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You can only choose one.

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Choose for what?

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Why does male-Cultist-chan have such full hips? Is he actually transgender-Cultist-chan?

>> No.16943627

I would prefer to be raped by neither.

>> No.16943641

The real one, but she needs to have a penis.

>> No.16943644

I think it's the rags.

Which raises the question of why Cultist-chan wears those rags around her waist. What purpose do they even serve?

>> No.16943662

Seconded, something ain't right about him
The rags certainly do give that impression in this pic as well, but something's up with OP's waist.

>> No.16943665

>that feel when you also have a skinny waist and giant hips as a dude
feels bad, bro

>> No.16943668

Really? I would only touch that bitch with a bolter round.

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Those dimensions aren't possible on men, sorry.

sage for forty-thousand different reasons

>> No.16943713

I think its just an alteration of fem-cultist chan. Still cute though.

>> No.16943716


Presumably they're her clothes or something.

>> No.16943798

I choose the Emperor.

>> No.16943807

Can I have more options, OP?

>> No.16943823

The one that doesn't have a penis.

>> No.16943826

You bet your doubles we're goin'!

Show me your sissy lower body and we'll talk about changing that to "feels good, bro"

>> No.16943844

Uncensored picture please.

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I choose Cultist-kun, mostly because I like the way he's drawn better.

>> No.16943881

OP, that male!Culist sucks. Srsly, that's not even up to bishonen standards. His pecs look like big square tits, men do not look sexy with a wasp waist, and you don't show his HANDS (lol lazy artist can't draw hands). It's like the artist doesn't find men attractive at all so she's just guessing in the dark.

Have a better rule63 Cultist.

>> No.16943895

It really depends on the training. Male dancers and fencers have tiny little waists but MASSIVE thighs.

>> No.16943898

If by "sissy lower body" you mean "barbaric muscle-strapped thews" and by "show" you mean "I don't actually have pics, or a camera at all", then YES.

>> No.16943904

ahaha oh shit, I know where that is from. That artist needs more practice.

> captcha: enacted egokill
how utterly appropriate.

>> No.16943905

Demien Van Cope.
Hentai Foundry.

>> No.16943906

Why doesn't female cultist in OP's post have delicious girl abs?

>> No.16943934

Ugh. If that's better, I'd hate to see your idea of worse.

>> No.16943968

No homo but the one on the left is adorable and the physique makes me jelly.

Would like to know the source of it, though. I might be happy to throw dosh at the artist for a commission.

>> No.16943970

I'd make the male Cultist in the OP go "MY SPLEEN!" if you know what I mean.

(I mean his prostate)

>> No.16943971

>girl abs

>> No.16943999

> hate to see your idea of worse.
Anon, you clearly are not faggot enough to appreciate the male physique.

Here's my idea of worse >>16943596

>> No.16944026

Jack Black?

>> No.16945645

>choose Cultist-kun
>now two Cultist-chans

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