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Sup /tg/. What do you think about such units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines such as Noise Marines, Thousand Sons, Chaos Terminators and Typhus? Worth using or not?

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>Thousand Sons
Pros: AP 3 bolters are always nice, add a Sorcerer with Wind of Chaos and you can wipe out MEQ units, 4+ inv is good against melta/plasma-spamming armies
Cons: can't do jack shit with vehicles (Bolt of Change is pretty sorry), too fucking expensive, fancy bolters are moot point against IG or DE.I really wanted them to work, but in the end they are not that great.
>Chaos Terminators
They are nice- termicide them (3 dudes with combi-melta), or big unit with Mark of Tzeench for extra survivability. I want to see Khorne Terminators work against Newcrons
Pros: tough against enemies lacking power fist or thunderhammers. Autopasses psychic tests, which is useful against Grey Knights with all Aegis, or against Runes of Warding. though his powers are meh.
His Manreaper is a stuff on nightmares against MCs or other high-toughness things.
Cons: overcosted, gets doubled out by power fists, lacks against vehicles. I like him, but he is not an optimal choice.

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I'm a guard player and I feel bad for my chaos bro when I look at his current and old codex. Dem possessed marines.

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>Not playing Thousand Sons as Grey Knights

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You tell me. CSM's whole Fast Attack choice is a joke.

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Noise Marines might be OK if they came with their sonic weapons already equipped.

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I want there to be some reason to use Raptors.

Holy fuck they're terrifying, egotistical, jet-vultures. How is that not the coolest shit in the entire universe.

Pic related.

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True enough. Same goes for Thousand Sons, make Aspiring Sorcerer cheaper like 30-40 pts and give him a free power, they might be ok.

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Scottish Wildcat > manul

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Blight drones are great. Putting a battlecannon on a skimmer... almost as stupid as the vendetta

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You need IA and your opponent's for that, I'm talking about Codex: Chaos Spess Mahreens.

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See, that's not actually in the Chaos Codex though...

Lots of people don't play Forgeworld stuff.

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I hate that it's the cookie cutter list, but yeah, I often run Daemon Prince, some Plague Marines and Berzerkers, and a few Obliterators.

Still, I often toss in some undervalued units. I love my Defiler when it can actually score a hit. Raptors are fun too, especially when paired with a jump pack Sorcerer. When I have the points, I'll often use Lesser Daemons for point capture, assaulting heavy weapons squads, and general surprise/tie up tactics.

Over all, the current chaos codex is light on competitive options, but there is more room to play around than people give it credit for. Then again, I've never looked at the older one, so who knows what I'm missing out on.

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So that's what those fuckers were in Space Marine.

I had no fucking idea what they were supposed to be.

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Defilers are real nice, so are Vindicators with Possession. Chaos Land Raiders are meh, I'd love if you can downgrade it to HB sponsons or something to make it cost less.

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The older one could kill most 5ed codexs, nothing says fuck you like a daemon prince with t6, 4w, +2/++4 and feel no pain.

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Got a copy of an old Chaos Dex from my friend recently. Damn, I hate 4ed CSM, they got gimped hard.

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I kind if want to run nurgle bikers.

Fun Fact: Back in the day, turboboosters granted an invuln save. A mark of Tzeentch on a CSM bike squad would have given the squad a 2+ invulnerable save. Useful for contesting points at the last second and maybe also for getting your biker charge to actually hit.

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yea I would be ok if GW just said fuck it use the 4ed codex....
lets see what else could they do? upgrade to give tanks plus 1 armor to all facing, take 4 heavy support, Bloodthirsters blowing up a champion then flying across the board to rape, marks on tanks and dreadnaughts

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I want legit Daemons in the next CSM dex.

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Not going to happen. Daemons have their own codex now, and GW had completely abandoned "see codex X" policy.

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>not playing SONS OF MALAL as GKs
You are just a bandwagon jumping cocksmoker.
There is nothing that says T-sons each have force weapons or are more effective against enemy psykers and daemons than most forces. T-sons are defined by tough to kill infantry with a small core of powerful psykers leading.
GKs troops are NOT tough to kill, and their leaders are not exemplary psykers in the sense of what is expected.

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Current rumors are that the first 6th ed codex, released this summer, will be Codex: Chaos Legions. Basically evil Grey Knights in that they're all 10k y/o heretic elites that cost a ton. A few releases later will come Codex: Renegades, which will be basically Chaos Imperial Guard, but instead of vehicles it'll have regular CSM renegade marines.

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Always wanted to try out the Daemon Biker Bomb trick... run a minimal squad of bikers around to your enemy's flank and then sacrifice the Champ to become a Greater Daemon. Kind of expensive, but I'd love to see the look on thier faces.

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Any news on who's writing it?

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Not that I've heard, but you just know someone on Warseer has figured it out by now. I haven't been over there in a week

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my money is on Ward

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His efforts on the Necrons Codex being seen as a huge success by GW, he has been promoted to the position of chief codex writer. So I'd bet alongside you.

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Its not like he can make CSM codex worse.

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No he can't. I want to see epic Chaos Sorcerers, maybe some rule like sacrificing friendly models to pass psychic test or something, Legion Rules (at least in form of special characters), Daemon Engines (Discords ftw), cultists and more and better Daemon Weapons (Grey Knights got better Daemon Weapons then CSM, wtf?) etc.

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Is there a good support option for CSM? I would like to see an awesome support, some kind of buffer/negater. How well does a Chaos Sorc or Daemon Prince cast spells?

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chaos sorcerors are pretty good at casting spells. have LD10, and have invulnerable saves (4 or 5+) just in case of POW. psychic powers are mostly pretty good, except for gift of chaos (though that can be hilarious) -- the best power by far is lash of submission, which is standard for many competitive lists (and when I say competitive, I mean "not a complete piece of shit") -- general strategy is lash princes with wings and obliterators, and add whatever else is required. I guess you could call lash princes negaters, but buffers don't really exist outside fabius bile -- but don't take fabius bile. there are far better options. (like the aforementioned lash princes)

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