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So necrons have personality now. Is this a good thing? I say, thee, nay.

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they always had

now that this is covered, let's get to the point: pic related.

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Yes, they are less boring as fuck now. They should have personality because they were people with personalities, not machines from the start.

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I mean, CLANG!

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Get back on topic, moron.

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Am I doing it right?

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>have sex with Xeno
>record it


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all dem scarabs

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I gave that bitch a scarab

bitches love scarabs

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More scarabs!

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Scarabs count as scoring units, right? Because if they don't, they should.

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Aww, yeah. I score, alright.

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what REALLY happened at Sanctuary 101:

>Good, good... the human females are now fully deployed... UNLEASH THE RAPESCARABS!

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Suddenly, scarabs in everybody's vaginas.

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Drone is one smooth motherfucker.

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She's waterproof.

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We have yet to answer the most important question: How many scarabs can fit in a tau vagina?

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>>they were people with personalities,
stop with this bullshit, they were people, NOT HUMANS
and their personalities were remnants of their past lifes and not "OH SHIT ,IM MADE OF METAL NAW YO!!!! LETS KEEP TRIPPING!!!!!"

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no idea, not much, one scarab can barely fit on one's ass

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So, she can do watersports.

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... Catherine?

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tell me it's a techpriestess

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Oh my.

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beach volleyball!

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Well, it's almost impossible to tell, so it very easily could be!

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So, gentlemen, choose one.

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Gender has ceased to be relevant. all organic aspects have been replaced with more efficient either/or aspects.

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So many scarabs!

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>Ugly Tau or delicious techpriestess
You could have at least tried to give us options.

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Dibs on widdle Xeno, the most adorable thing to ever happen in 40k.

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Aren't Tau supposed to be like 4 to 5 feet?
And Humans in 40k supposed to be around 6 to 7?

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They're tall for tau
She's short for human
Simple math

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no, she isn't tall for a tau, she's an Earth caste.

But Anima is obviously striking a pose, with her legs spead and possibly bent, and her back arched. That's a feet and a half that aren't shown. At least.

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She's pocket-sized. You can practically carry her around in a large suitcase.

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Wheeeere did she steal that spear again?

Bitch is worse than Trazyn.

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It's got a rez orb in it!

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nah, prolly just a power core like they put on every damn engine.

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Bitches love scarabs.

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I like her hair a lot. The little lock on the front that gets in the way of the nose slit. And the braid. The tiny little braid on the side.

Pull braid, receive scarab.

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I had scarabs, once. Had to use a special shampoo.

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Sar'A too.

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Pic related?

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Yeah, it wasn't the subtlest reference.

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Nice trips.

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Shas don't know shit about subtlety

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also, this is how I Trazyn:

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What's the matter, /tg/? Aren't I pretty?

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Man, what an asshole.

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>>*studio audience laughter and applause*

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Flayed One handjobs are not fun.

Just saying.

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...you know from experience?

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The best way to get a circumcision though.

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Actually, assuming the blood rage isn't upon them, flayed ones are very gentle. They just want to feel alive again.

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>They just want to feel alive again.

I am not making sexuals with a robotic ghoul

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You are the cutest, sugar.

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Nothing, go back to bed.

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Argh..this Tau/necron thing is godawful and annoying.

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Necron girls use Truly Immovable Rods as dildos. It happens.

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Isn't it?

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necron lord with the personality of Death from the discworld novels. discuss.

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Pretty nice. I still prefer the idea of a Court based off Yu-Gi-Oh egyptian characters.

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... a bigger statis quo fag than the eldar?

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So, yeah, Xeno tried to create a few warriors. It didn't work out that well.

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Humanity is saved! He stops the Enslavers.

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Indeed It is, and anyone who genuinely likes it is an idiot, also those who post it to troll should beaten with crowbars.

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Now, now, aren't you mad?

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Aw, it's like The Iron Giant's squat litt

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Yep, totally mad. This crap is intolerable. But..meh..it will pass.

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This thread went to hell really fast.

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> This crap is intolerable. But..meh..it will pass.

I hate to break this to you, but Xeno has been going strong for a couple of years now. She isn't going anywhere.

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You will never hold Xeno's petite metal chassis against your pasty dirty sweaty neckbeard chest.

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Ehh..you could at least left me in the peace of ignorance.

Do people in /tg/ really like this horrible fanwank?

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Just a thing, necrons don't have sexes.

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Yes, now fuck off.

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The same was true of Cultist - who was, if anything, even more popular. And now, she's very rarely mentioned around /tg/. Pretty much all characters wane with time, it's just a matter of how long they last before people lose interest.

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Yeah, I like it, she's, like, mai waifu.

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There has been a brief resurgence in Cultist threads actually, but they come and go.

Its less a wanning, more of an ebb and flow.

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Why not? They had sexes back when they were Necrontyr, why wouldn't that translate (in a small way, hopefully) to their necrodermis'd forms? I mean, Xeno is fucking retarded, but they should still have SOME leftovers.

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Cultist-chan is still here, though. Your point?

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what tells you they weren't sexless?

>> No.17007219

>comparing cultist-chan to this....thing


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Still, Cultist-chan doesn't attract nearly as much hate as Xeno. It puzzles me that Xeno attracts any hate at all, really. Is it just one 4chan grognard who has an allergic reaction to cartoony 40k characters and posts reflexively at the sight of them?

>> No.17007229

no, a bunch of them, actually, the same kind of guys who make anti-moe threads on /a/.

and then there's this faggot

>> No.17007235

You still mad that we scientifically proved that Xeno was a better waifu than Cultist-chan?

>> No.17007252

Speaking as a ''4chan grognard''. I have no problem with cartoony 40K characters at all, BUT I hate this Xeno character with passion.

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You are just as bad as people who seriously love her.

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I think it's because because Cultist-chan was always a joke. Xeno was the subject of a Quest Thread. The former's there for piss taking, the latter was some semi-serious bit of fanwank.

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Personally I find the whole thing rather silly. I liked Cultist-chan because a lot of that art was funny and not just "zomgz look at the hawtness." I don't really hate Xeno, but I think the concept is retarded and I don't understand the obsession with her at all. It is simply beyond me.

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yeah, I guess that's the problem.

Those who wanted her to be serious are mad because she isn't anymore, and those who are obsessed with fluff-accuracy; or those who want her to be a joke, are mad because someone tried to make her a serious character.

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Xeno looks cuter, not like a diseased vietnamese hobo girl.
Xeno looks hotter, for the same reason.
Xeno gets shit done, even if she is clumsy and incompetent.
Xeno makes better sandwiches.

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There's also the intent behind he creation of both. Cultist was originally just a female version of the DoW cultist; a scrawny sack of meat with an entertainingly stupid voice. Xeno, as far as I can tell, is community crafted waifu material.

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Dear lady, let me express my fulsome appreciation for your most generous gift...

>> No.17007297

Guys... stop arguing...

>> No.17007301

I like the cut of your jib.

>> No.17007305

Nope, silly head. It makes me better!

You see, for I discerned that this fanwank was awful and called it out as the awful crap it is.

>> No.17007311

saying it's crap is a thing. hating it lowers you to its level.

>> No.17007321

I don't know if it's so much a hatred of the character, more the proliferation and use of it. People only really started to hate Cultist-Chan when she was obsessed over and spammed everywhere, for example.

>> No.17007324

I'm a fan of Cultist-chan.
She's adorable, fapability is an afterthought.

>> No.17007325

Deal with it, Eldar are the best

>> No.17007327

Xeno's adorabler.

>> No.17007333

Ok I don't really care one way or another about this trollfest, but this statement is just wrong. I mean, like, I hate the Holocaust. Like, I REALLY HATE the Holocaust. So, does that make me as bad as the Holocaust?

Yes that's right. I went there.

>> No.17007339

I'm just talking about the importance of the phenomenon. Xeno is just a few neckbeard's fantasy, the holocaust is a pretty big thing. If you hate Xeno as much as the holocaust, you believe they are equally important.

>> No.17007342

Hilarious. I got the joke.

>> No.17007343

Oh, it's better than that

>> No.17007346

>Xeno looks cuter
If chaos had the equivalent of the word ''Hersey'' I would be screaming it right now.

>> No.17007348

I need to know the story behind this.

>> No.17007349

oh, big deal, you visited an extermination camp, like tons of people, and that alone was enough to make you really really upset about what went on there? Guys spamming their waifu is enough to make you really really upset about it?

Grow up, man.

>> No.17007350

I dunno. Xeno is pretty much tied to Technomancer now. I don't think what he draws can be called adorable.

>> No.17007352

"Blasphemy" would probably work fine. Though honestly I don't think that the chaos gods themselves would really care if they got blasphemed, but their followers definitely would.

>> No.17007353

Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan!

Thou art a turkish imp, the damned devil's brother and friend, and a secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight art thou that cannot slay a hedgehog with your naked ass? The devil shits, and your army eats. Thou son of a bitch wilt not ever make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.

Thou art the Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, Armenian pig, Podolian villain, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, a fool before our God, a grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

So the Zaporozhians declare, you lowlife. Thou wilt not even be herding Christian pigs. Now we shall conclude, for we don't know the date and don't have a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year in the book, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our ass!

Koshovyi Otaman Ivan Sirko, with the whole Zaporozhian Host.

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>> No.17007358

>staring, dirty insane thing with brownish-yellow skin and jigsaw teeth
>doll-faced, round-eyed young girl with plump, soft hair and a comely smile

>> No.17007365

I don't know, just judge for yourself, regardless of intent.
Would you even be able to spot which ones were drawn by which guy ITT?

>> No.17007367

Wow, people got this joke. Good show, /tg/.

>> No.17007370

It's simple. Cultists-chan is like a mischievous street urchin. Xeno is pure moe. One's for laughing at, the other's for fapping to.

>> No.17007380

Yeah Cultist-chan wasn't designed to cause board-wide aspie-gasms every time she's posted.

Xeno... was.

>> No.17007382

>fapping to Xeno
You gotta be kidding

>> No.17007386

or stupidly d'awwwing at.

>> No.17007392

Neither of them were, originally.

Both of them became.

>> No.17007397

Oh come now, Xeno was the collective creation of /tg/. Of course she was built for fapability.

>> No.17007404

>built for fapability.

And also to house their collective retardation.

>> No.17007412

and so is Cultist-chan.

Cultist was originally just a few funny/cute drawings by Mr Culexus. Then, she became all of /tg/'s property and turned into this:

Xeno was originally a tau version of Chell, her creator tried all along to make her remain a dignified character, but /tg/ decided she'd become this >>17003325 instead

same story

>> No.17007422

Ah, the quest runner resisted? A doomed endeavour. Not perhaps quite as doomed as Maid Quest's desire to be taken seriously, but doomed all the same.

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>> No.17007431

I've noticed a substantially higher percentage of rule 34 material for xeno than for cultist-chan, though. Maybe I missed it or something, but most of the stuff I saw when cultist-chan was big around here was hilarious hijinx, and not waifu crap.

>> No.17007441

I'd say they're all adorable, but I've got seen Cultist pictures where they've not been fetishised.
And Cultist has some degree of story.

>> No.17007442

actually, all the rule 34 of Xeno (except one or two pics) comes from a single source, while Cultist-chan material comes from very numerous drawfags, and even a few writefags.

She is just as much of a fap-thing as Xeno. maybe less good at it.

>> No.17007448

dammit, only seen*

>> No.17007450

Cultist has some degree of story in the shape of a few comic strips.

Xeno has a fully fleshed-out, written-down origin story, and several little other adventures.

>> No.17007454

Xeno being a robot girl, she's a walking fetish.

That, I cannot deny.

>> No.17007459

All I saw of Xeno was a wall of text and some trite writing. You're also asking us to take a Half-Tau Half-Necron fanfic character seriously.

>> No.17007460

the comics tell the story.

She was a cultist who used to date an Ultramarine, then she got killed and resurrected as a 7-year-old. She was put in the care of a Khornate who can't stand her.

And she doesn't contradict cannon.

>> No.17007471

and you're asking me to take a moƩ cultist girl seriously. All I've seen about her was a few trite comic strips or equally vague pics, and a wall of text about her getting fucked.

>> No.17007476

>dating an ultramarine
>doesn't contradict canon

>> No.17007477

Neither does Xeno, when you think back about it.

>> No.17007481

No. I'm asking you to take THIS seriously.

It's a Moegre.

>> No.17007486

>And she doesn't contradict cannon.

>> No.17007490

That's the greatest thing I've seen in this entire thread.

>> No.17007492

Why wouldn't a cultist date an Ultramarine>

If anything he's the one contradicting cannon.

Half-Tau-half-Necron however are just bullshit.

>> No.17007499

>take cultist-chan seriously

That was never part of the bargain!

>> No.17007507

the way it was brought up isn't. At least not more than a cultist dating an ultramarine AND POSING WITH A NECRON AND A DAEMON AND ANOTHER SPACE MARINE.

>> No.17007516

It was college, people were experimenting.

>> No.17007522

ITT: people trying to take their waifus seriously

>> No.17007524

are you sure that you want me to believe that this doesn't rape the fluff a dozen times more than Tau Quest ever did?

>> No.17007537

Cultist-chan is not my waifu.
She's my child.

>> No.17007554

I think the point is that it was never meant to be canon. It's a silly comic full of non-canon stuff, done for laughs.

>> No.17007569

and that's what Shas'O should have been doing as soon as the fanwank on other people's side became obvious. But instead, he chose to keep it serious. Bad idea.

>> No.17007589 [DELETED] 

No, Xeno, you are kawaii, uguu~
And the Xeno was a waifu.

>> No.17007594

No, Xeno, you are kawaii, uguu~
And then Xeno was a waifu.

>> No.17007604

>So necrons have personality now. Is this a good thing? I say, thee, nay.

Perfectly understandable. I know how 40gay fans don't really like personality in any of the 40gay armies, considering how incredibly 1-dimensional all the armies uniformly act with what little 1-note personalities they are described as having.

>> No.17007606

I'm guessing this is why Tau Quest vanished suddenly and never continued. I wonder what it's like to see your own creation perverted into something that you despise?

>> No.17007620

it's "uncomfortable". And yeah, that's why it stopped.

I care little for it. I have mai waifu, now.

>> No.17007626

Do you take pleasure in having ruined something for someone so that you can fap to it?

>> No.17007634

As I said, I care little for it. It's not like Shas would have given me actual, decent fapfuel if his quest hadn't been ruined.

>> No.17007635

Of course he does. But bear in mind that it's not really the ruining he enjoyed, it's all the fappage he's getting out of it. Consequences and other people's feelings be damned.

You know, typical aspie neckbeard behavior. Nobody should be surprised.

>> No.17007640

Pretty much.

Don't tell me you actually enjoyed this quest for itself...

>> No.17007663

I kinda did, yeah.

>> No.17007671

well, too bad. If you enjoyed it for the survival aspect, there's another tau survival quest running now, less pretentious, more efficient

If you liked it for the funny aspects, we often have several actually, purposefully funny quests going on

If you liked Shas'O's prose, read actual literature.

If you liked the vidya-style plot, just play vidya.

>> No.17007700

Dranon's a Word Bearer, you chucklefuck...

>> No.17007706

He seems to only worship or respect Khorne.

He doesn't Worship Nurgle, hates Slaanesh, and seems not to care about Tzeentch.

>> No.17007806

>I say, thee, nay.

Wat. I say, you, no?

>> No.17007838

Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms Tomb Maiden.

Necron waifu ready to go. I can just imagine a pimpn' lord with a retinue of them.

>> No.17007857

Thanks to the battle-programming of necron bodies, Phaerons can finally have competent female soldiers!

>> No.17008101

I suppose a living metal death machine with tits is still a living metal death machine.

Someone should draw fag a marine laughing -4 strength as she rips him in half with her bare hands.

>> No.17008146

She was fine for a time as the Scientist did artwork for the tomfoolery of the quest at the beginning. Many lols were had and pics were made. Then the first arc of the quest died down, OTHER drawfags stepped up to plate to make their interpretations of Xeno. That nailed the coffin shut from the original crowd as they migrated away from there and enjoyed themselves with the Outside(dont quote me on that).

Now everytime I see Xeno artwork floating around, I smirk for a bit, then sigh as some of the horrible abominations that rear their heads.

Oh and I give my regard Lapland.

>> No.17008429


>> No.17008517

Is that... lolicron as an immortal?

>> No.17009224

Castration, more like.

>> No.17009372

>Another robot-fetish thread

>> No.17010078

so... Lolimmortal?

god that sounds horrible.

It looks pretty, though.

>> No.17010728

>> No.17010762

>> No.17010780

>> No.17010805

>> No.17010831

>> No.17010874

Just read the letter. HA
Oh god, it's a mix of WARD and Goblins...

>> No.17010913

What does it do if you wind up that key?

>> No.17010929


No, as the person who did this was a talentless hack, and it shows.

>> No.17010930

whatever you want, babe

>> No.17010949

Maybe it makes her hips move on their own?

>> No.17010965

It's not a key, it's the butt-tubes that Technomancer always draws on Tau butts.

>> No.17010995

nah, it's a key.

What's a butt tube, anyway?

>> No.17011427


>> No.17011774

This thread made me remember I had never finished this.

>> No.17011920


>> No.17011948


you sir a a genius

>> No.17011992

but he doesn't have a p-
Oh wait!


>> No.17012030

Why don't you join her court and have lots of fun space adventures?

>> No.17012065

What did necrons look like before they became robots?

>> No.17012095

A cross between HPL and Orlok. Hunched, gangly, gaunt fuckers with a long-ass face. The warriors may well have been pretty buff, though, like the Nightbringer and the Deceiver.

Pic related

>> No.17012112

A sickly version of the deciever?

>> No.17012122

So... vampires.

>> No.17012332

There were at least a couple of different Tau Quest drawfags.

But all the really repulsive pornography came from Technomancer.

>> No.17012349

THE Technomancer, please.

There were three notable ones: The Scientist, who did funny little things and a few sexy ones, Lapland, who also did funny scribbles, MK, who did the actually good ones. And a few others from time to time.

>> No.17012355

Nosferatu, if you want to weed out the faggots.

>> No.17012402

The sick motherfucker that gets off on degrading women, more like.

>> No.17012409

Who's MK?

>> No.17012411

MK drew this.

>> No.17012472

post the finished version, at least

>> No.17012639

Somebody say my name?

>> No.17012879

You should draw a Tau Quest comic.

It doesn't have to be long, but like a series of pictoral events depicting Xeno's trip to robotopolis.

>> No.17013832

this thread is awesome carry on /tg/!

>> No.17014633

seconding the comics

with sex, violence, d'awww and candy.

>> No.17014790

I like comics. I don't think Tau Quest would be improved by one, though.

>> No.17015187

Well, if it's done by the Scientist in his usual style, instead of done by Shas'O, it would simply be /good/, in a way it could never have been.

>> No.17015389

Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the galaxy's first taucron waifu. Xeno will be that waifu. Better than she was before. Better, hotter, cuter.

>> No.17016172

>Sar'A's face when

>> No.17016473

>Xeno's trip to robotopolis.

Nah, that's meh. How is it even 40k-related?

Better base it off this >>17011427.
Or, you know, like, a saturday morning cartoon, but more weeaboo. With other /tg/ characters, maybe.

>> No.17016518

How about a comic where Xeno encounters an STC and decides to use it as a couch?

>> No.17016524

On a sidenote, do Pariahs still exist? And whatever the fuck happend to the Void Dragon and the Outsider?

As much as I like the floating faggot and the Grim Raper, I'd give my soul to see other C'tan (or their shards)

>> No.17016533


Why does this look like a mudkip?

>> No.17016552

they simply aren't mentioned directly anymore, but there's no reason they wouldn't still exist.

Like, the pariahs are made by necrons loyal to the Deceiver. Or the Dragon is a shard that landed here. Or maybe a full C'tan who escaped before being fragged and that makes necrons shit their pants.

Not bad. Not sure that'd make an actual comic. But if you go the Big Lebowski way and have her do lots of crazy shit to get her couch back when the AdMech seizes it, then it might work.

>> No.17016567

Pariahs disappeared (Tomas Macabe ;_;) and were replaced with lychguards. It's safe to say they were retconned.

The Outsider is properly still being its emo self in the Dyshon sphere prison and the Void Dragon is the still the honorary guest of Mars.

>> No.17016575

>>It's safe to say they were retconned

Not with GW, it NEVER is.

>> No.17016594

>floating faggot

Ah..Why you sassy bitch!

>> No.17016598


I really hope not.....Tomas Macabe was best character in Dark Crusade.
Pariahs should be REALLY rare now though.

>> No.17016606

which makes a lot more sense. Seeing several squads of them in every dynasty would have been REALLY unlikely.

>> No.17016613

Awesome troll thread, /tg/, never change.

>> No.17016626

except it started off as a very civil fanwank thread about necron girls, then the trolling resumed a bit when tau quest was discussed, and now it's rolling smoothly again.

I wouldn't call it a troll thread, not a successful one in the usual sense of the term.

>> No.17016628

>mfw people are using "dynasty" to refer to groups of Necrons instead of "tomb world"
It's official...oldcrons are dead.

I will miss them.

>> No.17016638

what do you want from us, then? We have a new term that allows us to have necron empires that span across SEVERAL tomb worlds and systems. Why not use it?

>> No.17016640


No man, I will call them by the tomb worlds. The dynastys just live on them.

>> No.17016649

Well, I think perhaps we could use this as a set up for a meeting between Xeno and Anima.

The Mistress of the Undying swarm arrives at a desolate planet that once held a great cache of necron technology, which she recognizes as such. But there are also the ruins of a human civilization built over the remains of the tek tomb, which houses a complete STC device. The Taucron automatically recognizes the necron tech, but has no idea what the STC is, but thinks it's pretty and is the right shape to lie on.
At the same time, an AM explorator team has arrived on the planet to investigate the ruins, with Anima being one of the grunts expected to die horribly.

>> No.17016650

Pariahs were the most interesting unit :/

>> No.17016655

>use it as a couch
Etymology is a funny thing, sometimes.

>> No.17016662

Were being the operative word.

Now we have a whole bunch of really neat ones!

>> No.17016664

Not sure if I would go that far now the Lord's have personalties but they were the ones I wanted to see and learn more of.

>> No.17016666

Yeah Pariahs probably still exist ( as the assassins still exist), just as the tools of one rogue C'tan shard.
Considering how rare nulls are in general it isn't gonna be an every day occurance to either run into one much less one that has been converted into a living metal death machine.

>> No.17016670


And the most useless ones on the field.

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