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Play me the Greatest Song in the world, or I'll eat your soul!

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There are heroes left in men...

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I'll take that challenge.

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This should fit your tastes OP.

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"Pumping Blood"


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Stand back coarse ruffians, for I possess the power of song!

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This song reminds me of chaos and 40k

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>Hot demon eating my soul

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This seems particularly relevant to this thread...


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i was going to post just that

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And then /tg/ proved it both gets the joke and listens to horrible music.

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Eat away you sexy demon, you.

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>Tenacious D

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We'll just have to play the first thing that comes to our heads.

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>implying that's a threat rather than a reward
It's not like I was using my soul, anyway.

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"How about I just eat your demonpussy instead?"

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You fell for it.

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I Rock for the users!

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So, this "eating my soul" thing... what's involved in that?

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It that time to lay it down again?
This one goes out to all the ghouls in the crypt, keep on keeping on you mad things. Chuck us a beat DJ Bones.

MC Necro; Blastin’ right at yo;
Dropping stop-times with phat rhymes
Out t’make the best show;
I’ll let you know that you go with the speed of a slow bro
Confused to match, refuse the match, your levels too low\
This zone of bones’ a no go; Coz you can’t touch this foe; You’re Useless like a monk wit no dojo; like a Halfling, with a longbow;

If I seem dated, It’s because I’m about three-thousand years late;
Gatecrashing life though death’s back-gate;
To date, escaping my fate, has been well worth the wait
I create top rate weights with de-enervate;
So potent, their ‘pponent’s level becomes negative eight
I’m powered by mad beats, and I bring the hate;

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I play her Rebecca Black's "Friday" in the hopes that she will be too disgusted to eat my soul.

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Raise from the grave, and onto the stage;
I’m a masta casta from another age;
The blasta Sinatra from history’s page;
This mage is like a 12 gauge,
I’ll break a force cage
You’ll think my class is barbarian so mighty my rage;

I make ladies so wet, that I need a boat
Nat 20s I get, on every single note,
When I finish my set, you’ll be dead like a zoat
My rhymes are tight like my hands round your throat
My load be massive, fill up a moat
The perfection’s in the connection, when your innards I coat

This bone be swimmin’ in wimmin’ coz undeath be slimmin’
My passion don’t ever be dimmin’; my wit keeps shots rimmin’
Like my chariot wheels, your heads be spinnin’
Like Adonis Warlocks, I’m always winnin’
No skin on my face, to stop me from grinnin’

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My beats are so phat, they get -2 to dex
But that don’t stop them tumbling the opposite sex
My rhymes are more tight then a full battle hex;
tryin’ to fit a truescale ‘fex
I be proppa like chekks, and drag-racing wrecks
My lyrics got huge bite; like a carp cross T-rex

Like a space marine, the rhymes I spit burn
Like a trap card, I shut you down and end your turn
Coz I’m a bonafide genocide,
A spectacular Dracula,
But I ain’t no sparklepire, if you’ll excuse the vernacular

This infernal villain be eternal soul chillin’
Blood spillin’ an killan’ even as I be illin’
If we compare levels, we’re Goku and Krillin
I’m over 9000, You just be time fillin’
And like Gurren Lagann, reality’s limits I be drillin’

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So very Slaaneshi.

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You’re so disposable you should be wearing flack vests with the aquilla
I’m the thriller serial killer, The number one biller
I roll for intimidate, you fold like manilla

And if there a shodow of doubt ‘bout the outcome of this bout
I’m the lyrical equivalent of a fully farmed scout
The satirical miracle, that puts armies to rout
Listen out for the name that crowd’s gonna shout
You’ll see that I’m the master MC
Coz my rhymes Hurt like a GMPC
Sting like a dire bee; Don’t you dare step with me

There’s no doubt, as sure as Badrukk has riches
Coz none of you breathas can handle these liches
MC Necro got you bitches rollin’ wit’ stiches
Bones brings the beats like Cain in the pictures
Scratches the vinyl like the bonerot itches
It’s unfair our winning, like snatching snitches
We’re wrecking this game like Missingno’s Glitches

So take a dive on your save vs. fear; And run your scrawny ass straight outta here

Right, I’m out, let me know if any of you air breathin’ PC scum want to step.

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Very Slaaneshi, but not a good song at all. The Daemonette has also heard it like a million times.

-1 soul for you.

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Pic related: the crowd after a Necro concert.

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Sorry baby. I got a gig in Vegas.

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>not a good song at all

2/10, made me reply.

Fine, post something YOU would rather fuck to.

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where is sword and board when you need him?

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I lol'd.

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>no Stairway to Heaven
/tg/ I am disappoint.

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If we're talking Led Zeppelin, then it's gotta be Kashmir.

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No, it has to be Immigrant Song performed by Space Wolves.

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Well, they told me to "knock 'em dead."
Hey, I put my bard levels into mad rhymes, not stand-up comedy.

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In the original Tribute song when Tenacious D was still a show on HBO they used riffs from Stairway to Heaven, meaning that was the song they used to originally vanquish it.

Also, if you think Kashmir is the best song on Physical Graffiti you've got strange taste.

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Listen to the wise man, baby.

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>post something YOU would rather fuck to.

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>Fine, post something YOU would rather fuck to.

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>you've got strange taste.
Well, I won't deny that.

But it's Sunday night and I'm on the internet, posting in thread about a half-naked daemon threatening to eat my soul. I think strange tastes can be assumed at this point.

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This is good. Collide are wicked.

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That's baby makin' music right there.

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I like to fuck to Burzum. "Det Som En Gang Var", "My Journey To The Stars", "Ea, Lord of the Depths", "War", "Burzum" (aka "Dunkelheit" or "Darkness"), "Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament" for example.

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this is the true sound of depravity, the true sound of unending excess. This is Slaanesh.

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So I'm guessing Aqualung is a no-go?

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Let's be serious for a moment.
This is the greatest song ever written by a human.

Out of place in 40k what with the grim darkness.
But seriously, they play this shit in the waiting room before the Golden Throne.

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rolled 2 = 2

>mfw I listened to that song
But in a good way. Kinda.

Rolling for san loss.

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>Fine, post something YOU would rather fuck to.

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I feel you bro. I was just about to post that.

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Oh holy god. And hour and five?

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You are all small time.


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Listen to it.
All of it.
You've probably heard it all before, but cut into snippets used in parody and in car commercials.
There's a reason for that though.

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Mike check, one two.

((Gimme a minute.))

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well you see baby, it's...
aww yea~

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And with this, my soul was saved.

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Well let me just git my guitar here and... EL KABONG!

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I don't know if bludgeoning a demon into submission with an instrument counts as a SONG, but it's pretty great.

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I recite this to her.

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Bonus points since by bludgeoned her with a guitar, you've probably just given the daemonette a new sensation she's never experience before.

Enjoy your daemon waifu.

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