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Only super serious, tasteful requests.

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I'd love to see your take on this, greenmarine.

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draw a dainty looking techpriestess wearing glasses.

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I humbly request a young male in his early twenties with black spiky hair and tan skin wearing a dark blue tank top with a skull in the shape of a police skull . The right side of his face and arm have been crudly replaced with cybernetics giving him a horrific half demon look and preferably he should have a sadistic grin and a rifle of your choice slung on his back .

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My attention span is too short after years of el vidya. Which one was Venus again?

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Sunbro Space Marine

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A warfroged walking away from a fiery explosion, not giving a fuck

Possibly with corpses flying out of the explosion

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+1 for this

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Urabrask the Hidden driving a Batterskull while Elesh Norn yells directions at him. Vorinclex, Jin-Gitaxis and Shelodred are smoking weed in the back

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A necron lord giving orders to his immortals via punch-cards.
He seems quite bored.

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The one in the OP picture. If possible portray her eyes as solid red, not just normal eyes with red pigment.

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Could you draw a female wizard in a space suit?

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A Chaos Space Marine or Sister of Battle screaming "GIB MIR BENZIN".
I will suck your dick if you do it.

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Orkz lootin' an Ultralisk

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Cultist-chan 34, or Cultist-kun.

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Cunning orks disguised in victorian era dresses... while standing in a jungle

possibly pulling it off against some guardsmen

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Sister Famulous in power armored maid outfit. Or just maid outfit with typical fleur de lis.

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A Techie girl. Short, Lean, Short hair, tank top and long pants. A very high tech looking servo arm extends over her shoulder.

She's working on a minigun with a grin on her face, clearly enjoying the work.

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Requesting a Tyrannosaurceror Rex! Waving its mighty stubby arms about, ready to display its mastery of dinosaurcery!

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Requesting similar to attached but 40k-ified.

She'd be sitting in prison uniform with her hands manacled together, looking pissed. Next to her (although mostly off-camera) is a mound'o'muscle of a dude, although I suppose just drawing a section of silhouette might work nicely. Or a bicep or something.

She's a feral worlder so, no hat unfortunately - but definitely lots of tattoos and kill marks. That's her quirk after all.

Many thanks and pleadings to any possible drawfags.

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A twelve year old wearing a wool cap with a skull decal , hoodie and camo pants holding a broomstick up at a 45 degree angle pointing straight ahead with a bored look on his face .A older man wearing the typical wanabe dark badass gear(trech coat kattana exct) should be flying at him blade raised over his head his crotch directly in line with the broomsticks tip a fact he has just realized . If you want could you write underneath it SHOOT DON'T CHARGE or somthing similier

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Slaanesh skullfucking three tau fire warriors at the same time.

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A Nurglette in "gifted" Sisters of Battle power armor.

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Can I get this character? She's a vampire, tall, a bit curvy, wearing a brown, strapped bustier with a billowy sleeved red shirt and a knee-length pleated skirt and heeled boots that come up to just under her knees, wearing a brown derby bowler hat. She also has shoulder-length wavy brown hair and an attractive face, with a scary-crazy smile. The boots should look something like this: http://www.sinistersoles.com/CRYPTO-301-Victorian-Steampunk-Boots-p/s-demonia-crypto-301-boots.htm

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Sister of Battle and Grey Knight brofisting

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A Tau Fire Warrior or an Emperor's Champion riding a Kangaroo.

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A picture of three kobolds, one with a The Monarch costume and one wearing a petty coat and bonnet and in a santa costume dual weidling flails like a moron. They are NPCs I plan on trolling my D&D group with and pictures of them would be great.

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And what am i supposed to draw? /tg/-kun about to go dere dere on his brown waifu?


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best request in history

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Since I'm lazy...

The last character I played was a plague doctor. Set in a medieval world, he had a tendancy of taking care of anyone who stepped past his door to the best of his abilities; and he was quite good at what he did.

Of course, those who died, he would carve out the livers of and eat, being a firm believer of: "Waste not, want not".

Would you care to draw him/ He wore the bird mask (vulture) and full suit at all times, carried a very sharp knife and a vulture-skulled cane, and also followed the cult of the god of the dead (though not actively worshiped; he merely felt most kinship with that god).


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Just your portrayal of her, like you did with Angela and Miranda.

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If any drawbros could stomach their hatred for Ultramarines for me:

Requesting a Roman Soldier reading the Codex Astartes to a crowd.

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Draw a hipster space marine talking about how bolters are SO mainstream

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Could you please draw a little girl in a 1920s era dress with black tentacles coming out her back charging at a massive demon with a toy sword held over her head with a black haired teenager wearing makeshift knight armor made from hubcaps and street signs slamming into the ground behind her face first hands still outstretched in a desperate attempt to grab her .

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This sun worship thing is making the rounds on other boards and I'm a little bit curious about the whole story here. I get the whole "we worship the sun" thing, but what's the story? Is there some cap or story behind it?

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Thanks greenmarine

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The source of it is from Dark Souls.
Apparently it revolves around a knight who is obsessed with the sun.

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Why do all they have the same hairstyle¿¡¡¿ Hairstyle is super importart in animu.

Also her skin is dark, so i guess she must be super sassy.

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It's from a /v/ideo game called Dark Souls, arguably one of the hardest games going.
You meet a guy called Solaire who is on a journey to find his own sun and during his journey he will help you kill demons in what he calls "Jolly co-operation!"
He is a hero of the highest order.

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Please don't assume i know everything about every single setting.

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A magical girl of 15 years old with fair skin, unnaturally vivid green eyes and silver hair. Her costume consists of a gothloli garb crossed with chainmail and a breast plate (kinda like a cross between FSN Saber and Blame! esthetics), her weapon is two slightly oversized revolvers connected by a fine silver chain at the handles, and she sports a heroic scarf.She also has shadow as her element, so her weapons fire shadowy bolts of magic.

If you manage some DMC-esque badass pose, it would be perfect.

Thanks in advance.

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>Hero of the Highest Order
>Wants to become possessed by an evil, immobile maggot

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>Dark Souls


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I know I might not get this in before the artist goes to bed, but. The picture I'd like is a picture of a Space marine from my Homebrew Chapter:The Lion Hearts. Lion Pelt over his Right Pauldron, insignia on his left Pauldron being the Chapters Symbol (A Lions Skull infront of a sword in a circle like the Imperial Fists symbol is in a circle.) Holding a Power Sword held down with both hands on the pommel.

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Thanks man.
Been waiting at least 2 years for this.
Thanks greenmarine, you're my hero.

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god I love greenmarine. I'm not even gonna ask for anything I just like seeing his stuff.

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bear(s) in labcoats teaching rocket science.
it/They are standing in front of a chalkboard with all sorts of "science-y" lines.
if there are two bears have one savaging a dolt student.

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Yo green.

I'm running an absofuckinglutely insane game right now that's the result of deciding to run something to generate a similar headfuck to reading Illuminatus - and thus using a system that's mostly narrative and not saying no to any player ideas during character gen except those that controlled other PCs.

In short, one of my main villains is now Gordon Ramsay, who is in fact the ancient pharoah Ramases the Great, feuding with another NPC.

If you could draw in irate, swearing Gordon Ramases in elaborate, thousand son style egyptian magitech battle armour, possibly hurling a kitchen utensil or piece of food, that'd be fucking great.

>If you want to know about the guy he's feuding with, it's Dirk Machismo. Dirk's one part hugh hefner, one part saxton hale and two parts bruce campbell, and as an NPC comes with his Big Booty Bitches. Basically, if you fancy drawing a fight, it's between the aforementioned Gordon Ramases and a burly shirtless australian with a glorious chin and a squealing horde of hookers.

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Requesting a female Khorne cultist- muscular, tanned skin, short but shaggy brown hair, and glowing yellow eyes (with black pupils) and a pair of tiny horns on her forehead. She's wearing a tank top (bonus points for a half-tank showing off her abs) and red-and-black camouflage pants, leaning on a chain greatsword planted in the ground.

She's my Black Crusade character.

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I fuckin lol't heartily! Draw me a sphinx. It should be reminiscent of a giant talking housecat with eagle wings.

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Hey Greenmarine, any chance you could draw that redhead IG girl you draw making out with the Time Mage from broquest?

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I think a Soro would have been more fitting. Seing as they like to burn stuff so much.

Willst du dich von etwas trennen, dann musst du es verbrennen.
WIllst du es nie wieder sehn; lass es schwimmen in BENZIN.

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Green Marine!

I love your style dawg. I have a perhaps odd request for you.

I gots me a Black Crusade Slaaneshi Heretek, who is more focused on messing with xeno genes and shit, then putting metal bits in herself.

Can you give me a curvy purple haired Slaaneshi heretek who looks like she successfully eldar-ifyed herself a bit?

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There are already far too many requests here for me to bother, I just wanted to say that I love your drawings, GM. Hopefully one day I'll catch your thread in the beginning stages.

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Scared striking scorpion trying to flee two banshees fangirls who want affection (and/or snuu snuu)

Or your vision of Jain Zar...

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Generic low-level city guard for a fantasy setting.
Wearing Cuirass, Codpiece, and pot helm.
He's got a shortsword.

>> No.17007595

A swords saying "Kill them all johnny, kill them all!" and a tiefling looking at it and saying "But that it's evil sword, i can't do evil thing"

>> No.17007600

politely bumping my request

>> No.17007629

Picture of same guard punching through the neck of a mime.

>> No.17007632

Somebody got that it was a Mime!

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Meso-American Depiction of Prince Yriel. Think Aztec/Mayan. Give him a helmet. Replace eyepatch with a ring/maybe make ornate appearance around one of the eyes on the mask. Make the Spear of Twilight more like a Macuahuitl style 2handed weapon. Think like a greatsword. And base the Force Shield off the Lizardman Temple Guard shields from the Fantasy Range.

>> No.17007650

guardsmen fratboys. Because every army needs their "no-one will ever miss you"

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Could I please request a small scene involving these two characters?

The girl is standing, looking very angry, and is holding up a lit Zippo. "They do remember what happened to Sodom, right?"

The man it sitting down, looking exasperated. "Give me back my lighter. And my hat."

(he's wearing the uniform of the Italian Bersaglieri corps, incidentally)

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Requesting a red and black haired vampire. Very thin Liz Vicious looking face and body. She is dressed in a black Victorian dress and is giving a seductive grin. She has pale blue almost white colored eyes contrasted with dark eyeliner. She could be holding a lace fan to party obscure her fangs if you want.

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Not the requester, but I love you Weremole.

>> No.17007851

So, willing to draw a aged up to legal Jaela Daran?

Maybe something curvy and not overly clothed?

>> No.17007906

Could I please request this girl pulling an automatic pistol out of a fashionable ladies' handbag? Maybe a compact and lipstick can spill out also for added effect.

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Nicassar. Flat round floating space polar bears.


>> No.17007928

We need more of these whores, stat!

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>> No.17008393


I don't do requests in order. You always have a chance as long as your request is amusing enough.

>> No.17008434


Thanks, Greenmarine. She's actually not a sassy character, at all, but I appreciate the effort.

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Jon Snow, as a wight (basically a reanimated corpse), sitting on the Iron Throne, looking evil, while saying, "Winter is coming"

>> No.17008478


>Writes fapfic
>Expects main character to not be seen as a whore

You're killing me smalls

>> No.17008479

You mean like a White Walker?

>> No.17008484

Shao Kahn running the worst DnD game in history.

>> No.17008487


Sure; not sure if wights have appeared in the HBO series yet, so I have nothing to reference

>> No.17008488

...Huh? I was showing him where the thread was.

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>> No.17008539

More like this guy?

>> No.17008619

please consider drawing this lovely argonian lady sneaking around

>> No.17008625



>> No.17008647

So how is one supposed to recognize John Snow?
Make a fat sign with "Bastard" written all over it?

>> No.17008658



>> No.17008666


Alternatively, you could do Matrim Cauthon sitting on a throne, looking grumpy, saying "I am not a king"
His hat, spear, and missing eye would be recognizable

>> No.17008681

What mod is that? is that skyrim? or oblivion?

>> No.17008692

oblivion with hgec h-cup, bbb, and an argonian texture improver

and sopa censorship

>> No.17008697

Bumping Biff Leansteak before I try to run his next adventure tonight.

>> No.17008698

did one for an earlier thread.

>> No.17008752

Requester here. Weremole, you are the best ever. Thank you so much!

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Heya bud, cool thread. Here's my pitch:

A slender, male, balding gnome with bloodshot eyes, his mouth open in a perpetual scream. He wears a holey sack shirt, sack pants held up by a bit of old twine. On his left arm he wears a light buckler in the shape of a skull with no jaw.

His most significant feature is his bone jewelry, of which he wears copious amounts. He wears no fewer than 5 bone rings in each ear, two eyebrow rings of bone, a bone ring in each nostril, a bone ring on either side of his bottom lip, a few bone choker necklaces, a few bone-frame amulets holding various gems, bone bracelets (some of which have inlaid jewels.) Finally, he wears a bone ring on every finger and every toe.

>insert boner joke here

His name is "Banshee" Bill Brakenwood, and he's an oracle old the Dark Tapestry. Pic was character inspiration.

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I actually did this ages ago but the thread was dead so nothing bumped. Not saying that nobody else shouldn't go for it if they feel like it, of course.

>> No.17008868

A Deathwatch Storm Warden with his claymore to the neck of a defeated eldar.

>> No.17008892

That's SOOOOOOOO good! Thanks a million bro-est of bros.

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>> No.17009092

I humbly request a drawing of a lady pirate who lost her entire left arm. Not picky about details, but she should have a tattoo of a shark somewhere and have two flintlock pistols on the left side of her belt.

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>> No.17009896


>> No.17009902

Draw an Ultramarine decapitating Sonic the Hedgehog.

>> No.17009973


>> No.17010107

bumpin bears

>> No.17010159

Requesting a stern looking woman, she wears full plate and wields a saber in her left hand. She has a scar over her left eye and a look on her face, that could scorn a grown man.

The amor doesn't have any special properties and its not very decorative either.

>> No.17010185

I'd like to see a steampunk space marine. Make it as gearclanky and whirlygigged up as possible.

>> No.17010285

Elf and Dwarf as X-com troopers.
The armor is a bit more fantastical than high tech and the elf is holding a sword wired to a device on their belt and the dwarf is holding a belt fed or Gatling crossbow and has a targeting monocle over one eye.

>> No.17010331

Draw a sister of battle and tech priestess fucking

>> No.17010430

draw a techpriestess that has a lot of sexy augments instead of being a regular meatbag with a gasmask and a robot arm thrown in.

For once.

>> No.17010449

An imperial stormtrooper in battered red armour gunning down a Mandalorian.

>> No.17011190

Lilith Hesperax is infamous for refusing to dull her edge with combat drugs, so can she front a DARE ad campaign?

Standing on top a pile of diced and sliced gladiators, her blades dripping with gore... "winners don't use drugs!"

>> No.17011222


Is that one of Reaper's pics? The little Eldar's the tell. Where's he been lately? I haven't seem him post in ages.

>> No.17011265


Nice idea, dude, but I think that the thread's dead.

>> No.17011318

I wish for a diabetes-inducing picture:

Duke Sliscus holding a delicious lollipop in front of an envious Xeno, out of her reach (she's like, 5 ft tall at most, while he's about 7 ft) and demanding her support during his next raids, or he won't hand it out. If you want, she can also be desperately trying to grab it with her short tiny arms.

It can also work with a dickish necron lord, but it's really more like Sliscus' style to pressure a candy-addicted little taucron into joining him.

Pic not really related but anyway.

>> No.17011987

Necro bumping a dead drawthread

>> No.17012909

An female Eldar trying to seduce Phil Kelly into writing their new codex.

>> No.17012982




>> No.17013215

bumping for loveliness

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>> No.17013430

REQUESTing Solid Snake, Agent 47 from Hitman, and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze sitting at a table playing cards.

Yes, this is more /v/ than /tg/, but only /co/ and/tg/ have all the good drawfriends, and there's no /co/ drawthread going on at the time.

>> No.17013475

A squad of Imperial Guard, cleverly disguised/in the act of disguising themselves as Firewarriors.

The Seargant is saying "Remember, no Gothic"

>> No.17013538

I really need to make a GreenMarine folder. At least for the stuff that doesn't fit in any other folder anyway.

>> No.17013581

What do I want?

>> No.17013597

Requesting a 10 year old drow girl hugging a cute spider.

>> No.17013606

Pick one. Fucking hell spawned demons.

>> No.17013615

XD Uhm. Hm. What about instead of a spider, one of those lizard mounts they mention in the drizzt series I read a few years back?

>> No.17013626

well someone has arachnophobia. They're more afraid of you then you are of them.

>> No.17013632

You know Fabius Bile never gets any love.

I think he's a pretty cool dude and should at least try to kill spider-eversor.

>> No.17013645

You assume they come from our plane of existence, and not hell. Hell beasts know no fear.

>> No.17013769

bumping earth defending fantasy fun.
- and did I mention the elf *could* be a perky breasted one?

>> No.17014129


>> No.17014247

I have to admit, spiders creep me right the fuck out. However irrational it is, my stomach churns at just the sight of them.

>> No.17014468

that is complete and utter bullshit. but i am from Australia so that may just be the spiders here.

>> No.17014484

>> No.17014558


Hey, greenmarine is getting all existential on us.

We're finally beginning to break him.

>> No.17014696

No love for my vamp? Is it a lack of interest due to the brevity of my request, or a dislike of Ms. Vicious? She was used as a simple fix for a huge paragraph of purple prose. My friend walked by and pointed out that I had basically described Liz, so I went with it.

>> No.17015490

Bump, rince, repeat.

>> No.17016410

I like Liz Vicious, but she could try putting on a little weight or at least drop cocaine, dammit.

Trying to do your request now.

I saved this last time it was posted. It brought a tear to my usually manly eyes.

>> No.17016448

Hey greenmarine, could you draw a quick portrait of a follower my PC's picked up recently?

Its a skinny sallow skinned man dressed in black robes with eclectic pouches and containers at his belt. He would be holding the remains of his spellbook which is soaked and leaking ink. He has a rounded face, with thinning brown hair and looks absolutely dejected.

Feel free to slap tits in the picture somewhere, though if you decide to attach them to the man himself I may have trouble explaining it away, but its all good.

alternatively a sexy gnoll prostituta.

>> No.17016460

Hey Greenmarine.

Could you draw a female elf druid in a really skimpy "armor"?

>> No.17016719


>> No.17016764

will no one save our planet?

>> No.17016810

huh. nice work on the facial structure. Its been a while since I last saw your art, and its nice to see you have improved noticeably.

Alternatively you just spent more time on it. Its still quite nice.

>> No.17016859

A grizzled veteran, a mech pilot, sitting at a table hunching over his arms and he's surrounded by annoying teenagers who are also mech pilots. Anime mech pilots to be exact, and he gets no respect.

And our guy is just trying his best to not explode with rage at the fact that his realistic mech is called ugly, and the retarded shit that makes Gundam look serious is the hottest of fuzz.
Make the kids herpaderp all around him and I'll suck your cock.

>> No.17016880

requesting this guy sucking your cock green marine. Tits are probably warranted here.

>> No.17016977

I am off to work, be back on a while to check if thread survives or ruin another drawthread.

>> No.17017287

I'd like to request a truly badass kobold(lizard type) sorcerer, riding out in a hollowed-out skull of a beholder like a throne - think "lazy Conan on a throne" pose - and all decked out in magical bling.

Bonus points for equally badass fierce kobold warriors around him as a retinue.

Kobolds are /feared/ in the setting in question.

>> No.17017333

>Conan on a throne pose

>> No.17017364


Holy fucking hell.

You're my hero, thank you.

>> No.17017483

Bump for moar banshees !

>> No.17017584

Holy hell! Thanks Greenmarine, the face is great.

>> No.17017596

Something to commemorate my worst failure as a DH acolyte.

A man in ceramic armor that has mechanicus logos on it with a robot arm standing across from a cultist. Between them is a horribly horribly deformed titan.

The cultist is saying "You got your titan in my obliterator virus"

The acolyte is saying "You got your obliterator virus in my titan."

I feel like the character needs something to be remembered by. He is not going to live through letting chaos infect an Imperator titan, I know that much.

>> No.17017665

A Khornate demon woman wearing black armor wrapped in the middle with brass chains. Her right arm has no armor on it in a fashion style most definitely stolen from Kharn. She's holding an evisorator, smoking a cigar, and floating through space on a hunk of starship hull. Also her eyes are pure white since she's blind.

Depending on whether you want to go above and beyond the evisorator may or may not be shown with the spectral sister's of battle shackled to it by chains of light.

Fuck yes, she was the best boss fight ever.

>> No.17017991

Bumping star wars request.

>> No.17018099

You may be on to something.

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