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I need the shittiest character picture you have.

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Don't know if I could top that

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What the fuck is that thing?!

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Pretty hard to top the thread we had a while back. "Draw Manga", the book secretly thinks you're all weeaboos and wants you to never try manga-style drawing ever again.

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okay I have never meant this more seriously


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>>It's time for an Unpopular Opinion!

Ctrl+Alt+Del isn't that bad. The 'controversy' over the miscarriage storyline was ludicrously overblown, and the art is showing greater diversity, particularly in the "Space Archaeologist" storylines.

>>and that was an Unpopular Opinion!

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>The 'controversy' over the miscarriage storyline was ludicrously overblown

i hope you realize its because everyone knew the comic was shit beforehand and then he just flat out made that comic and posted that story about how he actually did it in real life right?

it was a pathetic grab for attention and the internet acted like the internet has always acted. by making fun of him.

oh and his comic is probably still as shit as its always been

sage because your stupid bullshit has nothing to do with the thread

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Polite sage for off-topic, but Ctrl+Alt+Del isn't bad because of the art or the miscarriage plotline. It's bad because it's just not funny, at all. It's nothing but self-referential humour with "My manchild wish-fulfillment alter-ego did something insanely dumb again yet is actually clever when it matters and is a genius consistency what the hell is that." and everyone's just "Oh, you!". The man cannot write funny to save his life other than ending a strip with arbitrary violence now and again and his plots suck an astronomical amount of balls.

And, of course there's the fact that he just wants to be Penny Arcade but with storyline. He wants so badly to be Penny Arcade.

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Its still shit, but the art is starting to pick up. Its not polished shit instead of rough shit.

also, B^Uckley is taking art classes at a college two counties over - hoping no one would realize who he is. I did anyway.

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and Penny Arcade isn't even all that funny, not most of the time at least. Yeah, its probably the funniest gaming webcomic out there, but really. Is that saying much?

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>It's bad because it's just not funny, at all.
>It's nothing but self-referential humour with my manchild wish-fulfillment alter-ego

And yet you enjoy Penny Arcade. Which is pretty much this too.

Now THAT'S an unpopular opinion. But one that I subscribe to. Before you fly off the handle, CAD is shit too, it's worse than Penny Arcade, but PA is still shit IMO, just not AS shit as CAD.

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Why is none of my work in this thread.

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>My manchild wish-fulfillment alter-ego
>Penny Arcade. Which is pretty much this too.
Why i am so bald?

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>And now we know how to draw mentally challanged manga characters!

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pick your poison OP

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My old mspaint shitscribble! What's it doing here at this time of d-

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Someone once asked for a picture of link as a space marine.
I indulged them, though they had some issues with it.
After a few revisions this was the final version, it also includes princess zelda.

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that... that has to be shooped

please tell me that is shooped

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NOPE! as I posted


already: http://chanarchive.org/4chan/ic/16382/hello-ic-i-have-a-present-for-you-h-here-i-go#999260

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my head is full of fuck

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Brother-sergeant Alphus always had a preference for heavy makeup, to capture that drag queen look.

>yfw original content on /tg.

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huh? are you telling me that cartoon proportions would look creepy in the real world?

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