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Why is it that no race in the entire 40k setting has conquered true FTL travel? Not even the Old Ones or Necrons (lol 5th edition re-write) could develope it. Is it physicly imposible to go faster than light in the 40k universe or something?

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Yes its physically impossible to go faster than light. Also in real life although theories have started surfacing that this may not be completely true it is the extent of our current knowledge on the subject and 40k mirrors this.

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Necrons have actual FTL travel for individuals and structures, but don't bother using it on ships, probably because they really like trolling the eldars.

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In the 40k verse?

Yes, if not then DAoT humanity would have undoubtly done it.

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Necron Thread?


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arguably though, they had Warp technology, they already had viable rapid-travel technology, they probably just kept souping that up, rather than develop a completely new tech from scratch

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>Yes its physically impossible

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This essentially means it will be possible soon.

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The Tyranids have FTL travel.

You mad, necrons?


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You mean the 15,000+ results over 3 years with also concurring results in a modified expierent with neutrinos arriving before light is a theory?

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They bend space though so it's not faster. Just a much shorter distance.

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This is a perfect opportunity to ask a question that has plagued me for a while. Can you still make a ship go really fast in sphess without FTL drives ( I'm not saying real life because as far as I know the warp doesn't exist, if it did we'd be up to our knee's in chaos gods now)

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sorry dude, but necrons now perform cheesy comedy monologues, the old days of the dawn of war: dark crusade electronical buzzing have ended.

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Define "really fast"

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Necrons can do it. They have all kinds of tesseract based equipment. That's not technically FTL though and new codex says they use the Webway a lot despite not needing to. I guess it takes less energy or something. (Even though they use like zero-point energy and shouldn't care. Whatever.)

Imperium pretty much must have some FTL drive in their libraries of misplaced Dark Age tech. They may only have one, not know how to use it and have forgotten where they put it, but they do technically have it. Somewhere. It's kind of a rule of thumb about DAoT relics that "there is something in there that can do any sci-fi cliche you need"

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>Dawn of War

Even then it had a talkative pariah.

Deceiver and the Necron Lord in xenology both had cheesy monologues. GW's been consistent, relic full of faggotry,

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Necrons have FTL.

Problem is it would still take months or years to cross the galaxy.

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Can you go faster than light without something that allows you to go faster than light? No.

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>Imperium pretty much must have some FTL drive in their libraries of misplaced Dark Age tech. They may only have one, not know how to use it and have forgotten where they put it, but they do technically have it. Somewhere. It's kind of a rule of thumb about DAoT relics that "there is something in there that can do any sci-fi cliche you need"

Emps would have saved it if they had had it. He was tinkering with the webway because fuck warp travel.

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>Can you still make a ship go really fast in sphess without FTL drives ( I'm not saying real life

You can do anything you like with the power of imagination!

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Say, something that will enable us to leave our solar system in a week

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They commanded their armies in silence, just like the spooky doom robots they were supposed to be, and immortals didnt talk, now they do..........and they are awful at it

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Theory to straighten up GW's bullshit:

Necron ships COULD use FTL in the form of pocket-dimensions, and did use it back in the War in Heavens, the same way individual necron squads do. But back then, it still didn't allow them to enter the Webway, where the Old Ones were hiding. And now, each of these wormholes and parallel dimensions is owned by a specific dynasty, that won't allow others to enter it, and creating new ones is very fastidious. That's why they only use it within a few planets.

So, instead, they use the webway as a collective highway.

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Gee: http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1109/1109.4897.pdf
and the linking page: http://arxiv.org/abs/1109.4897v2
And the news article before it: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/nov/18/neutrinos-still-faster-than-light

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Don't forget: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15791236

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It's a shame they nerfed immortals down to previous-codex Warriors with a Str 5 gun.

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I don't see what that has to do with going faster than light without having something that allows you to go faster than light.

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Oh yes.

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Those neutrinos aren't being propelled, thus it has everything to do with your statement

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A neutrino isn't a person or a ship.

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god forbid you should actually have to protect your heavy weapons teams like every other army.
>Oesnthe COPE
exactly, Captcha.

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Doesn't matter, your statement never specified persons or ships, or any matter-based object.

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The neutrino thing is a mess up. They are messing up some where.


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Quick! Take a limo to China!

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Well, let's set the edge of the solar system as the widest limit of pluto's ellipitical orbit of 49 AU.
Better make that 50, the math is easier.

Now and AU is the distance of from Earth to the Sun. Now, as we know light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach us. So the distance between us and the sun is 8 Light Minutes. Or 480 light seconds.
The distance in light minutes between Pluto and the Sun is 400 light minutes (about).
So we need a way of travelling at least 57.15 light minutes a day. Which is just under 2.4 light minutes an hour.

Effectively this means that we'll have to be going... uh I've lost my place.

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> lol 5th edition re-write
Until Battlefleet Gothic gets updated and removes their Inertialess Drive rule, it's still canon.

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I said you and the poster I was replying to was talking about a ship.

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They forgot to compensate for the speed of the satellites, as I recall.

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Yeah, I'll just pull one out of my ass


ok lets go

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okay, let me hijack your thread, since the thread about Xeno and such was mistaken for a troll thread and deleted.

so, as I said, the idea about Xeno using a STC as a couch and the AdMech (among which Anima) trying to steal it is nice, but there could be a funnier way of using it than as a couch.

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Sure they are, would you like to point out the mess up in their findings? Oh wait, if you had the expertise to say so, why would you be on here?

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Hey, /tg/. Relative 40k newfag here - trawled the blogs, played on Vassal, but never actually built models. If I make a listing of what I will have come the end of next month, could you guys try to put together a good 1000 or 1500 point list?

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For what army?

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Not if I don't wanna.

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You won't need eyes to see where this threads going.

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Newcrons. I was going to go with oldcrons or nurgle marines, but then the new codex popped and I went with it.

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Which is the same speed a normal warp travel while still being a million times more reliable.

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If that's so it'd only be if the satellite is coming closer to the target thus reducing the distance, if it's the other way it's even more telling.

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What are you talking about?

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Both the Nids and the Newcrons have true FTL.
The Newcrons use the webway as well, the Nids fly around in FTL hive ships called Narwhals - not be be confused for the Jedi of the sea.

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No wait I got it! 1/25th of the speed of light! Which is 43,200,000 kph. Or 26,840,000 mph.

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So 10 times faster than we are currently going with space ships.

Seems possible.

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I'm guessing that's how fast the dark age settlers were going then?

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You need to reread his post. He's not asking about FTL.

go really fast? Yes. But IIRC the hard-limit for most matter is 0.5C, or one-half the speed of light. An object's mass increases as it approaches the speed of light. Theoretically, once you hit half the speed of light, any increase in speed or energy exerted on the object will be mirrored by a corresponding increase in mass, necessitating more power to move it at the same speed, and negating the speed increase. Without a rule-breaker like FTL travel or space-bending, half the speed of light is a hard limit. The balance point where no matter how much energy you expend to accelerate, you'll never go any faster. Of course, this assumes that the object (presumably a ship) can withstand the amounts of energy needed to get it up to that speed in the first place, and is capable of generating that much power (both of which are highly unlikely given modern technological limits).

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What I'll Have:
> Two Barges - annihilation or command.
> One Ark - Ghost or Doomsday.
> 1 Scythe - Night or Doom. Scratch-built from a friend in Canada
> 6 Scarabs.
> 5 Shield and Sword lychguard from the best person I know. Locked into Shield and Sword
> 10 of any combination of Deathmarks, Immortals, or Crypteks.
> 24 Warriors.
> 2 Overlords or Lords from the Barges - If used as a Lord, I'll be grabbing another Overlord.

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FTL doesn't have to be very fast, not on the galactic scale at least, it's possible that the Necrons use both, but they use the webway for vast distances.

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>An object's mass increases as it approaches the speed of light.
It's totally wind resistance from space-air that is seemingly increasing the mass. We just need to make it ships sleeker and put space-spoilers on them.

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You could possible use wormholes to go faster then light.

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This, I dont know why they tell me FTL is impossible without the warp when even before the war in heaven they had galactic communication systems, a galactic empire of their own, wormholes that can connect to distant tombworlds, teleportation everywhere, and (later) flayed ones that can randomly appear anywhere in the galaxy through pocket dimensions.

Its inconsistent, and the line was probably only put their to stroke the egos of the warp fan boys. If you ask me the only reason to create the dolmen gates was to smoke the old ones out of their holes in the closing days in the war.

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humankind already had FTL travel, just forgot how it works

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Source on that?

>> No.17016786

Humans only used the warp.

>> No.17016794

Demonstratably not true, see Horus Heresy's comments on the Warp. Also, why it's called the Warp in the first place.

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Or we just figure out artificial gravity or some kind of inertia control. Once we get there pretty much everything should fall into place.

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Do wormholes actually exist

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They do in 40k.

>> No.17016809

In theory, yes.

There are suppose to be some inside black holes.

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So no one is ever gonna try it. Ever. Because that sounds fucking stupid ( actually trying to use a wormhole)

>> No.17016821

We've not found any.

>> No.17016823

I don't think we've actually observed one, but most physicists seem to think they do. Most physicists will probably argue that they don't do what most sci-fi writers say they do, but since we've yet to bottle and dissect one, we don't know for certain.

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>daemons can and have tried to invade Necron pocket dimensions

Wow...daemons really have a death wish. Would be gruesome for them if they invaded the Flayed Ones home dimension

>> No.17016828

It's not stupid, it's really fucking hard to do.

You are bending spacetime into a bridge between itself.

>> No.17016832


I suppose that observation is relative, right?Whether you're moving faster than light physically or contracting space ahead of you to go faster, in a way it doesn't matter.

If you get from point A to point B faster than light could ordinarily, then really, you've gone faster than light. That you've 'cheated' by compressing the universe is a technicality.

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You underestimate the minions of Khorne, anon!

>> No.17016843

Necrons > Khorne

Necrons are really fucking messed up

>> No.17016849

How's this? The minions of the blood god, created wholecloth from the urge to kill in all ways, are worse than corrupted robots who kill only to attempt to taste flesh?

>> No.17016852

But unlinke daemons they can be killed.

>> No.17016861

Daemons can be swallowed up by the tides of the warp if they are banished there again

>> No.17016867


Necrons don't die, they just wait to respawn.

>> No.17016874

They can die permanently though.

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0.5c isn't a hard limit. A ship firing its engines will continue to gain velocity. It's just that around 0.5c you will start to notice diminishing returns on velocity gains (lol relativity).

>> No.17016893

So can demons, but Necrons can travel between more dimensions and completely ignore them sometimes.

>> No.17016898

I thought the diminishing returns started long before that.

>> No.17016911

Daemons can't die unless their patron wills it, the best that the greatest Daemonhunters can do is to trap them.
Necrons on the other hand can die if you fuck them up hard enough.

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Please Read These Posts

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Fortunatly for necrons they invented the tesseract labryths that the grey knights use (and the grey knights only have a couple of them). If they're are an infinate amount of daemons the necrons can create an infinate amount of dimensions to fill up.

Dont think the chaos gods will last long with all of their minions (i.e. parts of their will) scattered in inescapable prisons.

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Please Capitalise Every Sentence

>> No.17016966

I Like Title Case.

>> No.17016975

This is moot point anyway the Psyk-out tech will instantly send them back into the warp if they invaded a necron owned pocket dimension anyway. Hell they could construct a dimension entirely composed of anti-warp matter if they wanted, their dimension their rules.

>> No.17016995

What chance do the Necrons have of catching all daemon without suffering retribution when the Grey Knights have only managed to catch a scant few?

>> No.17017012

The Necron codex says that the daemons are quite happy to fuck with the Necron dimensions.

>> No.17017029


There are literally trillions of necrons, with unlimited access to their own tech, and no religious belief that you must chant the ritual of gotta catch 'em all before you toss the ball.

So a pretty good chance. That is, if the necrons felt like hunting demons.

Pic related.

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Cause necrons aren't steroid fed retards from space and could ulitilize their own tech better than space monkeys?

>> No.17017033

>He was tinkering with the webway because fuck warp travel.

yeah cos that worked out so well for him and humanity in general

>> No.17017063

I'm sure they could try to get in but there are no stories of their successes are there? Want in all you want, hell even if you get in it wont matter because as soon as you breach (impossible given their probably isn't a single soul to corrupt in a necron pocket dimension) they kick you out instantly because of their tech or traps they make to prevent forced entry.

>> No.17017095

Sorry, but it says that there dimensional bullshit is no defence against the daemons.

>> No.17017096

Remember, Khorne, nurgle, Slanesh, and tzeentch didn't exist when the Necrons went to sleep, which means they are wholly unfamiliar with most 'standard' demons. Hell, The Warp was peaceful, for the most part, back when they were at their height of power. That means that, while they could probably create demonic roach-motels, they have no clue the extent of Chaos's power and influence. All they knew about was The Old Ones, The Orks and Eldar and other Old-One-Created servant races, and the Enslavers. Tau, Humans, Nids, and Chaos are all new to them.

>> No.17017100

Why do they even want to get in a place filled with big bad machine men armed with sharp sticks and nasty blasters?

>> No.17017113

To corrupt the space and fuck the machine men up?

>> No.17017118

i didn't think the cern-san grasso experiment involved satellites?

>> No.17017125

Probably dont see it as an effective use of their time TBH. They dont have souls and an instantly banish them with their tech anyway. Daemons cant be a threat to anyone but the younger races, which is a good thing for crons because it just gives the opposing races one more thing to worry about while they rebuild their empire.

>> No.17017126

Why Chaos must be number 1 at everything and OP I don't know

>> No.17017132

Now that's just rude. How would they feel if someone invaded their home and trashed it up?

>> No.17017144

aren't they warp storms and warp rifts like the Eye of Terror and it's ilk in 40k?

>> No.17017146

Most important question in this thread.

Can a Necron fall to Chaos like men of iron?

>> No.17017155

It says they want in, big deal. They also have null matrices that make all daemons just disappear within a system sized radius. I'm sure daemons would love to wreck their shit...good luck.

>> No.17017172

there's little reason why they would do it on their own volition (if they still have it)

or, a bunch of chaos dudes can help an ost of daemons possess an army of necrons after smashing their psyk-out material.

so, it's technically possible

>> No.17017179

>Why Chaos must be number 1 at everything and OP I don't know

is Chaos' thing. It's not really making them overpowered.

Because... Chaos?

>> No.17017181

i thought necrons just hated life because that's what the C'Tan did to them when the "meched" up, so they don't want to taste flesh, just eradicate it for being there

>> No.17017189

Nope living metal is immune to physical corruption/possession. Necrons have no souls to corrupt. They have tech that can expel any daemonic/warp presence. If all of these fail (extremely fucking unlikely but fanboys will argue) they instantly self destruct into nothingness.

Sorry no chaos Necrons

>> No.17017195

Word In A Sentence

>> No.17017212

only destroyer cults

>> No.17017225

Then realising they have been comprimised, port back to home tomb/ a different tomb Psyk-out tech proceeds to expel daemon or they self-destruct.

Warp shananigans aren't new

>> No.17017227


>one day sergei dropped the wormhole in a bottle
>and russia became alpha centauri

>> No.17017230

It doesn't say that they want in, it says that it offers no defence against them and the daemons just consider it strawberry flavoured ice cream.

>They also have null matrices that make all daemons just disappear within a system sized radius

It says that the null fields can cause them to flicker, but also that null fields are delicate.

>> No.17017237

how can they decide this, if they are being controlled by daemons?

>> No.17017250

>Nope living metal is immune to physical corruption/possession.


>Necrons have no souls to corrupt.

Even rocks can be corrupted.

>They have tech that can expel any daemonic/warp presence.

They can try.

>If all of these fail (extremely fucking unlikely but fanboys will argue) they instantly self destruct into nothingness.


>> No.17017265

I'm sure it would depend on the daemon a greater daemon would flicker until he got close enough to the thing then vanish altogether. You still need to get close to the thing to destroy it. Also it's new tech, give them a century or two and daemons wont matter anymore.

>> No.17017269

to even have flickering daemons, you have to get daemons there in the first place. Unless there's a huge warp storm nearby, it will be fucking hard to summon daemons.

>> No.17017272

>new tech

no it's not, it dates back to the war against the Old Ones.

>> No.17017303

>I'm sure it would depend on the daemon a greater daemon would flicker until he got close enough to the thing then vanish altogether.

It's not said that the strength of the field increases with the proximity of the matrices.

>Also it's new tech, give them a century or two and daemons wont matter anymore.

It was made during the War in Heaven, it's hardly new.

>to even have flickering daemons, you have to get daemons there in the first place. Unless there's a huge warp storm nearby, it will be fucking hard to summon daemons.

But it's not some form of absolute defence.

>> No.17017305

The self destruct source is in the codex. If they feel compromised and cant phase out, to prevent lesser races from acquiring the tech or prevent further corruption of systems they still self-destruct. It makes an eerie green glow that looks just like phase out and leaves nothing behind; this makes it impossible to know if your really put a necron down for good.

>> No.17017329

No the codex says they are a recent development, the closing days in the war in heaven ( which is like 200 years if you were in statis that whole time).

>> No.17017344

just perform the possession ritual while they're asleep

problem solved

>> No.17017353

>implying necrons sleep

>> No.17017355

>closing days in the war in heaven

>> No.17017366

Where in the codex? It's not under Null Field Matrices at least. Not that it matters much, the dynasties are broken up and only some crypteks would know enough about that branch of technology to try and improve on it.

>> No.17017372

>implying that they don't.

>> No.17017380

Because Chaos is the big bad of the setting.

>> No.17017413

Yeah because mechanius have had such am astounding track record on tombworlds (dark or otherwise).

>> No.17017446

Give them time, they can turn opponents into dwarf stars in gentleman's duels. I'm sure 1 or 2 could perfect it in a century or two.

>> No.17017491

yfw neutrinos can enter and exit the warp...
scientists have proven this already.
waiting for the first demonic possession case in cern...

>> No.17017571

Magic > science.

Dealwiddit Necrofags.

>> No.17017611

really wish I had that Image from the antman comic proving it wrong.
Along the lines of, i'm sure magic requires proper incantations but I used my cognitive dampener to prevent you from using coherent sentences.

>> No.17017626

then the other guy says something like, muffin flower seizure button.

It was fucking hilarious.

>> No.17017647


Come at me, fleshling.

>> No.17017648

That was a good page. Don't have that, but I've got this.

>> No.17017654

Magic doesn't have to make sense. Science does. SCIENCE! is just magic with different wands, and a win for SCIENCE! is actually a win for magic.
Phaeron, Orb, Scarabs: 140
5 Lychguards, Shields: 225
- Cryptek of Destruction, Gaze: 45
20 Warriors: 260
- Cryptek of Transmogrification, Crucible: 40
Ghost Ark: 115
5 Immortals, Tesla: 85
Annihilation Barge: 90


How's this look?

>> No.17017662

But Tzeench is all about magic AND science.

>> No.17017672

>Magic doesn't have to make sense.
Actually, it does, it just makes a different kind of sense. Scientifically, boiling a bunch of various animal and plant parts together and reciting some words shouldn't cure cancer, however, if you do not use the right dosage, words, and/or preparation time and steps, the magic will fail and won't work. Magic doesn't have no rules, it just has a different set of them.

>> No.17017688

Right.. going to put to rest this typical bullshit of "No more Necron FTL Ships"

It's never said anywhere that they don't have FTL travel, but it is said they use the webway to transport long distances, people need to actually look at how traveling FTL still means it's hard to move around in space.

A Necron ship could move at twice the speed of light.. but their destination could still be 60 lightyears away.. that means it'll still take 30 years to get there, while the webway is an easily accessed subspace, able to take you there in no time.

>> No.17017691

>He thinks having to make sense is a weakness.
Enjoy your perils of the warp flesh fags.

>> No.17017693

This one?

>> No.17017711

physically impossible stopping something in 40k from happening?
sword vs tank
sword > tank
sword wins

>> No.17017712

There's a difference between something having rules and those rules making sense. If I declare that anyone in a purple shirt is to be beaten until they cannot stand, that's a rule. It does not, however, make sense. Magic's rules exist, but there's no reasoning behind them.
It's not a weakness, it's simply a lesser strength. Besides, necrons run on SCIENCE! anyway, which as noted is just magic with different trappings.
BFG is still canon. When BFG updates Necrons to not have Inertialess Drives, Necrons will no longer have Inertialess Drives.

>> No.17017718

But they have wormholes/pocket dimensions for instant transportation anywhere. Why bother? Only reason i can see for them still using the webway is to troll Eldar and act as a spess elf enema for the webway.

>> No.17017727

"Any sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from Magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

>> No.17017728


Purple shirt crippling makes alot more sense than everything being waves.

which is true.

>> No.17017729

> anywhere
Wormholes only connect black hole <--> white hole, and pocket dimensions have their weaknesses, they just aren't the weaknesses four-dimension space has.

>> No.17017732


40k magic doesn't have clearly defined rules in fluff.

Once people thing they've neatly sorted everything, a Culexus Daemonhost or something pops up from somewhere. Combined with the obsessive nature of fans this results in a shitstorm, various forums have massive threads that consist of arguing about a single sentence and one of the few authors who dared to talk with the fanbase cut down his forum presence because every new publication causes a flamewar and raging about power levels.

>> No.17017752

"Arthur C. Clarke is a stinky butthole" - Me

>> No.17017758

considering nightscythes and monliths have 2 way wormholes to a tomb world we can assume that they don;t work in the way you traditionally think.

>> No.17017764

Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!" — Agatha Heterodyne

>> No.17017765


Necrons are "doomed to isolation" without dolmen gates.

Yes, despite having dimension hopping and Night Scythe wormholes that allow instantaneous interplanetary travel mentioned a few pages further.

>> No.17017773

possession is the least of our worries....

>> No.17017785

Oh my god, they have plushies! The fiends!

>> No.17017817

Actually even 40k fluff does have rules, even if their are only a few of them. The further away from the eye the harder it is to summon daemons and call upon the warp. The more you call upon the warp the more likely it will consume you. The chaos gods exist from sentient emotion so warp activity out side of the galactic rim is alot calmer.

Their are rules, I know its hard to believe but even chaos has some order to it.

>> No.17017839


Dude, Chaos ALWAYS has order. Why do you think that people study random stuff IRL?

you can always model it.

Also, I am imagining chaos statisticians and actuaries.

>> No.17017841

>and one of the few authors who dared to talk with the fanbase cut down his forum presence because every new publication causes a flamewar and raging about power levels.
Was that ADB? Either fuck him or whoever told him what to write for "Fear the Alien." That was a bullshit entry.

>> No.17017842

lol i went there once on a school trip for a week. it was awesome. we weren't allowed into the tunnels because it was still a building site then, but we had the run of the campus and we got to see the some of the other experiments they were working on

>> No.17017848

what was the name of the book Eisenhorn went after in one of his stories? the one with the weird spider creatures in the super-geometric caves

>> No.17017863


We have no evidence that the difficulty of daemon summoning is linked to the Eye. It's never stated and instances of Greater Daemons and daemon princes appearing in Segmentum Ultima and other such places abound.

The more you call upon the warp the more likely it will consume you is also only true for certain individuals. Grey Knights are one obvious example of an exception. You practically never see possessed eldar in fluff either.

Then there are those fuckpowerful psykers who haven't been consumed, Cacodominus, Emperor, Tigurius...

>> No.17017864

Actually, a fantasy/sci-fi author said something similar as his way of telling his fellow authors to stop trying to explain magic in their books. Because the ore logic you try to put into it, the more the readers will think of ways to break it or think of discrepancies or logical errors.

>> No.17017884

I'm quite sure that Jokaero, Necrons and to some extent Demons all have faster than light travel. I mention Demons because in the Warp the very idea of time doesn't exist, they could go anywhere they want whenever they want, they just have to be REALLY lucky.

>> No.17017889

> We have no evidence that the difficulty of daemon summoning is linked to the Eye. It's never stated and
Imma let you finish, but that's wrong. They state it in the 3e Chaos Marines book, on the page about Alpha Legion.

>> No.17017928

i believe his excuse was so he didn't have to explain how his shit worked

>> No.17017973


Then we have a contradictory statement to evidence we have in fluff. For example M'kar the Reborn summoned a daemonic legion in Ultramar, twice, with ease.

Just like how you can bind a daemon into a culexus, as revealed in the Horus Heresy series..

>> No.17018052


>> No.17018063


You got a problem with that, son?

>> No.17018083

Oh yeah! That part in the Novel Nemesis when Erebus sets the whole thing up and the Daemon withers in the end...fuck that novel was pretty aight.

>> No.17018108

"Positions" of the Sub-dimentions could be the reason. Perhaps they don't have a Galaxy spanning one, might as well use the Webway if you don't.

>> No.17018277

Just because it can be done doesn't mean it isn't harder to do.

>> No.17018305

Yeah this could just say more about how powerful M'kar is.

>> No.17018309

meeeh... warp travel is more effective. Five minutes in the warp could had taken 5 years on the real world, or 5 days on the warp could had been only 5 seconds on the real world.
It all depends on your luck and the tides of the warp =/

>> No.17018333

Or you could use a wormhole which is an million times more reliable and get there instantly. The only purpose for the dolmen gate IMHO is to kill whatever people might hide from necrons by entering the webway.

>> No.17018334

"If one were to construct a block of negative mass, and then attach it to a normal "positive" mass, the negative mass would fall towards the positive as does any mass toward any other. On the other hand, the negative mass would generate "negative gravity", and thus the positive mass (the spaceship itself generally) would fall away from the negative mass. If arranged properly, the distance between the two would not change, while they continued to accelerate forever. It has been argued that stability issues might arise."

>stability issues might arise

>> No.17018339

And let's not forget those odd few instances when you arrive earlier than when you left.

>> No.17018356


Yet we have no evidence of it.

In fact, the only place where it says "srsly damons is hrad to smoon" is in 3e Chaos codex, and somehow it was only hard for the Alpha Legion, not for Word Bearers or any other Chaos faction with activities around the galaxy - they did not suffer any restrictions.

It did not make any sense and that's why such restrictions are gone now. We have no evidence of daemon summoning being "harder" to anyone in the segmentum ultima than for anyone in the calixis sector. Therefore that bit in 3e CSM codex is void, no one adheres by it.

>> No.17018372

sauce for pic?

>> No.17018381

Event Horizon
Live action movie about humanity's first warp travel experiment before the Imperium

>> No.17018389

How does that make warp travel more effective, exactly? I just see a logistical nightmare.

>> No.17018406

My fanwank:
They have FTL. If you read the webway thing it mentions they infiltrated it in the War in Heaven, suggesting that the webway isn't their primary means of travel, but it was a tactical advantage to be able to storm the Old Ones on their home ground.

>> No.17018415

That's not a fanwank, that true.

1st day with the newcron codex discussion.

>> No.17018418


how the fck can you do that? colexus have no soul right? so they make demons go insane.

>> No.17018424

I agree

sorry to ask you again, but what was the name of that other grimdark sci-fi movie, set in a space prison where every character had the name of a biblical character? I believe Christophe Lambert played in it.

>> No.17018431

This whole "Newcrons don't not even have FTL" is bullshit, if you read the codex they still have it, but can fuck up Eldar by infiltrating the warp.

>> No.17018446

but then again, no one knows if the worm holes actually work like they think they do.

>> No.17018462

Possible other methods of FTL necrons might have that are mentioned:
-dimension-warping (used by flayed ones)
-wormholes (night scythes)
-monolith teleports
-"invasion beams" Zahndrekh uses in the background (pic related)

The codex is internally contradictory, but that's because someone at GW had a nefarious idea to short-circuit the brains of wardwagoners or something.

>> No.17018497

It doesn't really matter if they really work that way, they have been documented to work that way for the necrons. So, as far as a fluff discussion goes, there isn't really a reason for them to use the fluff other than to scour lesser races hiding in it.

>> No.17018508

fluff I meant warp


>> No.17018532


Webway to be specific, Necrons don't go to the Warp itself.

>> No.17018535

The warp will henceforth be known as The Fluff.

>> No.17018557

I honestly think the dolmen gate entry was inserted at the last minute to remind people who the big bads were. It is mentioned in one other story and the rest of the book and the rest of the codex has contradictory evidence everywhere.

Honestly Ward was just trying to save Chaos face or else the fact that the ultrasmurfs can resist daemonic corruption doesn't seem special anymore.

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