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warhammer sucks,
fuck 40k get

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holy fuck i am so proud of myself

and now awaiting ban/deletion.

later, dudes.

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I love you.

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Yes, this pleases me

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Eh, seen worse.

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Thanks, i appreciate the kindness. apparently i also beat out some loli weeaboo stuff too, so that's bonus points.

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Well played, sir.

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Can we have 40k Generals now, in honour of OP and to stop you faggots shitting up the board constantly?

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That would be nice, wouldn't it?

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get sucks,
fuck /tg/ get

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Putting 40k into General Thread ghettos would be the best thing you could possibly do to /tg/.

It would probably also kill /tg/.

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Hey, it works on /co/ with My Little Pony and Homeshit, why can't it work on our own local manchild hobby?

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because they self-righteously proclaim that warhammer wednesdays means they get diplomatic immunity.

really, it just shows that they still fit in fine on /b/ and can go back there.

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And hell, we do MTG generals and GUPRS generals. Why not 40k?

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Not to mention Warmahordes generals.

Man, have you seen MLP and Homestuck general threads? Do we really want the 40kids turning into that?
>which space marine would space marine space marine
>i would hug a space marine non-sexually
>what's the estrus cycle for a space marine

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> Do we really want the 40kids turning into that?
I... don't care?

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That's not too far from some of the 40k threads we get.

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>implying those aren't all hilarious
Besides, pretty much every other game on this board already does generals.

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40k generals would make me almost interested in this board again. Having half the front page constantly filled with one thing is just ugh.

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>every other game on this board already does generals.

I haven't seen a D&D general. or a GURPS general. Or a WoD general.

We don't DO generals on this board. And we don't need to. /tg/ is slow enough that the first page isn't that important.

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40k generals would kill /tg/.

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Pony Thread Simulator 40k threads would be hilarious in fairness...

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Keep the 40k general threads out of here. I don't want /tg/ to be as horribly organised as /co/ or /v/.

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>Candy flavored Space Marine gene seed

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>It would probably also kill /tg/.


Our current model of very, very few 'general' threads and a lot more short, specific question/theme threads works reasonably well. Sure it leads to a lot of 40k threads, but it's better than having a lot of huge sprawling threads going no-where and doing nothing and then spilling out into more huge threads because people can't find what they need in the huge pile of garbage that is a general thread.

General threads on /co/ only work because the population is not asking for a wide variety of things like army composition, painting & conversion ideas, army fluff, working out how to build things on a budget or get into the whole thing to start with and so on.

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>Implying /co/ and /v/ aren't the best boards
>Implying this board isn't for faggot

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>or a GURPS general. Or a WoD general.
I have. I've seen attempts at a D&D general, but they're (generally) ignored. I have seen Pathfinder generals.

Why, exactly?

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>what space marine would you ride around Terra, /co/
>I would ride Sanguinus because I'm sure he wouldn't mind the riding crop

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Tread carefully, the mod here doesn't take kindly to ponies.

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>General threads on /co/ only work because the population is not asking for a wide variety of things like army composition, painting & conversion ideas, army fluff, working out how to build things on a budget or get into the whole thing to start with and so on.
Bullshit that these can't all go in one thread.

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They're easily two of the worst.

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>Is it legal to keep a small space marine in your house as a pet like a dog

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>Implying I won't just reset my modem

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>what's the estrus cycle for a space marine

Yeah what is the estrus cycle of a spess mahereen?

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I thought they went into heat?

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40k shouldn't go in a general, unlike /co/ the threads rarely ever go 100+ posts (and that's only for fluff and tactics). If someone makes a thread to ask a question, it will get answered and then it will die.
It's not like Homestuck, Pokemon, MLP etc where they have 5 200 post threads on page 0.

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And then what?

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Space marines are polyestrus which means they have multiple estrus cycles within a breeding season

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>I can't eat mushrooms anymore because every time I do I think of a Space Marine's chainsword covered in ork blood and I have to hide my throbbing erection in shame

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Be back and never come to /tg/ again because I'm only here because someone on /co/ linked it in a MLPG

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If you're only looking at the front page, you're doing it wrong.

Many of the best or at least interesting threads are slow posting ones that hover between pages 2 to 5.

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I wonder how /tg/ would react if they were in a store and there were jars of candy-flavored marshmallow space marine geneseed

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This may be a morbid and sick curiosity of mine, but how do space marines breed during these cycles? Do they dry hump the gene seed or something?

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Only works until you get a IP range ban. How do you think Jim Profit was sent off?

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Do Space marines have foreplay? I am afraid I am not very experienced at Space Marine sex.

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Can we actually say that name without an autoban now?

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>You've been a filthy heretic haven't you battle brother?

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I hear if you kill yourself you are reborn as a space marine.

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This thread is hilarious.

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Please excuse me, I'm very new to /tg/ and well... is this how all your threads turn out?

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Well, I recall a thread about elves and it ended up as a discussion about the properties of oil or some shit

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They usually turn into debates about politics rather than SpaceMarine Thread Simulator.

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>We don't DO generals on this board.
Calling bullshit since we see general threads for other games all the time.

The reason 40k needs general threads of some kind is so it doesn't clog up the board. I don't give two fucks about whether or not /tg/ was formed because of Warhammer Wednesday or not; those days are passed. It's annoying as fuck to hop on /tg/ and see 4 or 5 threads on page 0 about the EXACT SAME THING. Now if there was a general fluff thread and a general list thread that'd be fine, but when there's multiple "rate my list" threads all within a few posts of each other it just show laziness. I don't start a new Infinity thread every time I want to talk about the game; I go find the general thread that pops up because I'm not so fucking lazy that I can't be bothered to.

General threads help keep the bullshit and the clutter down a lot, and that's why the 40k players need to fucking start looking into it. It's even worse when a new codex comes out and every thread on page 0 is "bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they changed something and I don't like it!"

Remember when the mod even got sick of it around the time the Grey Knights codex came out? Condense your shit; that's all we're asking.

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I recall a thread about elves and it ended up with a precise attempt at the calculation of how many spiders we could cram in a Drow's vagina (incidentally guys, we were drastically underestimating the numbers).

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There was a discussion about superman and it turned into #occupy wallstreet.

I'm still confused on how it happened. You see, /tg/ is afflicted by the warp. It always changes, threads are cursed to derail, and nothing stays the same. Except nighttime /tg/, when all the faggots are sleeping. Then it gets good.

>nb4 calling a tripfiend a faggot

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No, we are making a parody of the MLP general threads on /co/ and these four videos.


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There isn't a dick in the Imperium I wouldn't love to have shoved up my ass right now.

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>not hat thread simulator

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Apparently so.

Fuck Jim Profit. He showed up at BrilliantGameologists a year ago, wasn't too long before someone pulled up his ban thread from the archives and the admins kicked him out.

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Yeah, drastically underestimated. No one though to apply templates to those spiders or anything.

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... I just went to /co/ and I saw them sexualizing Transformers.

I'm not sure how to hate these people. Are they Furries in disguise?

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/tg LOATHES railroading.

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>Yeah, so if we apply the Young template and Reduce them that is them halved and halved again. So that's four times as many. And then each of those ones contains another one in its ass, so that's eight times as many. Make them two headed for:

>66,400 spiders with the biting power of 132,800 spiders. All in one Drow vagina.

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I don't give a shit about 40k.

/tg/ is slow as fuck. page 0 doesn't fucking matter. So what, if there's 5 threads about one thing?

There are 15 other pages bro.

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Pretty much every smaller game uses at least an informal general, else it dies too quickly for any real discussion.

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No, they generally turn ... different.

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Like fuck it is. Just because Page 0 doesn't scroll at light-speed like /b/, doesn't mean it's slow as fuck. I've seen numerous good threads get spammed down to Page 15 from the sheer quantity of retard 40k threads. Shit like 'Should I take <insert unit here> in my <insert army here>?" To "My friend's got a Thunderhawk Gunship that blew me away with a thousand shots... misters, where can I get a thunderhawk gunship of my own?"

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Unrelated to my point. My point is that there's no needs for a mod to force generals onto /tg/. /tg/ is slow. you can easily find threads on the other pages. There is no need to care so much about page 0.

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>warhammer sucks,
>fuck 40k get

I want to go home and rethink my life.

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Oh man, I want to stick my penis in that underaged Space Marine.

>> No.17000355

>ITT people are jelly of 40k for some reason.

Just make threads about the games you want to have threads about bros, /tg/ slow as fuck, you won't get blasted to page 15 by 40k threads in 5 minutes.

>> No.17000362

Spoken like someone who has never actually made such threads.

>> No.17000369

accually its the 40k shit that keeps shitting up the board

just saying

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>> No.17000381

not the guy you're talking to, but most of my non-40k threads last about 24 hours.
The less popular threads only get blasted away till like page 4.

>> No.17000385

It's all about having people interested in the subject of the thread and bumping. Combine those and you can get a good thread rolling.

>> No.17000390

There's not a 'need' for any general threads. It's a goddamned courtesy. This is a board with a wide-vareity of tastes, opinions, and subjects. It does not need to be shit-up with half a fucking thousand threads all closely related to each other. The reason there's General threads, is because the fans of those games are being courteous to the other board-goers who may not be fans of their game. I.E. Exalted general threads, Warmahordes general, M:TG general, etc. On rare *very few* occasions, 40k has a general thread and the board clears up from it's sea of piss and vinegar. But usually, 40k-fags are so goddamn self-entitled that they feel the need to drown the rest of us in their marine slash-fiction and how much they love Dante and how he should develop feelings for Ragnar Kronar-mane, and how badly they want Dante to show Ragnar his Honor.

>> No.17000393

/tg/ moves fast enough at points in the day where that exact thing CAN happen; I've seen it done. You want a slow board? Go visit /toy/; a thread can stay on the first two pages for DAYS without trouble. Here? Generally not so much; especially if you're trying to discuss something lesser known.

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how old do you think space marines are, /tg/?

i bet they are underaged which makes the whole thing hotter.

>> No.17000399

>Boo hoo

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well said

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Bullshit. How the fuck do you think you can bullshit like this when WE'RE ON /tg/ RIGHT NOW. There is ONE 40k thread on the first page right now. (if screengrab hadn't stopped on firefox 8.0 working I'd post a pic.)

/tg/ is slow, AND there is not as many threads as you claim. You just don't like 40k. Deal with it.

>> No.17000417

you're a fag,

Dante only has eyes for Sanguinor.

>> No.17000421

>Implying that there are not dozens of closely related non-general rpg threads per day also.
Is it only wargames that need to be packed into general threads?

>> No.17000422

Dante X Calgar is my OTP

>> No.17000432

does anyone want to read my CalgarXKharn purgefic?

>> No.17000436

Agemman is tsundere for Sicarius.

>> No.17000438

pretty much think that the implication is there that people dont like 40k. not like that takes rocket science to figure that out.

and congrats. you found a moment in time where there isnt much 40k on the front page
as compared to all the other times where its nothing BUT 40k on the front page.

>> No.17000439

Nah; it wouldn't kill players of specific RPG threads to condense shit either.

>> No.17000444

Pony Thread Simulators are only good things that emerged from ocean of fail that likers vs dislikers shitstorm is.

>StarCraft Thread Simulator
>You are now imagining that your shower was one of the creep kerrigan cocks cumming all over you.
>Lathering your skin and streaming itself over your face with sticky strands

>> No.17000446

>Elf thread
>Japanese spirits
>Show me how you paladin
>Guard quest
>This thread

One Warhams thread on page zero, and it's not even about 40k.

>> No.17000448

As someone who has let his question threads turn into WoD generals after the questions get answered, the people bitching about 40k general threads are talking utter and total bollocks.

I'm sick to death of 40kids everywhere on this board, people suggesting Derp Hurresy as the go-to system for everything, etc etc.

>> No.17000450

Vulcan is best Primarch.

>> No.17000453

It's still early, give it about 3 hours or so, and we'll be swimming in threads for about 18-20 hours

>> No.17000454

And likewise, there are people who don't come to /tg/ to read WHAT KIND OF ELFS YOUR FAVORITE threads or 'that group' threads or 'tell me stories I'm bored threads'.

How often are there threads complaining about the proliferation of shitty rpg-related threads?

>> No.17000456

Every board has it's off-days, and currently the 40kids not in school at the moment are distracted by THIS FUCKING THREAD.

You obviously have never been here on any other given day, after about 5pm central time, when it's shit-piles of 40k spam or 3 different 40k-art dump threads going with the same fucking trip-fag attention-whoring them up with her collection.

>> No.17000466

>You don't know man you weren't there shit's serious in there
Shut up, we do go to /tg/ and you're still just saying stop liking what I don't like.

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>> No.17000473

You don't know what you're talking about.

VulkanXSanguinus 4 lyfe

>> No.17000474

But... the only 40k thread on page 0 right now is... this one.

>> No.17000476

blue space marine is best space marine

>> No.17000479

sssssssh, you might ruin their STOP LIKING WHAT I DONT LIKE, thread.

>> No.17000482

General threads are fucking terrible. Let's not bring this type of shit from /a/ and /v/.

>skygirls love is alive and well
Thread filled with tripfaggotry and avatar-role-playing
>fighthing game general
Porn and no talk about fighting games. Also, tripfaggotry and avatar-roleplaying.

Let's not bring this shit to /tg/

>> No.17000485

Sanguinus was obviously in a doomed love triangle with Horus and Fulgrim.

>> No.17000486

Silly aspirant, that's not how you spell Magnus

>> No.17000487

>sssssssh, you might ruin their YOU CAN LIKE WHAT I DON'T LIKE, JUST PLEASE STOP SPAMMING IT, thread.


>> No.17000488

Since this is the only 40k thread on page 0 do you guys think i should consider sniper drone teams for my Tau Army?

>> No.17000489

its not a fact of liking what you dont like


sure..almost all systems are guilty of it.
40k and D&D are the worst

but how often do you see multiple FoW threads, or Malifuax threads, or Infinity threads or Warmahordes(ok that one may have 2 or 3 up at once)

simple fact is there is more to gaming than masturbating to your space marines. and seeing the same shit posted a dozen times a day gets real fucking old real fucking quick

pass'' nailaboo

>> No.17000490

>best space marine
Do you even watch the show?

>> No.17000491

>General Threads are terrible
>They've been working great for everything not 40k related so far

Go back to /b/

>> No.17000494

alright you got me there, 40k threads can get out of hand from time to time.
I just don't think it's as big of a problem as you do.
Many times when I'm on it's RPGs, RPGs everywhere.

>> No.17000495

There's a show?

>> No.17000501

Legend of the Galactic Primarchs.

>> No.17000505

Have you considered that Malifaux, FoW, and Warmachine are vastly less popular than 40k, as other systems are less popular than DnD?
God forbid systems get represented according to their popularity.

>> No.17000506

>watching the show
I just come here for the fanbase these days and the porn of blue space marine

>> No.17000507

So long as they're not all the same game (i.e. the DnD threads), then it's fine. DnD is the only one that get just as out of hand as 40k (or comes close). And it's not like the rest of /tg/ hasn't come down on those neckbeards and their edition fight and had to yell at them to be civil and stop fucking up the board.

>> No.17000509

Maybe I should go make a 40k thread right now, should I make it about Ultramarines?

>> No.17000513

>Doesn't watch the show

Go back to SpaceMarinechan.

>> No.17000520

>implying I'm a bromarine

>> No.17000524

God forbid there not be so many 40k and D&D threads on the front page that everything else gets pushed off.

>> No.17000525

I suggest you browse the general threads for Warmahordes or Infinity; they're very organized and nothing like what you describe.

>> No.17000527

I never get the hate at threads about things. You don't have to look at them. It's not like it stops you from making other threads or (god forbid) looking past page 0 for things. I mean, yeah, it gets boring to look at things you have no interest in but, it's not like they're the only threads out there.

I don't even like warhams.

>> No.17000531

considered it

sure have

not at my LGS of course, the Flames crew at my LGS is double the 40k crowd. and the infintiy nights are a bit more popular than 40k nights. accually come to think of it the only gamenight that gets less people at my LGS than 40k is the Battletech clicky guys and the Malifaux. Hell fantasy has a larger player base than 40k.

but I know overall that 40k is a more popular system.

so that makes it allright to have '4 rate my lists' threads on the front page at the same time like I saw a couple nights ago?

i dont think so

>> No.17000532

If other threads push yours off the board, no one posts in it and it dies.

>> No.17000533

because humans tend to be spiteful, petty creatures.
The anonymity of the internet magnifies this 10000 times over.

>> No.17000534

If you like other threads, why not post in them?
I come here mostly for 40k, but I start at 15 and work forwards, because front page 40k threads are the shittiest.

>> No.17000537


Has it not occurred to you that the reason why such general threads work is because the relatively low traffic they get? There is no need to get rid of their general thread, because most of their stuff would be limited to a few number of threads.

That would not be the case for 40k, by the very nature of your complaints. We'd have multiple, exceptionally bloated threads still smothering the first pages. The only thing different is that some older threads would last a little longer. But once threads get past the page 10 mark, they very rarely get any further attention.

Making 40k General threads would change absolutely nothing worth changing, and your complaints wouldn't be resolved.

Really, the only way you can resolve your complaints is if you find a different internet locale more suited to your interests.

I'm not saying GTFO, I'm just saying if you don't like what is integral to /tg/, why stick with /tg/?

>> No.17000538

Malifaux and Flames are less popular by quite a bit, but those threads will typically run well into the 500+ post count before someone happens to not be on during a 40k-spam-fest. Warmahordes actually has a sizable following, and they're the second largest tabletop game, and nowhere near as far behind 40k as 40k-fans would like to believe. Their threads rack up post-counts quick (one's currently going now), and often have 2 or 3 consolidated threads running. Unlike 40k though, the Warmahorde fans are pretty bro-tier, and don't make a thousand fucking unnecessary posts about whether they should use caster -x- or caster -y- with their -warjack -a-. Not only that, but Warmahorde threads tend to be a lot more civil. I chalk it up to not having a faction that's lavished with attention, creating a fan-base with self-entitlement issues.

>> No.17000539

>Popular game has lots of fans
>Fans of game post about it on the internet

>> No.17000544

Hey did you guys hear about Fallout:Space Marines? Some guy wrote an 800k words long 40k/Fallout crossover. I hear there's a fapping scene.

>> No.17000545

>I'm just saying if you don't like what is integral to /tg/, why stick with /tg/?
Because Moot won't make a /40k/ board for you faggots to go to instead?

>> No.17000546

/tg/ is not /v/ or /b/. Threads don't zip by in the blink of the eye. Other threads aren't being rocketed to the very back of /tg/.

Furthermore, /tg/ is one of the few boards I've seen where people tend to reply to threads on page 13 and end up getting them alive again for 100+ more posts.

>> No.17000548

Shitty game is for neckbeards, 17M GET makes it gospel truth

>> No.17000550

we need a "I play it for the Plot" image macro

>> No.17000551

It's still popular.

>> No.17000552

This IS the board he made for 40k, little one.
But please, while you're at it, petition for futa to be removed from /d/

>> No.17000556

But 40k has no plot, only autism and DragonballZ

>> No.17000557

I play 40k and I think that is a shitty excuse.

>> No.17000558

I'd prefer if they removed it from /co/'s MLPG first, to be honest.

>> No.17000559

Isn't it longer than the Codex Astartes by now?

>> No.17000565


This IS the board Moot made for 40k.

>> No.17000568

>5th edition

>> No.17000569

I don't know if there are any pictures of Space Marine ass.

>> No.17000574

>But please, while you're at it, petition for futa to be removed from /d/

It'd only improve the board to be honest, futafags don't care about any other stuff, so just move all the men with boobs to one corner...

>> No.17000580

How so?
>moot makes a board for 40kids to run wild and free.
>derp too much 40gay on this board.

>> No.17000581


>he doesn't take lewd pictures of his 40k game figures

>> No.17000584

ok guys I just got back from playing the first game of your shitty tabletop game for 13 year old boys. Does the ultramarine get any less whiny? He's all "oh no, I rolled a 2 and now I'm dead"

>mfw I secretly liked it.

>> No.17000586

Yeah, and he should make a /40k/ board for all the spess-mehreen fanboys to go wank in a corner together.

>> No.17000589

Have you fapped to spacemarine yet today, /tg/?

>> No.17000593

People whining about the abundance of 40K threads are stupid when their only excuse is "I don't like it".

But dipshits who make a million 40K threads over trivial shit are worse. A single general is a horrible thread but, a single Tactica thread would really help the clutter, as would a single fluff thread and so on.

The stupid little 40K joke threads that get posted a million times until one becomes "LOL SO EPIC" should die too.

>> No.17000596

That's what /tg/ is dear child.

>> No.17000597

Because he also made a board for RPGs and others. Sure, 40k prompted him, but this isn't some kind of exclusive 40k promised land board.

>> No.17000600

Popularity with unpopular people is just like winning the Special Olympics, bro. Enjoy painting hundreds of tiny expensive dolls, I'll be over here doing coke off my girlfriend's ass

>> No.17000604

Clearly you are lost. Here, let me help you find your way back to /v/...

>> No.17000606

lets try and remember some history here juniror

he made this because /b/ was complaning to much about the 40k posters

40k got kicked off /b/

it got kicked off /b/

CP is more accepted and tolerated on /b/ than 40k is

what does that tell you about the 40k poster? when they manage to get kicked off an entire board. Hell the whole Pony crap is more tolerated on /b/ than 40k is

>> No.17000610

Strange game, /tg/. The only winning move is not to play.

>> No.17000611


This is really just devolving into a "stop liking what I don't like" argument.

40k doesn't hurt you. At all.
40k threads covering the first page? Well nobody cares, because nobody sticks to the first page.
Your thread got knocked off the end? Did it occur that it might be because those interested are no longer or have said their share already? Why blame 40k?
Tired of seeing all these things that don't interest you in the slightest? What are you running, Firefox? Chrome? If it's either, then just fucking download the add-on that lets you collapse threads. It remembers which thread you collapsed and keeps them that way. See a 40k thread? Collapse it, it's almost entirely removed from your sight and will stay that way.

These are things that most of /tg/ should already know and do. I'm not declaring you a newfag for the simple idiotic idea that all newfags are bad, but don't bitch about a board you've only just been introduced to.

>> No.17000614

For in the grim darkness of the present, there is only newfaggotry and the laughter of thirsting trolls.

>> No.17000615

I don't even play Warhams.

>> No.17000626

>doing coke off girlfriends ass
While playing battletech? Because that's heaven.

>> No.17000627

Then shut the fuck up and check out these dubs.

>> No.17000628

>not tolerated on /b/
Never seen it, i've always seen enthusiasm towards 40k on /b/, atleast back there when /b/ was lurkable

>> No.17000629


>> No.17000632

Well, those two go well together...about the same level of sophistication.

>> No.17000634

As one of the proponents to cutting down the 40k spam, that's really all I'm asking for. I quit playing 40k after 5th turned into 'gimmick-shit edition', but there are plenty of other reasons I go to /tg/ that doesn't involve 40k. I seriously should not have to hunt through 12 pages to find the non-40k thread I posted in 10 minutes ago, to see the 7 responses it received.

General Threads, Tactics Threads, 1 art-dump thread (instead of 'marine art-dump' running at the same time as 'badass ultramarine art dump').

>> No.17000637

Then post some RPGs and stop bitching about 40k.

>abloobloobloo it won't stay on the front page.
Bump it you faggots.

>> No.17000639


You're posting on an imageboard primarily dedicated to talking about the nerdiest hobbies possible. You're posting on this board in a thread whose entire purpose is to bitch about people posting too much of one particular nerdy hobby. Even though the simple solution of "hide the thread" exists.

...I doubt your claims.

>> No.17000647

>Hurrr 40k is retarded like mentally handicapped sports
>I can prove it is because I don't, and I do other things that are retarded like mentally handicapped sports

Yeah, enjoy your piss poor crackhead life. And by the way? She only stays with you because you pay for her addiction.

>> No.17000648

what? im sure he is TOTALLY doing coke off his girlfreinds ass

noone would lie on the internet right?

>> No.17000653

>mfw I am out of coke
>yfw I am not out of girlfriend
Polite sage for a FUCK WARHAMBEAST get

>> No.17000655

Well, badass ultramarine art threads would be short...

>> No.17000658

It's kinda funny that you say that, given the whole "general thread" discussion, since most general threads on other boards seem to spend half their lifespan under the autosage limit.

It is, in fact, possible to post on threads that aren't on page one.

>> No.17000660


Ah yes, the "but at least a have a GURLFRIEND" card. The mark of someone who knows they've lost the argument but still wants to try and get the last word in.

>> No.17000668

Yeah, exactly the fucking point.

>> No.17000671

is that like goodwins law? only with a girlfriend? or calling someone out on grammer and spelling?

>> No.17000675

to be honest, it is a good argument when all is said and done. Well, unless the girlfriend is only a step away from generating enough gravity to catch flies with it.

>> No.17000682

40k generals would solve nothing

40kfags would just name their threads general
but still post a new one for every question

>> No.17000683

damn you, anon...

>> No.17000684

Pathfinder>D+D 3.5>4.0>MtG>Shadowrun>RoS>Rifts>FATAL>WH40K

Notice that WH still gets the most posts in this forum, because the gaming industry harvests your disposable income to fund actual decent games. You are all just plebian ATMs for gaming stores worldwide.

>> No.17000689

Do what they did on /co/ for MLP...one thread or die. it's good politics for cancer-like topics.

>> No.17000692

> /tg/ > get
You must be confused, young one. >>>/b/ is that way.

>> No.17000697


It's not a good argument. The sad truth is, when such an argument is used, its veracity is always highly doubtful.

If your argument degenerates into "Yeah? Well I have a girlfriend," then you don't have a girlfriend. The people you're arguing with believe that you don't. Bad argument.

>> No.17000699

Only because the vast majority of 40k fanboys are fucking retards.

Of course, they could always prove they're not... Hmm... hell's feeling rather warm right now, it must not have frozen over yet.

>> No.17000700

You seem to have missed all the spacemarine thread simulator posts pointing out how bad an idea that would be.

>what is the estrus cycle for a space marine

>> No.17000703

>not the same as dnd in a different box

>> No.17000714




>> No.17000715

That's the problem with 40k-fags, though. Most of them are used to 40k, and GW's pandering of their favorite army (marines). It breeds self-entitlement amongst their population, as they literally are inconsiderate enough to make a brand new fucking thread concerning why Jess Goodwin's sketch portraying marines as average 7' tall should be ignored and why they personally think marines should be 8' (or is it 12' now?).

>> No.17000719

>implying that thread simulators are serious

>> No.17000723

Just tell her to put her slash-goggles on. At that point, she just has to get by the lack of character behind them.

>> No.17000724

Do you even watch the /co/ threads?

>> No.17000725

>Implying I was using my girlfriend to make a valid logical argument

silly boys, I was just illustrating the other wonderful things one can do with one's time and money. Obtaining blowjobs and delicious cocaine beats Warhammer by a damn sight, in my book

>> No.17000727

OP here, just got back and checked on this thread. Holy fuck it's still alive and i'm not banned and apparently some decently-mannered discussion took place about the overabundance (or perceived overabundance) of warhammer on /tg/ in my absence.

fuck i love you guys.
also I'm still proud of that get.

>> No.17000730

I think it's funny how people complain that 40k threads are cancerous...as if they haven't filed almost exactly the same percentage of the board's threads since its inception. It's not getting more pronounced, it's not getting rarer. So why bitch and moan and gnash?

Because you have no lives.

>> No.17000732

>Because you have no lives.

says the tripfag

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