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The lowest level mutants and masterminds game we can think of

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>Lowest level
>>Not posting an image of the guy whose mutant power is being a flightless bird.
>Or the guy who has translucent skin.

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>Or the guy who reads cracked

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>or the guy whose power is to be really good with words

Matter-Eater Lad is pretty powerful compared to the true low-end.

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Has the ability to turn into stone (stationary). Can't transform back.

>> No.16949397

Metal-Fence-Eater Boy sorta sucks, though.
He's more powerful than Cole MacGrath, but that's about it.

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I do read cracked, I'm guessing they made an article on the subject.
Is it the dude that knows all languages, or is he just really charming?

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He's powerful, period. When they say he can eat all matter, he can eat all matter. And so can everyone else on his planet. Try to punch him in the face, and he just eats your fist, power-armor and indestructible skin and all.

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Can this guy really bite through and eat anything? I'd take that power hell yeah and bite my way to the bank vault.

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>or the guy whose power is to be really good with words

You and comic writers really underestimate the power of being an omniglot

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Tongue Tongue.

He can taste the floor.

He can taste your -back-.

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Well you need to hit his mouth and have it stand still long enough for him to chow down.
And honestly against humans his powers aren't really a power, it's just cannibalism.

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It's really powerful.
But superheroes tend to get in a lot of fights, in which he is fairly useless.
He'd make an awesome historian, or basically anything involving the humanities.
But it does little in a fight.

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>First is a man that dresses up like an old woman to catch criminals.
Welp, I'm done.
That is it.
Perfect example right there.

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What could be really sucky is the guy that can change the color of anything to whatever he wants, assuming that the object then has the physical properties required to have that color. So he's blinding people left and right, rapidly heating or cooling stars, etc. Comic writers came up with some pretty retarded powers, if only because they never thought about the actual ramifications of them.

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Oh waits that's the wrong article. They had one for the bird man and translucent skin man though.


There we go.

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evil mastermind naked mole rat, reporting in

the most evil and cunning mastermind the world has ever seen
the only problem is that he's a nake mole rat
and naked mole rats can't do anything
like ... at all

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The penguin.
I... I really can't think of a less impressive villain than a midget with a tommygun.

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A teleporter who can only teleport his clothing and not himself.

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He was a pretty impressive syndicate boss, gimmicky umbrellas aside, so I've heard. Really, a powerful mob boss with some connections to above-average tech/magic might be good. Sticks to fairly "common" crime, but the final showdown will be rough.

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>not posting Dog Welder

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Really depends on the continuity.
In the old Batman:TAS he was basically just a regular criminal with some hired goons.
Then he became a fence, with some hired goons.

In a lot of instances he's retired because he sucks so badly.

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Well that's simple. Burnt Face Man. Big bads would be Bastard Man and Man-Spider.

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MEL can be really powerful when he wants to be (not just with his eating matter, he's also pretty much the ruler of his planet)
he's also cool as hell, I'd play the fuck out of a M&M game with him in it

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Burnt GayMan can fly and he talks to God. And that one time, when pidgeon infected him with AIDS he set his bloodstream on fire with a match, which gave him power of having really hot blood for several minutes.

That's more than aquaman ever achieved. And he's in justice league.

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oh you guys are talking about actual comic heroes and villains?

I thought you were talking M&M chars
so I posted mine >>16949441

>> No.16949505

we talk about either.

and I can't see your image. is this my problem? or is 4chan fucking up more?

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A mutant whose super power is bursting into flames, he isn't immune...

>> No.16949513

Rockhead Rumple, Angerman, Taps Man, Bastard Man, Man-Spider and Have-A-Nice-Day-Man are all perfect examples for villains, though.

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4chan has hickups
just google "naked mole rat"
you'll get the idea

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I knew Cracked was shitty but judging heroes entirely on their powers? By that logic, Batman is the worst superhero ever.

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>Julius Caesar
>mesoamerican idols/archaeology
>egyptian style mummy


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You forgot about the episode with washing-machine theme: Detergent Dan and Non-Bio Bruce.

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Batman's superpower is prep time which instantly gives him the ability to be prepared for any situation ever.

One of the best superpowers to have in a superhero universe.

>> No.16949556

And it doesn't bother you that Julius Caesar's mummy has a ray gun?
And MAL's dynamic entry has to do with fruit preserves?

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I think the idea is more "Magneto still labels these guys has "Homo Superior" and they are somehow allowed on the same team as "Guy that shoots block-busting punches out his eyes, "hot chic that controls the weather", and "angry dude with an unbreakable skeleton and can regenerate from any injury within minutes, along with some unbreakable fist-claws thrown in."
Just a list of everyone whose been cursed with suck but somehow ended up on a superhero team.

>> No.16949573

I think I heard of one once whos power was shocking impoliteness.

>> No.16949577

That's still a stupid idea because a lot of those characters have either used their powers to great effect on superhero teams or don't actually have the powers listed in that article (Jubilee's power is causing explosions, not making fireworks, she just controls it really well so she won't destroy another building). Powers are not the basis of an entire character, which was my point about Batman.

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I think the writers were just in maximum trolling mode that day.

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you mean, like the animated series The Tic?

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Hell, look at Mr. Incredible.
He's got the full suite of badassery, but his real superpower? Perfect timing. The man can take on hoverbikes with his fucking fists. He can catch someone falling from 40 stories up in mid-air and angle it well enough to go through a window instead of the wall. The other shit would just make him a thug like Superman; it's the insight and brain that make him Incredible.

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Panel 4 being the last thing you see before you die puts him a league above, I dunno, El Aguila and his fucking electric sword. Or the Unicorn. That shit is terrifying. He eats ANYTHING.

Come to think of it, any Power Man and Iron Fist sidekick/bad guy is a decent low powered nemesis. Like that one guy, The Weasel or ever. His power was the Quad Shotgun from DooM.

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or just having fun with a fun character

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That's a fair enough point, and I don't read any of the X-Men books, so I'll take your word for it.
He'd be even worse then a thug Superman since he's only got like, 2 of the powers. But yeah, he is pretty incredible. Probably one of the better written supers, really.

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Actaully, having perfect reflexes is awesome superpower. I'd use is and abuse it if I were in MM game

>> No.16949645

No powers, only average level tech, and no superhuman stats. It's up to you to use skills, and clever thinking, to bring down some basic super humans. With limited resources, both in money and technology, you will feel rather powerless at times.

>Facing the Rhino styled villain
Hijack a heavy construction vehicle and run him over
>Fire based villain
Smother his ass in wet cement

I don't care if you're wanting to make it a 'no killing' or 'killing okay' setting, just give these villains some mundane means of stopping them. Ultimate big bad? Rich fuck who owns the 'Superhuman Security Council' who keeps manipulating things so these criminals keep being put in positions where they can escape easily and they keep getting contracts. It's up to your hero team to find the paper trail, survive his attempts to foil you, and broadcast it to the world.

>> No.16949655

Arguably PL1 is the lowest, civilian level, but PL5 is fun. It's just a sneeze above Mystery Men style 'superpowers' with its Fly Slow and Hold a Car For a Few Seconds 'powers;

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>the answer to any problem is construction equipment
I would play the fuck out of a group of construction workers fighting superheroes on their lunch breaks

>> No.16949683

would they be known as "the wrecking crew"?

>> No.16949684

That's our "Hunter" group.
Well, except replace superheroes with werewolves.

>> No.16949685


Possibly 'Damage Control'?

>> No.16949687

Beware of colour kid, he may trick you into eating pink lady apples when you actually wanted granny smith.

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They get assignments from a grizzled cigar smoking fuck who goes by, "Foreman"

>> No.16949698

All my money.

>> No.16949703

Son, that's Matter-eater Lad, he's on the Legion of Super-heroes, they don't fuck around, even their wimpiest agents is an ass beater.

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To be fair, Matter Eater Lad isn't properly minmaxed. He may eat anything, but he should have mouths on every part of his body if we'll take him serious.

>> No.16949748 [DELETED] 

Whereas Gossip Girl has like 6 or 7 different mouths but no special powers.

>> No.16949762

Clearly, they must breed.

>> No.16949769

Their backstory is that they got fed up with superhumans breaking all their shit every time they got into fights. The police wouldn't stop Superman from headbutting buildings into dust, so Damage Control did.

>> No.16949778

>They get assignments from a grizzled cigar smoking grizzly who goes by, "Foreman". He doesn't speak English but they somehow know what he wants them to do.

>> No.16949779


Under comic books genetics they would have a child that neither has multiple mouths nor the ability to feed on any and all matter.

>> No.16949788

Also, they have their costumed sewn to the insides of their coats and vests. Flip that crap inside out, put on some badass looking goggles, then they ride.

>> No.16949789

He would instead be a Reality Warper or some shit like that.

>> No.16949793

It might be able to control spiders or something though. Or literally be omnipotent so that it has to get shot with a lobotomy laser.

>> No.16949797

A long time ago I saw a 3 panel origin story for a spiderman villain called "THE HUMAN WALL". Basically, some kid was walking by a construction site, and some bricks and mortar fell on him... that's it. And now he is like a walking section of brick wall.

I've never been able to find it since, help me fa/tg/uys!

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Or his mouth shoots lobotomy lasers.

>> No.16949820

Or he has no mouth, but projects his thoughts so everyone else around him can read his mind.

>> No.16949836

Try /co/, they keep everything.

>> No.16949838 [DELETED] 

Maybe devours intangible concepts like hate and love with its psychic maw.

>> No.16949839

I know who you are talking about, but I'm not sure if I can find the page. You can have this panel from google though.

>> No.16949848


I don't get it. Why is this guy in a costume? Seriously, why? Sure he wants to fight crime, but I can only really estimate his effectiveness to be on level with a naked midget transvestite smoking cigarettes of penguin shit. Needless to say, that is just about: "What the fuck is this? What the fuck is that? Fuck it! I'm out of here!"

He would have much more success selling "exotic and rare" fruits (apples he made purple or something) and donate the money to *His area's acronym*PD.

>> No.16949852

Emotion Eater Lad! The Boy with the ability to make everyone else Apathetic!

Mugger: I'm gonna kill you, EEL!
EEL: Cool story bro
Mugger: This is stupid, I'm going home.

>> No.16949861

He can make your retinas white. Enjoy your blindness.

>> No.16949862


I can't laugh at the human wall.

I feel nothing but overwhelming pity for him.

Don't you people understand that he's living a life of horror and misery, every day, cursed to have only the power to keep everyone away?

>> No.16949868 [DELETED] 

Emotion Eater Lad does.

>> No.16949869

The main drawback is that he can eat anything, but he can't shit anything...

>> No.16949872

>>A teleporter who can only teleport his clothing and not himself.
Suicide vests with deadman switches.

>> No.16949874


Yes we do.

>> No.16949875 [DELETED] 

Because his ass is another mouth?

>> No.16949877

Some guy who has a copy of the mutants and mastermind's rulebook in a weird recursive fashion.

Doesn't do much other than let him realize just how awesome everyone else is and he isn't.

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I spit out my drink on my keyboard, fuck you man

>> No.16949890

or just wear a bunch of LIVE SNAKES as clothing

>> No.16949896

Asian Alcoholic
With a mutant Alcohol Dehydrogenase enzyme, he can more efficiently metabolise alcohol, allowing him to drink far more than his countrymen!

>> No.16949910


Until he realizes that he now has a means to control their advancement and development.

Also now he's a chessmaster pretending to be a pawn since he holds in his hands the very backbone of the universe.

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>> No.16950622

>mplying Color kid isn't one of the most powerful superheroes

>> No.16950769

And just like that, we got an awesome character that makes no less sense than most published characters.

>> No.16950802

I've got it.

A tragic tale of love and loss.

>> No.16950849

rolled 13309 = 13309


D-does one normally need a lab coat to put up a cement wall?

>> No.16950893

only when it's a radioactive wall

>> No.16950903

considering his face becomes a brick, I'm inclined to agree

>> No.16950913


The most tragic story EVER.

>> No.16950922

loses his job, his looks, his arms.. chances are he's been chased off by his parents and friends..

yeah, shit sucks

>> No.16950928


Seriously, that shit fucking exploded out of nowhere.

What do you think was in the cement? Cement?


Also probably a pinch of garlic.

>> No.16950934

I feel for this boy. I do. It could happen to me!
I used to have practical classes in building materials lab back at uni. What do you know- you actually do wear labcoats when working with cement.

Heck, I've seen guys rolling steel and grinding glass in labcoats.

>> No.16951005

Look at this fucking face.
Does it really look like he gives FIVE SHITS ABOUT THREE FUCKS?
Hell no!
He doesn't let the fact that he's BEING CRUSHED BY A SHITTON OF BRICKS ruin his day!

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This is beautiful.

>> No.16951594

Izzy Einstein frowns on this lazy upstart.


>> No.16951665

What about the Mystery Men?

>> No.16952724

is THE WALL a villain?

how does he... crime?

>> No.16954073

I dunno, some of the Mystery Men are pretty powerful.

Okay, just the Spleen and that bowling ball are powerful, but you get me.

>> No.16954076


By obstructing justice.

>> No.16954081


I dunno man, The Shoveler's pretty hardcore.

You know.

For the Mystery Men.

>> No.16954101

>The guy whose really good with words.

Words kill, man.

The fact of it is, you can spin any super power no matter how awkward or seemingly useless or strange it might be and make it very strong.

>> No.16954109


Only the written kind, honorable anon.

>> No.16954142

Right. Personally I would not fuck with a person who can win any argument or battle simply with the mastery of words. People like that can convince an opponent to kill themselves with a sentence simply because they know exactly what to say.

And then there's guys like Doug here. Who take a simple power and rip out your anus with it.

>> No.16954143

Brrrick Frog!

>> No.16954164

I've never been a fan of superhero comics, but this guy is my new favorite comic character.

>> No.16954176

Tenzil thread?

Tenzil thread.

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>> No.16954186


>> No.16954197

Do you really want to open the Pandora's box that is Jojo's

>> No.16954203

So far the worst villain in a super hero comic i have read has to be Paste Pot Pete he has a bucket of super glue and a gun that sprays it. Granted later they turned him into a much better villain with better powers, but when i fist saw him i laughed hard. Stilt-man is a close second.

>> No.16954207


>Well you need to hit his mouth and have it stand still long enough for him to chow down.

He eats at superspeed. He can eat anything. He can make his way towards you, at Mach 3, by eating his way throught he air.

>> No.16954210

I dont see why not.

>> No.16954222

You are not PREPARED!

Sixpack: Team leader, whose special ability is grotesque drunkenness and beating villains with broken-off liquor bottles.
Bueno Excellente: An obese, sweaty, and bald Latino in an overcoat who "defeats evil with the power of perversion." Generally, the only thing he says is "Bueno", often preceded by a creepy chuckle.
The Defenestrator: A large, burly man in a denim jacket, black sunglasses, with black hair who obsessively carries around a window through which he forcefully throws criminals and the occasional unlucky policeman. His assaults on police officers landed him in Arkham Asylum. His appearance, name, and much of his dialogue are direct parodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Dogwelder: A thin, silent man in a welder's mask who spot welds dead canines to evildoers.
Friendly Fire: A large, hapless man in a red cowl, Friendly Fire would easily be the most powerful of Section 8's heroes if he were to shoot anything other than allies with the potent bolts of energy he fires from his hands.
Jean de Baton-Baton: A bizarrely gaunt walking French caricature who defeats enemies with "the power of Frenchness," as expressed by savage beatings with a baguette and occasionally blinding others with rings of garlic and onions.
Flemgem: A sickly, thin, bald man in a green suit and a purple domino mask who has the ability to produce and expel large volumes of phlegm, which can blind, suffocate, or simply disgust evildoers.
Shakes: A thin, hairy vagrant who upsets people through stutters and an overall shaking palsy. He is a frequent, accidental target of Friendly Fire.

>> No.16954225

Stilt-man awaaaaaay

>> No.16954228

This thread is awesome and you all should feel awesome.


>> No.16954231

Never underestimate the power of a Frogsuit.

>> No.16954237

I'm Dr.Dugong.

>> No.16954238

I prefer Lady Stilt-Man

>> No.16954244


>> No.16954245

No one fucks with Matter-Eater Lad.

>> No.16954250

Is he DC or Marvel? Or neither?

>> No.16954254

there's just so many wrong things in this page. For one, why does spiderman go as spiderman instead of being peter parker in the fucking baseball match?


>> No.16954256

Holy proportions Batman

>> No.16954259

Can't have a thread like this without US!

Brotherhood of Dada version 2 reporting in.

>> No.16954261


The more I see of this guy the more I start to love him

>> No.16954263

I am guessing this is some sort of advertising comic or PSA comic because if its not i weep.

>> No.16954264

He's DC, a member of the legion of superheroes.

>> No.16954272

Kinda it is Spidey Super Stories


>> No.16954278

Why is it always DC who have the shitty super heroes? The only decent one is Batman.

>> No.16954282


>> No.16954286


>> No.16954290


>> No.16954294

>This page
>This entire fucking page

>> No.16954295

>> No.16954298

The deadly SLYDE!

>> No.16954299

>Implying Batman isn't shitty.

>> No.16954302


>> No.16954303


...what about the Flash or the Green Lanterns? What about Blue Beetle? What about Martian Manhunter? DC has loads of good superhero powersets.

>> No.16954304

i almost burst out in tears at this page.

>> No.16954306

You have never read a DC comic have you?

>> No.16954307


Captcha: Ilickyour exists


>> No.16954309

Okay I need to know what all these people do RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

>> No.16954311

>DC has loads of good superhero powersets

Most are overpowered to hell. It's boring when all the Justice League are at the same godlike powerlevel.

>> No.16954317

"I have a ring and can do anything" yeah no thanks
>Blue Beetle
Never heard of (probably for a good reason)
>Martian Manhunter
Oh dear god no

>> No.16954319

This guy needs to be the villain of the next film.

>> No.16954321

Oh please, DC has nothing on Marvel when it comes to overpowered.

>> No.16954322

Well a lot of the time they fight godlike powered villains to it balances it out. I just hate it when in a comic the villain is obviously fail incarnate, and yet the hero cant beat them in less than three 3 seconds.

>> No.16954325

Okay get ready

Agent "!"
Known otherwise only as "Malcolm," a homeless man who dressed in a garish outfit decorated with exclamation marks (possibly referencing his predecessor, the Quiz) drawn back to reveal his chest is actually a gilded cage containing a miniature jet with bird-like feet. Despite his odd appearance, he "comes as no surprise," which allows him and anyone around him to be unnoticed or any attacks made by them to be seemingly out of nowhere. He mentions his desire to find the element of surprise, which may mean that his powers of "stealth" are not what he wants; Malcolm finds the element at last when dying during the final battle between the Brotherhood and the government.

Alias the Blur
Ilse Krauss, an actress, falls in love with her own reflection. As she gets older, the reflection changes, and Ilse's madness drives her to believe that her reflective lover had been kidnapped and replaced; in retaliation, she scars the mirror with battery acid, before shooting herself. Ilse is left in a coma on life support in a Bremen hospital. The dead, destroyed mirror ends up in a junkyard before eventually it is awoken by the dream-vibrations of Mister Nobody; Alias the Blur awakens, a fractured monster-ghost with the ability to eat time. Alias the Blur follows Mister Nobody on the campaign trail to win the presidency before the battle with John Dandy, when it was freed of its tortured existence and Ilse finally died.

Number None
>See pic

>> No.16954326

This confirms it, you have never read any DC comics ever.

>> No.16954327

He didn't say power sets, he said heroes. Personally I have no problem with DC, but am just uninterested. Loved the DCAU though.

>> No.16954328

Now heres a true challenge for you /tg/

Take the lowest level heroes you can think of and have them fight AND win against some high level baddies in a creative fashion.

>> No.16954332

Maybe not, but DC's entire cast of characters is usually overpowered to shit.

Flash anyone? Superman? Batman (with prep time)? Green fucking Lantern? You can't look at 3 different DC comics without seeing at least 2 grossly overpowered DC characters.

>> No.16954333


DC powerlevels tend to be higher than Marvel's in general. All of those heroes listed have equally powerful villains to contend with like the Sinistro Corps, Zoom, Doomsday, Brainiac on a good day...

Martian Manhunter is as overpowered as fuck though. Hence why the Guardians of Oa decided to gimp their entire race by making fire their kryptonite.

>> No.16954334

And now for a little indulgence into the Origin of Mr. Nobody

>> No.16954336

>> No.16954338

I am loving all of these, especially Alias the Blur.

>> No.16954345

The only reason i don't want to read DC is because of the number of times they have reset their entire universe it just seems sort of lazy to me.

>> No.16954348

>> No.16954351

If you can only handle street level supers, you're the one with the problem, not the comics with the stronger individuals.

Besides you make it sound like Marvel doesn't have guys that can smash a planet in two.

>> No.16954354

>> No.16954357

>> No.16954358

>this comic
>this fucking comic

I fucking lost it

>> No.16954365

>> No.16954369

>Squirrel girl vs Thanos

Your move

>> No.16954370

Gee, four of the seven founders of the Justice League are really powerful, who'd have thought? Flash is just fucking awesome, and his Rogues are some of the best written villains in any comic book. If you hate Superman it's because you have never read any of his comics, this is a fact. I will not comment on Batman as I do not read any of his comics, he has never appealed to me. Green Lanterns(there's more than one) are cosmic level characters, they deal with cosmic level problems, they are basically super science powered space cops.

>> No.16954372

>> No.16954374

Whats with the top-hat in the bath?

Goddamn Batman

>> No.16954378

>> No.16954379

Truly, Spider-Man has THE BEST villains.

>> No.16954386

As an regular reader of DC comics i agree except with Superman i still thinks he is boring and overblown in popularity.

>> No.16954394

As opposed to making new readers get caught up on 50 years of backstory, this is the reason a lot of people considering getting into comics just say "eh, fuck it." DC does this to make it less daunting for newer readers to get into the hobby. Not everything gets reset, but newer readers don't have to go hunting for back issues to understand all the references and what's going on.

>> No.16954398

lol what an dick just ass-slams all of her eggs.

>> No.16954400



>> No.16954401

And now for the rest of his group.

The Fog
Byron Shelley gained the ability to turn into a psychedelic death cloud capable of absorbing people. The people he absorbed could still communicate, and the voices started to drive him mad.

Turns into a living Cyclone

Has tremendous strength but only when asleep. Plays Barry Manilow to put herself out to punch people.


The Quiz
Japanese woman with a phobia of dirt (hence the costume). Who has EVERY SINGLE superpower you haven't thought of.

>> No.16954406


If your first thought to being bullied is to become a super villain, there was nothing nice about you in the first place.

>> No.16954407

>Flash is just fucking awesome
I can deal
>If you hate Superman it's because you have never read any of his comics, this is a fact
Fair enough. That doesnt change that his only backdraw (that is not kryptonite) is "IM TOO STRONG", though
>Green Lanterns(there's more than one) are cosmic level characters, they deal with cosmic level problems
Im personally cool with the lanterns.
>I will not comment on Batman as I do not read any of his comics, he has never appealed to me.

>> No.16954422

I posted some of this comic earlier.

But now the question is

Do you want to see the majesty that is STAR JAWS!

>> No.16954437

Ah yes, Spider-Man's Light Saber, he should use it more often.

>> No.16954438

But I'm still saying "eh, fuck it". why would i want to buy a whole bunch of comics to keep up with the new stories about characters I like when they'll just be retellings of things I've already heard about through pop culture/cartoons/games etc. Why redo their stuff for people like me when you were already enjoying what you had?

>> No.16954441


I have four burning questions about this comic:

Why is the chick bald

Is it ever explained why spidey is holding Starfire's dildo

why is the chick bald

what is wrong with her head

>> No.16954456

Party Time

>> No.16954457

Some chicks are bald, you're gonna have to just deal.

>> No.16954463

>> No.16954472

Oh god, that fucking artwork, man... Jesus christ, people actually get paid for that shit?

>> No.16954481

>> No.16954491

>> No.16954492

>It's just a tiny rocket
The size is not the fucking point!

>> No.16954495

That's gotta be Peter in there.

>> No.16954497

>> No.16954505

He was actually pretty cool. His suit (apart from important areas) was completely frictionless so it was very hard to catch him and spidey's web couldn't stick to him.

>> No.16954509

>> No.16954512


Just a chubby guy.

>> No.16954517


>> No.16954529

>> No.16954534

>> No.16954540

>> No.16954554



>> No.16954561

>> No.16954562


This robot looks like something out of sesame street.


>> No.16954569

It's Crow T. Robot because the humour upgrade.

>> No.16954592

It is. See >>16954481

Also that's one strange captcha.

>> No.16954593

95% free of posting issues my ass :(

>> No.16954601

>> No.16954608

>> No.16954610

Wait, when did all of new york get spider powers?

>> No.16954615

>> No.16954621

>> No.16954633

During Spider Island, Colossus is also the Juggernaut now, bitch.

>> No.16954634

>> No.16954637

>> No.16954639

>> No.16954648


The Bald Chick is Bald because that's Moondragon, she's an old member of the Avengers and she's the daughter of the Man who kills Thanos, plus she's also the avatar of the Moondragon, who is lot like that dragon from Warmachine that want's to kill all life everywhere forever.
She's also an intergalactic lesbian.

She got a fair bit of screentime in the recent Marvel Cosmic stuff.

She's still not as cool as Mantis though.

>> No.16954656

>> No.16954664

>> No.16954668

These pathetic superheros will never be able to defeat the most devilish and greatest supervillian that ever existed.

Colonel Gumm


>> No.16954672

>> No.16954680


You know that guy was the villain in the 60's Batman/Green Hornet crossover episode right? It was amazing, I thought they'd just bring in a couple of ringers to play the Green Hornet and Kato but NOPE.jpg there's Bruce Lee all right, beating the everloving shit out of Burt Ward.

It was glorious.

>> No.16954681

>> No.16954682

Her girlfriend is Phylla Vel.

She dies.

A lot.

>> No.16954690

>> No.16954691


Which member of the Vell family is Marvel Boy at this point? There's been a whole lot of them.

And they die a lot.

>> No.16954696

>> No.16954703

>> No.16954713

>> No.16954716


A LOT of people died a lot during annihilation. By the end of it Phyla died failing hard at everything, Moondragon's dad died when he went nuts in the Cancerverse, then [spoilers!] and [spoilers!] died making sure the no-longer-dead Thanos who now knew how to kill entire universes didn't make it into 616, Adam Warlock is probably dead, Vulcan is dead, Empress Lilliandra is dead, hell, even Blackbolt died.

Only to then get resurrected by another writer for no raisin.

>> No.16954724

>> No.16954727

Clearly to match Dooms plan you need something just as GENIUS!

>> No.16954734

>> No.16954741

>> No.16954743

And we end with Mary Jane getting in her Snipe.

>> No.16954746


>> No.16954751

>during annihilation

What the fuck am I reading? Phyla didn't even die during any of the big events, it was in Guardians of the Galaxy book. Most of the people you named died in the War of the Kings (which kinda sucked).
Goddamnit, can't you tripfags be less stupid?

>> No.16954777

>> No.16954786


Sorry, the whole Marvel Cosmic storyline sort of merges into one for me because I read all of it over a week. My bad.
Although you could totally tell that Abnett was writing it with the way he'd kill people off.
Hell, I'm pretty sure that he intended to permakill everyone who died fighting Magus the first time only to have someone from above tell him to not kill QUITE that many people off all at once.

>> No.16954988

Okay anons, my turn.

>> No.16954991


>> No.16954998


>> No.16955040

Stardust; omnipotent, merciless and cruel as hell.

Also insane.

>> No.16956158

Holy hell, this thread is still alive?

And that comic is holy fuck awesome. Just don't make 'em like they used to, eh?

>> No.16956593



>> No.16956606

I demand more stardust

>> No.16956640


Wow. Haven't seen that in a while. Stardust is fucking evil.

>> No.16956641

It's a comic with a Spidey/Deadpool meetup

it ends in Yo momma jokes and is pretty freakin' rad.

>> No.16956971

many of these heroes don't seem too weak

>> No.16957470

No hero is weak... IF YOU BELIEVE

>> No.16958315

Cigarette powered superhero. He takes smoke breaks in the middle of fights.

>> No.16958379


Is that some kind of glowstick lightsaber??

>> No.16961578

I don't know, but I want one.

>> No.16964019

This thread is still around? Fantastic

>> No.16964114

Iron Fist is quite a bit more powerful than he was since that pseudo-mythic arc though. He's the more powerful of the duo. His villains got upped accordingly, I think.

>> No.16965813

I think it's mostly because the board has been having such slowdown issues. Or maybe it's just me.

>> No.16965838

Of course it is! Didn't you ever read about his Uncle Ben Kenobi?

>> No.16965934

So, could Matter-Eater Lad eat Cap's shield?

Wonder Woman's lasso?

Sniktbub's skeleton?

>> No.16965939

He can eat all matter. If they reintroduce him expect him to eat a black hole and get a magical powerup.

>> No.16966245


Or at the very least, the world's worst case of halitosis.

>> No.16968613

Have you seen my heliotrope?

>> No.16969813

As a limiting factor, the denser/stronger the material is the longer it'll take him to eat it.

>$6,100,400 eethest
That's right Captcha, Matter Eater Lad can go through millions of your tax dollars!

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