworld) do.

>> No.17025469

All able bodied man and woman is serving in the PDF and Imperial Guard.

>> No.17025472


Yes it is. In fact,laydees and gentlemen it is once again time for the OFFICAL WORD ON 40k CANON! (clapclapclapclapclapclap)

>Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40k universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

>Marc Gascoigne
>Publisher, BL Publishing and Black Flame

There you have it folks. Just to emphasise,
>anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex

That's all for this episode of the OFFICIAL WORD ON 40k CANON! Goodnight.
(roll credits)

>> No.17025475

>Eldar with huge tits
>not an art style I'm familiar with

>> No.17025498


Pretty sure it's Muju's.

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'tis DeadXCross.

>> No.17025573

When humans are psykers, they're very, very powerful.

Eldar have MORE psykers, and their heads don't explode and have demons crawl out at embarassing moments. ALL eldar have psychic powers, even if they're only "split-second precog" ones or "gut feelings" ones. Obviously, their warlocks and farseers are better than normal human psykers, but those are super-rare. And eldar don't have ALPHA+ equivalents, or horribly powerful things like the Red Princess, or whatever her name is.

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File: 105 KB, 600x825, Blind_Grenade_by_DeadXCross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.17025591


Ah shit, you're right.

I need to stare at tits more.

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Want to know the real reason Kaurava was such a "huge mistake"? It's because Boreale ditched the Bald Ravens and ran off with Caerys so he could give her some of his STEEL REHN.

>> No.17025796


Holy shit

She probably had pity sex with him

>> No.17025871

The fool Tarkus allied himself with an Eldar ranger. The Xeno offered to guide Tarkus and his battle brothers to their objective instead he guided them to a trap. Only Tarkus survived the Eldar trap.

From that day Tarkus held a special hate for the Eldar and hopes one day that his path will cross again with the Eldar ranger who betrayed him so that he may avenge the deaths of his battle brothers.

>> No.17025892
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Nope, the Blood Ravens were slaughtered and Boreale was turned into a Necron.

>> No.17025925


Oh god now I can imagine the emotionless mechanical voice he must have

More of these.

>> No.17025931
File: 1.10 MB, 1279x1023, ss_de_sm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or found himself placed firmly on top of Tahril's... 'belt'. If you know what I mean.


>> No.17025965


Didn't the Chaos and Dark Eldar do some weird stuff with Sisters too?
Also, Tahril wanted Caerys as a personal plaything.

>> No.17025979

Well does anyone have a collection of all of these images? I don't feel like playing the game that many times right now.

>> No.17025992

Why are their grey knights in the picture?

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>> No.17026021

in DOW Grey Knights are an elite unit available to SMs

>> No.17026025

Yeah but they're the Dark Eldar

They're basically /d/ of 40k

>> No.17026034

Done right, the inhumanness of the Eldar should guarantee that they're just using the human for some insidious end.

Otherwise, twisted hybrid babies will result.

>> No.17026054

But why? The Grey Knights have nothing to do with the Blood Ravens.

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Search YouTube for Soulstorm - [Race] Epilogues/Dark Crusade - [Race] After Action Reports.

>> No.17026064

Ask the devs, not me. Although given the fact that all these planets have known Chaos incursions, it makes sense for the GK to send a detachment.

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File: 1.08 MB, 1279x1023, ss_de_sob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second only to the Space Marines, the Alpha Legion found a natural enemy in the Sisters of Battle. If anything, the Sisters Militant stood even closer to the False Emprah whose destruction they were sworn to perpetrate. In the Order of the Sacred Rose, the soldiers of Chaos saw more than revolting, pious zeal; they saw manifest evidence of the Emprah's powers, through the Sisters of Battle's many Acts of Faith.

Spurred by these considerations and the active threat the Sisters of Battle posed, Lord Carron resolved on a direct attack. He would prove, definitively, the superiority of the Chaos Gods. The Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines certainly proved their own superiority that day, routing the Sisters of Battle and spurning their powers, prayers, and their Living Saint alike.

Of the dark ceremonies and horrible atrocities that the victorious soldiers of Chaos perpetrated there in the Sama District, it is not best to give a full account. Under the orders of Lord Carron himself, however, several particularly horrible examples were blasted into space, in a path that would surely be intercepted by an Imperial battlefleet.

>> No.17026070


Dude, it's the Magpies, they steal everything

>> No.17026101
File: 138 KB, 597x302, Grey_Knight_Justicar_Squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least in SS a squad of Justicars is available as an honor guard unit, while the Grey Knights' presence is never even mentioned in DC. I'd imagine the Blood Ravens' actions after their defeat of the Word Bearers on Kronus would have caused problems if the Knights were indeed there.

>> No.17026102

I know this is a bit late but your implying RTs can' get rejuvs

>> No.17026110

They made the Sisters into concubines and playthings. They also made the Orks into playthings, which raises way too many questions.

>> No.17026119


Err, where/what/when ?

>> No.17026120

Twisted hybrid babies could be the nefarious end, what better way to secure the loyalty of an inquisitor you need for your plots.

>> No.17026131
File: 917 KB, 1280x1024, dc_sm_chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kyras, you greedy thing.

>> No.17026150

Five companies and a little help from the Grey knights, and they still lost?

Wow...Boreale is hopeless.

>> No.17026152
File: 1.09 MB, 1279x1023, ss_de_ork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DElfdar love the cute way Orks squeal under... duress.

>> No.17026157
File: 34 KB, 400x500, MP-Slaves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a sister and someone else riding on the Dais of Destruction

>> No.17026162
File: 87 KB, 360x318, 29236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There was a lot of heresy going on in Kronus and Kaurava, the Grey Knights must have found a reason.

>> No.17026167

I'm just wondering.
With the level of DARK ELDAR SCIENCE the Dark Eldar have, would they like to fuck everything, and invent new ways to keep fucking them?
Because that sounds awfully like the "Yeah, Humanity Fucks" thread that we had that other day.

>> No.17026169

now this is why i don't romance with eldar...

>> No.17026184
File: 96 KB, 573x179, CarronInstincts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, they had eight other armies to face, and an entire system to take and hold. And though we don't have any specifics on the numbers of the other factions, the Alpha Legion force at least is described as numbering in the hundreds.

>> No.17026197


As the devs said about Commoragh in the DE casts: "They breed more anyway, it's a rough place, Commoragh, there's a lot of it going on" and "there's high birth rates and a lot more hybrids there".

>> No.17026207


I'm confused.

>They made the Sisters into concubines and playthings. They also made the Orks into playthings, which raises way too many questions.

is this a novel or codex or what?

>> No.17026217

It's in the DE ending of Soulstorm. Of course, the Sisters ending has the Sisters massacring everyone, and the Ork ending has them triumphant, so the DE end isn't more canon than the others.

>> No.17026218


Its one one of the possible endings of Dawn of War.

>> No.17026228
File: 160 KB, 574x307, Ravensblood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dawn of War. Canonicity is questionable at best, but still, it's fun to speculate.

>> No.17026231

The only Certainty is the Blood Ravens bitter defeat.

>> No.17026241



I mean - I never thought I'll live so long to see wh40k parody of Hiroaki Samura Hitodenashi no Koi.
This is a great day.

>> No.17026300

didn't General Stubbs win in Soulstorm?

>> No.17026310


>> No.17026334

I'm pretty sure the winner of Soulstorm was never actually stated. The Blood Ravens were among the losers, for sure, but that's all that's definitely known.

>> No.17026349
File: 113 KB, 393x384, Armor_of_Victory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that they gave the Tau a good licking in one battle.

>Lance of Furious Dawn
>A prized relic of the Blood Ravens 9th company, this missile launcher last saw service during a bold raid on Tau armored columns during the Kaurava Campaign. By the time the sun rose fully over the Clement Hills, thirty Tau skimmer-tanks and crisis suits were smoking ruins.

...Would licking a Tau's forehead count as cunnilingus?

Many people claim this has been confirmed by Relic, but are invariably unable to provide an actual source.

>> No.17026388
File: 212 KB, 623x680, 1208976111299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only because it was not posted.
This is what happens.

>> No.17026397


Ahh, thanks. Anyone care to post that particular screen, since we're posting heaps anyway?


>> No.17026443

The Tau had the Ar'Ka Cannon, a weapon of interplanetary devastation. This marvel of Tau Technology is capable of annihilating all higher lifeforms in the blast radius while leaving lower lifeforms and plant life unharmed.

With this grand weapon in the capable hands of the Tau commander O'Res'Ka, the Tau empire surely have won the conflict.

>> No.17026479
File: 1012 KB, 1279x1023, ss_eldar_sm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already posted.

>> No.17026490

The Dow Narrator was the best thing in that game series

>> No.17026518

Does Orks count as lower lifeforms? They're a sort of fungi so it could work.

>> No.17026532

Fully grown Orks would die but I doubt their spores would be affected.

>> No.17026607


>Implying the victorious Necrons count as life.

>> No.17026658
File: 169 KB, 1280x960, good-vs-evil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now with the obstacles out of the way. We can get down to business!

>> No.17026811
File: 1.07 MB, 1279x1023, ss_archive_kier_harrad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17027094
File: 132 KB, 1064x207, relic00348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the great Spess Mehreen reviewed all that had passed, and saw that by the time his scouts had spied the Necrons through their scopes, his defeat was already inevitable
Judging by his reaction to all the obvious signs of imminent Tyranid invasion in DoW2, Cyrus probably didn't even bother to tell poor Indrick that there were enemy forces in their perimeter until it was too late.

Goodnight, bald prince.

>> No.17027311

Eldar psykers are still actually generally more powerful. It remians the word of canon that the Farseers of Ulthwe are the most powerful psykers in the galaxy. No stable human psyker of equivalent training is superior to an Eldar one.

HOWEVER humans have a greater capacity to go I FEEL THE WARP OVERTAKING ME and manifest incredible power at the cost of basically becoming a delusional psychopathic demon magnet. This doesn't indicate power, it indicates lack of control. Humans collapse inwards into singularities of self-destructive psychic might because they are shit tier at controlling their abilities.

>> No.17027338

Oh hi don't mind me

The ground was littered with the corpses of orkz and guardsmen alike. Fires still burned from the plant-life being incinerated from explosions and weapons. The stench of death carried heavily in the surrounding area. This was no sight to wake up to, but Liena had no choice. Her vision was foggy, and she could hardly remember what happened, or how long she had been knocked out. All she remembered was her sergeant screaming.'General retreat!' before an artillery shell hit the trench. Then it came back to her, little consolation to her current situation. She gathered her equipment, and traversed the battlefield. There was nothing to greet the corporal but death, and the constant threat of an ork getting up to kill her. Suddenly she heard a faint rustling, she immediately went prone and pointed her rifle at the noise. It was another wayward soldier, cept this was different, this was an Eldar. While they had a non aggression alliance with the Eldar, she had her orders to off any stragglers, or ones that happened too close to an imperial zone. It was likely that he had similar orders. She took careful aim, still undetected. Her finger dragged on the trigger.
"Click" The Guardian immediately noticed her

>> No.17027349

Your post is correct, if we look at nameless psykers.

The Emperor is still the most powerful psyker entity in the history of 40k.

>> No.17027353

The Eldar wasn't completely alert, having just come too as well. He sloppily reached for his weapon. Liena knew she didn't have much time to finish him. She flung her body up as hard as she could, she took a deep breath and let out a fierce scream as she charged the Eldar with her bayonet. By the time he managed to aim his weapon She was already in front of him. He managed one burst before she knocked his weapon out of his hands. The shot flew stray. She continued her attacks, screaming brutishly as the eerily silent figure evaded and dodged her attacks. His inhuman motions were fluid and seemles. She was in awe of the Eldar's movements, he bent himself in ways that would have knocked her over, but she wouldn't dwell on his dexterity, and just kept striking. He would manage an attack, he knew that if he could get past her rifle she would not win. Leina was determined to live, as was he. Their brawl wasn't to be unnoticed as a nearby body began to twitch.

>> No.17027361
File: 105 KB, 289x283, 1313981729076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17027371

The Guardian managed to finally grapple the rifle and landed a strike on her. Victory would soon be his, but someone else was going to cut in. Before Liena could recover the brutish hulk let out a great roar casting strands of spittle and the foulest stench towards the combatants, as well as its body. The beast charged the two swinging his arm into the guardswoman, sending her flying a good distance. She landed painfully on a corpse of a comrade. The Eldar was having little trouble dodging the Ork's attacks but he knew unless he could get to his weapon he couldn't fell the monster. Liena groaned as she reached for a new charge pack from her belt, she had only one charged pack, a hotshot. Just one shot. The Eldar was moving too swiftly for her to hit both, and if she didn't want to chance the Guardian winning, she had to take the shot. Just as the Eldar jumped away from an attack a loud crack was heard and a bright flash stole the ork's head. The confused body grasped at its missing appendage and simply fell over dead. The Guardian immediately turned his attention to Liena. She pointed the rifle at him. She was out of ammo, but maybe she could bluff him. The warrior didn't buy it. He walked to his weapon, Liena trained on him the whole way. She couldn't get up, she must have broken a rib on the landing, she could barley breath. The Guadian moved close to the wounded soldier. Liena's eyes began to water without her knowing it. She was going to die, alone, after being so lucky. The tears streamed down her face as the guardian leveled his weapon. He saw her fear, he put his finger on the trigger. She closed her eyes in anticipation, all she could do now was wait.

>> No.17027378

Except that he's dead.

>> No.17027381

And then they fucked

>> No.17027384

He is really a finesse type like the eldar isn't he? He was getting stomped by a waagh leader ork and Horus bailed him out.

>> No.17027389

He's a god made of thousands of reincarnated dudes. He really doesn't count. I'd barely even call him human.

>> No.17027401


Yeah. He can channel the energies of Astronomican, keep webway shut and mind bullet Horus, but he can't telekinetically blast armies, or teleport across planets.

Similarly Cacodominus could mind control the humans of 1300 planets, but got killed by Black Templars anyway because spess, and presumably willpower too.

>> No.17027402

soon... soon

>> No.17027407

Well, the whole ‘Eldar have no power but finesse’ thing is a misconception. Eldar have GREATER finesse, but they have shitloads more psychic power than humans too. Remember that shit when Eldrad’s mere presence caused an entire retinue of Imperial psykers to break down? He wasn’t twisting their minds or anything – the sheer psychic weight of his presence shattered them.

Being the best psykers is who Eldar are, and who they always will be. It is their main thing.

>> No.17027411

mfw when i had to ctrl + f to find LOVE CAN BLOOM

>> No.17027438


But that was in 2003.

Now the entire Ulthwe gets nosebleeds when Njal Stormcaller scribbles some runes in Fenris.

>> No.17027488

Eh, mere codex escalation. The next Eldar one will do it too.

There’ll be stuff about how Farseers can crush Librarians like monkeys and Eldrad will return from death as a conflagration of merged Eldar souls (as the requisite ‘look at this guy this guy is so cool’ character). He’ll fuck twelve Hive Fleets with his akashic penis and rub his balls in Tigurius’ face, before compelling Yriel to take up the blade of Eldanesh and become the king he was born to be. Then Eldar fluff will be an outright rip of LotR rather than a homage, and we’ll know that those bells we hear upon the wind are heralding the end of days.

>> No.17027504

A Warboss the size of a Dreadnought.



>> No.17027518

>the size of a Dreadnought.



>> No.17027520

is it wrong I sort of want this?

>> No.17027532
File: 32 KB, 276x330, 606663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17027549


That'd be funny, if not for the fact that eldar were always fluffed up to do just that, complete with lame quotes.

>> No.17027556

>Orks never stop growing
>The Emperor fought that Ork during the Great Crusade
>The Age of Strife was followed by the Great Crusade
>During the Age of Strife, Orks could go on never-ending Waaaghs because no one had the military might to stop them

Combine these facts, and you cannot come to another conclusion that the Ork that nearly bested the Emperor must have been an ENORMOUS ANCIENT ORK.

>> No.17027567

>is it wrong I sort of want this?

If it was done well, no, not at all. I would be entirely okay with Eldrad kicking his way out of Slaanesh's domain and returning to the physical realm. It's not like it'd be completely unprecedented, either - GW's dropped enough hints that they've got the option available to them.

>> No.17027570

The emperor got beat up by the ork so he could see if Horus would let him die so he could take the throne.

>> No.17027578

So? Thraka is the size of a Dread and he can't even kill Yarik.

>> No.17027587

>He’ll burn twelve Avatars to death with his akashic penis
Fixed. Because GW.

>> No.17027591

According to the campaign report, Eldrad did split his soul into many pieces before the campaign started. It's perfectly reasonable that he could come back.

>> No.17027607

There's no evidence that the Emperor is even Alpha+ level.

>> No.17027609


No, that would be conjecture. Even the fact that Age of Strife allowed endless Ork Waagh's is very disputable. Eldar Empire was there and its automated armies with it, right until the Fall which was immediately followed by the Great Crusade.

There weren't any galaxy-shaking WAAAGH's because there was no warp stability for it. Countless human worlds were waiting for the Emperor to unite them. We have no reason to believe this ork was any bigger than those encountered in 40k.

Also, we know that the biggest Ork empire beaten during the Crusade was Ullanor, whose lord Urlakk Urg was defeated by Horus and Abaddon (Index Astartes Black Legion, Horus Heresy series etc). It's not likely that the Emperor's foe was much bigger than this guy given how Ork growth works.

>> No.17027617

Thraka is that huge because he's almost completely cybernetic.

Now imagine a Dreadnought sized Warboss -naturally- with cybernetic implants.

>> No.17027626

You think Orks care about Warp stability?

You're a fucking retard.

>> No.17027632

>Wat if Love Can Bloom?

>> No.17027634

>It's not likely that the Emperor's foe was much bigger than this guy given how Ork growth works.

Are you fucking retarded?

Orks never stop growing.

>> No.17027640


If there was any proof of one. Besides, Thraka's got enough grown fleshy parts that he'd be that big without help.

>> No.17027650


Yeah, based on success. And they have followers based on success. Ullanor = biggest ork empire. You retarded or something? Dense?

They do.

>> No.17027663

i would put my pecker in a demons mouth before i try to put it in an eldar vag...

>> No.17027665

I'd like to see some source on this Ork that almost killed the Emperor.

Sounds like some people can't keep retconned old fluff and new fluff separated.

The biggest Ork in the history of 40k never met the Emperor.

>> No.17027669

Generally, the bigger the Ork the bigger the WAAAAAAAAAGH! If the leader of the biggest WAAAAAAAGH was size x, it's unlikely that any other ork in the galaxy would be larger than x.

>> No.17027678
File: 473 KB, 814x528, Distort Chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope not. Having him die was a good addition to his character.

Having him come back would be like saying "The Sanguinor is really Tycho in disguise! He was OK all along!"

>> No.17027715


Sanguinor is really Moriar the Chosen. He has a blood-cave inside that dreadnought hull.

>> No.17027785
File: 219 KB, 600x764, 1321814408585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If only Eldrad's Chaos senses were stronger, there might be one less Daemon Primarch to worry about. And blessed Guilliman might still be alive.

>> No.17027807
File: 52 KB, 655x605, 132035488026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's not like that encounter could have ended in any other way.

Fulgrim also killed a Wraithlord and an Avatar, latter with his bare hands.

Pic is also 40k in a nutshell.

>> No.17027874
File: 15 KB, 150x204, Black_Legion_Alternate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The two fought together on many occasions. At the fortified city of Reillis, a Human settlement unwilling to accept the Emperor’s beneficent will, the defending army used secret tunnels to infiltrate behind the besieging Imperial army and hundreds of shock troops swamped the command encampment. Unprepared and unarmoured, the Emperor and Horus fought back to back until a plasma blast stunned Horus and sent him staggering to the floor. The Emperor stood guard over the Primarch and refused to give ground until reinforcements arrived to drive their attackers back. On the Ork-infested planet of Gorro, Horus repaid the debt by hacking the arm from a huge, frenzied Greenskin warlord as it struggled to choke the Emperor’s life out of him.
- Index Astartes: Black Legion

>> No.17027926

>as it struggled to choke the Emperor’s life out of him


>> No.17027938

protip: if you're getting choked like a bitch, you are losing like a bitch

>> No.17027998
File: 121 KB, 400x350, sun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>that story
>mfw imagining Big E and Horus fighting off hundreds of soldiers together with nothing but their bare fists

>> No.17028032
File: 76 KB, 619x475, blah12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And naked. Because we all know what they were really getting up to in that command tent...

>> No.17028054


I don't think Eldar will be any more "elite" than they are now, there are limits to what kind of status S3 T3 army can have.

Plus the core of the army has always been Guardians who are no more skilled than imperial Guardsmen, both WS3 BS3.

>> No.17028066

>What if a human and an eldar working together in a Rogue Trader's retinue fell in love?
What if they didnt?
What if instead the human purged the xeno scum?

>> No.17028072

But what if... stick with me for this one... what if, Eldar no longer relied on S3 T3 WS3 BS3 Guardians?

>> No.17028087

then we couldn't have a 100+ reply thread about it

>> No.17028089

The Warboss was STRUGGLING to choke the Emperor.

And it's one fucking sentence, it's not important.


>> No.17028108

Guardians were originally an afterthought so people could use their old Eldar Mercenary figures in the Craftworld armies.

>> No.17028114

Just to chip in, have you ever SEEN anyone who knew what they were doing who actually used any more of them than they absolutely had to?

I haven't.

>> No.17028121


That would be a much bigger retcon than what the Grey Knights and Necrons got.

Eldar need Guardians because they are a dying race and thus need to mobilize everyone they can for war when required.

>> No.17028159
File: 237 KB, 426x670, Avenger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guardians used to be pretty capable. But that's back when ShuriCats were basically storm-bolters

Don't know what they were thinking making it a 12" range gun

they haven't relied on guardians recently, I'd say. Dire Avengers took that spot

improving warlock powers, lowering heavy weapon costs and giving guardians 18" guns would do a lot towards making them useful (beyond objective campers and the odd triple flame/melta storm guardian squad) again

>> No.17028169

But what if, as a dying race, they relied on a small number of elite units or wraith constructs/robotics rather than sending people to die pointlessly?

What if the Eldar individual superiority was played up, giving Guardians higher Skills?

What if Aspect warriors were actually good at what they were designed to do?

>> No.17028188


But when Shuricats were storm bolters, the default weapon for Guardians was a lasgun and upgrading to a catapult was 3 points/model.

>> No.17028227

>But what if, as a dying race, they relied on a small number of elite units or wraith constructs/robotics rather than sending people to die pointlessly?
Woah woah woah woah. Are you suggesting that someone in 40k uses common sense?

>> No.17028228

The only difference between a Lasgun and a bolter was 1 str. The bolter didn't even have better armour penetration because of it, as they both had a blanket -1.

Actually, in the very first printing of Rogue Trader, bolters were S3 though I suspect that one to be a misprint as the 2nd run had them as S4.

The Shuriken Catapult was the best small-arm in the game then.

>> No.17028255
File: 42 KB, 790x329, the guardians are all dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Citizen militia. Fire Warriors...they are not!

>> No.17028257
File: 1010 KB, 1227x729, Shuriken Cats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and at 14 points a pop they were still cheaper (and generally more effective at range) than marines

-2 modifier and sustained fire dice? craziness

>> No.17028390

Due to biology, the average Guardian is a greater warrior than most Fire Caste can ever hope to be.

>> No.17028420


In unarmed combat, perhaps.

But do you know what the way of unarmed combat says?

"Do not be unarmed".

>> No.17028460

But do they possess the discipline, determination or the technology of the Tau?

Do they fall under the banner of the Greater Good?

No and no? Then they're inferior to the noble warriors of the Fire Caste.

>> No.17028465

The rules are all messed up with the Tau and Eldar technology.

In terms of tech lead, the Shuriken Cannon should behave like a rapidfiring Tau Railgun. Pulse rifles would be more like pop rifles. Guardian armour should give more protection than a Fire Warrior suit.

But unfortunately, the rules make no sense.

>> No.17028474


The rules match the fluff.

>> No.17028505

>>17028460 But do they possess the discipline, determination or the technology of the Tau?

An Eldar civilian is totally calm in times of war. In fact, in a 2nd ed excerpt, there was a Guardian who had come under attack from a Chaos Marine, and had just seen his right arm fly off after a run in with said Marine's chainsword. But had the presence of mind to notice the interesting patterns on the armour of the marine.

Since if they fight, it's for the survival of the race and they go voluntarily even though they're civilians, they are pretty determined and motivated.

Tau technology is stone circles compared to Eldar.

>> No.17028519

Firewarriors should have a 5+ save, Guardians should have a 4+ or 3+ then. (generously)

The comparison should be putting cavemen against a modern military.

>> No.17028560
File: 114 KB, 573x592, 1291263077455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Perhaps if the Guardian had kept his focus to the combat instead of those pretty pictures in a madman's armour, he would have avoided being parted from his arm.

>> No.17028570

not really. The rules change all the time for some weapons, but the fluff has (for the most part) remained unchanged

No. Guardians and Firewarriors are fine at 5+ and 4+. Improve the Warlock's Conceal power if you want them more durable (or give him something to grant his squad FNP)

The Guardian's problem is that their basic guns are shit and their heavy weapons are overpriced. Firewarriors have a different issue in that their basic guns are great.. but they have no heavy weapons aside from MAYBE a seeker missile or two

>> No.17028627

Y'know, I had a similar thought a couple of weeks ago.
"Why the hell is the default Eldar rifle not a first-strike weapon? All the Paths have tools to deal, or deal with, massed fire but the civilian militia get to run out and get shot before the enemy is in their engagement range?"

Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Doesn't make a lick of sense for the Eldar. That kind of crap is far more IG "-pour more bodies into the enemy fire, you'll have a barricade and shallow trenches after a couple of waves."

>> No.17028740

most people think the same.

It was pretty good with the Ulthwe strikeforce having fat BS4 guardian squads coming out of webway portals.. but aside from that an assault 1 S4 24" rifle would make more sense

>> No.17028783

He only noticed after being knocked down, after all he was up against a chaos marine who aren't known to be pushovers.

A Tau would just soil his armour then pass out from fear.

>> No.17028813

Back when they were introduced, Guardian Armour was one pip behind Power Armour (which was worse than Aspect Armour on average, only being better than one and worse than 3).

They just haven't scaled though the editions.

But the paper armour just doesn't make sense anyway.

>> No.17029783

What if OP?

If the Eldar meets one of it's fellow elves they'd probably disown him/her for having such bad taste.

>> No.17031213

>implying the rules match the fluff
Bro-tip: They don't.

>> No.17031252

tl;dr if they made rules match the fluff eldar would be OP.

>> No.17031294

>tl;dr if they made rules match the fluff eldar would be OP. But they would still get their asses kicked by Space Marines.


>> No.17031360

>If they made the rules match the fluff all armies would be OP

A 2000 point army would be one thousand Ork Boyz, a single space marine or half of a Grey Knight.

>> No.17031389

That reminded me of Slut Patrol, which made me happy. But then I remembered that there's only a little of Slut Patrol and there will never be more, which made me sad.

>> No.17031408

The battles would probably play out more like Necromunda, with small groups fighting in tiny settings strewn with a buttload of objectives.

>> No.17031455

If you fight Tau or Orks or Imperial guard as an Eldar or Space Marine player, simply let every kill you make count for ten.

Every squad of Tau killed is an entire strike force.

Every Leman Russ destroyed is a tank squadron wasted.

It makes everything so much more... tolerable.

And as an Ork player, it's just plain fun imagining 1000 Orks entering close combat with a Terminator, and only one Ork coming out alive.

>> No.17031465
File: 309 KB, 800x1131, DAT_Banshee_ASS by_DeadXCross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hiding from Eldar fire prisms
>duck into trench
>comrades dead
>surrender to the first thing that pops out of the mist
>sweating profusely
>raise lasrifle to fire, remember I'm out of power cells
>Eldar whores surrounding me
>they're all laughing and whispering among themselves, probably at me
>try to run for it
>Beg for mercy
>They call me 'mon-keigh'
>Banshee about to decapitate me
>spaghetti falls out of my flakjacket
>Banshee too confused to move
>run away crying like a bitch

Such is life in the 41st millennium.

>> No.17031623

I'd imagine an Eldar-human relationship to be more about courtly love rather than them fucking each other like rabbits. They'd have to be discreet about it, too, lest their colleagues grow suspicious.

>> No.17031690

>Tau technology is stone circles compared to Eldar.

Which is why Eldar guardians carry S3 guns that bounce of off Firewarriors 75% the time while Firewarriors carry S5 guns that turn Guardians into ash as if their armor wasn't even there. From 50% farther away.

The tech difference between Fire Warriors and Guardians is roughly like if the Tau were modern US heavy infantry and the Eldar were a starving Confederate grunt during the civil war.

Keeping in mind that the Eldar had 1000+ years to train and the Tau soldier is literally only 13-14 years old.

>> No.17031706
File: 288 KB, 800x483, Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_945761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw fellow /k/omrade

>> No.17031716

Shuricats are S4, broseph. But yeah, other than that your point stands, Eldar hypertech is surprisingly lame.

>> No.17031738

>implying spaghetti out of pockets comes out of /k/

>> No.17031761


Rules =/= fluff bro. Otherwise 4 marines should take out an entire 2000 point army easily.

>> No.17031770

isn't that a /v/ thing?

>> No.17031799

Okay fluff then Cain mentions that Tau Floaty metal boxes make the Eldar Tech look like a cardboard box powered by a Honda City(non-turbo)

but you know Elfdar tech is still the most super awesome crystalmagitech.

>> No.17031860

I was thinking Guardian lasguns, catapults are even worse due to having half the range.
Fluffwise Guardian Lasguns are just as powerful as human lasguns (or significantly worse compared to Hellguns) and catapults can barely go through a inch of ceramite while Pulse rifles penetrate 18 inches of rockcrete and are a serious problem to marine armor.

>> No.17031925

It's a /b/ thing, so most boards use it to some extent.

>> No.17031969

>catapults can barely go through a inch of ceramite
Funny. Part of the fluff say they effortlessly slice through steel, plasteel and enemy armours.

>> No.17031975

It is a newfriend thing.

A reaction image is obviously a reaction image.
There is no need to say >mfw

It is already implied by your use of the image, but along came some newfriends and then suddenly people commonly use it.

>> No.17032002


Cain even says they almost got pegged by a Crisis Battle Suit that was many kilometers away, firing at a Salamander Command Vehicle driven by Jurgen. And he always has it floored and jinking all over.

Fluffwise, Tau are ridiculous to fight against because of their range and power. Crunchwise...HAHAHAHAHA

>> No.17032010

Well, mfw was originally "my face when" and was only used when actually telling stories. Since it was banned and thus turned into a meaningless acronym, it's being used all the time for absolutely no reason.

But anyway, I was talking about the whole spaghetti pockets thing.

>> No.17032055

Woah. Are you saying Tau technology is almost comparable to the technology we have now?

Goddamn, they win the setting easily.

>> No.17032200

The amount of sarcasm in this post combined with the reality of this post makes me a sad man.

>> No.17032290

Tabletop representations don't mesh well with background.

On the tabletop that shuriken catapult -- a civilian's weapon, mind you -- is nowhere near as potent as a boltgun or a pulse rifle.
In the background, however, shuriken weapons cut through light armor.

The distinction between Tau and Eldar is that Eldar have transcended the need for electronics; their equipment largely relies on psychic power. That's why they have things like Bonesingers who build shit from scratch by shaping wraithbone.
Even then, though, that doesn't necessarily mean that just because they're more advanced they'll have more deadly killing implements. Eldar often have more unconventional, esoteric weaponry like the planet-killer devices they ended up fighting a war over in a short story, or even the Blackstone Fortresses, but yes their weaponry is comparable to Tau in terms of violence.

Stop it with the army vs. army pissing contest.

>> No.17032339
File: 169 KB, 580x481, 1319257994504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>army vs army pissing contest
>suddenly Necrons, in the meantime, take back the galaxy they ruled

>> No.17034175
File: 528 KB, 800x1390, Harlequin_Troop_Master___W40K_by_Sabtastic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know we are discussing Craftworld Eldar when we say Eldar, but what do other Eldar think?

I would imagine Exodites are the most racist/upholding of them all when it comes to sex with humans. They fled a society of hedonism, and I would imagine having sex with what is a lower being is hedonism.

The Craftworld Eldar, of course, have many prejudices that are already discussed.

The Dark Eldar are ironically I think, very accepting of relations with humans. Not only did they start out debased, but they have had millenia worth of human slaves in Commorragh. I would venture some even have human wives, along with generations upon generations of half-DE, or quarter-quater DE even. I would suppose cultural as well as genetics keep the Eldar portion strong and everpresent no matter how far down the generations. It seems the only way Commorragh would even survive, given Eldar biology as described by Xenology

The Harelequins are an already near-universally accepted in the human worlds. I would imagine they have many companions of other xeno, albiet all wanderers.

>> No.17034433


>> No.17034502

>The Dark Eldar are ironically I think, very accepting of relations with humans.

In terms of use and abuse, certainly. It's possible that a rare few who are intellegent and dangerous enough to survive and impress the upper echalons of Commorite society, might even be seen as mistresses, concubines and lovers rather than slaves and playthings. But Dark Eldar taking humans as wives and husbands? I can't see that happening at all. They're far too arrogant, prideful and self-obsessed to respect a human enough to form that sort of bond, either emotionally or socially. The numbers issue isn't a problem either - The DE codex describes how Haemonculus super-science sorted it out ages ago. Fertalised embryos are removed from the mother and speed-grown to maturity in tanks.

>> No.17034701
File: 287 KB, 435x792, Harlequin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder - the Xeno Hybris faction of Inquisitors generally believe in the goodness of aliens and what man can learn from them.

Have they perhaps tried to encourage hybrids, either through genetic experiments or subtle suggestions, to outright kidnap/forced sex of Eldar with Imperial citizens?

Also, it seems to me the Harelquins have some kind of relationship with humanity, since the Imperium allows them to freely travel and present their plays - likewise, the Harelquinns will just as gladly perform for Imperials (heck, even other xenos) as other Eldar would. At least from material that I have read. Is the situation any different in other material?

>> No.17034719


Eldar would look at it like you'd look at furries and zoophiles.

>inb4 they're the same thing.

>> No.17035310

Depends on the Eldar, doesn't it?

>> No.17036247


The Dark Eldar survive because they have mass cloning technology

>> No.17036268

The only conclusion that can be garnered from this thread is that /tg/ knows nothing about 40k fluff, and for that matter neither does GW.

>> No.17036305

>Harlequins are allowed to freely do what they want throughout Imperial space
[citation needed]

>> No.17036365
File: 9 KB, 250x188, 1320226179190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40K is grimdark most of us get that, however there are a foolish few who want to inject their moronic romantic fantasies and fetishes into the setting. They stretch, bend and distort the fluff in order to justify their foolishness.

They don't realize that the setting does not support this kind of stuff nor encourage it, but they do persist regardless.

>> No.17036376

Actually the setting does support it, as long as it ends badly and gets used as a cautionary tale by both species.

>> No.17036507

Well, considering they only travel via webway, it's hard to guess where they will go next, and also it's pretty hard to start a fight at plays that make Shakespeare look babby tier.

>> No.17036523

And it is those brave few we salute, for their brave attempts at ensuring the 41st millennium does not forget concepts like upright love, self-giving love, altruism, and dying to self.

>> No.17036542

Okay, but there's a difference between
>Harlequins go wherever they want, do whatever they want because no one can interdict them
>Harlequins have some kind of relationship with humanity, since the Imperium allows them to freely travel and present their plays
I have not seen anything in any fluff that says the Imperium sanctions them, I want to know where the hell you got that idea?

>> No.17036588

>The Dark Eldar are ironically I think, very accepting of relations with humans.
most canon on this subject has Dark Eldar treating humans as objects, and even comparing one to a dark eldar would be a heinous insult (loathe as I am to remember it, it was fairly prominent in the Daemonifuge comic)

In my opinion, I'd say they're even more attached to their own superiority than other eldar. Craftworlders and benevolent corsairs can at least hold a conversation with human beings on the same level, which (however unlikely) can lead to something more. Can you really see a dark eldar looking at a human as an equal.. or anything more than a (potentially dangerous) toy?

>> No.17036688

They don't. They just visit their old families.

>> No.17036698
File: 643 KB, 1024x1621, Racist Dark Eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(loathe as I am to remember it, it was fairly prominent in the Daemonifuge comic)

Why does this comic get so much hate? It's decent and not so bad.

>> No.17036798

I just don't like it. The art, the story.. not for me

>> No.17036943


"So... son... How does being black feel like?"

>> No.17037100
File: 17 KB, 140x140, Abaddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>brave few
Filth! Scum!

They should be flayed alive while everything they hold dear is stripped away from them. Drown them in the GRIM DARKNESS!

As long as it feeds into the Grimdark, then it is fine.

>> No.17037499

sauce on this?

>> No.17038017

go to /rs/: Daemonifuge. Chapter 3 is missing.

>> No.17038095
File: 74 KB, 732x496, 240685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't you dare to speak about grimdark Abby, you are the comic relief!

>> No.17038144

>Eldar are frail weak sickly superadvanced high cultured high tech psychics.
Stop playing so much D&D.

All Eldar are genetically engineered super-soldiers.

>> No.17038175

Somebody should tell him that, no matter what score Fable gave him for it, no one's a badass in a topknot, and he should consider a change of pace.

>> No.17038764
File: 56 KB, 300x300, 1268466190037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How do I explain this? Its not as if they are held as equals...but something not alltogether scum.

I suppose its kind of like how Alexis de Tocqueville explained in "Democracy In America", how the south treated blacks versus the north. I'll see if I can copypasta the relevant page.

>> No.17038871
File: 215 KB, 800x800, Unyuuabaddonhug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well at least that explains why you were stripped of your arms

>> No.17039047
File: 902 KB, 1202x2914, Oh boy here we go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17039070

Y'know what never gets brought up with that diorama? That whoever made it clearly has some skill at what modeling/painting.

>> No.17039093

Argh, can't find the page online, Ill have to type it from my own copy later

The book in general is good. You all should give it a read.

>> No.17039108

inb4 CS MultiGoto's wacked-out Eldar fetishes

>> No.17039347


Bottom left slide

"War. War never changes"

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