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Image dump time? Image dump time.

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Requesting Storm Troopers for a character portrait for an upcoming Black Crusade game.

This guy's gonna be a Psyker.

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Storm Troopers? Probably can't help there, I'm afraid.

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I'll roll with some Assassins, though. Both Temple and Death Cultists.

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She's like a clockwork picture dispenser.

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I'd be making that face is those were my work clothes too.

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small but probably my favourite sister ever

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Polymorphine, man. It's a hell of a drug.

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Ah, are we back? Are we working again?

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love that rapeface, too bad i get 404 when i klick the thumbnail....

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same here.

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It looks like >>16992074 is coming up as a 404 as well. Wierd.

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Those pics were posted near the 15:09 mark, which is when the posting started screwing up. So they probably got eaten by the server. Weird that the thumbnails show up though.

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I did wonder if it might have been that. Bit of a shame.

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I'll dump what I have

missing the one from Ascension(?) with the burgundy fatigues though

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>i'll never take another babysitting job ever again
is what i imagine him thinking

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Is there any fluff behind this picture? Is she suppose to be someone from the dark age of technology or just some random girl in power armour for the sake of being cool looking?

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It's an Assassin created and used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. There's a little note down at the bottom labeling it "Tech-priest Assassin".

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and that's all I have. Missing one in a similar style to this, but with the trooper carrying his gun in both hands and dressed in the "traditional" black/maroon gear of the inquisitorial troopers

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Hey, she's got a cable going up her bunghole...

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That's Assassins done. Daemons next, I think.

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Pretty sure it's a dude.

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Here you go.


Thanks, I did not notice that text.

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Much love. Was annoyed when I realized that I didn't have it saved

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Yess! We are back.

Image's dead, repost purrrty pllz? Also, great stuff, Fangirl.

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No problem, it is one of my favorite stomrtrooper pictures.


Maybe, I just assumed s/he was a girl due to the long legs, the big hips, the hair made from wires and the long face.

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Maybe some priests would be nice, after the daemons are done?

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I always assumed it was female as well. Given that it's Blanche's work it can be a little hard to tell, but it looks like a fairly feminine body shape, especially around the legs and hips.

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Last stormtrooper picture I have, I do not think there is anymore official artwork for them.

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That thing, indeed it's a woman, actually shows up in a HH AdMech novel. It's a move-by-wire augmented assassin that blasts around on anti-gravity skate-feet.
It also is a blood drinking psychopath, of course.
I can't remember the novel name, but it's HH era, AdMech-centric, and not by Abnett so that must narrow it down some.

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that dude here is talking about this pic >>16992226
, or maybe he has major trouble distinguishing genders.

if this >>16992168 is not a chick, then I AM John Blanche himself.

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Rydoth the snot-nosed daemon, had a very snotty nose ...

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I never thought of those guys as stormtroopers, despite the placement in the Witchhunter book

mind, I think you're right. We got most (if not all) of the GW art for them in this thread

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Mechanicum. I knew there was a Tech-priest Assassin in the book, but I didn't know that was an actual illustration of the specific character. Interesting.

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Bloody love these guys but
they have Mexican names

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I suspect the illustration came first, actually.
No proof that that assumption, of course.

(attempting a contribootan)

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Get it off me. GET IT OFF!

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Thanks for that, I have been wondering for a while if she was a character or not.


I tell a lie, there is at least one more piece of artwork for them.

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can I have some Nids, guys?

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I...don't know why there's a Daemonette in my Tzeentch folder, but whatever.

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Right, one for Priests after this, then one for Tyranids...I'll do around 20 of both, I think that should take us up to the limit.

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Do you have the picture of the whole chaos gang with Horus standing over a hologram of Terra?

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Up until a few moments ago I'd have sworn blind that I did, but I can't find it for the life of me. Sorry!

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So this is what 40k baseball is like. Huh.

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That's the one I was looking for, thanks!

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You know...looking at that picture, I just realised something. The Sons of Horus are decked out in black and gold there. They only adopted those colours after Abaddon rose to power and destroyed Horus' body. Bit of an inconsistancy there.

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And now, Tyranids to cap off the thread.

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fantasy flight does that now and then

might've been a conscious design choice though

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You're right. Never noticed before.

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Ooooh. I like.

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sadly the guy took his gallery down. nomad_77 on devart. at least the filename says it's his.

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Really? That's a shame, I was going to go hunting for more after this thread caps.

...which it seems to have just done, actually. Enjoy!

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Just checked, his gallery's empty. I think I found it there just a month ago during an especially boring lecture. Shame.

New thread?

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yes, please, maybe you can finish the cron dump

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