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Curious what /tg/'s opinion is regarding pic-related.

which looks better? With the energy cartridge or without the energy cartridge? For those that don't see what i'm talking about, its the box-like thing on the back of the brightlance on the left picture.

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I like the cartridge

Might just be my love of the old falcon kit rubbing off on me..

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Yeah... 1997. Apparently one of the oldest GW models still being produced? 15 years. Which models top that?

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Probably the previous incarnation of the Daemon miniatures, those where old as ass when they got replaced.

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With cartridge it look more human-design anti-air while without it's more Eldar sleek style.
Prefer the left.

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most of the Warlocks and the Warp Spiders, I think?

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I'd say without, if only because I feel the eldar aesthetic is all graceful lines.

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Without the cartridges, but with thick cables running into the back of the turret. Not on top, need to slack. Give it the impression that it can still turn the guns to vertical.

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Not sure if he really counts as "in production" since he's still in metal, but this motherfucker is ages older - early 2nd edition.

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old man calgar is earlier, isn't he?

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Without, no reason for Eldar tech to have exposed ammunition or whatever they are.

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Oh wow, thought they pulled the old model when they released the new boxed set. Good call.

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nope this warlock is 1991
calgar is 1995

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good memories. I've always loved his shoulder pads. Why the fuck hasn't GW made plastic versions of those babies yet

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>I've always loved his shoulder pads. Why the fuck hasn't GW made plastic versions of those babies yet

I believe you can get something similar in the Sanguinary Guard box, though you'd have to scrape off the Blood Angels insignia.

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I could, but those are merely "wings" rather than an entire Eagle

Maybe one day I'll get motivated enough to sculpt one myself based on the Sanguinary pads

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I kind of think that's a tribute to how well the old Eldar stuff holds up - the old metal bodied troopers are now corsairs, and the warlocks never really looked out of place.

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I love my old eldar. especially the old war walkers/wraithlords. i do dislike the 3rd edition farseer model though...

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the one with the Antlers?

Yeah, the classic farseer is much nicer. As are the ones that came out with the Eye of Terror "Seer Council" box

Not a fan of the current ones either..

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i also prefer the old harlequins, not least because there was 34 different Harli quins before the 4th edition refresh.

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Whenever i see this thumbnail i see the thing he is holding in his hand as a flower

I think it would be much better that way

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Hmm... the righty one

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I'd say if you do keep the energy cartridges, move them. Don't have them on the top like that, but slap them on the exact rear of the Brightlance/gun/whatever it is. This way they look more streamlined. (Well, as streamlined as a square box can get...)

That said, that particular piece would make a great looking tank turret for a futuristic style tank. (Not WH40k or anything specific, just my brain making an odd jump.)

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I like how the energy cartridge looks.

But I play Imperial Guard.

Your playing Eldar.

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Yeah id agree. They look too much like someone duct taped a car battery on top of the lance. Doesn't fit the aesthetic. Better to tuck them away somewhere.

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Hmm OP here, thanks for the replies guys. Seems like the general consensus is to go with no cartridge, so thats what I shall do.

thank you all.

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you could reattach then under the barrels just in front of that bit of cowling

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