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So, I have decided that my job is now useless, and my personal performance no longer matters (Yay understaffed helpdesk!) so I have decided to throw cautions to the wind, and surf/post on 4chan at work.

Does anyone else here hate everything forever? Despise a loathsome coworker that does noting, drags down the workplace, and otherwise makes your day a stressful hell? This is the thread for you!

In an attempt to cohesively make this a /tg/ relevant thread:

Gaming Pet peeves: list what you HATE, gripe at the people who do it, tell 'em off and tell them how it really makes you want to rape their eye-holes with knives!

>FUCK roger, why dont you ever pay any damn attention?! are you depressed or something? ar eyo unot feeling "speshul" enough in the game? We have like, 6 regular dudes, you included! you will have the spotlight when you demand it fucker! participate more!

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Everything forever? No. But I do get mildly annoyed at one of my elderly female coworkers who is mostly deaf, so she can't hear instructions, and dumb as a post so that even once she's heard you, she doesn't understand what you've just told her to do, resulting in her not doing anything and me doing her job on top of mine. And then she's going to complain that I get paid more than she does, without considering the fact that I do more work in ten minutes than she does in an hour. I've told her straight up, and my boss has backed me up, that when she can perform at my level, she'll get paid the same amount.

As for gaming pet peeves: Players who insist on breaking theme with what the DM has planned for the setting. We're playing Shadowrun, and you want to play Shaggy from Scooby Doo. We're playing Fallout PnP and you want to play a clone of Cloud from FF7. We're running high-end action/comedy spy campaign a-la Austin powers and you want to play a re-fluffed Khorne Berserker. We're trying to play a star Wars campaign and you run cleric of Sigmar. Seriously, at least TRY to match your character concept to the setting. Guys like that always set me on edge. We're putting effort into our immersion. why can't you?

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Another gaming peeve I have: respect for other people's property. If I lend a person a gaming book, i expect it back in the same condition i got it in. Not doodled all over, not falling apart, not stained with coffee and soda. If we're all sitting at a table together and you've forgotten your dice, don't just reach over and grab a handful of mine. I'm happy to share IF you ask permission first. But just rudely grabbing my property and mixing them in with yours and someone else's? Not just rude, but also bad karma.

On the subject of rudeness: If it's my turn and am going to use three complex sentences to describe my character's action, please don't interrupt me twice per sentence or try to redirect my statements. You play your character, and I'll play mine. Wait for me to finish my declaration before questioning or debating my action. Don't just but in mid-word.Sometimes I swear I'm the only person at the table who has ever learned any manners. Did nobody else's parents ever beat good manners into them?

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>Did nobody else's parents ever beat good manners into them?
*raises hand*

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why not relax?

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I agree with all the above:
>not paying attention to the game
>being incompetent even when given instructions
>breaking the theme
>damaging/taking people's things
>interrupting other players doing stuff

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I know this is universal, but I hate my particular that guy. Every time I start writing up a semblance of a coherent story, he runs off to rape and ruin things. He doesn't always start off like this, but he usually ends up like it.

Also, grats to throwing caution to the wind, OP, if you don't take things into your own hands, they'll never make things better for you.

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How does he change to that? Does anything stop him, like a plot that gets him interested?

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Nobody cares about your shitty job. Fuck your whining, let's have a Thulsa Doom thread instead!

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Bitches for thulsa doom!

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My child, why do you thwart me so?

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please do not take these items

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Butt for Doom.

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Tink has never been hotter.

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>Thulsa's post deleted.

Not a single fuck was given.

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This is the chick I was looking for.

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>deleting Thulsa Doom
>bitches show up anyway
>Thulsa Doom is pleased from beyond the grave

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>this thread

All of my boners. Keep up the good work, /tg/ bros.

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>that Rarity

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>not dat Applejack

Nignog, what is wrong with you.

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Hate everything ever? You live in a world in which for less than the price of a turkey, you can own--and listen to as many times as you'd like--the entirety of the collected works of Beethovan, Mozart, and DMX.

I find it rather difficult to hate anything when I bear that fact in mind. God be praised, Thulsa Doom be bitch'd, and may all infidels everywhere weep in defeat: Winter is coming, but Itunes stands tall.

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This thread, makes you wanna stop hating life.

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Who is that?

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Bringing the bitches

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>not Fluttertrap

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>mod deletes ALL THE BITCHES



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Careful Anon, janitor-kun is awake

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What? Is bitches for Thulsa Doom not okay any more?

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Apparently not, dude.
Mods been coming down on Thulsa Doom hard these last few months.

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Funny this sounds like the last helpdesk job i had.

First manager was useless, kept telling us not to ask him anything because he doesnt know anything. Literally his own words.

Got transferred away. Then we had no manager till the big boss promoted some kid to be the manager instead of, you know, one of the people in the helpdesk who knew how things worked

Also our team leader had blood poisoning or some shit and we had no team leader for months.

I logged and closed more cases than anyone else in the helpdesk and i was constantly insulted by someone retard who wasnt even part of the helpdesk.

So i just said, fuck it, and did the minimum amount of work since my performance obviously didnt matter.

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i'm more confused as to why noh got deleted

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Poor guy. He just wants to bring scantily-clad cheer to /tg/.

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>100+ posts itt
>all but a dozen or so deleted
There is a god.

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>Mod constantly deleting posts mentioning bitches ever existing

We were just trying to make this guy's shitty day better. Jesus Christ.

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>saved all the pics before thread wipe

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>mfw bitches are apparently no longer allowed

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Obviously doing cool shit for no reason is also a bannable offense on /tg/.


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>implying this is /s/

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Dun dun dundun dun dun dunnnnnnnn...
(Banjo duel. Since it doesn't translate well.)

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Whatever. We'll go make our own thread with bitches. And Thulsa Doom.

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>implying board rules actually matter on 4chan of all places to anyone except trolls, autists, and whiners.

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>implying that /tg/ doesn't have plenty of room for bitches, too



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>SFW pictures deleted.

Mod confirmed for ruining the board.

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>implying those pictures were NSFW

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The gloves are off, humanist pigdog. I am going to break you on the wheel. NOBODY denies a Serb his bitches.

Fucking nobody. You prepare your fucking anus.

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Do you want people to start posting ponies everywhere on /tg/?

Rules are rules, and we're better off for them.

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Bitches is bitches, and we're better off for them.

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I don't see a rule specifically against posting SFW pictures of chicks.

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>but that's against the ruuruus!

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So? Who gives a fuck if they start posting my little ponies as long as it's fun to look at?

Christ ya'll turned into little bitches since this place first started...

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But it isn't against the rules, you wolf cunt! It's mostly-clad women with exposed midriffs! We weren't dropping porn, flare, Touhou, or any of the other shit that hitherto has been prohibited!

What the fuck, if mostly-naked women are against the rules, what fantasy artwork isn't!? It's a cornerstone of goddamn Sword & Sorcery!

I will fight you! I will fucking fight you all!

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i do in fact miss the crazy derp old days. nostalgia-ing pretty hard for when people would in fact whatever they wanted here if it was related to the interests of the people on /tg/.

which is a pretty damned big difference between "just /tg/ related"

i miss the old days of writing fapfics for /tg/, they are gone now.

/rest in peace xiombarg's storyteller et al.

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>Do you want people to start posting ponies everywhere on /tg/?

Why the fuck does anyone in their right mind care the smallest bit about that? We may never know.

Even if you serbs are STILL losing parts of your country for some reason, that's no reason to whine on /tg/.

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>people post bitches
>janitor deletes ALL OF THEM
>some faggot posts scat
>janitor lets it ride

Janitor confirmed for worst-tier faggot.

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...maybe he just likes pooping girls?

>> No.17023498

Making him a worst-tier faggot, like I said, yeah.

>> No.17023499


>Why is the mod allowing scat, but not bitches?

Like always, you're asking the wrong question.

The real question is...who is posting to scat?

>> No.17023500

He looks bad enough already, trying to shove him in deeper will get us nowhere.

>> No.17023505

>who is posting to scat?


>> No.17023508

>The Question is implying the Janitor is posting the scat

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So wait a minute. Let me get this straight. I leave 4chan for like 5 years, only to come back and find people bitching about not following nonsensical "rules" BUT BITCHING ABOUT KAWAII SCHOOL GIRLS POOPING?!?

The fuck is going on around here?

This some fall-asleep-for-100-years-and-waking-up-to-find-apes-rule-the-earth shit right here. Fuck.

>> No.17023524

They're bitching about the janitor trolling them. Pay attention.

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Does anyone still ahve the Tinkerbell stuff? Didn't get to save it.

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/tg/ confirmed for next board to get axed.

>> No.17023557

All my boners.

Definitely playing a Pixie pirate in 4e whenever I next get the chance.

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I love you

>> No.17023580

Ehhhhhh, she's not pooping. Don't go overboard.

>> No.17023586

Never has this image been more appropriate.

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